NBC10 Philadelphia: Local News

4.6 (1.7K)
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Current version
NBCUniversal Media, LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for NBC10 Philadelphia: Local News

4.58 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
5 years ago, Webby53
Saved by the app!
My friend and her husband have to travel from reading to VF for his chemo. As soon as I got the alert about the turnpike being closed between downingtown and VF I texted her and said I hoped they weren’t trapped in that mess. As luck would have it, they were just leaving and they were able to re-route. Saving my friends a world of misery today was worth having the app. Also because we are tending towards a lot of severe weather I like getting the weather alerts. Yesterday I got the alert about possible torrential rain, high winds, and penny sized hail. Was able to get my potted tomato plants under cover just as it began to rain. Although those particular conditions did not actually materialize in our area...well...an ounce of prevention and all. It is great for me on those practical levels
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4 years ago, Badgebffr
Annoying issues and glitches continued
Updated to add that the app has become unusable. Opening a story works, however, up-down scrolling ceases to function so only a piece of the article is visible. Your only options at that point is to swipe for the next article or go back to the main stories page. There’s an annoying section “most popular” news. It wouldn’t be annoying if their technology filtered the stories to ensure what showed up on the front page of a feed was “most popular within the past month” or “recently most popular”. Nope. Instead, stories from 2, 5 and even 10 years ago show up. You have no idea that the headline is that old until you click into the article. Annoying. They’ve finally fixed a number of the glitches that had existed for years. There’s still one where you lose the ability to scroll a story. This seems to be related to embedded video and advertising. The only option to read the article is to swipe out, back to the beginning and try your luck again.
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5 years ago, Mimijl
Helps keep us up to date on weather and news! Need hard news!
Great for checking news and weather quickly. Great tv anchors and weather people, they seem like real people. Could have more international news, we are not in a bubble in the United States, but trying to be in one gets us nowhere. We need the cold hard truth about our messed up world and how what we do impacts the rest of the world. Things, such as we need our immigrants to help our economy with so many seniors here and not enough young people to keep us going. Every night, someone should be tough about our environmental status. I am old an on my way out, what happens to the children and not just the ones here!
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2 years ago, WakingPanda
When it works, it’s great….
Update: Most of the issues were finally found dead with the most recent update. Still have occasional issues with it completely loading but it’s, by far, MUCH better than it was. Thank you!!! I used to use this app daily (mainly for checking the weather) but for the past few months, it’s been almost unusable. I try to open it and nothing loads. I’ve tried opening it at multiple locations with different wifi connections and nothing. I’ve honestly gotten it to work properly maybe 3 times in the past 4 months. I’ve just resorted to using the iPhone weather app over this one. Very disappointed I might have to delete this app soon.
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6 years ago, paolishopper
Faithful Viewers
I thought that I would stop watching when Ann Curry was let go (huge mistake) but the team is well fortified with its current team. Having Hoda and Savannah as the anchors to this team is huge! Shout out to every single member of the news team. This app brings me the reporting that I have come to know and appreciate. I have become accustomed to the alerts on my phone and I am enjoying the ability to keep up to date with information between my morning and Nightly TV news. I am a believer in this app! Thank you!!
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5 years ago, SoULedCreations
Always Watching, but...
I love NBC10 news I have always since I was a kid although my parents were then and still are 6ABC fans. I enjoyed watching NBC10 when I had Analog tv as well as converter box (no longer have, wished I still did), now I find the news when I visit someone and whatever “I CAN,” view as a non-network watcher. I wish I could continue to watch my Noon & primetime as I once did, but I do not have sling, converter or other. I wish I could watch “All Live News” w/o having cable, sling, converter. I understand nothing is free in this life. For this Aspie Adult I miss the news Live. I still love your App even though, I can view the Live News partially. Take Care!
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2 years ago, jpw1102
It freezes when switching between news and weather. And if you close it on the weather page and reopen it it cannot load weather data. So it’s only good if you stay in news and don’t use the weather page. The first time you open it it’ll work but once you close it it’s a frozen screen trying to get weather to load. Doesn’t matter if you restart your phone d or delete and download the app. My iPhone 8 Plus is up to date. (15.3.1). There’s a bug in this app. Fix it so I can move from news to weather and back again w/o deleting the app and reinstalling and going through all the preliminary set up questions. Your weather is good too bad it won’t load!!
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3 years ago, DsexyGmom
Ms. Owens
The NBC10 News App is very informative and provides to the minute weather changes i.e in 23 minutes rain will arrive in your area…how accurate and there’s No need to wait on Mother Nature…which leads me to wonder who is actually controlling the weather🤔🤔enough about that. The NBC10 news app also provides in-depth information regarding events and incidents in communities/neighborhoods…overall it’s a great app and I’m glad I’ve downloaded it…thanks to the crew of NBC10 for keeping me updated 😀😀
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3 years ago, MickeyMarc4
Count on it !
Used to work for them (when they were CBS… with studios on City Line and Monument Avenue, Bala Cynwyd). They were great then and even better now. Thanks to the past, present, [and future] employees for all your loyalty, dedication and hard work. P.S. We were on the Suburban side of the street and Channel 6, [WFIL] were on the other. Because of the boundary line they paid City Wage Tax and we were spared. P.P.S. Remember the locally based Western “Action in the Afternoon” ? Fond memories from a happy past.
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6 years ago, Dayfd
Good news, hidden between dozens of Ads
*new advertising feature, videos in the sports section play automatically (and at volume) and cannot be turned off or silenced unless you open another video or close the app. I think I’m done here. I like News 10. But this app is so full of sponsor ads and swipe away ads that it makes using it incredibly frustrating. I understand the need to make money, but the sponsor ads, some charading as legitimate articles, out number the real articles and often eclipse them. Can you get back to reporting real news predominately and relegate your ads to less app real estate? Then maybe I’ll use it again for local news.
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3 years ago, Bebo856***
Pedro Munoz Jr. from Camden, NJ
Hello, My name is Pedro Jr and I am a 27 year old Nursing Student from Camden, NJ. The NBC 10 news app accommodates my every need, daily, for news & weather all around the tri-state. As an independent contractor, my occupation requires me to travel up & down Interstate 95 and the NBC10 news app gives me real-time traffic, important news, & the weather, (To me, the most accurate) & finally I can watch the news live when they’re broadcasting!!! All in one application!! It can’t get any better than that people.... LIKE SERIOUSLY
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4 years ago, PreacherswifePA
Reliable Breaking News Leader
Thank you NBC Philadelphia for sending news alerts that are not only informative, but relevant to my daily existence. The “breaking news” you send is truly breaking, invaluable information I need and am genuinely interested in reading. The stories are easy to navigate on my device. I applaud the integrity of the editors/decision makers’ choices, and will continue to rely on you for weather, news, and information on TV, online, and on this app. #CountOnIt
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3 years ago, ReviewedIMHO
Cannot forward news stories
The new update for NBC10 to is ok, cosmetically, although some have said it’s missing a feature or two from the past version, like “Live” (I did find that though.) I am complaining because it is impossible to email, or forward news stories anymore. It used to be so easy. There is now a symbol denoting email, but when you hit the button, nothing happens. You can post the story on Facebook, or add the link to your Twitter account, if you wish. Those buttons work. Email doesn’t. Please fix this, as I often like to “spread the news” to my kids.
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4 years ago, MookMook75
NBC10 Is The Best Here In Philly
I used to watch channel 10 back in the day with my Grandmother (Hattie) when it used to be CBS10, so that for sure tells my age LOL. Seriously tho, NBC10 has ALWAYS been MY go to television for EVERYTHING since I can remember. I love that I can stream many shows & news that I watch through the NBC10 app with my cable subscription , no need to worry about paying an additional fee like those other TV stations. NBC10 WILL ALWAYS BE MY HOME STATION FOREVER & ALWAYS 💗
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6 years ago, PsSlowDown
Best weather map
The weather map is by far the best I’ve used — and I’ve tried many. It can be slow to load, but is incredibly accurate & has lots of options on map surface & weather views to give exactly what you need to see. I love to use the weather map when my husband & I are on the road with the motorcycle to avoid rain storms and time breaks accordingly. Has been useful all over the US, Caribbean, and some European countries.
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5 years ago, CJ19302
Annoying log in mags and ads
This app is good if you don’t mind spending an extra minute to watch a Honda commercial every time you click. The latest update adds the requirement to log in to your internet provider if you want to watch something livesorks, download and use your WiFi. In addition to that. the latest update also brings data errors which means after I’ve been tortured by yet another Honda ad I get a black screen error and can’t view shat I endured the commercial to watch. I’ll be deleting this app if it isn’t fixed soon. If I could give it less than 1 star I would. If you want something that works, install the 6abc Philadelphia app.
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5 years ago, Donna Ouellette
Channel 10 News
I always depend on this news cast mostly for weather and traffic. Very rarely do you guys get it wrong. The traffic updates always help when I’m headed home from work. Also school closings are so helpful. I love all the news anchors and of course I have to give a big shoutout to Our Retired Philadelphia News Anchor. We are Eagles Season ticket holders from the vet. Thank you all for what a great job you all do. Donna from Wilmington, Delaware
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6 years ago, DS Morrison
All the news and weather - in an app that actually works
I do a lot of driving for work, and for many years have relied on NBC 10 television for accurate traffic and weather updates. Their weather team is the best in the business, by the way, with forecasts for specific areas instead of just “PA, DE & NJ.” They know that people in the Lehigh Valley generally don’t care how much snow the Jersey shore will get: they just want to know whether they should send their kids to school. Now they have an app that gives me the same info in an easy-to-use, flexible format. And unlike many apps (TOO many apps), this one is updated/corrected regularly, so it’s always growing and getting better. Love it!
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2 years ago, HippyORnurse
Loved it at first but had to delete
When I first downloaded this app several years ago it was fantastic, especially for weather. Recently, since they have updated the app, it will never load after multiple attempts of closing an opening and restarting my phone. Very sad to say. After deleting the app and downloading again it still does not load. I had no choice but to delete and download a new weather app. Hope they fix again soon.
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4 years ago, Deb1167
Loved it for a long time, but now not so much
This app was great for a very long time. Recently, though, the weather interactive map has crashed or something. It started with no longer displaying the future weather map. Now it displays nothing but the geography - no present weather, no future prediction. I have always counted on NBC10 for my weather, especially for where the rain/snow/storms are currently and where they will likely be in the next few hours. The only way I can see it now is by watching the forecast on TV, which is never at the moment I need it.
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2 years ago, Jnachod2015
Auto play preference not respected
I specifically chose to have videos NOT automatically play in the app preferences. There are occasions where I open a text based article and somehow the video manages to start playing and eating up my data, all on its own. I do not have unlimited data as part of my phone plan and appreciate the preference to let me control a potential source of heavy data usage, but the preference actually has to work properly.
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6 years ago, Cmiller805
Weather Alerts
I am a huge fan of all the weather alerts. I live in Center City and walking is my primary mode of transportation so I love getting an alert letting me know that it’s going to rain starting in 10 mins and continue off and on for the next hour. Gives me plenty of warning to duck into a store or grab an Uber to make it wherever I’m going without getting soaked.
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6 years ago, jarret88
Quick and easy
Loaded the app during the possible tornados a couple weeks back, been using it ever since. Cannot always catch the TV, but here I have it at my fingertips. Whether it a breaking stories or I (we) just want to see what’s going on, it’s right there and up to date. Now with winter approaching the weather updates will be very helpful.
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6 years ago, Gemini stars
Great Local weather!
NBC 10 Weather is my go to app to see weather for my specific weather (no matter where I am). The app is usually right on and the best of several apps I use. It has a feature that you can set the app to default to weather (rather than news). But you can easily check the news at anytime. I recommend this app.
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5 years ago, ituner36
Quick News at your Fingertip!
I really like having the NBC10 app on my iPhone because it notifies me of news happening in real time - I just click on the notification and the app opens to the news story. I am kept informed of the latest in traffic, weather, local (you can select your area or areas) and national news. It’s great!
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5 years ago, rmb j
Why I Like NBC10
I have nothing but good to say about NBC10. I like the people I see every day and I especially like “The Hurricane,” who is always a real treat. I love his forecasts and the you have Bill Henley, who is my ultimate favorite personality! I just wish your station was not so pro Democrat and would give the Republicans a chance! I do not like your newscasters at 4PM, they are too politically biased!
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5 years ago, PiCkUpMaN4230
Simplify. . . ✔️(check)
I have come to the conclusion that cable television was digging way to deep into my family’s budget and that same money could be used best elsewhere. Thanks to the NBC app and others just like it has made the transition so much easier. I’m still able to see the local news and all my favorite tv shows while giving me over $1200 to spend on my family.
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6 years ago, birddog39
Great site!
Being new to the Philadelphia area, I tried all the local sources but settled on NBC Channel 10 for the most comprehensive local news, plus its very accurate weather forecasts. The forecasts, in fact, have been some of the most accurate that I have seen. One truly can pretty much count on the NBC Channel 10 team!
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5 years ago, NJnaturelover
Good app for Philly news & weather
I enjoy this app for their good coverage of Philadelphia area news and weather. I also have the NBC 4 NYC App. As expected, there is an overlap in national news between the two apps. Easy layout to follow. I am updating my review because this is my go to app when I want broadcast news from a Philly and south Jersey. I have been using this app for a few months, easy to use.
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4 years ago, gybigguy
Accurate and frequent updates
The NBC10 weather app is as reliable and accurate as the NOAA app with better localization geared to this viewing area. The playback stops if you increase or decrease the map size but starts immediately after you reselect it so no loss of time or data. Overall, this portion of the NBC10 app is excellent!
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3 years ago, Nirvana Jin
Can’t Start My Day Without It
I love this app and have it on my phone and tablet. When my clock alarms, after turning it off I grab my phone and open NBC10 to start my day. I check the weather then the news of the day. Throughout the day I check what’s going on around the rest of the world. Great app. I love it.
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4 years ago, jmvsh
Thank you!!
NBC 10 is my favorite news channel. I’ve been a faithful watcher for 40 years so it just made sense for me to download the app. It’s going to come in handy for weather and traffic. With everything that’s going on in this world, I’ll be able to stay current. Born and raised in Philadelphia, current resident of Newark, Delaware and miss the city everyday. This keeps me connected.
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5 years ago, Vernl E.
Good NJ news coverage here
Living in NJ we are between two huge cities so must depend on their news coverage to get NJ news. Nothing wrong with NY or Pennsylvania or Delaware but we depend on news from outside our state broadcasts. 10 NBC app provides a good amount of coverage we must have. Thanks to all who have contributed to NJ part of your news coverage.
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6 years ago, Mr. Poo thrower the monkey
Set as my weather on my iPhone
I’m a faithful NBC10 news watcher in the Philadelphia area. Even though I’m a Dallas fan. Still love Vai Sikahema. He da man. Not sure why they need two meteorologists in the mornings, but I guess it works. Very talented news team. Liking the newest members. My favorite traffic reporter Jessica Boyington🤪 love ya! Thanks NBC10 news team for getting me going in the mornings.
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3 years ago, Baubz128
Great for the Philly greater region
I find the weather predictions to be more detailed and accurate than other Nation-wife weather apps. It came in real useful for the freezing rain. Otherwise I never would have cancelled our trip this weekend, and already there’s news reports of accidents.
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6 years ago, Ruth HH
Good news information
I recently moved to the area and downloaded the app to know what was going on in the area. They deliver worthy news information, there site is easy to use and their alerts are about serious news. I enjoy their news delivery very much!
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6 years ago, Clemus82
I absolutely love this app the weather is just about accurate every time I use it. So I know when to bring an umbrella or bring sunscreen. In the winter it helps me get to where I have to go safely and in a timely manner. NBC 10 is my ultimate go to app and news station!!!! Thank you NBC for keeping my family safe warm and dry!
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4 years ago, TallyMom518
Breaking News First!
I love having the NBC10 app and always keep the notifications on. They are always the first out of the gate with breaking news that directly affects my daily life! From weather to traffic to breaking news events, it has helped me so many times! Thanks NBC10!
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4 years ago, Unitsec
I really appreciate the accuracy of this app. I’d b lost without all the daily information it provides me and my family. I rely on it daily, sometimes I fall asleep before the 11:00pm news and I can always rely on the app for information, updates, weather etc. thanks for all U do !! 👍🏿
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3 years ago, DawnEliz1
Newest version less helpful
Always used this for weather updates. The newest version does not easily display the High temp for the current day, or a description of the expected conditions for the day. Having to scroll through a graph is not convenient and makes me want to use a different app for weather.
Show more
4 years ago, DrBevGC
Keeping me up to Date on issues
The NBC10 app alerts me to everything Covid related such as the individual state and county updates. It also alerts me to weather such as the recent high winds and approaching storms. I open the storie the vast majority of the time to read what is going on in our area.
Show more
3 years ago, RipperArts
#1 Weather forecast for 20yrs.
Also been the best explanation of why the weather does what it does and how unpredictable it can be. Along with the greatest radar in use, you got the best information you can to predict what’s going to happen.
Show more
2 years ago, Wita n quita
No longer loading
This app has been nothing but amazing since I downloaded it many many years ago until recently. Now almost every time I go to open the app to check the weather or the news it does not load at all. I’ve deleted the app from my phone and re-download it, reset my phone and this doesn’t seem to fix the issue. Not sure what’s going on, but not a satisfied customer at this point.
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2 years ago, Fuzzy808
App is Broken
If there were 0 stars, this app would get 0. It never loads anymore. Never mind that all the updates made the app less user friendly for weather. That’s a whole other bad review. For months now, the weather will NOT load 80% of the time - and that’s a generous percentage. Truthfully, it probably loads about 1% of the time, if at all. What’s going on NBC10??? There are so many complaints about the same thing and no fixes. Ridiculous!!
Show more
3 years ago, Suesue42
The Best News Station!
I have always loved NBC10 for their Breaking news, weather and local alerts. They are my go to for everything I need to start my day! Definitely a time saver when you’re on the go for traffic and daily preparation!! Thank you!!
Show more
5 years ago, Robynne C.
Love my App
I Love the NBC10 app. It keeps me informed about every important newsy thing that is going on and other things that I really need to know. I know what’s going on with the weather, traffic, and special events in the Philadelphia Area. It goes with me everywhere I go. I would not want to be without it.
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2 years ago, Aoss Abu Jamal
They finally fixed it!
For over a year, this app didn’t work. Which is a shame, considering that I find it routinely has the most accurate forecasts. But it’s finally working again!
Show more
7 years ago, two street
Breaking News
This is my go to station for breaking news and local news not covered by other stations. The sports coverage is a little light, but the weather is right on. Very tight presentation and good editing. Feel like the people behind the scenes know what they are doing.
Show more
4 years ago, cap west
Staying informed
This app has kept me up to date on all the breaking and latest news while in isolation. Even though it is a tough and scary time it is important to know what is going on in the outside world around you, and this app does just that
Show more
5 years ago, Jay Tova
Overall pretty good
The app is overall pretty good and has updated information. Who ever updates the articles though needs to learn how to use spell check though because there are a lot of typos sometimes. But no other issues. I check the app numerous times a day for news
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