NBC4 Columbus

4.6 (7.9K)
65.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Media General
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for NBC4 Columbus

4.61 out of 5
7.9K Ratings
7 years ago, Scout216 girl
Poor weather report details
I enjoy the new format for the news. However, the weather potion doesn't give nearly enough details. They show a sun for 11:00 in the evening? I like to check the weather to see the percentage chance for rain etc. This gives no such information.
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4 years ago, Debbie Dootle
Too many notifications
The app is good overall but there are way too many notifications. Sports and weather events show up in news notifications even if sports, Buckeyes and weather is turned off. I liked the weather notifications but not when they wake me before 7am. So I had to turn them off. Only emergencies should interrupt sleep. With all that turned off I still received 96 notifications in a week!
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4 years ago, Formeruserofthisapp
Randomly freezes up/endless spelling&grammar mistakes
Works pretty well, but frequently freezes on home page not allowing any tapping on stories. Have to close out, re-open app and start over. Frustrating. Almost every story has one or more spelling, grammar or usage error in it. Most commonly I see typo kind of errors such as the -s or -ed left off words, things that spell check won’t catch. Other times completely wrong word usage or major spelling error. Does not project a professional, educated image. Makes it look like you have 12 year olds writing and editing the stories.
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1 year ago, TSwanyIRL
App is horribly user-unfriendly
I think 4 has overtaken 10 in the last decade for best news coverage, but ABC 6 and 10TV have a far and away winner with their mobile apps, despite their station owners sucking the life from their respective newscasts. I love NBC 4, but this app is riddled with performance-hogging advertisements and slow, unresponsive menus and scrolling. The feed is more like an embedded website than an actual app interface. Everything runs horribly and desperately needs rebuilt to be sustainable for a mobile environment.
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3 years ago, Hjdkans
To many glitches/problems
Has news stories yes, but the app frequently (every time open it) freezes, doesn’t load, or videos won’t play. The weather portion on app is useless. It never loads and when does, if you try and look at anything it doesn’t work. Seems all the news apps for Columbus Ohio don’t work. It’s not just channel 4’s app. It’s 6 and 10 as well. I’ll give 10’s app some credit, their weather at least seems to work most of the time.
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4 years ago, thbhu
Turn the sound off!
No way to cut off the noise. Frustrating, even more than the misspelled words. Back to Channel 10. And they won’t accept a one-star review by telling you every possible combination of letters is taken when you enter the required nickname.
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3 years ago, Mj1269
Updates made app not work
Ever since the app was updated a week ago, I have had troubles using it. The app crashes in the middle of a story, you can’t get back to the stories if you click on a story. Now when you open the app, it says to swipe up to get rid of the ad but that doesn’t work and I end up having to close the app. If this doesn’t resolve soon I am going to have to look at other local news apps.
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5 months ago, hjhoyt
App not well designed
The app is completely unusable on iPad. In landscape mode, the video will cover the entire screen making reading the text of the article impossible. In portrait mode, the text does not resize to fit in the screen and cuts off text on the right and left sides again making it impossible to actually read an article. And of course ads, ads, ads everywhere also making the app a very unpleasant experience.
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5 years ago, CorsairJim
Instant news
When on my iPad I receive news updates and have the opportunity to get on the website and read it.
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9 months ago, HIKHIC
Terrible App
Teasers with little to no content. Election coverage is the worst, not in alphabetical order. Cannot find results from my county. Widgets are the same and are stories up to nearly a week old. I liked NBC 4 news but not this app. Also ads pop up when trying to find a story or information, so you get rerouted
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4 years ago, Randogirlz
Lopsided news
I get frustrated with NBC 4 because I’m often seeing items on national and international news stations about Important events in Ohio, that are not reported on by NBC due to party affiliation issues. I keep trying to come back to the site, but I’m Probably going to delete the app, again, because I can’t rely on it to tell me about the important issues in my state.
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4 years ago, picktown viewer
Least favorite site on phone
Do not like audio reports start without selecting...least favorite site to use
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7 years ago, OSUPharmD
Good content poor format
Good articles once you get to them. Have to acknowledge or decline a Liberty auto ad every time you open the app before you even get to the content-annoying. Format change is not an improvement
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10 months ago, iclnteeth
Doesn’t stream live news
I was hoping I could watch the local news live. It’s streaming from the evening before. Not what I was hoping since we canceled our cable and trying not to turn on tv with antenna and wake the kids.
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4 years ago, get real 20
NBC4 has an ongoing love fest with Dr. Amy Acton and Governor Mike Dewine. These two are bumbling idiots who are so absorbed with their own fame that they are doing a disservice to the citizens of the State of Ohio. They are so focused on taking away constitutional freedoms and they don’t have actual facts to base their actions on. It is also very obvious how much the anchors at NBC4 have an personal agenda of trying to illegitimize the presidency of Donald Trump. Colleen Marshall is so full of contempt for my President that it is disgusting and it proves that the media cannot be trusted.
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7 years ago, Ketah
I agree with "Confusing Format"
After update, found it hard just to tune into weather and supposedly updated weather reports.... Only use now for notifications in case of bad weather or breaking news, and Very Seldom go into the app. Better to use Internet site.
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7 years ago, JDee76
Format Change
Don't like the recent changes. Makes articles much harder to read. Seems there are fewer stories too.
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7 years ago, Oldster66
Latest news
I read this everyday to see what's happening locally and to get the weather. Like the live weather with storm tracker and that you are also including Meigs Co. as we also have a house down on the river.
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4 years ago, Jollory
It was okay until they started automatically playing the videos when you clicked on the story. Very inconvenient when at work or somewhere else. Also, not as up to date as other local news sources.
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3 years ago, Hostess9
Channel 4 News
News always current with a wide variety of messages given. Given in a timely manner. Clearly spoken.
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5 years ago, love my buckeyes22
Too hard to find things not user friendly or I’m just not with it
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4 years ago, PI$$3D
Could be better
I use the app frequently to catch up on local and world news. The large number of ads is distracting and the app tends to freeze easily or shut down entirely. I’d be willing to pay for an app with no ads that worked reliably.
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7 years ago, dbarr24
Confusing format
The new format makes it difficult to find the news and weather information quickly. It takes a lot of swiping and scrolling. Once I find the information, the reporting is great.
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4 years ago, SyrCyclist
Constant crashing
It is easy to read beyond the thinly veiled biased reporting... when the app actually functions. However, frequently it does not. It is difficult to read the often sophomoric, poorly edited articles in an app that crashes the moment I attempt to open an article. Perhaps I should take this as an omen and look elsewhere for my news.
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4 years ago, Micheledfaith
Ok app terrible ads
I hate the ads at the bottom of the articles. There must be a million ways I can tell if I have cancer and each one is laid out in an ad at the bottom of the page. Maybe they could find come classier advertisements.
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6 years ago, MsHardscrabble
Excellent weather coverage. Top heavy on some crime reports. Great news staff and reporter diversity. Should include more grassroots stories. Columbus is a great community but low income community coverage is biased toward crime coverage. Please offer more hopeful stories.
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7 years ago, Tparker606
Not easy to search
I like news alerts but stories are hard to find.
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4 years ago, judyschumpin
Living in Florida and missing Ohio, always check out your news!😎
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6 months ago, Lee 2314
Don’t get waste your time
These people don’t update this for days. Channels 6 & 10 are on point usually.. you can for get it, the other channels update there sites. You’ll read about stuff on 6 & 10 and maybe 3 or 4 days later you’ll see it on 4. I do not watch the weather I got no clue about it.
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2 months ago, Chesspatzer
Below Average App
When reading an article and you get to the end of it, you have to rescroll all the way back to top in order to get a back arrow. And you can’t just flick it to get to top, you have to scroll one screen at a time. Not as easy to use as other Columbus area news apps.
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3 years ago, rb217999
Still get Buckeye notifications even after turning them off
Why have an option to turn off OSU notifications if I’m still inundated with them after turning them off??
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4 years ago, mm8100
Jumps to ad with sound
I used to love this app. But that was before it was updated to automatically play ads associated with an article. I’d like to just read the article, but that’s impossible now without listening to the ad while reading the article. Turning the volume down is the only way to avoid it.
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4 years ago, Uterin79
Ads/news stories auto run
With the new update, the accompanying news story automatically plays with sound, whether you have your sound on or off. It usually plays with an ad beforehand, too, so you can’t shut it off, mute it, etc. I won’t be using this app or Channel 4 for my news anymore.
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6 years ago, could not be more annoyed 12
App keeps getting worse
This app has way too many ads. The articles have huge links in the middle of them. Text in the articles randomly repeats. Videos don’t play consistently and when they do an ad plays at the same time causing the first 30 seconds to be unwatchable. Way to go.
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6 months ago, Pianomama56
Won’t work
I had this app and needed to reinstall it. When I did it won’t open. You just get two screens. One asking is you want news updates. The other asking the same about weather. Don’t matter how you answer it will go no further.
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3 years ago, treydilla
Notifications Broken
I have all notifications disabled except for weather yet I still get news notifications daily. Running most up to date version of iOS on iPhone 11 Pro Max. Please fix these issues.
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3 years ago, nope8362794
Stop the auto video sound
Many of the stories have an accompanying video which auto plays with sound when you click into them. Super annoying. Let me decide if I want the sound to be automatic or do not make it automatic at all. Will probably delete because of this.
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3 years ago, Dawg338
Constant freezing and crashes
Junk app, half the time it doesn’t load the text, won’t allow you to pause the video, locks up the page and you can’t do nothing but force close it. Have to do this several times in a row. Will not recommend at all.
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5 years ago, Sig143
Giving 3stars because Radar never works when I click on play. Update on weathers and news great but radar not so good. Will someone tell me what I am doing wrong. Cannot play radar. Thanks
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7 years ago, Buckey89
Better after update
I used another local app, but now with update this is my go to local news app!!
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5 years ago, JimmA.
Great news app.!
Wonderful source of local news/info in a sleek format. Easily navigable to find what I'm looking for! Great news! We miss Mike Jackson!
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6 years ago, Namppa
Weather App Lacking
The app is ok for news. But weather map doesn’t show accurate hourly chance of rain %. And future map only goes forward for one hour.
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4 years ago, June flower
This morning my phone crashed as I was attempting to read the news and although it was at 100% it restarted after several minutes at 7%. Not the first time this has happened and it is more than annoying
Show more
4 years ago, cc from wedterville
Missed “Today’s show”
I missed Today’s show this morning, why was that not aired ? I keep writing the nick name and you keep saying ‘taken ‘ which can not be right .
Show more
5 years ago, Trey Stephenson
Good but radar doesn’t work
Love the app but right now whenever I hit the play button on the live radar it says it loads but then nothing ever shows up. On iPhone 8 Plus
Show more
2 years ago, DrJaymez
Stops audio from my audiobooks
Can’t read the news while listening to audible. Very frustrating.
Show more
6 years ago, Pc10000
Overall, not a bad app but
They are apparently trying to provide Facebook, Twitter, etc links that go on forever but don’t link to anything. So you end up scrolling and scrolling down to see if you are at the end of the article. Also, no way to contact the article’s author.
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4 years ago, Kimgtk
Keeps crashing
Good news, but keeps crashing/freezing. Many typos, very poor for a professional news station.
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3 years ago, Leona_Rasalas
Was hoping for local news, but fine mostly advertising. This app does not work well on my phone or iPad. I have most news apps from my area and this is the worst. I will be deleting it. This app needs attention.
Show more
4 years ago, G Hesterman
Automatic playing of videos
I would much rather choose to play the corresponding video to the news story than to have it automatically play when I click on the article.
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