NBC4 Washington: Local DC News

4.5 (1.8K)
95.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
NBCUniversal Media, LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for NBC4 Washington: Local DC News

4.52 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
3 years ago, Feathertop
Fantastic App, With Just One Thing
I appreciate all of the information and details that go into the NBC Washington app, especially where the weather is concerned. The most recent update allows me to see the temperature and precipitation in real time, and the 10 day forecast is a big help. I do have one small suggestion to make: I customized my notifications to only receive certain news stories, and yet I still somehow receive notifications on breaking news and others that I specifically requested not to receive notifications from. If this in anyway can be changed to only have the selected news be the ones you selected the notifications for and not everything else that you didn’t want notifications for, that would be great. I love this app so much, and I highly recommend it!
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6 years ago, Fury&Rage
Big problems & facebook login???
For some bizzarre reason i cant figure out the app asked me to allow it to use my location to login to Facebook!!! I repeatedly have said no to this but it keeps coming back on to my screen over the news & weather stories i am trying to read. I know these people who made the app are able to get on to Facebook in other ways so they really do need to check security for this! Its been going on for months now & i'm so mad about this i had to post this. Please NBCUNI fix this app!!! There are too many problems & bugs & glitches with it. i like it & i dont want to have to ditch it but i will delete it if this "allow NBC4 to login to Facebook allow or cancel?" continues i will delete the entire app! Besides it takes up too much space! There should be a different weather NBC4 weather app anyway! Its the weather thats the best part of the app! Also please update the location & timing too because rain & snow is always at my location long before it shows up on the tv & the App! Please fix all this!! Thanks!! Otherwise still a great app but get rid of news stories that are from 2011 & a long time back. Archive that stuff offline please. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Haylass
Easy to keep up with what’s going on
I’d always used the app to get more info on the news and weather (great to pull up the map with your home area marked and see what’s coming). Also good for checking out weather other areas. But, recently when I was without cable service for several days, it showed its value in another way. I kept up via streaming newscasts, etc. My first experience, but won’t be the last! Also like responding to your occasional polls on various topics. The app makes it so easy to stay in touch.
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4 years ago, AnonDC
Love the alerts but now scroll freezes and app crashes
This app is my go-to for local DMV news. It’s great for breaking news alerts. For the past couple of months though the app has been freezing while I’m mid-article and won’t let me scroll up or down. Always have to go back to home page and start the article over and try to keep the scroll in motion to prevent it from freezing. As of today now the app is also crashing, though maybe that could be because of increased demand on the eve of the presidential election. Lots of duplicate articles, not all of which have text, some only have video which I don’t want when I’m reading in bed at night and don’t want to wake my spouse. Sometimes really old articles from several years ago randomly appear in the feed as if they’re new.
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3 years ago, brit laren
Better than the rest
I would definitely say this app is way better than the other local apps. You can easily look at weather, articles and even share them to your favorite social networking apps and it doesn’t shut down on you in the process. I recommend the NBC4DC app to everyone who loves their neighborhood and also to those who need to know if there are crashes or traffic back ups. 5/5 for sure!
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4 years ago, Rooster Carson
Typical NBC/DNC mouth piece
I liked the app for their weather radar which was actually the best for northern VA. Occasionally I’d check local news but NBC4 DC has ALWAYS been a left wing propaganda machine bashing conservatives, the second amendment and everything slightly aligned with the GOP. Their pro China support is expected because of NBC Universal’s partnership with China’s communist party. What was surprising is how they ignored the controversy of governor Blackface Northam’s racism in spite of being in a predominantly African American community. I blocked their cable station over 10 years ago and only downloaded the app on the recommendation of a firefighter friend. He too only used the app for weather radar. He left FCFD because he had no choice when his dues only went to support democrats like the aforementioned governor Blackface Northam.
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5 years ago, Tricee79
Easy to Use and Reliable info
This is app is easy to use and navigate as well as reliable information in terms of the weather. It is truly my “go to” if I didn’t catch the news in the morning or at night. The only improvements I see is an easy way to add locations and I wish I can see an estimated hr by hr for each day, not just the current day, to around the more likely times for precipitation. Of course, weather is never 100% predictable so I understand if the hr by hr is difficult to forecast in advance.
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4 years ago, Deleychuk
Enjoy NBC 4 news app
I enjoy getting current news & weather quickly whenever I have time to check, not just when it is on TV. Especially enjoy the pictures and text. I have an old iPad and videos take a longer time to load, so I don’t watch them so much. Right now I am watching my 3 grandchildren, under 6 years, and don’t know when I can get news. Nice that it is always there! Thank you!
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3 years ago, Asiya20886
Don’t like the updates
This app WAS just perfect the way it was before! I usually check the weather hourly and the rain radar and it was so clear and easy to read and to understand, but now it’s changed, the background looks lighter and the wording smaller and even the hourly weather is hard for me to understand! I don’t know why this changes have been done, when it was already perfect! I will just have to look for another app where I can understand easily the weather forecast.
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3 years ago, JayTee50
News when I want it and just the way I want it!
I use the app daily. First I check the weather and after walking the dog, I read through other news items. I benefit from articles on our Congress as well as what havoc I might need to avoid to keep my day moving forward and around traffic congestion. This app is a nice little, but powerful, treasure.
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4 years ago, pjg001
NBC4 Has Been the Go To News Outlet for 15 Years
Actually I have enjoyed NBC4 or WRC TV since the 1970’s when I would return to DC to visit my parents. It was always a fixture in their home so when I relocated permanently I carried on the tradition. Jim Vance and Doreen Ginzler were the team that had me hooked and the replacements following Jim’s passing carry on the tradition of making viewers as myself feel like were in our den with friends rather than simply watching TV.
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4 years ago, Dahlia119
NBC4’s app is outstanding!
From weather alerts to breaking news, the NBC4 app has the latest news. I love this app because I can quickly see the things that are most important to me and my family, follow up for more information on news stories, and share news alerts with my friends and family. Keep up the great work!
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4 years ago, Senior in Arlington
NBC4 doesn’t disappoint
I refer to my NBC Washington app for news on my IPAD several times a day to keep up to date with National as well as DMV news. Depending on what’s on my calendar, I refer to the weather just as or more often than the news. For the weather, I can obtain weather for 3 locations so I can easily check current and future weather wherever I am vs where my family lives.
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6 years ago, Zarmanto
Cable subscription required
This is an app for a broadcast network station — that is to say, you can watch it for free over-the-air, if you’re in the right market. However, inexplicably, a precedent seems to have been set at some point, that “free” television offerings are not free to stream; you are required to be subscribed to a pay-TV provider in order to watch broadcast television live streams. I’m not going to mince words: that’s utterly asinine. I guess they don’t actually want cord cutters watching their commercials... so I’ll just watch Hulu’s commercials instead. (Not that much more appealing, really... but at least it’s actually an option.) App deleted.
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3 years ago, Fan of Old NPR App
Do NOT Update
This used to be an awesome app that I used hourly for weather radar and forecasts. The latest “redesign” must not have been subject to any user testing. The weather module was ruined. The radar only works if you zoom out. The forecast is now MUCH harder to read. Half the time I open it I can’t even get to the weather module. When watching the weather forecast video clips, it used to adjust for any orientation in full screen landscape mode. Now that only works one way. This was a downdate, not an update. I will be deleting and using the old version on my iPad.
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4 years ago, Nur$e1990
No response to questions
In the recent Covid conditions, I have tried to ask ONE question and haven’t received a response. It’s been over a month. I have also asked the question to several anchors via Twitter (which I don’t usually use) as suggested, or this app. Nothing. Can I suggest a better way to ask questions!! Otherwise, I enjoy seeing the latest stories as they come through and the weather is always up to date.
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6 years ago, rainlover76
NBC4 the Best News outlet in the DMV!
Switched from Fox5 and never looked back! Thanks for all you do, really appreciate how you choose to broadcast the news. You all really feel like a real family. On the weekdays, my husband or myself turn to NBC4@ 4am as we’re still laying waiting for the alarm to go off. We get the top stories, weather and traffic. Keep up the awesome work you guys, all of you!!!
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3 years ago, Hula34girl
News App Is Perfect
The app is great for all the news we need to see not just for our area but Nationally. They work hard to bring most up to date & most important...accurate news! My 4 stars & not 5 is based on app updates or changes. I’ll finally figure out the features then when they make changes, they aren’t always the best & remove my favorite parts. That’s progress, I guess. But I’ve never regret using it.
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3 years ago, dyhankins
Keeping up to date while out and about!
The app allows me to live my life and not be stuck inside waiting for the latest news and weather forecast. I check the app to get up to date weather and news. App updates frequently you and sends me up to minute breaking news. This is the future of how people gets news.
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5 years ago, shullmom59
Love this app and the reporters and meteorologists, they are up to date on everything and do not act childish or immature! I no longer watch my local station and haven’t for the past 2 years as they act very immature. With NBC4 DC they also do my local weather in the Shenandoah Valley and sometimes local news depending on what it is. They are part of my family everyday, thank you all for what you do!!
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4 years ago, LaurelHin
Works well, appreciate the updates
This app works fine for me. I get a couple of updates popping up on my phone throughout the day, not too many, and when I see something that I want to read more about, I tap that notification and the app opens to that story, then I can choose to browse the other news articles. No complaints.
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3 years ago, Key-lolo
Great app
This app is easy to use, direct and to the point when searching and the layout is clean. I really enjoy it as I work far from where I live and my local news is always at my fingertips through the app. The alerts are on time and notify me of breaking and important news in my area.
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6 years ago, Chicmom18
Relevant Notifications
I like the app. It’s user friendly. I was hesitant to select getting notifications because I didn’t want to be bombarded with irrelevant notifications. The notifications are either major late breaking news, traffic updates, or weather notices which I love to have a heads up to things that can impact my day or commute!
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5 years ago, $ms
I am a Hardscape Contracter, I have grown to depend on this app daily to help schedule jobs based on the weather forecast. The app is quick, reliable and easy to use. One of the nicest features is that I can change and store the different locations to reflect the weather for the cities and counties for where we are going to be working. Thumbs up.
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4 years ago, Sheila, RN
NBC4 App Keeps Us Grounded!
When technology took our lifelong love of NBC4 news to the app our hearts delighted! 24/7 news updates helped me keep up in Nursing School and still go-to when out of town or America’s in crisis. We constant use it for weather and bonus is being able to key on multiple cities that stay as favorites!
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3 years ago, DBS1971
On the go, but in the know
I work long hours and am not able to view the channel on TV when I might want. But, between alerts and being able to view segments on tape or the live weather map, I get what I need. Easily navigated for a non-techie like me. Admit News4 is my fave anyway, but the app stands on its own.
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5 years ago, JoeMc2nd
Keeping up with the weather
I have been putting off downloading the WRC/NBC weather & news app for quite some time. Did it a few days ago and U am glad that I did. Alerts come in daily. With the changing weather, I am pleased to keep up with the temperature change. I will recommend this app to others😁😁😁.
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5 years ago, Culpeper Chris
No problems here
I think the app is great, it keeps me up to date during the day when I’m working & not at home watching NBC. They’ve clearly worked on whatever issues were of concern to at least one other reviewer because I’ve not experienced the problem he/she had at all.
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2 years ago, Attevido
Was Great Until Recently
Are used to love this app so much it was the only weather app I used. But it recently stopped working, apparently due to some iOS update. Now the app only opens successfully once out of every four or five times I attempt to open it. And when I tried to report this problem the successive links took me to a dead end on Apple‘s website.
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4 years ago, BeamUpTime
News on the go
Everything I need to know -news, weather, traffic- in an on-the-go format. If I catch the last half of an interesting segment on TV, I can pull up the app and view complete PLUS share the segment. In this time of “fake” news, it’s good to have a user friendly trustworthy source.
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4 years ago, JennIgor1
Lifelong NBC4 viewer! Love this app!
As a lifelong NBC4 viewer, I feel the broadcasters are almost family. My viewing started back in the mid-70’s and this app now enables me to keep up with the DC news even when HULU’s live channel pushes Baltimore news to me! Thanks for keeping me in touch with my family and all the DC news happenings! PS - you guys have TOO NOTCH weather folks 😉
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4 years ago, Doc T Respass
Timely Alerts
The NBC4 app keeps me informed about the local/international/national breaking news, weather, and recent crimes. The timely alerts are appreciated and easily accessible even if I need to review or re-read. The app also distinguishes between my alerts that are read and unread. Lastly, there’s also the option to watch the live streaming of the news.
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5 years ago, w2bsa
Still following even living in Morgantown WV.
I watched News 4 every evening after work and when it came on when I retired. They are informative and very helpful. No bias from the News 4 team ever. I can depend on good solid reporting and when I’m back in town I watch. I’m living in Morgantown WV and I really miss the quality of your work.
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3 years ago, Marlisl
My favorite weather source
This is the first app I check in the morning or during the day when I need to check the radar. I can literally see when a storm is nearing my neighborhood, and that is so helpful. I also like the news, but, for me, weather comes first!
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6 years ago, MJB52
Keeps me informed
I love this app especially when I’m unable to catch the news live on air, I’m still in the know. The Breaking News alerts are a plus as well.. NBC4 is my favorite news channel so it helps when I’m out of town, I don’t have to play catch up or miss anything while I’m away..
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6 years ago, JFP, Esquire
Good local news source
This app is a great source for local news and information that keeps you on top what’s happening, what’s important, breaking news and events that are not covered by national news outlets. Because Washington beside being a local town is also the nation’s capital one also gets a unique perspective on national events when they occur in Washington.
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3 years ago, kritchie24
Excellent App
As a fellow Washingtonian, this app is perfect for me to get caught up on not only National news but local news as well especially since I’m always on the road with my job. I often use the weather portion of the app to check the forecast.
Show more
3 years ago, Cocoinmotion
Keeps You Informed
This app is my go to when I want to know what is happening in new and weather. The staff treat each other and viewers like family! This station is always my go to when I want know what is happening in my neighborhood and beyond. I would recommend it to everyone.
Show more
4 years ago, Gavin Montgomery
4. For 4
Just a quick review to say I’m a person who LOVES NEWS! And NBC4 your app keeps me in the loop! Thank you for maintaining a easy UI and keeping the info up to the minute! It’s a pleasurable experience scrolling through the days highlights!! I can easily see the effort put in to keep the public engaged and informed - you guys ROCK!!???!!
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4 years ago, Bosslady60!
Best News Station, in the DMV!
I am a native Washingtonian! I’ve watched other stations, from time to time. But always come back to NBC4! After getting the NBC4 app a few years ago, I’m always kept update on breaking news and weather. I greatly appreciate the professionalism, and fact based reporting!
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4 years ago, FM in the AM
A Respected Source for Local & National News
An NBC 4 Washington viewer for 33 years. My family was raised watching our local broadcasters. True journalists doing thorough reporting. My mobile is always in hand for my work — the app keeps me informed at all hours of the day. Not failed me during this time of uncertainty and discord.
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5 years ago, Vivjaz
I wrote you station several times about the Virginia lottery. It is so sad that it took a Virginia paper to start an Investigation. I still would like to know why is it the the Virginia now does not show who won in the Cash 5, Cash for Live, Bank of Million and the Scratchers, when this has been a standard procedures until they have been discovered.
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3 years ago, Blue Quill
Great mix of local, area, and beyond news—now in your pocket
NBC4 has long been our TV news favorite—quality of staff, production values, etc. With their mobile app we can access it on the go, either in print or live.
Show more
5 years ago, Bad QA
Video streaming on IPad 1.5 inch square in size
I would love this app if the video streaming issue would be corrected across the board for the IPAD Pro. Some video work properly and some, like the recent Acura recall post, pop up a split window, then plays the video as a thumb nail size over in the upper right corner. Also, it’s fixed size at about 1.5 inch square and will not expand. This issue has persisted for months now. I’ve actually resorted to downloading the channel 9 app to watch video that are not working properly on your site.
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4 years ago, Because I'm the Mum!
The Only Working news app
I use an iPad and this is the only news app I have that loads pages properly. I can actually read the whole story without the cursor skipping around and pictures covering parts of the text. Thank you for straightening this out!!
Show more
5 years ago, berlinplamenatzknapp
Great Local Coverage with succinct stories
On the basis of checking in with this site regularly, I can report that all major local stories are covered accurately. I have three major local news sources. This NBC site is usually first and always succinctly reports the important events.
Show more
2 years ago, ameliareads75
I used to love this app especially for weather but in the last few months it has become glitchy. I have to open and close out of the app each time in order for it to work. Weather doesn’t ever seem to work on the first try. Hope a fix is coming soon.
Show more
6 years ago, TLC NH
Good Local Newsbroadcast
Good local news with friendly personalities. Provides good basic information although they do lean left with their choice of stories and commentary. Their weather and traffic reports, particularly in the morning, are spot on! Although they lost one of the best news journalists, rest in Peace Mr. Jim Vance, and I doubt they will ever be able to fill his shoes.
Show more
5 years ago, Interested spectator
Quick reliable news & weather
This is my “go to “ app for quick and reliable news and weather. I can keep up-to -date with the latest weather and important stories.
Show more
4 years ago, Willc9342
Great source for your area news.
This News 4 app is a great tool when it comes to the news ,in the DMV more importantly there’s a section in this app regardless of want your news bud maybe you will find it with this app. Great Job guys.
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