NC Lottery Official Mobile App

1.9 (1.7K)
89.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
NC Education Lottery
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for NC Lottery Official Mobile App

1.88 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
3 years ago, abt0630
Scratch off scanner issues
I’m not sure what happened with your most recent update but now I get an “invalid ticket” message every time I try to check any scratch offs. I have tried several different tickets from several different stores and they all say invalid when scanned. It still allows me to scan for lucky rewards/2nd chance games but won’t tell me if I won anything or not. I have uninstalled the app then reinstalled it but still experiencing this issue. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Also, is there a way to turn off the ticket entry limit? I understand it’s to keep people from going overboard but I personally collect a big stack of them over a long period of time and try to scan them in all at once but I can only do a small amount each day. It’s rather inconvenient. Thanks for any help with these issues.
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5 months ago, Mooooonay
Cool app makes checking tickets easier. Although I do have some issues checking my tickets from time to time. I think it the ink isn’t fresh/dark it doesn’t scan the best. I’m really curious if anyone has won big on the instants? I’m never able to hit big. The lamp game. When I get the chance to win the jackpot it does the same thing everytime. I’ll get the epic twice then $500 then after that I only get either $2.50 or $5. This happens very often. Just seems somewhat unrealistic. Also for the rewards for points. I wondered if the people are actually real. I’ve had over 100 entries before and wasn’t a winner of a prize for 25 people or more and this has been on multiple occasions. I just wonder if it’s even real… or if it’s just random made up names. Maybe I’m wrong. Who knows at the end of the day it is for entertainment I guess. So the thought of winning is great if that’s what your looking. The app has made great improvements. Wayyy smoother than before. Instants games are a little questionable. But they are fun to play.
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5 months ago, Mgbchnc
Those that question if ppl really win on digital tickets
Yes people win when they buy digital tickets, really the lottery been digital for ever! Tickets can have hand selected numbers and or random system generated numbers and every ticket sold is added to master list for each drawing and the moment the winning numbers are picked, u can immediately check your numbers on your tickets and see if you matched all numbers- if you did then you won! If you won on an online or app purchased ticket then the system email you at registered address; including for 2nd chance and or for entry's for drawings thru lucky rewards. A chick i used to mess with, her momma won a lucky rewards drawing with 2 $10k winners and she did it all thru the app of course and they emailed her and sent notification thru system to app and she found out only a few mins after the drawing. She went to raleigh or whatever and got her $! I was psyched for her cuz she was broke in a bad way financially. Dont doubt it, it is 2024 yall dang. Smh Good luck yallq
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2 months ago, TimmyG 58
Garbage app
The app is complete garbage, and you get no support or response from the developers. If you want to gauge the level of involvement for an app’s developers, read the reviews and see how many get responses. You will find none here. The app has been garbage for years and gets worse with every update. I believe the developers completed a six week coding school and convinced someone at the lottery to hire them. They have no idea how to build a useful app. The interface is confusing and clunky, not intuitive at all. You can’t complete multiple tasks without backing out all the way to the main menu and starting over. The ticket scanner works - sometimes. Often you get told the ticket has already been scanned, even though it hasn’t. Update - April 26, 2024: The app is still GARBAGE. Frequently fails to log in, only message is “There was a problem with the server, try again later.” The interface is slow, unresponsive, and unintuitive. There’s a reason that the review scores are so low. Unless you are home bound and have no other choice, skip this app and all the frustration that comes with it.
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3 months ago, Winner xxx
App is a problem!
App is barely usable for claiming and withdrawals. Emails generated to prompt are so generic, that if you have multiple claims it is unclear which claim is being addressed. If claim is made and you continue to play the “claimed” money will be put back into play at some random time and can be played with no notice and withdraw will not be initated. SO BEWARE CLAIMED DOES NOT MEAN SENT FOR WITHDRAWALS. App freezes and it is frequently difficult to navigate to non “play” areas. Redeeming rewards works part of the time. To claim according to the email sent states go to My Account and select View Now button. ???? I have no idea where that is, non existent. I have used the CHAT option and spoken to several support personnel some are ill prepared others regurgitate what memo they see on your file without looking at a transaction in question. If NC EDUCATION LOTTERY wants to really run a ligit On Line Game site they have to fix this App. Also scanning in you tickets and scratcher's is down frequently as well. Good luck! I rate the App a 1 star.
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1 year ago, 24@bfj
Absolute Crap! Completely disappointed!
I should have believed what I read in the reviews. Not that this app has ever been brilliant, it did at least work sufficiently most of the time. Now I’m just continually cycled onto it’s ridiculous change password site and then forwarded to same game server site this just a blank screen. Yes of course I do change my password the first time. Now you don’t even forward me an email. So I wonder who out there has hijacked you to steal information. If I ever get back in, my money is coming out and this will never se my phone again. Maybe, if it’s convenient, I play occasionally when I get gas. Very disappointed. How do manage to execute a customer experience like this in todays tech world? ….Follow up a few weeks later, still poor, ver poor. Just ruins my confidence that NC Lottery is trustworthy in any way. I would like to say goodbye to the money in my account that is being held hostage. 🤌🏼 Guess I would have lost it anyway.
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4 years ago, Rheneas1
Not user friendly
This app was updated/replaced in October 2019. They removed the option to extend a subscription. Without a way to effective-date a purchase, you have to remember to go back in and buy a new block of tickets. There is an auto-renew option that buys new tickets automatically, which requires a debit card - no way to use funds already in your account (Why even have a wallet/funding option!). And the history is only last two weeks or month by month, requiring you to perform multiple history inquiries to find a transaction (purchase or win) for a date you might not remember. A past 12 months (or even 6 months) option would solve this. Would also be nice if it supported Face ID/thumbprint login. In a nutshell, this app is pretty rudimentary and leaves a lot to be desired.
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1 year ago, app-tly
Not too bad, password reset process = nightmare
Overall the mobile add is just ok. It would be an improvement if you stopped asking to add funds upon every login. I’m not that type of user but sure ask me the same thing 1k times. Sheesh. For password reset, you make us re-enter email in the same screen as the new password. This totally screws iOS into thinking it’s a 2nd account. Then your email is saved in connection with your new password. Next you try to login and iOS auto fills your user name with your old password. Or auto fills your email with your new password. Then you lock the account and start over because iOS captured TWO incorrect usernames/passwords combos. Why are you fighting this fight? Just embrace the native functions.
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2 months ago, Weav81
A little tight, but good interface
I’m down to NC for work. I’m from PA so I use the PA app while I’m home. It’s similar but the NC app is a lot smoother. A couple things I like much better: Add funds wo needing to close the game I was playing The draw game interface (power ball, mega mill, ect..) is SUPERIOR! Super easy to make your picks and add the add ons, then a quick check out. Just navigating in the account settings is a great design and easy to use. It is the first day using the app. My only gripe is the pre set limits you can deposit/lose daily. I would have explored more if I woulda known I only had $505 to play with. So I suggest making an additional step for a new player signing up to give them the option before creating their account. I was planning on playing $1000 so I’m bummed about my shortened stack. Otherwise good job to the developers. After reading the reviews you’ve really done a good job ironing out the problems. With all the updates it’s way better than the 2 star review it holds.
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4 years ago, Buckshot722
Not Easy to Use
This app is very difficult to use. 1) There needs to be a Touch ID sign on option. 2) Winning funds should be available to use to purchase new tickets vs into a hidden account that can only be withdrawn. 3) There should be one place where you can see all transactional data. 4) I have used the Chat function several times, mostly only to be timed out and have to sign back in and restart. 5) I have yet to find something that the Chat function can help with without getting told they will have someone email me to then tell me to call the 800 number 6) Each Chat session should not require the extensive verification process (Name, Address, DOB, Last 4 of SSN, DL #) since I have signed in and only asking where I can find $4 in winnings.
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5 months ago, Stary19
Digital Games
You can win on these. The problem is the NC Lottery is taking FOREVER to pay out winnings. Never had this issue before with other winnings Have 3 pending payouts that are still pending and when contacted the lottery they just keep saying they’re having delays. Why! How long must we wait UPDATE: going on two weeks and still no payout on digital winnings. It’s starting to make me feel like it’s rigged to keep your money they keep saying the same storyline that the system is backed up with payouts being processed by some third-party vendor. Something has to give I want the money that I won, the lottery had no problem taking my money to play the games but the lottery has a problem paying out the money that you win. Please do something to fix it. It is extremely unfair. Thank you.
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6 months ago, V87B
I like it!
I enjoy the convenience of not having to go to the store to purchase and the ease of use of the lottery app; however, at times it seems to give an error message when trying to purchase…stating to try back later. I’ve noticed it does this when the jackpots are extremely large so maybe, its because of the heavy traffic online. Also; I wish there was an update that allows us to login with biometrics such as Face ID or even with a 4 digit pin…that would make logging in much easier and not efficient. Its safe this way as you have to confirm your CVV before placing an order.
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3 years ago, brooksflow
Terrible App
You’d think with all the money that the NC lottery generates that they’d come up with a decent app. All I wanted to do was to scan a few tickets to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. I guess you’re required to sign up b/c of the age restrictions on the lottery and potential tax implications? I don’t know but it’s a pain. I just wanted to check some tickets. We don’t even play but once a year when we exchange tickets/scratch-offs as stocking stuffers. It doesn’t keep you signed in, there’s no Touch ID, and navigating the app is overly complicated. Simplify it. Remove games that aren’t playable/purchased through the app and just have them under a separate info section with rules, odds, and instructions. Allow folks to check numbers without logging in. Plus the app is called “NCEL”. I know I’m not the only one that finds that funny.
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2 years ago, misspowers
So many problems…..
This app has so much that needs to be done in order to get a good rating. I used to be able to scan scratch offs and get points for that to use with Lucke and that seems to have virtually disappeared. I don’t feel comfortable that if you buy games like the powerball, cash 5 or other games that you can’t see the numbers for each transaction. It makes you wonder did you really win more? And how could you ever prove you won when you can’t see the numbers from the tickets? I think I’m going to stick to playing games where I can get a physical ticket. NC Lottery - please change this to allow people to view the numbers for tickets purchased. You must understand how sketchy it comes off not being able to see that information……:
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11 months ago, spat7378
It’s adequate
I deposited funds to buy lottery tickets using my PayPal account that’s attached to my bank account. My spouse wanted to pay for the next set of tickets from his PayPal account. The app kept declining my deposit request from his PP account (PayPal wasn’t declining - the lottery app was) giving me an error saying I was not using the prior PayPal account to make my deposit. I chatted with the lottery app tech support about the error. They told me they would have to submit a request to their accounting department to block the prior PayPal account in order for me to use a different one. Security is one thing, but if I’m authenticating successfully with PayPal why does the lottery app care which PP account the funds come from?
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2 years ago, Bee's Babygirl
Can’t scan tickets anymore!!!
I wish it would go back to where you just had to download the app through the website. I have had issues getting on my account a couple times and had to sign in multiple times. More importantly the only way I can check my tickets is manually, which takes extra time to type in all the numbers and it doesn’t let you know if it’s a winning ticket, just gives the points. I know it’s easy enough to see if it’s a winning ticket but sometimes if you have a stack of them it’s easy to overlook a winning ticket that may be in the stack. I’m not sure if anyone else has had his problem but It sure would be great if they fixed it…I have an I phone for reference of my issues with the app.
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3 years ago, FedUpWithBogusApps
Bogus Bogus Bogus
Does this app really work? I have noticed reviews on how folks are questioning the authenticity of the numbers this app produces. I myself have along side others have used this app for years. Some folks have possibly spent over $1000’s on numbers and the winnings are under $100. Folks really need to know that this app may actually be a ripoff of some sort. Don’t know about anyone else, but I would like proof of how many people actually won the lottery by using this app. Folks need to know and it is considered PUBLIC information. Most wins are from folks going into the store to purchase tickets. Y’all look closely and do the math. Stop using this app until they show proof! These numbers I feel are bogus. Show some proof. The public would like to know.
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5 years ago, peterpilot379
Better but needs work
This updated app is better than the previous app but it still needs work. Scan feature is much better. There’s a lot of stuff in this app. So much so it can be difficult to navigate through it. My two biggest gripes are having to login every single time. The multiplayer steps to login is annoying. Please change this. Secondly, I don’t like the $5 minimum purchase. If I just want to buy one cash five ticket for one draw, I can’t. The minimum purchase forces you to perhaps play more than you intended.
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6 months ago, SiSi8585
Digital Instants-The Lamp
Off and on today I have been playing the digital instants The Lamp game. On three or four separate occasions, I won the top prize option only to be cheated out of even being able to pick anything out. It goes right back to the play screen, instead of the treasure boxes. Usually I wouldn’t complain, but this is becoming a common trend the more and more I play. It just has never happened so many times in one day! So no, this is NOT the first and only time this has happened while playing. Rectify the situation and stop cheating people out of what they “earned” according to the rules of the game. Glitch or not, this isn’t a good look, especially when ppl already have doubts as to what’s rigged or not.
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4 months ago, Hand Weitten
Was good till it wasn’t…
Started playing the digital instants about a little over a month ago and the payouts used to be awesome, not huge money but at least your money back or 5 or 6 under, sometimes 15 or 20 bucks more. I don’t know if they’ve changed it over the last couple days or two weeks but I swear I know I’ve spent over a thousand dollars over the last few times I’ve played running 50 cent to dollar lines and it’s just bust after bust. Never hit ANYTHING any more! No matter what digital instant game. So I’m done with it but hey it was fun while it lasted🤷🏻‍♂️😁
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3 years ago, Tired of it....
Scanner and update not working!
Looks like your engineers would test the site out before you make any changes or updates that don’t work worth a hoot. This happens Every Time you change something. Makes no sense whatsoever. I, might could of seen this happening when you first took over from Scientific Games a few years back, and it really shouldn’t happen then either. Looks like to me you need to hire some engineers that know what their doing... This, is not right for us as consumers that help you have a paycheck. This is very unacceptable to make us suffer. You guys need to get your ducks in a row NOW. If, I had my way about it I would have already reverted this contract back to Scientific Games long ago.
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4 years ago, OwnedbyCow
Stop breaking the app
With every update things get moved to weird places to where it’s highly unintuitive and inconvenient to be able to check anything. I’ve went through not being able to scan tickets for about a year at one point. And now the problem is back. And if you try to scan the ticket multiple times while it won’t work, it will lock you out of being able to do manual entry as well. I still can’t deposit any money into my account and I contacted them a few times and they said I didn’t put my card info in correctly. It used to work. I’ve tried reinputting my info for that card 100+ times. My bank is not the one declining the transaction.
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4 years ago, Jscreed
This app does not work for me.
I have an Apple IPad and I have not been able to get on the site because it’s telling me that my location cannot be verified. I have talked with support and they are telling me that Apple does not support the app and could give me little information. I was told to turn location on in the app and the device. Also said I had to clear cookies in cashe. Nothing worked. Was told to try another device which I only have Apple phone and IPad and was not possible because I don’t have another device. Old app worked fine. This is a bad app that needs to be fixed ASAP. In the meantime I will delete it. Too bad! Previous version worked just fine! Oh by the way you cant buy just one ticket!
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5 years ago, DTurnerOnly
Questioning the number of games???
With each update the NClottery application got a little more confusing. With the latest update the app is absolutely too confusing to even want to enter any of the lottery chances. I’ve talked to several others who have also deleted their accounts because of the latest changes and having to jump thru hoops just to enter. Someone needs to go back and adjust the application so that simple minded people could still scan their tickets and enter the games. I’ve scanned my scratch tickets and entered games for almost 4 years but this absolutely ridiculous and the lottery will never answer any question you may have. Someone needs to do a complete investigation into this
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3 years ago, Cvillesteph
I use this app almost daily or I TRY to use this app daily. Sometimes it scans tickets and works great then some days it doesn’t work at all. There’s also games and tasks you can complete to earn extra points. I’ve emailed several times over the last 2-3 years asking why the games NEVER work but the only answer I get is my app needs an update and to delete app and download again… still doesn’t work. And looking at the other reviews it looks like a lot of people are still having issues with this app but nobody ever responds. Shame!
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2 months ago, kaxar
Worse since update
As if this app didn’t always have problems, most recent update pretty much broke it. Can’t stay logged in. Switching to any other page, game, or anything crashes the app or tells you to log in EVERY time you do anything. The digital games will almost never work because it fails the location or resources check. If you do manage to get a game to work, it will crash mid game and lose your money. The digital games used to have an OK return about even with the stated odds, but have completely stopped paying since the update. Can’t wait until the class action is in place so people can recoup their losses from this scam.
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1 year ago, jball2hard
Not too bad of an app. First time playing online though I only deposited so I could play KENO and they never specified that I could not play KENO so after depositing 40. I played the pick 3 & won 1k the withdrawal method took longer than expected. It didnt help that extra documentation was required from me which should've been required when I made my account. About 50 hrs later of uploading my documents I recovered my money right to my cashapp card. Also KENO could use a huge update im from PA theirs is more modern….
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3 years ago, HawkFloki
Scanner is now trash and sign in to check???
Hey person who thought the “if we make the scanner horrible they will need to go in and have retail scan them and if they go in they will buy more tickets” … WRONG. WOW … and to make you actually go to a retailer while during a pandemic when you want to distance yourself from others too. Soon as unable to rid myself of my tickets that won. I WILL NEVER buy another ticket again until you make the scanner work normally again. I had a major problem when you “required” me to log in to even check my tickets. Now can’t even check my own tickets quickly like was able to prior. Very Disappointed.
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2 years ago, nate/ tay
Terrible app
This app has been awful for some time now. Since the recent update horrible, worse than before. It won’t scan tickets and if it does takes forever and shows incorrect results. It holds the last result and when you scan your next ticket shows previous ticket results. Some times for 3 or 4 tickets. Good thing I am a double or triple checker or would throw money away thinking I lost. I wonder how many people throw away a winning ticket because of this horrible mess with the app. It is so annoying I dread checking My tickets and may purchase less so not as much to verify. Please fix this for the better and not worse again.
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7 months ago, Omoabs
Instant games are a scam
The instant games are lame. I used to play DraftKings in another state. I just don’t understand why they allow this junk but not sports betting already. I know it’s legalized but get it out now. The “instant” games only make you win after you spend $5 and then you’ll win 20 cents and if you’re lucky $1. After you spin so many times you win nothing over and over until you’re out. I get the odds are low and they don’t want you to make money but it’s not even worth the play time. At least with DK casino if you’re low they’ll give you a couple bucks to keep playing. Garbage.
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2 years ago, UrWHThurtZ
Doesn’t work / USELESS
With the amount of money that NC makes off the lottery for all the non-winning tickets, they should be able to afford to build an all that works. I downloaded the GA lottery app and it was up and scanning tickets in 30 seconds … no need to create an account to do it. The NC one …. I created account after the registration FINALLY loaded, but then I go to scan something and it takes me to a sign in page and just sits there for a minute. When it finally does load and prompts you for credentials, it just sits there for a couple more minutes and times out. This is embarrassing. Absolutely useless.
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3 weeks ago, Pghmom9
Don’t ever expect to win big in the app
This app has always been on the low side of user-friendly. Especially when viewing things in your account. Over the years it just seems to get less user-friendly and much more glitchy. Don’t ever expect to win big in the app. They recently touted the most ever won online, in all the years they’ve had this app, is 1 million. You win a little here and there to keep you interested. The lottery is not intended for us to win, but to provide revenue to the state. But they have to let people win every once in a while so we keep playing.
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7 months ago, Buffalo1008
Upgraded to 3 stars
Left a 1 star review after the ticket scanner didn’t work for 2 months and they kept blaming my phone. They fixed it and it’s been working fine since. The app still isn’t perfect. The account settings user interface is clunky and doesn’t have ‘return’ button. The favorites and recent purchases functions need some updates too. Fairly good overall though.
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2 months ago, Jeffreyjaybohamhocks
Horrible Software and progressively getting worse
This software checks location and it used to work well. Called in due to software crashing said it was location so I should delete app, reload app but wait 15 minutes to login and should work. Did that and lasted for 15 minutes more or less and did same error so you have to keep deleting app and adding back and seems to right when a payout or bonus or spins come. Regardless, having software that does not work is not acceptable. Pretty much will stop playing these instant games.
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2 years ago, bmfb1980
Still a mess. Still clunky. Still has crazy blocks.
Well as usual they think their app is awesome but that’s probably because they don’t use it. Slow to log in. Navigation from certain screens is completely unintuitive. And don’t bother scanning ezrewards because though you can scan the same ticket to see if it’s a winner 100 times… if you scan the same ticket for your rewards points it locks you out and says “come back later, you scanned the same ticket too many times”. Extremely aggravating and beyond stoopid coding and design.
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2 years ago, TwoGeez17
App needs some work
Too many technical issues. Sometimes when scanning scratch offs, it will give error stating its already scanned but then when scanned again, it goes thru. The scanner doesn’t work most of the time with the Pick 3/4/5 ticket slips. Having to manually key in codes of each ticket is time consuming. There’s also a daily limit, which puts limitations on how many tickets can be scanned. The apps needs some work
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2 years ago, Paul C. J.
App works fine
Really don’t see what the 1 star ratings are about. I’ve been using the app to buy and check my tickets/scratch offs for several years. Easy to use and a good way earn second chance entries. Never won, but I at least get second chance entries. No issues either the App.
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2 months ago, Velong
Can’t use because location
This app is useless keeps saying I’m not located in nc. It states it’s using geolocation m. I’ve brought up other apps that date my geolocation is North Carolina although my up address is Atlanta that’s because I’m using att and the pop is located in Atlanta. It’s a shame because of vision I can’t drive. Tried to report to No customer service but of course they don’t have clue. It did work at one time. Not sure how anyone is using from mobile , btw my house internet is Starlink and it also assignsatlanta ip address
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2 years ago, Weston117
Made an account and cant even log in
Downloaded the app 3 days ago and created an account to scan my scratch offs for the rolling jackpot (you have to make an account to scan for entries) I confirmed my account through my email and then go to log in on the app and it loads for a couple minutes then says lucke rewards is unavailable please try again later. Its been 3 days…. Why not just let people scan in off your website and skip this poorly made app they commissioned from some cheap foreign agency
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1 year ago, BeingFrank1
Worst app possible
Whoever created this app needs to be fired. This is something that a college intern would create and not something that should be used for the NC State lottery. Start with providing reasonable forms of payment that work. If choose PayPal as the option to pay, you don’t currently link to the active PayPal account once you sign in and it asks you to enter a credit card. The entire purpose of PayPal is to avoid entering credit cards directly. Higher some new product managers and engineers and then release a new app!
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2 years ago, Exhaling and SMH
Ticket Scanner still not functioning correctly. Can someone please either get the developer to either fix what the issue is to scan tickets or get some other technical person who can fix the scanner issues that has been an ongoing problem. I am not the only one complaining, there are numerous ticket holders that have been complaining as well. This fix of the scanner for NC lottery tickets is past overdue and beyond ridiculous at this point with the scanning issue for tickets. FIX THE SCANNER!
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1 year ago, ChasitySpencer
I was logged out of my account after almost a year of continuous logins under the SAME EMAIL, after I tried to log in it told me I needed to reset the password, which I did. Multiple times and was told ‘invalid password’ when I tried to use the new password. ‘Customer service’ did nothing to help me stating my account was under a different email that I haven’t used in over 5 years after I had been logging into the account using my current email. Beware of information theft.
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3 years ago, Ccmyplymat3
The app barely ever works.
Just to check a ticket I need to sign in. Every time I try to sign in lately. It keep saying Lucky rewards not available unable to sign in or retry. I have to try to sing in 3-4 times before it lets me. Then it says you already submitted this ticket for rewards when I know I haven’t. With all the money being spent on lottery you and the information being sent just to have on online account, you would think the app would be great. It makes me question how Secure my information is that I sent to them.
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2 years ago, Ariauna
Doesn’t work scams you out of tickets
So I purchased online tickets. Have only been able to access to check four of the six online bought tickets. I can’t access through the app or the website. This is a scam. I could have a ticket that won something but I’ll never know since I can’t access it. DO NOT PURCHASE ONKINE TICKETS THROUGH THIS APP!!!! Personally I won’t buy online tickets ever again not even through the website as I can’t access through there either. North Carolina Lottery stole my money!!!
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11 months ago, Igothired
App has serious bugs. Those remote residents can’t play as a result.
App won’t login and times out all the time. Very poor technology for the 21st century. Maybe y’all are giving too much money to the education system that y’all are neglecting the basics of a working app?? That can’t be true given very little money actually goes to education from the lottery. Facts. App needs an upgrade. It’s embarrassing and frustrating and unfair to people who live in remote areas but still want to play!
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2 years ago, J1sa
Getting better
Could you please make the top left hand arrow back a bit larger. It is so far left and small that it is not easy to touch. Also I would like the option to do a continuous scan when I have several tickets for lucks rewards. It is annoying having to press okay each time in order to scan another ticket.
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5 months ago, Y'alldontwantfeedback
Since the instant games started, it takes about 10 working days to get your money. If you withdraw over $100, they want you to verify your id and then it keeps requesting your Id. After you have uploaded, your id 10 times, it rejects any uploads and says you have reached you Id upload limit! Sigh! I Like to play, but I will limit my playing if I can’t get my winnings. Good Luck! May you win big and have to travel and receive one of those big checks!
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3 years ago, Qwerty review
Support for Facial Recognition
When will you add support for logging into the app using facial recognition on the iPhone? If banks have supported this feature for years, there is no reason you can’t. Please add it to the next release!!!! BTW, the ticket scanning works MUCH better now. Add support for my request above and you will earn a 5 star review!
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2 years ago, Cokiethebaby
My husband buys a lot of tickets and I scan them, it’s too many to do manually or checking on my own. I’ve emailed a few times about there scanning problem and error messages, most recently it’s ‘invalid..’ whatever. Yalls response is be sure to have the latest update or phone update blah blah blah. If I win the lottery I think I’ll pay someone to put in an app that doesn’t have this much fuss. Not trying to be hateful like that but please work on whatever is going on :/
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2 years ago, Faerie64
Your support is useless
Been trying in vain to get help with error messages telling me my location cannot be verified for the last two weeks. I have performed every suggestion to no avail. I have been on the phone with T mobile and had Frontier Communications check my modem. Everything pings me right where I have been for 2.5 years. I have been told there is no IT support but SOMEONE built your app so there should be a higher level of support. This is ridiculous.
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