NCalc Scientific Calculator +

4.7 (7.9K)
104.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tran Duy
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for NCalc Scientific Calculator +

4.69 out of 5
7.9K Ratings
3 years ago, ajpollin
Overall very good calculator app
Edit: ⭐️ I’m downgrading to 1 star. Even after giving a 5-star review under duress, I continue to receive pop up notices asking for a 5-star review. Edit: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ I have given this 5 stars only because it is incredibly obnoxious to have to have to click away the pop up asking for a 5-star review (see below) every other time I open the app. I paid for premium so I wouldn’t have to deal with distractions from using the calculator when I need it. The calculator itself is excellent. It’s too bad the developers marketing strategy isn’t. Original review: Overall NCalc is a very good calculator app, especially if you are used to Casio’s scientific calculator layout. I’m giving it 4 stars rather than 5 for two reasons. First, the layout of the arrow buttons doesn’t match the Casio, and irrespective of that, it’s just not very intuitive. The up and down buttons are side-by-side instead of stacked, so I really have to pay extra attention when using them. It’s a little thing, but it’s distracting and a bit irritating. Second is the fact that even with the paid version, half the time I open the app it’s to a pop up asking for a 5-star rating, which I have to close before I can use the calculator. It’s almost as obnoxious as the ads were in the free version. I understand why the developers want (good) ratings, but they should be incentivizing users to willingly rate rather than punishing us for not rating.
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8 months ago, Lunchguy
Beauty of a well designed tool
If you are an engineer, scientist, or STEM student NCalcFx I believe this to be the best calculator in the App Store. It’s a joy to work with beautiful tools and that is what this app is — especially if you’re ever used Casio scientific calculators. It has one flaw I don’t like — the 1/x key should work immediately on the last answer (=single key press) but NCalc takes 3 key presses to do that. maybe it could be fixed in a future version. Another wish list item would be to improve the cut and paste functionality of the SOLVE function so continue with the answer — currently the cut/paste grabs an entire object which cannot be smashed into parts so you have to resort to typing each numeral of the answer across manually (unless there’s some trick I haven’t found). These small quirks only stand out because the overall design is so balanced and clean. This calculator is a pleasure to use, I was very glad to pay for the pro version in order to support this kind of craftsmanship. Download the free version and see if you like it as much as I do.
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2 years ago, Reviewerxx
A solid scientific calculator
Just buy it if you're in a field like math or engineering and you need a solid calculator. Here's what I like: (1) It handles symbolic manipulations very well (2) Reliable outputs and stable performance (3) Lots of useful mathematical functions (4) Layout and buttons work exactly like a regular calculator, and some people may not like that, but I like the simplicity Here's what I don't like: (1) The icon is incomprehensive. It's way too busy looking. I have it on my dock and it's annoying me everyday. (2) Cannot use finger to move cursor around. You can tap on a location, but it's not accurate enough to get you to where you need in the expression. I want to be able to use the magnifier to move around. Currently, I have to use either the arrow keys or external keyboard to move around the expression, which is fine since that's how regular calculators work. But I think it would be more convenient to use the magnifier. (3) For some weird reason, why you start up the app, the edit screen will resume with the last expression you worked out. That means when you open the app, and you start typing in a new expression, it will add to the last expression rather than start a new expression. It's really annoying, because I have to exit the previous expression before I can type a new calculation every time I open the app.
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2 years ago, Eriptron
Font text for text associated with the 8 green buttons
Geeze Apple. Now instead of losing the reviews, you’re losing their formatting! Update: I feel foolish I didn’t see the font size setting in Settings. My bad. Being lazy. Display font is plenty big now. 🤓👍 Somewhere along the lines I lost track of things and your reply, though a little tardy, brought Ncalc back to mind. It’s like discovering Ncalc again for the first time but THIS TIME I appreciate what I see better this time. So much so I ust bought the lifetime option (Thank you for not ONLY having subscriptions. Unless it’s a bookclub or tabloid, I don’t (and won’t) do subscriptions for 98% of the apps!) Excellent work! 5-Stars! ————- Algebra, Numbers, Boolean, etc., their associated text is uncomfortably small to read much of it. Still playing around with the test of the features. It is very configurable.
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10 months ago, Elvis-n-Max
Great app
I love this calc been using for years it has a high tech look and I paid for the ad free version. It looks great and works great on my I pad pro. Split screen and slide over works very well. My only complaint I wish there was a way to display numbers in a column fashion. When adding long lists of numbers they disappear off the right of the screen since they populate left to right. Of course you can use the arrows to slide the numbers back into view. But that is slow. I’d like to see a wrapping function, or better yet the ability to tally numbers in a vertical column as you would by hand on paper and it would be neat to see a line under this column and the total sum as you would do and see on paper.
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3 years ago, Tanjid Ahmed
This is just an awesome calculator.
I’ve tried couple of calculators but none of them were as good as NCalc Fx. Apple’s own calculator is just fine for day to day calculations but the main limitation is not having scientific functions (even some basic functions like square, square root are missing). So, I had to look for other calculators. I have been using this calculator for a couple of months and I’m really enjoying this calculator. $2.99 lifetime purchase is just awesome. Don’t get me wrong. The free version was as good as the paid version. I just don’t want watching ads that’s why I purchased the lifetime subscription. Really worth the money. ALL IN ONE PACKAGE.
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3 years ago, Caleb Nathaniel
It does every calculation I could possibly ask of it.
If you are looking for a piece of software that looks like your TI-84 Plus or Casio fx-9750GII/GIII or HP Prime is taped to your screen minus the graphing functions, then this is gonna get you there. There are other alternatives available, like those that truly mimic the TI-84 Plus CE. But, this is probably one of your best options as it doesn't take up the whole screen and has several types of calculator options. That's something your calculator can't do. Switching it's keyboard layout. But, that would require an edge to edge glass touchscreen. Please Apple, don't do it. They're expensive enough already.
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2 years ago, tonmoy18
Perfect for a casio loving engineer
I grew up using Casio scientific calculators mostly the fx-991ES during engineering school. And let me tell you that this app was the perfect choice for me. After using it a couple of days with the ads, it was a no brainer to pay the lifetime subscription. The only difference I feel from using a real Casio is missing the feel of the keys. However having not to carry an extra device and being able to copy/paste/edit history adds a convenience that is better IMO. First ever app I paid real money for and I do not regret it at all
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4 years ago, Cody2185
Polynomial Descending Order?
Is there an option to make the outputs order of a polynomial be in descending order from left to right? For example, If my input is: 1 / (x+2)^3 The current output is: 1 / (8 + 12x + 6x^2 + x^3) I would like the output to be: 1 / (x^3 + 6x^2 + 12x + 8) Edit: Thanks for your feedback for my original post. Here is some more feedback that would be amazing in future updates! 1) Double tap a previous entry/answer to paste it into the current entry line. 2) Work on the CAS simplifying method: For example: If I take the derivative of a function, it isn't always simplified down entirely. Input: [2*sqrt(2)*(X^3)] / (X^4) Current Output: [2*sqrt(2)*(X^3)] / (X^4) Preferred Output: 2*sqrt(2)*X 3)When something is raised to a power, creating a toggle to leave the powers as fractions, and not simplifying it with a nth root. For example: Input: [X^(5/2)] * [X^(2)] Current Output: sqrt(X^9) Preferred Output: X^(9/2) Alternative output: Auto pulling out whole powers: X^4*sqrt(X) This calculator is legendary BTW.
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2 years ago, Dnacoco
Excellent Calculator
Having purchased and tested many calculator apps, this one is by far the best for my needs. It takes a little to get used to, but once you do, it is extremely powerful. It is responsive on input, has a nice visual representation of the input and output, and the ability to edit historical calculations easily is needed indispensable for me. I hope they keep it this easy to use as my previous calculator was just as good but when they did an update they ruined the ease of use. So far this one is well worth the money.
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3 years ago, manuelhe46
Beat Calc app out there
This calculator is a pleasure to use. I have tried a lot out there, and I’ve concluded this is the best overalls. It feels natural and intuitive. The buttons are well placed, well displayed and responsive. The array of math functions is vast and highly findable, probably the biggest challenge in a modern Calc app. The customizable interface was an added bonus. This team are true calculator nerds! I like the separate graphing screen because you can do much more than you could with it. Just an overall pleasure to use
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2 years ago, Mist02
This calculator has great precision and lots of features, definitely worth the price for the premium version. I wish it was smarter with the display of the results. In SCI mode no need to display * 10^0, if decimals are all 0 could be avoided. In FIX mode if the number is very large it could also be converted to SCI. It would be good to have an option to skip the list of divisors when you press ‘Detail’ on the LCD, it takes very long time for large numbers and I saw it crashing a little after. The 3 digit comma for the decimal part should start at the dot, do not show in Details 0.8,234,567,567…
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1 week ago, A. Arreguin
Nearly everything in this app is customizable. It has equation cards for math(trig, geometry, etc), physics and chemistry. I was planning on buying a Casio cg50 but this takes the cake for $6. I’m self teaching myself physics, calculus and this app and am looking to start school next spring. I’ve never reviewed an app but I can say just without a doubt it has continued to impress me. I’m still new to calculators so if I find anything amiss later on I’ll be sure to edit my review 📝
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7 months ago, Rez469
kar star
Thanks for developing the iphone NCalc Fx app, I bought it and it is among the best apps that I use. However, I have a slight issue with this. Whenever I want to copy the results from previous calculations (not the last result where you only click on Ans bottom) I have to either type the answer manually, or hold it for some time and then copy it as plain text and paste it. Now I wanted to know whether is it possible for you to develop it where only clicking that result or maybe double clicking that, put that result in the current line.
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3 years ago, Genuis_Insanity
This calculator could be used for almost everthing involving math
This calculator has everything that you could need just to make a simple calculation. The fact that it has unit conversion makes it all the better. Never thought a simple calculator could seriously get this advanced to where you use it for every calculation in your day to day life.
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3 years ago, hevdifvey
It took me about thirty minutes to figure out most of the buttons, and let me just say, it made my Algebra 2 homework go WAY faster.( don’t worry, I had my teachers permission). This app is way smarter then the calculator app that automatically comes on your iPhone. You can actually solve problems. I’ve only had it half a day and already love it.
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2 years ago, Mlhicks
Great Calculator
This is a great calculator app. Definitely worth the $4. The fact that natural display can be used is a winner for me as I often need to add fractional measurements and this saves me conversions. My only compliant and it’s small if I would like to be able to change the app icon on the Home Screen to something more simple like the apple calculator.
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2 years ago, DrK RaVeN
Best on the market!!!
I can’t tell you how much money I have spent on other apps I thought would do the job only to find out I was wrong. This calculator does everything I need it to and so much more. I use it for everything from checkbook to Calculus. The GUI is amazing and the calculator is mind blowing. Well done Dev, thank you for such an amazing calculator!!!
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4 years ago, giles#2
Has it all...
At first this calculator is capable of so much that it is rather daunting. You end up hunting for, say, the % key, jumping from one keyboard to another. But there are loads of help pages and after a while you will find your way around, and decide that it is the only calculator you will ever need. And indeed, it is. I love it.
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3 years ago, Chem_Prof
Can't Input Decimal Point from Numeric Keypad
My main complaint is with this app you can't inpupt a decimal point using the numeric keypad (on the right side) on my Mac's keyboard. At times, I can't use my keyboard at all to input numbers or certain functions ( - * / enter). When this happens, I quit the app and start over and then I have access to the numbers and certain functions on my keyboard.
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2 years ago, MaizeTierno
Linear algebra not working?
I tried solving for the eigenvectors of the simple 2x2 identity matrix {{1,0},{0,1}}. It gives an erroneous result of {1;0} and {0;0}. The second vector should be {0;1}. Otherwise, the app is beautifully designed, simple to use with lots of functionality. I wonder if you can layout the directional arrows more intuitive, just like the actual calculators and your other graphing calculator app.
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4 years ago, nightflyre9
Excellent calculator at a great price...
This calculator has a host of fantastic features and options (too many to list), great themes, and an amazingly thorough help file. It has replaced Mathway for me...and at a fraction of the price. I've tried them all, and this is the absolute best all-around calc I've found. This one's a no-brainer, people.
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1 month ago, Dr. Phill
Don’t worry! Nothing is wrong. I am not being forced to write this!
This app is great! I am not totally not being continuously requested to rate the app 5 stars after paying $5.99. The small development team certainly isn’t extorting 5 star reviews through annoyances
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3 years ago, Addison M..
This is honestly the best calculator app I have. I purchased the premium (for life and only $3) and I love it! Even if you don’t have premium it gives you everything you need. I used it throughout middle school, and I am still using it. Definitely recommend!
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1 year ago, Yousif Almamalachy
Great App!
This is an amazing calculator that covers numerous scientific aspects. Although it's comprehensive coverage, It's surprisingly easy and simple to us! I've been using this app for a long time, and I believe you should give it a try, since it has a free version without a trial time span.
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3 years ago, CGE1400
Great calculator, faithful to the original with extras
It operates as one would expect. If you move between the real one and the app, one hardly notices the difference unless using the extensions in the app. Outstanding calculator. It has replaced my other calc apps in everyday use.
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3 years ago, gtgtfgyhuuh
I have probably 10 calculators on my phone, though 9 of them get any use since this app. Well thought out, nice and familiar UI, extremely customizable. Wish it allowed for user defined schemes, but that is just a nice to have. Well done team!
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3 years ago, anonymous_11-11
Well designed
I went through all the top scientific calculators. Most are missing the most basic keys, such as 1/x or EE, but cluttered up with useless functions. Well designed, intuitive for the most part. Help is clear where needed.
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3 years ago, Timberwerkz
Favorite Calculator app
By far my favorite calculator app. As a machinist I use it daily. It’s easier to use than the one on my phone and has all the conversion info I will ever need. Everything is intuitive enough for me that there wasn’t much of a learning curve Chris
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2 years ago, docgarner
Legitimately amazing
I’ve been using an HP 48 emulator on my phone so long I didn’t think I could ever switch to another calculator, but this is so easy to use, so beautiful, so well typeset, and so clear it’s become the only calculator I want to use
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9 months ago, Brody Parks
Great App!!
Love this app. You can type in your equation withour using their buttons. Just use your keyboard. The only thing is that every time i graph an equation the app asks me to rate it. Even though I've rated it probably 3 times already.
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2 years ago, Changewemust
Great for engineers and engineering students
This is a great scientific calculator to have handy on your phone. I teach engineering courses and use the calculator fairly often. Love the app and the fact that I don’t need to reach for my Casio calculator every time I need to do some fancier math.
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4 months ago, cc1179
Great for Engineers and CS
This Calc literallly has everything! It works great for all my EE stuff. (It even has CAS) The only small thing I would ask to add is the abillity to change the app icon on the Mac version like you can on the Ipad version. Outstanding app!
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2 years ago, manuelhe46
best calculator ever
I cant give this one enough praise. It is simply handy. It works well as my default calculator, does all the proper scientific functions well and the display is beautiful. It works perfectly on the iphone as well as the mac desktop.
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3 years ago, Sylvikhan
Scientific calculators are a must for me
I was so disappointed by looking around for a calculator (this is my first iPhone). Some of the best ones want subscription fees and others have very unintuitive interfaces. Finding this calculator made my day. Amazing.
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3 years ago, ThelmaEd
NCalc is great
This is the best of five iPhone scientific calculators I have tried. I especially like the way it displays the input and answers. Nothing cute or fancy, but easy to read. I think it is easy to get to and use the functions.
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1 year ago, UpsideDownW
Amazing amount of capabilities
This app can do more, and is more immediately useful, than MatLab or any number of other solutions. The reason is its FRAC mode. Give it a try and you will quickly see what I mean
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8 months ago, pzeos
Great app
Great app, worth the $. Would be great if a simplied layout theme was an option for landscape mode where the left side of the app all of the output to scroll through and the right side was the same as portrait mode with the shift button down to the equals button.
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2 years ago, storm case
Awesome calculator with most math stuff
This calculator is vary useful and it helps me calculate physics but I really want to save math formulas and have more physics formulas or have it were you can post formulas that aren’t on the math formulas section. And otherwise it was vary helpful
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1 year ago, HateOSUpgrades
Really like the Ans and = as one can use an answer in a new operation. Also to go back and correct a wrong entry. The lettered variables are also useful at times. Haven't used the rest yet, but wil.
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2 months ago, Quintonson
Great App!
Highly recommended for students, business people alike. Friendly user-interface, great layout similar to those of physical scientific calculators. Highly responsive and powerful!
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3 years ago, ihdbihsbihsbihbs
This is amazing
First off before I even download this magical app I scrolled down to ratings and reviews and I saw alot of 5 stars and I was on my homework at the time and I kinda needed some help so I got this app and it did help me
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3 years ago, 1freqflyr
Works better than others
I did a few calcs using different apps and this one came up easier and correct
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2 years ago, Regina Beltran
A hundred percent worth the pay
Definitely the best calculator in App Store. It has all of the formulas you might need and it’s super useful, it has all of the systems you might need like making graphs, equations, integrals, etc.
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3 years ago, Plixxit
It just works
Been only using the free version, it has more functionality than any other free calculator I’ve found. Really a must have if you are in middle- high school math
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2 years ago, Brian Blades
Ease of use
I tried several of the calculator apps and found this one to be the most intuitive when it came to use. Thanks guys, nice job!
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2 years ago, torconalas
This is by far the best calculator for the iPad. Purchasing the paid version is well worth it. It has an infinite amount of features, I just love it so much! All I need is this calculator to get me through my entire Bachelors Math degree!
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3 years ago, KPPhoenix
great calculator
This calculator allows you, by pressing the right buttons, to find the decimal representation of your answer— but its default form is to provide the answer in simplest precise form, something that even Mr. Data from STAR TREK struggles with.
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2 years ago, Dark Sticker
Best Free Scientific Calculator App in Appstore
I’ve tried multiple popular free Scientific Calculator Apps. Most of them lacked many important features. This app has almost every much usable feature available for free.
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2 years ago, placestogo
Great Calc for any purpose
I downloaded this first just for degrees/minutes/seconds math. But this is so feature rich and versatile that this is now my default calculator for everything.
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