NCSA Athletic Recruiting

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NCSA Athletic Recruiting
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2 years ago
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User Reviews for NCSA Athletic Recruiting

2.86 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
3 years ago, Insta Frustrated
Search and My Colleges screens same as Messaging
Hello… I have noticed quite often that the Search and My Colleges screens are the same exact screen as Messaging. I believe there is a glitch in the app. I have powered my phone off, powered it back on after several minutes, deleted the app, added it back and it still does it after it has been in use for a few minutes. The screens return to normal after an overnight process, but once it has been in use for several minutes, it happens again. Please help!
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5 years ago, Dustin Cognetti
The service NCSA offers is a complete waste of money! Being a college football players the most significant thing we need is exposure. Currently, my profile has had 42 NAIA, D3 D2 views in the last four years. Other sites (that come way cheaper) such as myrecruitboard (one I saw on Twitter for the low price of $75 for about 6 months of service) have been way more beneficial to me and has allowed over 270 division one coaches to view my profile, some requested I fill questionnaires while others got my contact info. Your other option (if not recruited the way you want out of high school) would be the junior college route. Find yourself an elite junior college and be successful there, school is cheaper, and if you perform well, you will get that offer you want. Juco is the route I took, the connections my coaches have allowed me to gain a division one offer in the big sky conference. The other offer I received through the free site of Twitter. SAVE YOUR MONEY! Every college coach would advise against these kinds of service. The only option you have camps, they are costly but if you have the money spend away!!!
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2 years ago, xhhdhrvfjx
Good but could use a little work
I’ve had this app for about 1 month now and have noticed that the staff that reaches out and everyone else that asks if I need help setting up my profile is nice but I feel like you shouldn’t have to complete 100% your profile to start being suggested and seen. Also another small thing is when you are going to tell them about yourself and you have to fill out bench press. The lowest weight u can go is only 185. I personally bench 150 for 2 reps which for my 202 body weight Im happy with. I feel like you should at least have it down to 135 though. Other than that, the app is amazing and great so far
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2 years ago, blaksatan
Being recruited it not as hard as you would think. It is no where close to easy and it is stressful, so this app is a good starting point. From my mistake I will tell you that it is not worth the money. Use it to organize your colleges and maybe get a coach to check it out or get camp invites, but thats not how you get recruited. All you have to do is have some good highlights, some colleges in mind and message some coaches on twitter. Twitter is where I got a coach to actually respond, get his cell, and get recruited. I am gonna play D3 football next year so if you are trying to go D1, i am not the guy to talk to. Be yourself, and send your film to as many coaches as you can, there is a college for you.
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4 years ago, amarst
Excellent service
I am currently using this website to help me be recruited by colleges. The staff is very friendly and helpful. It’s free to create a profile and a one on one conciliation is provided. I do have to say the website is better than the app but the app allows for easy checking and changing of your profile. This website allows for you to email coach’s, see what coaches viewed your profile, and many other benefits you wouldn’t have otherwise.
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4 years ago, Fuutfghhh
My experience with NCSA
While this app can be helpful to athletes that are trying to play a sport at any level, it is extremely over priced for what you get out of it. All the information I have obtained through recruiting was more so thanks to their Instagram page rather than spending thousands just to be able to post a few videos and have a “recruiter” give you a call when he feels like it. Plus, if you’re good at sports, college coaches will help you through the process and make your life a lot easier. All in all, save your money and time and just email or text coaches through social media to get your name out their. P.s, this is coming from a Florida State commit :)
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12 months ago, JHample
Undecided at the moment
Currently my daughter is not recruitable so her profile is not complete. However I cannot log into the app because I used my Google account to create the profile on a web server. The app does not allow the user to choose Google as a method of logging in. Likewise, I called the phone number to request help changing my password so I can use the app because the change password link also didn’t work due to having set up the account using Google. I have not received a call back yet.
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6 years ago, Waxwarrior
message center issues
great app, but it has two big issues 1) when coaches send emails with pictures, it will show the left half of the email (words and pictures) and you have to view it on a laptop to see the whole thing. very annoying. 2) less annoying, but still an issue: often when I read a message it will not mark it as read so it says I have like 40 unread messages when in reality most of those are from weeks ago. It doesn’t do this every time though.
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2 years ago, asianmessi26
If you are looking to get recruited for college, NCSA is not your answer. First of all, NCSA is extremely overpriced, with little to no benefits of purchasing it. My personal recruiting coach is of zero help to me. Every time that I meet with him, he says the same unhelpful things. Furthermore, NCSA does nothing to promote you to colleges. They send your profile to colleges, but colleges do not bother to look at it anyways. If you are on a call with a NCSA salesperson DO NOT fall for their lies. They will say that if you buy NCSA, you will guaranteed go division 1. The salesperson says this to every single person that they get on a call with. Lastly, you are better off emailing coaches on gmail rather than NCSA. This company is a SCAM!
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6 months ago, hiiiîîîiiiiiiii
Absolute scam
I bought the second best membership and am yet to get any response. I recommend getting an advisor and not using these money grab websites that pry off of children and parents who are new to recruiting. They won’t give me my money back and I regret not doing enough Info before the call with the so called recruiter. They peer pressure you into buying the most expensive option and the recruiter even made a deal that if I pay the whole thing for the elite membership ship I will Be boosted up to the highest level. And yet 2 months later I am yet to get any contact from NCSA about the account. Absolute scam and what their doing should be illegal.
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2 years ago, mykdubb
After using the app for some time when navigating through the app it seems like the option to return to home isn’t there leaving me stuck on a screen. It happens in different sections in the app. My fix is to delete the the app then add. Please fix. Only happens when using mobile app, on computer I’m good but that’s last resort.
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2 years ago, Macklemore Throckmorton
Love NCSA, don’t love the app
We have loved the experience and exposure that my daughter has gotten through NCSA. The app itself is not amazing. If you have it open already and get a notification, you have to close it out completely and reopen to view the notification. As of recently, messaging has been an issue as well. For some reason, if you misspell or mistype a word, it won’t allow you to erase, causing you to have to close out and start over. Again, we’ve enjoyed the experience, but are hopeful the app can get an overhaul.
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4 years ago, hffghbgyhfwwww345
It’s not hard to play college football. Send your highlights to coach’s of D3 schools and have good grades and boom. But to go D1 just have your coach’s help you out and if you’re good enough you’ll have a offer. Apps a waste of time and the coach’s are fake. Like they are the official coach’s it’s just the app emailing you acting like them. Don’t waste your time and money. Plus they said if I don’t pay the $75 I’ll be working at McDonald’s the rest of my life. Go bad because I got D1 offers and that doesn’t seem logical. So keep your $75 and spend it on all the gear to make your swag match your game!!
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1 year ago, Quanmay
Scam waste of money
Do not waste your money they talk about all the benefits and what not, but when i called to cancel my membership they advised me to put it on hold for $5 a month, i told them no and just to continue to cancel the membership. They then told me i would still have to pay the remaining balance for the membership. Then they told me they would give me a discount for 60% and that would bring the remaining balance to $900+. What kind of sense does that make to pay for a service my daughter wouldn’t be using.
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3 years ago, Reagan Barbe
Notification issues
Whenever I try to turn on push notifications, the sliders are grayed out, so it basically isn’t allowing me to receive notifications unless I open the app and check all the time. I’ve missed a couple messages already and don’t want this to keep happening. Can this issue be fixed?
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4 years ago, brookers1958
Needs better notifications
Great program! But, the app itself is no where near as good as the online version. The app is slow and it does not show what college followed you or even beige you a little preview of an email a college may have sent you. But the program is amazing! I have definitely made a lot of progress in my recruiting due to the ease of access to everything that NCSA provides for me. The process for recruiting is much faster. Just the app needs more work.
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6 years ago, ledacious
Great app
The best app in the industry by far. It allows quick access to coaches and info of each college right at my finger tips. Small glitches with notifications but doesn’t ruin the app and it’s purpose. The best advantage to NCSA is it allows your son or daughter the opportunity to speak and correspond with D2 and below coaches from all over the US.
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4 years ago, DebbieDiveney
Frustrating app
Won’t keep push notification settings on. Once you get one, it shuts them off! So turn them on again and it will turn them off once you get another. Also you can’t access the resource library under NCSA University. It should be to the right of the video library (like it is on the website) but it doesn’t exist on the app at all. Help is a blank screen that won’t let you type into it. So no help there!
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6 years ago, Soccer_Fan_12
Update still has bugs...
I use the app for convenience but the prior app had the badge icon that never went away which the update was to fix that bug, now it doesn’t show the badge icon at all. I have to log-in & go to my dashboard to view any new activity which isn’t a huge deal but just be aware, app is still buggy.
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11 months ago, Tyree Sterling
Game changer!
Using the checklists that they provide, NCSA is the perfect tool to search for, research, and communicate with college coaches. The app would set itself above everyone is they allowed the ability to use your email templates from your app instead of having to log onto a computer to do it.
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7 months ago, Bethuhnee
Slow and glitchy
This app is not easy to use. It’s really slow and very glitchy. I constantly have to completely close the app to get it to work. Also, I don’t like that they want to call and talk to you just to use their platform. None of the others require this. You don’t get full/good access until you have a phone call with them.
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5 years ago, Sonic the hedgehog1239
Helped my dreams come true
NCSA allowed multiple D1 schools to contact me and talk with me and I recently received an offer from my dream school and I couldn’t be more thankful for the staff at NCSA for allowing this to come true. Hope all other dedicated athletes find the same future that I did
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1 year ago, Big🤞
Very promising so far!!!
Ive gotten emails from a couple d II and DIII school that i wouldn’t have ever gotten if i didn’t have this app so grateful!! only thing is that i’m too young for my ACT or my SAT so i technically can’t type anything and it’s ruining my completion
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3 years ago, Aha_Gazelle
Login Issues
I literally have my passwords and usernames saved for both my basketball and track profiles. But when I go to log in to them they don’t work. All of a sudden it can’t find my usernames and my passwords are wrong. I’ve tried calling the app and the representative who help me set everything up and both of the numbers all of a sudden aren’t in service. I’m glad I didn’t pay any money for this nonsense.
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7 years ago, JSet20
Fluid for most part but buggy
New update is nice but feedback option is buggy and so is favorites page. Feedback you can proceed after picking part of page you want to make note of. Favorites page is hard to scroll through without screen blinking and causing you to move around school list.
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2 years ago, Dgplfncplf
Adding more than one sport to profile
There seems to be no way to add more than one sport to my profile. For users who participate in multiple sports, it would be great to be able to show this in the app.
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4 years ago, ThisIsFlamingDragon
Notifications!! I don’t get them
I used to see activity/ notifications on my lock/home screen on my iPhone and then I don’t, I have to open app to see my activity, I have all push notifications on in your settings and still nothing. Please fix!
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5 months ago, md8222
I can’t change my sport
I was making my account when I accidently selected “Women’s Water Polo” instead of “Women’s volleyball”. It doesn’t let me change it and bring me to some weird Okta sign in, and when I try to sign into it, it doesn’t let me. I’ve tried to delete my account so I can change it but it says it’s already been used.
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3 years ago, Angelene Michonski
Don’t waste your time
I used to use this through my freshman year and then this past year I had to uninstall the app due to storage, and I tried to download it back and I had all my accounts information and it just won’t let me back in. I’ve spent hours and even called trying to figure out why it won’t work... I’m officially a senior now and I don’t have time to waste on it.
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5 months ago, Barbeque Water
Don’t spend your money
My parents dropped near a grand on this for me and it’s barely helped me at all, there are three packages and it ranges from around 800$ (cheapest option) to 2000$ (most expensive) DONT BUY ANYTHING DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! It’s basically one of those model scams that says “hey we’re looking for models!! You’re perfect 😍 now give us money to make you more perfect” like no.
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5 years ago, Oregonduckfan35
Please update notifications
For iOS, I have notifications turned on, however the app does not notify my via sound, badge icon, or screen notification. Can this please be updated in the next release? Thank You
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5 years ago, LJ717413
App Locks Me Out
Up until recently, the app was great. A few weeks ago it all of a sudden logged me out and would not accept my email or password to log back in. It seemed like an NCSA rep was able to fix it yesterday and now again today it has logged me out and will not let me back in. Is this a bug? Is there a fix? This is extremely frustrating.
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5 months ago, person37595
do not recommend
first off, this app is extremely overpriced for what you get. secondly, if you want to go d1 this app is not for you. You will get many responses from d3, and d2 schools but being recruited is a very difficult process and this app just tells you the same things over and over. don’t waste your money.
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12 months ago, taylorhoehmann14
taylor h
do not waste your money!!! App is super glitchy and most of the emails for coaches are not updated. You are much better off using your other resources for recruiting.
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3 years ago,
Good app for 1 sport athletes
I am a three sport athlete but on NCSA it makes me pick one sport I wish I could get college coaches from different sports to look at me without making a second account. If anyone knows something I don’t, tell me.
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5 years ago, Jen193642
Best Recruiting App for Volleyball Players!
This app has helped me find which schools are right for me and what level I should play at. Almost all of my college contact has been through this app.
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4 years ago, a female basketball player
Not worth the money
This app allows you to see what coaches are looking at you but it did absolutely nothing to get me a scholarship. I got a scholarship offer completely on my own with out any help from NCSA. Essentially I just wasted a large amount of money on a useless service. I would not recommend this app because they’re not doing anything that you’re not already doing yourself.
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6 years ago, Peyton7😆
Good app
It’s a good recruiting app but PLEASE make Physical Therapy an intended major you can select. That isn’t an option and when I’m lookin for colleges I have to click on the college profile and search their academics the scroll all the way down to see if they have Physical Therapy.
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6 years ago, SammyA224
App won’t launch and won’t even load. I go into the app and it gives me the loading symbol and after I close the app and even after updates it gives me the message that there is an error. Running is not smooth with the app and website is much better
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3 years ago, hahiuyness
Don’t be fooled
You can download their app for free and fill everything out but it won’t mean anything until you spend “AN HOUR” talking to someone as they try to get you to spend money to get your kid promoted. It’s like they’re selling you a timeshare. No thanks..... just another company praying on your kids hopes and dreams while trying to get the parents to give them money.
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3 years ago, Swagggerboy24
Good app, but complicated
I have videos in my gallery but still don’t know how to release them and their not helping me. So if videos could be easier to upload that could be great!
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6 years ago, Hicatfan
The App is not user friendly and is buggy, it currently won’t open...spinning wheel never stops...App needs to be completely revised! Not happy with the service I paid for - in total and up front — we never got inquiries based on what we outlined —- inquiries were junior colleges and D2 & D3, NAIA, etc... After we received their survey, we requested a full refund - never heard from them again!
Show more
9 months ago, Tpo0429
Not helpful
I wouldn’t pay a dime for the service. They don’t do anything you can’t do yourself. And heaven forbid you have more than 1 kid for whom to create a profile, that’s a disaster to try to figure out. And try to get a hold of someone to help…good luck. Emails and voicemails have gone unanswered.
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5 years ago, G sleepy
Can not log an anymore
When I first got the app, it was great, I paid for the premium features, but now I can’t even log in. It tells me incorrect password and I try to reset the password, it just takes me to a page that says, “we are having equipment issues at the moment”
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2 years ago, helloitsharmony
I have made an account and it won’t let me log in I had an account before and it’s saying it’s not available and it’s not working saying something is wrong with the system or something I don’t know
Show more
3 years ago, sean essenburq
Terrible service
The app won’t work, I can’t even reset my password, can’t even make a new account. I just called customer service 2 seconds ago November 22nd 5:30pm. I said I couldn’t get into my account and they hung up. I wouldn’t waste your time contact collage coaches yourself and upload as much as you can
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1 year ago, animals endless
The app seems like and amazing and wonderful place for opportunities. There seems to be no opportunity for college level rugby recruiting
Show more
5 years ago, Elizjer
Lagging alerts
The notifications about emails show up 4-5 hours after the email has been received. The notifications used to be close to real time and need to be fixed.
Show more
4 years ago, DMcCarn🏀
Great app and service but Can you please fix your app to be more user friendly. This app glitches all the time for me
Show more
6 years ago, Koji M
Notification Glitch
I always have a badge icon notification, and I cant get rid of it even after Ive opened the app and looked at my new notifications!
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