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User Reviews for Nearpod

3.11 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
3 years ago, Jhall1979
Website good, mobile website and app inconvenient
I love the program for its engagement and integration. However, one of the best website features is nowhere to be found on the mobile website or app... the student reports?! If I pay for a subscription, then I want the features to be available across all interfaces. I want to be able to call a parent, pull open the app, and give the parent a reporting on their child’s progress and engagement. I don’t want to be constrained to a desktop computer or lug around a laptop to do this useful feature. It’s really annoying. From other reviews I’m not alone in my thoughts. Come on app developers, get on this.
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3 years ago, Danasia M.
Frustrating U.I. & Glitches
I am a student, and am pretty familiar with Nearpod, especially now with virtual learning being very prominent, and even still, there has been no recent significant update. There is a lot of drawing, typing, and video watching incorporated into the lessons my teachers assign me; however, drawing is a hassle, as there seems to be no zoom-in option, making it even more difficult to be precise. The video interface is very outdated and only allows you to do three things: pause, play, and pan through the video (even then, this option is very limited and outdated). The text box freaks out when you try to expand it. And, additionally, there's an issue with text/drawings being erased when moving to another slide without pressing the "Submit" button first. This is very troublesome, as, even when you do press "Submit," this means everything you drew (even accidentally) is now stuck there and can no longer be erased, making the drawing feature a very irritating experience to say the least. Please, please, please, implement some kind of update that will resolve these issues that, not only I, but others are experiencing, as well. These are only a few of the issues I experience DAILY as a student (there's too many to name). C'mon, guys, it's 2021 — time to join the virtual world. 🤦‍♀️
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2 months ago, broedysmom
Amazing program!
Nearpod is an excellent resource to use in any classroom setting. I have just discovered the program and have already experienced success with my special education students. I saw some of the negative reviews and almost didn’t give it a try. Most of the negative reviews were left by students who only experienced learning through the app on their phone or tablet. I recommend students utilize this program through a computer rather than a tablet or a smart phone. The interface is much more user-friendly, and students tend to connect better.
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12 months ago, cestmoichien
The app is very confusing. It looks different from the website and I can’t figure out how to navigate to the recent lesson, so I end up having to go to the website. There should be an indication of progress and where you are as well rather than just dates of when something was opened. The drawing and live update feature is way too limited and doesn’t work most of the time. I end up sharing my screen with my student and vice versa. I also take screen shots and draw on the screen with procreate. I am very tech savvy and should not have to do these workarounds. Dropdown menus should not open in another page with animations that take forever. It feels like the developers are punishing you for trying to look around the app. Make it EASY to switch pages
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1 year ago, vestes10
Are used to love it, but now I can’t afford it
I loved the program for a few years and now I saved for lessons in my library, and there’s no way to delete them and no way I can create space for more and now my kids are going to be deprived of this really fun engaging app because by the teacher, do not want to pay for another application I pay for all the school supplies and everything so I think it’s crazy to make teachers pay for this the school district should or allow us to at least Download a few more than four lessons, or at least delete them to free up space we can leave reviews on the continental house engaged is a common core standards. I mean come on nearpod.
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5 years ago, Jlfuller3
The computer website is great as far as I’m aware. My teacher uses it in class but I don’t always have a computer available so I downloaded this app. It’s pretty neat but it’s a bit inconvenient. We do a lot of interactive stuff so we type a lot on “drawings” but I can’t figure out how to change the settings like color etc for the text. After tapping it at least 20 times, I got the color choices to show but I haven’t been able to open it again. Also when attempting to resize the text box, it goes absolutely wild. Long story short: the user interface needs a LOT of tweaking. I’m using iOS
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1 year ago, So princess
App crashes with recent update
We can’t use the app on iPad tablet because it now crashes after most recent update. Also, you made changes to the markup tools and have defaulted the color to black. If you engaged with all types of educators such as special ed teachers, you would know that they have to use a lot of slides with a black background so the default black marker is a problem. Now, we need to select another color on each slide which is also cumbersome for children with special needs. Before the update, when we selected a color, that color would remain the same for all slides. Your recent update broke things.
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6 months ago, Aeddy3141
Needs bugs fixed
For the most part, I like this app. I’m able to launch nearpod from my iPad and then walk around my class to check on understanding. However, the last few nearpods I have tried to launch have crashed/kicked me out or I’ve been unable to see the teacher side. The whole point of doing Nearpod for me is to get that instant feedback as students are working. If the app crashes or doesn’t show me their answers, is it really any better than a PowerPoint?
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4 years ago, $lip
Not the worst educational iPad app
I don’t understand why the UI for every single one of these educational apps has to be so messy. Sure, it’s nice that there is a free option and that is the option I will be using but I cannot imagine spending money on an app that lacks so many features and doesn’t even let you edit slides from the app. I guess it’s better than some ed apps out there. I’m trying to incorporate this into my virtual classroom but my gosh, why don’t you take some time to make this more functional on modern technology. You can’t even go from slide to slide while editing. You have to save, exit out of your slide, then reload to make a new slide. What a mess.
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4 years ago, m3galuCArio67
My teacher has started using this website for learning during the Covid 19 break, I didn’t have a computer so I downloaded the app. Like, what is this, did a three year old come and mess up this google slides of yours? Each slide goes way too fast for anyone to read it except for the ones you don’t even need to read. When you put up a question you don’t even give any time to read it let alone answer it, and when that’s over, how on earth do you get the “Thank you” to go away? You need to fix this app, it doesn’t work, and it never will. I have tried getting it to work over 10 times, 10 TIMES!!! Fix the app or I’m getting my class to boycott this. Farewell.
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4 years ago, Husker Nono
Great Active Learning Applications
This program is a great way to encourage active learning within your classroom. It is flexible across age groups and disciplines, while giving great resources. Perhaps the greatest aspect of the program, is that it gives students who are reticent the ability participate without risk associated with having to raise their hands and talk in front of their classmates. It’s not going to be the end all app for the classroom (no app will ever be), but it is a great tool for any instructor’s toolbox!
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2 years ago, Hanging with Mrs.Cooper
Great resource, easy to use, students love it!
I have used Nearpod for about 3 years and I love how interactive it is. It’s great for whole group lessons as well as independent center work. We use it for math and reading and occasionally social studies and science. I have done multiple trainings in my building to introduce Nearpod to other teachers so they can experiment it’s greatness! We do have occasional glitches but are fixed quickly.
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5 years ago, KaymTay
I have loved using Nearpod in my classroom for the past year. However, we recently switched to iPads and it has been so difficult. It works much better on the browser. The most recent problem is that it glitches out on draw it slides by adding a million text boxes when you touch the screen. It’s been over a week, and it’s very disheartening to not be able to use it during math or other subjects. I’m using it less and less because I just want my lessons to go smoothly. Please update the app quickly.
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5 years ago, NRenee
Great tool... glitchy app
I’ve been using Nearpod for a year and I am a premium account holder. I love making Nearpod presentations since it keeps kids engaged and allows me to get instant feedback to student understanding. My only complaints are: (1) wish Nearpod would allow embedded videos from EdPuzzl (2) fix glitchy app that makes it difficult to sign in via Google. I have to log in log out and/or “kill” the app severL times to get it to work. That’s inconvenient when you have a room full of people waiting for you to start a presentation.
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3 years ago, DAWGS138
A few bugs :(
I’ve been using nearpod for my hole 2nd grade school semester and there are a few bugs i’ve noticed for those days, a bug i Littarly just discovered, so when i click on a link for my my nearpod assignment and its a “Draw it” one when i tried to annotate a text and i leave the app, (because it takes me to the app) when i come back the marker and pencil are nancy because thats the color it was before, if you could reply or say something i would be fine with anything.
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5 years ago, DTACHEM
Good but not that good
I like Nearpod for the thing that you can do like for example drawing or quiz but as a student, some people use it badly and write things not appropriate. And also the design is so bad and sometimes I don’t even see the goal of it. There are a LOT OF bugs for example the draw page I cannot even draw a line with my stylus or my finger. They say you can take notes, I tried it a billion of times it doesn’t work at all.
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6 years ago, JbAndry
Mr. A
Nearpod has been one of my favorite tools to use in the classroom for the last three years of my teaching career. Nearpod gives me the ability to teach a lesson at my pace or allow the students to work at their own pace, which is a great way to differentiate instruction. My advice for anyone interested in using Nearpod is to just jump in feet first, it took me a few times to get the hang of it but I haven’t looked back since.
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5 years ago, quacks17
Great concept, not versatile
I teach and wanted to use this for my class. Apple products are not common in our school due to cost. Would love to see this made available to Google platforms. I also don’t like that when the text is read by audio, you can’t see the page anymore. They really is not a good concept if you are trying to also encourage reading. I would love for that upgrade to be made as well.
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4 years ago, raerae6345
Clears everything
So I had a couple assignments on this app and I got on and completed one while doing that it took me off and started me over but some of my stuff had still saved. I went on to do the other assignment and I completed many of the slides already abt 3 or 4 more left I take a break and log on the next day (mind you there is no save button or anything) and I go back to find all my work gone all the slides I completed cleared. This app is used for assignments and activities and should have a save button.
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3 years ago, PrincessLeia66
Doesn’t recognize my school!!
Even though my school has a full subscription, no matter how many times I put in my school email, it doesn’t recognize me as having a full subscription. So I have to go in and delete all of my lessons before I can load new ones in. But the problem is I can’t delete from my phone if I’m not in front of my computer. I like to do a lot of things on my phone when I’m not at school and in front of my computer. But near pod doesn’t let you do that.
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3 years ago, Well4000
This really is great, but it needs some updates.
Ok so me and my class have using this for a while now, but it really needs some updates. I’m not saying I don’t like it and it’s low quality, It’s just that it gets boring after a while. I would maybe recommend some new concepts of lessons? Anyways, thank you! 😊
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5 years ago, rsbubbleirl
Good but missing
I have been using the website for my classroom and it has worked great, although I cannot afford the Gold membership and wish more of the premium features were cheaper for teachers. The one thing about the app I dislike though is that you can’t share student work with all participants. You can’t showcase ok work. Which is something you can do on the computer.
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3 years ago, DocWallaby
Getting Logged Out Every Time
The latest version of the app (released in March) logs me out of my account whenever I try to return to my library. This is highly inconvenient, especially when trying to quickly switch to a different NearPod between classes. Overall, I like NearPod and would normally rate it much higher due to the utility it provides for managing virtual and hybrid instruction, but ... I’m in “death by a million paper cuts” mode, and NearPod’s issues make for a million and one.
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4 years ago, Popunk1126
Not super secure....
As I was teaching a LIVE LESSON the other day, I continued to have random people I didn’t know join. Thankfully, I learned I could kick them out. Then... thinking I’d let my online virtual friends do a student-paced lesson for homework, and so they could enjoy the VR lesson on their own-I found AWFUL language on my collaboration board and someone had changed their name to a fake name. Nearpod NEVER got back to me on if I could track it to an email... so customer service was no help! I’ll probably never find out if it was MY students or random joiners. 😢 Now I know to teach ONLY LIVE sessions and to check my class names often. :/ There’s GOT to be a more secure way...
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4 years ago, ipoopalot2146
Everyone who hasn’t used or doesn’t like this app,
So as you see who this is for people who didn’t use this before you should listen along and read, this app is a wonderful app for kids in the corona virus it gets their class to learn more and it’s a wonderful app
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2 years ago, Sixfalls
Waste of money
My school district just purchased a subscription to Nearpod. The app is mediocre at best. It’s clunky and some things just don’t work. As a teacher I can’t see using this. Sure, there’s some content (video lessons), but the rest seems like a lot of work (especially given that my district will probably support this for a year or two and then move on to the next new thing).
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4 years ago, yuyisfrida
I am a little girl but in 4grade
This app is amazing I like to use it I like that the teachers can control this app I really good marital to use for schools and I wondered if kids can can’t role it too but I also I like that it lets u use pictures in the answers it’s a good tool go try it out u will love it I promise!!!!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, wolfsciedu
I love Nearpod as a platform but the app needs updating
Many features glitch on the app and I am constantly having to sign in and out when I make changes to my lessons. I have been using Nearpod for years and love the platform but the app hasn’t been changed up or refreshed in awhile.
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8 months ago, niclaw91
Annotations don’t align
When I use the Nearpod app to annotate with my students, the annotations end up diagonally away from where I was meaning them to. On my iPad it looks like I intended, however on student screens my annotations are usually far away from where I intended them to be.
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4 years ago, *dayami*
Answers deleting
I have used this app for my school for about three years. I have had such a tough time using Nearpod because for some reason out of the blue random; my answers would be deleted after I have submitted the answer along with the assignment to my teachers. I ended up failing assignments because of this. I try telling some of my teachers about the problem but they assume I am lying and didn’t do my assignments.
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3 years ago, ava james20001
Really good
This is a really great way to teach because the students can actually answer the questions and nobody else can see the answers and it also has student paced which is another great feature.:)
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3 years ago, Zach283782
Teachers can’t see my work.
There a tiny problem which when ever I do work there’s a glitch where my teacher cant see my work. I sometimes get in trouble because of this glitch. It’s not the worst education app but it’s glitchy.
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3 years ago, yuxilin
Do not download this. I don’t recommend this if you have to for online class then be aware. I started using this apps a few weeks ago. The teacher said we have to. When I downloaded this the teacher gave us some questions. When I submitted my answers the teacher said I never submitted even though I did. This app also has bad quality and is glitchy. Some people might get the hang of the app but I don’t.
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4 years ago, Galo Thymos irl
It doesn’t save my progress at all. I’ve had to enter my session 6 times because I exit the app for one second and the whole thing starts over. My phone gave me a battery notification and my progress was lost. The website makes me uncomfortable and the app is just as awful. Seriously who’s on your development team???? A dead caterpillar??
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4 years ago, natalie spontak
In theory this is a great app. My children’s school uses it for distance learning because of covid-19. However, on both the app and website, every single time my daughters attempt to answer a question that requires them to draw on the screen it crashes the app or the website. 5 weeks and they haven’t been able to complete a single lesson using the app.
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3 years ago, jjfr93
Difficult to use
When using the draw it feature, it’s hard to manipulate text boxes. Can’t change the size of the font. Won’t allow for the orientation of the nearpod to be vertical. For my students who lack access to a computer at home suiting remote learning, they rely on their phone. The nearpod app created another challenge for these students.
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4 days ago, User-Jen-1991
No editing or creation
I love nearpod but the app itself doesn’t allow for much. I want to be able to edit or make a nearpod from the app just as I can from the website. On top of that the website doesn’t allow mobile use. So if on a phone in a pinch there is no way to edit or make a nearpod.
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3 years ago, CBennyDotCom
Fixes Needed
So I was in a lesson in class and she could not see my highlighting in the “ Draw it!” So I wasn’t able to get my work seen. But other than that I love it and its really good so get the app. Try to ignore the problems.
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2 years ago, DJ HAWTDAWG
The app is slow sometimes
The app loads websites so slow and when I need to do a certain assignment on that website the app takes about 5 to 10 minutes to load.
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4 years ago, Adalberto1091
Easy to use, so many possibilities
I adore nearpod because of all the ways I can use to facilitate lectures, activities, or even homework. Time to climb was a fantastic addition, nearpod is always adding fun new features.
Show more
4 years ago, eve__Lis.
Lol read this
I feel like students are all rating this a 1 star 😂 But guys really it’s a cool app sure learning can be boring for some, but please, not everything goes your way :) no offense to anyone.
Show more
4 years ago, Avonna Cecelia Jenkins
Very good. The review titled Why is false
This app is very good and the teacher controls the slides not the computer itself. The Why review just wants to speak negative about the app because there is nothing wrong with it.
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3 years ago, GilValMix
app works well for presenting
I use the app to present to my students. It is not so great for creating or editing. I love that I can be signed in on my ios device and my laptop simultaneously.
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3 years ago, JohniGirl
Love it
I love the platform and use weekly!! I am able to quickly add activities to help me with assessing my students. Time to Climb is a big hit!! I wish I could add more Flocabulary videos. Love it!!
Show more
4 years ago, yeifndiwjd
Only works on computers I had to do online school but I couldn’t get a laptop from the school so I had to do school on my 3x5 inch screen. So I try to do the “drawing” nearpod part, and it is WAY to tiny and hard to use. Then FINALLY I get my school laptop and it works WAY better. ONLY WORKS FOR COMPUTERS!!!
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4 years ago, PoorfreeApp 10976445
I loved Nearpod at first but it is not very user friendly. It doesn't work on my Ipad for me to present my lessons. Admin doesn't reply to support concerns. Great concept and when it works smoothly I do enjoy it. Lag time between google slidees and nearpod is pretty long. It takes 10 or more seconds to save and sometimes it doesn't save.
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5 months ago, Kyle Krupa
Student involvement
My introvert student have a voice with nearpod. I can keep paper use down and student answer the same questions.
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4 years ago, Jaymepoo
Greatest app in distant teaching
I love this app and it does everything for my distance teaching needs. My students love it! The parents love how easy it is to get it going! I love how easy it is to grade!
Show more
3 years ago, Buzzzzzzzzzzzz4321
I like the open ended questions. It gives my students the opportunity to display creativity.
Show more
6 years ago, Cami🙋
Easy and fun
All my students love it when I use the app in class. It's a great way to keep them doing something productive on their phones. Love it!
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