Nebraska Lottery

2.4 (63)
52.6 MB
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Current version
SKAR Advertising
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Nebraska Lottery

2.4 out of 5
63 Ratings
3 years ago, M.Shaw
Try Again Later
That’s all you get when you scan a ticket this week. Just go and check it in a store, or look up winning numbers and check them all, number by number, date-by-date. Playing the Nebraska Lottery is not easy, but you’re used to that—winter is coming. If you wanted it to be easy, you’d live in California, and go to the beach on Christmas.
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3 years ago, ZipLine101
Can’t use with mobile phone service
When you use your mobile phone, you only get a blank screen. You have to be connected to WiFi in order to see anything. I thought your application did not work and deleted it twice. Finally, gave it another try and just happen to try it on WiFi. But, I wanted to check the tickets using my phone at a different location that did not have public WiFi. My phone has unlimited data, so I see no reason why I could not just use my mobile phone data service.
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3 years ago, Cfbhdtyj
Ticket checker not working
Couldn’t find a help button to report issue so placing this here. I haven’t used the ticket checker in the app for a while so not sure when this started. When it reads the barcode, it finds the ticket but then errors out with a please try again message after 15 seconds. Otherwise I have no issues with this app. Please resolve this so I can check my tickets.
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7 days ago, John, Mike no Frank hmm Susie
Latest update scans scratch tickets. However…
I decided to test this apps ability to scan qr codes on scratch tickets. Scractched of all nine qr codes and scanned before playing the game. All showed they werent winners. After playing the games i found that three of those 9 were winners. Then all three scanned properly and showed as winners. I tested all nine three times. Dont trust the scanner, verify your tickets. Dont expect the qr reader to work properly.
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3 years ago, bdbfbxjrhdkmxfk
Scanning scratch tickets
I have been using this app for a minute now and it’s been great at scanning scratch tickets. And now for the last 3 days all it says when I scan them is “Please try again later”. I’m very disappointed
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4 years ago, gspotscott
I think it’s great!
Just downloaded right now & scanned 10 or so QR scratch ticket codes. Didn’t win a dime but the app saved me a walk to the store, possible exposure to Coronavirus, and feeling like an idiot while I hold up the line to scan 10 loosing tickets. I LOVE NEBRASKA LOTTERY!!! Now can I have some of my money back please?
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11 years ago, Augustus G.
Almost complete...
Would be very cool to add "scan ticket" functionality so folks can check previous tickets without hunting for old winning numbers! Please add that!
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5 years ago, jeannie c w
Not up to date .. DAILY 😞
Somethings wrong , please can you fix it Also with my winning numbers , this time ,,, thanks
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4 years ago, zZed_Leppelin
I love it!!
Every since the new update where you can scan tickets, it has been amazing!!! Great app
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2 years ago, spanks185
Lottery app
Downloaded this app and yes it works fine with standard phone data plan and with wi-Fi.
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5 years ago, retirement???
Loved the app until it stopped updating
My app has not been updating on my I phone. It seems to have quit on April 17. I have reloaded the app but no change
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1 year ago, WWaldo2
Not displaying correctly.
Winning numbers don’t display correctly and sometimes hard to read on IPhone.
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5 years ago, Keith DuPont
No lottery updates
Your lottery numbers have not been updating like they normally do they’re stuck on April 17 they have not moved since then, please can you get this fixed I don’t know what’s going on with you guys
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5 years ago, Spenc77
Could you some improvements
A lot of other lottery apps have a scanner and make it a lot easier to check your tickets. App needs to be more user-friendly
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5 years ago, SeansMysticDragon
I have updated the app. Deleted and reinstalled the app and the winning numbers have not updated can you fix this issue?
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5 years ago, ExpendableLabor
Pretty good
It’s a good app if you play daily. However, it seems it has stopped updating.
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1 year ago, 02272019
Doesn’t work keeps saying invalid numbers
Tried to scan eight tickets. All of them came back invalid numbers need to fix this. It is worthless.
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4 years ago, araczynski
I guess the developer lacks the skill to include functionality for a user to enter their numbers and have the app notify if anything hits. That or was too greedy to include the basic functionality.
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5 years ago, Jolinda64
Unable to find previous draw date
How do I check tickets bought prior to game? What about the ability to scan the ticket barcode to check for a winner?
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5 years ago, my lottery
Not Updating
Until recently this has been a very handy app, but now it hasn’t updated for the last couple of weeks.
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4 years ago, american butterfly
Winning numbers don’t show. I downloaded this app to be able to check the numbers. Please fix
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4 years ago, Bernise1976
Don’t like
I wish the App would start as the website homepage like it use to.
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3 years ago, thiatt1
Wont let me scan my tickets
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5 years ago, quellback
Get it fixed
Can’t you people get this app up to date it’s been down since April 16
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5 years ago, +KJC
Not updating
Fix your app!!!
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11 years ago, OmahaT
Past numbers and number check
This app only shows the most recent drawing numbers. It would be nice to be able to look back a few drawing to check the numbers. Also, a function to save my numbers and have the app check to see if I won anything.
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11 years ago, Imuser364
Scan a ticket
An obvious addition would have been ability to scan a ticket.
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2 years ago, RipT
Worked great until recently
I’ve used this app as a ticket scanner for the past year or so, and recently it gives me an invalid code after trying to scan for barely a second. Very glitchy. I did delete the app and reinstall and it’s still the same. The only way I can get it to behave is to start it off of a ticket and then slowly move onto the ticket barcode and it often still gives me the invalid code.
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10 years ago, nmdotcom
Great app!
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10 months ago, knic77
Won’t scan tickets
Says ‘invalid code’ every time.
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1 year ago, Qrstuvwxuz
Doesn’t work
Do waste your time. When scanning bar code I get a new barcode every time and it say invalid code. App deleted
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2 years ago, KELW65
Does not work
Every scan comes up with invalid code.
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3 years ago, sbkgolf4
Ticket scanner
We can’t scan bar code to see if ticket is a winner anymore!
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4 years ago, Huskers1259
Ticket scanner does not work
Tried it several times with several different tickets. Kept coming back with invalid code. And don’t say it was operator error. I’m not an idiot.
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5 years ago, jshskh
No winning number updates.
Does not update new numbers. Last numbers were updated 4/13 - 4/16.
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9 years ago, Dean-o-mite
Terrible app. Cannot even scan the QR code on the ticket!
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11 years ago, VEw3yPhnKE
Lots of logos not optimized for retina displays. A few tabs when I click on them just give me lines of code and no real information. Also the retail locations do not display in the correct location on the map. No way to leave feedback within the app.
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