Neighbors by Ring

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User Reviews for Neighbors by Ring

4.78 out of 5
288.6K Ratings
8 months ago, Doug Rogers
From the first time I installed my Ring camera it was so-so. That was a couple years ago. However, since time has passed it appears the improvements are paying off. The equipment seems to be working well except for some delayed camera alerts, but moving forward I’m confident it will improve. The dialogue between neighbors as a result of an incident at times can be quite funny along with frustrating. Some neighbors do not learn from others misfortunes because the alerts resulting from theft, stalkers, break-ins and thieves apparently isn’t enough for everyone to simply lock their vehicles, garages, homes etc. It’s a continuous complaint that could easily be avoided if they’d simply take action by learning from the misfortune of others. Trusting souls leads to humorous reading and an overall resolve that the majority of these people are idiots. Not all, but so many neighbors are just ignorant too. But I have found this technology both helpful and informative.
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4 years ago, Tbetting
Couldn’t alert my neighbors the first time I needed to
(Also to add to how much this app failed, I ended up having to write a note/letter to my neighbors about it letting them know.. what a joke) First my dogs started “alert barking”. At the same time I got a Ring alert, which I have set to alert me only if it’s a person not just everything like cars etc. I brought my dogs in and looked out my window and saw a woman walking away from my (elderly) neighbors doorstep and down across their lawn and towards my driveway. I walked outside and she was walking down the sidewalk at this point, wouldn’t look at me or look back despite knowing I was there. She was carrying what looked like either large envelopes or a package. I checked my Ring and it showed her walking from across the street where other elderly neighbors reside, and then onto my other neighbors as I described. I tried to share this with my community THREE times and got denied because apparently “suspicious behavior” isn’t a priority or necessity? This was the first time in a year that something happened that I felt I needed to share and by the time I was able to word it right to this apps satisfaction over 30 minutes or more had past. How is that helping keep the “community safe?” It’s denied within seconds based off of wording.. ridiculous and it’s truly a safety concern. At this point I really don’t trust this app or Ring whatsoever.
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2 years ago, !!!!!LOOK!!!!!!!!!
Neighbors by ring
I Download is the neighbors my ring app on my Motorola stylus 5G back in July 2021 when my motorcycle got stolen The ab worked fine but at that time I did not have any type of ring I just used the app so I can find my motorcycle then in December 2022 I bought the doorbell the outside spotlight camera inside camera and the whole alarm system which was well over $700 went to add the ring to the neighborhood and lo and behold the app no longer work it had me in a Third World country in their ocean I have had multiple agents try to help even supposed to have had management help no one can seem to get the app to work first day tell me it was my phone then they tell me it was my cell phone provider so then I go out and get AT&T and get the brand new iPhone 13 max pro and lo and behold still does not work then they try to tell me it’s my Internet provider which everything else works the ring itself works just not the neighborhood app nobody can seem to find the problem and I’ve seen other reviews that had the same issue I’m having one also when I set my alarm or deactivate it it tells me that it’s six hours ahead of schedule for example if I set my alarm at 12 PM it alerts me and tells me the alarm has been set at 6 PM nobody seems to can change that either Just giving you guys a heads up
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2 years ago, 1_Whistler_1
Censorship in Your Neighborhood
2 posts written were denied. What a load of censorship. Completely unAmerican for starters. I wrote one article on Neighbors app about how bad the air quality is compared to some skewed favorable data that was given by a self-proclaimed company; it was denied. Too bad good people won’t get the truth and will be exercising in polluted air that this company says is good to go. The Wunderground has closer data to the truth… much closer. The second post I wrote was shaming the morons who are setting off explosions all over the city. Well like every year there are a ton of displaced dogs because of them. Neighbors app doesn’t like it. Thanks to them the tradition will probably never go away. The shelters overflow twice a year; year after year, and you can blame this company for lending a hand to keep it that way. All of you people giving good ratings to companies like this are only hurting yourselves and those around you. Quit giving good ratings to companies that simply don’t deserve it, all because you like one thing they do for you. It really is pathetic. The people that run Neighbors are probably colluding with Russia by the way they censor actual citizens that live in your neighborhood. How many posts have you been denied and have you checked?
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12 months ago, H2Banana
Neighbors by Ring app
I appreciate the Neighbors by Ring app, it’s a great tool to get the word out to the community when you need help or want to inform. The only negative point is that the Ring administration is too controlling. If a person wants to share their phone number so that someone can contact them about their lost child or lost dog, then it should be allowed just like it is on the Nextdoor app and Facebook. Especially if they want to post a flyer that they already created. Instead, Ring adds more stress on the user when in crisis mode, waiting for their post to be approved about their lost person or lost pet, all to find out it is rejected by Ring. Every minute counts and that lost time can not be recovered. Ring should allow the user to make the choice to publish their phone number and not over turn the user’s decision. How is that helpful?
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2 years ago, catherinef49!!
Very frustrating!
I like the app for seeing posts for the area but when you try to make a post yourself they make it very difficult! And it should not be, so today there was a very suspicious van that keep driving around my neighborhood and the person was acting very odd. Well I was trying to post it and when you are posting it asks you to choose a option so I chose the ‘I’m not sure’ because it’s not a crime to be driving around no matter if he’s being odd or not and that one got denied because it isn’t crime or safety. So I created another post but under safety and that was was denied because it wasn’t crime. So I created a third one under crime just to try to get it posted because I was very concerned with this person and again that one was denied to I have no idea what reason. But it is absolutely ridiculous that I tried posting something that it very concerning and I can’t get it posted to let parents or people in my neighborhood know to just keep an eye out for. So does a child or something really back need to happen before something can be posted or what? I am very frustrated with the neighbors app, ring and whoever is picking and choosing the posts that are approved or denied.
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1 year ago, Hondo_Vballer
I was happy until…..
Good evening. I have to start out by saying I was very happy w the app, what it provided me and my family up until. Up until I made the mistake of their recent update that let you set up “ additional neighborhoods”. Like most people, I’m not in the same town and my mother, sister, etc and thought this would be a great feature to ensure they are safe in their town. I went through the process of adding in the town/address and noticed immediately I was no longer receiving data within my home address. Noticing this, I deleted my mothers address and have attempted to change the “neighborhood “ 5-6 times before calling in for support. After 20 minutes of pressing buttons to get through ti someone, they clearly work from home or in a “boiler room” type environment. Because I was unable to fully understand what they were saying. I would like to get my original neighborhood app back and continue to use it. However, if this can’t get resolved, I may have to remove the app altogether. Someone please help!
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8 months ago, Mdkocbautwnxkdiytljfvdshubfh
Worthless App, Zero Customer Support
We get multiple alerts to our phones at all hours about loose dogs out, or upcoming concerts even though we have filters set for crime & safety only. Last night after midnight I was woken by an alert to my phone with a neighbor’s post asking a question but the comments had been turned off so no one could even answer the question. Then tonight we someone rang our Ring doorbell but the audio feature did not work so we could not communicate. My husband ended up going around to the front door (we were in the back yard) to have a face to face interaction. The interaction with the individual did not go well & turned into a criminal trespass. The trespasser refused to leave property when asked multiple times & we ended up calling Sheriff’s department. I posted right away on Neighbors to alert the neighborhood (including still shots from the video) but post disappeared & when I called yo find out why, I was told there’s a team that monitors posts & removes them for unknown reasons. What’s the point of this App when I can’t alert neighbors about a crime that just occurred but get alerts for every loose dog & concert? Ridiculous!
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6 years ago, Jimboatwork
Won't show videos & no help
It alerts when someone puts up a video, and my wife can see it on her iPhone, but it just goes on perma-load (black screen with a swirl) until you wear down and give up... which has been the same experience I have had with customer service. Vague advice that anyone knows, but I did it - delete, reload, I even did a factory phone reset recently. Didn't work before it, doesn't work after it. That is what it is, but when customer service is little more than a litany of "We're working on it for you" messages followed by "We haven't heard from you so please let us know if you are still having problems or we will close your case in 2 days" emails, you soon realize they are just wearing you down until YOU give up and go away. It's bad enough the doorbell can't pick up a router through the wall 2 feet away fast enough to answer the bell or see movement, but to have to forward the neighbors messages to email so I can copy the link and open it in Safari... well, what is there in that runaround to give a 2nd star? I'm giving serious thought to going to a mew system before I have to pay yet another year's maintenance fee.
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2 months ago, timclfc777
Every single post denied
This app is honestly the stupidest application when it comes to neighborhood security or letting your neighbors know of truly suspicious and criminal behavior. First time I tried posting about two male javelinas aggressively attacking my dogs and I by my park. Denied. I did nothing but explain the javelina location and how they went out of their way and were being hyper aggressive. My rottie needeed stitches from the event DENIED. I reworded it thinking I had messed up (DENIED) this is a group of male javelinas that attacked the daylights out of my dogs. Until I booted one in the face with a kick they still even ran after us after. Next one attempted entry !? On video . Denied denied. Another one today very suspicious young 7 year old female trying to sell for the second day in a row a $10 single sticker ? Who does that ? Wanted to let me neighbors know. Denied denied denied. It’s a joke people post totally unrelated things and my posts are all denied don’t even bother. Waste of your time horrible app I will changing to arlo it’s so frustrating and dumb. Someone’s lost little turtle and a cat outside at night approved ?! Get real. Deleted and ring go pound sand.
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4 years ago, jon.satx6
It’s a good app. The people on it- not so much.
This app has helped me stay up-to-date with events going on around me that I would otherwise not know about. Not even the news outlets locally report on events this quickly. Crime, lost pets, videos of suspicious people, you name it. It’s informative and overall just really helpful. But my issue is more with the people on this app, and I feel my issues can be better resolved if there was more filtering of the comments being posted. The comment section on most of the posts (at least in my area) are riddled with hate speech and racism. It’s inevitable, I know. But it’s really discouraging to be on this app at all if you’re trying to avoid the negativity that is usually spread on all other social media platforms. If that can be off putting to you, I would suggest customizing notifications for your area and stay off of it unless truly necessary. It’s sad that those people feel the need to provide their input on a well-intended platform.
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6 years ago, Robby Rainey
Safety concern
So I posted a legitimate safety concern and was emailed back to let me know it was deleted. I guess I didn’t have a video that makes for a good selling point for their products. Here’s what I posted or very close to it....the gentle tone/alert noise that your phone makes when the doorbell detects motion...I would like the doorbell to make that same tone in a gentle way to announce that motion has been detected and a video is in progress. Very simple right??? But the idea was deleted. I want others to realize this so maybe it can be added. This feature would tell the thief what was going on and here’s why....when I get a motion detected alert it takes so long for ‘ring’ to come up on my phone that the bad guy is already gone with my package...but guess what I got???? A great video to post on the app...what good is this except for a good selling point for ring. Bottom package has been taken while I was waiting for the app to open where I could see that time all I see is the back of a vehicle more than a block away and riding in to the sunset with my package....but I got a great Video you can use to impress your next customer into buying your products.
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6 years ago, Snipe Castle
Install Ring Spotlight
Really not sure how to rate this app as I have downloaded it, 3 times now , I touch home nothing happens, has me in a 3rd world country, needless to say I have removed it again, this time I plan to leave it off my phone, if I can get it to work on my iPad then I will leave it there, if not it goes away as well, I also don’t understand why there are two apps for this , as one say ads and the other nothing, downloaded the ad free app and both apps downloaded at the same time, I am guessing that this is probably the issue. As of today July 20, 2018, I have been on hold with customer support for over 45 minutes, I can say I got my app up and running finally which is good. I just had one simple question why is one camera showing true colors and the other showing everything in red, I am tired of being on hold and could not find the answer via FAQ, so that lead me to call CS, which seems to be a mistake. I can say I having the Ring System on my Home though it would be nice to have answers to my questions.
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1 week ago, Kelsterss
The best community app ever!!!
What a refreshing relief this app is as an alternative to Nextdoor! I’ve been so fed up with that platform for the last few years (I had been on there for 7 years) and went searching for something with a real commitment to community, public safety, and personal security-and this app has all that. With it’s ease of use to find and filter the content you’re looking for, to the clean & clear graphics, it’s won me over. Don’t get me wrong, Nextdoor is just fine if all you’re looking to do is buy-sell-trade, but if you want REAL community content (you need to alert your neighbors to porch pirates or find that missing dog quickly) then this is the app you should be using. I’m not big on writing lengthy reviews, but I was so impressed and pleased with making this discovery, I had to share the benefits.
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2 years ago, TaylorGrant
Never works
I’ve paid for pro services for a long time but this app never works. Nothing loads at all - even though it has my address it can never pinpoint it when it does work. I get push notifications all the time for locations I can be thousands of miles away from. I can’t see anywhere pretty much in my state or even coast. I get push notifications for lost pets across the country, and then I go to read them anyway and it won’t even load. But the app itself - nothing loads. It’s just been so frustrating. I’ve updated, deleted, reinstalled- everything a dozen times. It’s been like a year. I like the ring app itself, even though I’m also a bit upset with their customer service and their products not working - that app itself is good. This one is a mess. I love the idea of ring, and I know others that love it, I keep investing in it but it’s been nothing but headaches. The 10% it works, I love. The rest is so frustrating. I’m tech savvy and other companies security and apps work just fine for me. I just want to have the good experience everyone else has.
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4 years ago, SGTMCLAIN
Needs a lot of work..
Allocate some of the money you are spending on commercials and build an app that actually works, I’ve typed in my address three times and although the app finds it on a map and hovers above my house and even shows the correct address when it tells me to verify it, (then tells me that for security reasons it will take ten minutes to move me to new neighborhood, and how I can’t change address often due to security reasons) anyway, even tho all that happens, it still displays the wrong address (few numbers off) and won’t change ... how is anyone going to trust all your warnings of security when you can’t move the info I typed to the display banner of my address ? Another area to focus on would be the “choose radius” part of app, I live on an Island, why would I need to monitor an area out in the ocean... yet I can’t move the area choice to monitor an actual area instead of water ... anyway, maybe when more people use the app it will be something I need or have , but until then it’s just taking up space on phone I think ..
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5 years ago, Punk 67
Very Little Use/Experience
From what little contact/use of this part, or any part really, I believe to be a decent device/app from what I’ve experienced. I agree with hiding at least the name of the user but the “location circle/dot” needs to be more specific as to the location of the offense to be of much use. That circle just happened to be centered right over my house but there isn’t any apartment complexes at that intersection nor eyesight. It’s rather perplexing to try and figure out who/what happened. Maybe it’s too far away from the device/camera? Maybe it just really has a bad camera? *idk* That part worries me... a miscommunication could very easily be a real problem for a perfectly innocent person due to the poor camera quality and misinformation. That part is why I gave my location so they knew it wasn’t me! Because of this I only gave 3 stars VS 4-5. I will wait for all of the kinks to be worked out before going with this product/app so I can’t give 5 stars. Eeadseq
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6 years ago, MercurialIN
Just Wasted My Time! Problem Resolved!
I thought that the premise of this app was good. And I wanted to try it but unfortunately it simply does not work. Despite my typing in my correct address the app still couldn’t locate my neighborhood. Even though I’m near a mid sized city. The app actually placed my location in an entirely different state!! With no possible way to change it to the correct location! I tried deleting and reinstalling the app. I viewed the help files. I even went to the Ring support pages on their website to try and find out how to get the app to use my correct address. At least the correct state! All to no avail. I deleted the app and I won’t recommend it to anyone. Perhaps it will work for people who currently own a Ring device, I don’t. But according to the description you don’t need to own a Ring device to use the app. I was interested in buying a Ring device at some point, after this experience, not so much. Updated Monday May 14: I wanted to amend my initial review, after the developer kindly posted a response, I did contact them by email. They responded very quickly to my email and were very helpful. My issue with the app has now been resolved and it shows my correct location. Anyone else having the above issue would do well to contact the developer as I did and they will work with you until the issue is resolved. Thank you.
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2 years ago, annabella17357849
Really like this app
I like knowing what is going on in our community. We all need to come together to make this community safe and beautiful . It’s our responsibility to be involved to help bring about changes in what maybe wrong . Just complaining while sitting back in our homes does absolutely nothing to make changes happen. You can complain all you want but to see improvements we must step up and offer our opinions . Yes , they maybe ignored but the ideas will have been put out for people to think about. This is my home , i have the best neighbors and I feel safe here. We should all feel safe where we live. Where children are brought up. Neighbors looking out for each other . That’s so important and helps to keep crime down. God bless everyone 🙏🙏❤️
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7 months ago, Djabtbspanf
This app is great it’s nice to be able to be notified of things around the neighborhood that residents should be aware of. Or be able to help a neighbor out with different situations. But for some reason they will never let me post anything. Not when there was a man lurking around my house and property then took off into the neighborhood and I tried to warn neighbors to be on the lookout, they said it was “against community guidelines”. But I see post almost everyday of the exact same situations. And last night there was a man somewhere in this neighborhood yelling from like 11:30pm till around 1am. I tried to post to see if anyone else was hearing him and if they could tell what he was yelling about in case he needed help. I couldn’t quite tell what he was saying but nope that was “against the community guidelines “. And again people post stuff like that all the time. So idk it’s very frustrating and they need to get it together. Guidelines should be the same for everyone!!! And they obviously are NOT!
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5 years ago, Brett78
Really good...BUT...
Honestly I love this app. The potential is ground breaking. However, in my neighborhood, owners post videos of salesmen/women and ask “what do they want” or “who are these people” and they clearly have a badge and company logo shirt. There should be a user rating that allows people to give thumbs down or stars for posts and make their next post valuable or not. I love seeing foxes and roaming bears on ring video. Some may not. But the neighbors app, I thought, and in my opinion should be, limited to real thieves and real events caught on the ring. Additionally, some people just post a story on neighbors like “my car was stolen” but they actually left keys in car and asked neighbor with ring that didn’t have any footage to post. Or, there’s a peeping Tom in my neighborhood, and it was a kid with a skateboard that rang doorbell, peeked in window (like you do in any house you are standing on the porch) and suddenly realized at the wrong house and leaves. The value of the videos could/should be weighted and this app would be awesome - deter those silly posts!!!!
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3 months ago, Drarkness123
Lost dog
Our dog was lost for 3-4 days with the help of this app we were able to find him because another ring app user reported him i search everyother website, facebook app, instagram everything i could think off to find some trace of our dog nothing. If it wasn’t for this app we would’ve never found him he somehow traveled almost 23miles on foot and it makes no sense how because he hates large streets and people and from where he was to our home there is 5 major vrossings where he would have never in his right mind crossed. So huge thank you to ring and the creators for this hes home safe now and healthy thankfully still scared but healthy! Will be supporting ring from now on planning to buy the cameras soon for the car and home.
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6 years ago, CocoaPuff94
Unfortunately unable to delete account
Unfortunately unable to delete account. I accidentally typed 1-2 letters wrong on my email, but the app doesn’t allow changes or give any instructions on how or if we can make any changes to our profile. In my case I wasn’t able to make corrections with my email address. Some unknown person, will be receiving fimportant information about my neighborhood. Also, if the info shared would be more relevant to crime related issues, this would be good and very helpful, Mostly everything shared within 3 miles distance of where I live, reported sales people, solicitors or people delivering business flyers, and it looks like some had homeless people trying to find a place to sleep or need soma water.... When within blocks distance from my home, I often hear shootings, or know of burglaries which occurred in the nearby homes 😐 but absolutely nothing of the like, was reported in this app, not even coming from the police department.... Not very satisfied with this app.
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5 years ago, L.A 2.4~
This app
This app is really helpful cause you never know what might and happen and happen next too. With this app you can prepare yourself if anything happens around you in your neighborhood and prepare. Also one example is leaving your car open, When you leave your car open just like my mom sometimes I automatically lock it cause I seen what happens to a car that’s open. The thief starts walking around the car to see if there’s anything valuable and then sees if the car is unlocked if the car is unlocked because of them walking around it to see the valuable things they will just quickly get the thing and leave but, They could strike you again without you looking just like the first time. Thank you to the creators of this app.
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5 months ago, Msbarron172
Biased and Discriminative
I live in a mixed suburb neighborhood in Louisiana, which is a very racist state. However, I did a media post about someone ringing my doorbell, which was a Caucasian white boy who harass us on the regular, and I tried to post it on the website to show what was going on andthe neighborhood app would not allow me to do so. I guess it’s because I’m of mixed nationality I’m black and native and the person who was ringing my doorbell was a young Caucasian, white male however, he did leave evidence of trespassing in my yard, which was 12 grade book shots, and at the end of my driveway, he spray-painted the N-word. but this app wouldn’t allow me to tell my truth and it just so happens that they could have saved a lot of chaos today. but we will never have equality in this world not on platforms not on social media not in this world because our scanner is a little darker. I hate the fact that the US will forever be divided, but it just goes to show you that even on platforms were discriminated against.
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2 years ago, liberally banned
When first installed everything worked great. That being said less than a week later one camera would just black out, another wouldn’t record or show live video and the WiFi to cam interference was bad even though everything else works off the same WiFi in the exact same place perfectly. The worst thing about Blink is there’s a thirty second to two minute stall when someone or something is where the cams are and it only takes seconds to break in or worse. Videos also only show car or person/animal at very beginning or end of the clip where even if it’s you you can’t distinguish who it is because it records the end on video clip with them moving. Literally only see the back side of the person not the entire motion, walking,etc.
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3 years ago, Pr0TecK
Still crashes, freezes, closes randomly on brand new iPad Pro
This is my 3 rd iPad in a row (2- ver 7 + 1- 11” pro) I’ve watched this app have all kinds of issues with every one of them. I’ve had to delete and reinstall the app over and over. Usually fixes the problem for a while but it always comes back. Just the fact that you need to delete and reinstall tells you something isn’t right at the heart of this thing. Today it started crashing over and over when trying to respond to a post. Just typing was too much for it. Somebody needs to rebuild this from the ground up. There is no excuse for this. Months later nothing has changed. I keep up with all iOS updates. This app still needs to be removed and reinstalled over and over. Typing anything into it will start lagging at any time, with no warning the words appear on the screen long after you typed them. Then it's back to normal. Then a single typed character crashes it.
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3 years ago, Hope Hargrave
People on this app
I agree with Jon.. this is why I stopped viewing it at all. It is time people went back to respect. Keep your opinion to yourself or share it with journalist who will hype it to death and you will get you 15 minutes of fame. I have my own values and they do not include lies and hate. What happened to telling the facts and letting everyone decide for themselves what they agree with and what they don’t. Stop whining. If you can do something positive to help someone fine but just to blast a neighbor you don’t like don’t do it on my time. It only takes one or two on a continual rap to ruin this app. You know who you are. You need our prayers to wake you up to what is the right thing to do and say. God be with you.
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1 year ago, Unsung FitBit Hero
Useless now
When I first started using the app 4-5 years ago It was great! I’d get information and updates from my neighbors about what is going on in the community. We could talk about gunshots versus fireworks, lost pets, accidents, bolos and even community cookouts and events. Now it is so heavily regulated and moderated that you cannot post anything if it is not VERY SPECIFICALLY WORDED. Anything that might be construed as offensive such as, asking when they are going to clean up my local creek that was flooded last year with garbage during a torrential rain storm, is blocked from being posted. This may not sound offensive, but it was blocked from being posted with no other specific reasoning. There was no foul language and no aggressive interpretation possible, inherent OR implied. It’s become completely useless because you can’t post or comment on anything at all. I hate what this over-moderation has done to a once-useful feature of my Ring doorbell system. Completely useless.
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5 years ago, Bradleyhe
Police app
This app allows me and my neighbors to monitor suspicious activity in and around the neighborhood in which I have lived for 5 years with my loved ones , people from all over could come here not to work but to steal and they may not have proper paperwork or they may have felonies but there is always a way to make money legitimately through company’s and through asking people if they have choices they need completed but stealing and criminal activity is unacceptable and is to be reported which this app allows the neighborhood citizens And police and military personal to report crime anonymously to protect our property and neighborhood from criminal activity so it’s a great app , if people aren’t breaking the rules then they have nothing to worry about
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4 years ago, MJ from CA
When the app mentions a Wi-Fi problem, know that Wi-Fi is Not necessarily the problem.
There are plenty of things to like about Ring & the app, but the one that cost a large part of 7 HOURS tonight (& all kinds of additional problems) is that I believed the app meant what it sounds like when it said the problem was no internet connection. I didn’t think it mean no internet connection because the product has no power or any other issue entirely unrelated to my internet. I suppose I could have no internet connection if a giraffe knocked my light/camera of the wall too, but it probably wouldn’t occur to me. 🦒 The messages talk about the internet, so that’s what I tried to fix. But then I believed Ring customer support when they said it was an incomplete firmware update instead (it wasn’t that either). Only after contacting multiple people at my cable company & 4 people at Ring support, did we finally figure out that the problem is likely the very first thing we would have checked: electric. Please Ring Developer, please make it more clear that those Internet / WiFi messages only mean that any number of millions of things could have occurred that caused the product to go offline. That the Result is no internet connection. That it’s not necessarily the Cause. Thank you 🙏
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5 years ago, Anneadele_
Filter the users
I’m giving this a poor rating not because of your services. I’m satisfied with your services, however I have one major complaint; the users. I really think you need to add a ‘report’ section to each video users post because people post so much garbage that you can’t even get to the videos where real harm is being done. So many users post sales people, and so on, people who aren’t causing any harm and are putting them all over the internet. I think the option to ‘report’ and take down a video if it’s not a lost pet, crime, and the like needs to be there because a doorbell is there so that we can talk to who is at our door but people should not be allowed to post something unless it’s serious. I really feel this distracts from the purpose of this app and I’ll say the same thing on the ring app to make sure you see this review and implement this. This is serious and can be a big difference to crime and actual emergencies, NOT solicitors or religious people.
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5 years ago, ncnoman
Blocked for no reason, no explanation
Several of my posts have been blocked. Ive spent hours dealing with support and they cant find anything about my posts that violates their guidelines. Apparently the only thing you can post is solicitors and yard critters. No explanation at all. I posted a parking violator who everyone of my neighbors would know is a student from across the street at the high school, and ring neighbors team apparently doesnt follow their own guidelines as the neighbors team best explanation was “we didnt feel it was right.” Oh and amongst my hours talking to support I found out that if anyone contacts them and asks for any posts to be taken down, that they do. So just make sure you realize smart criminals will take advantage of this. This service is simply an advertisement for their doorbell cams. My suspicion, they like posts that are of people acting scared and worried, what they dont want is it turning into a neighborhood watch service - which isnt a guideline, just their own special form of censorship.
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2 years ago, QBNWNDR
This app puts you and your neighbors in danger. If you try to warn your neighbors with a post describing the incident & even including the recording of said incident prepare to have your post/warning denied. They will then provide you with the most woke set of guidelines as to not insult the pc o dung that you are trying to warn your neighbors about. It's unbelievable... I take that back... It is sadly very believable. I just hope none of my neighbors that would have received my post were assaulted/robbed/injured do to the wokedbout jargon that this app has turned into. It's even stated in the memo they included in the denial something along the lines of 'things that we use to be able to post are no longer aloud. My post explained how this dude was caught red handed attempting to steal my neighbors delivery. a very pc description of the a h no color, race, etc. because the recording & still images I attached spoke for themselves. Gascons moderation team of puppeteers had the audacity to deny it..
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4 years ago, John1970john
People behind the app must be liberals…
I had somebody come to my door tonight, 730 on a Saturday evening with a can of frebreze in his hand wanting to do a survey. Within a few minutes my phone rang my elderly neighbor had somebody at her door wanting to come in and demonstrate their product she wanted to know what she should do. I told her to close the door I will be right over and call 911! I got pictures, video and post it up to the app. I get the email that this does not meet the requirements of suspicious activity. If this doesn’t meet your suspicious activity requirements what does? If you’re relying on this app to appropriately monitor incoming alerts by your neighbors I would not trust your life to it! I called the sheriff and based on the information I gave them which was the same as I posted on the app...I had a deputy here within 15 minutes taking a statement and looking at the pictures. Apparently the Elpaso County Sheriff’s Department does believe this is suspicious activity.
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6 years ago, mike996
very good but some users dont understand benefits
Like it very much. First used to report car taking photos of homes in area. neighbor took photo of cars tag number. driver got mad about that. claimed he was taking photos for insurance I was applying for which was totally false. reported to police who said he may have been casing houses for burglary. Several neighbors complained about my posting, saying photos are perfectly legal! Several other postings about finding lost dogs, trying to find owners. All dogs got returned to owners because of posting on neighbors app but several Ring neighbors posted reocurring complaints, saying app is "not for lost dogs!" Need to advise users that ring/neighbors app can be used for more than just crime related issues.
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5 years ago, Unwrittn
No Crime Being Reported!
I love the idea and functionality of this app, but like many other reviews have pointed out, there’s no guidance or monitoring of the posts. When I get alerts from this app, it’s almost always someone looking for their missing pet, or someone posting that a wild coyote/iguana/raccoon/opossum/whatever was spotted in a certain area. We live in Florida and the wildlife is everywhere!! So now the app is filling up with useless sightings posts! And then you have the people who don’t want to talk to solicitors, so they post their pictures ask “What are they selling?” Or “What are they doing here?” There hasn’t been a real post on this app in weeks and yet your Crime Report shows otherwise. Perhaps part of the submission process would remind people what the purpose of the app is and even ask if they are reported a crime or suspicious activity. And allow other users to follow up with a ‘thumbs down’ option instead of only giving us a thumbs up option.
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4 weeks ago, tgbrmax
Very nice
It’s good to know what’s going on close by. It’s a great tool, though it would be better if there were categories that could be controlled by the individual who could just monitor specific things. I would recommend possibly categorizing (lost animals/suspicious activity/crimes in progress) YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. Then the individual could only monitor specific activities. Say I lost an animal or personal property. I would then op that category and monitor if anyone has seen them. After the item has been recovered. Of course, everyone wants to be aware of higher priorities that could potentially place them or someone they know within their circle being monitored
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6 years ago, P_child99
Great for nosy suspicious, racist neighbors
I have the neighborhood app hooked to my ring camera app. And while this critique is not really about the app’s intended function, it’s the apps creators responsibility for how the app gets used. This app is full of innocent people knocking on front doors, kids riding bikes in neighbors yards, and people walking down the street being accused of casing houses, and just being suspicious in general. These people being titled ‘suspicious’ are almost always black. Their pictures are forever captured in your app with negative labels attached to them for nothing! This app breeds fear into a neighborhood because it’s a constant list of everything bad that’s happened in a ridiculously wide default area. It’s full of people showing you everything bad that happened to them and everything bad that could have happened to them. I urge Ring to filter these postings more responsibly and to not let people use it as a hate forum, or really just plain fear forum.
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5 years ago, fuve1
The ring of neighbors
This is a very cool app to have. High tech neighborhood watch. When is doubt about what’s going on in your neighborhood the ring is just a click away. Delivered to your cell phone even if your not at home. This is your guard dog. Always when your at home never answer the door unless your expecting some one. The ring will always have your back. The video that’s recording of suspicious suspect’s is the best weapon to have. Welcomed always to be uploaded so your neighborhood is on the lookout for all of us. I’ve used this app and so has many many other’s. I believe that this app will save lives if it already has. Thank you to the company that invented this, The Ring is making a difference.
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4 years ago, Joshy3054088
App where people report that they “heard” gunshots
In today’s day in age an app to stay up to date with things by posting a video of suspicious activity is great! Don’t get me wrong most of the time it turns out to be nothing but hey better to know then to not know and be robbed right? Well this app has turned into a bunch of people in my neighborhood that thinks every little pin drop noise is a gun shot. At least 3-4 times a week someone posts “possible gunshots.” And I’m right outside my house and the zone that they are reporting in has my house in the little 1 block radius house. I hear nothing EVER and I’m always outside. It’s almost as if something falls over in their garage and people start panicking. It has become an app where it’s nothing but false reports without video and people simply just being paranoid about what they hear outside since the crickets haven’t chirped this year.
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5 years ago, MelanieMellyMel
Grateful for the crime watch tips
I wanna say thank u to all of our neighbors who have left any suspicious comments whether criminal or not, suspicious or not, I can see views of my neighborhood that I’ve had concern about (any) been going thru alot & just wish I had more answers tbh, but not gonna happen doesn’t seem like, so any help that any and/or all the neighbors share is much appreciated. This app offers more than I could’ve imagined possible so thankful for the app itself! ;-) I have children & animals so this app will show them running loose around the neighborhood if or when they do, the cameras @ my place my husband took down & he handles so I don’t really take the time to even watch them... nopoint, ty!
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3 years ago, Cronus Florida
Not like activity and messages
Does the neighbor app allow bought messages to be posted in comments in the neighbors app one of the things that I’ve noticed in my neighbors app as I look scroll through the comments as a use of repeated messages often buy different neighbor identification numbers but mostly the messages are the same and I’ve seen about five or six that are about the same that have been repeated at least five or six time on different incidents that have happened. So my question is this - does neighbors and ring actively engage in permitting their own type of bot like behavior in order to populate messages on the message boards or are outside entities somehow infiltrating the ring and neighbor site and posting bought like messages repeatedly.
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5 years ago, Beenie J
Review on Neighbors App by Ring
This is an absolutely wonderful service. It alerts you to all kinds of suspicious and criminal activity in your immediate area so you can be on the alert. It also helps restore lost pets to their homes, which is a blessing for the distraught owners. So far I am very impressed indeed with the wonderful service this offers and with the clarity of the pictures and videos on the internet. I am planning to get a Ring when I can now that I have seen This very worthwhile service and how well it works. The notifications on this site have made the decision to buy a Ring for me. This is just what is needed in a relatively high-crime area where so many criminal types feel they can just flout the law and hurt other people to benefit themselves.
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5 years ago, Frank_Nitti
Can’t change address
Installed Neighbors app, but everything was blank in my neighborhood, even though I know there are Rings near here. Changed address to my daughters neighborhood; had all kinds of alerts. Changed once more to the neighborhood where I was visiting my granddaughter in Columbus, SC (USC). Saw some alerts, so determined that the app was working ok. Tried to switch back to my neighborhood, but app says I made too many changes and won’t let me. Said try again later. It’s now been over 72 hours, and still can’t change. No response from support. Not sure why you have this “feature”. Seems like it would be a good idea to allow people to view more than one neighborhood and be able to switch locations more easily. I would like to be able to receive alerts from my daughter’s location and my granddaughters location similar to the Weather Channel locations. At the very least, let me look at MY location!
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6 years ago, Fallen_Anjel
Great app but could be better
My town is kind of quiet so I don’t get many alerts but I did expand my area to 9 miles so I get more. There’s a few things I would like to suggest. One is to allow the user to customize the coverage area. Also to allow us to change our location to see videos and alerts in other areas. I noticed I can only make an area 9 sq miles and I can’t move my location. My parents are in other towns and I cannot check Alerts in their town. I often cannot submit comments on videos. Idk if it’s because you block certain keywords (and I’m not posting anything bad or vulgar). Simple comments don’t post when I press “comment”. It’s annoying. I end up trying something different then it works. There’s no rhyme or reason as to what comments are accepted or not. The biggest problem I’m finding right now is I may not be getting credits for people downloading the app using my link. I’ve had $10 for 3 weeks now and this can’t be right. I have no way to know if people are actually downloading the app or not. If you’re going to have an affiliate program, having a way for us to know if someone downloads the link would help. That’s all I can think of right now. ☺️
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6 years ago, aaserviceninja
Is essentially the NextDoor app without all the noise. Its insane what's going on in your neighborhood without you knowing. Didn't realize the extent of it and always thought I lived in a relatively safe neighborhood. I also love that this is an app for everyone regardless of what camera system you own (or if you don't even have one at all). I dont have one currently but will be getting a set up soon so I can contribute to exposing these criminals lurking on our properties. Been sharing the app with family and friends because for every person who downloads the app through your share link, you get $10 in Ring credits! Should be able to get a video doorbell for free soon--thanks Ring!
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5 years ago, Junomoon
Understanding of post policy’s
There are a few neighbors who are discouraging post that are not in their general neighborhood. It would be nice for the app developers to send out an update with those policies stated clearly. Basically I was told to shut up if it wasn’t about my neighborhood. It was actually only eight blocks generally away from me. I’m sure that you know my name and can go back into the comment exchange made this morning between myself and two other neighbors about a suspicious vehicle riding around with no lights at we hours of the early morning. My comment was basically saying I’ve had the same activity with a similar vehicle at around same time Thanks for the great app
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3 years ago, srejeana
It’s a good app, but the people...
The Ring app is an excellent app to let people know in their surrounding neighborhood what’s going on. However, I have a problem with the disrespectful, mean, nasty, and rude comments. I wish that the developers of this app can filter out a lot of the mean comments that rude people post just because some of them have too much time on their hands and wanting to start unnecessary drama. The app is there for a reason to warn people what’s going on and making everyone aware of their surroundings. People shouldn’t have to feel bad or second guess themselves whenever they post something, and folks are being mean towards them. Once the comments are filtered, then this app will be rated 5 stars instead of 4.
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6 years ago, bgirl4life
The best place to find out about neighborhood crimes first
I love this app because I get alerted when there’s criminal activity in my area. I am amazed at some of the stuff people are posting— I had no idea these things were happening right outside my door. I feel so much safer being on this app because I’m now aware of what to be on the lookout for. Plus neighbors are much more friendly on here than other platforms. There’s no politics, no bullying, no BS. Just the factual info my family and I need to remain vigilant. The best part is I’ve been able to get other people in my neighborhood on here because they don’t even have to own ring cameras to use it because it’s open to everyone.
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