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Netflix, Inc.
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3 weeks ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Netflix

3.63 out of 5
391.4K Ratings
1 week ago, ashy ashton
Renewable series and movies
I’ve had Netflix since 2014 and I’ve never had a bad movie or series experience, but I do have a problem with some of the series and movies they take off/on, and how long they take them off for, like when it comes to series that I love like “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals”. I understand they have to take some series off so they can put new ones or the ones they took off before that one back on, but how long some of the series are gone is crazy it has now almost been a whole year since “The Vampire Diaries” has been off of Netflix and I am a binge watcher so I love to rewatch series and movies that I love, but a year is toooo long for me, I like to get my binge watching on and Netflix is lowkey stopping me from that, and DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THE MOVIES, I am a fantasy, romance, drama, comedy girl, so I love movies like twilight and I do now for sure that Netflix takes that movie on and off all the time, but once again the amount of time that it gets taken off for is crazy. Me personally I think Netflix should take series on and off based off what is actually being watched by people, and if they take a series or movie off, and it’s a movie/series that people have been watching a lot they should take it off for a short amount of time (3-5 months)
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2 years ago, Rising17
I have been using Netflix for years now. It is so amazing! There are unlimited shows for all ages and show types…what i mean is different types of shows for different people. Action, comedy, horror, romance, family…it’s all there. Personally, my favorite show is Bunk’d, which would be considered comedy. I highly recommend it!!! So amazing. There are so many options. One thing, though. There are some inappropriate shows that show up on even a kids profile. My mom still makes me use a kids profile because of all the inappropriate shows about nudity, drugs, etc and shows with swearing and stuff. It still shows up even on that profile. Just not as much. But could you please have that stuff ONLY on adult profiles? I don’t like seeing it, and I’d rather have a Watch Together profile, and still not see it much. My little siblings—we’re talking toddlers here—see that stuff on their profiles too. I really would like it if you didn’t have all of that. But Netflix is mostly amazing, which is why I gave it five stars, though it was close to four stars because of the inappropriate show stuff. The search bar is so easy to search stuff up, and downloading is nice too (BUT PLEASE MAKE BUNK’D DOWNLOADABLE!!!!!!!). Netflix is cool yo. 😎
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11 months ago, Felonymelon
Some great suggestions! Please read Netflix
I would love to recommend adding a “Start Over” button prior to watching or even once the movie/tv show starts playing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to swipe the lil’ timer button aalllll the way to the left o start something over & then the app freezes. Just add a Start Over button! But keep the resume button as well. People prob. want both! Would also like to remove the rating thumbs off of the screen while watching. It was fine where it was. I understand it helps y’all know what to keep as well as I’m sure it helps the algorithm to suggest shows I may be interested but I actually want to press it less now that it’s in my way. A section geared toward teens would be awesome! Not just young children. Lastly, I would also love an “Expiring Soon” section & also add a little notification as well when clicking on something to watch. Nothing I hate more than when I go to watch something & find it’s no longer on Netflix even though I added it to my watchlist within weeks or even days….Had I known, I would have watched sooner! Otherwise thanks for always being there for me :’) Been watching since the good ole mailing system days!
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4 months ago, angrycustomer65
Greedy company
I live in 2 different apartments during the week due to working 2 different jobs. I have the most basic plan because it is mostly just me watching. Occasionally my roommate watches something on my account on the shared tv. I am barely affording to live in this society while working 2 jobs and all I want to do sometimes is sit down and watch something while I eat dinner or before bed. Since they made the new 1 household rule, I continuously have to verify devices and re sign in. I have contacted them and they’re like too bad you have to verify your devices every month in order to use them all. They won’t discount my membership for the inconvenience and they won’t fix it. I finally cancelled my membership due to the emotional distress this has caused me on several occasions. I have pretty severe depression and the lack of accommodation for this disability is quite disappointing. I consistently use the same devices to watch Netflix and yet they still have to be reverified every month. I’ve notified them on multiple occasions of the issue and nothing is done. Sad to cancel but I can no longer handle this extra source of stress in my life. It already costs too much money as it is. Using my very limited energy on re-verifying devices constantly is something I no longer wish to participate in. When you fix this issue I will consider signing up again.
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1 year ago, mytw0b1ts
Doubt anyone reads these but
Oh Netflix. I will say navigation is better on mobile than a computer - on computers when you get suggested titles there’s no easy way to rate what you’ve already watched and yet in both places that presents a problem within itself - if I’ve already watched something I wish you would remove it from the rows of shows and movies and the better way to do this would be to have a previously rated section where all these already rated shows can live. With all the content Netflix has the cluster of what you call organization is a huge turn off and I find myself using the platform less because of it. Also, Netflix basically birthed the term binging so I also hate when you try to be like traditional cable and release shows by date - whoever decided this was a good idea - you don’t understand a competitive advantage when you have one as no one really likes having to tune in weekly if they also had the option of just watching all the way thru (time permitting of course). Again you’ve managed to take a competitive advantage and found a way to regress to be like everyone else. Sometimes people try too hard and overlook the easy reasons why they are losing subscribers and a lot of it has to do with when you lose those core things that made you great.
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1 month ago, Amkhoops
House Holds
Change the way your house holds work, I travel for work and am away from home very often and sometimes for long periods. Make it so I can select which accounts I want to be able to use while traveling! My family should’ve be able to watch at home while I’m on the road. I get that you want to stop people from sharing there accounts with everyone. But this is very annoying for us who don’t share our accounts and want to use Netflix on the go. I like Netflix it’s probably my favorite steaming service but this makes me want to cancel my subscription! For example if you pay for an account with four devices, you should be able to select four devices that can be used anywhere. Then with that same account set a home IP address that you can use as many devices as you would like. For example your home computer the tv in the living room and the tv in the basement or the one upstairs in your room. This would allow all family members at home to still be able to watch. While also letting four and only four devices to be used any where. The same would go for if you only payed for 2 devices you could only use 2 devices anywhere! Also keep the vacation mode I think that’s a good feature! I am very disappointed in this update Netflix I hope you actually read this and any other comments/reviews because this makes me hate a platform I love!
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3 years ago, hernameisnotknown
Their morals are obviously skewed considering the majority of the content (let’s not forget that controversial pedo-friendly film Cuties that is still up), I’m going to let my subscription lapse because I haven’t found myself on here in months. The final straw was the fact that you can only change your account settings online, not through the app— get with the times, you’re a huge conglomeration and you can’t even cancel through the app? There are tiny companies that have figured out how to offer that feature in their apps, it’s clear you just want to make it difficult for people so they’ll give up without really trying, an insidious way to make money. Like a leech. They used to have a lot more comedy specials, I’m talking at least 2 dropped a month and then shows like ‘Best of Standup’, etc., but those haven’t gotten updated in awhile, and I can always just watch rips rather than continue to support a company that- unfortunately like most- has questionable standards and chooses to invest in ideas for shows and movies that are just, I mean, over-the-top sexual, violent, etc., in a way that it’s just like, we get it you’re trying to shape the world so it thinks this stuff is ok, but anyone with any morals, will always know it’s not. You’re just trying to convince yourself.
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1 year ago, Aprettyangryman
Finally canceled subscription
After years of marking up the price over and over I have finally had it with Netflix and their price increase over password sharing. I reached out to customer service to see what I could do about using the service in my home I travel to for work, as I am still in the same household as my family but would like to access Netflix. This man’s response to me was “use the mobile app” and when I said I can’t watch on my tv he said “no you have to pay 7.99 for another screen” So I have to pay extra for a service because I travel for work and want my child to be able to watch at home still? This is how you treat customers that have been with you for years? I hear you loud and clear Netflix. Paying for 2 screens is not enough for you, you need more from me. I think you will find this move, and the way you are having your representatives address this with customers (rude and dismissive quite frankly) will be the end of your company. No amount of original content games or reruns will entice people to pay for your app, when there are much better services out there for a lot less money. I actually think I pay in total for 4 other services for what you were going to charge me for your service in both of my locations. I hope you will learn from this mistake, but I don’t think you will. Congrats on being the new blockbuster!
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2 years ago, SharkeyGirl2010
ok i love this app a lot but i have a few minor problems. for starters there should be like a teen-tween section for kids 12-16 because it's hard to find good shows or movies for my age group that's not boring or wrong age group. another minor problem, i find it kinda annoying how netflix only has like 2 out of 5 seasons of certain shows like just put the whole series in there instead of bits and pieces of it. personally it's not THAT bad but it's still kinda annoying. another problem, STOP CANCELLING SHOWS!!!!!! i swear it's so annoying how i'm like halfway through a show and then it gets canceled meanwhile dumb kid shows that BARELY ANYONE WATCHES gets like 15 seasons and like 100 episodes meanwhile the show i'm halfway through gets canceled ON A CLIFFHANGER!!!! i have one good ideas to help improve the whole cancellation system. every other month have some sort of poll to like see what shows people still watch and see what people don't watch so you can cancel things without people being mad at y'all. like i said before, great app, use it daily but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider some of these ideas i feel like if they get added then your app could be AWESOME. please consider my ideas. thanks
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4 years ago, kro817
Currently watching is a nightmare!
I love Netflix and admittedly have things streaming far too often throughout the day. Everything works beautifully and it’s easy to search for what you’re looking for and the list of saved shows is fine too. My big issue, however, is with the currently watching area on the tv app, phone app, and website. Sure there are tons (and I mean TONS) of articles all over the web giving instructions on how to remove shows from the currently watching section that you no longer want to view, but Netflix it’s your job to provide an easier method for doing this. It’s unrealistic to expect people to go into their history and delete a millions episodes of a show just to get to the movies and whatever other shows they need to remove from that section. Just allow a space on the titles to remove them from that area. Especially for shows or movies that you try out and end up not liking. They stay there for months! Also, the app on tv plays the show or movie just when you’re trying to read the info about it and guess what?? That also adds that title to currently watching! Fix this issue please! It’s 2020! We shouldn’t have to google the hundreds of articles teaching people how to get around your archaic ways with this one thing. Do better, Netflix.
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4 months ago, Panda song
Not compatible with ROKU Tv
Dear Netflix, for the past few months I have installed the Netflix app on my ROKU TV to watch Netflix content on my TV. Unfortunately, your program doesn’t run well with ROKU’s service. One the biggest issues I have with your platform, is the app kicks me out randomly and sends me back to my Home Screen. The other problems I am experiencing with the app include slow loading, and lagging with the pause features, rewind and fast forward features. This has made my watching experience unpleasant and I find myself watching shows on Netflix as a last resort when the shows or movies can’t be found anywhere else. I have tried many things in order to solve problem such as, disconnecting and reconnecting my WiFi, and uninstalling and reinstalling the app, none of these Methods have done anything to improve the functionality of the app. Also, this problem isn’t limited to just me, someone else I know happens to own a ROKU TV and is experiencing the exact same problems. I don’t understand selling to a company that is not compatible with your services nor do I have any interest in continuing to give you a monthly fee for inadequate and lagging services. I suggest you fix this before you lose more customers like me. I would recommend others do the same, and support rival companies who can provide adequate service for the same price or less.
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5 years ago, Angrymonkeymermaid
Downgraded instead, Not watching as much
I noticed over the past year that I have been using Netflix less and have been really disappointed with their selection and layout. So I downgraded to the lowest possible billing option and have been great with it for months now. Layout: I wish that when I selected which genre I want to watch that it showed a years list. I like 90's suspense thrillers and kids holiday movies, 50's creature feature horror movies, and 80's action and comedy movies. But it's a bit hard to find with their made up titled sections and makes me waste more time searching than watching. And the search feature doesn't not show me all the movies in these keywords as only a few can fit on the search screen. Also, there movie selection in these categories aren't that much and I end up watching Crackle a lot more. Ended up watching Crackle and Freeform Channel for Halloween instead! I feel Netflix has too much Drama and Gore movies-not my cup of tea. I expected new seasons of "Sabrina the teenage witch," "Mystery Science Theater," and other such shows to be new and available for October but they were not. So knowing when to show new show seasons for holidays is lacking. Who needs the new "Nutcracker" movie in July!? Also, when am I going to see new "Mystery Science Theater" episodes? Love the new show!! Creature feature movies are really lacking on Netflix!! And when is the new "Bright" movie coming out!? This is why I downgraded.
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4 years ago, krinklefries10
honestly, If you haven’t gotten Netflix, what are you waiting for?!? Every single of my favorite series EVER, have been found on Netflix!! The app is significantly easy to use, and my favorite part is their always adding more!! It’s really easy to find things that your interested in because the app takes what you have watched, and recommends similar options. Most Netflix originals are also genuinely very good! I do have two suggestions for somethings that could be implemented in the future. My first idea is that you could be able to follow other people. This way you could find out what your friends, family, or anyone else you know, is watching/interested in. You could find lots of great shows that you didn’t know about or watch before. My second thing is something that has been mentioned in other reviews, and that is an actual, legitimate teen section. And i’m not talking tv-7. I’m talking quality shows, PG13/TV14, stuff like that. I think both of these ideas could help improve Netflix in the future. That’s all I have! Overall, Netflix is a wonderful app, full of great selection, amazing viewing quality, and awesome shows, movies, documentaries, you name it
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2 years ago, A_J_C11
Teens account
Hi Netflix and anyone reading this! I think Netflix should have a teens account. For me personally I’m only allowed to have a kids account and I’m sure many people can relate. To be honest some things on the kids account are good movies. But for people 10 and older that need to have a kids account need a higher selection…sometimes I can watch the grown up account with parent supervision but I would rather just have a my own account. Right now I barley use my kids account and watch the grown up account but some parents don’t feel comfortable. Their kid can hide their phone and could be watching weird inappropriate things. On the grownups account most things are rated R but some things don’t need to be on there like Stranger Things and other shows etc. But on a kids account there are things for babies or little kids like Cocomelon. There is a grown up and a kid but their needs to be an in between. I don’t understand why Tall Girl is on the kids account. If someone who watches coco melon watches Tall Girl they will see boyfriends and girlfriends that 2 year olds shouldn’t see. Anyway, I think their should be a teens account. Thank you for your time.
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3 years ago, Pikachu 639354&4693647
Pretty Gucci
Henlo, I just wanted to write a little review because I love Netflix and have been on it since I was very little. One thing I would like to be added is a teen section. I’m almost a teenager and I love watching anime but all the good anime are in the adult section. The only anime that fits my expectations in the kids section is yu-gi-oh, card captor Sakura, and and K-ON. My parents are kinda strict with gore and nudity but all the anime’s that fit their standards are in the adults section 😭. I think a teen section would be great for everyone because the kids section is wayyyy to kiddish and the adults section has wayyy to much inappropriate content. At least keep the teen section at PG-13 to TV-14 ( depending on the TV-14 content.) Also, I think the rating system for Netflix is kinda broken. Like Naruto and demon slayer are the same rating when demon slayer is LITERALLY ABOUT DEMONS WHO EAT INNOCENT PEOPLE AND THE ONLY WAY TO DEFEAT THEM IS TO DECAPITATE THEM!!!! At least finish the show or skim it good enough to rate it with a rating that fits the show and isn’t off so that innocent people (like me) who want to watch anime with strict parents and won’t either be traumatized from a sexual anime being rated too low and a age appropriate awesome anime being rated too high and not being able to watch it. Thanks and happy pride ;)
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3 years ago, GIGI👱🏼‍♀️👸🏽👩🏽
Dear Netflix, I love Netflix SO much but, I do think it needs some work. First, I think there should be a teen section. The kid section is too immature for teens while some of the things in the adult section are too mature. The PG-13 and PG-14 content should be in its own section. There are also some titles that are rated TV-MA that also don’t feature much inappropriate content that could be in the teens section. I think the teen section can feature cursing, kissing, and violence but no nudity. Second, I think you should be able to lock your profile because kids can enter the adults section very easily and watch something inappropriate. Also if you share your Netflix account with other people they can enter your account and watch shows which will then give you show recommendations that you aren’t interested in or mess up the shows your watching. Third, I think you should be able to delete shows you watched but didn’t like from your Continue Watching because then a long list of TV shows and movies will line up and I think you should be able to do it from ALL devices. Fourth, I think shows shouldn’t be removed as often as they are and more shows should be added to the kids section since, its not updated as frequently as the adults section.
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4 months ago, why all name tockan😡
Great but could be better
First of all I love this app it has many great shows and movies but first can you make it that you have to enter a pin to enter another account because everyone is deleting my shows and watching others and it’s annoying removing them all and can you finish shows like miraculous tales of ladybug and cat noir because there is only a 3 seasons but on Apple TV and Disney there is 5 seasons and why did you remove 4 seasons from my little pony there used to be nine but now there is only 4 and stop removing good shows and movies like minions and can you add the loud house series I mean what is the point of having the loud house movie if your not going to have the series and can you add newer trolls movies like trolls world tour and trolls band together Edited you guys have gone way to far!! You’ve removed my childhood movies now you are removing my favorite Pokémon shows please stop this I’ve seen you guys cancel removing shows the map or the haunted house so you better do it with the Pokémon shows when I heard the news that you are removing my favorite Pokémon shows a actually started crying Pokémon is the reason I feel like going on an adventure and I don’t have access to Apple TV or Pokémon tv so please don’t remove my favorite Pokémon shows 😢
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4 years ago, Kiat389
Guys I know your probably thinking:”I don’t know if I should download this app m maybe I should see the reviews.” Well look at this one, don’t look at anymore because, I’m here to convince you to get it, and tell you about the amazing movies you should watch after you download it. First off it’s not only movies you can watch, you can watch tv shows too, and they are awesome. Now some of them do include homosexuality and I don’t like that so I just skip the parts and of movies that have them, and please don’t judge me for saying that, anyhoo, there are some top notch movies here, like a thousand words, The Kissing Booth, The Kissing Booth 2,( trust me you GOTTA watch those two) and there are cool tv shows like, The Flash, Green Arrow, Legends of tomorrow, (then again these is just dc) Marlon, The Green House academy( if you really like teen tv dramas you will really like The Green House Academy!!) any way, you can also go to the search bar and you will see the things that most people that are interested in, like the movies and tv shows. And don’t worry because yes it has a continue watching section. And the last thing that I wanna say is that YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE 2 KISSING BOOTH MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye
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2 months ago, The virus 899
The downfall of a once great platform
First they upped they’re rates but for what they had to offer it was worth it mainly. Then they make it impossible or rather HIGHLY inconvenient to access your family’s account if y’all aren’t on the same WiFi which means the Netflix subscription I got through our shared phone plan is useless because we don’t all live together. Plus with a majority of the shows and movies worth watching being blocked if you don’t pay extra, why would I waste my money and time going through your system. They’re simply making they’re app more exclusive to people who can pay for their inflated rates that allows them to churn out terrible original dramas no one asked for with a low turnout rate as far as quality entertainment. Most of the things people watch from Netflix are only because they’re so bored watching all the old shows over and over again they just don’t even care about the risk of watching a show with a lack of creative writing bc they’ll just jump ship and try the next one. Until they fix this sign in issue OR widen the access to shows again (which they’ll never with established subscription levels), this platform is dead, and only usable for people entertaining their kids at home while they go watch whatever 5-10 season show on Netflix they like for the 5th time.
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3 years ago, SwaggieboiGaming
Experiencing technical difficulties and issues with Netflix.
I really like Netflix, but for the past month my family and I have been experiencing some technical difficulties with Netflix. The T.V shows and movies will begin to play and then all of a sudden the sound will completely go out. Also the picture will sometimes go out. I started to think there was issues with my television so I had someone come and check my television but no issues detected and not to mention my television it’s a smart television 65in Phillps t.v. That I just purchased last year from bestbuy, But anyway I absolutely would of given Netflix an 4 star or perhaps a 5 star rating if that was an option. As I stated earlier I really like Netflix it’s the small technical issues that’s the only problem but far as New television shows and new movies especially the older movies I haven’t seen since I was a child I love the fact that Netflix offers so many different varieties of movies and television shows, as well the cultural difference I really appreciate and love that. There’s something to watch no matter what gender what religion what sexual organ you are/consider, So basically keep up the great work just please fix the technical issues! Thanks sincerely Ms Alicia Rhodes
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3 years ago, yagirlvicky
I loveee watching Netflix on my phone, but with the new update there’s an issue. At the last minute or 30 seconds of my show, the screen goes black, but I can still hear the audio. Once the episode ends, it stops, but at the end of the next episode, the same thing happens. It’s getting really annoying, so I decided to see if other people were experiencing this bug too. So I read through a couple reviews and everyone has said the same thing that’s happening to me. I have tried ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING to fix it!! Restarting my phone and the app, logging in and logging out, and even clearing the data on my account, nothing helps!! It’s really getting on my nerves. Also, most shows are making my iPhone heat up. I was watching Haikyuu one time and I noticed that my phone was getting really hot, so I decided to unplug it and close out of the only app that was open, Netflix. About 7 minutes after I closed the app, my phone had cooled off significantly. I noticed that it was also draining my battery a lot faster than usual. It might be that my phone is getting old, but I just got it 9 months ago. Another error I noticed was that my screen was getting dimmer too. Again, this might just be me, but seriously, I have never experienced this many issues with Netflix. I’m getting irritated with all the bugs. ONE STAR!!
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4 months ago, sandyGstorm
This makes me mad…
I love Netflix overall. The movies, the tv shows. Everything! I hate that you now have to pay extra to share in between households. Me and my cousins family have been sharing Netflix for long over a year now and today I went on to watch a show and… POP! “You need to update the household for ********@******.com! This is so irritating. Me and my family have been watching a series that is so much fun for family time at night. We won’t be able to finish it anywhere else without individually paying for EVERYYYY single episode. It is out of our budget to get it with adds, let alone without adds. You will lose so many viewers because of this new update. I wish you were still able to share in between families and have no adds! It’s not that unreasonable sharing in between family’s anyway! My grandparents just the two of them might want to use Netflix but it would be super unreasonable to pay for it if they are only going to have one account. We therefore might share with them so that they have access to something that someone in the family is preying for. It’s very irritating! Please change it back to the way it used to be. This is overwhelmingly frustrating.
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1 year ago, aNgRyGamer0_0
Reading the other reviews, you don’t seem to be looking at the the reviews in the first place. So if you are reading this, I’m just going to hand it to you. First of all, STOP CANCELING ALL THE GOOD SHOWS AND MOVIES. When I finished some other shows, I decided to watch Mean girls. But apparently, you had canceled it. So I searched on some other, more RELIABLE apps, and they didn’t have it either. Why are you keeping crappy shows like KID DANGER and BRAIN CHILD on here but not some of the most popular well rated movies and shows?? That doesn’t make any since. I rated you four stars because I haven’t had many problems. But this one time period, I tried many times to change my profile from my phone and it just wouldn’t allow it! What the heck? Since my phone is connected, I tried on the TV and it worked. Again, WHAT THE HECK? I’m frustrated when I say this- but Netflix, you’re not as on track as you used to be. I know there are real people working hard for this company and app, and I’m sorry if I’m just laying more on you. But we don’t always want the “popular” or “most watched” shows and movies. So could you PLEASE stop cancelling shows?? Thanks. Bye.
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3 years ago, HXJ45
More personalized Profiles
Netflix is great and all It has a lot of the shows I love but a few things bother me. Number One and it isn’t that big of a deal but when you pick “who’s watching” and you can change your icon for a person it great idea I like it but it’s not that personalized. Half of the shows it has for pictures on there I’ve never even heard of, don’t like, or not even remotely related to my interests. I think that based on what that person watches. For example I love how to train your dragon I watch it all the time but there’s no icon pictures for that. I think based on that I watch that all the time it should automatically put a section for those icon pictures on mine that would be much better. There’s something else I don’t get. How to train your dragon for another example you only have the second movie and two shows on there. What about the first and third movie and the other shows how to train your dragon is a whole connected thing why not have a he whole thing on there. A few other shows and movies have that too you have on movie but not the others even though there the same movie. Anyway thank you for reading this and please consider my suggestions Thank You!
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2 years ago, yuh🙄😏
Crucial Information
Before I start, I will say that I love your quality it’s so frickin’ good. It pleases and soothes my eyes, along with areas in my brain. Anyway, a various amount of people adore Vampire Diaries and are sad that it’s gone. I’m proud to say that Vampire Diaries has helped heal, shape, and improve the minds of thousands and possible millions of individuals during the journey of the 2010’s, and it’s incredibly tragic, frustrating, and emotional that it has been taken from us. If there’s no way to put the show back on, at least give us closure by admitting that, but I am demanding that you do what is necessary to bring it back. If you’re already in the process of its return, thank you so much. However, if you’re not, get to it. A variety amount of people have watched the show during our recent global pandemic’s quarantine, and the emotional attachment has been enhanced to real, true, and deep. You won’t regret it. After all, I’ve heard that many subscribers have been declining because a lack of interest, but I can assure you that Vampire Diaries will bring back a handful of those viewers, and new users as well.
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2 weeks ago, just telling everybody
Love the app but..
Hey! Any devs reading this may you please fix this, I use this app to watch movies and to entertain my little brother when he doesn’t have his tablet or if it’s dead. But when I try to watch something and one of the previews show up, I can’t pause it and when I try to get in until like a movie or a show or something, it’s really annoying because the audio of that preview is continuing to go through my movie or show, may you please fix this? It’s starting to get annoying. (( Edit: also for my age group I’ve been finding a lot of problems with using Netflix for example, the kids don’t have a lot for my age group and the adult section has way too much stuff that are more mature and it’s really hard to find shows and movies for me to watch because of my age group and I would recommend to add a tween to teen section in this case 12-16 section and I would like to use Netflix, but Netflix just doesn’t have a lot of stuff that support my taste. I only have one show on Netflix that I will watch again. I want to try more things. This will be great update for me and I don’t use it as much because of this and thank you.
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1 year ago, Daniel Borovsky
Awesome app but some problems
First off I want to start off by saying that Netflix is probably one of the best streaming services available. Hella shows and movies. They sort of(elaborate later) keep up to date with shows that recently add new episodes or new movies that come out, though I have some concerns. First off, I think they try too hard to push their “Netflix original series” stuff to viewers to the point where they remove shows and movies that people like to force them into shows like paradise PD. Believe me, it was one of my favorite shows ever, but still, they take off way too many movies that people like to rewatch often like Shrek for example. As I was saying earlier about keeping up to date with new episodes and new movie releases, they tend to be very late with the additions. Even though they do still add them when the show is relevant, it’s usually not for weeks sometimes months before they come to Netflix. Overall great app interface, wide selection to choose from, but I think their only major flaw is pushing their own stuff too far down our throats and blocking our view from other amazing shows.
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1 year ago, slms15
Netflix please listen to your customers like you used to!
I’ve been a Netflix subscriber for a very long time (since before streaming!) One of the reasons I’ve never canceled is that when they would come up with a new (stupid) idea, they would listen to their customers and fix it! I hope that they listen about the awful password sharing restrictions. Screen restrictions already keep you from sharing your password with too many people. I upgraded my account from 2 to 4 screens years ago, just so I could share my account with my sister. Is the money Netflix will make from this new fee going to make up for what they will lose with people canceling? My sister watches Netflix because she can use my account. This rule will not cause her to get her own account and I will either downgrade my account because I won’t need 4 screens anymore or I will cancel Netflix because of all of the other streaming services that I already subscribe to that don’t have these rules. Netflix, please listen to your customers like you used to! If your subscriptions are down, come up with ways to entice new customers to join, not punish your current customers who have been loyal to you for years!
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11 months ago, D.A.W.N.
Most Greedy Company
Netflix over the past many years has been constantly increasing the price for their services. Everytime it felt like I just wanted to enjoy a tv show or a movie I was always getting messages about how Netflix is yet again increasing the price…and now Netflix has done it again with removing free use of family sharing in different locations under the same account. They have also changed their plans yet AGAIN to make the consumer buy a service that genuinely only benefits them. They had a basic plan that most consumers bought because it was the best quality for the price and now they are completely removing that plan to make us seriously pay 20$ a month but they think it’s justified because you get your family sharing back with 4 lines! When we used to be able to do it for FREE! And the only other option is the 7$ plan with ads. Now I’m going to give my opinion on this, I would rather pay more money and not have ads but the fact that Netflix is taking their basic plan with no ads away and leaving a huge affordability and quality gap between the 2 plans is undesirable. I will be most likely canceling Netflix in the future because of the cost, greediness, and the lack of quality in good entertainment and removing the actually good entertainment.
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2 years ago, :1235678927738829292
Good But..
So, Netflix. I was scrolling through what was new in the kids profile, like always but then- I find two Shows. DI4RIES and Dead End: Phenomenal Park… DI4RIES: Contains a bad word and gay, not that it is bad, but in a kids profile?? I’m Really sorry, but it doesn’t sound right. Dead End: Phenomenal Park: Just started and right on the second episode it shows gay yet again. I mean- Again it’s not bad to be gay or anything, but it seems like it should be in some teen or adult profile, not the kids- and it’s in the kids setting, so everything there was for kids. And I don’t at all watch those shows. So I have no idea how it was there, maybe some glitch?? My Total Review: I’m giving it 4 stars, because I don’t want to shame Netflix for adding gay or LGBTQ things. Netflix is good and all, but I wouldn’t recommend adding those things to the kids, as they may start asking questions that they shouldn’t at their age. Also, please don’t remove Naruto or the good/old shows on the kids and adults. I badly love the shows that are being removed, I see bad complaints shaming Netflix for what they are doing, Netflix is amazing. Continue being you Netflix, Inc.!
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4 years ago, elsa 821
Best app in the whole world 🌍.
I love Netflix sooooo much. I love this app it really really is cool and it really helps me to get to watch my shows. But I don’t like when they took off Geronimo Stilton was my favorite thing to watch on Netflix. Please bring it back to Netflix. Anyways if anyone didn’t like Netflix then you should get it together. Because Netflix is amazing 😉 😉I have one suggestion for you guys maybe you could put all the shows on Netflix and make something called Netflix world kind of like Disney world. Also you could make an app called Netflix games for an example a Good Burger make a game were you are Ed and you get to choose your own silly thing to do. And then in the app you create your own Good burger. You choose all the characters. Then you can send them to Netflix and you can watch them. And you do that for all the things on Netflix! I know I’m being annoying but please please answer one of those suggestions. Thanks for making Netflix!!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️😺😺😍😍😍😀😃😃😁😁. Also I love that you guys made Netflix and I hope you Like me Review. Angle love
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4 years ago, Geeshik
Lacks management features
My issues with this app are not about streaming content, but lack of content for managing my account on my device. If there was any place where I should be able to manage my passwords and activity it should be on my device. My info (card, address, etc) is associated to my account. One can argue logging in via laptop/computer could be less secure. Especially if the web browser saves passwords and I am a user who never logs out on a computer that never locks. I at least have Two factor authentication on my phone. If I am already logged in, ask for my password or send an email to my account with a verification number. Just don’t completely strip away my ability to manage my account promptly. At the very least, I should be able to opt out/in on account management on my device via email, if necessary. This needs to be fixed. I receive phishing emails asking me to reset my password regularly. I would like to change it via app immediately, if I feel my password had been compromised. Rating may seem too low when everything else works well. However, security should be paramount to protect your users. There is no point having a service if that service does not have safety of its customers in mind. May as well make a walkway across the freeway.
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12 months ago, youwillloveit!!!!!
AMAZING APP, but needs some more movies/shows!
Netflix is amazing. theres a lot of stuff to watch wether its thrill, or a comedy. however they need to add coraline because my mother should NOT have to pay $4.99 a month for me to watch it. thats ridiculous. and its about 17 dollars for 2 screens? OUTRAGEOUS. it should be 10 dollars or less. i love netflix but it needs more movies and shows. i would love to recommend some to netflix, but usually i dont write reviews on stuff so netflix is lucky im doing this. im 15 years old and i love to watch childhood movies but my mother shouldnt have to put up with having to pay $17 for 2 screens. that should be the amount for 3. its dumb how 1 household, only 1 person can watch it per movie. you really have to pay to watch netflix when someone else is? thats dumb and definitely needs to be looked by this company, but the good side is the movies are thriller and much more entertaining and good quality. but netflix needs to overlook at the prices on the limited screens. but yes. netflix is really good and you need to try it if you already didnt. but i hope you write a review on the screen prices. because thats DUMB.
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3 years ago, Gusyyyy
Netflix Shows And Movies
This app is amazing but the shows and movies that Netflix are adding..are getting less enjoyable. I enjoyed the shows and movies you had back then. Some examples like F.r.i.e.n.d.s, Coraline, Suicide Squad, and Beauty and the Beast. Those are only a few. The newer shows snd movies y’all are adding just don’t catch my attention. Im sure other people agree with me as well. Also, some of the shows that y’all have, don’t have all the seasons. That just bothers me so much because I think it only has that amount of seasons, but it turns out that it doesn’t. So I just watched that show for no reason, and sometimes I really, really, really like the show and can’t seem to find it anywhere else in order to watch it. I really hope y’all consider putting some older shows/movies that were on Netflix back, or consider trying to put more seasons or all the seasons on the shows, and finally, consider putting some other shows on like Law and Order. That’s really the only one. I really like the show, I sometimes watch it on T.V but the ads always ruin it and I would want to watch it in order. Thank you Netflix, if you do consider trying some of the stuff I said. (:
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1 year ago, girl whos scared
Bugs and weird changes
So lately, my Netflix hasn’t been working and a lot of errors and a lot of bugs and well my TV is completely fine my Internet completely fine and I’ve tried everything rebooting my phone. Turning off the Wi-Fi like I’ve done everything and it won’t work and I noticed also it’s been really weird about just putting it on my TV not recognizing that device and I’m confused because I thought y’all were not going to do make you pay for it every account profile and it won’t recognize the device and makes me try to pay for it and it’s it’s weird because it’s never done that before and because it’s ridiculous like it’s your it’s your opinion but it’s ridiculous that you make us pay for every single profile on the app and I’m also confused why you still tried to fix the bugs when you’ve done nothing and I love the app Netflix is one of my favorite things that I was on it but just a lot of errors and weird glitches and like I said I’ve tried everything we’re putting my phone turning off the Wi-Fi and it doesn’t work and it just says can’t play this title.
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4 years ago, TeaBee31
Bugs please update
Their seems to be a bug that’s doesn’t allow my continue watching to update, meaning that if I finish a show or start a new one the show I have started doesn’t appear and if I finish a movie or a show it doesn’t go away. Also if I am watching a show it doesn’t update so I’ll be on episode 13 and it’ll say I’m still on episode 11 and it’s very annoying. Please do an update to fix this issue. It’s not just my account either it’s my whole families accounts that is having this problem and a lot of other people online that I have seen while looking up a solutions to solve this issue. I have called and talked to two customer service representatives and neither one of them could help me both of them practically blamed me and said that maybe it was because I was going on another account but I’m not I’m only using my account. But anyway this is my last resort to get in touch with the company and to possibly have this issue resolved, so could you please update the app soon. Thank you much appreciated and other than that small issue I have no other problems with the app I love Netflix and so do my friends and family.
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2 years ago, Jdndncmaljen
Y’all are mid
Honestly y’all are made you don’t have no good anime shows you don’t have no good regular shows I feel like y’all should step up your game and add shows that people want to watch and that people are actually interested In and how y’all were talking about charging people if they share passwords that’s not OK that was like a invasion of privacy I feel like y’all are just looking for the money in this while this is a business you giys should still be looking out for your customers best interest because it’s a way for y’all to make enough money and also give us what we want to watch that’s how you gonna get more subscribers everybody is dropping y’all and going to other people. Add demon slayer season 2 for one also y’all have so many unfinished shows that we need to see the end of adding new shows while not finishing old ones makes y’all mid yall seem lazy I understand if y’all are not able to get the shows but come on now be real tired of putting up with bare minimum my 15 or 14 dollars matter to right ? Because it doesn’t feel like it . AFTER YOU WATCH ALL THE GOOD STUFF THERES NOTHING LEFT HBOMAX MAKES YALL LOOK BAD AND THEY HAVE OLD SHOWS BORN IN 06 WATCHING OLDIES BUT GOODIES BECAUSE YALL WONT GET YALL ACT TOGETHER . I’m sorry if this came off offensive to anyone but a change is needed it’s 2022 . -neshiaa__ on ig ✌🏾🧘🏾‍♀️😇
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2 years ago, IfYou're555ThenI'm666
Some problems I would like to talk about no hate
I used to have Netflix but now I unsubscribed and uninstalled and I would like to give some feedback why. First of all, Netflix price started getting really expensive and I think it’s kind of outrageous. Second of all, I feel like there should be teen section where it is not like for kids to watch and nothing too much going on like way too much gore, blood, yet no nudity and sexual content but kissing is fine and not way too much strong language and stuff like that. Because I’m not into kids stuff nor nothing way too adult going on (I can handle gore btw), I think it would be better because some teens don’t like watching stuff for kids nor nothing way too inappropriate for teens to watch. Another reason why is that the movies and shows is being cancelled and now you can’t complete like the whole series or episodes or whatever. I don’t know why Netflix have to be expensive it could be better at the lowest $5 and the premium where you watch bonus content, uncut version of movies or more exclusive features like no advertisements at $12. That be more fair for me in my opinion and I’m just disappointed how Netflix is now. But few years back I used to enjoy it a lot.
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3 years ago, Pizzafunboyao
Cobra Kai For Life!
For all y’all cobra kai fans out there that want to know some things about season 4. Well, you are reading the right review. I think I might know something that will happen in season 4 of cobra Kai that you may or may not know. If you guessed a new couple then you are right! There might be some new karate lovers that love each other. Let’s go to season 3, Tori and Robbie had a little bit of time spent together. They started getting a little buddy-buddy if you know what I mean;). So in season 4, they might hit it off a bit. Like it was Sam and Miguel, then Sam and Robbie while Miguel and tori also, so why not throw in a little Tori and Robbie together in the dish. So it is pretty clear that Robbie and Tori have to get together at some point of the Cobra Kai timeline. So Netflix, I really hope you read my last review tho. I spend a lot of time on these so I hope people like my reviews. Also people are saying that Hawk’s hair will be orange but, for some reason I think his hair will be green, I saw it in my head and thought that it would be SICK! But anyway, I guess we will find out in a bit. Written by: A Little Boy/ Huge Cobra Kai Fan
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4 years ago, hipe nite
Love the app hate how it’s always breaking for me
Hi, I typically use the app a lot and I think it’s perfect on how its from kids to adults to teenagers etc but since I stopped using it I would think to myself hey I should catch up on this show but it wouldn’t let me go into the app and if it did I wouldn’t be aloud to go onto anybody’s profile not even my brothers. This was very disappointing so I reset my iPad it worked for 5 minutes and broke again. I reset my games and it removed the pictures from apps I had recently been on it’s fixed now but at this point I thought it was a waist of storage so I deleted it I wondered if I could delete it and re download the app to see if it works I tried downloading the app again and it wouldn’t work I’m not gonna lie I tried it on multiple apps but I couldn’t download any I’m very mad and disappointed but there is nothing I can do I’m just a 10 year old after all. So yup that’s my only problem it could be a bug or just something going on with my device but I really wanted to watch some Netflix so if it is a bug or something I hope it will get fixed soon. Bye!
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5 years ago, Fantasy scifi lover
Dude please
Please Netflix don’t do this to me, no not just me, EVERYONE who has ever watched and loved the office, your letting nbcUniversal take The Office back. You spent Millions upon millions of dollars just to get Friends back. Why not do the same for The Office. I guarantee, you will lose tons of people to UniversalNBC just because of one show. One Amazing spectacular show that makes me excited to get home and kick my shoes off. But just the thought of The Office leaving Netflix really gives me a stomach ache. I mean come on, it’s your most popular show and I legit will have nothing to do with my life. Half the reason I bought Netflix was for The Office, and now, well, I might just not renew my Netflix, and maybe millions of people might to. So fight, I don’t care if NBCUniversal wants their show back, you fight and you win. Wanna know why you will win, because you’ve got me and millions of other people just alike behind you. Don’t let Micheal Scott leave this company, Don’t let Jim part time at Netflix and universal, don’t let daryl follow him. And sure as hell don’t let Stanley retire from Netflix. Thank you for your time in reading this.
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12 months ago, QuanishaWhite
0 out of 5 stars
I have been a customer of Netflix since 2012 I think. Since I got my first apartment. I have always had the premium account (since that became a thing). They have increased the price year after year and I keep on paying it. Whatever. Now this password sharing nonsense is where I draw the line. After Covid i had to upgrade my internet due to all the usage in my home. Kids homeschooling, I work from home, video game streaming, etc. I upgraded my router to a dual router because we were having slow internet (my area only has 2 internet carriers) so to do that I had to increase my internet bill and we have since split the house based on usage. Netflix has now told me I have to pay more money for an additional Netflix account because we are password sharing. We are in the same house. We have 2 routers because of usage and the available speeds with the only carriers in my area. I don’t think that’s fair at all. Not only that, I pay for the screens so why does it matter where they are? I am done. I hope Netflix doesn’t make another penny. This is greedy. And when the economy is going the way it is already? I just wanted to leave a review somewhere. Since Netflix doesn’t listen to the feedback provided by the people who pay to keep their lights on.
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12 months ago, NatalieSerna
Not worth It anymore
My family used Netflix for years, it was convenient knowing how many options of movies and shows there were to watch. Now with the new update we can’t log into Netflix outside our own home. So watching while on the road, at work or traveling has become an issue. I understand you can set a temporary travel account, however it only works for 30 days. This has become a massive inconvenience and has just made the platform a lot harder to deal with. Now sometimes we get kicked out of our Netflix account when it’s from our own Tv or laptop. Another huge issue, Netflix has officially now started playing ads. This was a big shock to my family. When one day we where watching a movie and a literal ad started playing in the middle of it. This bumped us out very much. There are already so many platforms that play ads and the main reason we stayed with Netflix for so long is the uninterrupted screen time. I know there is a higher subscription with no ads but I appreciated the affordability. I am sad to say but Netflix is not how it used to be and I feel this platform is going downhill from here. Thank you Netflix for all the family movie nights and late night binges.
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2 years ago, imsmart2009
What is wrong with you
Homophobia is key to your platform especially with women you will go and renew a show because of views and ratings then you will take into aspect the relationship you’ll keep the BLW, and BLW but when a show like warrior or first kill comes into aspect you will renew until there is a kiss between the two women like in warrior Nun they didn’t kiss but she was with jc allegedly but with first kill you make the show it’s good ratings but then cancel it when the two women kiss and when in warrior Nun season 2 you finally cancel it because of two women kissing it broke records it was doing good on charts you go and cancel a show a well written one. But keep the other ones. We as a community have fought hard for a season 3 fought so hard and now your risking viewership because you cancel a good show a lot of people love including me. You cancel shows a lot of the time we move on but this time everyone is not moving on the creator has tried and is still trying and you put him down the actors are not well known through the community it’s a great diverse cast they are a family and you ruin that family. Alba Baptista was bullied off social media because she got famous and is dating Chris evans So do your job and Instead of canceling shows and risking losing money do better and make the shows
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3 years ago, cherry 🌙lune🌙
Could have been five stars…
Netflix is amazing! But there is a few flaws… 1, so I don’t know if this was an old thing and they fixed it but I was on my grandma’s TV and my little sister was with me so I wanted to put something for kids her age like cocomelon I found a kids profile the name was kids and so was the profile pic to I chose that but I was not happy at all it had things that would be on the adult profile and i don't want other little kids having access to things like Twilight and other adult TV shows and movies but her TV is old so that could be something that was fixed. 2 can you please stop removing so many shows? I wanted to check some things out that I watched a long time ago but they where removed! For example I wanted to watch something I had never finished it was the Loili Rock series I looked for it but it was removed and Netflix is the only place I could find it! Worst part none of these things returned! -Thank you if there’s anything else I notice that could be fixed I will inform you! Thank you for taking your time to read this review! I hope I can make the 4 stars a 5!
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3 years ago, Tiger.02
Netflix App
I’ve had several problems with the app lately. It has me sign in every single time I go to open the app, and even if I’ve got all bars of service, it’ll kick me out randomly and make me sign in again or I’ll hit the sign in button after entering my log in and it’ll load like it’s about to work but then go right back to the sign in page and ask me to re enter my log in all over again. Once I’m finally logged in, I will try to click on the show I want to watch and it’ll give me an error and won’t load it or let me watch it. It does this several times and I’ll have to exit out of the app and re sign in before it’ll let me watch the show. Or in the middle of the show, it’ll also just randomly kick me back out to the sign in page. I have had all bars of service, and tried using wifi as well and it still does it. It’s been an issue since it started making me sign in every time I open the app. I think for about the last month? At least the last few weeks. It used to just let me stay signed in and I wouldn’t have to log in every time I opened the app, I also wasn’t having the other issues then either. but since they changed that, I’ve had so many issues with it.
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4 years ago, kkunislime
I love it, but I wish we could comment
I love Netflix so much. I watch the office on there like every day. I just wish there was a comment section underneath the shows. The show creators can can useful feedback, and comment sections can be so much fun to read through and laugh at all the funny comments. It could also give Netflix an easier way to figure out what shows to keep and what shows to take off. It can also give a better idea of what new shows to put on based on what people like. There have been so many times that I’ve seen an episode or a scene of a show or movie, and I wanted to scroll down to the comments to see what other people had to say. (Oh if you were to do this, it would probably be best to do a separate comment section for each episode of a show so that people don’t get spoilers) Putting a comment section on the shows can even help to connect Netflix users. They can interact and bond over their love for a show. They can laugh over a funny scene. Or a number of other things. All in all, I love Netflix but I think it’d be pretty cool to add a comment section
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1 year ago, ronni_B
The most unlikable streaming app
Netflix has been going down hill for a long time. I haven’t had a recurring membership for quite some time but I will renew my membership occasionally when I notice they have a new season of a certain show that I like to watch. I renewed my membership this week, excited to finally have found some good content to watch only to have the stream cut off when I tried to play a movie on my phone. I received an error message saying that Netflix no longer supports streaming on mobile devices unless you upgrade to a premium membership! >_< I found this to be frustrating since I never had a problem playing Netflix shows on my phone before, & I always pay for the basic membership. Netflix is trying to charge customers more money for the same basic service theyve always offered while the quality of their content consistently goes downhill. I was already disappointed after Netflix announced that customers with a Basic membership would now have to watch ads in order to continue using Netflix, but now I can’t even stream Netflix on my mobile devices anymore; which kind of makes the app pretty pointless at that point. I likely won’t be renewing my membership again. It just isn’t worth it
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5 years ago, Hooper90
My Rating Would Be Higher If Autoplay Worked Over Cellular Data
Most of the time, I find Netflix to be a thoroughly enjoyable app largely free of bugs and other potential annoyances. However, I recently found myself without a reliable wi-fi connection, which obliged me to stream over my LTE data connection. Much to my exasperation, I discovered that Netflix has taken the patronizing approach of disabling autoplay when streaming via cellular data. I thought at first that this irritation might be remedied by a quick trip to my account page, where the playback settings are found. However, there is just one autoplay-related checkbox, which was checked. A call to customer service confirmed that autoplay is unavailable over cellular. I feel that this policy is frankly ridiculous. With the profusion of unlimited data plans on the market, one should at least be given the option of whether to disable autoplay over data rather than have Netflix unilaterally decide the matter. I am perfectly capable of monitoring my own cellular data use; I do not need Netflix or any other company to hold my hand and choose whether I get to use cellular data. When this nonsense is resolved, I will happily add some stars to my rating; until then, there should be a price for condescension.
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3 years ago, 555444111borriinngggg
Problems with Netflix
I’ve noticed lately that Netflix has been taking down most of the anime shows and not being able to complete the shows; not uploading the episodes, and it has become annoying and upsetting. I do not find most of the shows entertaining, though there are a select few, Netflix lacks the ability to create entertaining shows and should build ideations of a well constructed plot that grasps the attention of the audience, but like I said there are some that are interesting shows. If Netflix would be more open to new ideas or suggesting new genres, then the business of entertainment could attract more viewers. Netflix should include more anime and shows that can make an individual feel emotionally attached to a character or relate to the character, if Netflix attempts to do so it will benefit the company in a successful manner. What people look forward in shows is, Acting that makes the audience feel as if they are in or apart of the show and the quality or how the show was able to create a film that has much dedication and deep meaning, something that makes people motivated or question their life in a positive affect. Overall it has become increasingly boring and people are craving entertainment, if you cannot provide that well I’ll let you figure that out on your own...
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