New Hampshire Union Leader

4.7 (131)
45.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Union Leader Corporation
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for New Hampshire Union Leader

4.73 out of 5
131 Ratings
7 months ago, dldnh
Great app
Not perfect, but pretty good app. I do love that you get to see the print version of the paper. When I swipe up to read the bottom of the page, I don’t like the way the page will scroll sideways a bit. The Globe does this perfectly btw. But I’m happy to be able to read my local news on my iPad!
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5 months ago, jjoco
New app version has too many bugs. Won’t even turn a page
Horrible reading experience in the new app version released Feb. 2024. The newsfeed version has so many ads in the middle of the pages that it is annoying to try to use it. The E-version has many bugs which cause it to crash when navigating from page to page, or it just simply will not change pages despite using either the arrows or PAGES. Changing pages in the app causes it to crash, or to stop changing pages. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app twice without any improvements. It is annoying to have to give up on the app and go back to reading the news in the browser, but at least I can read all the pages and it doesn’t crash. Shame on you, Union Leader, for putting out an app that doesn’t work properly for your customers.
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6 months ago, kmozzle
E-reader continues to go downhill
As of Jan 2024 there has been a significant app update with a total UX redesign and new features like audio transcriptions. Unfortunately, this redesign is merely a way for the app to serve targeted ads to the user. Instead of just seeing ads featured in the print version (which I am fine with), the app now serves up targeted ads spliced in each article you click on. Additionally, the app is slower to swipe between pages on the e-reader. Probably because of all the bandwidth spent loading ads to further monetize and disrupt my experience. It feels like my subscription has been watered down significantly and the value reduced. Hope the newfound ad revenue is worth the subscription churn from users like me, union leader.
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2 years ago, ChritophJ52
Great app for reading the daily paper!
I’ve used the app for years and have had a great experience. I’ve had very few issues… occasionally images take a bit to focus or maybe a delay opening the paper. Those have been one-off problems and haven’t hindered enjoying the paper because you have multiple ways to read articles. I prefer zooming page view, but if the text is blurry, I can click the article and use article view. I like the navigation option and ability to go to pst papers too.
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4 months ago, Lynx0849
New version is awful
The old version defaulted to downloading the daily edition so you could read it offline. Page turning was like a “newspaper”, duh! The new version is just another darn news site with adds and the ability to view a, eVersion of the paper. It keeps on checking the internet and out of the blue, will reload the page you are reading. Unlike the old version, if you, like me, don’t read the whole paper in one shot, and go check email or something, when you come back, you need to start on page 1 again. The old version picked up where you left off. The stupid little arrows in the upper right corner to change pages are WAY too small. In the center top, instead of the section & page, like B3, it shows page 4 of21. Doesn’t help when you want to go to page directly. The blue triangles on evert article are unexplained and annoying. I liked reading a local NH paper, but they ruined it. By by.
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8 months ago, 4Vets
Great way to read the paper
I was hesitant to move to the digital issues but I am glad it did , no more waiting for my paper to arrive and I have it wherever and whenever I want to read it . No more read the paper then throw it away . I can go back and read previous issues and print what I want . Take the plunge and move over to Digital !!
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3 years ago, MyInput
Love local news in my hand.
Such a great way to see the full paper on my phone. I love having access to back issues as well. It’s an excellent resource. It’s very easy to read because you can zoom in on a particular page or click to view the text for an article. Couldn’t be easier. Thank you!
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2 months ago, A1YolaA1
Not Great
This app makes you play this ridiculous game of tapping the skip advertisement on the opening screen. Sometimes I’m tapping this for a full minute in an effort to get to the paper I paid for that also has advertisements. Zooming in on articles is also difficult as the paper resets and doesn’t hold the zoom. Page turning is also challenging and sometimes you’re forced to use the arrow buttons to turn the page. The previous app was much better.
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12 months ago, NH newsy
Union leader
Newspapers are something my husband and I look forward to DAILY . The Union leader offers international, national and local news We may not always agree with the editorials or letters to the editor, but we need to be aware of varying views Basically, I want to thank you for trying your best to make the general public better educated and more aware
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3 years ago, Beta Test these apps.
Still needs improvement. Was lousy before.
They should beta test these apps before they release them. When you read down a page and read to the bottom you want to go to the top of the next page. Seems a simple concept but hit the arrow to the next page and you are at the bottom of the next page. I’m sure we won’t see a fix until the next version.
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3 years ago, NashuaSubsciber
Union Leader
I enjoy keeping up with what’s going on in the community. I think we need to support the local paper. I rely on the paper to help me monitor what is going on in NH politically as well. I don’t always agree with the views expressed but it’s interesting to follow their reasoning. Thank you Union Leader for continuing to serve and support the community. We need you.
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3 years ago, Brsssnsnhne
Union Leader
I like this format the best. Nice and clear. Our iPad seems to handle this way well. When I finish a page , I wish it would go to the beginning of the next page, instead of staying at the bottom. My only complaint. I can live with it. Thanks
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3 years ago, gramsylj
Our Morning Routine!
We enjoy our morning with a cup of coffee and read the news! The paper is getting smaller and smaller, it does not take us so long as it did..
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5 months ago, LesLauk
Previous version was easier to move around within each edition. If I wanted to save an article or an obit, I tapped on it, and could save it as text or as the original version in the paper itself. New e-edition makes it difficult to save an article in a usable format for future reference. Sunday news being published on Saturday means it’s Friday’s news. Sunday news is just that- Sunday news not Friday news. Going downhill fast.
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2 years ago, JimDiamond
Well organized and practical
It gives you the newspaper’s image and a way to expand the stories you wish to read.
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8 months ago, dhbailey
Great newspaper site!
This is an easy to read online paper. I don't agree with most of its politics but it does keep me up to date with NH news! I read it online every morning.
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1 year ago, Whitecarsx3
App works great. Newspaper no as good
The app is the only way I read the Union Leader. Unfortunately the quality of new reporting has deteriorated over the years. Let us not forget that the newspaper endorsed Joe Biden for president. Perhaps the worst president in history.
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6 months ago, 68 Charles
Great Local Paper
I’ve been a home delivery subscriber for 25 years. The paper is well organized, written with clarity, and mindful of varying opinions. And , the electronic edition is convenient on days when it snows, like today.
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3 years ago, ebh47
Reliable news and app
Easy to navigate the newspaper and easy to read articles using adjustable font size. Even works with the Sunday comics section
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1 year ago, BTR22275
Very easy
Much better than having to walk out in the cold to get the paper from the box.
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9 months ago, Love Papers!
Love the App!
When I am out of town I can always stay apprised on local happenings. My first love is the print edition, but when I am not home this is so convenient!
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8 months ago, mkonlibgg
New Hampshire Union Leader
Since we live in Florida for the winter months, it’s great to read about what’s happening in NH! The Mobile App allows me to read the news daily at a modest price!
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2 years ago, JJO42
Comics problem resolved
I am pleased with the app on my iPad, I had an issue with image quality in the comics, but that appears to have been resolved.
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1 year ago, Mtn Hopper
Great way to read the news
I find the online Union Leader easy to use and this way I don’t waste paper.
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3 years ago, countican
Start of each day
Great to wake up and know that the daily UL is there for info on what’s happened and happening😄👌
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3 years ago, Pete Fottler
Union leader
Has all the news I want including sports and puzzles and the back page.
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8 months ago, larry xc
I love the app
Very easy to maneuver through
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6 months ago, USACamper
New format
The new format for the digital edition is terrible. I was able in the past to just swipe from one page to another. Now I have to go through several steps for the next page. I wasn’t given the chance to retain the previous format.
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3 years ago, cmfajardo
Easy to use!
They manage to recreate the physical newspaper effect in an easy-to-use digital format.
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3 years ago, Matt from NH
Easy to use.
Quick way to great news.
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1 year ago, Lancaster Reader
The app allows me to read the paper on Saturdays and on the occasion when the paper is undeliverable.
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3 years ago, Greatful Subscriber
From The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont
The Union Leader app is user friendly and brings welcomed news from the White Mountains and beyond.
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3 years ago, Grilljm
Love it
The app is Very user friendly. Not happy with UL. It’s changed to a very liberal news outlet.
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2 years ago, Back to NH
The App Works Great and the News is Balanced
This is a great way to consume the NH Union Leader. Highly recommend it.
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4 months ago, granitir
Great app
Makes it easy to read paper from anywhere in the world
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3 years ago, Warner area
Great app!
Love this app! Simple, easy to navigate; just like the real paper!
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3 years ago, Nelsonsnoashark
Union Leader
So much news worthy than Concord Monitor
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1 year ago, hamiltontaylor
good coverage
just needs a bit more international and regional coverage
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3 years ago, nhgrampski
New Hampshire Union Leader
Easy access.
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2 years ago, sealer Gut
Loving it!
Great app. Don’t change it!❤️❤️🙏🙏
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2 years ago, spidernh
Union Leader
Best local coverage of NH news!
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4 months ago, Early Paris
Difficult to open
Since putting the blue screen with the Daniel Webster quote it is a project to open up to the newspaper.
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12 months ago, blazingskies
Union leader
Enjoying App.
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3 years ago, Pauly8977
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3 years ago, ws3434
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12 years ago, Silvym
Curious about memory
I think the app is convenient, I find that I now read the paper more often. I am curious about why it is taking 2.8gb of memory. I have tried to clear the storage and it still does not reduce the memory size. Suggestions?
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3 years ago, Callumboy47
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5 years ago, Nca559
Needs something or start from scratch
I have found this so frustrating. I used to bring up with iPad and was able to read. Then the app came along and it is awful. Sometimes I will get story and unable to finish as it will not scroll. Sometimes the story is split in the middle of words and you loose the continuity of story. Then there are the times it will not allow me to get the story in the reading column so II enlarge but will suddenly disappear entirely and I go back to page one. This has become worse in the last 3-4 months. Now having written review it will not allow me to send. I 1 star not allowed so I will up to 2 stars.
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12 years ago, Ckenni1968
It's ok I guess
I really would like to see the union leader compatible with newsstand! Also, it should be more interactive such as incorporating audio & video and also allowing the user to be able to do the crossword puzzle in app. I would also like to be able to share articles via Facebook, twitter, or email. I mean, if I just simply wanted to read the paper I'd subscribe to the Hard copy version of it. Address some of these issues and you'll have a winner here.
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7 years ago, Mjmj963
Options need improvement
A reader should have the ability in settings to pick the edition they want to load every time you open the app. Now, opening the state edition has way to many steps that you have to do every single day! Ugh. Open app, Click; options, state edition, paper you want, then fit to page. Now, this version got rid of the option of single tap to zoom. A step backwards. Every day same click, click, click.....why not upgrade the app so that users can set the edition they want only once and then everyday they get the edition they want to read instead of picking one edition over the other?
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