New Jersey Lottery

2.5 (411)
84.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
New Jersey State Lottery Commission
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for New Jersey Lottery

2.45 out of 5
411 Ratings
1 year ago, cm35693168
Anybody listening?
After digging in the app to find a way to contact the app developers to report that the Powerball Double Play red ball no longer shows on screen, I got the old Microsoft answer. “Delete the app, reboot your phone, and reload the app.” I’ve tried that twice and it does not solve the problem. I see others have reported the same issue. Curious if the developers even read these reviews. Probably not when the app has less than three stars.
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2 years ago, happeljesse
A good, but absolutely awful app to have
This app is almost a necessary evil if you play the NJ lottery in any way. For a while now, the licensing for whatever scanning software the app uses to scan scratch off tickets has expired and I guess nobody cares enough to keep the app usable for lottery customers. There isn’t a way in the app to manually enter the ticket information either) at least I haven’t located a way in the app). Honestly it’s a blessing in disguise. If the state of NJ doesn’t care enough to fix a problem with their app, then maybe I don’t need to be contributing any more money towards the NJ lottery…it’s just a thought. But like everything else government related, fixes move at slower than a glacial pace.
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6 days ago, Millsbw
iPhone 14 Auto Focus
The auto focus on the camera to scan tickets doesn’t work on the iPhone 14 Pro and also the 3 lines at the top right of the screen doesn’t work when I click it. I have to touch below and to the right to get to the menu. Can these be fixed? Everything else is great!
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3 years ago, Finn/Rascal
App should not have been released. It’s a disaster!
After downloading the new app the problems began. The second chance replay scanner is slow, then you have to look at your entries to see if your ticket was accepted. The collect and win section is a complete waste of time. Aside from the scanner being slow, the tickets are scanned incorrectly. For example, a two dollar ticket may scan for 6 symbols instead of two, and a ten dollar ticket may scan for 2 symbols instead of 10 symbols. I am tempted to delete my vip account instead of trying to navigate this horrible app.
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1 year ago, kbnjkbnj
Difficult to Enter Multiple Tickets
Please make it easier to enter multiple tickets without having to go through extra steps! I’ve still been using the old app to enter Collect N Win tickets because I can quickly scan a series of tickets by clicking twice rather than having to backtrack with each entry in order to scan again.
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3 years ago, writerdame
UPDATE: Downloaded the new app. It still doesn’t work. In addition, the website doesn’t work most of the time. It’s almost like they’re trying to force you to use the app but this app is garbage. I have no choice but to go to the store to check my tickets. It’s becoming too much of a hassle to play. This app stopped working almost immediately. Initially, it worked fine. Unfortunately, I got constant error messages every time I attempted to use it thereafter. Quite frankly, this app doesn’t deserve the one star. Don’t waste your time downloading it.
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1 year ago, sdm120
May 13 update - Was the tickets this time
Wasn’t the app’s problem this time. The printer where I got the tickets was bad and left out part of the barcode. The app is pretty good when everything works. Still, WHY ISN’T THERE A REAL SUPPORT LINK in the app or the App Store to report problems? We shouldn’t have to report issues in a review or by phone.
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3 months ago, TAH1121
The update is horrible, go back to what it was before.
Like my father used to say, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. The update, with the new format, and then continuous updates with the same format is horrible. Go back to the way that it was, where you would swipe up and down, vertical, to see each game and dollar, amount and numbers, makes no sense to swipe across from left to right. Please revamp the app, so it’s clear, concise and easy to read and see.
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8 months ago, Sophee24
Don’t waste your space
I downloaded this app about a year ago, and when I tried to scan the scratch off ticket, it gave me an error message period so I deleted the app and got some scratch offs recently and re-downloaded the app with the same problem. Despite all the negative reviews on different site the New Jersey lottery doesn’t seem feel that this is important enough to fix so the app still doesn’t work. It’s a piece of crap don’t even bother.
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3 years ago, K2BMe
New update is horrible
It was so much easier when you were able to see the drawings up and down. I find it very tedious to see which games I want to play when swiping left to right. Not to mention the scanning. After each scan you have to close and it brings you back to the main menu so if you have multiple scans you need to hit the scan button and then the button to trigger the scan. The previous version was so much more efficient.
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2 years ago, jesse4216
No usability testing perhaps
Added another tap each time to scan a ticket. Doing second chance scanning is horrible as well, I will still use the separate VIP app for that. Scanning tickets there is way easier. It looks nicer but if weren’t for the scanner, I wouldn’t even use the app, and now that is harder to use.
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2 years ago, RBW in NJ
Feature Request
When you scan a ticket, it would be nice to have the ticket numbers displayed back. There are lots of issues with scanning and many times errors are reported. I don’t trust this and feedback of the scanned numbers would be terrific.
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3 years ago, Mister Boris
Please fix the scanner. Dies every 2nd or 3rd time scanning. And PLEASE fix the grammar. It’s not “$130 millions” - it’s “$130 million”. After today’s update the scanner appears to be working - thank you! The new ticket scanner is really awful. Only takes first ticket scanned then you get the invalid message. I hope you’re working on this!!!!
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12 months ago, ...bk...
Version 9.7.1 scanner doesn’t work
I’ve always liked the basic capabilities of this app, but as of version 9.7.1, the scanner for tickets to see if you won or loss no longer works. I’ve tried this across multiple devices and the cameras never scans so you don’t know if you want or lost.
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2 years ago, CDCCDXX
Payout info???
I was really enjoying the convenience of the app until the most recent update. Why in the world would get rid of the payout info for the games? Isn’t that one of the key pieces of info. I hope you’ll bring it back. Otherwise may as well use google.
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3 months ago, Tinman2621
Another terrible app with no developer support
No support, and no one cares. Leave it to the state of NJ to develop such a terrible app which accomplishes almost nothing. Want to check your tickets? Too bad. Feel like scanning for the “second chance” drawing? Oh well. The developers who made this app spent 30 minutes and then stopped caring, and it shows…
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2 years ago, Jbee807
The app stopped scanning tickets. I kept receiving an error saying licensing has expired so I deleted the app and reinstalled other app and it works fine now.
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10 months ago, katek197
Scanner doesn’t work
I’ve had this app for two years now. Now all of a sudden the scanner does not want to work. I’ve been trying it for a week now is there is something going on with the app?
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7 months ago, Jrzcoltfan
Missing numbers blocked by buttons
I’ve contacted NJ lottery twice about this. On the Mega and Powerball eslip six numbers are blocked by buttons. You can only play up to number 64. It goes to 70. This app is so New Jersey.
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1 year ago, Mroffshore77
The NJ Lottery scanner works every so often! When it does work you may or may not be able to scan 1-3 tickets that’s it! There was a time when you could scan 30-40 tickets accurately with no problem but now forget it! I’m stunned that the developers of this App can not make this work! Unbelievable 🤷🏻‍♂️🙄
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2 years ago, fsantiago1979
Expired sdk license error on ticket scan
Update your licenses! I can’t scan tickets due to expired sdk license. As someone else said, works after a restart. For my purposes, this app rates a 4 or 5 otherwise but you get 3 since you’re mismanaging your backend.
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2 years ago, DangerGirlAC
Scan error
For the past few days the ticket scanner isn’t working. We updated our apps, it worked last night but isn’t working this morning. Are there plans to correct this issue? Otherwise had been using the app over a year and we loved it.
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2 years ago, Coldax
To fix scanner issues
Delete the app and reinstall
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2 years ago, Logged out 5
Terrible app zero stars
It does not scan tickets. You set up deadlines for second chance drawings but we can’t scan any tickets to enter. You should put a hold on contests until you get the app fixed. It’s causing an unfair advantage. How do we know the app is scanning and producing correct results when it’s barley working. Someone needs to fix this ASAP.
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3 months ago, Necee17
NJ Lottery
I don’t know who’s in charge but somebody needs to stay up on the winning tickets! Sometimes you say where tickets are won, sometimes you don’t. Do better! Y’all got too much money coming through there to not have somebody updating where the winning tickets were sold.
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2 years ago, Jcscorp
Scratch offs ticket checker
The new update disabled checking scratch off tickets. Before this new update I was able to check scratch offs with ticket checker
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3 years ago, Shawn zombi
Worst app.
You can tell this app is probably made and ran by the state of NJ because like the useless state government it works about 10% of the time. If you are from NJ and have ever had to deal with any state employees then you would understand the level of useless-ness this is. Surprised I don’t have to pay for this app like everything else in this state.
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2 years ago, Ben26 17
Scanner license expired????
I’m having the same problem. But closing the app does nothing
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3 years ago, kim01081960
They don’t post the winning list for the collect and win
So today is the March 12 and there was a drawing on March 2nd but they still haven’t post the winners list I emailed them and they never responded this app it’s just a waste of time I’m deleting it today. Btw I also downloaded the other app and it still the same no winner list
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3 years ago, Michpooh72
Please make a new update ASAP!! The scanner on the second chance needs to be fix immediately!! You should just be able to click on the scan button and scan without having to jump back and forth after every ticket! The navigation on this app stinks!
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2 years ago, Yas0813
It's a great app but the scanner doesn't work it was but it hasn't for the past week or two
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3 years ago, MUD 652569
Finally got it right.
Such a pleasure to use since being updated If you play the NJ Lottery on a regular basis You will appreciate this app. Good job guys👍👍
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1 year ago, hwvsbvhdjsijd
Just downloaded the app and find a retailer feature is broken. Also I can log into the website but when I try to log into the app it says “password is too long, must be less than 16 characters”. Really?
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2 years ago, SouthPhillyKunty
Makes absolutely no sense why you released an update that caused this app to be non-functional! It was working perfectly fine until I updated it. Since the update, I am not able to scan tickets to check them or to enter them in the second chance drawing. PLEASE GET IT TOGETHER!!!!!
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2 years ago, Papagallo69
NJ Lottery
The winning numbers tab is not working, other than that, it a great app, super fast results so please fix this bug... Thank you, Alex C.
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1 year ago, nmv_nj
Most of the time while I’m trying to check a ticket it says barcode not supported, as well as no internet connection, when there is. Not useful for apple if it doesn’t work the way it’s intended.
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3 years ago, IFPHGOfficial
New update star Zero
This is the worst update ever. You can’t check your tickets anymore and you can’t even download your tickets to the million dollar replay. Doesn’t Apple check this before approving it if there are any issues and bugs? Horrible app!!
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2 years ago, Macellba
It works when it wants to. Screen freezes all the time. Not working, can’t get results, can’t scan my tickets. I’ve deleted the app & reinstalled it & it still doesn’t work. Totally annoying.
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11 months ago, Ralphjc381
Ticket scanner is worthless
The only reason to have this app is to scan your ticket. And since the last update it doesn’t work. It won’t focus on the barcode. It’s blurry and won’t scan.
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2 years ago, Biggfdgijvdstjijgc
Scanner !!
Please fix the scanner, it’s been weeks and I’m still getting the same error message.
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2 years ago, happy4life1
Scanner not working
Scanner is not working since your most recent upgrade. Please review and fix .
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2 years ago, Dawntrinity
Scanner not supported on my device?
Suddenly since recent update I get an error message that the scanner is not supported on my device? I have an iPhone 11 and never had a problem so now the app is pretty useless for me in this version. Pls fix. Thank you !
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1 year ago, unsufferme
Total Crap
Unable to load content error when accessing scratch off in latest release. Whenever, whoever touches this it’s more pain and just another case of garbage in - garbage out. Very Very frustrating
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2 years ago, Stevo000
ScanbotSDK license failure
When I attempted to scan my tickets I get the error message ScanbotSDK License Failure. It then states that the ScanbotSDK License has expired. Otherwise I love the app.
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2 years ago, kittygranny
Omg this is the worst
I use this everyday but it is always so slow and there is days that the scanner is telling me it is not work and the second chance to win is like annoying with the new changes it is the worst I recemend check it by eye or go somewhere
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3 years ago, Carp317
Terrible updated app
Why is the scanner so slow and half the time it doesn’t read. Also now when it does read the ticket it doesn’t tell you amount won. Why change why was working???
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2 years ago, 019283738
App problems
Kinda worked then stoped doing anything like scanning tickets says lincece expired and getting no help from maker so guess I have to delete this app
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2 years ago, M. Wied
Update: NOPE! Still a broken scanner! Really pathetic. Figure it out!! Yesterday, I wrote a very critical, albeit deserved, review. I also sent a message to the developer (important) explaining the problem. This morning the scanner is working! Yaaaaaaay! Thank you!
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2 years ago, mike nj wall
Mike NJ wall
Wow our phone again won’t give current results, just 3 dots spinning, but can get all other parts of app! Strange!
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2 years ago, winnersgetwings
Having trouble scanning my ticket
I liked the fact that I didn’t have to scan my ticket in the store. After updating the app I’m having trouble scanning my tickets, now I’ll have to take them to the store again.
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