New York Post for iPad

2.2 (406)
140.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
NYP Holdings, Inc.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for New York Post for iPad

2.19 out of 5
406 Ratings
2 weeks ago, Laguna18
Glitchy and frustrating
Both the print and digital erosions (accessible thru the same app) are glitchy, freeze and the print edition is loaded with annoying ads which are difficult to close or navigate away from. The digital edition is awkward to move from section to section though the real time updates are appreciated. The online version should be more convenient and faster to access and navigate than the hard copy but here it is far more annoying.
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2 years ago, Midtown - Jerry
I am attempting to access NY POST stories but can’t get in because a monetary subscription page keeps popping up which prevents me from navigating the app? Very annoying and aggravating. Software is flawed. 2) I previously had to delete the app and then reinstall it because it was not recognizing my Password which was only one (1) day old. When I attempted to Log In with one of the three (3) big tech companies the spinning field was circling round and round and would not stop. It would have continued eternally. Therefore I had to delete the NY POST APP and then reinstall it. CONCLUSION I was unable to register to “ADD A COMMENT” on a stinky NY City. It would not recognize my Password. This problem is not isolated to the NY POST. It happens all over the Internet and users expend untold amount of wasted man-hours efforts. PLEASE NOTE: Do a story on the never-ending wasted man-hour efforts on PASSWORDS, USER-ID’s, and EMAILS which are never recognized by all these outrageous worthless softwares which never get things right? Thank You Jerry fm Midtown Manhattan
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1 year ago, rwq12
NY Post is kind of famous for crappy updates
But this update may be the worst. Starting in Fall, they disabled the ability to share a subscription in Family sharing. I have subscribed to NY Post since 2007. Have always shared a single subscription with wife, just a# I do other digital newspapers. My wife now needs to buy a separate subscription so that equates to doubling the price. Lately though you can’t use the digital access on my iPad. Seems they insist on telling me how much they care about my privacy without giving me any usable tools to make choices. It simply blocks me from access. So NY Post, it was a good run. I enjoy your writers and articles but your business folks have to remove their heads from their buttocks. Subscription upon January. So long.
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2 years ago, GeorgeTS63
Content obscured by ads.
I can not read my paid for newspaper on my iPad or iPhone. Ads either takeover the entire screen with no way to close them out or now 35% of the article is obscured by ads blocking text in the news story. I have been an online subscriber since 2010 when the iPad came out and I grew up reading this newspaper since I was a kid in the 60’s. I will no longer be subscribing to this greedy newspaper after my current subscription runs out. I will just rely on Fox News as I live in upstate NY where finding a print copy of this newspaper is almost impossible. You want to be be a digital advertiser buy Meta or google. You want to be a conservative newspaper online learn to hire software engineers that didn’t learn their craft from video games.
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1 year ago, MiataBob
Navigation poor
There should be a way to better navigate all areas of the newspaper QUICKLY. Photos too large. Type too small. And, individual stories too long. Reduce size of photos,articles written and make easier to navigate in any section of the newspaper. Suggest you create a nav bar at bottom of every page. Totally agree. You constantly lose your page and wind up back on page one. Try doing this at times a day. No way of sending or saving individual pages . Customer service is of no help. I would switch back to receiving the paper edition but the delivery was HORRIBLE!
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2 months ago, Jeremiah Conrad
I Lost the Post
I have a one year subscription which expires in January of 2021. About a month and a half ago I stopped receiving the paper. Your tech sent me instructions on how to upgrade my iPad to resume receiving the paper. I must confess that I am electronically challenged and was unable to comply with the instructions I received. I now want to give it another try so I’ll download your app and seek some technical help. Please have your tech people send me another set of instructions so I can continue reading my favorite paper again. Thank you.
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1 year ago, team pitch
App shuts down without notice...
I have been a subscriber for a few years..and starting about a year ago I have not been able to read an article without having the app shut down....this is very frustrating. What can I do to prevent unwanted shut down? Not able to open app for 2 weeks now...sent emails requesting help....latest there is problem with iOS operating system....technical support is working to resolve problem....haven’t heard anything for more for a week...
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2 years ago, Michael 1800
Easy to navigate.
This app seems designed for easy reading, good content and flexibility in getting around the pages from one to another quickly. The headlines are not always easy to figure out, but then, that has nothing to do with the app, which is the best! Always informative and entertaining at the same time.
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4 years ago, NwkEWR
Flawed Subscription Model...
...Subscribers to the NY Post Digital editions CANNOT use such subscription to access content on any device(s) they own, as the current payment model is tied to either Apple's or Google's App Stores, thus, anyone who wants to read the Post on either platform must pay twice, this is short sided, most rivals allow subscribers to setup an account and pay once, while it is up to the subscriber to decide which method(s) to use in order to read the contents.
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4 years ago, Smflgmphlx
Old app was much better. The “digital version” lacks everything that makes the Post so much fun, including the front page. Also, there is no way to sort or filter the stories or customize what you see. (And the stories are not organized!) I tried using the “print version,” but there was almost always a delay of 1-2 days before I could access. This app was so bad that I cancelled my subscription to the Post last week. (With regret.) If they ever replace this 2020 debacle with a decent app, I will return. NY Post, please hire a new app developer, or bring back the old one!
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2 months ago, SINYRED
Unable to read the paper
This problem does not seem to be getting fixed. The first day it happened I expected it to be fixed by the time the next paper came out. It has been days since the app worked. Is there any update?
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1 year ago, 11GKS
The new version just released is a major step backward. Would not recommend at all. Old version much better and easier to navigate. Now I see pages of print ads which is exactly what I don't have interest in. So disappointed N Y Post
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2 years ago, warz2
Pathetic new “upgrade”
Has to be one of the worst apps out there. NY Post has always been lacking in the digital area, but this latest rollout is truly embarrassing. Constantly bombarded by pop ups encouraging you to subscribe to the print version - even if you are already a subscriber! If you read a story, when you return to the paper, it sends you back to the first page, so that you constantly scroll through multiple pages to simply get back to where you were. Really poor app.
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2 years ago, Dive_Master
Why can’t I give this app a -5? Why am I paying for an app that does not work? The previous versions did. Out of frustration I deleted this app & downloaded a fresh copy just yesterday. It still doesn’t work. Why is it I open the app and it takes so long to load? Why is it when I finally DOES load I can’t read an article because the app is locked up? Why is it that once I DO get an article selected to read it takes forever to load? Why is it that I have no issue with any other news app let alone ANY app on my iPad but yours? Why is it I’m paying for an app that doesn’t deliver any news to me? Why am I VERY seriously considering cancelling my subscription? Because I am NOT going to continue to pay to have a useless app sitting on my iPad. To the developers: Would YOU pay? Platform: IPad Pro IOS: 15
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2 months ago, juno!!
Review of app
Great newspaper. APP. Is way to slow, hard and unpredictable trying to down load of the daily paper. Can take 3-4 hrs before you can get the new paper. If I didn’t love the paper I would cancel Thanks Unfortunately it never downloads the new issues This just started. Please fix this very, very significant problem
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4 years ago, PaneInTheGlass
Update Breaks Print Edition
Back to the drawing board. Your latest update has broken the ability for the app to download the newest print edition. It was never crashing on my iPad Gen 6. I’m a subscriber that doesn’t like paying for an app that doesn’t load the latest print edition. Sad. Review (revised) Thanks devs, all is fine now on my iPad. Thanks for the quick turnaround!
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2 years ago, IamMissP11
Great Newspaper
I would love to give it 5 stars as the Post is deserving but the app is awful. It constantly boots me off. This happens every 2-3 minutes tops. It use extremely frustrating. No amount if rebooting or patience makes it any easier. But The Post is the best newspaper there is, so I just deal with it.
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3 months ago, The food critic1234
App is terrible
When you read an article, it takes you to an ad page after and want continue to the main page without refreshing and starting from the top of the news….. how about testing your apps before releasing updates…. Your before you go page after every article is offensive…especially when your are paying for the subscription……
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3 years ago, Major WH
Please folks. Go back to the old app. Five stars to the old digital paper. I like reading you paper page by page “digitally “. Hey. What happened to the latest news section? I liked to navigate through the current news section by section. Please fix it. Terrible. Check out how newsday handles it. Stop changing things for the worse. Go back to previous presentation. If it’s not broke don’t fix it. Totally disappointed.
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1 year ago, CenturyStink
I have no problems with the app other than I can’t share it with my wife. I would continue to subscribe if I could share it. For just me reading, it’s becoming a little too pricey. Developer please respond - the latest upgrade makes the paper not shareable with spouses?
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3 years ago, FWerth
No problem using on the latest Apple iPad
I was hesitant to use this app when I saw that it only had a 2.1 rating. I installed it on my iPad and for a week I’ve had zero problems using the app, anytime of the day or night.
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2 years ago, TKM25
New Version is bad
i don’t know why i pay for this bad app when i can get it via apple news with a much better and customizable interface for free. now you can’t even forward articles via ios share with this latest iteration. the font size now cannot be changed and is too small. i will definitely not renew. it’s hard to believe a bad app could get worse
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5 months ago, Backspacer10
Total crap
Their website is broken on ipad and the iphone app has noisy ads that you can[t stop from playing, so I tried this. It forces a subscription, and a stupidly pricey one at that. Most of my streaming services are cheaper. Guess i’ll just read the NY Daily News, whose sports section has gone way down since they were bought but doesn’t destroy my browser at least
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7 months ago, wcg1407
Since updating to iOS 17
Since updating to iOS 17, the cover don’t display correctly and tv listing also missing the information within it display. Today’s fantasy football also did not display. Hopefully the Post will correct it.
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3 years ago, New Yorker from the Bronx
Frequently doesn’t work correctly
Many days paper does not fully download. Today all pages after page 37 were blank. This occurred again after deleting and trying again. This is not the first time this has happened.
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1 year ago, I tell da truth
Doesn’t always work
Hard to get it to load. Keeps telling me my paid subscription isn’t paid. Have to hit settings in the upper left really quick. Settings window pops up, click auto download and click done to be able to read
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3 years ago, LBFNYC
My God, this is the worst app ever
Each “update” is worse than the one before. The print version works ok, but the digital version has me ready to cancel my subscription and delete this pile of crap. On the digital version, it is nearly impossible to update the latest stories. When that miraculously happens and I try to read story, it completely freezes my iPad. I am on the verge of canceling and deleting
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2 years ago, Gertrude da Goat
No longer works.
I guess it's time for a subscription refund. This update crashes my iPad and the app no longer works!! I've reinstalled & restarted. It's a disaster. Whoever signed off on this update should be sent packing!
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3 years ago, hemhead
The print edition is constantly down.
I always enjoyed my print edition on my iPad. Lately however I can only access the digital edition, which I do not enjoy. Tried to contact New York Post via their email listed in the settings and there is no availability to send the email. I would like a refund for the balance of my subscription.
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4 years ago, new york post memeber
New app
The new app is so clumsy and annoying to find any flow that I am not going to renew my subscription. I loved the old app and tried very hard to accept this version. Can’t just can’t it is not enjoyable. It is more frustrating than fun Going to Wall Steet Journal
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3 years ago, maxwelldr1
While the edition is supposed to automatically download each day, it does not. They tell you to clear the cache, but on many days, it doesn’t help. Update-lately, I have not had any problems with the downloads.
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3 years ago, JK-pst
not working
lately the app has been sporadic downloading half of the paper I read the print version and it's just not been up to par use the email to report problems sometimes that works sometimes it doesn't or they will give you fixes that are not intuitive and hard to understand when it's working I do like it but that isn't always the case
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3 years ago, ThisIsBalderdash
Print edition downloads won’t
Every morning our the current print edition does not come up. The setting to REMOVE all downloads after 1 day doesn’t work. We see 15 or so prior issues with no options to delete them. We dislike the Digital edition and are considering deleting the New York Post app altogether.
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3 years ago, 14street George
A day without the Post is like a day in Pennsylvania.
First to Wall Street Journal and then to the Post to get the real story. Content -A+ Format-B Test drive-C+ Crashes and runs a little buggy Altogether worth it
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4 months ago, podisc
A lot of money for nothing
They just don’t care. They blame all the errors on Apple! Pictures don’t show, paper doesn’t load…. A lot of money for the glitchiest app there is. I keep sending emails to support but they always say sorry, it’s Apples fault. Stop blaming Apple and get your act together. I know a couple of 10 yr olds who could probably fix this.
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1 year ago, Waccabuc Man
Start of Every Day
My first check of the world news starts with the NY Post…often send articles and the cover to associates and family. Prefer less celebrity pieces but a great and honest paper.
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2 years ago, 40 Year Reader
It's Worse
Print edition view is just awful recently. Crashes multiple times. When not connected to the internet, a gray bar across the screen tells you that you are not connected. Thanks. I know that. That’s why I downloaded the paper. There is nothing to refresh. And the bar blocks the screen.
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12 months ago, Rex Wyon
Latest Version not working on IOS 12
Our organization has four older iPads in use and three are not working with the current NY Post application. The one that is still working did not have automatic updates . . . . it has the prior application and is still working. Bottom line, if you are using an older iPad, DO NOT UPGRADE TO THE CURRENT APPLICATION.
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2 years ago, NY Jo
Digital news in App no longer exists
The app used to be great, but now the “digital news” version in the app is just the web page and functionality is horrible. I love the NYPost. But please, what happened to that nice clean news interface?
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2 years ago, AmityVilleNY
Great Value
So it crashes occasionally. Just reopen it. You get the NY Post, with pages like the newspaper, for about 30 cents a day! Outstanding!
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3 years ago, Frustrated News Wonk Reader
NY POST download troubles
I’ve been having trouble with this App for years. Sometimes it likes to download, other times NOT I am constantly opening, closing, opening, closing... all in the hopes it will download. I press the square button, press the “download” button... open it up and see yesterdays’ edition, the day before. Rarely, on the open does it display the current edition.
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3 years ago, j;in
Slow to download
I love the Post. I was born and raised in New York, so started reading the Post as a child. I’m now an old man and still like to read the Post first thing when I get up. so frustrating that it won’t download on my iPad sometimes for 30vminutes. Drives me crazy!
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2 years ago, serenade96
New upgrade has a few kinks
Love the Post, but this new upgrade/redesign is not great for me. The “back” button frequently does not work. I have to close the app and reopen it to continue. Also the pop-ups are a pain. Frequently the pop-ups move the text of the article that you are reading, and you find yourself back at the beginning of the article. Otherwise it is still the Post, the most fun newspaper to read in the USA.
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3 years ago, Marian Barford
Lousy service-take away the one star!
I can’t tell you how very many years I have been a faithfulNY POST lover. My beloved Cindy Adams was probably still in diapers and Michael Goodwin in first grade! No matter where in the world I traveled, I always secured my NY Post, once paying $10 in Manus, Brazil! Now comes the digital age. I hate it! It breaks down more often than my first car, a ten year old, 1954 four door, bench seats, diarrhea brown Ford Fairlane. WHY can’t these people? robots? minions? whatever, make it possible for me to open my tablet by 9:00 am and get this days paper???????? Please. I am now old and cranky but still love my NY POST.... SOMEONE DO SOMETHING!!!!!!! Thank you (I think)
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3 years ago, floralpark39
Constant shut downs
I don’t understand why my newspaper version constantly shuts down on me especially when I enlarge images. Although I enjoy read the Post, I may have to cancel my subscription soon.
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2 weeks ago, Too Much Man
I used the exact same words that the NY Post used in their news article, when I tried to post a comment in the “What do you think? Post a Comment”, but they didn’t like it when I used the words. Now I am permanently blocked, and they don’t tell you. The feature is just disabled. Be warned.
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11 months ago, N.Y. Girl
Unable to tap in.
Took my monthly payment for June but unable to tap in to read the paper during the month of June. No wonder there are so many one star and two star reviews. If this is not resolved, I will cancel. Too bad this is not a better experience.
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2 years ago, Parker7!
Unusable with latest update
Can’t get stories in real time. They don’t load and interface is horrible. I have been a paid subscriber to this app for years and now can’t use it. Very disappointing.
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3 months ago, ChopItunes
Simply awful
This is exactly like the digitized version of old newspapers you'd access in archives, just images of the print version. Not separated into articles, you have to tap and swipe through the pages as if they were paper. You can do better, NY Post.
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9 months ago, NY Post is terrible
I pay you for the NY post monthly yet all I see are ads. That is awful
I pay a monthly subscription fee yet all I see are ads I may cancel. I can’t read an article with out seeing multiple ads and having to re-scroll multiple times
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