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9 months ago
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User Reviews for New York Post for iPhone

4.07 out of 5
15.7K Ratings
4 years ago, Vjsviking
Good Content but Predictably Unstable App
I read 30 minutes or so worth of articles on the app every day. Thoroughly enjoy the content and the layout. There is one constant glitch that needs to be addressed. Each day as you scroll down the time line of articles in Latest News and you pass an advertisement along the way.....poof! The entire day’s content of articles reverts back to yesterday’s catalog. The only way to get back to today’s articles is to completely shut down and erase (not delete) the active version of the app and reopen it. Then you must start all over again scrolling through all of the current day’s articles you’ve already read to get to where you were before the glitch occurred.
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2 years ago, Katniss821
Good not great
I generally like the app and would give it more stars but for a few extremely annoying aspects. First, pop up ads and videos that are impossible to stop and/turn off without clicking on them, which takes you to the advertiser (advertisers - hope you don’t pay by the click). This has gotten increasingly worse. I used to be able to control this but no longer. Second, is the Top News and Latest Stories tabs, combined with failure to refresh with new articles. Instead, they are usually just shuffled over the course of a day. Plus there is no real difference between top news and latest stories - it is the same 10 articles, just in a different order. The other categories rarely change their stories over the course of a day, which defeats the purpose of an app. Need some variance and more updating in all of this. Also need more content checking - misspelled words, missing words at times is understandable with breaking news but not when the article is up for more than a few hours. Despite the foregoing, I still use this app all the time and like it because, overall, the content is different from what you get elsewhere. But the increased pop ups and videos may cause me to delete the app.
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2 years ago, ITriedAnotherNicknameOK
Was good for a while, but quality has declined significantly
My biggest issue with the most current version is how easily it crashes and freezes, and how unresponsive it can be. Clicking on a menu takes at least 30 seconds before the action is performed and that section opens. Then another 15 seconds till you can start scrolling through articles. Click an article and it won’t open for 30 more seconds. Then when the article opens, the wheel spins for a bit before the actual article appears. Support was contacted, they responded once suggesting clearing the cache, I did that and it didn’t work, and never got a second reply after I let them know it didn’t work. The ads also dominate the pages, and sometimes run on repeat, forcing a closure of that article. Too bad, because I used to love reading the Post this way, but the overall quality of the app needs a lot of help to compete with other news sites.
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2 years ago, GS-ASAP
Hunter Biden
Are you not at all embarrassed at your refusal to concede that Hunter Biden’s laptop DOES exist, until you couldn’t deny it any longer. Now you refuse to admit there is actually evidence of the link between Hunter and his worthless father’s entanglement with the Chinese government and the transfer of millions of dollars to line the Biden family pockets while granting special consideration. Since it only took you 2 years to finally admit your failure to provide the PUBLIC with the actual truth, I’m sure you will avoid any semblance of honesty in reporting the latter. This is not about political affiliation. JUST report the truth, oh, I forgot, you are in the business of subverting the truth until you can no longer deny it, then you merely push it to the side writing that you just discovered new evidence. You would do the world a great service by closing you news network down. And by “NEWS “, I mean that in the lowest bar possible comparing your information reporting, to the rag papers sold in supermarkets.
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4 years ago, carl3rd
Outside looking in (with mouth agape)
Informative, always entertaining and brutally honest. Seemingly, as a blue collar lSouth Carolinian reading from across the Mason/Dixon, the only way for the average person to draw attention to whatever their plight may be. And always with results. Never afraid to bash the politically correct but treats all sides fair as I see it. Humorous in their wordplay and they can cross the “line of neutrality” somehow in their opinions but quick and ready to confront and even bash all parties deservingly so. Read it online twice a day at a minimum....especially the Metro section...and never fail to get floored and astonished by the politics and crime, and the political criminals. Far removed from the suburban South, and yet I’ve learned to respect the resilience and compassion of the majority of the city. There is only one NYC and will only be one NYPost.
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5 years ago, NCShipwreck
Becoming worthless
Thankfully this is a free app... I don’t write many reviews but this app deserves one. I live out of NY but remain a loyal NY sports fan and honestly NY Post has the better sports section for covering the Rangers, Giants, Mets and Yankees. I used to be able to click and article and have it open almost immediately, certainly within 5 seconds. Since an more recent update I click an article and it takes 60-90 seconds to open and sometimes, it isn’t even the article I clicked on. Apps are supposed to be fast, who has time to waste when opening an article only to get presented with a different article. Then there are the resets... I don’t know what else to call them. I’ll be scrolling down the page of headlines in the sports section to suddenly be brought back to the main screen of the app. It didn’t crash, it just reset. If an update doesn’t resolve the load times, I’ll will improve them by using a different app.
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4 years ago, Richie/S
Thank you guys for actually running articles that don’t necessarily agree with men being shot by police, but reporting stories that also shine a light on the fact that career criminals, although sadly killed, don’t need streets named after them, they aren’t heroes, and in other cases, guys on probation (meaning they also have a criminal past), “getting their life together” probably shouldn’t be drunk, asleep on line in a drive through restaurant, and while “getting their life together”... probably should not be drunk driving, and probably should listen to police and comply with peaceful directions. Watching and reading other media outlets is borderline pathetic. I appreciate your reporting of multiple sides of events. -Rich
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2 years ago, DavidGdad
Great news. Aggravating app.
The app is decent in many ways, with one exception that will make me delete it. When one is reading the latest stories, there is *often* an update that suddenly changes focus from the headline being read to the top of the page. This happens quite often, with no way to continue reading except to scroll down through a myriad of headlines already noted. By the time the original place is found, another “update” occurs. I’ve found that I simply don’t want to read the Post any more. Maybe browser reading will be better. Now, (late 2022) full page ads pop up. That would be tolerable if they had a way of getting back to the story. Some do, but others have no discernible way of exiting to return to the story. Again - great news, horrible app.
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3 years ago, puccini Doberman
It’s good to have another opinion, even if it’s only one that’s allowed. I think we’re in a very strange America that’s copying the countries that everyone left for The great America. Some people who are not used to freedom and not used to the style of the United States don’t care or notice what others might call it the downward spiral. I don’t see people moving to Canada and that would be one of the easiest moves a person could make... Other countries want to know who’s coming in they protect the people that are currently in that country who came in the way the country asked them to... we lock our houses and we lock our cars?????
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4 years ago, ACMC23
Content is Excellent; App is too slow
I really love the Post in general. It is the best NYC paper by far. I just wish this app worked better. Sometimes the content loads fine but lots of times it takes too long for an article to load or it just doesn’t load at all. It is a free app so it is selfish of me to complain but I just think if ur going to go through the trouble to create an app it should load content relatively well. I’m disappointed at times with the app but at least I can mostly see the headlines of the articles to get a general idea of the news at the current moment. I’m glad the app exists and thanks for creating it. Hopefully the speed and efficiency of it will improve soon.
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4 years ago, K8bd2
Great content; privacy concern issues
Very timely news with a good mix of informative and entertaining articles. My only real issue is with the location tracking feature of the app. There does not appear to be a way to deactivate location tracking through the app itself and the app does not appear in the location services section of the iOS settings. The only way I’ve found to stop seeing ads tailored to my specific location is turning location services off completely, which I prefer not to have to do. I’ve withheld deleting the app thus far due to the great content and timeliness of the newspaper. I am eager to see an update which adds settings in which users can opt out of location tracking (which is not necessary for this app in the first place).
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1 year ago, DKCO
What is wrong with you guys! What is wrong with your development team? Do you like your app going down the drain? Your ads are incessant, and horrible. Now, you have an extremely extremely terrible banging noise of some kind, it sounds like some horrendous pounding ad of some kind, but…’s invisible! There is nothing that I can find to turn it off, it’s just there. Moreover, you said you would cut down on your ads. You lied. It’s worse than ever. I loathe your site now. Please put in a pay function and I’ll pay it to go ad free. It’s horrible. Your site was once #1. Now, it’s terrible with an ad every other news story. Pitiful site. STOP THE ADS, or add a pay function. PLEASE!!!! Your ratings are sinking like a stone, and I don’t write reviews like this to sites I like. I like your content, but it’s becoming next to impossible to enjoy it.
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1 year ago, Rooster Carson
Latest update replete with pop up ads
The NY Post is the last of several news apps that I still use but the latest update has gone too far with pop up ads. I regret updating and will probably end up deleting this his app all together. It was nice while it lasted but all good things must come to an end and so has the ny post. Update Oct. 6, 2022: Well I tried to keep it but one of the latest pop up ads is the annoying “stop saying very” ad with music. There’s no way to stop it other than closing and quitting the ap. After the third consecutive time this morning I deleted NY Post. I hope the fractions of a cent you made for each pop up that drove a loyal follower away was worth it. I’ve always hated it when they say “when it’s gone it’s gone” but that’s exactly how I feel. I’m gone and when I delete an app I never reinstall it.
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4 years ago, Frank712
The NY Post is The NY Post
I’ve been using the app for several years now and for the most part it works just fine. There were some big updates made earlier this year that made the app nearly worthless to use - content would take FOREVER to load, the app wouldn’t launch all the time on alerts, it would “bomb out” to the home screen for no reason, and other little “buggie” things that drove me crazy. The developers have done a very good job in addressing most of those issues and the app is ALMOST back to 100% - I’m still experiencing “bomb outs” though less frequently. As for content, well as the title of my review says It’s The NY Post. The paper itself is a mix bag of informative articles and editorials that come across more as gossip than opinion. And there ls Page Six 🙄. The sports section is one of THE BEST in the biz.* 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Overall I like the app And there are no doubts that I will continue to use it for as long as The NY Post is around. *( just don’t take their fantasy football advise 😒)
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2 years ago, FireFishMike
Giving my favorite entertaining news app an uno hurts, but it’s not my fault,… read why
It’s astonishing how poorly this app has come along from its first release to now. There’s virtually zero improvements whatsoever. The app itself is very glitchy, resource hogging (and constantly crashing due to enormous memory hogging of what I can only suspect are endless cookie injection attempts that are blocked by Apple but nobody has bothered to write exception codes in their web services buildout to properly convey their web content for their iOS app) and all in all poor performance on the iOS platform. The Page Six app is just a clone that narrows into Page Six and has different branding colors, but to be fair I’ll save that review for that app listing. They could’ve hired me to do this app as a joke and it would’ve been better for the iPhone 4s years ago.
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4 years ago, mayerbee
New York post app
I’ve had this app for a very long time and I am very very disappointed on it… So many times when I go on the app in the middle of being on it The light dims on it meaning the New York post app turns the whole iPhone much darker ...,That’s number one.... Number two so many times I am on it and in the middle of being on it it goes blank and I have to start from all over from scratch......Number three it’s repetitive in other words I can read five articles and right after that is the same exact five hour articles,…So altogether I am very very dissatisfied with this app… I would like to continue reading the New York post but this app on the iPhone is extremely extremely bad I hope that my constructive criticism will not be taking personaly and I hope that you guys can fix all this issues thank you so much looking forward for New andNewYork Post appPs
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11 months ago, WorkingIntheCloud
Obtrusive Ads
I pay for a subscription on the iPad and it works well. The iPhone app is not tied to subscription and new way they deliver ads are obtrusive and you can’t exit ads. I’ve used this app for years and watched all the horrible ways they have tried to monetize. Just offer a subscription so option to read without interruption of poorly implemented ad model. Going to delete this app and just read on the web or through Apple News. ***Uodate*** They have no idea what they want this app to be. Same problems as before although it's gotten a little less buggy. But know they have turned off the ability to click on images so you can make them bigger to view and they are just inline. Giving up on the app and will just read in Apple News as it fixes all the issues.
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3 years ago, DAS8893
Always crashes and Refreshes unexpectedly
This app is so glitchy. I’ve had it for years and is usually one of my top go to news apps. It was always and ok app and I was never really annoyed enough with its intermittent glitches to write a review but recently the glitches have only gotten worse rather than better. It’s always intermittently refreshed pages while I’m in the middle of reading an article or just scrolling but now it also actually crashes and kicks me out of the app while I’m in the middle of reading an article or even while I’m only scrolling. I’ve cleared the cache several times and deleted and reloaded the app. Please update this apps bugs sometime soon as I’m ready to permanently delete it and I’m sure I’m not the only user experiencing this amount of frustration.
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4 years ago, SlappyMcButterPants
App itself is not good
The Post is the Post, and for the most part people know what they’re gonna get in content when they read it. The app’s biggest issue is that when I scroll through the article list, it will randomly go back to the top of the scroll. That is utterly insane when I have to find where I was when it bounces back to the top. I’m addition, when it does bounce back to the top, many times it “refreshes” to an older version, so I have to reload to get the current article list. Also, it seems rather odd that many times you’ll never see the front page article as a top featured one in the list. It’s ridiculous that an app that should be relatively simple to build has this many issues. I look forward to a response from the developers.
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7 months ago, Jham102
Great…before the recent “user improvement updates”
My favorite news app, until a recent update. They added pop up ads that can only be closed by clicking on the “x”, but in reality, that “x” is the link to a website or the AppStore. Even after being forced to open the link on the ad, you still aren’t able to get to the story or article. So you end up having to close and reopen the app several times in order to get to the actual article. Update: They did appear to fix the issue with the most recent update
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1 year ago, Chubby05!
Awful App
I hate the way this App makes me watch 30 second videos just to continue reading articles. I will purposefully avoid buying those products that make those ads. Another annoying feature that recently started is the pop-up adds that stay on the screen for like 10 to 15 seconds before you can hit the X in the upper right hand corner to get rid of them. What is especially annoying is that these adds display gross pictures like teeth, gums, or fat stomachs or almost pornographic pics of large breasts and the like — anyone sitting along side you would think you are a weirdo or pervert with those kind of pics on your screen. These changes in advertisements annoy me so much I think I will cancel my NY Post subscription when it comes up for renewal. PLEASE STOP!!!!
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3 years ago, BassnA
Great for news, not for reliability
I've been using this app for years, I remember a time when there were no ads on it. Over the years they added banner ads and pop-ups, I understand they need revenue to support the app and keep it free. But stability of the app has gotten worse every time they've changed it and added new ads. Both my iPad and iPhone will freeze after reading a few articles or slow to a crawl before an ad pops up. To the point the app will crash or I have to wait several minutes for the phone to respond so I can force close the app. It's trash, I still however love the NY Post and I hope they fix the issues soon.
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2 years ago, Toplinesportsny
App ads
This used to be such a wonderful app to navigate and get all of my reliable news. Now every minute or so I keep getting these pop up ads for a PlayStation golf sim game that is beyond annoying, can’t be clicked off, and even if I indulge the ad by clicking and going to their page, Still can’t clear the ad and have to keep waiting. Have never minded your quick ads prior (you need revenue) but this one is beyond intrusive, constantly repeating, and in fact is so annoying that I stopped patronizing TopGolf because their name is splashed all over the ad that has been annoying me daily for a couple weeks now. Getting close to deleting this app if this isn’t a one off and is becoming the norm. Pray not.
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4 years ago, Dive_Master
SO Long to load !!! - update
Does the Post even READ these reviews?? EVER? Post after post - after post - after post of the app being so freakin SLOW I am a news junkie. I admit it. I read a lot of news from a lot of different apps. This app by FAR is the worst. Takes FOREVER .... and ever .......and ever....and ever load a news article!! Click on a story - then go get a cup of coffee... come back and the article just might have loaded: added - and get this - i PAY for it! Not anymore!! Note: Nov 21 - tried to read article about Target employee dying on the job. Didn’t load. Killed ALL my background apps & a hard reboot on my iphone. Closed ALL Safari windows open. The article NEVER - ever - opened in 5 minutes of waiting. I’m moving on from the piece of trash they call an app. Before you ask - YES - i have the current version from the App Store on Iphone 6 with all current updates. Absolutely - completely Ridiculous in this day and age. And to be completely honest i like the Post and the writers and the articles(when i can read them) I’d like to know who in their IT Dept wrote the app - AND are they still employed? Or was it contracted out to some kid living in the basement in his parents house.
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4 years ago, manhat traveler
Pop up Ads Stink
The ads are right in the middle of the articles, they constantly open even if you don’t click on them, they are extremely annoying and useless, I NEVER, NEVER pay attention to them or read them, all they are doing is ruining your brand, ruining the experience. What we do need is more photos that exactly mimic the print edition. There are a dearth if photos as compared to the print edition. Native New Yorker but I’ve started to read the UK’s Daily Mail for US and NY news instead—just to get more applicable photos and longer stories. Also—need more photos, like the print edition!! Daily Mail has all its photos and tons of them. AND when you click on story the thumbnail photo on the main page of list of stories—disappears!! You need to have that thumbnail photo loaded into the story as well!!
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10 months ago, lamichigan
Does losing readers in droves actually mean anything???
Excessive pop up ads with strategically placed ‘x’ on finger scroll, delayed ‘x’ forcing reader to wait out the annoying malware ad, the ‘x’ being in different places, the impossible to remove and annoying auto play music when you attempt to read an article, the same recycled stories as you scroll the app, and the freezing of my screen. I could go on and on, but I believe my experience duplicates that of many long time users of NYP. No more of this trash and tactless ways to monetize NYP. Either make it a subscription or provide a product readers will use without all the irritation and annoyances. There are far too many choices to be a fool and put up with this. Was mere pennies a click really worth it? I. Am. Done.
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4 years ago, review #4545
Great app, a bit glitchy
Great app, far better news,op-eds & content than most free news apps. Latest update has a weird glitch where, when reentering the app (not closing it fully but coming back to it at a later point in the day) the fresh articles will appear but when you attempt to open them they never load (not just on LTE but in strong WiFi as well). When app is closed and reopened 1-2 times the fresh articles will open immediately and be readable through the bottom of the article. Small glitch but fantastic writers with unparalleled NY Sports content! 5 star app when glitch is gone
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1 year ago, wclifford13
Longtime NY Post Reader- unbearable ad load
Been a huge fan of the post my entire life and used to love the app… however, the new ad loads make it almost unbearable to read. Interrupts the reading experience constantly, they change the close-out button/exit function depending on the ad(which almost seems as an effort to trick readers into clicking to other pages within the ad)— coming from someone in the ad business who fully understands the need to open up new inventory, it seems like you completely ignored the reader in this move. I would spend significantly more time in the app if the ad experience wasn’t so intrusive. (Also, I rarely write reviews like this so it’s saying a lot…)
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1 year ago, Bigbobhill
Obnoxious ads akin to PC maleware.
Seriously. Content viewpoints aside, the NY post app has never been “great.” It was laggy and crashed randomly until somewhat recently, when it received a welcomed makeover and stability fix. But with that came the worse ads I’ve experienced in any app. Autoplay videos, automatic open to App Store ads, ads placed predatorily near scroll areas so you’ll hit them, name it and the post has implemented it. This would be considered malware if it occurred on a desktop computer. Until they fix it, if you’re like me and need NY sports and local news, read the website in a browser with an ad blocker, or even without because the website ads aren’t a tenth as bad as the app.
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4 years ago, i81u812many
App no longer works
I've had the app for a year and other than not being able to view pics or play videos in articles, worked fine until today. Would not refresh new articles and kept crashing so I deleted and reinstalled. Now the app won't load at all. All I get is an error saying that the server is apparently down. Way to go NYP. Now I have to read a real paper and get my fingers dirty. *Update Works great. No complaints. Would like to have ability to comment on articles. That would make it a 10 star.
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1 year ago, Hpint37
It was good until it wasn’t
The new ad placement is going to cause me to delete the app and get my news elsewhere. Getting an ad forced on me after every 2 articles are looked at is ridiculous. It’s constant interruption that is extremely annoying. You have enough ads placed throughout the app already. When someone looks at the list of celebrity photos there are ads, between stories there are ads that incidentally open immediately if you are scrolling and your finger hits it. Getting interrupted every other article is just greed and nonsense. I’ve used this app for 2 years but it can go away. Life already has too many disruptions and distractions
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3 months ago, Impala_sc
more video ads than content
this is allegedly a tabloid newspaper app but it has more full screen video ads than any TV news app i’ve used, and you can’t even close them. I just kill the app and don’t return. update: got a response from the developer asking for screenshots which i provided. +1 star. update 2: after improved performance being able to close most full screen video ads i got a response from the developer they are temporarily suspending that ad format. + 1 star
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2 years ago, nn6eumtr
Needs work
I finally deleted this app after about seven years, the app constantly freezes for long periods of time (seconds to minutes) while loading advertising leaving the front page frozen and/or making it difficult to view the stories - the problem is much worse if you travel outside the NYC area. The app also consumes a ton of CPU while idle (if I leave the app open it will make the phone run hot and drain the battery). I can’t imagine a legitimate reason for a news app to burn that much CPU, I have long suspected the mobile ad networks they use try to mine crypto or something like that. For now on I’ll use Safari to browse the NY Post mobile web site which seems to solve all these issues.
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1 year ago, John_9922
New Ad integration is a bit much
I don’t mind watching a few ads in apps that I feel bring good and valuable content. If the monetization assists in maintaining the delivery of that content it is well worth the few minutes of advertising then so be it. But the Post’s newly rolled out ad strategy in the iOS app is a bit much in terms of the length of some of the ads. I realize that these aren’t necessarily curated by the post but forcing me to watch a god-knows-how-long advertisement for a game (multiple times) as I use your app is painful. By all mean monetize … but maybe work with your ad platform to ensure shorter ads.
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2 years ago, LAKingsMan
Open Feedback Forum
Unlike many news apps, the reader can leave article comments in opinion forums after each story. These public forums are the only opportunity for readers to let the public know how they feel about a news story. As a result of the NYP not providing that opportunity, I find myself spending more time on competitor news sites where opinion forums are welcomed. Fox has it down. Get with the program! For a major news outlet, I’m shocked you don’t offer that!
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4 years ago, Dtgalvin
Love the stories but slow loading at first
I love reading the NY Post. Most stories are very informative and I believe very fair and most importantly, primarily written from a conservative viewpoint. Which is very rare these days with most news organizations. Only complaint is how long it takes to load some stories. Literally, it can take nearly 5 minutes. It’s only first thing in the morning or at night when the news cycles change. At least that’s what it appears. Fix that and I will make the rating 5 stars.
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2 years ago, Barby the Queen
Great app until recently “Update”
The app has been fixed & is working great. All of the glitches have been taken care of. I enjoy reading the New York Post every morning & I live in California. Thank you for fixing the app in a timely manner. This app used to function normally. Lately it freezes. I’ve deleted it & reinstalled it on my iPhone. Still freezes. It also causes my phone to get hot. I’ve been using this app since 2016. I’m very disappointed.
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4 years ago, RaLamothe
Free is always the beat
Granted, if you want to buy the paper you have to pay for it - but sometimes all one wants is to read an article or two and that’s it. I like the fact that this digital newspaper is free. There are way too many things in America that costs money when the service or the product isn’t worth the price of bubblegum. I don’t even live in NYC anymore and I still read this paper. Thanks NYPost for giving the little guy a break in these subscription wars! I’ll keep reading!
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1 year ago, instructor1
Everything You Need To Know
Since moving to Orlando Florida, you have one local daily paper. Whether you like it or not they choose what you read with whatever slant they want. The New York Post provides diversification (although it does lean slightly to the right) and knows that they have competition from at least two other paperweights. I miss the reporting if there NYP, but still pick it up when I can. If only they had home delivery down here.
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1 year ago, gadgetfreak00
Ads and tracking out of control. Use web site instead
I enjoy the content generally — even if I often don’t agree with the politics. Just good to know what people with different views think. However the volume of ads and the creepy tracking has increasingly become bothersome at a minimum and often disconcerting. Clearly the app is tracking my other activity — even with app tracking off. Gross. So while it is slightly less convenient, I have decided to delete this data sucking, ad serving app and instead access the site via the web where I have more granular control over privacy matters.
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2 years ago, Red's Herring
The Rest of the Story
It’s important to be able to trust the media outlets one receives news from. Take in what all sides are reporting, form an INFORMED opinion, and make note of the ones who get their stories right. The New York Post is one I have grown to trust over time and has been a reliable source that questions the MSM narratives and peels back more layers and nuances to get more of the truth revealed. They aren’t my only, nor my favorite, but they have gotten it right more than most others.
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9 months ago, Mikesletters27
App unstable and ads take over the app
You can read an article and an ad pops up you lose your place articles repeat themselves. A Star Wars video ad popped up, as others and are difficult to shut down. Went to another section read articles however the star war audio kept playing in the background. Difficult to find the ad to shut it down. I even closed the app; deleted reinstalled the NY POST app didn’t work audio still playing. Who does your internet web programing the same person that does advertising for BUD LIGHT! This is too much work for me! You guys don’t use your own app some jerk is telling you it works just fine- and you believe them!
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1 year ago, Pragmatic guy
Good content, poor functionality
The New York post was a go to new source for me. It’s willingness to report rather than spin the news was welcome. Recently, this app has become nothing less than a hot mess. The pop-up ads are ridiculous. For example, attempting to read the news at 6:40 in the morning, my screen froze for a woman’s lingerie ad. I attempted to close it. It did not close, it took me to another pop-up for the same lingerie company. When I closed that, the app automatically opened a web browser taking me to the lingerie company website. Horrible that the Post is putting advertising revenue above journalism.
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3 years ago, Joe Nutz 23
Tooooooooo Many Ads!!!!
You’ve completely ruined the app with the constant and repetitive ads! As well as your left leaning political views! Just report the NEWS. I could care less about your writing staffs OPINIONS This newspaper has become a race war baiting decisive rag!! you telling lies like the white guy got beat up in the store because he said the N-word but no audio to prove it! Trying somehow to justify an assault, You haven’t been reporting all the black assaults of white folks that are going on throughout this country. you don’t even use their race as probable motive for unprovoked attacks, but it’s always used when it’s white on black but it’s never used when the crime is black on white and you’re becoming disgustingly embarrassing and should be ashamed of yourselves!
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3 years ago, WJimenez1
Thoughts on my First week using NY Post
Started looking at NY Post for the 1st time ever last month. Liked their news specifically on politics, business and many International news and affairs- I think they Are very fair and balanced. However, the Phone App is atrocious. it doesn’t allow me to pick specific news (international, political etc...). The apps main screen always starts off with sports, sports and more sports- overwhelming Sports information (not interested). I wish it would allow users to opt out of certain categories. I wish I could depend more on NY post Phone App for “Valuable current affairs and news” not so much sports or Hollywood celebrities. Please fix this App!!!!
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4 years ago, Burkebiz
Current, Relevant News
There are many readers of The Post scattered throughout the country. Although obviously a NYC-centric publication, it enjoys wide appeal for its crisp and succinct style. The opinions are always thought-provoking without the constant liberal drum beat and dubious “facts” that dominate MSM. And the occasional poke in the eye to that other fancy pants NY publication is always appreciated. The app loads quickly and refreshes several times a day. If one wants to skip the front page chaos of national and world news, the pull down menu is quick and easy with multiple tabs of interest. KB, loyal reader from Philly, PA
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3 years ago, mrcaddie
Just Keeps Getting Worse
Just like all the other reviewers from the last couple of weeks, I too am frustrated by this app constantly closing and getting the front page news from three days ago. The new glitch in the matrix, if you can keep the app open long enough, is that you can now only scroll down to the 18th or 20th headline (story) and then you’re hit with a loading notice (with the circle of death) and no more headlines will load after that. I tested this today, I scrolled down to the 18th story and got the loading message, kept my iPhone on my desk for an hour and not a single story/headline loaded after the first 18…nothing! Please fix this.
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3 months ago, JebJaf
Unbearable Spam like Ads
I am disappointed with the NY Post app. Despite being a premium subscriber, I am constantly bombarded with ads that are not only intrusive but also difficult to close. This issue significantly detracts from the user experience, making the app nearly unusable. The persistent ad interruptions disrupt my reading flow, and the challenging navigation to close these ads adds to the frustration. This experience has led me to consider offloading the app from my phone. It's disheartening that a subscription, which should offer an ad-free experience, fails to do so, undermining the value of the premium service.
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5 months ago, SZimmie
Good News Articles, Horrible Marketing Practices
Update: Today it actually got much worse. Now your moron marketeers think I’m going to sit through and watch a 30 second video game advertisement. You have zero concept of who your readers are. Original Review: I used to like to read NYP articles on this app, but marketing practices have become a notch below snake-oil salesman. And today you added dramatic music as soon as the app loads — and it doesn’t stop! It’s one of the stupidest things I’ve seen in software development! Your software project manager is absolutely insane! I like to read in silence, and not be subjected to some morons concept of music! If I could rate your app with a ZERO, I would.
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2 years ago, Jokaaah
No way
I downloaded the app because the NYP can have some good, different stories to read. Then I read the first few reviews that came up, they were all bad except one that was from over 2 years ago. I then decided to switch the view to read the most recent reviews and they were even worse. After reading about the various problems people described, especially all the ads and the difficulties simply trying to read one article, I knew this app was not right for me. It’s probably not right for a majority of people that may decide to try it. Anyway, I downloaded the app but no way am I going to load it - reading the reviews is enough!
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