News 10 NBC WHEC

4.6 (6.2K)
75.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for News 10 NBC WHEC

4.61 out of 5
6.2K Ratings
9 months ago, all the monikers are taken
Best morning weather person ever!
Rich C delivers the best weather weekday mornings. He is clear, and memorable. His forecasts stay with me. Others I have listened to seem to go in one ear and out the other. I turn to him every morning and look forward to having a good idea of what the day will bring. He is terrific. I tell my family how great he is all the time. For me it is comforting to know I enjoy his reports and can count on Rich to start my day prepared knowing what to expect. Kudos Rich! And thank you!
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6 months ago, you don't wanr to print this
Weather coverage
You are my ‘go to’ station for weather coverage! I live in Seneca County 5miles directly across Seneca Lake from Pen Yan - a distance of 5 miles as the ‘crow flies’. As a lifelong resident of Seneca County I depend on the forecast to determine my travel plans for each day. What happens in South County is not always the same weather hitting northern Seneca County due to influence of Lake Ontario. It appears Seneca County is not considered in your coverage area even though you cover all of Wayne County which extends further east than Seneca County! It is annoying to watch the weather map for fronts headed my way from the west when the weather person stands directly over Seneca County! Elevation and Seneca Lake affects our weather and will often ‘divert’ streams of weather coming from the west. It would be nice to be able to see the split in the weather fronts to see the line of snow/rain headed our way. In closing I really like the addition of Stacey Pensgen to your team. She and Rich Canigla give the most consistently accurate weather report for my area!
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5 years ago, Klmfish
Not really compatible with Apple TV
I downloaded this to my new Apple TV so that I could stay update on local happenings, especially the weather forecast (since the Weather App for Apple TV is not that great). Unless I am streaming live (which freezes constantly and then I freezes further into the news cast meaning I miss everything during the time it froze) the only things available are Good Question, Inside the Evidence, NY State Exposed, scholar athlete, Deanna's Discoveries and Small Biz Spotlight. This needs a way to view the latest forecast video and the latest news broadcast- even if it is not a live stream anymore, say at 7pm. I used to use your website but it doesn't work well with phones, none of the local stations websites do (nor do the apps). I thought the app would work better with my fast internet on my Apple TV, but am disappointed. Especially since your app is the only local Rochester station available for the Apple TV.
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1 year ago, PBerger0
Trouble installing on iOS 16.2
It installs. Then when I open it, the app wants me to touch notify in bottom right corner to send push notifications. I tap on the notify me and nothing happens. I can’t get past this screen to get it installed. I’ve had this app for years I don’t know why unless they need to put in a fix for this iOS version. Has anyone else had any problems or know how to skirt by this one?
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4 years ago, Ggtr27
Annoying features CAN be disabled
With a recent update there were some annoying features added (videos start automatically, alerts). Fortunately, both can be disabled. When the app first starts, there is a little gear icon in the top left corner. Clicking on it gives you options to Customize Alerts and disable Auto-Play Video.
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1 year ago, Jessica/ Critter Care
Channel 10 app
I can’t get pass the Next button after it says notify me. So it’s basically a bad and unusable app. I’ve tried it for days & nothing changes so I’m unable to have the channel 10 app. Which now for local news I have to choose another network/channel. What a total bummer.
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2 years ago, Jacqui No
I WANT to like the app more but I have a problem. When I scroll through the news it goes back to the top every 5 seconds. So I never see other stories than the top 4! I have tried turning my phone off. Not sure if it’s my phone or the app. It’s very frustrating to me.
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5 years ago, light of the night
Concerned parent
Channel 10 news is a wonderful station it keep you updated on the latest things that are going on and during the school year they keep you updated if schools are closing in a timely fashion I’m never not aware of what’s going on.
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3 years ago, mlcb:)
Sometimes your spelling and or grammar is incorrect this is annoying and makes me question your professionalism. Also usually when I select the first story of the day it automatically sends me to the video with sound. I have to quickly stop it. I prefer quiet reading as the default. Otherwise the organization of the app is good and it is still my default local news source.
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3 years ago, Orangeband%
Morning news reporters
Always to the point of the story. Like 10 day weather forecast. So that you may be able to plan something or change your plans
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4 years ago, keith11/19
Keith says about channel 10 news app.!
Your stories are up to date, easy to read and your app. is easy to use and on point with everything. I’ve used other ones but this is by far the best in Rochester🙂
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1 year ago, 2023Earl
Great News Source
Love the alerts and breaking news, news up to the minute, check several times a day.
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3 years ago, lumberguy23357
Audio issues
I used to like it very much but e few months ago it changed because you can’t read the stories without the audio playing which can be very disruptive.
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4 years ago, Daisy rocks
Less video, please
I wish you didn’t change most of your format to video. Sometimes in the surroundings you’re in you have to be quick and turn the volume down in order to read the article. I’d rather have the option to play video when you want to see it.
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5 years ago, Jen491
Please update this app! News 10 is my favorite local news source but I can’t use this app anymore because it freezes every time I try to open an article. I’ve tried reinstalling it, nothing works. This app has been buggy for months, but it’s totally unusable now. I get my local news elsewhere now which stinks. Please please fix the bugs!
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3 years ago, JoanieloveBuster
Great to able to say channel 10 news and weather anytime when I pick up my phone great job!!!!!
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3 months ago, Flsnman528
Needs improvement!
Everyday, the 4:00PM has some kind of mistake. Either in pronunciation, switching from one person/story to another…or the weather-woman, Stacy Pensgen, with her double pointing gesture, or hand clasped like she is praying…and worst habit she has is READING the temps from the maps, or reciting the paths a system will take when they are shown on the screen! WE CAN READ TOOTS!!!!
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5 years ago, Validi
Average old guy addicted to staying up to date
The experienced reporters who lead meaningful investigations are the best in the area. Human interest items and timely offerings enhance a dedicated staff but I feel that the over-reaction to a meaningless word flub has robbed us of the best weather person in the area.
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2 years ago, MichaelAnonymous2004
Good local news, buggy app
Their local news stories are generally well done. However, the newsfeed randomly jumps to the top of the list, which makes the app frustrating to use.
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2 years ago, jberke91
Love the news- hate the app
I have an iPhone 12 the app skips and jumps around when scrolling through the story. When you scroll down it skips and brings you 5-10 stories up. I’ve tried deleting the app completely and re downloading it- still the same issue. Looks like I’ll only be using the channel 13 app for now.
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4 years ago, Ziprrrz
Great app, keeps me in touch with the news
I am a snowbird and having this app on my phone keeps me in touch with what is happening back north.
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5 years ago, 4msfox
I enjoy the show and the sense of humor by the team! I also enjoy seeing all the ladies different dresses each day! Where do I get those same clothes?
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2 years ago, Sj44 queen of projects.
Can’t scroll through articles
App needs fixing. When you scroll through the headline articles you are randomly sent back to the top of the screen multiple times. Which is pretty annoying.
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12 months ago, Granny396
Very liberal.
This station does not report all the news and is censoring what you hear. To get the real news, you need to watch conservative and liberal news. Watch for the lies and you will notice that the main stream is twisting things. It is good for the weather however
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5 years ago, skier mike
Missing channel 10
Recently moved to Steuben county and cable doesn’t have the channel missed all of the news crews 😎
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5 years ago, Schm4869
Poor streaming
It continuously freezes and then the app closes.
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6 years ago, Queen-9
If I want politics I’ll call politician.
This App could be much better if they kept to reporting the news and gave up bombarding us with their political views just give us the news of the day I could care less what’s on your television station.
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2 years ago, Mikeeow
There are metro upstate NY regions with a fraction of the Rochester area viewership that offer far superior news apps, Syracuse and Utica for example.. This one is bad an zero attempt is made to improve it. Sleezy pop up ads with no regard for the quality or lack of quality of advertisements. Really a surprisingly bad app. Always has been. Done.
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2 years ago, PCTECH0101
Just a blank streaming message.
No news here.
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5 years ago, qwueendiva
Fast and great reporting
Weather, local, updates & more. This team keeps you informed.
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5 years ago, Newbronx1
Keeps me in touch
This site keeps me in touch with my hometown while I’m working across the country!
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2 weeks ago, Jack from cape
Very accurate
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4 years ago, cadana
Best Weather App Ever !!
It’s amazing that we have such a great tool to keep up to date with our crazy weather!!!!
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6 years ago, NRP # 1468/007
Decent app
I’m from Rochester but now I’m living in NC and like the app and 10 NBC News
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6 years ago, Irishguitar3
No way to turn off annoying breaking news notification. Push alerts sent for ridiculous reasons with no true news judgment as to what stories matter.
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2 years ago, JGraben2011
Can’t get passed the push notification screen
How do you expect me to use this app if I cannot get passed this screen to read local news?
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2 months ago, Yeye's Review
News is great
Great news coverage
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5 years ago, Dtmolinari
Does not work on iOS
App freezes when you try to read a news article or scroll. Has been like this now for 6 months and no update. Sadly, this app was rife with ads and clickbait made to look like news articles.
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5 years ago, Hdhshahdydnejs
New ui is cumbersome and unusable.
New ui is cumbersome and unusable. It was much better to swipe right and left to go between stories. Having to scroll down just to get more ads in is hard to use. Looking for a new news app bye 10 nbc
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1 year ago, too many rookies
Best weather team in Rochester and beyond!!!
Best weather team in
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1 year ago, nednerb1
I get news notifications that don’t exist in the app.
It’s all in the title. I’ll get a notification about some “breaking news”. I click it for more information and there’s no article in the app. It’s stupid.
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4 years ago, tames48
The app is great but constantly freezes. Have to close and restart.
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6 years ago, ctbken
Videos auto launching
For some reason the app now auto launches random videos and advertisements and after looking through the settings I can’t find where I have given it permission to do so. Please Fix this
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5 years ago, Jan-Michael_B
Fix it!!!
Lately the app keeps crashing. Locks up my device! I’ve uninstalled it several times and I’m thinking I may not reinstall it at this rate!!
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5 years ago, Needssearchfunction
Where’s the search function?
Decent app but needs a search function.
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5 years ago, Paulie 139
Swipe up ads
Needs fixing - I’ve had this app for years and all of a sudden I can’t even get past the initial advertisement at launch. Swiping and/or close button doesn’t work.
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6 years ago, Gdubs3287
Ads are a problem
This used to be a great app. Now with the latest update I cant read 3 full sentences without one popping up. I will probably delete this app and get my news from 13wham
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3 years ago, 716rochestertrue
News stories
Poorly written. Definitely need to hire an editor. Stories lack details. You fired Kevin Williams!!
Show more
5 years ago, Red_20
Freezes every time I open
I have a brand new iPhone and this app no longer works. Worked for like a week and now every time I open, it freezes.
Show more
6 years ago, Rochester1 NY
Video is horrible
Need to watch a 30 second commercial prior to each video. Then the video frequently causes the app to crash.
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