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11 months ago
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User Reviews for News 12 Mobile

4.76 out of 5
65.8K Ratings
3 years ago, Nancy B in Rahway
News12 is great!
I love News12 for all their great updates, especially the weather updates. I watched all the updates tonight, 7/29, and was glued to all the tornado warnings that Dave Curran and Justin Godynick were presenting. I give Dave 5 stars for not only his presentation, but for explaining to the common people (not meteorologists) how and why tornadoes happen. He used his pen in hand and his arms to educate us. That made me watch and listen even more intently. Also, last weekend, when the tornado warnings were in MY area (Carteret, Avenel, Port Reading, Colonia), my daughter and I were in the basement in case anything happened and my daughter put the News12 app on my phone so I could watch while she warned others. I won’t watch any other station except News13 BECAUSE you are so thorough, informative, and educational. Thanks, Nancy in Rahway
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4 years ago, Cannabusdriver
Copy and paste news
Every article is a copy from another publication and most, if not all, have terrible spelling and grammar. Nothing original. It’s worse when trying to view a 1 minute video. You have to sit through a 15-30 second commercial to watch a 5 second highlight. Forget about trying to browse through pictures. You can’t swipe through without swiping to another story. You can’t click through because the forward and reverse buttons are on top of each other. News articles are not updated daily. I’ve seen the same article highlighted about kid that assaulted some woman in Westport for the last 6 months, while others have been posted and removed. Not defending the kid but it certainly seems like there is an agenda here. Who is editing and curating this “news”? It’s utterly laughable this app is part of a multi billion corporation. This should supplement the channel, not hinder it or ruin its value and reputation, albeit slim as it is already. There are other, national news organizations that provide better local news coverage than “your local news 12”. It’s also laughable when that is a rebuttal they use when you tell them you want to cancel their service. “You’ll lose channel 12 access and local news coverage of you switch to any other provider.” Good riddance. Utter trash.
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4 years ago, 2 Sea
New update makes the app pretty much useless. Why would you take away features?! It’s unorganized, hard to navigate, the weather section is just awful, I can’t find the weather radar and other useful weather features, live feature or the traffic updates seem to have vanished, the layout is not user friendly, when you click on an article the video automatically starts to play which is super annoying, it isn’t updated regularly, there is hardly any new content which is probably why old news is mixed in, videos don’t always work and are preceded by endless ads which is inconvenient, and it’s visually unappealing . Also the articles have many spelling and grammar errors. I don’t understand the need to constantly “fix” things and make them virtually unusable when they were decent before. Each update seems to make things worse. I barely use the app now that’s been “updated”. I look elsewhere for Long Island weather, traffic, and news. I wish News 12 would make it easy to access traffic and weather quickly. Now there’s really no point to this app!
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4 years ago, Kaylin O.
It’s actually pretty good
Personally I like the app. A lot of people are giving the worst ratings over ads, but forget that when they watch tv that commercials are ads themselves and take almost 2-3 minutes to go away every 10 mins or so. You guys can’t relax for a thirty second ad? Jeez. I’m from white Plains and honestly a app that’s easy to check the headlines of the top stories and quickly review the weather for the week is amazing. I look, and I move on with my day there’s no reason to click on the video since the title of the video says all you need to know. Good job news 12.
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2 years ago, theindigoelixir
Disappointed and deleting its useless to me
The live video is absolutely terrible and the only reason I downloaded this for since I’m always on the go now but when I’m watching it it cuts off video makes a loud static noise and switches to something all new . Or it’s that boring show “the new normal” and all the women are just silent looking down not saying anything waiting for the camera to get switched . Like this app is weird . I’m highly disappointed they need to get it together . Bad enough on cable all they do is talk about the Bronx all day and forget that they’re “ News 12 Brooklyn” not “News 12 Bronx “ . A lot of things are going on in Brooklyn then for them to always talk about the Bronx . It’s irrelevant to us and does no good . Love Mike Rizzo tho ❤️ who ever in charge of everything need a to do better job . With this app and with the whole news reporting stories on tv as well too .
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3 years ago, Benzgirl8
Morning Routine
Each morning starts with coffee and News 12. I’ve noticed new faces with the weather updates although Rich Hoffman will always be my favorite weatherman. I also would like to express my appreciation for the segments with Marty Cantor as an outgoing guest. I also enjoy Doug Geeds segment on what’s happening on the East End. Ty Milburn is always a face I like to see on weekend airings. I have one piece of constructive criticism. News 12 always shows people getting their Covid vaccinations. It’s constantly showing people getting pricked with a needle…we get it but must we see it constantly? Can’t enjoy watching the news while eating a meal, enjoying a beverage when the news shows needles going into someone’s arm…queasy feeling watching it all the time.
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5 years ago, Gvran
Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads
Noticing the recent uptick in ads, its WAY too much...20 second ad every time you click... utter torture. Ads blocking view above the fold. Deleting app after much enjoyment in getting my news here for the past year/s- it’s just too much... too much waiting, same ad over and over, and so slow to load anything. Bleh, so disappointing, especially as an optimum costumer and having forked over Thousands of $$, over the years. This just stinks, why cant i just enjoy a service. Update- now they took out the weather report from the weather section? I like to hear what the weather man has to say. What is the point if this app? I can look at pictures of clouds and suns on my apple weather... again, chipping away at every reason i use this app. I searched for traffic & weather and got a report from last May. Its September.
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4 years ago, Kplan23
Endless ads
The Notifications never take you to the story. Right now it’s irrelevant because you get a blank page that says, “There was an error loading this content. Try again” There’s still an ad so if you like to look at ads this is your app. It’s 58°,not 78°. ******************************************* If you pay for News12 through your cable service you should demand that ads be removed from the app. This goes for all the news apps you may pay for through your cable company. As soon as I see the ad is going to be long I go find the story somewhere else where it can be read without an ad. As someone else already pointed out. The stories are all cut and pasted. It’s not journalism. It’s plagiarism. ************************* Technically the app works far better then it did ever did. Crashes, freezes and refusing to open all appear to have been fixed over the years. I don’t open the app unless I get a Notification of a story that may interest me. If you don’t open the link soon after it arrives the app opens to another story after an annoying ad. Then you have to search around and see if you can find a link. It’s really not worth the effort as it’s the same stories you can find in the Patch or Newsday.
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6 years ago, mgmiller68
Love the app, am hoping for iPhone X support.
Love the app, have been using it for a long time, and I especially appreciate today’s newest app update. Am hoping at this point that the developers add support for the new iPhone X, so that the app fills the screen entirely (I’ll email the developers and ask them if they can add this enhancement). Otherwise, it’s a great app and it keeps me updated on important events going on in the area 😊
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4 years ago, Enuf20
Live News feed not working
This app has become horrendous! First, too many ads. Then freezing during live news feed. Now, there isn’t even an option for live news! What gives, Optimum/Altice? I don’t understand how there has been no response from the developer or the News12 organization (Optimum/Altice) about the lack of live news feed and all of the other issues and comments in the reviews. I’m still getting alerts to watch some breaking news piece, but watching live still isn’t an option. The website doesn’t mention the lack of live news either. We pay a hefty monthly fee for Optimum’s service, but all we’re getting is a lack of service and no response. If you want customers to switch service providers, just say so. Otherwise, respond and fix the issues!
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3 years ago, nonsleeper
Needs 2 main fixes to be a good app
First, stop auto playing videos when you click the link to read an article. If I am reading my phone in a location where I need to be super quiet, the last thing I need is a video blaring unexpectedly. Second, on the main page it shows the date and time of the article which is great. BUT when you click to read one of those articles at the bottom of it are suggested articles to read that are OUTDATED and do not have the date stamp so you don’t know what’s real and what’s not. Reading a current article in April but the link at the bottom says “12 inches of snow expected” or “Covid cases skyrocketing”, neither of which are CURRENTLY true. Please fix this ASAP.
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5 years ago, Steilin78
Thumbs down for new “pushed” ads
I use the news 12 app each morning with my coffee to get my news however recent”updates” now having ads auto open 10-20 seconds I to trying to read an artiste working my last nerve. I understand the premium s reason for such advertising but if I’m interested in the ad, I will click on it. It doesn’t need to auto open and be shoved in my face. What you get instead when this happen is a frustrated and annoyed viewer who starts to think of where else she may get her AM news where this doesn’t happen. Seriously consider disabling this obnoxious new feature.
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5 years ago, Fastcars901
The app is new but glitchy!
The News 12 app has a new logo and little things here and there but it doesn’t fix the #1 problem I have with this app and even the News 12 website: I can’t watch videos or News 12 Live in landscape mode. For some reason it will not allow me to put the video into landscape like it it used to, it will only allow it in portrait mode even when I click the enlarge button and turn my iPhone sideways. I do not have orentation lock on my iPhone by the way. Also this app sometimes crashes and has ads every second which really gets on my nerves. And the traffic section is gone. I deleted this app from my iPhone. Waste of time!
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10 months ago, mx14
Why isn’t there a login option for Comcast / Xfinity customers???
So if your an Xfinity or Comcast customer you cannot sign in or view live TV? You also cannot use your Xfinity stream app on your mobile device unless you’re connected to your home Wi-Fi network due to licensing issues. In today’s Mobile world this makes little to no sense. My family is sick and tired of paying $200 a month for Comcast and then on top of that, paying extra for everything else all the while not being able to watch news 12 New Jersey on the go. This is why we have data plans on our mobile devices.
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5 years ago, Liberty1793
Went from Bad to Worse, Don’t Even Bother
Why do you guys keep ruining the live traffic and weather video feature? The last time you did this, you took it away completely without warning. Now it’s back, and you have to wait through over 3 mins of commercials! Also, News 12 “Plus” just means that they cluttered the actual content (when you finally get to it) with Non-Traffic/Weather related crap (which should have it’s own app). C’mon. News 12 Traffic and Weather should be just that, no exceptions, no frills as it used to be. I rely on that for quick updates through my phone. Now I don’t even bother. Fix It!!!!
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3 years ago, B Schmaling
News 12
I’m so happy Fios has the channel 12 now I’ve been waiting for this for so long .. Thank you news 12 and Fios for coming together.. As now I will watch this news channel and no other ever again I wasn’t happy how they treated president Trump just not right I’m hoping News 12 keeps up there honesty and don’t be like all the other news broadcasters and lie .. So far I’m very happy with you ..
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2 years ago, JVGJEF
BUGS in the app
Why are there duplicate headlines/news under TOP STORIES section? I’m in the SPORTS section and select an article/news to read. Once I’m done with the article, I tap on the “<“ sign to get out of the article and go back to the SPORTS section since I was there before i selected the article/news to read. I don’t end up in the SPORTS section. Instead I was taken back to the TOP STORIES section. Shouldn’t I be taken back to where I was before which, in this case, is the SPORTS section?
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3 years ago, partydude1942
More current
I wish the news on “news 12” was a little more current and up to date, instead of news from previous day!!! The weather seems to up to date But I wish local news would be same or better than other news stations!!
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4 years ago, Velmen123
No more live news?
They no longer have the option to watch them live. The best feature the app had! I used to watch the news on my phone while getting ready for work in the mornings since I was able to take my phone with me into different areas of my house.
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5 years ago, Kdelhi
Location will not update!!
For some VERY STRANGE REASON about 1+ months ago the app changed my default location to the Bronx!! I live in New Jersey & Every time I open app I have to change it!!! Maddening is all I can say. It used to work fine but NOT ANYMORE!! Stop touching stuff, you need to fix this, because I’ve stopped using it for my local weather.
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4 years ago, bklyn_v
Does its job + I stay informed!
Honestly, the app does what it’s supposed to do, and I’m happy about that. Quick, easy news consisting of short videos/articles. Yes there are ads but they're not in the way of the content. The app has improved from what it used to be. Very user friendly and intuitive design. When I just want to know what’s going on in my neighborhood, I can rely on the app
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4 years ago, Marsfrog
This app simply doesn’t work. The live stream constantly freezes after about one minute of viewing. The problem exists over multiple platforms. Réinstallation does not fix the problems. This app has not worked for months and updates to it are ineffective at rendering the app functional. Update: foolishly gave the app another try. Don’t bother, obviously optimum does not care to make a functional app. Always works flawlessly for the endless advertising but freezes quickly when there is actual “news” programming. Waste of time.
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5 years ago, Grumpy2312
Snooze 12 Commercial News!
Omg the app just keeps getting worse with each update! The news can never just have a 10 sec delay and start! You have to hit play to watch tv live,then have 1-2 ads, then the app pauses, then you must hit play again and pray live tv is not on an actual commercial break because then its more commercials. They dont need any more commercials, we already pay for the ads since you must be a subscriber to the cable company to get it. Now it also wants to play any region other then the actual region i want. Kill the Snooze, Just play the News!!!
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4 years ago, Steven$123
The upgrade made it bad
The recent upgrade to the app dropped it from 5 stars to 1 star. With the upgrade they took away the live news stream and ruined the weather forecast. The weather only shows for Jersey City no matter what town you live in. It used to be town specific. Now I have to use another app for accurate weather forecasting for where I live. Also they used to show the video of the latest weather forecast broadcasted on tv and now that is gone. It would be great if they would go back to the format before the upgrade.
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4 years ago, justinbieberloverss
If I could give it no stars I would. The app never opens or loads, any time you get a notification it brings you to the web browser instead. Never any updates to fix this issue that has been going on for a month
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3 years ago, EZ0001
Used to be better when you could subscribe
I used to live on the island full time but ever since I moved I had a News12 subscription, they have ended this and basically told me there’s no way to watch News12 anymore which is disappointing That now even with the app you must log in, I would gladly pay but that’s no longer an option and the app updates have just made it worse as I can no longer even see the headlines
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5 years ago, SabinRF
Crashes Constantly
I can’t use the app because it constantly crashes. I have deleted it and redone loaded it several times. My wife and my dad experience the same problem. Don’t waste your time trying to use this app until they fix the problems with it.
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4 years ago, Flora be
Report the news not your political crap !!!
The report on the boating accident in Freeport on August 2 and again on 8/14 was disgraceful! Trying to hype up the BLM movement on local news is horrible! This station should not be playing judge and jury while announcing the news! I’ve lost a lot of respect for this station and Optimum and am seriously considering closing my account and going to Fios!
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5 years ago, linniek1
App still crashes!!
What a worthless piece of garbage! This new update has done nothing for my iPhone or iPads. The app never gets any further than the opening screen and even that is in complete then it just crashes again and again and again. I don’t know what bugs were fixed in this l latest update, but it sure hasn’t done anything for the app on my devices. As I said, worthless piece of garbage cup. Unfortunately news 12 is the only local weather forecast I can get and since this piece of crap doesn’t work I’m left weatherless
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3 years ago, hot rods and customa
News. 12
I watch it daily and love it but miss when you had the news summary channel it was a vital part of your news so I could catch up during the day in just minutes. In my option is you need to bring it back to all your viewers Thank you
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4 years ago, viknight 49
On life
I really think that life should be looked and appreciate at the way they do their job specially when you really lived in borough of the the Bronx and the rest of New York 🗽 city they are the media the eye of the city the heart and soul of the city I am very appreciate an love the way they take out there time to bring the city the real deal the News12 ✨☝🏻💯🙂
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3 years ago, Robink of Baiting Hollow
Love News's truly my addiction...can't live without it ...everything I need to know that is happening in my world from the east end to school, community & traffic....ever since grateful for you News keep Me in the know!
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3 years ago, d bivona
I love newsmax so glad I could get it on my phone.. love ALL the shows especially Greg Kelly and Stichfield we as conservatives can’t let up and have to keep exposing the truth... cause we are not getting that on the other news media shows .. keep up the great work ..May God Bless and restore our great country...
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3 years ago, Col920
I really like having the News12 App. Although I now live in Dutchess, I grew up in Westchester and enjoy reading about what is going on. Especially since my Optimum news is mostly Dutchess County news. The only problem is they repeat the same story way too many times. Like the story of the man and his baby. I must have seen that 20 times already...
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4 years ago, Bridgeport Frank
Excellent news coverage
News 12 Connecticut provides comprehensive insightful news coverage of breaking news, investigations and human interest stories throughout western Connecticut. News 12 Connecticut is far and away my favorite news channel!
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2 years ago, Marisa620
News 12 is so helpful!
After I got rid of cable I couldn’t watch a News 12 anymore but with the app I’m able to not only watch it live, but to get news alerts is even better!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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3 years ago, Jim007410
Best news on the Long Island
Start every morning with news 12 very good reporting not political like all the other channels. All the anchors are friendly and enjoyable to watch every day, weather reports are the best and most accurate!! Thanks for being my only news station! Jim Young East Islip
Show more
4 years ago, Jokerluv
Love it
I really enjoy the app, but I can’t enjoy the full experience just because I’m not an optimum customer. Which makes no sense, because I’m with Verizon and it has News12 as a channel. So how is it good to pay for this service, but can’t enjoy it fully all because I’m not with optimum.
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3 years ago, Juttin3
Why so many ads for paying customers?
I don’t understand. If I’m a paying customer and logging into the app then why are we bombarded with 15-30second ads on video clips and the whole bottom screen beneath articles full of ads . I can see the ads for people that don’t have cable or don’t subscribe to optimum but not if I’m already paying for tv service from optimum.
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3 years ago, Str82Dapoint
No content showing
Hello, I have sent an email to your support team about this problem and have not received any replies so I'm leaving this review. I would like to bring to your attention that the app hasn't shown any content since I installed and even after all updates have been installed all I keep getting is “There was an error loading this content.” thank you for your time and hope this problem will get fixed.
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4 years ago, Kp3649
Apple TV live stream audio doesn’t work!
After this recent update, the Apple TV live stream audio no longer works! It used to work just fine, but now there’s no audio at all. Not sure what is wrong but I hope they fix it soon....
Show more
5 years ago, 67flowers
Doesn’t work
The new version, 5.1.0, actually added more bugs. Tried numerous times with complete dropouts, so I deleted & reinstalled. I actually got further this time - got to the beginning where you have to choose your region, but again dropped out. Needs another revision. I waited to see if this app was improved, but it has not. App worked beautifully until this new version. Still can’t stay open & the app help link says its invalid. I guess I have no choice but to delete!
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2 years ago, RiaGlea
Even worse
I've changed my rating from 3 stars, about a year ago, to 1 star, now. The one star is because it's one of the only apps for local news in my area. It only displays in portrait, not landscape at all. It defaults to Long Island although I've always been signed in as another area. The articles still have grammatical mistakes. At times, they are written in a confusing manner and have to be re-read to understand.
Show more
4 years ago, Mamycookie
The new version it’s horrible! It won’t open it won’t refresh the latest news or the weather! The old version was way better more easily accessible
Show more
4 years ago, Sophielofie
Constantly need to delete
I have an iPhone 11 and this app is constantly having issues. It hardly ever updates. I constantly have to delete the app and then download again to see the current stories. It’s very frustrating.
Show more
2 years ago, Night Sweats 06840
Just Awful
**It only sets up in “portrait” mode so if you use your iPad in a landscape way, the app will not switch to how your iPad is oriented. **It automatically starts video - annoying. **There are ads despite me paying monthly as an optimum customer - my $180/month is not enough to give me an ad free version? **When you are in a story and then go back to the menu, it starts you from the top all over again so you have to scroll down to find your place - annoying **Often info referenced in the TV broadcast is not available in the app. You would think that Optimum would really get their act together as the future of information will be “a La carte” and “cable cord cutting” is a real thing happening at faster rates.
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5 years ago, monroe nj
App crashes after updating
I really liked having access to news12 in my iPhone, but it seems that my last app update now causes the site to crash. I cannot get anything other than the logo. Not happy.
Show more
3 years ago, Lontkak
Can not work on iOS 12.5
Was enjoying the app and used it often but you developers rebuilt it for iOS 13. You just lost all of your older users that are stuck on 12.5. Goodbye.
Show more
3 years ago, Katnjo
Love it!
My husband is an early riser. News12 is usually on! When I get up I change the channel to watch “my morning shows with coffee of course”. Now I catch up on everything in a few minutes on the app. Again love it!
Show more
3 years ago, Not appt
Weather notification, NOT!!
Every time I get a notification to view a news or weather alert, I have to wait for 5 or 6 commercials before the report comes on. 9 times out of 10, I close the App. If you plan on News12 just being a commercial ad App, the I suggest you call it ADSX12.
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