News 5 Cleveland WEWS

4.5 (288)
52.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
E.W. Scripps Company
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for News 5 Cleveland WEWS

4.51 out of 5
288 Ratings
2 years ago, Cathie Rabbit
Best news station in NE OH!
Best news comes from #5!! I’ve watched it all my life!! Love all the people, and rely on the truth! Great investigative reporting! Weather, sports.. I’ve been there as people come and go, and I love they feel like friends and family!! Thank you for being “Live on your side” for me!
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6 years ago, gd5161
Keeps closing
About a week ago this app would shut down when I opened an article. I tried restarting my phone but it still happened. I just deleted the app and will now reinstall it. Hope this fixes the problem.
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2 years ago, JZZ$
Only the Best Coverage !
We have recently stated streaming and found that we can not get Channel 5! Thank goodness that we can get the news and weather on our I-pad no matter where we go. We are now in CA and are keeping up on all the NE Ohio news.
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2 years ago, Mrbeaz
Pretty decent
This is the best news app by far, great weather radar and well rounded local news decent national news, although I wish there was more world news
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3 years ago, lindsey 007
Best one for clevelanders that want a list to scroll
Only one with a decent layout to list stories than click on them if they interest you, however- it isn’t updated that often and all the stories don’t get listed
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4 years ago, Chad Helms
Use it for the articles
I use the app for the written articles. It seems Cleveland dot com is not much more than a collection of regurgitated police blotters. It’s nice to have a source for cogently written news stories.
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6 years ago, Sue's friend
Like to keep up with local news
I am currently out of town, so getting the news from home is easy on this app... The only thing I have missed is a live feed. I assume I just haven't found it yet, but please review it for that ability. Make it easy to find.
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6 years ago, Belzy א
Only the commercials work!!!
This app is useless. I wanted the weather report re: a winter storm warning and after enduring two commercials which streamed flawlessly, the weather report on the storm wouldn’t stream. This is a repeated problem. So, out of sheer frustration I deleted the app. Channel 5 News is an online joke. When they decide to enter the 21st century for real I might come back because I do like their TV news. But their online app is pure crap and not worth it.
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5 years ago, Kappykins
Rating for 5
Live away from Cleveland but family is there so News 5 (which I have followed for 40 years) keeps us up on what is going on around our family, plus updates on all our Cleveland teams. Thank you. Mario and Kathy Voskion
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6 years ago, CLEminimalist
Not a television watcher
I have this app on my phone because I not only don’t watch tv, I currently don’t own a tv! So, when I want to, I can use this app to watch the live stream at 11pm... works great for me 😉
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1 year ago, rbt55
Great for news
This app is great for news. The layout is decent and news items are interesting and relevant.
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5 years ago, NolaDNa
Wonderful way to keep up with Cle news
As a native clevelander living out of town, this is my preferred app to keep up with news effecting my home town.
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3 years ago, Tmobioo
Screen freeze
This has been going on for several months. Only way to continue is to close the app snd start over. Very annoying! I have delete the app and reinstalled it several times. Didn’t help at all. Using an iPhone 12 Pro.
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5 years ago, Sogeowiz
Too Many Push Notifications
I downloaded the app to get more local news updates. They send out push notifications at a rate of nearly every hour throughout the weekdays, mostly for national headlines that have nothing to do with Northeast Ohio or local reporting. Absolute garbage and caused me to delete the app after only having it for two weeks.
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4 years ago, Osubuckteeth
Great way to stay informed!
Great way to be informed all day long by my go to local station. Thank you to all the people in front of and behind the cameras.
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3 years ago, Scorpionwins1
I love the News 5 weekday, evening, and weekend teams!! What better way to get your info and your day started or winding down with this mobile app!!!
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7 years ago, tiggerntk
Great App!
Everything in one convenient, easy to get to, easy to use app. Definite must have!
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1 year ago, FlappySlappyy
Good but too spammy with notifications
It’s good to know what’s going on but should be able to change notifications for breaking news only.
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6 years ago, cheezwtham
I can’t tweet out stories
I have not been able to tweet out stories and info on this App using my iPad since this latest update! Funny but yesterday it worked just fine and I was able to tweet out a bunch of good stuff on Twitter about the Cavs. Please fix this problem ASAP.
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7 years ago, Ang4675436
Viral ads
I have used this app for a long time and it was great until recently. It now has those ridiculous ads that are hard to get out of. Probably going to delete it and find something else.
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2 years ago, justme440
To the point
Love this app. They get straight to the story, no excess nonsense. Beats the others hands down.
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4 years ago, Create-a-laugh
Top of the Line
I love this app- easy to use, lots of information. It’s all I need.
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5 years ago, bearbait62
Good news and weather coverage
Helped me with the storm and tornado warnings, also good with closing information.
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7 years ago, gabri3laaa
More Ads than news.
It’s annoying to always be accidentally clicking on ads. This news station does not need them at all.
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5 years ago, Lashelle89
I love news 5 sooooo much so so accurate, everything on this app is perfect and helpful
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5 years ago, fevbjkigfss
Broken Santa Tracker link
The link you provide to the NORAD Santa Tracker is broken. Please fix it fast!
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6 years ago, Exemtum
Like every other news app, these people have no idea what “Breaking News” is. Notifications going off all day about nothing anyone cares about. The clincher for me was some duke named their child. Really? That’s breaking news? Goodbye.
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4 years ago, LM12021
My go to for local news🤗
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6 years ago, Slarvey
Where’s the News
As I compare this app to some of the other local news, it’s terrible. It covers very little news, most top stories in the country! Definitely needs polished!!
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7 years ago, Judypainter
Informative app.
Easy to use. Informative Nationally and locally.
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1 year ago, Gleime
Can’t Register an Account with you!
I’m trying to Register an Account with you. You ask me for my email and password. I enter a password but you say it’s wrong. How can it be wrong when I’m trying to my just now Register with you. How and Why is it wrong? You need to explain yourself. Bookmarking an article shouldn’t be this difficult!
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6 years ago, Bill Heidinger
Removing the app from my phone
When reading news it freezes and pop up ads take over the screen.
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2 years ago, Tori O
Not well-updated
-Same stories from day to say -Not much content -Most stories taken from mainstream propaganda
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4 years ago, Cindie B in Ohio
Update your app!!!!!!!
My top stories screen has not changed since February 6, 2020. Pretty sure that stuff is old news. If I could give this app zero stars, I would.
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6 years ago, Misterlarry13
TV 5
Best news app
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5 years ago, Dmw02
Glitch - app won’t open
Within the last few days the channel 5 app won’t open. It flashes and closes with a blink of the eye. Any suggestions?
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5 years ago, shffiduxkvjdusickfufjcjd
Wanted breaking news notifications only, yet I still get all the notifications
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6 years ago, Gotta LoveCowgirl Boots
😡APP CRASHES🤬😫😫😫😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩
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5 years ago, Glenn&Lisa
Revised review
Does pay live newscasts as they're being broadcast.
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11 years ago, DougRog
Fantastic news experience
Great news coverage and up-to-date information for northeast Ohio. Showcases pictures and video well. Easy to find stories and search news with navigation menu. Can swipe to switch between stories effortlessly. Comprehensive forecast, current conditions and live radar. Sleek design and easy to read fonts. Fantastic live streaming. Simple to send in pictures or video using the “Report News” feature. Overall, the app creates a pleasant news experience.
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11 years ago, App aficianado
GREAT upgrade
Great job on this upgrade! So easy to find anything you could be looking for. Local news and weather radar are listed by county for the entire viewing area. The app has the most detailed and complete menu I can imagine. Will be using frequently through the day.
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10 years ago, rbCLE
Everything is just too big!
...and I'm viewing on an iPhone 6. The top story (forecast at the moment) takes up 50% of the screen. The red bar at the top for breaking news, etc. is always there. Sure, you can close it, but as soon as you open the app again, it reappears; it doesn't automatically disappear while scrolling the headlines either. Plus advertisement at the bottom, only 1.5 headlines are actually visible when launching the app! The app is set to use my system text size settings, and it's as low as it can go. Bigger is not always better, I can't even begin to imagine what this app looks like on an iPhone 4 or 5!
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8 years ago, VermilionScannerGuy
Version 6.2 update makes the app harder to use
I am a long standing viewer & frequently interact with several people at WEWS on Facebook & Twitter, but I often used the app for easy access to local news. With the new update trying to do this went from "no problem" to "Houston, we have a problem". As another reviewer pointed out, the loss of easier navigation with categories to view to quickly find what you want to see, makes it too much of a hassle to use anymore. As much as I am hesitant to do it, I'll be uninstalling it in lieu of just using Safari to go to the website directly. Hopefully when they fix what wasn't broken they'll post online that it is a useful app again.
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9 years ago, Sean1234sallds
Not Trustworthy Predatory Advertising Scams
The new advertising ribbon at the bottom of each page is made to look like your Facebook notification bar. They stooped to the level of making a red notification flashing on the inbox icon, hoping to trick unsuspecting users into thinking they have a Facebook message. When the ribbon is clicked on you are taken to the advertiser. This is terrible marketing for a large news source who is supposed to be representing the peoples news. Can you really trust their news stories? Or are they more concerned about preying on unsuspecting users to get advertising clicks? This is some low class Scam!
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7 years ago, PS2009
I use to like your app & your site...
The advertisements on your updated app are horrendous. They are obnoxious and are not allowing the viewing of the headlines to function properly. I really use to enjoy the older app. It was my go to for news in the area. And, I used go to your mobile site regularly. However, the ads on it recently are ridiculous, especially a particular Walmart sweepstakes offer. I understand the need for advertising to create a profit, but if no one wants to visit the pages or the app; then, it is pointless. Thank you for reading.
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8 years ago, PFenner
Watch their TV broadcast instead
I have been a life long fan of News Channel 5 and their broadcast. However, in my opinion this app is compromised by their method of advertising. I would estimate that 2/5 articles you try to pull up is sponsored by an advertisement that literally blocks out all the body of text of the article. You are asked to fill out a survey before you earn the ability to read the article. This is on top of the standard ads that all other news outlets use. I would recommend the WKYC app over this one for mobile use.
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12 years ago, globalgoblin
Best Cleveland news app
I've tried all the Cleveland news apps and this one is the best. Keeps you abreast well with what's going on locally and nationally. And actually streams LIVE video for major breaking news events. A must have for Cleveland and the surrounding areas.
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8 years ago, Cair768
Needs improvement
I've used this app for three years with few problems. This most recent upgrade which was forced upon me lost necessary functionality, especially the ability to swipe left to move to the next article. I'll give it a week or two for a correcting release. If that doesn't happen I'll change to another local news source.
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10 years ago, Jessicawaslikee
Turn my music back in on
This is my go-to traffic and news app, and I check it multiple times a day. Since the new update, my music pauses every time I open the app. It's very frustrating when this happens multiple times a day.
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11 years ago, Mommy*5
Loved this app, but today, every time I try to read a news story I keep getting pop ups for a stupid car.. That I didn't even click on!!! As a matter of fact I kept my hands off of my phone and it still kept taking me from the story!!!!!!!!! Ridiculous!!! Literally I tried for 5 minutes to read one story and it redirected me at least 15 times. I will be deleting this app!! 3,8,19 have never given me this much trouble!!!!!!!
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