News 8 WROC

4.6 (2K)
63.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nexstar Broadcasting
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for News 8 WROC

4.59 out of 5
2K Ratings
7 years ago, chenzzy
Up to the minute info on local news
This has been a great app to stay in the know about what's happening in the area. Notifications come in but are not annoying. A good quick glance at the news!
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7 years ago, Wilfredbrimley69
The interactive radar interface is great!
99% of my usage is the look at the radar and weather forecast, and it's nice to be able to zoom in where I need it.
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4 months ago, The New Number 2
Last update rendered app unusable
After the last update was applied, the video takes up nearly the entire screen, and I can only read two lines of text at the bottom. There is no way to close the video. I basically can't read any of the news stories anymore. What the heck did you do to your app?! I guess I need to read my local news elsewhere now.
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4 months ago, RoGrl54
What did they do to the app?
Since the last update, if my iPad is in portrait mode, the video takes up the entire screen and cannot be minimized so I can read the print. And there seems to be only one size of print, which is gigantic. The option to make print smaller doesn’t work. This used to be my go to app for Rochester news, but not anymore
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6 years ago, Jacoann
Keeps me in the know
Love my phone app for channel 8. I am always up to date with their up to the minute coverage!
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7 years ago, Barb Pridnon
I use it for the almanac and sometimes news
I use the app for the weather almanac but the rest of the weather on the app seems to be off many times. The temperature will be different many times in two locations on this app. It's good for getting the news when I miss it on TV.
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4 months ago, coachAZ
App is stuck on notification screen
For the last two weeks I will get an alert from app and when I click on the app it opens to a notification screen, I toggle them all on, it then has me put in a zip for location…then nothing! There’s no X to get to the app…I deleted and reinstalled, no change 🤷🏼‍♀️
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1 year ago, deriter10
Frustrating app
Very slow response. Overrun with ads. Painful getting to other articles from within an article. A very frustrating app!
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5 years ago, daven31
Vertical scrolling annoying
Scrolling through an entire article to get to the next article is very annoying and Time consuming. Especially After 4 or 5 articles even takes longer on my iPad. Then usually crashes.
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4 years ago, Livewithhooe
Great team
Enjoy the news that is local, factual and accurate.
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4 years ago, DapperIam
App freezes
Sometimes app freezes on news pages. Also Can’t figure how to get dismiss pop up ads. Local news is not a menu choice until you open one of the local headlines on home page. Needs work to raise its usefulness.
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3 years ago, kvblakely
Great if you want ads
This app is so annoying. They could not cram another ad on the screen. Everywhere you click opens a browser. Very poor design!
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7 years ago, Bhjr16
Great job covering up to the minute local news, weather, entertainment, deaths, education, and key national news. Love it!
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4 years ago, eosta
Great updates, great tone!
Am continually pleased with topics, style, tone, coverage!
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4 years ago, Star1701enterprise
Good when it works
Lately it seems to freeze when I scroll through the stories. I end up having to close it and then try it again
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4 months ago, sss111aaa222
Latest update ruined it
It won’t let me read the news unless I turn on notifications. I deleted the app.
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1 year ago, give me a br.
Wouldn’t work
Downloaded today, opened up and it said I wasn’t connected to the internet. But I was. Just a blank screen with a not connected to the internet message.
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4 years ago, Starling021
Keeps freezing
Your interactive ads keep freezing your stories, making it that you can’t scroll
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7 years ago, Fgrossm1
over aggressive advertising
Was a very good news app for the area but over aggressive advertising ruined it. Last add for wilberts wasn't just at bottom of screen but kept trying to play a video every 15 seconds! I'm done with it!
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5 months ago, stajosom
Even worse after update
After todays update it will not let you even open it,I guess it’s time to get rid of this junky app!!!!
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4 years ago, y county
Cause I get tiered of hearing about the COVID 19 so I stopped watching all of it only till the weather then I change the station to something else
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4 years ago, 123456@@@aaaB
Very grateful for the blurb giving me the best info easy reads Sr Mary Jo
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4 years ago, zimbo1947
This app constantly locks up and I have to close it down and reopen it if I want to continue. I will try one of our other news outlets.
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6 years ago, John56798
Great app
Works well
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5 years ago, MCMGMGMW
Best app clean simple effective
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7 years ago, DellaDoxy
Great app
I get pertinent updates and news in an instant!!! Great way to stay up to date as to what's happening!!!
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3 years ago, rssad121
Wheel of fortune
Really — two days in row you preempt for the Bills. Let’s remember that not all of your viewers are sports fans.
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3 years ago, News Hund
Liberal station
Just another
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10 years ago, Hcgnovak
Nowhere near great
Love channel 8, Rachel Barnhardt & Scott Hetsko weather. I am so sad that your app is really as bad as it is. It's very difficult to get the information your looking for and it would be so easy to make it better!! I hope there is anew version on the design block because this definitely doesn't represent the News 8 organization at all!!
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11 years ago, PugsAndKisses10
Is this channel 8 or 13???
Exact same app as channel 13, same layout and everything. Channel 13's app is nothing special. Be original. 4 stars because at least it doesn't crash like the old one did. Was expecting something better. Oh well.
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7 years ago, Jiffyrube
Ok, except...
It repeatedly asks you to turn on bluetooth and connect to accessories. I don't want to connect to any accessories, and I can't make the message stop popping up. I tried selecting app support first, but that just takes you to the regular news 8 website-no support. The app is usable, but annoying.
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10 years ago, kennnydogg
False Advertising
On your tv commercials you show a 4.5 star rating on this app. The truth is you have 3.5 on all versions. You are not posting the new ratings. You are being deceptive. You probably won't even post this because you are trying to manipulate your results. Your app is no where near 4.5 stars. It's adequate at best. Ken
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10 years ago, DBecks223
Awesome app! Great easy way for me to check up on news story's for roc city!
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10 years ago, amanda rendsland
Amazingly stupid
So amazing like amazing stupid
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10 years ago, RochesterNy
Closing closings
The app doesn't show the complete list of closings. today it stopped in the "N's". It says to go to the website for the complete list of closings and doesn't even provide a link. Very lame!!
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