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User Reviews for News 9

4.29 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
6 years ago, WX Instructor
Love channel9 news. Very much appreciate Jed and Lacey especially along with ch 9’s super radar but David Payne’s poor English almost causes me to change channels (eg. excessive use about situations that are FAzr FROM OK, and and ‘the front, it is; the front it is; the temperature it is, etc) and he has a terrible habit of splitting infinitives. Also the way he points to a situation and says, “that’s it, yep, that’s it, OK, right there it is, OK.” I don”t trust cannnel 5 weather nearly so much; however, I frequently turn away from Channel 9 due to David”s overconcentration on a single event when there are a half dozen others as hazardous, or nearly so, going on!
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6 years ago, Pattyasm
I love News9! When David Payne, the Top Meteorologist, and Jim Gardner, the Helicopter News & Weather Expert, left another Oklahoma News Station it was not the same at all! Then I found them Both on News9! I was more than Happy! The other people on News9 are okay too but I would change channels again if David Payne and Jim Gardner left and went to another News & weather station! I've watched KFOR since I was a kid, my parents always watched KFOR in OKC. I read from another review that Cable One ( my cable company too-And I hate them & wish we could get COX Cable here in Ponca City!) was threatening to pull News9 off of the Cable Lineup! They were going to do that on Channel 4-KFOR too! That would leave only 1 TV News & Weather station on Channel 5! Might have to go to satellite TV for better options on a Oklahoma Weather & News TV Station! But News9 is GREAT because of David Payne & Jim Gardner! I'd Follow those 2 Outstanding Men ( David Payne makes me laugh every day - he's got a GREAT SENSE OF BEHAVIOR ABOUT HIMSELF! Kind of like Johnny Carson had😉😙🙃🙃. You'll LOVE THE NEWS9 APP!
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6 years ago, YouaskedIanswered
❤️❤️❤️❤️NEWS 9❤️❤️❤️❤️
I live in Ardmore and I have been watching News 9 for years! You are more up to date and reliable than the other news stations in OKC. I will admit though when David Payne was at the other station, I always turned there to watch his weather segment! I like all the people at News 9 but living in Oklahoma where we can have all 4 seasons in the same week, I had to watch David's forecast! The man is never wrong! If he says a severe storm will hit Ardmore at 10:00, you can count on it happening! I am in absolute awe of him! He's better than anyone I've seen give the weather and that includes the Weather Channel! I know the bosses there realize what they have in David and everyone else and they realize it takes every one of you to make your team work! You all are the best of the best!!!
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6 years ago, Soonerdaddio
I don't know why they even bother to send out news alerts for stories. Probably more than 90% of the time when I click on one of the news alerts that pop up on my screen, the story is NEVER there! I pull down the screen to refresh it multiple times and it never shows up. Maybe after 15 or 20 minutes the story might finally show up, but what is the purpose in sending out the alert if you don't even have the story in the feed to be seen?? Otherwise it is a good app and easy to use, I guess I should just turn off the alerts so I don't waste time trying to see the breaking news stories... Update - I’m not sure whose idea it was to make the daily weather forecast now be pushed out at almost 7am instead of closer to 6am like it used to be, but I’m just about out the door by that time. I’m switching weather alerts to whoever sends them out early enough to be useful again.
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6 years ago, Wordmaster56
News 9
I have always been a News 9 viewer, however, the Internet site is not quite what it can be. I realize you probably need the commercials to help fund the site but the way they are presented is difficult to get to the end of the articles. I have yet to reach the end of one of the non-news items simply because you cannot just scroll down and read it you have to flip from page to page to page. If the new articles were in the same format, I would delete the app. Personally, I could do away with anything but your news articles. It is my personal opinion that you’re advertising will continue to hold the five star rating back, which is what the news department actually deserves. You are drifting towards liberal. Don’t. Put some controls on the videos. I like to browse the news at night and all of a sudden a video starts blaring and wakes the family up. U can do better.
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7 years ago, rtbaker
Love this app!
Just spent 3 weeks in Florida and I knew everything happening her at home. I also got notifications about the weather in Florida before the locals knew what was happening. Many locals ask what app I had that was tell me the weather before their's were so I told them all about News9 and the wonderful people who work there keeping us up-to-date and always keeping us safe. I even showed them which app to download and how to set it up to show their weather. Channel 9 is the best station in the nation! The news and weather crews are better than any others. This is not just their job, they all truly care about the people in Oklahoma. The app is just another extension of how everything they do proves this fact!!
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4 years ago, MTator3
Horrible app!
Such a horrible app and their updates just keep making it worse! 1) Updates way more often than an app should (probably explains the issues I’m having). They still have yet to get it right after several chances and several years with the app. 2) Loading times for videos are very slow on any of their pages. This is probably due to the 15 ads they allow on their pages. I can understand being shown an ad or two but so many ads that it effects my app usage is not acceptable. 3) Audio skips and/or repeats. This happens while the video keeps playing. So trying to understand the weather or anything is next to impossible. 4) as a page loads the page jumps up and down as it’s loading. This is probably due to the large and small formatted ads on the page. It Just makes it inconvenient to try to read a story on the app while the page fully loading. This happens on 2 different iPhones, 1 new (iPhone11) and 1 older (iPhone7) so I know it’s not a phone processor issue. I don’t dare use this app without a WiFi connection as it takes forever to load, PLUS I don’t want to wait or pay data charges for their 15 ads. It’s best to either watch the news channel on TV or just download an app from another news channel that u trust.
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5 years ago, Ollie756
Good App, but the Notifications!
I love News 9, they are in my opinion the best weather station in Oklahoma...but their notification system...like seriously I get notifications every hour of the day and why!? I have my notification settings to only notify me for weather and closings, so please tell me why I'm getting notifications for news and other stuff? It's getting so annoying to the point I'm thinking of disabling notifications all together, but I really don't want to because I'd to be informed about the weather, if not I get severe anxiety. So please fix your notification system. UPDATE: They changed their ESP Radar and I personally hate it. I loved the previous one, it was my go to for the weather because it was so well detailed. I'm just really disappointed on the change and hope they fix it...
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6 years ago, dar66
I have to watch channel 9 online because I live in duncan. Our cable company, Cable One, will not carry channel 9 although they say they’re trying to work out a deal. I don’t think they are. Anyway we are punished because we live here and I don’t get to see the state news. If I watch the news, I have to see the Texas news which is on channel 6 and channel 3. I prefer to watch Oklahoma news since I live in Oklahoma. I wish our cable company would understand that. But I think channel 9 is the best and thank you very much to channel 9 for putting parts of it online so that people like me can see Oklahoma news!
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6 years ago, Soonerman-95
Media is dividing our nation
Unfortunately News 9 is getting pulled in and judged because you are an affiliate of cbs. I cannot with good faith watch your station anymore because of the sickening coverage of all things political by cbs. The media is the main problem in all of this division. This sickens me because I have watched your station all of my life and I really miss it. We must all make a stand against the mainstream media. I sound radical and I have never been a real hardcore political person. I have always tried to vote the MAN not the party but the left which includes the media had pushed me far right. I will have your app on my phone only because of the weather but will only watch your station for weather. I wish that the local news in all states would stand up to your affiliates and give a voice to your viewers. Not all of us want to hear negative all the time!! If you have dirt on someone bring them in and let them defend themselves before you report. Things are better than ever in our country. My 401k is up over 100,000 this year. No one talks about that. What is wrong with people. This has to be the craziest thing I have ever seen.
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6 years ago, Hollyleif
Always there when I need them
News 9 is always there when I need them. If it be with the weather, or with the news. I have come to expect when there is bad weather to be able to turn and see David and know right what to do. And with the news you can not get any better than news 9. Whether it be serious or you need someone to lighten it up a little . Again thanks from 4 in the a.m till 10 in the p.m. You make my day ! And sometimes if weather is a little rumble you save my night!!! A faithful viewer
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6 years ago, tessinokc
News 9 app
Love the app. I love watching News 9 in the morning while getting ready for work. I watch on my smartphone. No TV in my room. I really enjoy listening to the easy banter between the cast. I watch you daily. News 9 is my go to for weather and news updates. My only complaint with the app is when for whatever strange reason theres no video or live stream available. Then I’m forced to watch channel 5 through my direct TV app. For that reason I gave the app 4 stars. Have I mentioned I HATE channel 5. Please fix the video streaming issue.
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6 years ago, Rach.P3
Annoying ads & pop ups
The app is ok... Often the headlines on the breaking news banner is dead links, and the weather reports are hard to find....wish that live weather streaming was available in bad weather events like on TV. But what really gets me is the annoying ads everywhere. Everytime there's a loading screen, you click to watch a segment, try to watch the weather report or just in the text of stories. You have to be really careful where you touch or click to avoid them. However, all the news apps for OKC are like this. Thankfully, news 9 does have the stories, as another outlet only does videos, with lots of ads. News 9 is doing that part right. ✌️
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3 years ago, W.D.K.
Worst OKC News App
This app is 100% an ad delivery money-making vehicle for News9. Click a notification for a story, the app opens and IMMEDIATELTY plays a video commercial. Close the video, and the story you tapped for doesn't even appear, AND you can't even find it on the main screen! You can't customize your notifications to only get breaking news, weather, and/or traffic. You MUST also accept whatever dumb/unimportant stories they want you to get a notification for (so you'll open the app to see an ad). I deleted the app from all my devices. Stick with the other two OKC news apps—they're so much better. You can actually customize your notifications and read the story you came for.
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5 years ago, Marker610
Breaking News...
I love the news 9 app, except for when I receive a breaking news notification on my iPhone, then click on the notification, but there’s nothing more about the breaking news story on the app. If it even would say “story to update soon” or anything would be an improvement. Just my thoughts. Thank you for being a great news station though!!! Mark Janzen
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4 years ago, Speedyt1961
I love news 9 but
I love news 9 but there are times you can’t watch it your phone. I’m taking a wild guess, I think there’s a switch you have to turn on for the news when it’s on and a lot of times it doesn’t get turned on. Let’s get efficient on making sure it’s turned on. I know there were times when the noon news would go off and I could watch what was afterwards but then immediately before the noon news was getting ready to go off air it goes dead on the phone. So there is some kind of switch or button to turn it on and off.
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7 years ago, BigDaddy9z
Notifications! Ugh!!
When you turn off "programming" in the app you still get those idiotic "news alerts" that read like, "Something exciting happened to blah blah person. Find out what next on news 9!" I'm fine with weather alerts, breaking news, school closings, etc. But this new FLOODING of my notification wall daily with these just tempts me to uninstall the app, not turn on the news. If the story is on the OTA TV broadcast news and NOT in the app, then the app shouldn't notify me about it. Or... I should at least have the option to opt out of them. Also I rarely can click on a "breaking news" notification and actually find the story in the app until an hour later.
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1 year ago, Kyle9573684
Poorly designed app
App is super monetized, they send you notifications for everything and you can’t opt on for weather alerts only which is 95% of the reason everybody downloads this app. Every time they publish a new story they send you a notification and every time you click on that notification, it never opens to the actual article the notification was about. Also they play ads every single time you reload the page a video/stream is playing on so you miss important tornado warning information because you’re watching the same glass and siding commercial for the 1000th time that night.
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6 years ago, Cashion graduate 88
Missing Oklahoma City & News9
My family and I had lived & worked in the Cashion/ Edmond/ Okc area since 1975. We have since moved to Valliant Ok in October 2013. We are closer to Texarkana Tx now than our beloved Oklahoma City !! Local news here is out of Shreveport La so we don’t receive any local news in this part of Ok. We miss news9’s weather coverage and the local news cast on our television, so now we get our information from news9 online or news9 Facebook page. We miss Oklahoma City
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6 years ago, digitalgrl2
Weather coverage by News 9
I watch News 9 weather on my mobile devices, I feel, I receive information that is relevant to me in so many different ways.......via live broadcasts available from actual Storm Chasers in the field, by helicopter when available. The info is assimilated and I feel I get a complete picture of what, when and where storms are active and what I should be aware of in my location.
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3 years ago, Dustinh26
Finally one that works
I downloaded all three of the local news station apps for the weather radar. This seems to be the only one that doesn’t send you to the mobile site and loads instantly. I mean, if I wanted to go to the mobile website I’d just go there without downloading the app. Thank you for not hiring a child to develop your app.
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6 years ago, Oklahoma Logan county farmer
We Trust 9 News
9 delivers reliable news, weather & sports. Reports format is simple and uncluttered. Some times I hit an add when I didn't mean to so making them cover a smaller part of screen would help. Would like to seem more of non crime events occurring in Oklahoma. Definitely more non crime stories and more investigative type stories. All the investigation stories have always been strong and good for everybody.
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5 years ago, Ms. Talley
Simply The Best!
I moved here from Washington state and I Love Oklahoma! I also love news nine. Why? They tell it like it is and don’t linger on one subject to get people all riled up. They are honest, sincere and to the point. I know everyone’s name and I hate watching any other news station. In Washington I couldn’t tell you anyone’s name and I didn’t care. Keep up the good work! You guys are wonderful! Love to hear David tell the weather, and your guys humor! Great!! God Bless
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6 years ago, Sonicdevo
Great App. Needs some polish.
I love being able to load up the app and get OKC news and weather quickly (especially when I'm not near a TV). The splash screen (to a lesser extent) and then full page advertisement are irritating enough to make me not want to open the app at times. I understand you all need to monetize it somehow, but the full screen ad isn't as good a user experience as can be done, I think. The banner alerts could be done better with a single fixed height banner that rotates among the available alerts.
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5 years ago, Gwendolyn Ponca City
The Best News & Weather
Channel 9 is on top of the News . They don’t leave anything out or make things up. Channel 9 is honest in their news casting. I depend on Channel 9 for honest up to date news. The Weather is always right on. David Payne and his weather casters are always there when the weather is bad or good. I can depend on them to keep my family and friends safe. Thank you Channel 9.
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6 years ago, Aaron Blake from Cashion
News 9 rating
News 9 is very through in its news research & reporting , weather up dates and severe weather warnings are essential to keeping Oklahomans and my family/ friends safe , my family and I have moved from Cashion Oklahoma to Valliant Oklahoma 3 yrs ago and we do miss Oklahoma City & Edmond , but we do still keep in touch with metro news and reports thanks to news 9 , thanks again for all you do !
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6 years ago, Oklahoma yeti
How many people do you have to lose?
I'm with many of the other reviewers that the notification pop ups are getting INSANELY out of control. When I first installed it a long time ago it was pretty much breaking news,weather and traffic alerts. Now the pop ups consist of teases to tune in and straight up nonsense. I'm not exaggerating I will wake up in the morning to 10-12 pop ups some mornings. Needless to say I'm going to delete it. From all the people I know who have the app are getting rid of it too. So I ask how many people do you have to lose before you tap the brakes on he notifications?
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6 years ago, MooreWeatherWatcher
News 9 during storms.
I really use the storm warnings and news updates I get and follow on News 9 but during the storms in May 2018, we live in Moore, When I was in the storm shelter trying to get the live feed I had to watch COMMERCIALS before the live feed, each and every time. I understand the need for money but during an emergency like a Tornado I felt they were very unnecessary and untimely. Don’t you😞?
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5 years ago, Gottwinboys
Commercial or news?
News 9 used to have a decent app, pretty advanced compared to other local news channels. However, their recent app overhaul has turned the app into nothing but a commercial for the local casinos. Want to see what the “breaking news” is all about? You’ll have to wait for the overloaded app to finally load, then you’ll have to wait for the casino commercial to load so that you can “X” out of the ad. If you’re not careful and tap too soon, you’ll be redirected to the casino ad. NO THANKS! I’ll just use one if the other local stations apps.
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6 years ago, Sellnhousz
The only real “local” news channel.
I’ve been watching channel 9 for as long as I can remember looking at a TV (and that’s a long time). When I can’t catch the news cast, I always look at the app. The alerts and constantly updated information makes keeping informed in local events and weather easier than ever.
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6 years ago, tmclerran
Live stream
Maybe I'm missing it, but some days I'm unable to find a way to launch the live stream. I have to leave home to go back to work at lunch right when the weather forecast starts. When I can find it I'll listen to the rest on the drive back. Please make the live stream available and easy to launch at every newscast!!!
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4 years ago, okccal
A severe weather Must have!
News 9 is the only OKC weather app and news app I use, and the only weather I watch on TV. If there’s severe weather expected, or happening, I immediately go to News 9 on TV and the app on my phone. They stay with it when the other stations go on with regular programming. The only one that I trust is 9!!
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6 years ago, Valentine1964
#1 News Station
I find News9 has the most informative news & weather, especially the weather. Their on-air professionalism is impeccable & accessible through television or internet, 24 hours a day. The commitment to bringing good, honest & informative broadcast journalism to the masses is unquestionable. We are very fortunate to have such a great news station in our state.
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7 years ago, Horse_lover69
Nice to carry the news with you.
My only suggestion is to put the new stories up before sending out the alert that pops up. When you swipe a pop up and get to the page of stories, the one that poped up isn't there yet so it's pointless to send the alert. Otherwise, it's nice to have News 9 in the palm of my hand whenever I want it. Some improvements but it's still happening at least half of the time.
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6 years ago, Grandma Bre
Excellent up to date weather and breaking news
I rely on my News 9 updates to keep me informed on what is happening at home and around the world. David Payne sets the standard for Weather and really leads by example. We continue to only follow David when it comes to accurate information. Thanks News 9!
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6 years ago, TMitch57
News 9 Weather
I live at Lake Eufaula and still go to News 9 when the weather is bad. Your radar is the best and more than half the time David tells us about something we should pay attention to before our stations in Tulsa notice. I know we’re a small town but we should be warned also. Thanks Teress
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6 years ago, Jerry Koester
My Take of Channel 9
I like KWTV-9 very much. From the morning news at 4am to the evening news at 10pm, News 9 is always informative and precise. Jim Gardner is the greatest in the helicopter...he and his crew do a great job as well. Keep up the good work. I'll keep watching. You're a good group of people who keep us safe and informed about what's going on in Oklahoma and the World.
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7 years ago, Savage '91
While on the road
When I am working out of town and wanting to keep up with what is going on in Oklahoma City and surrounding towns, I turn to my News 9 app. News nine keeps me updated wherever I go and keeps me informed. I especially enjoy the good that news nine brings to the news. Not all things are are bad. Thanks News 9.
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6 years ago, Wessokc
Push notices no story
I hate getting a push notice and advised to click to read about story, then do that and the story is not available yet. I suggest don’t send push notice unless story is ready to be viewed. I also ask during weather events you stop the commercial ads before being able to get see David Payne and the weather team. I really don’t care to see a furniture ad when I am concerned what is heading my way. I understand commercial ads pay for app but when lives and property is at risk I ask you to stop them.
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2 weeks ago, kayden.........
Horrible app
Live isn’t live at all in the height of tornado season I can’t see actual LIVE feed it’s about 10 minutes behind. Don’t mention the ads that you have to watch before getting any news! Somebody get NEW PEOPLE IN TECH somebody on who can make sure my family doesn’t get killed cause yall don’t know how to show LIVE FEED! If you want to know what’s happening with the weather neither this app or news 9 weather is gonna give you real time feed while your in a shelter or anything! DONT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!
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6 years ago, Dorie Dolittle
Gooooo Team!
News 9 is part of our TV family. While other news channels can be stuffy and “Proper” The team is light spirited and has fun while on the set. They care for one another and it shows. It’s our go-to for bad weather as well. David and team will keep us safe. We appreciate you.
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7 years ago, Okie girl 17
Great App
I love having the news so handy and accessible. I would like the pop up notifications to be current with what stories are available to read. Also the top menu with the latest news if you swipe it disappears and I wish it didn't do that, because most of the time when I do that I don't mean to lol.
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6 years ago, Elmer Fudpucker
Rating news & weather news 9
News 9 has always been my favorite. I didn't think it would b any where the same after Gary England left. But? I'm very impressed with David Payne, like his sense of humor. I never watch another News Channel, always depend on David Payne, just as I did Gary England. Keep up the excellent work!
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6 years ago, Naomi's adopted mom
I love this app!
I live this app! But please put the news stories up before you send out the notification. If it is about something in your area that you need to know about (fire, traffic, silver alert, etc.), it's irritating to search for the story and not find it!
Show more
7 years ago, Semrehj
Nice app but...
This app has a nice layout and easy to use. Couple issues though. Most all of the news stories are videos with no text options. I also like getting push notifications of breaking news but they have recently started pushing teasers for upcoming news broadcasts which is simply too many to filter. Had to turn notifications off which means I won't get any important news from this app any longer.
Show more
5 years ago, JKSheets
Families Favorite
The least “sensational” local news station. Also my dad, in his last couple of hours of life, asked me to turn the hospital tv to “his” station. After asking which station was his, he answered channel 9. You are and have been tops in our family. 👍🤗
Show more
5 years ago, OKIE LINGUA
Great News Service
I love this app! The news is always current. This has always been my favorite tv station because of the professional news casters. We recently moved to Arizona, and I still use this app to keep up with the news back home.
Show more
6 years ago, Nan' Place
Happy News Watcher
I love news 9. They always have the news first and it’s always accurate. No made up facts. I won’t watch any other news channel. Dave is the best for the weather. I was so glad when he moved to News 9. Now I have news and weather first and accurate.
Show more
6 years ago, Naze34
Love this app
This is the app that has all of your local news, weather, & sports...they are normally first to break news and like the user before me I would like to be able to read full story of breaking news other than that it is a fabulous app!!!
Show more
5 years ago, KellyD1228
App is great when it works properly
For the past week or two the app occasionally locks up when I access it thru Facebook and won’t let me close it out. The only way to unlock it and access facebook is to restart my phone. This is the only app this is happening with. I like channel 9, but this is really annoying so I’ve had to use the other news channel apps. Please fix this so I can use channel 9 again.
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