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Tegna Inc.
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User Reviews for NEWS CENTER Maine

4.65 out of 5
14.1K Ratings
2 years ago, a megafan for life
Love it!
I love this app and this station- channel six is my preferred station. I love the news people- every one of them is professional, yet you know they are human with genuine concern for the public. I feel a connection with them- they are personable and that matters to me. I feel like something is missing in my day if I don't watch their newscast- I watch the morning report primarily due to my schedule- hate to miss it! Love them all- completely satisfied!
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2 years ago, Canwedobetter
Changes are not always a good thing
I would have given 5 stars but since they took away the local ads from the from the app the site uses useless advertisement or public service announcements from my area. You see the same ones over and over. I know it’s not News Centers fault. Not sure why we can’t get back to earlier times when we got Portland’s commercials. We have nothing up here and it was nice to see the ads from your area. I also would like to see Maine Life and Places and Spaces on an app to stream. We have taken trips to southern Maine because of these two shows. It was a great way to showcase our state. “Change is not always a good thing.”
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4 months ago, catladynow
Weather Forecast video
Would have given it a 5 star but there are too many ads. If you are watching an important video, such as the weather forecast, you are wasting valuable data time on your cell phone with the forecast starting with an advertisement. Some people have no other way to watch the weather forecast except by using their phone. This is especially important during power outages when there is no way to recharge your phone. I don’t mind ads for other videos but you should get rid of them on the weather video. Thanks for listening and please leave the advertisements off the weather forecast video.
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3 years ago, JWM67
Live stream improvements / setbacks
I stream channel 6 on my iPhone in the morning to get my news and weather - it is my only news source. I am pleased to see that it defaults to live stream over live video now, and the mandatory introductory ad is shorter than it used to be. The feature / glitch where the live stream shuts off after approximately 14 to 15 minutes of playing, without warning seems to have been resolved for the most part. Up until mid November 2020, someone would allow access to continue for the first 10 minutes into the Today show, allowing me to get some national news. However, as of a week ago they are turning it off at 6:59 on the dot now.
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6 years ago, grammyliz48
I noticed another reviewer had commented on the same issue that I am about to address. And that is, why do I have to keep clicking to get to a story. One page says click here. After clicking there, I get another page that says click here. Sometimes that goes on for four clicks. Now admittedly this doesn’t take much time, but the fact remains it seems miss leading. In this day and age there are so many competitors vying for our attention, I think being user-friendly would increase your ratings and viewership. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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4 years ago, danielorr
Love Maine
I own property in Penobscot County for recreational purposes. I would like to spend my summer there when I retire. I enjoy your app and can keep up on events and human interest stories and weather related news year round. Unspoiled New England the people, places and things that make Maine what it is. Truly unique and awe inspiring, from the ocean of Down East Maine to the Allegash and Mount Katahdin. From lobsters to moose, Maine has it all.
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4 years ago, QuantumLeap3
Love News Center Maine, dislike the app
I’ve been watching channel 6 in Portland for more than 40 years and I love it! However, this app is downright irritating. My biggest gripe is that there is no search feature. C’mon, it’s the 21st century already! How hard is it to add a search button? Also, the notification feature is good, but too many times the information is simply not correct. As a news organization, it’s your responsibility to put out accurate information. Using spell check and grammar check once in a while wouldn’t hurt either. Finally, many stories are old news. Even the reporters’ Tweets or Instagrams are often old news. Overall, this app is a waste of time. 👎🏼
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2 years ago, Readmore Maine
Keeps me up-to-date
The Newscenter Maine app and the news center main notifications that I receive and access on my phone, keep me up-to-date throughout my day. Without logging into any social media while at work, I can glance at an update and decide to pursue it further if I can or note that it’s something I will will pursue later when time allows. I appreciate the flexibility and the ability to stay informed and connected.
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6 years ago, JSmith-MOAC
“Click Again” page and organization annoying
As others have posted, you click on a story and you go to the same headline again and have to click again. Just seems like a huge UI fail. So annoying. Then the organization makes it hard to find other top headlines. All stories are buried under categories. While I’ll watch the channel some, I find that I use WMTW’s app instead when I’m trying to find stories or follow notification links.
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1 year ago, HMacVIII
More local coverage, lesser negative news, and great weather
The app has a few quirks on an iPad or I’d give this a five star review. The coverage of news statewide is excellent. The weather consistently differentiates between coast and inland in an informative way. The reporters are, for the most part, warm, personable, and positive. National news is covered but the details are left to the networks. For me, this is a positive as I don’t need to hear the same stories twice.
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3 years ago, Spcialgirl
Hard to find actual NEWS
I fully support having Maine voter info readily accessible, however a clickable banner would be better. That would leave room for the actual news. I got a notification about a missing boy in Cumberland and when I opened the app to read the story I was unable to find it. Had to go back to my phone notifications and click there to get to the actual story. Feels like a missing person notice should be placed higher in the scroll than the voting info.
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1 year ago, PersonasBud
A taste of home
I love living in Maine, but work and other responsibilities take me away from a far too often. Often for extended periods of time. This website and regular news, updates, from the serious to the entertaining remind me why I love the state so much. Thanks for making it feel like home even when I’m away.
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4 years ago, ViolinRN
Keeps Me Current
Alerts to weather, road closures, accidents. Have saved me time. My favorite station for news and views. Not always easy to find links mentioned on broadcast on web page. Miss Bill Green. Have enjoyed the Breath of Fresh Air - well done. Would enjoy seeing more of the writers/production/camera folk interviewed on 207. Maybe Amanda should interview Rob!!
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6 months ago, Parent Liaison
Excellent reporting - from a Mainer lining in South Florida plus 40 yrs.
I have enjoyed morning with you as well as Boston channel 25. It is important for me to hear the daily news here as my family is from Auburn - Lewiston, Bangor and N.H. and Ma. I enjoy your Maine humor too. I normally listen in to the morning show from 5:45 a.m. to 6:30 am. Thank you. Keep up the great “out in the field” reporting.
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5 years ago, Zanulabidene
Dr Brian Smith, Camden
I am generally very happy with WCSH ! Good people generating very high quality news and weather. Absolutely no other company gives me the overall satisfaction you folks do; and, I’m a very particular customer. The new options for my iPhone are top notch. Thanks for your good work, and for finding such extremely high quality people to be regular guests in my living room, and on my iPhone! Brian
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4 years ago, Spineprob
K. DeCourcy
Really enjoy this App, I watch your news daily but it is nice to check it during the day or if I miss the news I can always catch up on the App. In the middle of the night when I can't sleep, I check the news on the App instead of turning on the TV and waking my husband!!!
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3 years ago, Dave323
Timely updates
I enjoy being able to see weather and news interesting to me. Great service great weather and news team. Always up to date and professional.
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3 years ago, HodgPodge
Improvement needed.
The weather man should not stand in front of the screen. He blocks the map and forecast chart. Standing still off to the side while giving the weather would give one a chance to learn while listening and looking at given information. One never sees Wednesday on chart.
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4 years ago, Maine2048
Advertisement city
Man. I want to like this app. I really dig the news center maine crew but this app is not great. It’s not even good. There are tons of ads(it’s a free app so I get it but this is nuts) and they really slow the app down and sometimes cause it to freeze altogether. I’d pay for an ad free version if they ever made one. Another thing about the ads is they look so similar to stories that I often skip right past them thinking they’re more ads. -just a person with an extreme aversion to ads apparently.
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5 years ago, KRptld
Where are the articles?
Loaded the new version last night. First of all, why is the new logo red? This is an angry/non-calming color. Besides that, I was excited to try out the new app. However, it seems that there are mostly videos now. I liked being able to read pieces before or watch a video. 95% of the time I read the article. This is frustrating that I no longer have this option. ☹️
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5 years ago, Littlestar3
Notifications annoying
I tried to keep notifications on and customized them within the app. Strangely, I would have to do this at least once a week because the notification preferences mysteriously changed. So I would start getting way too many notifications and would have to return to the app and customize again. Finally, I just turned off all notifications in my phone settings and I no longer get any notifications. Perhaps your app makers can figure out a way to keep a persons preferences
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7 years ago, Shelbynmike
I had to take one star off cuz...
... Not sure why but when you click on a headline for the story, it brings you to another page with that same headline, and only that headline, but with a link below that says: >click for full story< it’s like... that’s what I thought I WAS doing!! So that’s my only little annoyance w this app, other than that it’s great and I use it frequently.
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2 years ago, deepyjaz
First to report
This network seems to be the first to report on many stories. I also use it to keep track of my loved ones’ surroundings even though I am not always there. It is comforting to know what’s going on when I’m away and even more helpful when I am in town. Keep up the good work.
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1 year ago, LadyMarkM
Hello ALL Thank You for keeping Us updated on the good & bad. One ? I need help to Investigate T-Mobile in Maine.. Month of March 2023 they tried to take $218 & $51 all in March .. lied & said I called & okayed .. then another said the $218 was paid on the app & they lied & said $51 was approved on the T-Mobile App.. if I did not do who at T-Mobile played games with My Disability Money?? They would not let Me speak to. Manager that help run T-Mobile 😬🤪🤓they gave Me a Supervisor 🤪😡😣Because AM BLACK they think Am a dum Negro dealing with Maine Young White kids Can You Help report this News Mary Curry, Diagnosed as Disabled 🩸☦️🩸
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3 years ago, Maine Logger
Our NCM future.
Amanda Hill’s stage presence has grown up to the point of perfection. She is the new star of NCM. She will be our major player going forward. Keith Carson leads the way on the weather front. He instills confidence and gives us just the right amount of weather education.
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3 years ago, Rovono
Embarrassingly bad
I’m surprised that in 2020 a simple news app could be this incompetently and horrendously made. Ads are intrusive and literally messes up scrolling constantly, stories are inconsistently placed and confusingly laid out due to barrage of ads loading as you scroll instead of being loaded with the rest of the page. Honestly seems like it was made by a high schooler, not a news network parent company (TEGNA). I like NCM, it’s a nice local news network but man it’s a real shame TEGNA makes an app as poorly made as this for their viewers.
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4 years ago, Alex5956
Not user friendly
I have given the new app plenty of time and I must say the old app was more user friendly. This one skips around as you try to scroll through. You click where it tells you to to get to a story and who knows where it took you
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6 years ago, The "Bob Webster"
Way too much stuff on your website. All I want to do is get the latest news and weather. This past week we had a missing young woman in Bar Harbor and you didn’t begin your reporting/coverage until much much later when the body was found or the arrest was made. So much for local coverage.
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6 years ago, Wildhazardmama
Push notification needs to open the story, not the useless “click here” page
I really enjoy a local news app. With national headlines I will open another app, however, because those apps take me directly to the story. This app goes to a “click here” page. Obviously I want to read more if I swiped on the story.
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5 years ago, Captain Fortin
All about Ads
Tiny picture on a cluttered page, but there’s more, you can only watch after enduring a cover ad, often followed by an on air ad. Small time inexperienced developer overcome by greed. Watch WCSH6 with an Xfinity or Directv app. Twice the picture half the ads.
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4 years ago, acrisis
One of the poorest news app experiences
Continues to be one of the worst apps in news history, tons of wasted screen space, single file vertical scroll of “ articles “ with oversized imagery, loaded with ads and viral junk, ... I have always looked up the wcsh6 staff, but this app does not come anywhere near to what it should be in terms of professionalism, quick access to local news, local weather, ... Everything is bogged down by a stupid layout, loaded with ads, social media crap, ...
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4 years ago, loves peonies
Nice app
II like getting the news alerts. The only complaint is there seem to be glitches when I try to watch the live Covid updates. Oftentimes the sound isn’t working, so I google for another way to listen.
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2 years ago, 25rst
Please fix!
When trying to watch the latest report-unless it’s currently live-ALWAYS get the error that “We’re having difficulty loading this video. Please try again or select another video to watch.” All the other videos work-why can’t we replay your latest broadcast??? Didn’t start happening until recently when the app changed!?
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4 years ago, Edfireplay
Old app worked on my iPad 7
This version downloaded, but does not let me into it... keeps saying there is a new app. I go to the store, and it shows I have the app, and says open... and repeat. Terrible, I used to use it a the time.
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4 years ago, jmt1964
How about a search feature?
This app update is horrible. There is no way to search for a story and most of the stories that are broadcast are not available to watch on the app.
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6 years ago, NateKats
Buggy ad-filled app that doesn’t work 90% of the time
I’ve been using this app for over a year—it used to work pretty well and was great for winter storm-related closings. Now I’ll get news notifications and go to open them and EVERY time I try to, the app hangs on a white screen and never loads the content. I’ve waited a few months and it still does this! And what’s worse, on rare occasions that it does work, it’s FILLED with obnoxious ads. Do yourself a favor and avoid downloading it.
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6 years ago, gg22guy
Live stream
I changed stations I watch because live broadcast streams always crashes after a period of time on iOS devices. Not sure about other devices. It crashes on all my iOS devices so I tried a different local news station and it never crashes. Uninstalled & reinstalled, Cleared device completely and always crashes. Might do it 5 or 6 minutes in or 10 minutes in to watching.
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3 years ago, PSC Grad 1973 Fred Hughes
The County
I would love to see more stories about Houlton Maine. It’s such a nice little town with lots of stories. A paragraph a week of random people. I have seen people go to the store there with 2 or 3 goats in their car. Don’t see that here in Nashua.
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4 years ago, Tymann7
Not my favorite news app
I liked the old news center app a years or two ago. This app never has anything new it’s the same stories for weeks at a time. U might get a new happening now story but day after day it’s the same stuff which I guess is good if there’s no news but in york county n Portland area I’m sure there more going on than what’s on the app here
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5 years ago, iMAINEiac
Push Notifications
Several years ago I subscribed to school closing text alerts for specific schools. My kids have moved on from that school but I cannot edit my notification preferences from this new app. Am I stuck with receiving text alerts I no longer want because the old version of the app I used to subscribe is gone and the new app version doesn’t support that level of editing?
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4 years ago, Former fan of NewsCenter Maine
Storm Center
After 36 Years of watching Channel 6, I had to make the switch to Channel 8 for cancellations this morning. Print was too small when the list was shown of closings and on line it was not easy to use or see.
Show more
11 months ago, Dave @ ME
News anytime
Being able to read the daily news event, weather, and sports in the palm of your own hand is wonderful.
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4 years ago, JayME 207
Love NCM but.....
That horrible ad I suffer through for every video is close to making me delete the ap. Why am I forced to watch an ad for every video. And if I am please make it a different one each time and much less annoying!!!!
Show more
6 years ago, JWJ3
News Center Maine is No #1
Always watch News Center. Really enjoy the News crew as well as the weather team. They seem to work together like family. Also like the behind the scene interactive News Center Now. Thank you
Show more
6 years ago, mountainman716
This app is more confusing than ever. Todd has a post I try to open it it goes to Facebook ( I do not use face book ) so the page says it can not find the page. There are too many hoops to jump through using this app. Programers need to fix this confusing app. Mountainman716
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6 years ago, Tyyp
Great that you can get the days video weather reports. Seldom does my schedule allow me to watch weather reports when they are broadcast on TV. CH6 weather team and reporting are great. Content of app is comprehensive compared to other local stations. Lost a star because sometimes buggy.
Show more
2 years ago, blacknuts11
I’ve been forced to use the website more due to not having you on Dish any longer. How much longer is it going to be before this is straightened out? Please hurry I miss you!!
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3 years ago, HNB-L
Ad popup
I love using this app, especially for the weather in my area. Recently, I am getting a popup when I open the app that asks me to allow ads on the next page. But, the next page never appears and it freezes. I have tried deleting it and reinstalling it and it will work for a while, but it always returns to the popup requesting me to allow ads. Very frustrating.
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4 years ago, munjoyhillgirl
User Friendly Site
Best local news site. Concise, informative and easy to navigate through. Great job in providing current, up-to-date news and breaking news.
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2 months ago, PPTTgg
Up to date and informative.
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