News-O-Matic: Reading for Kids

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2 years ago
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User Reviews for News-O-Matic: Reading for Kids

4.04 out of 5
415 Ratings
6 years ago, Max, California
Only one issue
I have one issue with this app. The articles are read aloud my mostly male voices. There is usually only 1 out of 5 articles read aloud by a female. News-o-matic has communicated that it is supported by a small group and this is the best they can do. ???? If you can over look that, it is a great app. Women are represented well in other ways (writers, features of articles, and in photos). The stories are wonderful and are about interesting and important topics. Slide shows and videos additionally bring the stories to life. There is so much to love about this app. If I could just get over not hearing a better representation of women readers I would gladly give this app 5 stars.
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6 years ago, LoveTheLORD7
Sorry I updated the app!🙁
This news app was perfect for me until I updated it recently & made me sorry I did. Now while reading the articles, as I am nearing the middle or end, it keeps jumping back to the beginning! I have to keep scrolling back continuously to the section I was reading! That so much takes away the joy from reading the articles. Why is it doing that?🙁 Then I was surprised they took away the little animated piece (with the dog & ball, etc) they had when you pressed the app! Now it just says loading.... If I had known it was going to be a problem reading the articles - since it keeps scrolling back to the top automatically - I would have NEVER updated it! Can you please fix this?!? Why do supposed updates make things worse instead of better? The articles are still great but how can they be read & enjoyed if it automatically jumps back to the beginning?!? Again, can you please fix this?
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5 years ago, ProfessorPurpose
Really? C’mon.
This seems like a truly great idea. I’d love to find out what it’s like, but you really can’t learn anything about it without signing up and getting on a week trial plan (which auto-renews if you don’t remember to cancel). Pretty cheesy if you ask me. I suggest they let an interested person access a basic level just to look around, say 24 hour access. I suspect they’d get many more people to have a look. I’m certainly not interested in signing up and then having to worry about canceling later. What a turn-off. It’s kind of like going to a nice hotel but they won’t even let you in the lobby to look around without giving them your credit card. A turn off. I hope they’ll reconsider this. I was interested. Now I’m just irritated.
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2 years ago, Luke_Russo
Great app, small bugs
I love the articles this app has. However there are some bugs I would like fixed. Number one: sometimes when I’m reading an article the app restarts me at the top of the page at random times. Number two: on the home screen, the buttons at the bottom of the screen appear a bit off of my screen. Number three: this only happens rarely but sometimes the app Force quits. Overall great app and great articles. Loving the app. Using iPod touch, latest iOS.
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5 years ago, applyrevu
Happy subscribers for years!
We’ve loved subscribing for years. The human recorded readers and story choices are my favorite parts of this app. It’s really a multi-media daily newspaper. Three reading levels for each story make it work for most students. You create a user profile for each child/reader. The slideshow and video with most stories are rewarding. Text reader apps can be hard to understand, but a real live News-o-matic staffer reads each story in each reading level. I used it for my high school students with language disorders. My son with son with autism thinks it’s “cool.”
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5 years ago, overit199/
Best App In Town
News-O-Matic, more like News-O-Magic! This app is an amazing source for kids and adults alike. As a serial nanny, I am always looking for funducational ways to engage with the children I’m working with, and this is it! Informative and fun, this is an app kids want to “play” with. One of my favorite moments of 2018 was when the kiddos asked for time on the app and took turns picking and reading articles to each other the entire ride home. Great tool for motivating young readers and connecting them with the world at large. Services like these are so important, and we are very grateful for News-O-Matic.
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2 years ago, vscopeppapig
It’s not great.
I am sorry to say but I don’t know why to even like do anything you have to have a subscription you should at least have something for maybe the people who can’t afford it ( i can afford it but I don’t spend it on this) because all your doing is charging parents/kids to pay for this app they may not use that often and stuff like that. Back to what I said earlier what if parents can’t just afford to waste all their money on this app instead of putting towards dinner and food and supplies needed. I truly myself have gotten annoyed and I’m just saying that It is fun to see some of the pictures. Please try to make more free stuff. Thank you.
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7 years ago, 123blessisngs
Wow this app is AMAZING. I first got it 2 months ago and it's great. The drawing feature and the note feature is amazing and fun to! I love this app and will highly recamend it for a kid friendly news app. It gives you true and amazing news and the editior might even write back to you! And the comments can be pretty funny! I think you should do less political things and more other things, lastly can you make a area were users can share news together on a chating area, my daughter really wants this, she says it's awesome!
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4 years ago, Guinea Pigs and Donald Trump
Great app, one problem.
I love News-O-Matic and I think it’s a great resource for children to find out news that suits them and their reading and maturity level. But in the drawing section, there is a problem. Whenever you draw, the lines you drew become blurry and seem to slide down the screen, as if they are being watered down. Also, it is annoying that you cannot zoom in on drawings for more detailed work. But besides those 2 issues, great app, would recommend. 5 stars subtract drawing bugs. -Loyal NOM Fan
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4 years ago, nope_nope_no_#evil
Great app!
It’s a great app. You can learn so much from reading the articles! But I think it’s annoying that you ask for a subscription, when someone is confused on something, or has an article idea, you ask for a subscription! It is a little glitchy, so please check on that. Overall, it is an amazing app. Thank you for making this! This app WILL stay on the App Store. When I’m older, I will use this app to help my kids. Thanks for your time, and stay safe please🙂🙂
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4 years ago, dreaminonbeach
Great app to introduce kids to the news
I’m a need junkie but trying to find news appropriate shows For my kid is hard. A lot of “news” things out their kids are monthly and while educational, are not what I consider the news and learning about the world and what’s going on today in it. News-I-Magic is great and only thing I’ve found that fits what I was looking for. I didn’t give full five stars cause I would like even 1-2 more daily top news stories featured
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9 months ago, gumsr
Its decent 👍
I like the app overall. The layout is easy to understand, and the news is fun to read (Yea, Im 13 and I enjoy reading it), but its a bit... laggy. It doesn't crash, but it takes a while to load, and sometimes the videos don't work (Not when a video isn't available, I can tell the difference). I mean no hate to the creators. I love reading the news. Its just a little laggy. :D
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6 years ago, Cambchris
Creative, really engages kids!
I love this app. Very user friendly. Five interesting stories each day, from current events to sports and nature. Stories written for different age levels, with accompanying videos and slide show, and kids can read or get read to. As a mom, reminds me of Weekly Reader that I loved to read as a kid. My kids are getting news in a way they really like!
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5 years ago, Dewey1234
Not for younger readers
I was so excited about this app because my son enjoys reading news and nonfiction more than fiction. He’s reading at a second grade level so I set it at K-2 for the reading level. It’s still way too hard for him! It’s more like a 4th or 5th and up reading level. So it won’t be of any use to me. I also noticed that the games don’t work. The game that is like a quiz won’t let you submit your answer. I had a hard time setting his birthday on his profile. But I do think it’s an awesome idea and maybe with some work, this could be a great app!
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6 years ago, Jvk977
Great app
Great selection of content, kids read the news, enjoy the selection, get a heads up on a wide array of topics without scaring them, definitely worth the money. After some updating/ bug trouble in the beginning I can also say great customer service, quick and helpful responses, follow–up ! All in all great app for elementary to middle school kids !
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4 years ago, cramerr12
Great reading app for kids!
My 10-year-old daughter reads this at the breakfast table every morning. Usually, there are no phones at the table but I can’t help letting her use it when she shares the news with me and my husband. It is written in such a great, non-biased way and helps us discuss this crazy world we live in. Would give it 6 stars if I could!
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5 years ago, Harrypotterlover2.0
News-O-Matic is a place where kids can see the news just for kids and if they have questions they can go to the news room and if you hit write to Russ and they write there questions to Russ and he will answer them later and you can read other kids questions as well so get News-O-Matic today free
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6 years ago, JenniferRW
Actually gets kids to read!
I work with kids between 7 and 18, some with a variety of disabilities. It can be a struggle to find a resource that gets them to read. Well, I finally found something that works. The students are literally asking to read the articles every morning! Incredible.
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6 years ago, BostonianMath
Nothing else like this
I’ve been searching for a news app for kids — and I cannot believe this exists. It’s incredible. My kid is reading the news. On his own. Every day. And from my perspective it’s totally safe and balanced so I don’t have to worry about anything inappropriate. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this for any other parents out there.
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7 years ago, DJ Moe PHX
Amazing but......
I loved this app and I would go on it all the time to learn about the news. It doesn't have junk articles and a child can understand them. One day I wanted to read an article and it suddenly said I needed a subscription fee. I have been playing this for 2 years and I have to pay now. I try deleting the game and reinstalling it but it still says the same thing. I would have rated it 5 stars if this didn't happen.
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4 years ago, SchoolPsychRWB
This app is great, i use it everyday, I really like the option to draw and that they try to let all of the kids see their art in the “pictures of the day” this encourages kids to make more art! I also really like all the articles, they are really engaging, and talk about real world problems!
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6 years ago, Laur3Eliz
Sadly, too “left”/politically bias
I’m a second grade teacher in a Catholic school. I’ve been using this app for years. Even got majority of all other teachers to buy and use in their classrooms. The last year I noticed a few of the articles dealing with our election, politics, and President Trump to be very clearly leaning toward the left. I actually use the bias, “Not whole truth” information they give to teach a lesson on “fake news”. I’m going to finish out this year, but if it doesn’t change to being fair and unbiased, my teachers and myself will Not be renewing.
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2 years ago, Cellopoet88
Doesn't work
It's been months that I've had these problems. The audio doesn't work (yes, I've checked the settings). This goes for both videos and the read to me. This is a big problem for us since my kid is only just starting to learn to read. Also, some of the games in the game section don't work. The articles are good, but these problems make the app practically useless. I'd like to get my money back.
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3 years ago, JujuGamer👾
This app is so good! I have been reading it and it’s awesome now kids get interesting I’m news! There a couple glitches but besides that it’s an amazing app! If u are reading this GET THE APP. It may have glitches but it’s so good I check every day when more news will come!😉😁😊
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6 years ago, RW Brooklyn NY
Got my daughter to actually LOVE reading!
I didn't think it was possible. My daughter did NOT enjoy reading on her own. But this app changed everything. She picks it up every day after school and wants to read more and more. And she's learning so much about the world! It's kind of amazing...
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4 years ago, Veronica Wilgan
Ground-breaking content for kids. No one does it better- not even the Washington Post! From their coverage of coronavirus coverage to their thoughtful, powerful pieces regarding the black lives matter movement, there is no better resource for kids to learn about the evolving world around them.
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5 years ago, Bothered12321
Can’t print stories anymore
We limit screen time for our kids, but want to have them read “news”. So I used to print them each a news story from this app every day, but the recent update broke the printing function. Just part of the story prints now. If I can’t print, then I will have to unsubscribe. This app was great until this happened.
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5 years ago, LexaG0110
What a great app!
This app is so interactive and educational while being a safe place for kids to read the news! If you want to keep your kid on a consistent reading schedule, this is the perfect way to do so. The stories are short, interesting and fun!
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3 years ago, GUMMY GIRL😎😎
Can’t do anything without subscribing
I love how this app is done but you literally can’t do anything without subscribing!!! I mean this is just not okay. The prices are way to much to subscribe and even if you can afford to sub scribe then if you don’t like the app you have wasted lots of money!!!! Please do something about this issue. I advise that you don’t download the app until I get a response saying that they will fix this huge issue
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8 months ago, Captain Oliver Pants
It’s very interesting
It’s very interesting because there is a variety of stories and I like the poll because it asks questions. Also I like it and they are short and they are easy.
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4 years ago, TabbyHawaii
One Star Due To Subscription
I would have given this app 5 stars because my son absolutely loved it and I love he gets that knowledge of current events. The reason for one star is the fact I paid for a one year subscription that is paid until later this year, but it will not allow my son on the app on his phone starting today. In my opinion, we should have been reimbursed but there is no way to ask for reimbursement.
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6 years ago, hitomiMD
Gets my girls to read every day!
My daughters didn’t like to read... until now! I am so grateful for this app. New stories every day. Different levels for their different reviews. Amazing subjects to teach about the world. Thank you News-O-Matic!
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5 years ago, abbie thomaz
I would have rated it a 5 but I am in a rage😡
Please read this and answer. I really love news-o-matic. But Not anymore. I loved it because it was easy to use and gave you a lot of information about everything. And it helped me with my reading. It kept me out of my boredom and everyone at school would read the same article at the same time in a circle and then discuss it. .... Those were the good days...... I started hating it when they made you have to pay. My parents won’t let me purchase anything online because they think it will be a fraud or something. Now nobody in my school reads news o matic anymore. Only the privileged ones. Please respond ASAP. I know y’all are very busy but still pls do. Thanks
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4 years ago, Keifmat
Beautiful curated content for kids
My 7-year is just getting into reading on her own. She discovered this app and is now reading it nonstop. So glad she found this product. Ruby is constantly learning.
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6 years ago, g-money_07
My fave app ever!
I love this app so much. The stories are really cool and interesting. Plus there are pictures and videos. My favorite part is that it changes every day so there is new stuff to read all the time.
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1 year ago, Sweeh
Sound is not working
The sound stopped working for both the reading and the video. Only the highlighted words could read when I tapped on them. I have checked and my audio is working perfectly. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it still didn’t work. Wrote an email to their support and there’s no reply for 2 weeks! Very frustrating!
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6 years ago, Dad of Two Boys, 10 and 7
Actually gets kids to love reading!
What else is there to say about an app that does this? The high-interest topics hook readers — even if they don’t want to be reading! Incredible app for learning...
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2 years ago, macg0d
Apple Watch app doesn’t work
Like everyone else, disappointed you have to use the same Apple ID as my kids have their own so they can’t use at the same time. Also Apple Watch app just spins and never connects. Still good content.
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3 years ago, Jessb18
Please read!
When I got the app it said to start your free trial and I had to delete it right when I got the app! Do not get the app if you are not allowed to buy games, you can’t pay for things in games, and if your parents or who you live and the forget things sometimes. I would give zero stars but I can’t put zero stars so I have to put one. The conclusion to this review is making this app free.
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3 years ago, FC!!!
Doesn’t allow Family Sharing!
They say you can have this app on up to 3 devices. They have a catch though… it has to be with the same Apple ID! So my kids cannot have it each on their own device with their own Apple IDs with my own purchase as I restrict their devices so they don’t make any purchases. So much for a kid friendly app…
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6 years ago, C Bernard
My fourth grader totally digs the features and articles from News-o-Matic. They’re written at a level he understands, and about topics he finds interesting. I’m so glad that he’s got a subscription to it.
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5 years ago, Elise20/09
News homework
I am nine years old and have to bring in a story from the news on Tuesday. This is a very good app and news source for doing this. Keep it up!!!👍😁🤓📄
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3 years ago, Whanganui boi
Self learning and critical thinking.
My daughter loves it and has used for years. She is six years old. Will keep the subscription forever.
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6 years ago, Janus80
I had an issue receiving news, but it was my school’s network that caused the problem.
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6 years ago, Ella Palatnek
The most amazing app
I love this app it encourages kids to read and learn and listen to the news in a fun type of manner
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4 years ago, jkiuhgy
I still like the app
I know I was kind of disappointed about SpaceX but I still like the app
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4 years ago, jperri16
Such a fun app!
I love News-O-Matic! The stories are engaging for kids and cover so many different topics. Definitely worth the subscription!
Show more
6 years ago, cooldudeinthesea
News-O-Matic is an ok app because it would only load 1/2 of the time. They should really make it more stable. Also for how expensive it is, they should make longer articles. Tks for listening, Vin
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4 years ago, mazepd
News Not updating
The app works well initially and my son likes it but today when he tried to login again, the articles are not loading. Every box is showing “the news are coming” but nothing has shown up after 45min
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6 years ago, frustrated app broken
Can’t read articles on iPhone or iPad
It keeps going to the top of the article while you read it. It makes reading the article awful. I’m paying for this and it makes me very upset. I want my money back or it would be great if you could fix this.
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