News On 6

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Griffin Communications, L.L.C.
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1 year ago
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User Reviews for News On 6

4.32 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
6 years ago, Buc_999
Current and insightful
I like knowing what’s going on as fast as possible.. the crews are quick to get accurate information out as soon as it’s available. I just wish they would ensure Broken Arrow events are covered about as quickly. There have been instances where I knew of or saw something happening that was fairly extreme, yet, there was nothing mentioned from any news crew or site
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7 years ago, Jeanleonette
Unorganized app but I love the station
The news itself and weather reports are all outstanding. This review is about the app. The alerts pique your interest and you go to swipe the alert to get more info, only most of the time you will not be directed to ANY content the alert is for. I imagine some of these are to get you to "Tune in" to broadcasts. It would be nice to know you don't need to bother with wasting your time trying to find more info on the "alert aka teaser" because none exists. You never know if you're getting an alert that will lead you to more info or one that wastes your time because it's a teaser. I find this disrespectful of my time. The LIVE features during weather are great. The weather alerts are awesome - I get some of those before the Weather Service alerts. I find the weather alerts the most useful feature of this app. The search feature is not very robust. It is difficult to find what you are looking for most of the time unless it's live weather
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6 years ago, WClawyer
Great App for News and Weather
This is about the only app I use for news and weather. After recent storm activity, the only thing I would change is when severe weather is actually occurring the user should not have to watch a 10 second commercial before getting the live severe weather feed. That 10 seconds could be the difference between life and death and the delay is inexcusable, if it can be avoided. Live feed should occur immediately especially when tornados are in the area and all other power is out. Just a suggestion to improve the app from a user standpoint.
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6 years ago, Blind iuser
I love six in the morning but way too many commercials
I watch six in the morning every weekday when I’m getting ready for work. I try to watch the evening and 10 o’clock news but when is preempted it doesn’t always announce why, it just ask of the app is not working. Also there are way too many commercials. I know that there are commercials on the live feed but I have also seen Facebook footage of the news team between sets. The app could do this instead if we pay extra to be commercial free. Just a thought, I hope you guys consider it. Also, when the show is preempted by national network, maybe you could put a runner across the bottom of the screen or even a primitive card with writing on it.
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6 years ago, lkakard83
I'm in agreement with the other reviews. Needs to be better organized, need to be able to have the option of watching the ad. There are many times that I can't watch the video of the news as it's late and it disturbs those around me trying to sleep. Please post news events without making us watch a video of the news. You have the content right under it but we are forced have the video play first. Your app viewers DO NOT like this. Otherwise, besides the disorganization, your coverage of the latest news is excellent!
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7 years ago, Cotton ball
I understand that you are an advertisement company. I get that you're business is in selling ads. But if you choose to get your viewers because you have the best weather team around you should at least let us watch them first when there is a tornado on the ground. You app always makes me view a perfectly loaded 15 sec commercial before I can watch the never able to load "continuous weather coverage " that when it buffers starts with another perfectly loaded ad. Feel free to keep making me watch the ad when I click on all of your stories but please drop the ad and figure out why the live coverage won't load when my power goes out and my phone is all I have while I am sitting in my storm shelter wondering what is going on.
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6 years ago, jeffreywiggins
Weather alerts are pretty good... news are junk
The weather alerts are very timely and helpful and actually serve a purpose where as the news alerts most the time open the app to a news story that’s not there. The alert itself will say tune in for more or take you to nothing. That’s also after you exit the commercial page that pops up every single time you open the app. I’m sure you don’t make enough off your advertisements on TV to need this incredible revenue generating add that pops up anytime you open the app and prevent you from seeing anything until you close it. The overall layout is not very good either and really lacks creativity.
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7 years ago, mykrk
First I would say the content is very good. But why do I have to watch videos that advertise for news on six before I see the story video. If I'm on your app don't you think I'm already a consumer. If you can't sell the advertising space then just don't have any advertising video. You don't have to sell to someone that's already buying your product. Another annoying thing is the ad that comes up every single time you go back to the app. This is usually for a car dealership. With all that said, this is the first app I've ever given a review for. So I must wanted to improve because I use it so much.
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1 month ago, SlowOkie
New Opening Noise is Awful!!
(Update: I received an email explaining how to turn off the sound and I changed it to 3 stars instead of 1. In my opinion, the opening sound provides no value to the user and should be turned off by default.) I don’t know why you made it so the app plays a loud noise when you open it. Now I can’t open the app in public without muting my phone. And if I have my volume up, it’s loud enough to scare the daylights out of me. I’ve always preferred to get my news from Channel 6 but I can’t handle the racket.
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6 years ago, Drudge Rep
News on 6 is the best!
I watch the morning News on 6 every morning, as I prepare to face my day. The team informs me about the important local, national, and world happenings, as well as the vital factors that will impact my day - weather, road or school closings, and traffic. The personalities of the anchors complement each other so well, and make such a difference in how my day starts. The News on 6 morning program makes me feel like I’ve spent my early hours, having coffee with my friends.
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6 years ago, 69niki96
Love the real time alerts
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!!! No joke guys it’s great!!! You get real time alerts which amazing if you drive as much as I do! Not only do I get traffic alerts but I can stay up-to-date on important news! Especially robberies and shootings so I can avoid those areas! Not to mention the weather updates and the News On 6 Weather app is just as amazing! 10/10 would recommend download!! (Also just some random knowledge to share: NEWS stands for: Notable Events Weather & Sports)
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7 years ago, LocalOkie
Could be better organized
I had to ask where to find the weather and traffic sections. Weather should have its own, prominently placed section, and not just the temperature thing at the top corner. Not everyone knows to tap on it, and end up tapping the other obvious sections of the app only not to find it. Traffic needs to have smaller icons and maybe red and yellow lines like other apps have to show slowdowns. Weather and traffic are things we need in a moment's notice, and we're not getting there fast enough.
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6 years ago, Fly the Coop69
Too many notifications!
I want to see traffic, weather, and maybe very highly significant local news. I only seek out 6 bc of Travis Meyer and 6 used to be good at traffic & severe weather alerts but no more. I do not want to see who has the spirit stick or that a 3rd person died from the flu somewhere. There are always going to be flu deaths! Shortage of immunizations is newsworthy. Thousands dead from flu is newsworthy. Not 3! Flu immunizations causing deaths bc contaminated is newsworthy. But not 3 deaths nationwide. And I definitely don’t want to see Sports. If you can’t tell me who won the World Series then I don’t want to see any sports. I will go elsewhere for my sports news.
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6 years ago, Darbrook
Tulsa’s best foot forward for local news
News, weather & sports that is! New faces this year enhancing a stellar staff that I’ve watched & appreciated for years! Can’t say enough good about & how inspiring LeAnn Taylor is - pro all the way. Terry Hood -sensible, sensitive & down to earth along with Craig Day -a great team. Alan Crone is my pick for best understandable delivery and explanation of weather coverage. I could go on but I’ll close saying News on 6 is simply the best in town.
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5 years ago, Clendon35
Don M. Frazier —Tulsa
I’m locked in to a lot of news media on my iPhone, like Fox News, Digital Oklahoman etc.,for just a few, and what I like about the Channel 6 App is that it gets state & local news & events that are so relevant to me in printed stories with pictures and Video. I really enjoy & appreciate the Channel 6 App, and I really don’t know what I would do not having this action news sight. ❤️❤️❤️
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6 years ago, cahokmulgee
Live news
The phone app doesn’t give you live information when there’s severe weather warnings around and you have no electric. The only time live info shows is if it’s during regular broadcasting time. There are lots of people with some type of dish network and when weather hits, we lose all the television stations because of the clouds and the app is the only thing we can rely on for safety. I have the news and weather app neither keep you informed live.
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6 years ago, iTeach007
Rounded up to 4 Star
Typically the first to report the news, traffic, and weather. Almost always accurate. Mostly unbiased political reporting. Something I’d like to see changed are the ads. I can’t open the app when anyone is around because I never know when an ad will blare out regardless whether my phone is on silent or not. And I’m sick of the Chevy ad at the beginning.
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7 years ago, Valerie24
I have an appreciation for the app. The one thing that bothers me is, when I get a notification and touch it to be sent to the app and it does not automatically bring up the story. Some of the time the story is no where to be found. Very annoying. But otherwise the app is great! KOTV has always been my choice of new for news. I still have the this app even though I no longer live in Oklahoma! Just to keep up with what's going on in my home state.
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6 years ago, GFDONE
Yes but...
YES! I love news on six and most of their news personalities! Don't watch anyone else. Love the app! Especially streaming live big events! Love being able to watch the morning news on my phone while getting ready for work! BUT I do not like constantly being asked to review this app! There should be a "do not ask again" button.
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6 years ago, Jenni E 1975
KOTV Ch 6 E-News Is The Greatest!!
I have been using KOTV Channel 6 New’s App to access the news electronically for several years now & I’m no longer tied down to a television set waiting for the local news to come on! KOTV has given me the freedom to get my e-news any time of day or night & with my crazy schedule that’s a Godsend! I’m also a KOTV weather app user & I love it just as much!
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6 years ago, JDB65X
Far too many ads
This is actually the best news app. Some days it’s updated once an hour. Why two stars? Two reasons: a guy gets murdered in Tulsa and this channel sends a reporter to jail to interview the murderer. That’s not news. It’s sensationalism at its worst, and you should be ashamed of yourselves using the degree you’ve worked so hard for to use it in this way. It’s the opposite of journalism. And second, the ads are wholly intrusive. You can’t swipe more than a few stories before you’re met with more ads.
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7 years ago, Bunkie21
More focused on ad revenue than news or weather
At one point I found this app to be useful but as time goes on I find myself using other, national, apps for news and weather. This is due to more and more ads being introduced at various points of app usage. Open the app, get an add. Watch severe weather on your phone as you don't have cable, expect to see an ad. Now random full screen ads pop-up when you are reading an article forcing you to X out to continue. I can't do it, I'm out.
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5 years ago, Dr. Talavini
My opinion
I like the content that you provide. I’m 87 years old and sometimes have difficulty navigating other sites but this one is easy. Thank you for all your hard work. I do have one complaint. The new weather radar is not to my liking. The old radar was much much easier to use. Thank you
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6 years ago, Refdog101
Notifications are great. But when a news notification flashes up on your phone and you click on it, it takes you to the news page and you have to search FOREVER, looking for the article. If you’re going to post the notification, fix it to where when you click on that particular event it takes you directly to that event. Frustrating!!!!!!
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3 years ago, czechxican
Notification nightmare
Not only does News on 6 send an endless amount of notifications that spam up my notification bar ( I know I can control them) but the real kicker is that even when you click the notification, 99% of the time you are directed to an advertisement to watch and when it ends, there’s no content relating to the story the notification alerted you too. Kinda painful to use unless I’m mindlessly browsing news stories.
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6 years ago, Donniemac46
Best news app ever
Gives notices when changes in traffic, weather, sports& news. Instead of a bubble with a number in it that you have to open. The notifications on this app are drop downs & easy to access without opening the phone.
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6 years ago, Craptastix
Has become unusable due to ads
I often close the app after only several seconds because I’m getting more ad content than news. An add when the app opens, a pop-up full screen ad when a story is opened, a half screen video ad starts while reading a story. I understand that ads are necessary, but they’ve really taken over a previously useful app. I shouldn’t have to close three ads to access one news report.
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6 years ago, writerDT
Reliable - Mostly
I have the News On 6 app and keep up with what’s happening in Tulsa in that way. It would’ve gotten a five star rating except for the occasional political bias that leaks through. The weatherman doesn’t fit with the rest of the evening news anchor crew. Honestly when he comes on I close the app. Lighten up weatherman!
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6 years ago, T Nanny
Always an excellent source of news and weather
I have relied on channel 6 for weather for over 50 years. Even when I lived in southern Kansas it was superior to our local stations as to up to date and informative weather news
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7 years ago, GameyGamer62
Love news on 6
I moved from Tulsa and have only this app to keep in touch with the news. The only thing is my cellular company doesn't do well in area I'm in. Needless to say, when I get the bubble notification of news/weather it hasn't been loaded on the app. Frustration!
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6 years ago, wilsoncj
Pretty Good News App
For the most part I find this helpful since I typically don’t have time to watch the news broadcasts. However, there are instances where I’m unable to find an article despite receiving a push alert. These aren’t that common and perhaps they’re due to things that are difficult to control all the time. I’d still recommend it but with that caveat.
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3 years ago, Toss this App
News on 6
A disappointing App. The commercials are annoying and often from companies I know from experience are not reputable. I especially hate when I get a news alert -,open up the App and there is nothing there about the news story. I’m sorry I just don’t understand the point. I’m turning off notifications; there is nothing there. Just annoying…
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6 years ago, rainey m
News on 6 great review
I absolutely love news 6 mobil app! It keeps me up to date to practically to the minute! I love that no matter where I’m at or what time it is news on 6 is consistently reporting all the updates and new news breaks. Their accuracy is impeccable. Wouldn’t ever consider changing!
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6 years ago, No News on 6
Too many ads not enough news
I realize advertising is part of today's world, but your app has be taken over by them. Clickbait, pop ups in the middle of reading, and the original version of this app was far superior to you most recent upgrade. I am out, no more "no news on 6" for me, unless this is fixed. Also, the new slogan, "on the scene, on the story" is way to cheesy and just plain annoying. Let your reporter focus on the story instead of memorizing a worthless slogan.
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6 years ago, Pam L "Crafty Mom"
Love, love, love Tulsa’s News on 6!
I just can’t say enough about Tulsa news on six. I truly love their morning midday and evening broadcast. I even watch them on 6.3 when they repeat the most recent news cast. There’s just a bunch of class acts that work there and they’re always “on the scene, and on the story!” Sincerely, Pam L Skiatook
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6 years ago, tkemp49
Mrs. Kemp
This is the only news station our house watches. They are a pleasure to watch not ever boring like other stations. The weather team is the best in Oklahoma. Watch only news on. 6 for all our news and weather and won’t ever watch the other stations ever. Have a Happy Holiday!!
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6 years ago, I in Ok
A trusted part of our home
We can’t live in this world, nation, state or city with being informed. Somethings we don’t want to hear about and some things we need to hear about but as long as the source is a trusted friend it is ok! News On 6 makes it all Ok! Thank you News On 6.
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6 years ago, bananasanonymous
My favorite news station
This app has everything you need. The stories are well written and organized. I like to read what’s going on since I don’t catch the news on tv every day, so I have my push notifications on.
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6 years ago, Soonerkat
Can't watch live anymore
I used to watch your 6 in the Morning broadcast on my iPad early while getting ready for work. Over the past week, that's no longer an option as there is no button to choose the live broadcast. I've had to resort to watching other stations who still provide a live option to get the latest news. I'll check again in a couple of weeks in hope that you revert or fix the live option.
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7 years ago, Madi_K
App is good, Station is great
There's still a few bug fixes that need to happen for this app. When I get a notification about a current story, I immediately click on it and then it's nowhere to be found on the app until 10 minutes or so later. Annoying.
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5 years ago, Hfjruejc
App crashes immediately
Previous complaint about proofreading of stories still stands. No change, so obviously not a concern for the professional journalists. Sad. Update for iPhone/iPad before a vacation. Hoped it would fix the difficulties getting this app to run on either platform. It didn’t help. So I updated the app to see if that helped and it didn’t. When I attempt to open the app, it starts to work for 2-4 seconds, then crashes and closes. What happened???
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6 years ago, GgirlF
Great local news, confusing updates
This is a great app for local Tulsa news. News on 6 is my favorite. However when updates appear as notifications, it is hard to find the update when you open the app. That would be my only critique.
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5 years ago, pipelinerwifey
Love most of it, just not the new radar.
I love the this app. They have recently changed the radar and this I do not like at all. They already have a interactive map there is no need for a interactive radar. They need to bring back the old one or design one newer with the same concept.
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3 years ago, AdamB5309
Great app in stormy weather!
Just went through the tornado warning, watched the streaming live, great connection and reassuring quality information from Travis Meyer. Very impressed with the streaming quality, just as good as live tv (maybe even better).
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2 months ago, idontpwn
Trustworthy news but needs better editing
I use this app for local news and trust the stories to be well reported and journalistically ethical, which is what’s most important to me. But whoever edits the stories for grammar, spelling etc. can and should do better.
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6 years ago, Heart4 travel
Love this app!
I love the push notifications to keep me updated with current events! The new, weather, and all parts are easy to access and watch or read! Quick and current info always!
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6 years ago, Aunt Er
News on six app
So far as content I love it. Only complaint I have is that when I read a story and go back to the main page, it sends me back to the top of the page no matter how far down in the app I was.
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6 years ago, Doug5274
Best in the Tulsa Area
Craig Day, Lori Fulbright, Travis, LeAnn, Alan Crone, etc are far and above the talent on the other stations. The only improvement you could make is to quit sending out a 100 notifications a day. It is why several of my friends and I took the app off of our phones.
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6 years ago, 400mom
I used to love this app but now it is getting annoying with the notifications. I want to be notified about big breaking news stories but I don’t need a mini-ad for every story you are covering. I counted 30+ notifications yesterday! So now I have tuned them off. You need to offer notifications in different categories.
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7 years ago, robankn
Typical click bait
This used to be a great app with news updates but it has become pure click bait trash. Every time you try to look at a story it's just covered with ads and pop ups. Very low rent for KOTV to allow their followers to have to deal with that crap just to get news when you can't get to a tv. Seriously, if you can't afford to have a useable and professional app for your audience without treating them like that then just shut it down.
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