News Radio 1440

2.8 (14)
117.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cumulus Media
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for News Radio 1440

2.79 out of 5
14 Ratings
2 months ago, confused8675309
Hard to use
I’ve had this app for all of 2 minutes. It’s glitchy and not very user friendly. The segments aren’t labelled well enough to know what they even are, and it’s just set up weird overall. It also keeps playing the news station even when I turn it off and it says it’s not playing. I haven’t gotten into the actual content, but the app itself could use some serious work.
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1 year ago, Fyfx
Great News App
I hate watching modern news channels; from CNN to Fox and every channel in between. I just want the topics of news world wide. That is news. Modern “Opinionated commentary” hand picked stories is a waste of time and literally keeps us from the news. 1440 does have commercials … just like ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc… show me a news channel that doesn’t have commercials. 1440 is back by Cumulus Media which audio media company delivering content to billions of people world wide ... so this isn’t a small operation by unknowns. Give it a try!
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8 months ago, sarzox
Don’t waste your time, partisan propaganda
If you heard about it from an ad that stated it was unbiased news, don’t bother. Came from Reddit thought actual news would be cool. Starting listening and from the get go it was just literal yelling about democrats destroying America. The host was reading from a book what was titled democrats destroying America or something to that effect. Stuck around for 20 minutes thinking it was a commentary or something. Nope just this guy thinking he’s saving America from evil libs. 0/10 not worth the time to download and uninstall, app has a pretty terrible format, no selection, nothing is intuitive, and they had to lie just to get my download. Greatly disappointed all around.
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2 weeks ago, Reon2345
App performance stinks
I have no idea if the content was worth anything or not. Commercials would not stop playing, even if I exited the app. Tried to navigate to weather and traffic and could never back out of those screens. I had to exit the app, refresh the background, (Apple) and then go back into the app. I never even got to hear one news story, because I was so frustrated with the app’s performance. I prefer to read anyways so it was no issue for me to delete this worthless app.
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10 months ago, DBaum512
this app is bullsh*t.
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12 months ago, AppleUserWN
Misleading. Not unbiased.
The ads for this are outright deceiving. It’s not unbiased news. It’s classic right wing radio, complete with My Pillow commercials. What a bald faced lie. It’s so NOT unbiased that even the Apple Store’s algorithm knows it. Type 1440 in the search box and what comes up at the top? Far-right conspiracy theory-touting Epoch Times (see Wikipedia if you’re unfamiliar.) 1440 is only second on the list.
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11 months ago, LD the Infinite
My IQ Dropped - Mind-numbing Radio
A broadcast started as soon as I opened the App. It was about historical US land surveys. The word survey was repeated so many times my ears rang; the voice was intent on listing geographical features when can be surveyed. News Flash for you 1440, this is not news. It sounds like a stoner failing to teach a preschooler’s geography class.
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11 months ago, News Rater
Surprised in good way
Most unbiased news I have heard Refreshing If you love CNN & MSNBC and think they are not biased You won’t like it
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1 year ago, buddy2200367
Beware!! It isn’t unbiased news!!
I downloaded this app in hopes to find a news only with no opinions disguised as real news. As I was exploring the app I clicked on the website page and it gave me all right wing media garbage! So if you’re looking for unbiased news programs this isn’t it. VERY DECEPTIVE!!
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2 months ago, brenbood
I was hopeful.
I was hopeful this was truly an unbiased app but immediately it showed it’s true colors with Sean Hannity hosting the program playing. Needless to say, I removed the app and now I’ll wait to see what kind of junk gets sent to me. A little honesty would’ve been nice.
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1 year ago, Nevrong
Libs beware!
I read a review marked beware, and the lib that authored those comments was right on! Caution! Not for the weak kneed Liberal.
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3 weeks ago, jludwig63
Unusable. Slow, full of ads, hard to navigate. Deleted and still looking for an unbiased news app. I won’t hold my breath.
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1 year ago, drrn88
I downloaded the app to give it a try. All I heard were commercials.
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2 years ago, beachbucks
Had I known that this app is nothing more than regurgitation from FAKE FAKE FAKE FACEBOOK………I NEVER EVER WOULD’VE DOWNLOADED IT!! Commie Marky trying to slid his crap in a different way!!!! NO THANKS! DELETED!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, Di Knect
Don’t bother
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3 years ago, OrangeLoon
Very poor UI. Overwhelmed with ads. Not sure how much vs. news because all I saw were ads.
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2 years ago, GM 101
Poor audio, filled with gimmicks and ads, wouldn’t let me open a local news article without a 15.00/month or 150.00/yr subscription. Don’t wast your time with this one
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