News3LV KSNV Las Vegas News

2.4 (5)
30.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Intermountain West Communications Company
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for News3LV KSNV Las Vegas News

2.4 out of 5
5 Ratings
1 month ago, M$M 100
Yes I am
I getting information about news and weather emergency alerts coming out on the website informing us about the situation
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2 years ago, Mystique0131
Much Improved
This app has come a long way. It is currently the only local news app I have found (in Vegas) that loads and doesn’t stutter as you scroll. The app crashes that plagued earlier versions are gone. The content is also up to date, and seems to refresh more regularly than the other local news providers. This will now be my go-to app for Vegas news.
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13 years ago, Ledwait
App (v.1.9.0) is fine, except ... The BUG from last version (1.8.0) still not addressed! I installed v.1.9.0 and again ... Every time I turn on my iPhone 4, the "Push Alerts" STILL appear on my screen. Like before, they are turned "Off" in the setup (along with the weather alerts), but they still show up! Again, I tried everything to correct the problem - including a full deletion and fresh reinstall. NO HELP! ... Removed the app. ---- App (v.1.8.0) is fine, except ... Every time I turn on my phone (iPhone4), those "News Flashes" (Push Alerts) appear on my screen. They are turned "Off" in the setup (along with the weather alerts), but they still show up! Tried everything to correct the problem - including a full deletion and fresh reinstall. NO HELP! A definite bug. Removed the app.
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5 years ago, Ania47
Much better breaking News,unlike 13
Thank you for having James Rosen for National Breaking News. It’s what we need REPORTING THE NEWS & NOT CREATING OPINION-NEWS - Like ABC George Stephanapoulos All your News staff so far is great to listen to & easy on the eyes :) Great report on horrible accident on W Sahara by the Toyota dealership. Your News team was right there,correctly reporting this tragic accident. We watch News 3 twice dly & 5 Fox at night,(mostly because of Christine & J H doing the Rant .)
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9 years ago, Vegaspipistrelle
Very Useable and Informative
Accessibility with screen-reader also very much appreciated. My last attempt to use a News 3 app a few years ago resulted in complete inaccessibility, but this version is a huge improvement with a screen-reader. Thanks for this! I'll be going to it for local info from now on.
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8 years ago, Krasius
Needs a major fix ASAP
When you open the app, you can only read the top half of the screen and the bottom half is completely dark. Not sure what their app developer was thinking, but it just wastes space and looks tacky. Also, you can't even find anything easily and you have to search through an already frustrating app for a story you want to read on the hopes you can find it. This new update was a major step back and is causing me to not use it until it's fixed as it's very frustrating and user unfriendly.
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11 years ago, Mrrawhaley
Easily one of the best apps on my phone.
Rich content, easy to use.
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10 years ago, SlickyTheSlug
John Ralston
It was with much regret that we just viewed John Ralston's last show. I cannot imagine why, with the lack of quality shows to view, they would end his show. He and Dana were a superb team and he was an expert in interviewing every guest on his show! I have always watched Channel 3 and don't know if I want to anymore due to what I consider, lack of good judgement... but them, all the quality shows now seem to be replaced by garbage. This was not a REALITY show, but kept us up to par on what was the important reality. Too bad Channel 3. What a loss!
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2 years ago, Kakkaww
I was just forced to update the app before reading my news. The new app is terrible. I use my phone in dark mode . I have vision issues from nerve damage to my eyes. Bright lights kill me. I can’t even read the news now. I guess I won’t be using news 3 anymore unless you come up with a dark mode. The bright white page is awful. News 3 has been my favorite since I was a kid growing up in Las Vegas.
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13 years ago, DB2inHend
Great App
Compared to the old News 3 app - this one is stellar. My only complaint would be the lack of weekend updating. Otherwise, the format and content are far superior to most of the other local apps. Five stars if updated consistently.
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9 years ago, lastnerve
New update doesn't work at all on iPad
I can't get past the initial screen explaining the new layout features. I've uninstalled and reinstalled. I had deleted the app from my phone before this update because the only thing I got was the push notifications. Now it's the same with the iPad. I'd rather go to news channel 13 than to deal with all the problems with this app. I'll be deleting it.
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2 years ago, excoast
Within your app, I should be able to click on a photo and zoom in. especially on a missing person.
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8 years ago, KieDdMama
Update ASAP!
HATE! Why isn't there a Breaking News section? I get alerts of Breaking News and when I go to read about it, it's GONE. Vanished! Even when I go to the website can't find it. Frustrating!! Then it's other news at the top! No! This is Vegas I want to know what's going on here now today!! Hate deleting
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2 months ago, frustrated beyond the beyond
App stopped loading
I go to open it and it’s the only 3 news screen I normally use this app for all local news so hoping an update is coming that fixes it.
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7 years ago, ilikepie2299
Needs to be modified
This is news app doesn't have a breaking news section and is frustrating when I get an alert but can't find the story to read up on it.
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3 years ago, iavir
Worst news station in Vegas
A fire in a recycle, freeway closure for hours, police shoot someone, water pipe broke at the strip, did I find this out from channel 3? Nope. They only talked about the raiders. Half hour just talking about raiders and minor feel good stories from around the US. Want to stay inform look at other station.
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9 years ago, Cold country gal
Worst app ever
This is the 2nd time I've download this app and disappointed again. The full page ad for the Mayo Clinic pops up constantly and makes it impossible to read articles. I am done with this app
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12 years ago, LVPhoto
News 3 well done:
MyNews3…great update…I’m mystified that very few review are given on a well done app for us locals and visitors ;)> Mike. De Simone
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10 years ago, MamaLV
Update needed
Ever since I updated my phone to iOS 8, News3 videos won't load--I click on a video and my full screen turns black
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13 years ago, JoshuaMMyles
Anything news 3 is great!!!
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8 years ago, Talkie
Doesn't work when live streaming
The app, when watching the live feed constantly has the word "Done" in the top left corner the whole time in landscape mode. It also appears when streamed to an Apple TV.
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8 years ago, Pizzalv
When you scroll up and down this dumb app changes content and you cant select anything. Worthless app, will delete immediately
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6 years ago, @JuzMac20
Doesn’t work
I’ve installed and uninstalled the app 4 times and the audio doesn’t play, only video (yes, I adjusted my volume and checked settings). Too bad, i enjoy the morning newscast.
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7 years ago, MikeInLasVegas
No to Sinclair Broadcasting!
I am deleting this (& all other Sinclair Broadcasting owned media outlet apps.) Sinclair Broadcasting is AGGRESSIVELY purchasing local & previously unbiased news outlets and requiring them all to broadcast overtly intolerant news coverage & corporately produced op/ed segments. KOMO-TV in Seattle is airing these op/ed segments at 4:15 AM, btw...
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8 years ago, Brigand55
News3lv ksnv Las Vegas
Was working fine, thanks to the latest update landscape mode quit working and when I reloaded the app it is stuck on the setup screen. Worst news app of all local stations.
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5 years ago, Csp1999
Yes Content Counts
App works just fine. Problem is with the leftist content. Stories don’t even hide the fact they are biased.
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2 months ago, Fannumber100
Fix it
Won’t open after last update.
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9 years ago, News 3 watcher
Pop up ad
The pop up ad is annoying to the point I cannot use this app anymore very disappointed. Use to be a great app.
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12 years ago, Vilestyle
Good App, please keep updating
Thanks for local Vegas news
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13 years ago, clashrocker
Great app
Great app, love channel 3 news.
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10 years ago, Thomas.527
Good app
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8 years ago, Vegas Onion
Error 500: internal server error for several weeks. (?)
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5 years ago, lb hatter
Sports announcer on Sunday night mispronounced Aaron Rodgers name
The SPORTS announcer on Sunday evening reviewing the Raiders/Packers game pronounces Aaron Rodgers name as A Aron Rodgers. Unbelievable!!!
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4 years ago, Con games galore
App update issue
I updated the app and now it’s frozen.
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7 years ago, Davidr1222
Don't waste your time!!
Worst app
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10 years ago, Bubblerider44
You should be ashamed
I give you NO stars! Your top story on 12/20/2014 11:00pm news was the accident on Valley View! The assassination of 2 New York officers directly attributed to the unmerited protests against the police and white people, the "Presidents" remarks, along with Al Sharpton's ( who incited all of this), should have been your top story. You, the pretentious, Democratically BIASED news media should be ashamed of yourselves. Enough is enough! Give us ALL THE NEWS or GET OFF THE AIR!
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