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User Reviews for News4Jax - WJXT Channel 4

4.71 out of 5
29.8K Ratings
4 years ago, Lucy#2
My thoughts in TV 4
I don’t watch the news any more, I check on line for the weather. I loved George Winterling, and I miss him of course, but I do like John and his team pretty well. John is the best! The rest of the news team has gone downhill as far as class goes. Tom Wills and Mary Bare are about the only ones still hanging in there that have class. The news is so prejudice, it seems you were all for Biden to win, and he’s a murderer, liar and so crooked . And I still believe the ONLY way he won was because there was some serious cheating going on! I don’t understand how the cheating was done. But in all my life I have never seen so much prejudice among the news media. Form the big guys at CNN to the little local teams as well. Like I said I do not watch the news on any station any more, I go on my iPad and check TV 4 weather, sometimes I glance at the headlines for local happenings. But I do not care to watch the news station.
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7 years ago, grafeful
All ways there when we need you .
We would like to thank you for being there for us. My family downloaded your app before evacuation from hurricane Irma and were able to see what was going on while hundreds miles away. Just being able to see our friendly local news stations while being so far away allowed us to know what was happening as new unfolded. We will never forget when you showed water flooding the downtown area. Tears fell as We called out to God for mercy and for a quick recovery for the city. We’re now more appreciative and grateful for of our city . Thank you channel 4 for allowing us to see through the storm.
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3 years ago, bullardpa
I appreciate your weather reports and local coverage, but I don’t appreciate that you make so many reports to be race related. We are all Americans and we all should be working together to make our communities a living and caring community for our children. You do not have to bring race into your reports just because there are a few politicians and citizens that are trying to cause division. You are enabling them with that type of reporting. Unfortunately, I am looking at other local stations that are not doing this. On another note, I would like to tell you how much we enjoyed talking with the 2 young men (reporter and camera man) in Callahan BBQ while our community was suffering from the loss of our Deputy Josh Moyers. These young men were so friendly and talked with us. No one gave it a second thought concerning the color of their skin. They were amazing young men just there to do their jobs. I believe the reporters name is Riley and I can’t remember the cameraman’s name. Great young men!
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7 years ago, Use2likethis
App no longer looked at hardly at all
Used to look at the News4jax app all the time multiple times a day. I didn't even need to watch other news including NEWs4JAX on tv because I was always up to date. I get tired of being notified of news I have to turn the tv on to watch, that is why I have the app is to read it. By the time I turn it on it is over. I have kept it only so I can check traffic reports once in a while for my husbands drive home. Wish you would change not only your mobile app but also your on line app that you have recently changed also. Bring us recent news in an easy to read format please. Now I am also checking Firstcoastnews which we have never done. Please please, quit sending me multiple notifications that I have rain in my current area or lightening every tenth of a mile, go back to your old weather program it was so much more accurate and so much more up to date because we were not watching radar from 55 minutes ago. I want to know where the weather is currently not an hour ago please. Put the new news first every day of the 7 days of the week please. Also, please do not read this on the Air nor share my information because I do not know how to block it. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Bogoco65
It’s great don’t change it!
I had TV47 app on my phone and laptop for a few years but the news alert would never direct me to the news. It alway went to the some ambulance chaser commerical and once that finished it was would just be white screen. This app is clear illustrated very well with a concise written story. If I chose to watch or listen to the News Break it allows for that. This app has made start recording and watching your 10:00 & 11:00 program. Thank You News4Jax !
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6 years ago, JJ ken 3367
Changed for the worst
I grew up watching this news station. My parents always had the Morning Show on as we got ready for school. Now that I have my own family and children, I can’t stand to suffer through the program anymore. I downloaded the app to keep abreast of important events. It was a way to stay informed with my busy life. During the hurricane the app wouldn’t even work. Most of the stories posted are based CNN reporting. This station has shown its true liberal bias as it “reports” the news. If I wanted 10 different stories on CNN’s reporting about gun control then I would have downloaded their app. Heaven help your patience if there is a storm moving through. I’ll get updates every 5 seconds of ‘moderate rain’ detected in the area. Get your act together. No one wants your political bias shoved down their throat. You are losing your audience.
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4 years ago, Dog Mom AF
Used to love this app the best but not anymore
Ive had this app for years but Ive slowly noticed how News4Jax view politics and News4jax like many others has decided to lean one way or another. They're quick to post about stories based on their views. I like to personally view multiple news sources of which tend to stay down the middle with things. News4Jax has taken a side and their not afraid to show it. Some of us like to know the facts of things going on in our areas as well as within the world without being pushed to believe one side or another. Politics tend to get the best of some people, Ill be sad to see you go. Deleting my app and I don’t personally watch the news so I find other sources to read and Ill also be deleting you all from fb. Stop becoming part of the problem, maybe we need to push to #DEFUNDTHEMEDIA.
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3 years ago, Florida*Joy
I have use this app for many years. Now it only works occasionally. The weather part is ok but the “pins” portion is ridiculous. This past year they began removing my information and make an impossible to sign in. Contacted the app techs and was able to sign in using a new email but can’t change any personal profile information. I am no longer a pin user with my name, I’m only called “Pin User”. They won’t allow me to update my profile. And it signs out all by itself! So I no will no longer use this app nor recommend it. This Christian will find a new place to interact with my community and post my weather pictures. Cancel culture at its best. Florida Joy is going elsewhere
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6 years ago, Ms Tricia
Breaking News
Breaking news use to mean something. Your station has abused the “Breaking News” headline. Some of the things you classify as breaking news is really not and can be broadcast amongst the other news stories. Some of it has nothing to do with the local area or view area. I enjoy your broad cast, but I get perturbed with “ Breaking News” that is not breaking news.
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3 years ago, johnfromjax80
Still hanging on
I have had your app and have been a fan of your nightly news for many years. I have noticed News4Jax seems to be more liberal biased the way your articles/stories are written which is frustrating because news media is notorious for pushing agendas/narratives instead of from a biased position. I see it more so in the articles published on your app versus on the nightly news. I also notice many spelling errors, missing words, and grammatical errors in the app articles which I didn’t notice up until the last year or two. I will continue to count on you guys for my local news just concerned about the bias and quality of the news I have been seeing.
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4 years ago, Svbjax
Bias News
It seem that News4Jax has turned bias on their reporting of the news local or national. I’ve been watching News4Jax for over 20 years and it always use to be fair and true reporting with facts, not personal opinion. Since it went private, the news appears to be the opinion of whomever Is in charge or producing the shows. Using facts seem to be not worthy. Recently a few of the news anchors have slipped up and shown or voiced their personal opinions on the shows. It would be wonderful if Jacksonville could get back a news station that reports the news honestly and fairly using facts even of the facts show good or bad.
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5 years ago, Steelers guy 88
Good app, but..
The app itself is good to have to stay up on current local news, but you would think that someone gets paid to proof read and edit stories before they are posted. Sadly if there is someone that gets paid to do this they are getting paid for doing a terrible job. I’m not an English teacher by any means but some of the stuff that makes it on the stories is pretty ridiculous, if this is the standard I have just one question. Are you hiring?
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5 years ago, Smokeys mom
Not very useful
Have depended on his app for hometown news when I am out of the country - and when I am in JAX. This app has continued to disappoint me. When you click on The “national and world news” it never has any world news. It’s as if TV4 thinks the USA alone is the only country in the world. I don’t know who controls the stories that are displayed, but it’s a pitiful selection of one or two items that are only tangentially “international.” A person would be better off sticking their head in the sand. I’m disappointed - still.
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5 years ago, wojopower
I moved here from Washington DC 15 1/2 years ago and started watching news 4. I have never stopped because it is the best and gives me total coverage. I even watch it daily when I go North for visits. I especially love your news app and greatly appreciate your hurricane app along with your always consistent hurricane coverage. Thanks Tom and Mary, you guys are the greatest!
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7 years ago, doug-doug the mighty
Good but needs work
The app itself is good. I am always far from home and like news from this outlet. I just wish more care was taken to proofread the articles as there are too many simple grammar errors and poor sentence structures which sometimes overshadows the great content. I don't care if the news is not "bleeding edge" as long as the content is solid and the message is readable. Bottom line: Great journalism but someone obviously skipped way too many Language Arts/Grammar classes growing up.
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3 years ago, Rich2448
Too many ads
I know you make money from ads but if it’s breaking news or the governor or president is speaking live, stop showing your stupid ads or at least give me the ability to skip it after 5 seconds. Having to listen for 30 seconds is ridiculous. And if I accidentally go to another screen or take a call, don’t make me listen to another ad all over again. You should be billionaires for all the ads you make us watch. I just don’t look at the phone and skip them when I can.
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4 years ago, Clc63
Not fair and balanced above the local level
Sadly, as an independent voter, I find the reliance on syndicated and polarizing sources for stories, disheartening. I down loaded the app for the purposes of keeping up with the local news as provided by my “local news team.” I would ignore the national and international coverage as I knew it was not coming from them. But it seems to have gotten to the point that, at least on the app, agendas are being pushed and varying perspectives are being ignored over and above providing local news and information. Don’t we get enough of that on social media?
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3 years ago, Realtall36
Breaking News
Love this app and the ability to have news updates at my fingertips. However, I do have one complaint and that is when I get the alert for breaking news I have to watch a 30 second commercial. If I get kicked out of the feed for any reason I have to watch another 30 second commercial and miss part of the breaking news. Very frustrating.
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3 years ago, AS768
This may sound minor but it’s irritating. I love this station but there are so many typos and improper grammar in so many articles it’s embarrassing for you. Unbelievable that articles would be uploaded without even proofreading it. Im not a teacher or OCD just think it makes the station look unprofessional. -AS
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1 year ago, DeeDee1995
I absolutely hate this new update. It doesn’t load the current breaking news. The organization of everything is horrible. If you are scrolling trying to find the most current it takes to back through the same events over and over again. This is my all time favorite News station I don’t watch no other news or use any other app until I had to delete this app. It’s too much, way too confusing. I know you guys could have did better than this.
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7 years ago, Mzmaam96
Weather forecast article
Who ever writes the forecast needs to use spell check and check for grammatical errors. Som etimes I just want to scream that this person should know to do this. I don’t like the new new term. I think it’s termed the nor’easterly or something like that. I hate hate hate it! But otherwise, I enjoyed reading the articles.
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4 years ago, Booger boo2
Great weather, news, team, and helpful information. HORRIBLY REPETITIVE COMMERCIALS! I have often counted commercials repeating back-to-back, for 8-11 times in a row. It’s obnoxious! New4Jax should put a message on their screen “Be Right Back,” instead of 4-6 minutes of the SAME 25 second commercials repeated; or a variety of commercials. It’s a shame—I enjoy the news itself, but with these repetitive commercials, I will be deleting this and finding another local news channel to watch.
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7 years ago, ethwc
Helpful app
Just downloaded this app in order to follow our winter home in JAX. The app is easy and seems accurate. Another review commented on poor resolution of the map. However, I found very clear resolution on the map downloaded from the map of evacuation sites. Same map has poor resolution on the "find your evacuation site" choice. If you live in JAX, this appears a helpful app to have.
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6 years ago, MichelleBrown25
Live news feed NEVER works
I downloaded this app because I moved away and still wanted to be kept up to date on local news as my family still lives in the Jacksonville area. In the beginning this app worked great, however in the last 3 months or so I try to watch live news at 5:30am and there is no live feed. Instead I get to watch the same commercial 5 times in a row. I hope someone realizes that this problem needs some attention.
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2 years ago, ❤️ch4news
Channel 4 News
Our favorite local news channel. Also, I have submitted some concerns regarding Road Conditions and Trash. 2 lane road (E. Collins Rd) Blanding to Roosevelt Blvd. So many new Developers @ 500 new apartments & a huge home development. No sidewalks also lack of Dining or Grocery. Thankful for Channel 4 Local News ❤️
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5 years ago, Rumplestoltskin
Best news around
NEWS 4 JAX is the most honest, comprehensive and concise news to date. I’ve seen numerous news stories and the news seems to drone on. Same with weather. The way your news and weather professionals break up the mundane news is what I enjoy the best. Please keep up the great journalism.
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7 years ago, Mr. Remark
Nice News
At first, with the default font setting, I thought the site was incomplete to give an overview of the stories. When I discovered how to make the font smaller, this gave more information at a glance to explore the story. Therefore, this is an excellent local, full-featured news site for the Jacksonville, Florida area.
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2 years ago, Raine1954
I Love News4JAX+
I’m so glad I found this app! I live in a small south Ga. coastal town about100 miles from Jacksonville. We’ve always depended on Savannah for our news but they don’t really cover our area accurately. You guys are great at covering our area with news and weather! Thank you!!!
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2 years ago, LB faithful
Hilda Mallard, Lake Butler
I absolutely love News4jax. None of the other stations can even compare. I’ve depended on your meteorologists since the George Winterling days. I have to say that Lena Pringle is great wherever she’s assigned. And Ashley Harding does an excellent job everywhere. On location, traffic anywhere. News4jax is No. 1 with me.
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3 years ago, Bugghunter
Stop with the notifications!
Look, I like to get notified when events when they happen. However, NOT EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE A NOTIFICATION EMERGENCY! Even with only weather as a notification they feel it necessary to notify me with breaking news. Everything was turned off and I was still getting a ridiculous amount of notifications. Let me chose what notifications I get and don’t go out of your lane.
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7 years ago, Bowtie Bender
The rise and fall of channel 4
Once channel 4 was a great news station. I watched it for over 40 yrs. Now it's become a station that stirs the pot and has basically become Pro left and anti Trump. Only reason most watch it is for the weather. Even your news people are biased. You've lost customers, sponsorships, and now viewers. Maybe one day you'll gain them back. But with the one sided News and no real programming to speak off, it's going to be along road. Signed an American.
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7 years ago, dannyjoe1
Good Memories
After Living in Jacksonville Fl. For Over 30 Years, some of the Articles Show Places That I Enjoyed going to. Especially in Little Downtown San Marco. The Outside Cafes, Coffee Shops and Architecture Bring Back Some Great Memories! I have Met some of “On Air” News Personalities, Such Tom Wills are the Best in the Nation. I just Hate how the Crime Rates have Probably Doubled. Still Miss “My City” Go Jags! Danny J Housh
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7 years ago, spaul67
It is -4 degrees
It is challenging to describe how much I appreciate the app for channel 4 news. This morning I am in Binghamton New York to cold winter he morning watching good morning Jacksonville. My wife and I use the app whenever we travel to keep up with what’s going on at home. It’s kind of a warm feeling that you get.
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3 years ago, LEgGOdt1
Everything is okay
This app is amazing and I’ve been using this app for years, but the only big issue that’s keeping me from giving this app a 5 star is there’s no dark mode for night time reading and to make it easier on the eyes. But everything else is great.
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4 years ago, PattiCaked
Organized and easy to use
I enjoy reading the news on the News4Jax APP. It is organized and easy to find articles of interest. I highly recommend this APP for daily reading.
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6 years ago, Mailmon
This App Wastes My Time
Unlike the Weather Channel app ( with its option for $3.99 of no ads for a year), this poorly designed app has no option to get rid of the constant drivel. They’re even embedded in every video, including the ones that warn of traffic conditions. As if that wasn’t enough of a disincentive, the feeds are political and largely rebranded from CNN. I don’t need political bias in my news. There are better ways of getting the information I need on a quick basis without wasting my time.
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5 years ago, #no popupads
Annoying pop up lawyer ads
There is nothing more annoying than to have an ad open up and start playing without my clicking on it. Sometimes while reading the news in a quiet place, these lawyer ads start shouting from my phone !!! One more time and your app gets deleted and I will never call the lawyers who are advertising in this most annoying manner !!! Thumbs down to you for allowing this type of advertisement on your app. 👎👎👎
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5 years ago, TheAnimaster
More commercials than TV!
The alerts on this thing is extremely annoying/aggravating — especially for someone with an AppleWatch! I don’t want to know that every two seconds there’s a shooting in Northern Jax — that’s typical. Aside from areas that should be nuked (in a perfect world), the situation became such that I filtered notifications down to traffic only — since that’s what I came here for. So when it puts up a blip on my phone for a piece of interest only to throw 13 — THIRTEEN hawkin’ COMMERCIALS at me — I’m like... screw this!
Show more
5 years ago, 32082
Relentless Farrah & Farrah ads!
1) very often stories have absolutely no follow up or further info, even if they say “developing” just drop off completely 2) the Farrah video ads come up if you select a news event. Even if there’s a hurricane or serious emergency, the video, time & battery has to be wasted waiting thru the ridiculous videos! 3) no one gets back to you if you email them about an issue
Show more
5 years ago, John Galt of JAX
Disappointing lingo.
Grammar and writing style very disappointing at times. Grammar at grade school level or worse, street slang. Is this from cub reporters in training? Don’t know, but suspect it. Proofreading is often nonexistent. Cub reporters must be writing at a sports bar. Incorrect pronoun placement and reference often leads to hysterical scripts. Well, perhaps not for your mainstream audience. Must be attributable to budget cuts or the new age of unseasoned unreason. I called up the owner in ORD and spoke to her gatekeeper; they were absolutely blasé about it. I offered to edit in an attempt to improve their writing caliber. Didn’t take me up on it. So- live within thy ignorance. I’ve given up trying to alert them to tighten up; I just forward screen shots to people that appreciate good writing and enjoy a laugh. Whatever.
Show more
3 years ago, Betivyl
Getting to Liberal!
Was once a true source of unbiased news but now instead of reporting the news it’s about the telling people how they should feel. Shame on the modern journalism,
Show more
6 years ago, Weezy007ip4
Horrible streaming
Really poor quality streaming to my brand new very updated iPad. I don’t know why you keep dropping coverage of the Cherish case. I want to follow this case live so when I go to bed at night praying Donald Smith is given the death penalty when he’s found guilty, I can sleep well bc I’ve heard the testimony. Everybody in comments is commenting on this. Fix it please!
Show more
2 years ago, BBQRULES
Biased and Pandering
It is funny, but very sad, the amount of grammar and spelling mistakes that are found in their written articles. Too lazy or too low information-ridden to use the most common word processing function. Especially ironic when found in articles about the local school system and the low quality of that educational system. Almost exclusively a media outlet for the huge “no-go” areas of Jacksonville.
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7 years ago, 12#Saun
I love News4Jax. This is the local station I turn to when I watch the news. Channel 4 has the best reporters that present the news and weather professionally and concisely that is easy to understand and applicable to our area. I love the entire crew and staff.
Show more
2 years ago, bookworm 1943
Only news for me
Been watching since Tom wills was very young man. When met Mary Baer just made us more attached to channel 4 Been so many wonderful news folks since 1970. Many thanks and God bless you all
Show more
4 years ago, ron 1952
Great news team
I am from Jacksonville, but live in Palm Coast. I watch News4Jax on my tablet because it is not available here. I feel y’all have better coverage than the other local Jax. Stations.
Show more
5 years ago, FlacoPTY
On point, usually...
I have to say that this app (and obviously, the crew) is pretty accurate, in terms of rain prediction, etc. The app is fast, too, which helps keep battery consumption down. I highly recommend it! 👍🏾
Show more
6 years ago, Bugglespt
Staying connected to Jacksonville
We love Jacksonville and visit three or four times per year to see Family. The news we find here helps us stay up-to-date with the city we have grown to love.
Show more
5 years ago, Jagsfan500
What happened to my App?
I get kicked out several times as I try to read the day’s news. I have to kick on the App again and start over. About ready to try another channel’s app.
Show more
3 years ago, Jdjax2
App doesn’t open to the story you get notification for
Too often the app won’t open to the story that popped up on your notification. That’s extremely annoying! The pop up grabs your attention so you click it - and then you have to spend 10 minutes trying to find that exact story. Sometimes you give up because it’s not there listed anywhere obvious. Why? So annoying!
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