NewsChannel 13

2.2 (34)
47.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
News-Press & Gazette Company
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for NewsChannel 13

2.24 out of 5
34 Ratings
4 years ago, TurboSpot
Had to remove this app
After being a long time user of this app I finally removed it today. Completely useless. News stories and photos often don’t match. Lately the stories aren’t even there. You touch the headline to open story and there’s nothing there. Nothing. Except for a bunch of incredibly disgusting ads/clickbait. Or a video based ad from AFW or a school ad. Stories are either old or not there at all when you try to open them. Today I went to use the app and it was the last straw. Not a single story link worked. Not one. So if you enjoy headlines only or dozens of high school sports stories this is the app for you. Sorry KRDO someone’s dropping the ball at your station. This app is all headlines and ads. I’m ashamed for putting up with it for as long as I did.
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12 years ago, Grimmy1981
Used to be a good app...
I have been using the KRDO app for a long time... Between this app and their station, that's where I got all my news. Lately, it's not been updated everyday (stories are days old and the "Mobil minute" is days old) Just when it looked like they might have had that fixed, KRDO quit putting full stories. Now, you're lucky if you get a paragraph. And, it doesn't have any information. I'll wait to see if they get this fixed... If not, I will witch apps and news agencies! I don't care who's telling the news, as long as I get it!!!
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8 years ago, MEC53
Best Local News App
I much prefer the layout of this app over other local news apps. It is user friendly, very easy to navigate. I refer to it at least once a day. News alert feature works well. When you swipe on a news alert that appears on your lock screen, you are taken directly to that story, unlike another local news app, which often does not even have the corresponding story anywhere on the app. The weather alerts are especially helpful in monitoring severe storms and possible flash floods.
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10 years ago, Janjaah
Great (with a slight glitch)
I love the app. Actually it is about 90% of the news I get daily. Layout is great, and topics are easy to find. The only glitch I was having for a long time was the weather alerts: no matter which device I used, whenever click on a weather alert, it would kick me out of the program. It seems to be working okay now so five stars to KRDO.
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10 years ago, GMAN2EZ
Awesome local news app for the Colorado Springs/Pueblo area!
One of the few push notifications I leave turned on in my settings! Keeps me updated on weather, road closings (Hwy 24 into Manitou Springs is hit and miss sometimes), and all the major local headlines of the day as they are published. Just what a news app is supposed to do without all the headaches, at least in this version...
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7 years ago, HeyLaxCoach
So disappointing
Upgrade after upgrade and you still can't fix fundamental aspects of this app!!! I want a local news app that works. For example, old versions would display news stories from 3 months ago at the top of the list. Why? Current news should be at the top. Current "upgrade" now only displays a total of 4 US/World stories?!? Are you kidding me? Hey KRDO, why waste your money and other people's time if you're not going to get it even close to right? I'm so disappointed in my local news choices.
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12 years ago, fireguyCO
Great CO SPRGS News App!
I love the news KRDO brings us in this area. The app is great compared to other news apps and I don't have any problems as others have stated. They are quick to responding and reporting the most current news they have available. If you want more detailed stories then you are better off listening to KRDO radio.
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10 years ago, Cattle cate
This app has a glitch it I down loaded it and it worked ok for a short time now when I try to turn it on it turns my phone off . Personally I think they have abandoned the sites. This is the worst upgrade to an app that I have experienced. It used to be great but now is very close to worthless who ever changed it should be fired. It is impossible to find the 13day forecast and if there is a radar screen similar to the previous app I have not found it
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8 years ago, Nickcancook
My two daughters live in Colorado. While visiting I got acquianted with your TV channel and up to date news. I got your APP in my I Pad to keep up to date in the day to day events in the Colorado Springs Area. I live way back in Puerto Rico in the Caribbean Area. By the way, there's no Zika epidemic as it is wrongly promoted in the mainland. Keep up the good work.
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10 years ago, T-Dub2151
Great app!
This is a great app providing relevant and important notifications. It doesn't pester you with them. My phone only beeps once (I have it set to beep multiple times when a msg is sent) and there is a short headline/message. When I unlock my phone, it does not open in the app or newsfeed. And best of all, it's free!
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8 years ago, Acdbnfuyvj
Needs some changes
1. When you send a notification, have that notification actually go to the story that the notification is about. 2. The pictures you post should actually work like a picture on any other App. You should be able to choose it and then zoom in by using your phone features. The pictures are so small that you can't even see the image at all....useless.
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10 years ago, Monument Bob
Keeps me up on local news
The app works fine now that they've worked some of the earlier bugs out of it. Occasionally I get pushed updates I don't care anything about, but they're not disruptive. I use it to keep up on local news.
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8 years ago, winsean123
I recently downloaded the KRDO APP. It is pretty dependable and of course current! 😊 My only complaint about KRDO News is that it takes like five different mentions/times before you hear the rest of the story/news! That part annoys me ! 😊. Other than that Channel 13 KRDO is usually on a lot during the day and evening also.
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3 years ago, Wendycanon
Old stories, very few updates
There’s basically six stories that are repeated in the Top Stories section and the Local news section. The US/World news and Politics sections have had the same stories for the last 5 days. Often the picture to go with the headline don’t match. Why bother even having an app if it’s going to stay at this level of quality?
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10 years ago, Nivyek
Excellent source of weather and news information
Excellent weather and news coverage. The crew there are lively and there app is easy to navigate with up-to-date information!
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6 years ago, €NoName€
Junk - Deleting
Broken links. Stupid weight loss ad before EVERY video. My favorite is that when KRDO sends a notification and you click on it you are sent to the app. Of course there is a blank page in the app. So many negatives about this app I can’t even mention them all. The devs need to look at other local news apps and learn something from them. This app has the lowest reviews of ALL the news apps! What’s that tell you.
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4 years ago, FemaleScientist
Completely lacking
Even though they have the app to be customizable, it’s not even worth it. Majority of the stories are repeats in different sections, and there’s a lack of news to even read. This app has gone down hill quickly. I prefer when they had the news all in one area and had more stories.
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6 years ago, lbradshaw
Needs a new update
I want to love this app, as I watch krdo every day, but unfortunately the news stories never update, or if I get a notification on my phone, the story disappears in the app and I can’t read it. I have so many old news stories and hardly any new ones. I really wish you guys would have more frequent story updates that are local and relevant.
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8 years ago, Jeremiahjj
Nice app as long as ...
You don't overdo the notifications. Road closures, accident alerts, storms, etc., are great as long as you don't venture off into non-emergency stuff. Otherwise, I don't read radio apps. Radios are for listening to, not reading.
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8 years ago, Blowingup
I like the app and the news alerts, but I always get at least two of the same alert, sometimes three, which is kind of annoying. I even got a new phone and it does it on this one as well.
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9 years ago, Jmc4047
Up to date news
The app provides up to date and breaking news from the region and the world. Works like a champ! The notifications are very timely and on the spot!
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8 years ago, Love Colorado
Love this app!
I lived in Colorado for 14 years. My sons and their families still live there. I long to move back however I can't right now so this app helps me keep in touch about the state I call home! I gave this app five stars!
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9 years ago, vzfoco
Fast and accurate news
A must for the southern Colorado professional that's likes to keep in touch with weather updates, police and crime activity, and local agenda.
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9 years ago, BigMonKy20
A little more care is needed
I enjoy getting updates and more lengthy stories. I don't enjoy clicking on something only to have it disappear. It would also be great if the articles were proofread for grammar and spelling,
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10 years ago, A simple wife
Okay but has been and could be better
So the new updates have been way to much. The old way was way easy to access and understand. The story's need dates!! Weather from days ago sometimes come up first and makes it very frustrating. Also when you open the app all the stories are about death, murder, fighting, drugs. I know it's our society these days but there are more thing to cover then that. Big downer when you want to see something thAt is helpful or good in our city these days. Glad you got rid of the adds!!
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10 years ago, Bunny Trails
Okay, but not great
The 7-day forecast never comes up any more. But I notice that it pulls from Weather Underground, so why bother with the app? I can go to the WU app and get the info faster. Why isn't it the forecast of the meterologists, anyway? Seems they're usually more accurate than WU. The rest seems okay.
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10 years ago, Coloblueeyes
Best news in town!
KRDO has the most accurate weather forecasts and news that is relevant in the Springs. I have watched since I was a teenager. Don't ask how old I am, but I have lived in Colorado Springs for over 50 yrs.
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10 years ago, JoJoMcG32
Excellent up-to-date news
I get breaking news from my KRDO app before CNN chimes in. Love having local and national news quick, accessible and accurate.
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10 years ago, RicVit
Great app, even better news coverage! Usually the first news coverage that I receive if local and national news happenings too. Keeps me informed as a former Coloradan now in Kentucky.
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9 years ago, Retired Kdg. Teacher
Quick way to get the news
Love how I can quickly catch up on the news, especially if I'm not near a TV or I don't have time to sit and watch!
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9 years ago, clarker2
Weather issue with app
The daily weather forecasts don't update, so one must delete the app and re-download to get current weather. Would rate more stars if the glitch was fixed.
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9 years ago, Idon'thavea nickname
Simply the Best
I check several news apps throughout the day & this one is by far my favorite! I like the setup. It's easy to navigate. Two thumbs up!
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10 years ago, Lefty1997
KRDO Channel 13
Good emphasis on local news, issues, very little political coloring to the news, objectivity apparent. Appreciate the emergency services offered when bad weather, fires, floods take place. Thanks
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7 years ago, RS99-9
Do You Guys Even Test These Things?
Seriously, this app works about half the time. When it actually does load, it's hit or miss whether you can get an article to open for reading. I gave it two stars because at least on those occasions when it does work it's not half bad.
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8 years ago, Jimiw50
Good app
This is one of the better news apps. It keeps you up-to-date with everything
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10 years ago, Not digging the changes here
What I'm thinking
I'm not a big fan of the large tiles for each story because it takes so long to get through all of them. The other issue that I have is with the weather. Personally I am not big on the videos all of the time and would rather just read the narrative on what's going on. Finally the ads just annoy me!!
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10 years ago, TheOriginalBadBob
Nice website for local news
Best website for me. Where the news comes first Right after the weather! Love you anyway! Robert
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10 years ago, Barb Hastings
Very reliable app
Keeps me current without having to keep the TV going all the time. Easy to navigate. Great news app.
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9 years ago, Hi938382
Great news app
This is my number one choice for news on my iPad. Great coverage, stories, and the format is easy to navigate.
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9 years ago, Annie0542
1st app I try
I can usually find out anything I am curious about on this app. You are very reliable. Love The way Pueblo is covered. Weather data is a good source
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8 years ago, Azdusty
Looking to move here
Nice layout, helpful stories and information for possible move to Colorado.
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10 years ago, Louisd46
Helps Keep up local wx
Weather forecast is best part of this app. Following local news hard sometimes as some facts slow in coming.
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6 years ago, ACFDMedic
Waste of time
Not updated on weekends. Essentially a useless app How can a useless app get worse? They found a way! Simply show an ad video before every news video. Then make sure it’s the same ad every time and be the only app in the world that denies the ability to dismiss the ad. What will they think of next!?
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6 years ago, Shame on me for buying
For gosh sakes hire a programmer to fix your site
You send text alerts and when I click on them to read the details, the link takes me to your site, but not to the article that the text alert talks about. I search for the news alert in looking for and it’s nowhere to be found. This is insanity.
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10 years ago, Jwranch
This app would be awesome if you could get the current weather forecast. It does me no good to get weather from the day before. The saying for Colorado is that the weather changes every 15 minutes. So I need the current weather conditions when I wake up in the morning!!! Not last nights forecast!!!
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9 years ago, Casey's Child
We love getting the reports right on time and updates to current events. Thanks so very much!!!
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5 years ago, Bakjar
Shoddy programming
What is the point of a notification if when clicking on said notification doesn’t even take you to the story, but install the front page, where the story you thought you were interested in is nowhere to be found. Fire your app developers NOW and hire someone competent.
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2 years ago, Torie 999809
needs new update!
Just needs new update like a new background/look! just my opinion
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9 years ago, LiaEg2012
Timely news
Thank you for up to date and fast delivery.
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10 years ago, UncleGuapo
Good job
Easy to use and well organized. I much prefer this app for my local news.
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