NewsChannel 3-12

3.5 (4)
47.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
News-Press & Gazette Company
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for NewsChannel 3-12

3.5 out of 5
4 Ratings
4 years ago, jillimo
Champions Tritons
So good to see the Triton’s Champions on film this morning. Theses kids work really hard to attain this goal. It appears that one of the players flashed what looks like a gang sign. Please review film shown at about 6:15 this morning. Number 63 holds his hand up with fingers poised. I hope this is not so. Sports need to be free of outside influences. Congratulation to the team.
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8 years ago, House Review
New app
The KEYT news app needs updating - storylines should be linked if there is a follow on from an earlier story. FYI - months back a Hit & Run occurred killing transient person. This person was struck and killed while attempting to cross a two-lane divided Highway. Rather then crossing at the bridge 1/2 mile away. No follow -up on the storylines such as this one: • Why are people attempting to cross a fenced Highway. • Any leads on the Auto that was involved? • Was the victim ever ID. •What has caused flourishing homeless / transient population along the 101 corridor. • What are the short ands long term issue associated with not addressing the rise in the homeless population. News is not updated very often. Some storylines remain up for days if not weeks at a time. Sorry to say I'm not very impressed with KEYT's app - this criticism has more to do with reporting events - then the app itself.
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8 years ago, Trails36
Generally excellent. Needs consistent precision in dating.
This is first app I go to keep up on news. However you fail to begin each article with date and hour. Many traffic incidents are covered but it is useless if you don't know how current. Example: if a major freeway is closed and you are traveling you can go around: but why bother if it happened yesterday?
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8 years ago, 12346chucky12346
So, I get a notification. I click on it. Then it just shows me a homepage, with no info on how to link to that notice I just received! I hit "customer support" instead of "rate this app" first, to avoid having to say all this (maybe I just need help figuring out how to do this right. Surely you're not blocking this info on purpose! But HOW?) NOT helpful in how I may link onto the notifications! Who can help me, or fix this issue?
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7 years ago, D246891065
Speed up the updates
I can hear fireworks in my there anything in this app that tells my or warned me what is going on... no. As always, late to deliver the news. And when they get back to you they tell meto inform them because they rely on the community... great reporting people! I already have a job I'm hoping you will do yours. Need to be more quick on updates. Other stations come up with alerts faster than this one. Add more details, as well. Other than that, we enjoy all the people working there! Thanks!
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9 years ago, Loves to shop
Great Job KEYT!
I've used this app daily because they cover the news in my general area. A few weeks ago they started Livestream which shows their news shows along with breaking news shows. We used to get KEYT on our cable lineup, but Time Warner Cable stopped it. Can I say happy dance?
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11 years ago, Radiobarry
Well done KEYT!
I live in Oxnard, and I like Verizon FIOS except for the fact that they do not provide KEYT. I have known John Palminteri since we were both in college and this region has been fortunate to have him all these years. Their whole team is quite good, and this app helps me see much of what I have been missing. Easy to use, very nice indeed.
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7 years ago, bdc2000
Excellent News App
I am not sure what these other folks are referring to with their negative reviews. They probably have an old version. The app was updated in Aug. 2017 This latest KEYT/KCOY/KKFX app version is excellent. Navigation and page loads are fast. Videos play perfectly. I urge you to give it a try.
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9 years ago, Lovebugg428
5 stars.
I love this app because I don't have to pay a cent to read the news ! I literally had to delete my other app because it was charging me monthly just to read the news lol this app is free and I like to be aware of what goes on in my community. This helps a lot ! thanks (:
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8 years ago, Corkyjon
Local and national news
Gives me notifications on both local and national news and has in depth stories on the local. Sometimes I get too many notifications about areas in the county that don't concern me but it's ok.
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8 years ago, glens review
Not to bad
... the content is sparce but it is local... So I got to give it a pass. There are very annoying large white patches where I assume ads would go... that turn on Safari when you try to scroll past them. The site needs work. Kill off those large white patches, make them less sensitive... and at least honor those who paid for them with loading their content. I'd want my money back if I paid for them.
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1 year ago, Det lille smil
No news for two weeks?
This has been a good app for about a year for me, and has been one of three apps I read each morning. But after three weeks without a single new international story, I lost faith in it and I’m replacing it with another. It made me feel like I couldn’t rely on it for news any longer.
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9 years ago, DaringEscapist
Rivals the major news apps!
This app obviously is for residents of the Tri-County area, however I find that despite its local focus, it provides more relevant notifications for both local AND national content than the big name news apps (CNN, ABC News, etc). I love it!
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11 years ago, Montana1121128
Fantastic App!
KEYT not only has the best and latest news, and the most entertaining News Anchors on television, but now this app keeps me up to date and is very user friendly! It's designed so nicely -- can't wait to start using it
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10 years ago, blondamnation
Couldn't do without it
During the recent tragedy in IV, I was literally on this app every 20 minutes. And it never let me down, it had more current info than any other source. I love this app.
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8 years ago, iBreviary
As much as I love the content, the app rarely works. Most days, I get the commercial, and then the screen comes up empty with a perpetual "loading". Other days, it doesn't make it that far, and still others, it comes up quite fine. On the days it doesn't work, like this morning, I switch over to KTLA 5 live stream. It always works fine so that rules out my device or the network. Sorry guys.
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9 years ago, Rozzberry
Up to The Minute!
It is good to have the local news alerts and have the availability of streaming information as an option. I appreciate having a reliable source for what is happening around me, when I need to know it.
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8 years ago, YRC Scotty
I'm a local truck driver here in the Ventura, Santa Barbara area and your frequent traffic and local news alerts makes my long days a lot easier,,thanks for the great info that I use everyday !!!
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10 years ago, Valley Skin 818
needs to be more like FULL www page
Sometimes the second story will be a day old. Not all of the content gets from the full web page to the app. Like crime reports. This is way better compared to VCstar app. So it's the best news app for Ventura county but far from a good app.
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5 years ago, BloodyEmma
what happened?
Used to work but now... 2 minutes into live streaming the news it cuts out Even reading a news article - no video - is abruptly over - black screen - before i have got through a few sentences... If there is an upgrade needed i am or seeing g it... What’s UP with this APP?
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8 years ago, Btbwinsb
Channel 3
Can always count on channel 3 news for the most accurate and up-to-date news stories and forecast!
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8 years ago, SB,CA.
Multiple Alerts unnecessary
Pretty good, in general, but I have my phone set up to receive alerts - One alert is all that's needed it for some reason ( three local stations sharing the app?) I receive 3 - one for each station. Please fix this glitch - it's quite annoying.
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9 years ago, Lafdfiremom
News junkie
I love having access to keyt throughout the day & especially receiving alerts for breaking news. We live in Camarillo now & I truly miss the keyt news at 6:00 everyday
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8 years ago, newsbob
Great notifications
Their news notifications have been great for both breaking local and national news.
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10 years ago, CyndieWho?
Best Local News App Ever
KEYT News App is the best local news app around. It works flawlessly. I like that it sends notification directly to my phone when news breaks!! The app is very well laid out. Thank you KEYT!!
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9 years ago, PhysicAlB
Need local news
It is hard to find sources of local news these days. Operationally the app is adequate, but as a source if local news it is unparalleled.
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9 years ago, luvbostons
Portable News
I really love having the latest, accurate account of the news available wherever I go!
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9 years ago, bradyb23
Good app; pretty good breaking news.
No complaints other than I'd like to see better, more in-depth news coverage. Sometimes it's as if the writers are just mailing it in and not doing the job they could (or should).
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8 years ago, Macwendi
Great for keeping me up to date
I love being able to get the recent news as it is happening
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8 years ago, Cruzerville
Good News
Not to bad! Would be nice if it had options to search previous stories
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9 years ago, Fun in So Cal
California is home!
Overall informative news with first rate community focus. Their text alerts are most helpful. A daily component to my smartphone.
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9 years ago, SadS 56
Love the news
I have had great time getting my local news updates in English and Spanish.
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8 years ago, Daniellei30
What is going on with triple notifications???!!
His was a great app for getting a quick notification for wavy is going on in our area until about a month ago when we started getting triple notification!! Not the app is just annoying!! Please fix this issue!!!
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8 years ago, Joninvent
I am former Vent co longtime resident now living in NW Montana. Kids and Grandkids still here. Son and son in law are wild land firefighters. I can keep current in everything happening on Central Coast. I recommend everyone get this app.
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10 years ago, Rosecal27
At the moment this app constantly crashes. I do not enjoy the combination of three news sources. The view is too crowded and hard to maneuver. It used to be my "go to" for local news and it is no longer.
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10 years ago, Marcel.T
Better than TV!
I just love this app. You get the news just by glancing at the screen and then you can focus on the one you really want! The best!
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10 years ago, Dr. Deb O.
Good app
I've been getting all my local news on this app. They fixed it. It's not crashing anymore.
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11 years ago, iPhone Fanatic 
Love the app local news
We no longer are able to watch KEYT in Ventura on DirecTV so this app saves the day and let's us catch up on local news!
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9 years ago, douglas_goodall
Good source of local current events
I find it interesting to get up to the minute news flashes😀
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8 years ago, Edtechsolu
Great News Coverage but Excessive Alerts
Great local news and weather coverage! While I appreciate up-to-date news coverage, I don't appreciate the excessive and repetitive alerts.
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9 years ago, fox302gt
Stop with the lame notifications!!
Not everything that happens is breaking news!! Also, why am I getting notifications in Mexican? If you are going to do that then make an language option in settings!! I downloaded an English app and that is what I expect!!
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10 years ago, Pelos_Parados1
News happens every minute. Broadcasting what's of interest or necessity and leaving subjective opinions out is what sets true journalists apart from self proclaimed commentators. This app does it's job very well and so do the station's personnel.
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9 years ago, Jessica SB native
Awesome app
I love this app, it makes it so easy to navigate and get caught up on the latest news. Easy to use and informative.
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2 years ago, DoeZero
This used to work with my cellular service then it stopped then I use a VPN and I used to get the news again now I no longer get thisThere’s something really fishy about this are you screening people are actually trying to access your news apart from signing in😡
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9 years ago, Operation Get In Shape
Very helpful resource
This is a nice handy auto find out the latest news.
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7 years ago, smashhome
Liberal propaganda
Does post important local news BUT it prioritizes fake or misleading liberal political news. And the worst part is that none of it is local. App also is not a good choice for immediate breaking news. The app seems to be their last priority in terms of all of their news outlets.
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9 years ago, Artorture
This app is informative as the newscast themselves
I have Verizon FiOS, and they do not carry KEYT (only TWC does in my area). Having this app is just as informative as watching the newscast themselves.
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9 years ago, Twonexttoyou
KEYT news paper
I like it so much better than Ou local paper the Star. It's on time with the news and updates and in depth with the news of the day.
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7 years ago, Sbmargo
No Apple Watch sync
The local ad said to pair the app with your smart watch, but there is no way to do that. I can't figure out a way to contact them, either, to see if I'm doing something wrong.
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10 years ago, Sbskimmer
I love the app. Keeps me up to date with the news. It's crashing after the new update everytime I open it. Please fix
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