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User Reviews for Newser

2.43 out of 5
89 Ratings
7 years ago, Deadboxmike
Easy to use
This app is very simple and with a bunch of different news sources. Also they recently added comments so there's that. Update: the app will not show any pictures. The pictures include the headlines so I cannot tell what story I'm clicking on until I open the story. After the story is open, or in the main feed for that matter the only pictures I get are for ads. So at least I can avoid them much easier now. Now to start looking for a new news app.
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6 years ago, AppStore Review 1983
Used to be my go-to news app...now too many intrusive ads
I’ve been a Newser website and app fan for years and told countless people about Newser...however, no more. Their app used to be streamlined with appropriate ads between news story paragraphs. Now when I open the app and click on a story, I’m either redirected to the App Store to download something, or I get a pop up full screen video (this time it’s just a video of a dog looking around...really). The developer response is that ‘these ads are not sanctioned’...that’s nonsense. I can’t blame Nwerser like many other news publishers or aggregates who are struggling to pull revenue in with advertisements - so of course they’re sanctioned - the Newser app team just hasn’t been able to roll them out effectively or is sloppy in their product testing. I keep trying to give the Newser app the benefit of the doubt because the developers seem to respond to comments and feedback...but the issues just seem to return again and again. Thank you for the years of an outstanding product, Newser. Unfortunately (and for some time now), that is no longer the case.
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7 years ago, juj1n
Great app but not recently
I met someone who worked for newser on a flight to Austin 3-4 four years ago and have been using it since. Just deleted it because it keeps opening the App Store to try and get me to download something related to an ad. I don't like being forced to view ads but it was a great app otherwise. I don't know the intricacies of ads but I'm sure they're necessary to stay in business so I'm not upset at them. Thank you to the newser team for years of great bite sized news updates. Couldn't give it anything less than 5 stars because up until now the app was great.
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4 years ago, johnnyappleseed001
Newser saves me time!
I’ve been using Newser for years to get my news fast. I periodically try other news apps but Newser is still my #1 go to news app. Tip: turn on your notification “badge” and it will show you the number of new articles since you last used the app. This badge counter saves me time since I don’t have to open the app to check for new articles, and it also serves to alert me to new news. It’s free, give it a try!
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5 years ago, sailorjohncabot
Hoping someone from Newser actually sees this.. I have been using the app daily for years and love it! However recently it has changed such that when I click a link to a different story within one on the app it redirects me to safari to read the next story instead of staying in the app! Guessing this is a ploy to make more ad money but it is very inconvenient and leaves me with far too many open pages on safari. Obnoxious! Please fix this problem to the way it was before and keep me in the app! Thanks
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6 years ago, Cc9870
No Ad issues, Love it!!
This app is awesome- no invasive ads, no tech issues, can get back to cruising through lots of stores in very little time. Switched over due to a "winning prize ad" constantly taking over my iPhone safari browser when using from the weekly email. Highly recommend this news app.
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6 years ago, Unfit App lover
Great app
I love the ease of using this app! I can easily sort through the latest stories and it even shows how many stories have been added since I last opened it. I also love that the number of stories appears highlighted on my app. This is a great help to be able to ensure I can easily catch up with the latest. Thanks Newser!
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6 years ago, Little Joey Jumping Foot
Recently deleted
I loved this app for several years, but today I started getting pop up videos that repeatedly returned after closing and restarting the app. I thought it was an issue on my end, but after I restarted my phone and opened the app, the vids returned after visiting one story. Look, I get it...this is a free app and advertising pays the bills. Incessant pop up adds, however, ruin the use of the app itself, which gets it deleted from my phone, which means no clicks or eyes on the ads anyway. Thank you for years of good performance, but at this point I’m out.
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5 years ago, Borf
Couldn’t ask for more. Advertisements are easily overlooked. Plus, refresh times are on the look. The ability to rate each article is a bonus to let you know how other Newser readers stand. I only wish there were other options of emotions. The ability to change to hard contrast is a gift to eyes BALLEN
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7 years ago, Trjhdcj
Overrun by ads
I stopped visiting Newser's desktop site thanks to obtrusive, obnoxious advertising, but now the ads in the app have gotten out of control. Even if I haven't clicked on any links/ads, opening a story will force the App Store to launch to download some app - multiple times! Compounded by their often clockbaity headlines, I just don't see the appeal in Newser anymore. I'm moving on and encourage you to do so as well.
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6 years ago, Druuuuudndj23
They fixed the ad problem - great app now
They used to have some problems with ads as the previous reviews mentioned but they have since solved the problem. With that fixed I’d say this is a great app and a smart way to get news and stay informed.
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5 years ago, Bucmark1
Great news app
I’m not sure why this app has so many negative reviews. This is my go to news app. Great summaries of all the important stories. Reading the news on this app will jell you up to date on everything that happening in the world. Recommended!
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3 years ago, dhs663!
Time to say goodbye
I’ve been using Newser for many years, like 5-7 I bet. But they haven’t updated the app in years, and it is now failing to load stories at least 75% of the time. Just errors out. It’s time for me to move on to a different app. I really appreciated the variety and simplicity of Newser, and I think the concept was solid. But it’s just not working and it’s not up with the times.
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4 years ago, She's a train wreck
Goes back to top story
I have used and loved this app for years. Recently the app has changed so that when I click on a story to read and want to go back to the home list, it takes me to the first story instead of where I left off reading. Very frustrating!!
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4 years ago, tomatoesaretops
Buggy but gets the lede before the major outlets
I’ve had Newser for years. It is the perfect go-to for up-to-the-minute headlines with brief summaries. I find breaking news there before it shows up on the cnn or Washington post apps. It can be buggy but it’s such a useful resource I don’t care.
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12 months ago, Amazing_Amazer
Excellent news curation
Best roundup of news stories from any single news source that I’ve used. The app experience itself could use some work/modernization.
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6 years ago, atwinmom
Buggy buggy buggy
Every version of this app has been buggy, but the latest is the worst. Sometimes it can't even connect to populate articles. Often the article photo on the main page is blank with only weird text. I often have to uninstall and reinstall just to post a comment. Links in comments don't work and I can't even see the whole link to copy and paste it. What on Earth, Newser?
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2 years ago, Bebrett
Updating stories
I actually love the concept and have used Newser for years. But frustratingly, New stories are hidden behind images and headlines of sometimes 6 month old stories. I’ve tried everything, uninstalling, clearing catches and cookies. But princes Mako and other old story images with their headlines are on the front page with new stories behind them. And my iPad Pro is new.
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3 months ago, Ozonewanderer
Newser is not as concise as it used to be
Newser has historically presented very concise by size capsules of news, summarize to know more than two paragraphs. But lately their articles are getting longer without adding anything of value. it is losing its value proposition and distinguishing characteristic.
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5 years ago, peek789
Bad app with tons of bugs and bad writing
I used this app for way too long (2ish years). I like the idea behind this app, but the app itself is terrible. The writing is not great. There are frequent typos, and the syntax and word choice are poor. The app is always crashing. I finally uninstalled it after a 5 second video clip kept popping up every 2 seconds and crashing the app. Do not recommend.
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7 years ago, MadameCatherine
Pictures aren't uploading
I've been using this app for years. You've had your ups and downs, but lately there's been a bug and no fix for a while. The pictures on the main feed aren't loading, so I get a nearly blank screen. If I click on the nothingness, it will direct me to a news story, but again without loaded pictures. Please fix.
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7 years ago, CharlieR80
Used to be a great app...
This used to be a great news app, until they added a comment section for trolls to argue about nonsense, and added the most annoying apps (e.g. one that sounds like the most horribly ear piercing alarm at full volume, another that posts popups about viruses, etc...) After having this app for several years and enjoying the content, it’s now been deleted.
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6 months ago, Bgtrdex
Love the content, hate the app
Great news summaries, but the app is borderline unusable. It hangs up, skips ahead, skips back and sometimes just shuts down. According to the App Store it hasn’t been updated in six years.
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5 years ago, AMuseMi
Best news app 10 years
Tried all the rest keep coming back to Newser
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9 months ago, corcordium
tired of this app turning off my music
the app can be glitchy but overall, its fine - my biggest issue is whenever im scrolling on it at work, it turns off my music i play in my business so i'm constantly checking to make sure the music is playing when im on little breaks. im assuming its from the ads but im not sure - its really annoying & i basically cant use the app when im working.
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7 years ago, Trojanact
Ads Ads Ads
I used to love this app. Now it is non stop ads and redirects to the App Store, even when you don't click on the ad. The stream also freezes or glitches at the ads so you inadvertently click on them. The app has become unusable. I hope an update resolves it.
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2 years ago, nickel7737
Use to be a greats source for news. They offered a lot of unusual stories but now seem to be pandering to the left side of news. Seems like they primarily report on conservatives and republicans. As of today, the Hilary Clinton scandal, should be the biggest news but nada.
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6 years ago, Jkro1436
I used to love this app until it started randomly opening the App Store on its own. Pretty frustrating to be reading an article and then the App Store magically appears. I'm deleting it until this is fixed Update: I reinstalled the app since I like the premise of Newser. Recently, though, I am getting a pop up of a puppy every time I open a story. I’m officially done with this P.O.S.
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2 years ago, bungusp
App won’t load stories
Used to love it! Was my go to news site. Now I experience random issues with the site not loading. Tried deleting and reinstalling the app. Powered off the phone. Nothing helps. Wanda June
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6 years ago, Bannahammocks
Used to love this app
This used to be a 5 star app for me that was my go-to for catching up on the daily news. Now, however, they have started pushing pop up video ads that you can't exit out of. Truly obnoxious user experience now.
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2 years ago, BooRadleyOhio
Is it even supported anymore?
Performance nightmare. To open the app, tap the icon…go do something else for 2 hours…come back and see if the app is open yet.
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4 years ago, Yosaywaa!?
Sound control
Done with this app. I’ve asked more than once that you stop taking over my headphones while I read the news and see your ads. You don’t listen. I’m done asking.
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3 years ago, Rev dirt
Banned for what reason?
Got banned from the comment section and wasn’t given a reason. Also, whenever I define a word the screen freezes. This use to be an awesome app but time for an update.
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7 years ago, ModernSerf
Comments don't work
I love the reader portion of the app. However, the commenting function never works! Please fix this......
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7 years ago, Boombapz
Was good, now bad
New pop-up ads make the app unusable. You have to click on them, the force open the App Store, and when you click back it re-opens AppStore automatically. App now worthless
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7 years ago, Jw1539
App has had difficulty opening, loading, and displaying stories, go back button doesn't work anymore. Used to be great app, now it rarely works.
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6 years ago, Sergey Levchuk
Pretty good news service. But to much ads.
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2 years ago, geemarie
Won’t Re-Download w/o Developments
I love Newser but uninstalled it when it crashed my phone this week. I will find news elsewhere and appreciate my time spent in the platform. Peace.
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4 years ago, TDomaha
Great app, biased staff
The app and the overall idea of a shortened news aggregator is awesome. Their spin on the stories is beyond leaning to a liberal, Republican hating stance and a full on display of misleading storytelling. Take everything you read here as fictional or opinion.
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6 years ago, ivypandas2
Pop up video ads for Winstar Cruises
I now keep on getting pop up video ads for Winstar Cruises. The frequency increases the more I use Newser. Worse, the video never completes; it restarts after a few seconds.
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5 years ago, dujaja4
Ios 13 broke the app
I have used this app for years and really enjoy it. However, since the last update of iOS 13.2 the app won’t open. PLEASE fix it!!
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5 years ago, Alcemir3665
The app is infuriating
I’ve used this app for the last three years. Recently add have begun to cover the content entirely. There are better choices out there
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4 years ago, 'dude'
Desperately needs a proper picture viewer.
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6 years ago, fkmnlvm
Used to love it, now deleted.
11second pop up (?add) of a barking dog every time I open a story???? Ridiculous. Until they fix it, it won’t be on my phone.
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6 years ago, Javad Afshar
Pop up ads
This was my favorite news app, but now the pop up ads make it unusable.
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6 years ago, kevin rammage
A lot of the news stories are planted stories. Misspelled words and the worst is the toxic chat section that is censored not by language but by the moderators political beliefs.
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7 years ago, Sr manager
Used to be great
I can hardly get through a story without the App Store launching multiple times. This used to be a great app.
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6 years ago, ProScaf
A pirate ship has hijacked your app. Aaarrrh matey
Annoying popup for a cruise line has driven me to distraction. Can’t be clicked out of, reemerges in defiance. Your app suffers as a result. Seeking another aggregator.
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7 years ago, PizzzaFatty
UPDATE: SPANISH ADS CONSTANTLY!! Dumping Newser So all the news I read are written in ENGLISH. ALL THE ADS ARE IN SPANISH!! I don't want to see ads in a foreign language. I guess since I live in San Antonio you assume I'm Hispanic and speak Spanish?! If so, the entire app should be in Spanish. You should make an app that targets the Latino populous. Signed, Oda Ley
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3 years ago, 4Kukla
What’s wrong, just spins.
It just spins and spins
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