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User Reviews for Newsmax TV

4.82 out of 5
150.6K Ratings
8 months ago, Red,White and Blue forever!
Wake up
Upon losing Newsmax from Directv I feel like slowly but surely it won’t be long before all our freedoms are taken away. Why do a few have so much power over many and we’re paying them too. This wasn’t what we signed up for. Being an American meant we were free, blessed, we had strength, pride, courage to make our voices and choices known and our flag represented all that and more. When did we stop paying attention to the idiots now coming up with laws that are a noose around our neck and duck tape on our mouths? Rush Limbaugh once said the “dumbing of America” was taking place and I think we’ve arrived. We lost our pride and love of country and traded it in for “entitlements “ and that was the selling of our souls. We still have time but we need to not be lazy, open our eyes, stand up and show Washington “We the people “ are still in control! God Bless America! Let’s get our spine back and send these socialists and their Godless lives home!
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1 year ago, SeaQuestKid
Real News vs Fake News
Newsmax is generally pretty good at reporting real news. However when the government and its agencies and departments advance misleading information Newsmax needs to make the public aware of the situation. A particularly good set of examples are current: 1) the inflation number reported by the White House is wildly different from that facing the average American (inflation for me is north of 27%); 2) late last year to early this year the CDC admitted on its web site that the real number of deaths (now buried) due to Covid is only about 10% of that previously reported, citing the incentives in place to report Covid, treatment, ventilation, and death; 3) unemployment numbers reported by the Department of Labor. Unfortunately your reporters and show hosts report the deceptive numbers as if they validly represent reality and consequently help the government promote its propaganda!!! This is a disservice to the American people and Newsmax needs to correct its contribution to what turns out to be disinformation.
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1 year ago, pitty mama
I watch from 6:30am till rob schmit at 10 we’ll things are a bit rearranged (and preferred set up prior to Greta) she doesn’t smile laugh same tone in her voice doesn’t show happiness sadness even anger, but still leave on! Husband gets mad “how do you watch the news all day” well with the clowns running the circus ya never know!! And news Maxx gives it like it is, if they need to do corrections they do it 1st thing always try to get both side when the democrats have the nerve to come on (John bauchman why oh why do you bring the lurch looking democrat he is just not a nice person) I could go on and on with positive reviews honestly nothing negative GREAT JOB THE WHOLE CREW! I honestly can say never watched cnn or any of the other creeps fox ONCE IN A GREAT WHILE but it has always been newsmax and OAN When newsmax didn’t have an app and had to watch through roku and they didn’t give commercials just the most obnoxious music thank god for the app!!
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12 months ago, NicacoonLa
Fairer elections with less cheating.
Love Newsmax , especially since there’s no charge for real unbiased news for a young 80 yr. Conservative patriot, on a fixed income, who loves freedom of speech, Religion, & every other freedom we enjoy in our beloved Republc, & loves our flag which salutes all our warriors who gave all & the ones who live on with broken bodies so that we can enjoy our freedoms(so far) which are quietly being attacked by the radical left everyday. I read our newpaper everyday, & watch Newsmax & Fox on my phone but not the FNN (Fake News(opinions)Networks. If we’d had true news reporting & not constant cover-ups of Hunter Biden’s dealings, the outcome of the 2000 election would have been far different. Of course $400,000,000 Zuckerbucks in the right pockets had a lot to do with the outcome. Judicial Watch works tirelessly to try & assure fairer elections by legally demanding a complete elimination of outdated voter roles in 278 counties across the USA.
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1 year ago, iivikis
Real News
I like the fact that Newsmax gives real facts and information. Many of the personalities on Newsmax speak from a conservative point of view. That makes it not balanced news, but since I’m a conservative, I don’t mind at all because they’re preaching to the choir anyway, where I’m involved. Only, if an outsider, like someone who listens to CNN, or one of the other fake news media outlets, they’ll be able to say, “ Hey, Newsmax is not pure news.” I know Newsmax is not pure news, and that there is commentary by most of the hosts, but those on the other side are evil and corrupt, and we’re right because most of us believe in, and worship God, we believe in hard work (real hard work) as the right way to get ahead and become sel-reliant, we’re freedom loving people and willing to avoid short cuts as not to fall into the trap of leftists promises, and handouts. We can see the affects of their lies and twisted commentary.
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1 year ago, What is Missing
What’s missing n should go
Hello. I watch every show every day. If repetitive I fast forward but usually every show has something different. Great job. A couple requests: No one is talking about how in additon to high costs BUT the quantity/size of products has shrunk drastically. Has anyone else noticed the incredibly shrinking products. Not only shrinking but quality has decreased. For example water filter filters less water than is claims. So many examples of the COVID/Inflation quality/quanity product deficits. Next, can Newsmax reduce focus on the Dems narrative/lingo. Maybe use the truth spin to describe their narrative reducing attention to their lies. They want us to repeat their narrative. Finally. Please start talking about the long term issue with electric cars.; we hear very little truth about energy costs, environmental impact, limitations, etc. Thanks for bringing the truth And seeing the obvious and speaking up.
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12 months ago, Pastorbill58
Respect doesn’t equal agreement.
I used to be a big Fox News fan. Sadly in the last year or so I have lost confidence in them. Enter NewsMax. At first I was not impressed but I now use it as my go to for reliable news. The only thing that troubles me is the frequent highlighting of our current President’s physical falls or mental malady. Some hosts appear to enjoy making fun of him and his physical or mental maladies. My point is this; report the news and take the high road. While I fully disagree with the President’s agenda and policies I would like to encourage my source of news (NewsMax) to take the high road. While we do not agree with policies that are weakening and hurting our nation, NewsMax can respect the office of President while disagreeing with his policies. Making fun of our President really casts NewsMax in a poor light in my personal opinion. Continue your excellent and patriotic reporting and take the high road.
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9 months ago, AssaultWeapon
Newsmax is great
I used to watch Fox News and I’d have Newsmax on and glance at it now and then. I still have Fox News on one PC and Newsmax on the other two, but I would say that I watch Newsmax 90% of the time. I’ll glance at FoxNews and I will watch for a bit if they have something that looks interesting. One thing I can’t stand about Fox News is how they tell me how to barbecue squirrel or something stupid like that. Their morning show is silly. That’s about the best I can say about it. Newsmax rarely has anything that even remotely approaches that sort of silliness. My only complaint is that Grant Stinchfield has disappeared. The entire morning crew is really good and in the afternoons I really like Jenn Pellegrino, Lindsay Keith, and especially Rob Schmitt. One last thing I want to say: I want Grant Stinchfield back. Pronto! Also, can you please give John Tabaco some speech lessons. I come from Brooklyn and I never spoke like that.
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2 weeks ago, Options trader 007
Time To Take A Stand
You can take a stand in many ways against liberal “evil” agenda. With your wallet and by switching from Fox to NewsMax! Only thing I don’t like is that every time people come on shows exposing the voter fraud in our country; NewsMax feels like they have to let everyone through a disclaimer that they don’t believe the election was fraudulent and they support the outcome. Who Cares!! Every time I hear that disclaimer it pisses me off. There’s no need for that disclaimer being mentioned or forcing your employees to have to say it who I know don’t agree with it. I appreciate the fact that they allow these discussions to be had unlike other channels. That’s the only way to move forward by not restricting speech however leave your disclaimer out of it and just allow the viewers come to their on conclusion just like every other story reported.
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10 months ago, jeffy tommybommy
End times
Hello, back in 2011 a headline read “ G-20 desires to have a one world government by 2012”, so how come nobody except True believing Christians are talking about it ? And do you think those Globalists forgot about it? We see a so much of the world in convulsion, yet nobody is saying anything about the coming world leader. Surely he’s on the scene today. Of course from what the Bible says this man will be a genius, not a lunatic like Mad Vlad Pukin or this total lame fool idiot Biden. How about Klauss Hitler on his Great Reset? Can you believe this kind of stupidity coming from another German just 60+ years after murdering millions of Jews and Christians. You guys speak the truth. The facts are out there, let’s tell the world snooze max. Truly, those of you at Newsmax. Your doing many a world of service, myself included. Thankyou. Jesus bless you. Jeff Thomas
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3 months ago, LR8135
Financial model
I love your financial model. You’ve been able to optimize revenue while providing news. We, the viewers are thankful that we get the entire Newsmax lineup for free. So, there are no subscription costs to us. Having been employed in AM radio during my teenage years, I realize the delicate balance between economics-it is expensive to pay for facilities and talent and it is crucial that public service is maintained. With Newsmax, the best part is your willingness to cover virtually all news events. We live in a political world. Almost every media outlet has a news filter that is a direct reflection on the corporate leadership views. This is evidence of a system polarized by designing men who often obfuscate the truth in order to maintain their control. In summary, your Advertising-based business model provides thorough coverage while maintaining a reasonable selection of advertisers. I suspect that you moderate who is allowed to advertise. LETS KEEP AMERICA FREE ‼️🇺🇸
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3 weeks ago, Grim Hammer
Conservative , Republican news! The only channel that free and fair right now.
I think of fox as the rhinos but mostly democratic . Thank you News Max for the word and work you do to show the true world out there, and how messed up and corrupt Washington really is”Swamp” thanks to all your team from the smallest to the highest….God Bless America. Sometimes I wonder if somebody try to block your signal to me because I lose sound All of the time, it’s frustrating but I am loyal to the conservative stations thank goodness for close caption. I do miss a few news castors though. Find a way to intermittently bring them back as a guest host. Thank you for keeping the truth. Love you all! That work it from in the scene and out of the scene.🤗
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2 weeks ago, News Distractions
Newsmax Distractions
As an avid news viewer I am appalled at the number of minutes and news breaks being used in your daily Newsmax broadcast shows from 4 pm to 7 pm daily to showcase your Historical mini-series such as, American Moment, Freedom Lives, An American Life, An American Place and others in your prime time news hours. I have a degree in history and yes these may be informative however, they do not belong in any news cast. If you want to air these mini-series then take time out of your 24 Hour schedule and schedule them separately from your news program they do not belong in your news of the day. I watch newsmax for one reason and one reason only and that is to listen and view the news of the day not to get a history lesson. I have started to tune out newsmax and watch OAN where only news is being reported. Your mini-series is a real distraction. I will hate to give up my newsmax but please go back to real up to date comprehensive news broadcast and drop your mini-series from your news hours.
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1 year ago, Fujiboy
Poor support for Apple TV app
I have been requesting Newsmax to update their app for Apple TV and Firestick but they seem to not care. I have even sent them requests directly. While trying to view previously recorded program: 1: on fast forward 2x you still hear voices 2: you have to get the controls to display before you can pause/start 3: once you get to half way through a show you can’t fast forward anything faster than 2x or the the app will freeze up and you have no further control. 4: fast forward above 2x becomes choppy jumping back and forth. 5: fast forward on Firestick is horrible as you have no idea where to stop because you don’t see any movement on the video actually moving forward. 6: when using the remote for AppleTV you have to push a button one to bring up the controls on the display before you can actually have any controls work. Who designed this? There is no other app on AppleTV that functions this way. I should be able to press pause and the program pauses, but no I have to press pause for the controls to be displayed before I can press pause again to actually get the program to pause. This is the same for any remote control function while using the AppleTV app. It would be nice to see as many updates for AppleTV and Firestick as for the iPhone. Great programs but the software developers seem to be lacking on urgency of keeping the apps working.
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3 months ago, lost my work
Love you guys Hate these commercials!
Now when I open the app I see 2 seconds of news before it throws me into these ads I have heard over and over and over and over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over Again! Get my point? If I hear the singing loan or the mr pillow guy (God bless him) one more time or that Natures Balance ad, going to screem! I don’t like Fox but sometimes I can stand the short news reporting and switch over to another station. Please please please do something. At least stop throwing me into an ad the moment I open the app. 🙏🇺🇸
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2 years ago, reviewjustme
More fake news
While it’s better than alternatives it’s falling pray to the traps of liars. Here is an example: Republicans “have said,” voter ID laws are needed to build public confidence in elections and to prevent voter fraud, which remains rare nationwide. Many Democrats “see” the mandates as attempts at voter suppression. Why not say republicans SEE voter id laws as needed , instead of they “SAY THEY SEE” are you saying that they are lying? That’s opinion then. Otherwise why not say democrats “SAY” they see the mandates as instead of democrats SEE. I actually think they are just saying that they don’t really see it that way. Also, why the urge to add “which remain rare nationwide” into the article. What are your sources of it been rare? and what difference does it make that it is rare? if the elections are decided by a few swing votes. Putting that in there is proposuful and aims to say which side is wrong. So, I give them 8 Pinocchios and I declare it Russian desinftomation because I dislike it
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5 months ago, R-GT64
100% Newsmax
I used to watch Fox all the time till I started noticing their devious moves slightly shifting left. It was the afternoon shows at the beginning so I stopped watching them, then l would hear how they agree with nonsense on the other Fox News shows and didn’t like it. So Tucker Carlson, Hanety, and the Ingram shows became the only shows I would watch on Fox all the time. No more, I have not and will not watch Fox News ever again after what they did to Tucker, they can silence one but they will never be able to silence the other millions that disagree with their socialist, leftest moves. We chose US because we wanted to live in a free society unlike where and how we grew up… I’m 100% a Newsmax viewer and live Rob Schmitt’s show…Thank you
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11 months ago, tootsoon
Enjoy the programming . Tells logically if there is any. As following the science a term that’s being used lately ,what they’re not telling you it’s not the science it’s political science huge difference. Any rate the politicians work for us the taxpayers when told that biden said I don’t work for you he meant it he works for his own greed , power or lust. Very sad state of the union . The voters have the duty to remove these like people which are of the democrats . It’s quite a shame that only one democrat didn’t vote to impeach trump the first time he switched to republican when there were so many discrepancies just like the presidential election. History will tell us the truth. Keep up the fine reporting never stop questioning!!!!
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1 year ago, superhomeschoolmomof3
Most reliable news station, hands down!
I discovered Newsmax when they first began after hearing about them on the radio. Thankfully I was able to tune in from our Roku, and soon after, was able to download the app on my phone. Our family has only relied on Newsmax ever since because they actually do their job: inform the public of facts, whether it good news or bad news, they handle everything in a professional manner, and actually do their research. I even enjoy Rob Carson’s podcast for quick catch ups with hints of humor, because, let’s face it, we all need laughter in times like these. Thank you, Newsmax, for remaining conservative and standing up for our sacred constitution!
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4 months ago, Trumpster81
Passable iPhone app, TV app is unbearable
The Apple TV app needs to be thrown out and discarded and redone from the ground up, for people that just use the Apple Remote, the interface stupid, when you click on live TV, the play pause button, and all that other stuff doesn’t disappear right away like any other app out there. You have to play around with it to make it go away which is just stupid. there’s also a few other things that really makes me want to dislike this app a whole lot. The fact that it just doesn’t work very well. I want to definitely continue watching Newsmax but I’m just gonna watch it on my iPhone. I can’t stand this TV app as it is. It makes me wonder if the developer ever actually used an Apple TV remote when designing/testing the app? If they want to make me happy, they would make the freaking scan bar and the play button disappear as soon as the video started going.
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4 months ago, Granknows
Truth is vital!
As much as I enjoy and appreciate NewsMax, I still struggle with so many personal opinions expressed instead of simply reporting the news. NewsMax advertises “don’t tell me what to think!” Yet this indeed is what Newsmax often does. Saying that, I definitely agree with your personal opinions for the most part. However, the problem is trying to encourage people to watch Newsmax that aren’t aligning with conservative beliefs, is most unsuccessful because of the consistent personal opinions so strongly expressed. If we can accomplish that, there is so much more potential to share, teach the truth and others that aren’t conservative to listen and learn and accept truth we’re trying so hard and need to expose.
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2 days ago, T9919w
Vital information
At Newsmax each anchor does their own research into what they are reporting on. Many are openly biased conservative but the details they provide to support their arguments allows the viewers to decide if you agree or not. Most important is they provide information not reported anywhere else as well as how the information is not being reported by MSM. Watching MSM they all report the same talking points, a collective narrative with only opinions based on heavily edited information omitting facts that tells the whole story. Thankful for Newsmax and all the anchors. Hopefully more will sign on and you are saving the integrity of reporting and most likely our country’s freedom
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11 months ago, Mle01h
so sad
it is so sad to see many news stations and influential people spread lies to make money. ITS ALL A SCAM. THEY ARE TARGETING THE UNEDUCATED POPULATION. 56 percent of the us can’t read past a 6th grade level that’s sad and most of y’all are voters you need to truly educate yourself through university it’s really sad. i used to be like them since 2015 but once covid and i started getting university education it opened my eyes and both of these parties need to be scrapped and we need to fix the republic with a multiparty system that give people representation and the congress people reflect the population they serve. the senate needs to be power checked. they have been lying in our education system and we need to invest in that we need to end the public healthcare system for business in america and save it for small businesses we need to conserve americas values and stances cause they way we are headed with how they voting pop votes we down a dangerous path GET EDUCATED PEOPLE
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10 months ago, SIGGYUSAF
Great news app
Newsmax is great. I love having the ability to go back and watch past shows and watch live all at no cost. You’d think more news organizations would do the same, but sadly they don’t. The app is presented well and the different shows and personalities bring a much needed fresh perspective in the news arena. Highly recommend, especially if you don’t care for the other MSM giants and how they operate. The only thing I wish Newsmax would add is audio only versions of their shows that could be listened to in the same way they have previous airings of the show with video. Hopefully they will add that in the future.
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1 year ago, alsbdbrhfif rj i ifdk
All I ever hear about is the virus, rarely any news from around the world. When I am watching on my phone and I receive an incoming phone call, I will reject it and then newsmax freezes. Theeeennnn, when I close the app to reply to a text message and re open the app, it is frozen. Aaalllsssooo, there is always at all times a pause button in the center of the screen blocking part of the view of the tv show. Can’t open your show in a little box so you can browse on your phone as well, you can only watch newsmax when your in the app, if that makes sense. The little pop up box that other streaming services such as fox has is not available here. Otherwise newsmax is where it’s at because they don’t make you pay for world news lol.
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8 months ago, I trust Newsmax
Why I enjoy Newsmax
Was a Fox groupie for several years.. til NEWSMAX showed up.. comparing the two.. I TRUST Newsmax to the end of the world.. compared to Fox.. there are certain people on Fox I still like to hear.. . I read too many things about how they are limited to how far they can go on the Conservative/Republican side. . Newsmax.. you can’t beat the journalists/reporters/guests on this channel. My daughter and family in California are horrendously upset that Newsmax was cancelled there. They are already changed from AT&T to someone else… they immediately made the change and hoping everyone else does, too. Thank you for being so honest!
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1 year ago, Chilly Peppers
Please do rebranding of your ‘Programming Will Resume Shortly
Love your conservative content. But I watch from Roku Stick while caring for mom at her place. Used to be your ‘Programming Will Resume Shortly’ just showed that screen and note during your commercial breaks - it showed that screen in silence. Few months back you changed to add THE MOST annoying xylophone ‘tunes’ over and over and over during every show’s every commercial break. It’s heart racing and irritating to point I debate continuing watching Newsmax vs other source because I have to keep reaching for remote to find mute. Go back to your silence and screen - dump the xylophone. Thanks!
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1 year ago, Blackeenrahdigga
Make Newsmax a news channel for all true American Patriots
I love Newsmax just please realize that there are black people who are also conservatives, so please don’t make this station all about white people being hated. We (many black people) hate the liberal agenda just as much as white conservatives. When you are standing up for white America narrative seems a little to pro white and against blacks. That kind of rhetoric is what will push black people back to the liberals. We all know they like to point to conservatives as the racist. Please remember that. Stand up for all of us true American Patriots! Blacks, Whites, Asians, Latinos Indians, Pakistanis, etc.
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12 months ago, Pete 4256
Very disappointed with the decision to cut ties with Grant Stinchfield, not a fan of Greta and will not watch her. You could’ve moved people around and added Greta if it was necessary plus kept Grant I like most of the evening program and only watch on my phone as I drive truck You can’t beat Fox but I hope you will Your morning show is ridiculous it reminds me of morning on Fox only the gentleman you have is a moron in my opinion You seriously need to ramp up your weekend shows but please don’t copy Fox I hope that you’re election coverage is professional as I enjoyed your 2020 coverage Stop telling me that you beat Fox during the rally you’re the only network that covers it Fox has been bringing in too many left wing loons and is really why I left so I’m hoping you put only conservative people on only Fox had been on a long time and you need to chip away steady I’m not sold yet on the new evening schedule yet but I watch when I can as often as possible and would really like to see you on satellite radio Thanks for your time
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1 year ago, Ramseygurl
Excellent content, mediocre app functions.
The comtent on this app is exactly what I am looking for however it is very hard to navigate and listen continuously due to the lack of ability to continue listening while returning emails, text messages, etc.… if you have to leave the app to look at a text message or take a call, when you return the live video is stalled, you either have to maximize or minimize the window to get it to start playing again. Lastly, I support Mike Lindell’s story but there are way too many whiny commercials from him, Time for a new story line for him.
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6 months ago, chaynthots
Entire just about all programming
I appreciate the integrity and sense of being real to each host. I also like the acknowledgment of God as part of our daily lives, as well as in the formation of our country. The different hosts are unique. They seem to share passion for truth based on facts & are not scripted robots. The ‘seasonal singer’ (can’t spell his name) adds amazing richness. I stop everything, if I’m just listening, to be able to watch. I’m house bound and have the channel on most everyday. Sometimes I wish there was someone to tell about an interview l heard with George Soros, decades ago. Sorry this so long.
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1 year ago, Hunter JP
I love this network for so any reason. I switched from Fox News after the obvious stealing elections by the democrats I all their programs, and always interesting documentary,it’s very clear for me that they stand for God and country there support for the real elected president is overwhelming my heart, I’m going to shock you I’m a registered democrat since after the last election hoping to get more ballots from them to prouve and unmask the tricheries I’m now a true Dino. Anyway I love what you are standing for with no shame, may the only God above bless you and protect you. J.P.
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1 year ago, Ahdocnsvagdn
Newsmax Rock
I take them every where I go. Who ever developed the app for free is A genius. Since every other news channel that is not on cable charges money, I appreciate that Newsmax broadcast for free. If other conservative stations broadcasted for free, they would have more listeners. We could get the conservative message out there and out there loud l, if everybody didn’t nickel and dime us for every channel we want to pay attention to. Thank you Newsmax I listen every night while I drive my truck through the night. Everyone of your broadcasters are amazing. It’s hard for me to turn it off.
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2 months ago, Eenie 2
The title is my review.
I’m very very pleased and have been for quite a while. It’s just about all we watch. The only thing that has bothered me for a long time is a couple of your female newscasters dress very in modestly! They are beautiful enough without wearing their clothes low cut and like skin on baloney. There is one I think her name is Emma and she’s always dress so beautiful and so modest. I would surely know her last name if I heard it but right now I’m drawing a blank. I don’t mean to complain overall we trust Newsmax over any news station and we don’t want to ever watch the fake news ever it’s garbage!
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5 months ago, Kon_El
App needs improvements, but it’s good.
Since losing Tucker on Fox, I began searching for a new news outlet. Not only is Newsmax streamable for free from the app and online, but it’s also full of the kind of coverage I’m looking for. I don’t particularly care for news to have a bias, I just want it to be fair and Newsmax has that. That said, the app does need work. I can’t leave the app on iPhone without it stopping is easily the most critical. Commenting on stories is also a train wreck of a problem that wouldn’t even work online. Fix these and the experience will drastically improve.
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4 months ago, Raterrific
Video/Audio Doesn’t “Pop” Like Fox News
While I like the content on NewsMax, I really wish the picture was as vibrant as Fox News, and that the audio had that professional sound that Fox News has. It looks “live to tape” and sounds cheap. The local news oftentimes has better quality than what you see on NewsMax. Aside from that, noticing some ancient icons in the iOS app. Wish they’d give it an update to make it fully integrate visually with the current iOS version. As I make the switch to NewsMax after the firing of Tucker Carlson, I don’t like feeling like I’m “missing out” on the beauty of a well produced and technically engineered newscast.
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3 years ago, DugHrt
New watcher
As much as I hate to admit it. I have just recently heard of NewsMax. I’ve never really watched the main stream news. Can’t stand it. I stopped watching a long time ago when my dad retired from the military. Growing up with the AFN (Armed Forces Network) for news while we were over seas and then coming back to the states and hearing the “news” and how much they don’t talk about or cover up or keep facts from the people... it blew my mind and was extremely concerning and disappointing. But now that I have found NewsMax I can’t get enough of it. I watch / listen all the time. Thank you all at NewsMax for stepping up and giving us actual news. One small request... can you make the app have the ability to still operate with sound only while the phone is closed? I have to work hands free a lot and love to listen while I work but want the ability to be able to turn the Home Screen off so I don’t have to have the screen on just to listen. Keep up the good work!!!!
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1 year ago, LodgeLadyLo
The only News Outlet I trust!
I really trust Newsmax to give me the up to the minute news I need when I need it. I especially like their election coverage. Their Saturday night lineup is great as well and I have really enjoyed their special programs. One small criticism: I wish show anchors would allow the guests they interview answer the questions asked without interruption. Yes, there are time constraints and other topics to discuss. However as my fourth grade teacher once said, “When you interrupt someone it’s like saying, ‘shut up; I want to talk!’” In all fairness, all cable news outlets do this. It’s nature of the beast. Still, it’s rude and shows a lack of manners.
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3 months ago, No excuse for Fraud
Fact check these Liars
Maybe you should fact check these people before airing them on TV, and allowing them to spew lies against an individual that has not been proven guilty of anything. These lies should not continue to be spewed out against anyone, therefore given the person who is being attacked with false narratives the reason to sue them. I thought this hearing was about the FBI not about the President Donald J Trump. If we are going to spew lies on TV about the former president and maybe we should be investigating also Joseph Robinette, Biden and Hillary Clinton for the same issues of documents.
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1 week ago, Virgos are cool
The news
I’m going cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs daily now without getting fake censored anti American propaganda from the media the news line up is one of a kind straight forward all in and clicking on all cylinders i love Newsmax and I get to see the President speaking the real President Americas President Donald.J.Trump not including conservatives senators and congress speaking at times this channel has everything that one would expect to hear daily and it’s the facts that matter not made up censored propaganda that you’ll see and get everywhere else god bless America and all Newsmax journalists for reporting the facts and real truth
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6 months ago, T. Macy
Absolutely love the truth and that I comes from you. It is so good to know I’m not alone. I am a Travel RN that refused to get the vaccine. I was ready to give up my career. I knew it would end up like It did. A big fat evil Hoax!!! I was fortunate to find places that actually accepted my Religious exemption. I appreciate your love for Jesus and you are not afraid to speak out about it. Thank you and may God continue to bless all of you. I have been praying that God would show his face and then you started reporting about the shroud and evidence that it is indeed the face of Jesus!!! He is real❤️ God Bless Tracey Macy
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8 months ago, Patriot7667
Newsmax is one of the best places for truth.
The Newsmax app on my phone is a valuable tool that I use during the day while I’m working to get updates on what’s going on in the world and throughout our country here at home. Newsmax is also one of the few news networks out there who tell you the truth and at the same time tell you both sides of the story. No censorship at Newsmax. I’m very disappointed in the Marxist AT&T for dropping Newsmax from their sister company or whatever it’s called DIRECTV. I’m not a current customer of DIRECTV, I was years ago and never will be again.
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1 year ago, saveamerica 2
Mrs AnnA Giacometti
I love Trump. He really won last election. Lots of crime went on in the last election. A Dominion machine was shipped to Italy and ballots were sent to that machine and the man who was at that machine changed the Trump votes to Biden. I wish someone could get ahold of that tv show on Fox on the last election. Why is it that no one does anything about it. It had to be Fox on the night of voting. You do t want this message at all! Who is really running this site? Do u want Trump to so ? I can’t believe every name I put is taken. Very suspicious. I will have to call newsmX and report this. My name is saveAmerica 2 E
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1 year ago, concerned ohioan
Hang tuff Newsmax
I love Chris Salsado, Greg Kelly, Spicer & co and Stinchfield. I like all the programs because they tell it like it is. These folks are brave for telling the truth when CNN, MSNBS and other woke liberals stations are attacking Newsmax. There isnt much integrity left in the media world anymore. Im skeptical of anything That I see on lamestream television. Newsmax, you hit a homerun everytime with me. You stand for justice for American people. You are the voice for the people when big tech wants conservatives to just shut up and go away , and censors us at every turn to get the truth out. Keep doing what you are doing. Wayne.. Southwest Ohio
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1 year ago, f frnk
I agree totally with the failure to report the truth about matters. Although News max reports more than others news agencies, they too fall short of revealing the entire truth. This to me indicates that there are still special interests involved even with news max that control what is reported. I am still waiting for the news media to come up with a truly independent service that reflects the true ongoing events in america. News max is nothing but a production offering a little more than other media sources but it is a far cry from revealing the truth. Wake up people. News does not have to be a production. It only had to reveal unbiased reflections of what is occurring.
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3 years ago, Eliana562
If so meeting is newsworthy NewsMax does just that.
Quoting Brian Tracy: he spoke about not to read newspapers from cover to cover on Sunday mornings back in the 1990’s...He mentioned that; “If it is newsworthy someone would keep you informed.” NewsMax does just that. We watch what fake news say, often they regurgitate the same words by the AP and later we find out it is fake news. I stopped watching CNN ON ELECTION Day 2008 and stopped watching Fox on Election Day 2020. Local news is only about the weather I am not going to feel offended and angry watching lies. May God open the eyes and ears of the population!
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1 year ago, Jan4dt
Thank you!
Newsmax is my only Channel for news! Thank you for supporting Trump! Like millions of others know, he has done it before and is the only one who can bring our country back! Also, whoever he chooses as his Vice President will learn from this experience as v.p and will be ready to lead after Trumps 4 year leadership. It is so obvious that he is a smart and talented leader with the ability to deal with our friends and adversaries! He needs all of us to support him! we also believe he truly loves our country and wants and is fighting for all of us! Go Trump and Newsmax!!
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1 year ago, Dr Felicitas
Greg Kelly
He was on point. I once admired George Bush but I have lost total respect. Whatever they say about the bragadaccio and personality of President Trump, he is a true American patriot by the way he ran the country despite the huge obstacles put in his way. The Bushes put their own personal causes first before the people of America in opposing the election of Donald Trump and helping to push our country on the brink of total destruction with Biden and this democrat, leftist, insane administration. MayGod Who has blest this country so much, help turn the course of this nation back towards common sense and His ways!
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1 month ago, Suzanne-Grace
Suzanne Boucek
I’m not a person of many words, and I speak very succinctly. I like NewsMax, because they are the only station that shows Trump and his rallies, but that’s not the only reason. I also enjoy all of the broadcasters, their commentaries, and their way of presenting the news. I like that they are calm and professional, unlike other news stations who become so hysterical that it raises anxiety levels. I also like the way Victor Davis Hanson talks when he is on news stations. He is brilliant and has a very calm demeanor. Love the entire news station.
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1 month ago, MAGASAVIOR
Asking why your commercials are All repeats over and over and over. Love your channel and watch it daily, but you’ve gone from regular commercials to the history commercials that repeat theirselves. Mostly the same people. Nicer see anything about Elvis or Condoleeza Rice. But Bin Laden is on constantly! Not sure why you’ve chosen to do these commercials over and over? Just Mute the commercials anymore because it’s hard to watch over and over. Will still watch your channel but mute the commercials.
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