Next Episode - Track TV Shows

4.8 (1.7K)
6.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nikolay Nachev
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Next Episode - Track TV Shows

4.78 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
6 years ago, jordanlizabethh
absolutely love this app!!!
This is BY FAR the best tv tracking app i have ever used! None of the others even come close. I watch a lot of TV, so i use this to track upcoming shows, and also to track shows i plan on watching. It’s super convenient to have all the shows you want to watch in one list, rather than on separate apps, etc. I also use it to track watched episodes while i am watching a show. I have been using this app for probably over a year, and haven’t had any problems really! Also, i have requested maybe 10 or so shows to be added, and they were added within a few hours of my request! $4.99 is a very small price to pay for this app! Trust me, no other app will even come close, and will probably be more expensive with less features. I also think it’s really cool that it tells you how many total hours it has taken you to watch everything marked as watched, and for everything you’ve yet to watch.
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5 years ago, BatSplatMan
Really is the best app for keeping track of shows
I use this app ritually. It’s on the home page on my phone. It’s almost second nature to use it for me. Where if the app were gone I would miss it functionally. I even find myself donating for support for the developer just to ensure the app continues. Donations are voluntary just for support and do not auto renew by the way. Very simple app but very useful. The developers will even add shows per request. All they ask in return is a helpful review. I have only had to request one show in a few years of using the app because they are on top of it. Best feature is when your excited for a show returning for a new season, you literally have it down to exact days as long as they have announced a date for the next season. Again very simple but so effective. This is one of my top used apps on a daily basis. Keep up the good work and thanks !
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7 years ago, StarNerd420
This is a good reliable app to track all of your favorite TV shows you may follow. It doesn't have all of the bells and whistles some of the other tracking apps may have, and it may not even have my favorite look and feel next to a few others, but the one thing I can say about this app is it works. It delivers your notifications when it should and so far it's never crashed on me. I can't say I've had the same experience with some of the other TV tracking apps. In fact without mentioning names, one app I tried and loved the look and feel of and wanted to pay for the premium version of said app, but 3 times I entered all my favorite TV shows to follow and 3 times it crashed and I lost my whole list. Also notifications weren't alerting me about show times. What good is a great looking app if it doesn't perform well. Where this app may lack in looks, which let's face it only comes down to preference and my opinion anyhow, or features, it makes up for in it's stability and function.
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7 years ago, Stripesahoy
Works well. Can use some additional features
This is a great app to track your shows and movies in one handy app. If you purchase the app, you get notifications and can add all the shows you want. The pause feature lets you take shows that you haven't caught up on off the watch list so your watch list isn't too cluttered. But it's still part of your shows and you can unpause and restart tracking at any time. Recommendations could use a little work. Also you have to access movies through the More button. I'd appreciate it if they gave movies it's own button. Another thing I really wish they had is checklists. Another app has this feature and I really liked it. Mostly because it's impossible to uncheck an episode you accidentally marked as watched on this app. You have to delete then re-add the show. This is one of my most used apps and I liked it so much, I purchased the full version. You should too,you won't regret it!
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4 years ago, xes999
This is by far the best tv tracking app that I currently use. I currently use Hobi, TV Time, and iShow and although their apps are flashy with a litany of useless functions this one lets you track and analyze your shows with ease. With other apps I have to swipe multiple times just to see when my favorite shows are playing next, with this app I click the calendar, it’s crazy how much better this app is to use. If u like a flashy looking app with somewhat useful functionality that you may use once or twice then go with another app. But if you want an app that does what it says and places it’s somewhat useful options aside from the tracking go with this app. Also not sure if this app is free or not because I’ve been using it for about a year or more but that would be a definite plus as well.
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12 months ago, Shaun Conlin
Worth the upgrade to Pro!
I got this app before it went free, and was rewarded by being offered the pro version for 1/2 the price. For the negative reviews confused by this, the app wasn't free to us early adopters. The ability to keep track of the shows you watch, when they air, what episode is next (hence the name), is absolutely indispensable in this day of uncertainty of TV. This app has helped keep me from missing shows when they've switched networks, or if a special is airing that otherwise I would have missed. I originally spent $2.99 on this app 4 years ago, and gladly gave the developer another $1.99 to support all of the updates they've provided. Mostly because I'm hoping that this will lead to the development of a universal app, so I can finally view it on my iPad mini!
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6 years ago, Megeohdkgsigvdgjvg
A MUST HAVE for keeping up with your shows
Great for staying on top of what coming on and keeping me ahead of any scheduling conflicts like too many shows recording at once. Love the feature recommended for you based on favorites shows. Got the free app but it was well worth paying a couple dollars for the pro version. I’ve added hundreds and hundreds of shows I’ve watched and still continue to find new shows I like based on recommendations from my shows I’ve watched. I use the app everyday and couldn’t manage my tv viewing without it. You need it Only thing I wish it had was section that lists which of my favorited shows have been canceled to be able to see only what matters to me, not the hundred networks cancel every season.
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6 years ago, OnlyDavid
Tune in next week for your regularly scheduled program!
NOT! What happened to regular schedules when I could depend upon my favorite show coming at the same time week after week? Apparently, that thinking is so last decade! This app helps relieve the frustration of not knowing when to expect your favorite shows to drop. Some network shows appear a day earlier than they're available for streaming. I guess they get broadcast first. Other episodes mysteriously disappear and reappear at a later date. I can’t blame the developers for that. There is a setting to alert you the following day after a show drops. It’s a good way to be alerted when a show airs before it is streamed. The support is excellent. If a show isn’t in the list a request to the developer will fix it in a day or two. It’s not the greatest interface. I’d like to see previous episodes appear in the listing too. Sometimes I look at the app, and a show disappears because the episode dropped rather than gets rescheduled. I can quickly query that, but it’d be nice to know without querying. However, the app is stable and remembers my settings.
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2 years ago, Stacylou
favorite app
i love this app! i used to track all of my tv shows and movies in a task list. it was a real pain to jeep organized. the app has been a real game changer. aside from knowing which episode i’m up to and which streaming service it’s on, it lets me know how many days until a new season is starting. until yesterday, every show i searched for was already in the database. i just asked for a show to be added and the developer did it within a few hours. if you’re nostalgic, another nearly thing is that you can add a show like SNL and see every listings for every episode of 37 seasons with the name of the host and musical guest! highly recommend!
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3 months ago, DrBarr
Must have!!!
I have had this application since it’s creation and it is literally perfect! It will have every single episode of every show, whenever it’s playing wherever it’s playing. The user interface with it is perfect. You can modify which episodes you’ve watched and which ones you haven’t. It will list every show playing and all it’s episodes no matter which application it’s playing on. If you have any problems with anything or notice any errors on the application, you can contact him and he will reply shortly! I’m watching/tracking so many shows right now, I have no idea what I’d do without Next Episode.
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5 years ago, sky_blue02
Great support, great app!
I’m very happy to have this app. It is great for tracking shows, finding new ones, and the support is fast and friendly. The developer is happy to add new shows when possible (not all shows can be, for technical reasons). The developer is polite and not at all bothersome in asking for support from users. I don’t have much but I was happy to give what I could as I appreciate his good manners and hard work on this project. I’d highly recommend this app. I personally can’t stand ads or subscription models for apps, so I think it’s important to support developers that use better methods, like this one. That’s why I’ve donated in the past. Keep up the great work! 😊
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6 years ago, ZackBytheBay
Stay on top of Peak TV with Next Episode
Let’s face it, we live in the age of Peak TV. There are so many high quality, well-written, must watch shows that it can difficult to keep track of them all - let alone where you are in the midst of those shows that are several seasons long. That’s where Next Episode comes in. It’s an intuitive, attractive-looking, and efficient way to both keep tabs on what you’re watching and discover new shows. You’ll find you use it frequently, and start to wonder how you ever got by without it. Yes, I dare say this app makes watching TV even more fun. So what’s good on the tube this week? Download Next Episode today and find out.
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3 years ago, TheRhythmkOne
5yrs using and I LOVE it
This app is everything. I have literally been using it for 5 years now and it’s amazing. I have a super busy work schedule but I still enjoy shows and movies. If it wasn’t for this app, I would forget what show is airing when or when and episode has passed that I need to catch up on. I love that it creates a To Watch checklist which helps me keep track. Otherwise I would forget what season and episode I’m on. The app developer has also been amazing over the past 5yrs. He responds fast, accommodates all requests, and pays for all maintenance requests out of pocket only backed by donations. If you love it as much as I do, donate like I did to help him out!
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7 years ago, Mamamick_ri
I love this app
Seriously. I swear I looked at every single TV tracking app in the app store before I found this one. I wanted only one app to keep track of shows I'm watching, show me new shows that are coming out soon that I don't already know about, AND suggest existing shows that were popular in the past that I may be interested in. This took the place of the three apps I used to have to look at to get all the same information. BONUS: it also costs me less to support this developer then it cost me for any 1 of the others, ALONE, let alone how much I paid for all 3 added together. Why are you still reading this review? Go push "get".
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12 months ago, cecoleman
Best by far (but needs modern widget)
I have use this app for many years and I have found it to be the most functional TV tracking app on the App Store. It’s the only one I have found that actually gives you a nice list of upcoming shows and their air date. I like how it tells you how many days until that show airs I can’t believe that more apps don’t do it that way on the App Store. The widget is great and allowing you to pick the Up Next list, however, it is the old widget style and not the newer ones introduced in iOS 14 three years ago. The developer desperately needs a modern widget option.
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5 years ago, cb60089
Nice app. Let's me know when my shows on
This app is great at organizing my shows. It lets me know when the next episode will be on. I also like how it recommends other shows like the one I'm watching. I've discovered some great shows this way. The Notification Center is really nice showing a quick look at when my show will be on. Even if it's months away until next season I still enjoy the future outlook. If your show doesn’t show up when you search the app developer is very helpful. I even enter movies after I see the trailer that won’t come out for months. This app then reminds me when it comes out. I Have no complaints
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4 years ago, Caseyt1369
Just WOW
I always make impulse buys that I regret, but I will never regret this buy. I’ve had this app for at least a year, and I use it every single day. I’m an avid tv and movie watcher (pathetic, I know) but it’s so hard to keep track of them all. This organizes everything and makes it so I never miss an episode or forget about a show that gets renewed. It tells you when shows get cancelled, if they get picked up again, it gives you recommendations (only if you want). It’s easy to learn too! I know this review is all over the place but if you are thinking about buying this app- just do it! You won’t regret it!
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8 years ago, Lisa Brodman
Show tracker - works seamlessly
I have already written how amazing this app is. Simply chose the tv shows that you are interested in watching and the app tracks them for you and gives you a daily listing of your shows. The list stays current and you swipe once you view the show. It tracks my regular channels and my cable channels like HBO. And ANYTIME I want a show added, I simply go to the settings, click on add a show and in less than 24 hours my show is added. I have never had an issue with this app, there are NO annoying purchase screens and the customer service is top notch. HIGHLY recommend!!!!!!!
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5 months ago, Gaould
Very Useful!
I have had this app for a few years and love it. It helps me not miss programs, it is very easy to add or remove shows that you want to watch. When I emailed a suggested show to add, it was added by the next day. That kind of service is so nice to receive! I am a paid Patron and am very grateful this app does not auto renew. If you watch a lot of TV, I recommend this app to you. You can even add a show that is no longer airing (it will be placed in the inactive category), to see how many seasons there were and how many shows per season and what each episode was about.
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5 years ago, CathieLB
Works flawlessly and is essential for tracking TV Shows
I’ve used this for many years and it is a solid performer. I’ve tried other TV tracking Apps that have come and gone, but this is, by far, the best. When I find an App that works this well, I’m happy to pay to upgrade. Keeps track of episodes of shows watched, whether still active or cancelled and provides notification of premier dates. So many features And highly customizable for personal preferences. No annoying crashes and account can be accessed on website, as well. Highly recommend.
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8 years ago, Jesserpoo
Almost perfect, but west coasters lose with paid version
I love this app, but there's one hiccup. It refuses to sync with local times. Not a problem if you live on the east coast, but us west coasters get the notifications 3 hours ahead because the app just won't sync correctly. There's a toggle to do it but it seems to do nothing. The whole reason I went for the paid version was to get the notifications so it's a bit of a disappointment. Otherwise this app is great. I love the calendar of shows and it's ease of use and minimal ads. Thanks for that, but please fix time zones! (Using this app on new iPhone 7 and updated iOS for those who may think it could be due to that)
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3 months ago, clemsongirl0430
I use this every day 6 Stars
I watch a lot of TV - this keeps it all organized for me. I know what’s coming up, when it’s airing, when new seasons are announced (usually before anyone else does), when anything is cancelled, I know which episodes I have watched and don’t have to trust any streaming accounts to keep track of it (because that depends who is logged in) - I get to know about special interviews, webisodes, all sorts of things. It’s easy to use, it stays updated, it doesn’t bog down with ads - it’s just functional. Highly recommend.
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7 years ago, SeanSavior
Fun Movie and TV Tracker App
I was looking for a better app to keep track of movies and TV shows that I want to watch and stumbled across Next Episode. I had been using generic task and checklist apps up to this point and this app is so much better since it's specifically geared towards watchable media. I haven't run into a single show that it's missing yet - including obscure Japanese shows on Netflix. It's also kinda fun to add movies and shows that you've already seen to build your "library" of watched shows. As someone else mentioned, just wish that movies had its own devoted button as opposed to being found on the more/settings menu. Otherwise, very cool app!!
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9 months ago, Brad - OLR
Seriously Useful and Constantly Being Improved
This is the only app you need to keep track of all of your TV shows. The developer provides incredible support. We have been users of the free version of this app for years, but recently became paying subscribers and we are so glad we did. There’s also an accompanying website that goes with this with forums and lots of other resources that are helpful. Excellent job. We will continue to refer as many people to this platform and app as possible! Love it!
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6 years ago, DixieWytch
Blind Chicks Review
Pros - Blind Friendly, Easy Smooth Interface, Easy Mobility, Buttons Labled, Screen Reader Friendly Cons- No search bar within app, significant ammount Of shows missing, Outdated Broadcasting Network Information Details- If you love the sitcoms from the past, you won’t find them here except to have them stored in the inactive section. Some channels play the older shows but be lucky to get notified about them from this app, that’s if you could find it! This is because the shows are labeled with the original networks that broadcasted them & no further information about who’s showing reruns! So the networks that specialize in reruns like TV Land or antenna TV are airing classics such as Green Acres, Andy Griffin, Facts Of Life, Maude, Lost In Space,are on but not recognized by this app! This is a large negative for me! Then you can’t find current shows unless society likes it too! Without going to the webpage, you only shown what’s popular by many others due to the lack of a search bar within the app! Sorry if I ain’t a sheep, another big negative! That explains my 3 stars!
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4 years ago, DrHeavyGamer
I rarely buy apps but this one is different
If you like TV this is the app. It combines everything you need to create your own personalized cross between rotten tomatoes IMDb and a custom TV guide. No nonsense and totally unique so far no glitches in the software and you can even request shows that for some reason might have been overlooked. The next hopeful addition will be a direct connection to either an app running the highlighted show when it is available or a network when it is showing. Kudos this one is worth paying for
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5 years ago, Gabebryan522
This app is really amazing! It helps me keep track of my shows and when a new episode comes out! I really recommend getting the pro version! The pro version is well worth the money that I spent! They pretty much have every show, that I’ve looked up, on here! I’m not one to usually write reviews, but I am amazed at the well-roundedness of this app. It has great support as well. I emailed them about an upcoming show, and I received an email within a day. This app deserves all five stars. (Sorry if I used a lot of exclamation points, I really love this app.)
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8 years ago, Cookese31
Can't live without this favorite app
I LOVE this app! I can't live without it. I check it everyday because there are so many channels and shows on now, I can't keep straight what's coming on and when. I LOVE that it tells me when a NEW episode is airing, how long until my fave shows come back, and the time and even the channel!! And the feedback and customer service is second to none. They wrote me back AND added a feature I asked for. Awesome app and feedback. Thank you!! And searching for and adding favorite shows is so simple and easy.
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1 year ago, Nicoleemley
Can’t live without this app
I rely on this app everyday to keep track of everything on my watch list. It helps keep track of the shows in your backlog but also helps update you when new episodes of your shows are available. The only thing that would make it even better is if there was the ability to add tags to a show or folder them so we could categorize shows. Even without that, this app is a must have!!
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6 months ago, Calebdakid
Very good. All shows
I’ve had this app for about 10 years now. Ever since I cut my cable subscription I needed something that would let me know when a new episode of a show was coming out. It has every movie & tv show & I can track my progress without loosing my place. After testing the app for a handful of shows I eventually purchased the the upgrade to unlimited shows. Works great. The person who runs it is very responsive to emails as well.
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6 years ago, What is wronggg
Not happy
I used to use the sidereel app but just saw the notification about it ending, so I started looking for a new tv tracking app. I downloaded this one, just started adding my tv shows to my ‘favorites’ list and was very quickly told I had hit the limit of shows I could add as a free user. I downloaded it and proceeded to delete it in less than 5 minutes because as a free user, not wanting to pay $3.99 to upgrade, I wasn’t able to add any more shows to a list. The whole reason I use a Tv tracking app is to keep up with the ridiculous amount of shows I watch throughout the year. I can remember the few shows I was allowed to save to a list without the help of an app. Look elsewhere unless you are planning on buying the app.
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7 years ago, jacklovestv
Couldn’t live without it
I watch an obscene amount of television because I’m a tv reviewer and I would not be able to keep track of everything without this app. I’ve tried many apps before, but the simplicity and ease of use is what kept me here. I love how quickly shows are updated as news breaks. I’ve been using Next Episode for literally years and recommend it to anyone who wants a simple, functional television tracking app that’s not bogged down by graphics and confusing lists.
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7 years ago, Larncambel
Perfect for recording
I selected this app from among the many available when this app came out and it continues to deliver and improve. Each week I use it to setup the shows I will record for that week, ensuring the VCR is getting what I intend even for the repeating shows. This app is reliable and accurate, with only a couple of hiccups during the nearly 3 years I have used it. Update: the app only keeps getting better with each new version. I always keep this app on my home page. Still the best.
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3 years ago, Beejammie
great app, worth 5 stars
great app, functions very well and does all it promises without fail. l have never encountered a glitch or a missing show. l highly recommend. however(sorry!) l am in the US and l watch a lot of foreign shows. this is a problem as this app gives the release date in the country of origin, which can be many months before it streams in the US. so for those shows l still have to track them the long way. that's all! otherwise great.
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12 months ago, chex_wanders
Incredible App
I have been using this app consistently for a little over nine years now and it keeps getting better with time. The quality of information and speed at which things are posted is phenomenal. Twice in all the nine years was it missing something I expected and each time reaching out to their support link garnered a response fix in less than a day. Could not recommend highly enough.
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8 years ago, Amiantos
One of my most used iOS apps.
I am one of those pretentious hipsters who walks around exclaiming "I don't watch television, I can't stand advertising!" but my dirty secret is that I do watch some shows, and Next Episode is my secret weapon for ensuring I never miss a single episode. I've paid for the Pro upgrade, not 100% certain I needed it but considering how long I've been using this app it was time I handed over more money to the developer. The dev is very quick to respond to any show requests or support queries. Buy this app!
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5 years ago, Lil'KikiJewel
Best tv and movie app
This is far and away the best and most useful tv and movie app out there. I love how it lets you know when your shows are on, when the next season starts, when your movies are coming to theaters and so much more. Even when a series you are watch is getting canceled. That is always sad news, but you need to know these things so you can prepare for the heart break. Thank you so much for making this app. Wish I could give it 10 stars!!
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8 years ago, macuser35
What a gem! Continues to excel
Updated October 2016: continues to be far superior to anything else and is a great app that stands apart from the rest. Premium and well worth it. Wow, what a great find. Nice features for iOS 8, easy interface with great features and information. A simple scrolling list, a calendar view, so much done so well. Love the widget and push notifications work as advertised. Using the pro version. Now using this for months and it continues to be great. UI, shows, data all fantastic.
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2 weeks ago, Donnaismyrealtor
Most Useful App I Have
The developer has done an outstanding job keeping track of what’s on and when. If you follow series, you don’t have to worry when the new season begins. The info you want is on this app! You’ll never miss a beat keeping up with your favorite shows. All this for free! I myself donate from time to time because I would be lost without it! Give it a try and you’ll become a fan too.❤️
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1 month ago, Ashwurq
Easy to use, great customer service
This app is the best! I love the ability to “pause” shows and it’s always accurate with new season airing dates and show cancellations. Only once has a show not been added when I went looking for it. I sent in a show request and it was added less than six hours later. If you’re looking for an app to track your shows, you’ve found it!
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2 years ago, TheSportsNut
Absolutely recommend this app!
If you are one who enjoys keeping track of your favorite shows, or even movies, this is the app for you! I can’t thank Nikolay enough for the work he puts into keeping this app up-to-date. I appreciate getting notified when one of my shows has been renewed, cancelled, resurrected on a different network, etc. As other reviewers have mentioned, if you can’t find a show, which is very rare, just use the “Get in touch” tab and let them know. It’s amazing how fast they follow up with a reply, AND how quickly the show is added. Download it now and see for yourself all of the many great features, too numerous to mention in this review. Keeping track of when the “Next Episode” for your shows is a cinch with this app! Bob H. Eden Prairie MN
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10 months ago, joltin'joe
Amazing and wonderful
This is my first and only tv tracking app. We had so many show on so many channels that I did a search and this one came up. Been using for about 3 months and really love it. We remember which shows and more importantly what channel. And if you enter old shows they tell you when the next season is coming on. Absolutely wonderful and amazing. Exact what we wanted and needed!
Show more
7 years ago, Three3’s
5 stars & deserves every one of them!
I don't usually reviews apps - however I am making an exception for this one. I have tried several similar apps and always return to this one. It is just more intuitive, current and hassle-free. Which makes it a positive app experience on even the most hectic days. Also I would like to give the developer credit for being one of the most responsive administrators in the App Store. That's " customer service"!
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12 months ago, FLASH661
I use this app all the time
This app basically has every show I watch ranging from Netflix shows to anime. It has a movie feature but I don’t really use that. I get notifications when new episodes release for the current anime season which is immensely helpful with keeping track of what to watch. Adding shows and marking episodes as watched is pretty simple too. Love the app overall!
Show more
3 years ago, Nlovier
Best Tracking App Available!
I was having a tough time keeping track of which shows I liked, didn’t like, seasons I had watched, etc. Next Episode is the first app that really does a good job of actually keeping track, informing me when shows are canceled, when new episodes are released, etc. I tried different apps but none really kept it together like Next Episode. Two thumbs up!!!
Show more
3 years ago, DevilOftheShield
Great for Movie, TV and Anime
This is by far one of the best apps for tracking movies, TV shows, and anime. I use it all the time to see what’s coming up what I missed. Sometimes certain shows end and I don’t know if they’re coming back, the app tells you if it knows if the show is coming back or not. Been using it for a couple years now I even paid for the premium version of it as well. Do yourself a favor get the app it’s fantastic.
Show more
6 years ago, JMR Bham
Love this app
I cut the cord a long time ago so I don’t see commercials for when this show comes back or that show is having a “break”. This app helps me keep up with the shows I watch, along with each episode and whether or not the show is returning or canceled. I actually opted to pay for the full version because I watch so many television shows (there is a limit to how many you can add) and I don’t regret it at all!
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2 years ago, ghostsaysboo @heywhytheface
Outstanding tracker and movie/tv reminder
Been using this app since it's very first version and absolutely swear by it. All my tv series shows current and upcoming are kept in my favorites list and I get daily reminders. Same with movies current and upcoming. And if you don't see a show or movie just email the creator and he gets right back to you! This is how apps should all be. Very worth it!!!
Show more
8 years ago, adamjshelly
Great for Tracking and More!
As someone who watches a moderate amount of TV but loses track of series and episodes, this app is a must have. It also solves the "when does this season start?" puzzle seamlessly. The extra features are also a plus, including the recommended shows algorithm which has been spot on for me. I used the free version for years but the paid version was completely worth it. Should have gotten it sooner!
Show more
4 years ago, slmu27
What happened to the widget?
Love this app and have been using it for years. Recently though the widget does not work the same as it used to - it used to show a day-by-day view of shows coming up and their air times, and now it’s just a list of upcoming show titles (which is not exactly helpful). I hope this is a bug with the latest OS update and can be fixed, because the widget was one of the best features of the app! 5 stars with widget functionality; 4 stars without.
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