Nick Jr - Watch Kids TV Shows

3.6 (4.4K)
69.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Nick Jr - Watch Kids TV Shows

3.63 out of 5
4.4K Ratings
2 months ago, LupinTWolf
Make a separate channel for Noggin called Nick Jr. Club
Include PAW Patrol, Bubble Guppies, Peppa Pig, Blaze and the Monster Machines, Rubble and Crew, Blue’s Clues and You, Santiago of the Seas, JoJo and Gran Gran, Shimmer and Shine, Butterbean’s Cafe, Team Umizoomi, Wallykazam, Kinderwood, Nella the Princess Knight, Rusty Rivets, The Adventures of Paddington, Numberblocks, Dora the Explorer, Original Blue’s Clues, Go Diego Go, Live action The Fresh Beat Band, Mutt and Stuff, Max and Ruby, Ni Hao Kai Lan, Digby Dragon, Tot Cop, Little Bear, Peter Rabbit, The Backyardigans and Wonder Pets and use Moose and Zee interstitials during commercial breaks and air the lovesac commercial during commercial breaks as well as the endless possibility song commercial on your new Nick Jr. Club channel. Please bring back old shows with an American edition of Nick Jr. Club! When are you going to make Nick Jr. Club?
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7 months ago, sneeze the cheese
This used to be gold
Hey Nick Jr., I just want to start by saying that I used to love this app had all the fun games and I’d be on it for hours even if I was a little too old for it lol(I’m in middle school btw). However, after re-downloading this app, I noticed that all the great shows were taken out as well as like every game and that makes me mad. Why did you have to do this? As many others would agree this plus you took out all the really good shows to if I didn’t mention it already. on the topic of, on your television channel, you also took off really good shows (fresh beat band, wow wow wubzy, Olivia, etc) but that’s a different story. Please bring back all the good stuff. Some of the shows I can’t even find Paramount plus Which I bless by the way, but again different story. Also, why did you have to make a separate app and force people to pay their savings or checks or whatever just so children can be happy? What’s annoying is that there are people who can’t afford this who used to be happy with just a single free app so that kids THEIR kids can play cool games. Make your kids happy again by bringing back the good stuff. Thank you for your time. -a person
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5 years ago, Roharv
New Version Needs Major Help
Previous interface was light years better. Developers Please take a look at this interface perhaps testing with a small child looking over your shoulders to get the true experience of what parents go through trying to use it. First of all— Remove auto play soon as the app is opened between episodes is fine but when first opened it needs to go back to the main screen NOT automatically playing anything. That is not helpful and completely confusing especially if you stopped mid episode. Also The app showing so much at once is an overwhelming experience for small children and a recipe for attention deficit disorder the way it shows so much content and peepers random interstitials between episodes. Please have a professional in kids programming take a look at this the interface is unfocused and overwhelming for small children. Just compare it against the previous version which was 100 percent more user and small kid friendly.
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3 years ago, Celtic214
I’m mad at it :/
So, I used to play Nick Jr. And now I download it and it says I have to log into Noggin to play more games and watch videos! And I’m not logging in for that. Why can’t you just play games like it used to? I’m really upset I played Shimmer and shone racing on the flying carpets, It’s my favorite I’m very mad! Please do something because I really love the game! And I hate that you did that it would be better if you just put all the games and videos. Unless I can’t find it but I’m pretty sure they moved it to Noggin because I checked several times and I still haven’t found a game like that! Just I love the game why do you need a account? Just put the thing back to normal because I’m giving it less rating it makes me very upset, I don’t know if it’s the same to others but I’m mad and I wish they just put all the games cuz people don’t wanna create a account and do all that stuff, I hate it now
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6 years ago, Sara692004
Thank you for the update!!!!
After the developer contacted me and I spent $100 to purchase every season of wallykazam. Ya do what ya gotta to keep a 18 month old happy..... and it means wally can now travel without needing to be connected to the internet. So that's an awesome plus. The app must have been updated because I didn't do anything the developer told me to do yet. Just haven't gotten around to it. I just randomly tried the app again this afternoon for another program my child likes and it works again.. so yea!! 😃😃😃 one happy parent today! Please update.... we can't watch anything without getting a loading error..... and we're signed in with our cable provider when it works it's awesome
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6 months ago, AnaElizLombardi
Love it but need some customization
I love the nick jr app but would love to have some customization options! My daughter is only 3 and some shows feel just too mature for her. I constantly consider deleting the app or switching to one with more age appropriate options because she gets frustrated if I try to steer her away from the more mature shows. Nick jr please add a time limit option and please give parents the option to hide certain shows on the app.
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4 years ago, BrianFromCali
Constantly Have To Sign In
This app, more than any other app I use, requires me to sign in frequently. I can pretty much count on having to sign in/re-activate with my tv provider any time my kid wants to watch something. It’s incredibly annoying and inconvenient when so many other apps don’t just “forget” my provider and activation. I’ve also never seen such a piecemeal selection of full episodes to choose from. Get three random episodes from a season 5 and then three random episodes from season 2. Also quite a few false hopes get raised when there is an icon for a show, my kid gets excited to watch it, and when you click on the tile it is just a couple of 30 second clips and no full episodes. Nobody wants those clips; people want full episodes.
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3 months ago, dgirl1105
Bring back games
Hey Nick jr, I loved playing all of your games when I was little. Shimmer and shine games, paw patrol games, you name it! (I’m in middle school) I recently wanted to bring back some memories from my childhood and download this again to play all the fun games. Still, has really great shows, but the games I re-downloaded this for are not here! I used to play the shimmer and shine gem race, and the gingerbread house decorating. I did read some other reviews that you have responded to. Please bring these games back, and can you give me a better understanding of why you had to delete all the fun games? Thank you for your time -Delilah
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4 years ago, Samuel_AW
Read And Reply To This Nick Jr.
I Downloaded the app and I was kinda all right with it, the app had Go Diego Go (That barely Airs Reruns) So it is a nice semi-obscure pick, Then when I checked Blue’s Clues, it had the clips of the show but when I checked the games area, I do not see anything for Blue’s Clues, I remember the show had games on the Nick Jr. website. For what I have seen of the reviews other people gave it, I saw some reviews of people complaining that Comcast Xfinity is not one of the options of the cable providers you have on your app. And also... If you had Go Diego Go on the app, Why you do not have Blue’s Room or Yo Gabba Gabba, Those shows no longer air reruns, Especially Go Diego Go.
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1 week ago, ProudParent818
This used to be a million dollar app
Before I used to be on this app for hours even when I was to old for it ( lol I’m almost in middle school) but after I redownload the app I noticed that they took away all the game and all the good shows like ni hao Kai lan rainbow rangers sunny day and Abby Hatcher why and I said I had to sign into noggin to play more games no way I am signing in so why can’t you just bring back the games and shows it just makes me mad they got rid of all the good shows and all the fun for no reason I miss my favorite games like making gingerbread houses or exploring a spooky and fun mansion I even enjoyed it more then noggin so if you want this app to regain more popularity bring back all the good shows and games!😡
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3 years ago, asurs91
Have to Pay Now
We have AT&T TV with Nick Jr included in our subscription, however, Nick is wanting you to add an additional Nick Jr. subscription for $2/month to be able to continue to watch full episodes on the app. So not only do you have to pay through your provider for a normal channel, but you have to pay again to be able to access full episodes. It makes no sense. My child started watching Blaze about 2 months ago and he loves it. We are super bummed that it won’t allow him to watch full episodes using our AT&T login nor my parents’ direct TV login. We’re moving away from Nick all together now and won’t be including it on our future TV subscriptions just based on principal alone. Shady & greedy company.
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3 years ago, snowythegamer1098
Not quite what I thought at first
This app is great, but two things are are making it a lot less fun. 1: BRING BACK THE SHOWS!!!! ( wow wow wubzey, lalaloopsy, ni hio kailan, yo gabba gabba and other shows other people are requesting.) It's a pain in the neck to see them go. 2: enough tv provider, it’s starting to become a problem, and it’s annoying to see people constantly recommend this over and over till the earth explodes. So, if ur reading this, pls fix these problems, other wise I’d like this way better than noggin. Overall, amazing app. I’d recommend this to 30 people. Cool games, cute animation, and much more. thxs for reading
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4 years ago, fairywinsonroses
Just okay
My daughter loves this app, but as a parent, I find it frustrating that 1) I have to have a certain tv provider to make the app work properly. 2) I hate the continuously running barrage of random clips and videos that never end. It’s such a waste of time to sort through them all to find the full episodes. Lastly, my daughter was disappointed that she can’t watch full episodes of shows that are no longer running such as Mutt and Stuff and Dora. Why even have them on there as options if all you are going to offer are meaningless clips?
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2 months ago, Blue Fire PhoenixYT
Might be the wrong 1 sorry if I’m bothering you
I used to have this and u would be able to play games on it but I downloaded it back and it’s not the same I got it for my little sister to play paw patrol but she couldn’t if this an update but the next update should have games to play it would make it more fun and it shouldn’t cost money
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2 years ago, Emilysuztaylor
Ok app, but it used to be better
My biggest problem with this app is when you click on a character, you’d think you could find episodes for that character. You might find one episode and what seems like 50 compilations of all the nick jr channel shows in little mini videos. It really gets on my nerves. When my toddler clicks on Bubble Guppies, that is what she wants to see, not, essentially commercials or ads for other shows with her Bubble Guppies mixed in. Sooo annoying. You can do better Nick Jr. Otherwise, the app works with no technical issues.
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2 years ago, MrsSkee
Hi, so, I literally just got the app, and it’s totally acting weird. Every game I try on here works incorrectly, it has flaws. On the coloring book, I finally got to the colors, the coloring place was just black. I tried stickers, wouldn’t load. I try music maker, no sound. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, so I ask you, the developers, to please figure it out. My game isn’t gonna work unless you fix it. Please fix it. It’s ok, if not, I have plenty of games, please just try. I thank your game, even if you don’t fix it. Thanks for reading, bye!
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5 years ago, CSpecht89
Not Part Of Cable Subscription?
1 Star only because there is at least some functionality. Navigation of the app is atrocious. Episode names, movie titles, all absent. You have to rely on some generic picture to select what to watch. We watched a Thomas movie last week, which is currently unavailable this week. Not even in the app. What? We’re forced thanks to Mattel’s greed to watch Thomas The Tank Engine not on PBS but on Nickelodeon. Er, Nick Jr. We do have it as part of a cable subscription, but the app simply won’t let us log in. It says it’s not part of our subscription, and to contact our provider. Uh... what? It certainly is. - So, we can’t watch anything locked. Which is much of it. Poor app. Mediocre at best.
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1 year ago, ddkbaril
Wish i could give is 0 stars.
What a disaster this update is. I have a 3 year old on the autism spectrum. She loved the nick jr app so much. She was able to navigate it on her own and she loved all the short videos and song. Over the last year more and more content was removed but I knew it was because they wanted you to pay for noggin which I have and I do pay for. However noggin isn’t user friendly for my daughter and the new update renders the app totally useless for her. She has been so upset about it. Please bring back the old format even if you don’t add more content. Or make the noggin app more user friendly.
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5 years ago, nickname/username
Not impressed
I was very sad that I could not watch my favorite childhood shows without signing with a TV provider that I do not have. The fact that unless you sign in you can’t watch full episodes of great shows is not making me happy. I love The Backyardigans, Team Umizoomi, Bubble Guppies, Dora the explorer, Yo Gabba Gabba, Max and Ruby, and the show I’ve been watching since I was at least 3, Blues clues. The design was a bit outgoing but still quite fun and little kids would have great time watching educational shows. I would recommend if you have a TV provider.
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6 months ago, Molly. D.
Love the app
First of all the app is amazing but they're no fun games on it anymore it's all stupid boring match it games I wish u could bring it back honestly going to prob delete it because it's not fun anymore but on the good side I like that u added the times of the shows that r going to be on pls bring the fun games back because I will delete it not joking I will actually it
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5 years ago, newmommy25
Needs to be fixed
Overall the app is just okay. I do like the fact that my son can watch whatever whenever but the app has too many glitches. It tells me my iPad is low on storage all the time (it’s not I just got it) and it also will tell me a video is not available right after I just watched one. Then it’ll tell me I need to sign in again and when I go to do so, the app freezes. I have to close it all the way out and hope when I go back in it works again. I like this app and love the shows for my son but I will delete if it keeps acting funny.
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4 years ago, reese,s pecisis
Love it
Love the app and the best game I can do with it thanks for it thanks love love the game love you game I hope it is a good app for me and to do it again I don’t want anything else going on in the app I love the game and it is so much better app than anything else you have ever seen in the app thanks to the game and you have a good app and you have a good game to play and it thanks to the app I just don’t know what else I want but it is a good game
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5 years ago, madolynmoore
No Longer User Friendly
We have used this app for a while. On iPad and Roku. They were both updated and are no longer user friendly. It’s not easy to find just episodes of your favorite shows any more - most of what shows are small clips of the shows and that’s all, only rarely does an entire episode turn on unless you jump through hoops to make sure you have only selected episodes every show you change too. And that is only on Roku. I saw no option to fix that on iPad. Even my kids say they have “ruined” Nick Jr and it’s not on as often at our house.
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3 years ago, odkdjdodo
Helped my life so much
Hi there! First off I would just like to say that this app has made my life so much easier. My two year old son would bother me all the time; in till I downloaded Nick jr. Almost every day he goes strait to his little ipad and watches paw patrol and blaze and the monster machines. Your kid bothering you every single day? Just downloaded Nick Jr. for free! Thank you so much for creating this app I love it.
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5 years ago, RibsAmo
Redundant Login Issue
The content in the app is fine. My 3 year old loves watching “his programs” on Apple TV but the app makes me sign in at least twice a week. When it does, your stuck on the sign in page that has a loud and annoying PSA to the kids. Once is enough for the PSA and if I just used the app yesterday, why do I need to sign in again today? If I didn’t have to sign in so often the PSA wouldn’t be as annoying but since I’m signing I over and over it’s magnified. If these two issues were fixed, for me, the app would be 5 stars.
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3 months ago, RykoTehe
I miss the games :(
Hey Nick Jr! To start off your shows are awesome and have such a special place in my heart, but what has a even MORE special place in my heart is your guy’s old games. I remember as a child playing Zeta Potion Power and all those Shimmer and Shine games and even MORE games you guys had. I would very much appreciate if you guys brought back the old games and maybe even new ones! If this is kind of Impossible, I suggest making a Nick. Jr Games app! It would give all these empty Cocomelon Children some childhood😂!
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1 year ago, jjdabombb
Kinda disappointed
So when I was younger back then I used to go on this app 24/7. Then I forgot abt I’m as soon I was growing up, but then I saw this app and I was like omg! I remember this app when I was younger!! So I downloaded this app bc I remembered the games on this app and I tried to play the games cause they were awesome but I saw that nick Jr took them out and I’m honestly kinda disappointed, cause I got excited but then when I found out they games weren’t there anymore so I think that this app is a Boo!👎
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1 month ago, powerful ultra
The games were fire why take them away
So I am a 8 year old and when I was 6 I used to love this app I forced my dad to get for me and he did and to get to the main point I am writing a review is because back then when I was 6 I loved playing the games especially the Halloween one… So I just wanted to say that in a future update please bring back the games I am begging you please it was way better with them. -signed:dragoon
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1 month ago, McDonald’s Dunkin’ Donuts
This used to be gold
Blaze and the monster machines mud game was my favorite once I was little but now where are all the games ? But now you have to download noggin for the games but I’m not mad at it I am also not swearing just videos now bruh why the heck you have to get rid of the games they are so fun ! The game was a blast but now disappeared ! I’m not saying @#$&*
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8 months ago, fgegszxcv
Did you guys do an update and remove the games
Why would you guys remove the game and do an update that nobody seems to like I need some people like it but how I see it the updates are torture to my kid she doesn’t even like it one bit so I’m just doing it for the kids if it’s too harsh I’m sorry but it’s true have a good weekend and make sure you could do a little bit changes to that or just add some games
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4 years ago, LMCT2468
Fun App, game sound not working
My 4.5 year old really likes the videos and the games. However there is no sound on the games (the videos are fine). I’ve deleted and re-installed the app a number of times to no avail. There are no settings within the app to address this. Causes frustration when my son doesn’t know the game instructions.
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6 years ago, mssh713
Wish it had parental controls
My toddler watches an episode if I need to get the baby down for a nap or feed her. I like the app, but he's only a toddler and there are some shows that have had stuff that scares him to the point where bed time has been pretty difficult. He's just too young for some of the stuff. So, while I like the app, I wish there was a way to choose which shows could be viewed and which were locked.
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3 years ago, 🌻🏁🌻 sunrace
I am never re-downloading this app again. >:(
The 1 thing and only thing I don’t like is that you have to pay to watch full episodes, I mean, what kind of business is this? I understand that you need money, but that’s just unfair. We still need money too, we can’t just pay pay pay 24/7. The only things you can watch are small clips of the episode that you want to watch and games. Please make this better. That’s the only way you’re going to make my son happy again. And the only way I can. Add on- sincerely, SoupyOklahoma
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4 years ago, AshMYoung
Frustrating app
This is one of the most frustrating apps I’ve ever dealt with. It’s fine while it’s working but I’m constantly having to re- log in so my kids can watch the shows, and the app is always losing internet connection yet I have never had this issue with my kids other apps. I have had to delete and reinstall this app on numerous occasions. If my kids didn’t love Nick Jr. shows so much I would’ve deleted this app after the first day and never looked back.
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4 years ago, Skier-kat
Like but login problems
This app is great I love it but after I sign in for a day or so it logs me back out. This is fine I am happy to login but when I try to do so I the content will not load past the numbers. VERY irritating. One time I watch a show the next it’s locked even trouble shooting does not work. This app also offers lots of clips of videos. Very few unlocked full episodes to watch with out signing in. If this problem was fixed this review would be more positive.
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3 years ago, pragnya k 2012
Having a few issues. DEVELOPERS PLS READ THIS!!! !
Hi everyone. Just wanted to say that I’m having a few issues with this. If I click on a some of the videos, the screen just goes black and it has a loading button. Also, I can't touch the back button. I have to get out of the app and only then it works. Thanks for reading! Bye, and hope you have a nice day.
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2 years ago, breezygirl629
When you tap the circle buttons they don’t show the cube friends
I installed nick Jr. but there’s 1 problem 😡😠 When I tapped the circle the friends don’t show up I just see a white screen on my iphone 11! Plz fix this or else I’m deleting this app and get a refund until this is fixed! Btw the sound works!
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3 years ago, buggy app but still good ✊🏿
Bring back old shows
Hi Nick Jr. I hope you can bring back Mutt n’ Stuff, max and ruby, and dora, plus yo gabba gabba, and ni-ho kai lan. I would also like it if you put the good shows around 2 to 5pm like Shimmer and Shine, Hey Duggee, rainbow rangers, fresh beat band of spies, and rusty rivets. I use a secure streaming service with your channel, and I see that you have been airing a lot of Peppa Pig & Paw Patrol, and air more shows during the day like Bubble Guppies and Blues Clues, plus Ricky Zoom. Thank you and have a great day.
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2 years ago, hotwheels id user189
Great but update episodes
Hi I am 8 years old it’s 10:40pm Friday April 9, 2021 I was looking for baby Sharks big show new on Fridays but right now the new episode isn’t on there o man I forgot to record it on tv just update more episodes by. Bad games the don’t move to much. For niggon $7.99 month no way never pay $7.99 a month boo apple 17+ no not true and no drug use sexual content no mild horror boo apple boo
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2 years ago, Casey wu 🦄💖
Please put it back to normal!
Hi I love nick jr I’m sure a lot of people loves it it is really fun! But I have feet back for the game 1. It tells me to sign in 2. It tells me to pay money. So umm yeah could you please put it back to normal if you could thanks I am sure a lot of people want it back to normal so please put it back to the way it used to be thanks :)
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6 years ago, Oceane2014
Two happy children!
I downloaded Nick Jr. and Disney Jr. appisodes and man let me tell you that my 2yr old as well as my 3yr old absolutely love the Nick Jr. app. I thought they would like Disney appisodes but we have had nothing but errors and crashes but with Nick Jr. my kids can play or watch all day(not that they do gosh) with no problems at all.. THANK YOU SO MUCH NICK JR.!!
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2 years ago, eathen gamer tv
Plz fix this
I downloaded this app but it is now the worst thing ever because I can’t play a lot of videos and I don’t know what my T.V. provider is. (I don’t have one and mine is not there) This is a problem I can’t get over. Please fix this problem and I will not be disappointed in this app. Otherwise, I will spam to fix this. Currently, I am monitoring the area and I am waiting for this to be fixed. I am still using it for my 2 favorite shows, but I am tired of the lock. Plz fix
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6 years ago, 12tenten
Keeps you handcuffed to a cable tv subscription!
A ‘free app’ is only as good as the content available. Lots of people use apps now via their broadband internet connection to get the content they want without paying for a 1000 cable channels they don’t want. So why in the world would the majority of the Nick Jr content on this app be unavailable UNLESS you have cable? That’s ridiculous! Why is there not a monthly subscription via Apple App Store to access ALL of the content without being tied to a cable TV provider? 2 thumbs way down!
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5 years ago, sememphis
Tired of having to log in every other day.
Nickelodeon has reached the digital age. It’s not what it used to be. The days of pinwheel and you can’t do that on television are gone. Now we have apps to watch shows. Which would be great and amazing if the iOS and Apple TV app worked right. The app used to work great! Now it makes me log in all the time. Please fix this ASAP. I should be able to log in then be able to watch shows. I should not have to log in again. Again please fix this annoying glitch ASAP !
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1 year ago, ABM TSM
Change it back to the previous version!!!!
I’m all for fixing the bugs but this new version is absolutely awful! It’s hard to navigate and impossible for my toddler to use. I thought this app was made for preschoolers?? It seems now it’s geared more toward older kids. Please change it back to the old layout, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s upset about the layout change.
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6 years ago, G.Fawkes
Cable provider
My daughter loves this app and likes to watch the full episodes. She use to be able to but now Xfinity/Comcast as a cable provider is no longer available. Why is this? Watching Nick Jr. on TV, the app is advertised and Xfinity is shown as an option. Please fix this. Already updated and tried uninstall and reinstall.
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2 years ago, urmomcoochiedisease
Where’s my umizoomi
I was in class today and we told my teacher if we could watch umizoomi after reading some story about a rabid dog, but anyways, then we noticed there was an app/game for umizoomi and I thought I could relive my childhood and play the game. Once I got home, I downloaded the game. When I went on the game I realized there wasn’t any umizoomi. What else did I see? Peppa pig… you have Peppa pig but NOT umizoomi. I expected better from Nickelodeon… 🙁
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3 months ago, the unicorn girl 🌈
Why put locks on videos?!
I played Noggin on my Apple TV and I loved it! But then, I found Nick Jr. and I loved it as well! But when my son was looking for an app, I was happy I tried noggin and got him both apps. He went to nick jr. first to watch Nickelodeon things and saw that there was one episode available on every tv show. I seriously cannot believe that KIDS play this and ALMOST EVERY SINGLE EPISODE IS LOCKED. First, fix this and then we’ll talk. Thanks for readin’
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3 years ago, tsteffen89
Unlock options
My three year old loves watching all the videos. All of a sudden a few days ago, they locked and doesn’t have the cable provider we use. Not sure why it bumped off but now she’s all upset that she can’t watch bubble guppies or peppa. I really hope this is fixed or figure a different way to unlock. I would totally purchase the app if that meant everything was available for her to watch.
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3 weeks ago, wendys tp
This app is a waste
I downloaded this for my niece . I wanted her to watch shimmer and shine on here but then I found out they only had like 3 episodes of it. Then I went to watch peppa pig and AGAIN they had very few episodes. On the shimmer and shine ones, the episodes where only 3 minutes long. Back then I remember them being around 10 minutes. This app is a waste and if you want to watch a full show like all seasons and stuff s is NOT the app to do that.
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