Nick - Watch TV Shows & Videos

2.9 (716)
84.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Nick - Watch TV Shows & Videos

2.94 out of 5
716 Ratings
5 months ago, Marla Aubourg
Read this! The reason why I pick 3 stars because….
This app is not that bad. But every since Erin and Aaron came out this app I was very happy and was interested to watch it! Then suddenly this stupid 1 to 6 ads like I was not happy because you know I just want to enjoy watch. So can you guys can remove the commercials and advertisements like it very annoying for me! Because we all trying enjoy our tv shows. And also you guys didn’t even add full seasons like Zoey 101, Victorious it literally not in order, or Icarly same thing as Victorious! I was very disappointed because I couldn’t watch full seasons of Zoey 101, Victorious and Icarly and on Google saying that this app have it so I was very happy that I can watch it then I saw like not full seasons! I am very very very very very disappointed. So can you guys add full seasons of Victorious, Icarly, and Zoey 101 and remove commercials and advertisements like I’m not in interested with ads! I hope you guys understand reason why I put 3 stars.
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1 year ago, Chris2JackÜ
This app has definitely seen better days.
Back when I was younger, the app was the place to be for Nick shows. Now, I’m beginning to consider deleting the app off my phone. First, almost every episode of my favorite shows are unavailable. Even when I find an available video, IT TAKES FOREVER TO LOAD. The updates do nothing. Paramount+ may not have every Nick show or games, but at least it gets the episode ready for you. I really wish Nick will fix these bugs and, hopefully, bring back the games to the app. SpongeBob Run was AWESOME.
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6 months ago, 478HH
Good job
First of all this app is okay. Second I don’t watch tv much. Only when I’m eating or on the weekends or if I’m sick. I mostly got this because I’m sick right now and because I really love Spongebob and Teenage mutant ninja turtles. I was kind of bummed when I saw that the app doesn’t have all of the episodes but that’s okay because like I said I don’t watch much tv. When I read other reviews I discovered that people are so dramatic. Tv isn’t even good for your eyes. It’s just a waste of time and an excuse to be lazy. I appreciate you guys for making this app. It has a lot of my favorite child hood shows on it and I enjoy looking back at them. Don’t listen to those people saying mean stuff on the reviews. No honestly, I live with people like that lol. Maybe try adding more episodes in henry danger though for this one person who was looking forward to it. That probably sucked. Thank you for this app and God bless you.❤️
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1 year ago, RNG?
Overall garbage app.
This is one of the greatest disappointments that I have ever had to go through. I thought that this app would be good, and I would be able to access the shows I really wanted to watch at a cheap and affordable price. But instead it’s a free app that technically ISNT FREE. You need a TV provider just to unlock most of the episodes on shows like Spongebob, Loud House, and other great shows. Please delete this app as it has 0 value anymore. I mean anymore as in it used to, when it had the games and trivia. Something immersive that won’t keep you from just staring at a stupid screen for hours on end, and makes you think about what you watched, while also allowing people to play games from time to time when they got tired of watching shows. Again, please delete this app. I am tired of seeing download after download on this app.
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1 year ago, WAtERfilled Donut
A complete downfall of a great nick app
Paramount+ existing makes this app a complete oversight, anything that made this app unique in the past is now gone, no games, no fun trivia, just shows that are more often than not locked until putting in passwords and junk. If anyone wants to watch Nickelodeon, it should be on paramount+, at least it has the shows available to you right away when you start paying for the service. If you guys bring the games and such back to this app, then maybe it’ll be worth downloading again but as of right now this app is a complete waste of time and nobody should download it. If you aren’t going to bring the games back via the app, at the very least make them into their own apps. I am completely disheartened at what has become of this once great app that gave me and my brother such great memories growing up.
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7 months ago, NASHIA DUHHH
5 reasons why...
This app is two stars because 1 I have all the new shows you took out the old ones it doesn’t make Sense. 2 you have two pay for half of the episodes on the app in like a week You have probably watched all of the episodes! Unbelievable ! 3 you took out my favorite show like 5 years ago but I was 5 so I couldn’t do anything about it was (Bunsen is a Beast) absolutely loved that show I would always beg my parents to watch it. Number 4 you took out the GAMES! Last reason Number 5 it takes forever to load and if I’m casting it to my tv we would just sit their in silence just to wait for it to load it is so awkward and annoying I hope you fix that bug and bring back Bunsen is a Beast!⭐️
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12 months ago, why do we have to sub
Why do we have to subscribe anyways
Why do we have to subscribe I just want to watch the moves and shows I want to watch but it have to subscribe that’s a waste of time and money I just want to watch my danger force but u had to make sub didn’t u huh?! Come on this could be better I just want to watch my flipping show but noooooooooo the person that made this app had to make people sub wow ever other app is better then this so I am deleting it ok and I am going to give u a one star next time u make a app with movies and shows don’t make people sub the challenge before there will be consequences ok
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7 months ago, carter#awsome
Fix this NOW!!
Let’s just say I don’t have Paramount+ but I do have Netflix. Netflix only has 3 seasons of Henry danger and only like 2 seasons of the Thundermans. I want to watch Henry danger the musical and the rest of the Thundermans on Netflix so I got Nick. The problem is, for me it only shows me 2 episodes of season 5 of Henry danger and every second it tells me: No internet connection please try again. WRONG!! I do have internet connection when I do it. I restart my iPad then, 5 seconds later when I get on to the app, it says No internet connection… I just want to watch my fav Nick shows but I can’t all cuz of this app! Please can customer service fix this and reply!!!!??? P.s. if u have the same prob, delete this app right away!
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1 month ago, Jocy-per
this app is absolutely hideous
ok so I have a reason to be mad the first is that most of the episodes are locked. like why do you have to pay for those episodes when you can watch them on tv? The next reason is no games. I understand that the app is for watching tv shows but what if I’m bored in the car with no WiFi and I have nothing else to do? ok so the 3rd reason is you have to pay for LITERALLY EVERYTHING!!! and my fourth and last reason is that the most popular shows you have are not even there. if you want to make an app about watching your favorite tv shows at least put in the show that people actually want to watch. AND PLEASE ADD SAM AND CAT IM BEGGING YOU! ok now get out of my face I don’t want to see you again
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2 weeks ago, miraculously me 😊
Whats going on
The reaso. I gave this app two stars is because this app barely has any episodes i can go on netflix and find 90 percent of the ahows 1 without my "tv provider" an. Two i can watch al the season with almilst all the episodes instead of 3 or 2 or eveN 1instead of watching3 episodes i was very dissapointed fix this or i will delete this horrible app!. Edit- the only fun Thing todo is to play the games and those have pretty bad graphic anyways. I wantes to watch sam an. Cat the actual showisnt even There just stupid "extra" And you cant even watch those like whats going on bro and devloper please dont say contact us at blah blah blah thats how i know youdidnt read it
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7 months ago, KoichiSugiyamafangirl
I love Nickelodeon
Are use this app most of the time because I love watching the shows that they play on TV. I wish they would put the classic 90s next shows on here. I know it’s on Paramount plus but they should add more but I wish they would add more episodes like the ones that got banned for example, either way I love nickelodeon and I’m proud to be a 90s Nick Cannon and I’m so thankful that I can watch the app when I don’t watch on regular cable TV nickelodeon is my childhood.
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1 year ago, destressedbutwelldressed245
Making an account
I don’t think you should have to make an account using ur tv provider just so you can watch more episodes on shows it’s honestly just stupid you should be able to just make one with an email and password of your choosing cuz not everyone has a tv provider, that’s it, like any other streaming app like give the choice to use an Apple ID or even google gmail like come on u are over complicating a simple app.
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7 months ago, delpinosm
Like I know that there is Paramount Plus and stuff like that but I found out that Victorious has 5 seasons! And they don’t even have that on NICK!!! I really like the Nickelodeon shows and all that but the second I downloaded it I said, “ It’s AWFUL!” And listen TO ME NICKELODEON, IF YOU WANT MORE MONEY (that you don’t even deserve) MAKE IT FREE, ADD ALL THE EPISODES, ( OF EVERY NICK CHANEL) AND ALL THE SEASONS, AND ADD GAMES!!!!!!!!!, As you can see your app only has 2.9 stars. If you want to get that up LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE. So please all I’m asking is for you to read this and ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING! Listen I love all of the Nick shows and Actors and I bet that if they knew what was going on this wouldn’t be like this. It would be better.
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1 year ago, Ocean top
reason why I’m deleting Nickelodeon from my phone
The reason I’m deleting Nickelodeon from my phone is when I click on browser to search up something in the browser page is all white not a search bar nothing was on there it was just white and then when I click on the shows I want to watch it just keeps saying unavailable even when they were free they just keep saying unavailable and when I have set up my membership and I try to cancel it it didn’t want to cancel The app looked promising but it’s not and that’s the reason why I’m deleting nickelodeon from my phone
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8 months ago, toca world kids update
I like the app but the bugs…
I like this app but there’s to much bugs and I’m sure other people can agree. When I watch the app it all starts good but at one point it says this video is unavailable or it can’t show this clip, or something like that. Other than that, there are still other bugs that you will find in other peoples reviews. Well that’s it for now,I still like the app but like I said……..THE BUGS!!
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9 months ago, MAD PLAYER xxxx
I wanna watch new shows on the first episode
First it was cool when I downloaded nick but after only a few days you get tired of all the ads it’s really annoying. SECOND I HATE that when I wanted to watch zoey 101 I couldn’t cause I didn’t get to pick my episodes I only git to pick a selection of the few episodes…PLEASE Let us watch what episodes we want cause I wanna watch zoey 101 from the start. Long story short….. LET ME WATCH ZOEY 101 AT START I DONT WANNA WATCH IT FROM SEASON 3!!!
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1 month ago, hibclirbvhrwbvlviaejrb.uisarv
When they first brought this app out, It was doing great, now I have to log in after every episode end. Then the one show I was watching aka Alvin and the chipmunks they no longer doing episodes which is sad. Also another thing most shows don’t even have all the seasons on there like loud house only seasons 6 and 7. But I think seasons 2 and 4 have like one or two episodes.
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6 months ago, Nicole Thomad
All I have to say is that most of the shows I had to sign in as a member or whatever to watch more episodes like I can watch the exact same thing on prime for free don’t download this app guys it’s just gonna ask you to sign in with the TV and be a group member and stuff to watch more episode just let us watch episodes!
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2 months ago, Littlepopcorn #1🍿
Eh it’s okay
Ok listen if your gonna give a show you might as well give all the seasons of it and free but if you want something locked you lock the hole show not part of it because when I went to watch the thunder man’s it show only some episodes and I go to watch the rugrats and some is locked and some is not that’s annoying and it doesn’t even have rugrats all grown up and that’s Nickelodeon but I can watch some stuff so I guess it’s okay
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2 months ago, Duo's greater
i don’t understand why people hate this app
this app is cool, i can watch stuff for FREE. but i wish there were some more games. so far there’s only ten. but this app is great. i love the slime background. but i wish there was more. anyway i love spongebob and big nate.
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1 month ago, Cre8tiv99
TV Provider Keeps Getting Signed Out
Hi there, this is Bryce "Cre8tiv" Demby. Love your app but it’s got a problem every time the app closes, my TV provider keep getting signed out. My provider is Verizon. Can you fix this so my Verizon TV provider won’t get signed out every time the app closes, please? Thank you. Bryce "Cre8tiv" Demby
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9 months ago, orhrnfkfijy4fyufhi
Need to have the Contant download
I wish that they had to come to download I don’t know what dirty didn’t they just want us to login for some reason it’s annoying I hate it but they came in but the shows are the real powerful thing is I wasn’t able to watch my favorite young Dylan 😢😭😢😭😢😢😭😭🤯😭😢
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1 year ago, otabaru
Over all review
So, I wanted to be able to watch all the Nickelodeon series but there aren’t a lot. There are like 33 series. I know there are more, like “Henry danger” and stuff, but it isn’t there. And the games were fun. I just have it because I am watching “the loud house”, but once I finish it, I will delete the app, because thee isn’t any thing else I would want to watch. Also, I think that Netflix has more Nickelodeon movies and series than the Nickelodeon app.
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3 months ago, pawsome spongebob 10
Games included
This app was good for videos but when I first got it I was like “what!? No games!?” But until today I now know that there are some games from your favorite characters just like nick jr. So if you like this app, then keep a lookout for some games. It’ll be great.
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7 months ago, sourmamaof5
App is irrelevant.
The app should have an option to subscribe to the network itself so that all the shows can be unlocked. We do not have a cable provider. We got rid of cable years ago. I shouldn’t have to have a streaming cable company to unlock the Nickelodeon app. This is ridiculous. There’s no point to the app at all. It honestly just is a constant disappointment to one of my children. Do better Nick.
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9 months ago, not very satisfied person
My honest opinion. 😞☹️
I’ve had this app for an Hour and I am still regretting getting this app. I can’t watch all the seasons and it keeps on buffering. I definitely should have read the reviews! I was expecting more TV shows also, I barley have any TV shows! I was planning on watching young Dylan from season 1 but it started on season 3. I expected more. No offense.
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1 month ago, ninja and golden mods
More episodes
This app is great and all but I wish there was seasons and more video on the app there only a couple video you watch you need too app more
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9 months ago, BestBigSis2312
I love this app. I love it because it has all the classics, you got: Spongebob, Henry Danger, That Girl Lay Lay, Gumball, etc. Everything that we used to watch as kids. If your kid is bored at a restaurant just give them Nickelodeon and it will keep them busy until you leave.
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2 months ago, Make YouTube a bit better
Old and new games
It is nice but it would be nice if you bring in other old and new games added to the nick game feature list.
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6 months ago, Hnvdbd
I can’t search anything
Why can’t I search anything? I have press the search bar and if so it’s nothing but different different ones and that’s not what I want and I really don’t like that like what’s the point of it it’s so annoying. You want to fix that because I bet people are going to say the same thing.
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6 months ago, uni five
Bring Henry Danger back please!
Nick please read this. I love Henry Danger but now that you removed it I can only watch it on my TV. And it’s getting annoying that I can only watch it for as long as it is on. So please bring Henry Danger back. Btw I have this app on my iPad.
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12 months ago, ireplv
How nick needs to step it up!
When I try to watch some of my favorite shows on Nickelodeon… IT DOES’T LET ME WATCH!!!!+ nick only allows as to watch a couple of shows that don’t even start at the beginning🤬Henry danger doesn’t even come back. It has a Netflix series, but doesn’t come back in Nickelodeon!!!!!!!I hop you fix it!!!!😡🤬
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7 months ago, sssss fun
Pls make all the episodes freee
So I really like this app but I really want all the episodes to be free because I really want to watch all the episodes of my favorite shows like loud house and stuff so please make All of the episodes free:) thanks
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1 month ago, wingnut900
Wow ok
This app is very bad I can’t even watch the full season of Henry danger. That really upsets me pls make it so I can watch the whole season. Other than that I like how I can watch a lot of the shows created by Nickelodeon.
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4 months ago, nice cool sweet awsome app
Nickelodeon Ads
I love this app! There are so much fun shows and games. But there are also too many ads! I don’t mind 1 to 2 but there is also 1 to 6! I would say that there are too many ads.
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7 months ago, Colby Plough
Nickelodeon Reviews
Nick is AWESOME!!! I can watch SpongeBob, Loud House, & Patrick Star Show! You can watch anything you want! Except for the unavailable episodes! Never mind those! Anyway, this is Nickelodeon Reviews!
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6 months ago, gabepsychology
It’s the best where you can find anything that you like probably I Carly or victorious you could only watch it on Netflix or nick plus nick is the best ever
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1 year ago, athena11111111
I downloaded this app and could not find half the shows I wanted to watch. And of the shows that were there most of the episodes were not there. This annoyed me very much. I am deleting this app. I put this up so hopefully no one else would make this same mistake.
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10 months ago, av1172626
This has gotta be fixed !!
Every freaking time I always have to see so much of these ads they take so dang long and it interrupts all of the episodes and so dang annoying this has got to be fix. I hate when it keeps doing this this is so annoying so please fix this interruption.
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1 month ago, Voltron Lance
Ok I disappointed with this app because 6-7 ads???? Come on you are wasting everyone’s time. And you have your original shows but not even the full seasons??? What is that all about? I tried watching tmnt but there’s only like 2 seasons when there’s like 6??? Get it together there should be all the seasons and like 2-3 ads tops.
Show more
1 year ago, rogod24
No search
I was so excited because I love Nickelodeon but when I found out when you press the search button it just brings me to a White screen and I tried over and over to try to fix it but it’s just a white screen and I can’t search anything😠
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10 months ago, mailgame1
This. Nick App is hot mess
You can only watch shows in this app no worries but Nick already has a app called do not touch which is an AR app I do watch The Knick shows in this app but also the people say this app is a hot mess
Show more
11 months ago, 009popcorn
Why not make it like Disney +?
Why do I need a tv provider? Y’all are tying this app to something that is dying. You download streaming apps so you don’t have to buy cable… and y’all know nobody about to buy a $100 subscription just for Nickelodeon. Just make it 10 dollars a month and move on if it’s good enough for Disney it’s good enough for y’all.
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7 months ago, kur2mi
when you’re trying to watch the kids choice awards THROUGH THE APP, yet it continues to say “stay tuned”. it started 34 minutes ago bruh. it makes me put in my tv provider and all which is quite annoying just to not even be live streamed like how it says is even worse. do better Nickelodeon.
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1 year ago, nevah jinesh
Ok so when you click a episode 3 or 6 ads need to play so that’s Not it it has locked episodes and you need to add your tv to nick and now that’s it
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10 months ago, anoymous sender
Not what it used to be
I remember this app a few years back. It had full episodes (it still does) and games. Now the games are gone and it’s just episodes. 90% require of them require your “cable provider’s” info. Just use Paramount+ to watch Nick shows because this app is garbage.
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9 months ago, Christian kulkowski
Christian kulkowski
I love Nickelodeon app so much I will use this all time every day and at doctor appointments and Nickelodeon you rock the video app is amazing you will verry good review Christian kulkowski
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5 months ago, Terrible, horrible, bad
really bad
I really like nickoleoden, but there's WAY too many ads and if u want to repeat something it will repeat but it will go back like 2 minutes even if u pressed go back 10 seconds. and u can't skip the ads.!!Nickoleoden has to fix this, wish i could give a zero!
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1 year ago, super hroe
No this app i heavily do not recommend some of the videos on this app are not even Available and the fact that i just got the app I really did not like it because I was really looking forward to watching “danger force” but not all the episodes were available so pls get that fix.
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4 months ago, APPLEGUY2021
Able to watch all your favorite Nickelodeon shows for free.
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