Nighty Night

4.6 (131)
306.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fox and Sheep GmbH
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Nighty Night

4.61 out of 5
131 Ratings
2 years ago, Dottyanna
Wonderful Children’s App!
I got this many years ago and my grandchildren have continued to love it! When they sleep over at Nana’s, we always put the animals to sleep before they go to bed. It reminds them that everyone goes to sleep! I purchased the extra animals and they are even more adorable than expected! What a great job the developers have done on this app and I highly recommend it. The app works like a charm and we have used it regularly for at least six years! When I have run into a glitch, their customer service is outstanding.
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5 years ago, d_m
Not Happy
I purchased this app back in April of 2016 and have had it on both my iPhone and iPad for all these years. My grandkids love to play it (even purchased ALL of the extra animals). However, at some point the app stopped appearing on my iPhone and when I try to redownload it the only thing that comes up in the App Store is another version that costs me $2.99. I already paid for the app and still have Nighty NIght Circus on both iPhone and iPad. However, Fox and Sheep are now saying you have to purchase the iPhone version of Nighty Night separately if you want it on your phone. Sounds like all they want is revenue and I don’t think I will be purchasing anymore of their apps. I really get tired of buying apps and at some point the developers decide to slightly change something and in doing so expect you to just blindly fork over more money. Not great customer service. Would complain to Apple but I’m not that tech savvy.
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7 years ago, Monitacute80
Beautiful, simple and catchy
Love this app! My 18 month old loves it! And so do I. I also bought the extra animals. I love the different languages since we speak Spanish, English and German at home. I wish there was an option to which animals to show. Perhaps more seasons too. Other than that I am very happy with the purchase:)
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7 years ago, A1s2h5l8e7y
Fun and different
My 3 year old and I had a blast with this. It was a fun change from the usual bedtime stories we read every night. The only thing is, we both wish there were more interactive pieces in each scene! A little more would make it so much more interesting! We were pressing on the bottles, hay, and everything else in the scenes and nothing happened. If there was more interactive stuff it would be the best for bedtime routines!
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4 years ago, kelvin000
I’m 11 and love it
I played this for a long time and I was 6 years old when I got it and I deleted it at the age of 10 and I miss it and my parents are not going to bye it because they say I’m too old. you can never be too OLD!!!❤️❤️❤️👍🏻👍🏻🐷🐔🐣🦆🐶🦊🐱🐻🐮🐭🐹🐰🐑
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7 years ago, Magatinha
Be aware of the different language versions
Bought this app because it had the Portuguese version and was extremely disappointed with not only the way the story was narrated (with a robotic voice), but also with numerous inaccuracies. It sounded like someone was reading straight out of a Google translator - not worth it if you are looking at a different language other than English.
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1 year ago, sandaddiction
Aww… cute app
Even though I’m way too old for the game, you should make an older version of this game and this is because I still love this game a lot
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4 years ago, Woccawocca123
Lost purchase on iPhone with update
This is one of my very favorite apps. I bought all the animals years ago. With the latest update, it will not restore on my phone, and I would have to repurchase it. 😪 It only works on my iPad. Any way to restore the purchase on my iPhone please? I would change to 5 stars ⭐️. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Yum raj
How I love it since childhood….
This was my ever favorite app since the age of 4 since it has lots of animals and me to go to bed which is so cool. I love the fish,and the cats because I have 2 cats named meow and macaroni.
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7 years ago, DRL58
The kids love it!
My grandkids love this app. It’s the last thing we do before they go to sleep!
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7 years ago, Lluanne
Jon's Mom
I've used this app with my severely brain injured son for five years. He's making miraculous progress & this app is perfect at every stage of his journey. He was a Shaken Baby who was vision impaired & could barely swipe at a tablet. Now he's using his pointer finger to "shut off the lights!"
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6 years ago, Kmc906
Grandchildren are completely enthralled by this book! Me too!
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7 months ago, halfwayhippie
Very nice
Very nice and cute i like helping animals get some rest☺️
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7 years ago, Wasp22
Kids love it
Kids insist on it every night.
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7 years ago, Club46
Great App
Great bedtime story for my grandchildren.
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6 years ago, Mechanics187
Where’s our dlc
We bought the extra animals😺😺😺😺😺 thingy and it didn’t purchase and wasted our 💵 so this is 🤬🤬👌
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12 years ago, toti-g
My toddler LOVES this App!
My toddler has fallen in love with my iPad, and so I have been downloading apps appropriate for her. This is a really, really good one, and keeps her entertained for a while. Further, it has become an incentive for her to go to bed. If my toddler were reviewing the app, she would give it a 10. The adult (me) gives it a 5: well done, great animation, good story line for a 3 yr old, easy navigation, great price. It doesn't get a 10 from me [wink-wink) because I wish there were other related stories [ i.e. Nighty Night Forest, Nighty Night Jungle, etc...]. I hope the company will consider extending their Nighty Night line of stories, and for those to have the same high quality of this one. Oh, and I forgot to mention, I love the multi-language platform. I take advantage of the English, Spanish, and French versions [as we speak all of those at home]. Thank you for doing this. It is hard to find decent Apps with a Spanish or French platform included!!
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4 years ago, snappyq
Sound doesn’t work
No sound....
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11 years ago, reiko371
terrific bedtime treat
My three year olds love this app and ask for it every night. They're practicing taking turns choosing each room and are most delighted by the animations they did not notice the first 100 times around. I've purchased both addition packs and think the pricing reasonable. There's no ads during the story so the experience isn't spoiled in the least if you don't buy them. There's a lot of animals to begin with. I agree that it would be cute to have an option to select the number of animals awake (with some animals already in bed) if you wanted to make the entire sequence shorter. Sitting through the 30th time through this app at bedtime, my husband said he'd pay to have Less animals. Haha. PS. My kids love the goat. We finished potty training so they didn't need to be told that goats poo and I have no problems talking about it. I mean, really, a trip to the zoo will show you so much worse.
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12 years ago, wienerdog
Wonderful interactive game for toddlers
I was impressed by how engaged my two year-old is by this wonderful app. It helps settle her down to get ready for bed and it was interesting to see how she overcame the challenge of finding each animal's light switch to help each one go to bed. I enjoyed observing how my daughter sought out more animals to meet and help and the app has obviously been designed by a team that has a strong background in progressive reveal of information and usability by offering layered hints with subtle interactive design cues and arrows to point the user in the right direction if they're unsure what to do next. This app's quality visual and interactive design are terrific and I felt compelled to buy more animals to add to the experience. The interactions when touching the goat had me laugh out loud. Hilarious!
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11 years ago, Colwell Chaos
Both our kids LOVE this app!
This night time story/app has been a regular favorite of our kids (3 and 8) for over a year now. Amazing...over a year, and it still holds their attention just as beautifully as when we first got it! It's made bedtimes much easier for us. We let the kids know its almost time for the animals to go to bed...they need to get ready to go tuck them all in, and they'll go right up and brush their teeth, wash up, and get ready, because they know its part of our routine. They tuck the animals in in Nighty Night, and then mommy or daddy tucks them in....and everyone (as far as hey a concerned) is off to sleep...getting ready for the new day that will be coming soon! Wife and I HIGHLY recommend this app!
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13 years ago, fendstat
Great app, needs kid-usability work
My daughter adores this app. She's two. However, there are a couple of things that need optimizing for little fingers. 1. Move the fish pond on the main page so it's not in the same spot as the arrow that she just pressed. The primary issue is that she's too excited to tap only once, so she keeps going back and forth between fish and main page, getting increasingly frustrated and correspondingly loud. 2. For the same reason, please recode all animals so that they finish their movement before another tap is accepted. (The exception here is the fish). The biggest offender here is the chicken. Child desperately wants to see the egg drop, taps chicken approximately thirty times, misses egg dropping because the chicken is busy obeying the last tap each moment. 3. Finally, please make the space to put out each lamp larger. Ideally, pressing anywhere on the lamp would suffice. This is not a child who's figured out how to turn off an actual light, after all. Many, many thanks. Obviously, I only have comments at this level of detail because the app gets used ALL the time. UPDATE: I sent this to the developer and got a quick response that they're considering these ideas for the future.
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13 years ago, hakiwak
Lovely Animation, Soothing Narration, and an Almost Perfect Bedtime Ritual
I just put my daughter to bed for the third time in as many nights with this wonderful iPad app. The animation is first-rate, the narration is distinctive yet soothing, and the conceit is helping our almost-two-year-old get in the habit of preparing herself for sleep after helping the farm animals turn out the lights. Two small updates would make this a five-star review: (1) slightly faster response times when touching the animals; and (2), adding an option to touch the lights themselves to turn them off (as tinier, less nimble fingers can have a hard time touching the small switches and buttons). But don't let those minor quibbles stop you from downloading this app now. The prices is more than right: It's a steal.
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12 years ago, NanniD
This is a fantastic bedtime storybook. I play it for my son every night before he goes to bed and he absolutely loves it. I love it even more, if that's even possible, after the last update, when it introduced fully narrated versions in other languages (and like the English version, the Italian version is well done). This is great for anyone raising a bilingual child in any of the languages this book offers. The only thing that would make this even more appealing would be if an option to view text would be included. I know it wouldn't be ideal for visual purposes, but as an option it would make the book even more appealing as an educational tool.
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11 years ago, bef830
Pretty Graphics, 2-yr old likes it, short though.
This app consists of a house with several lights on. You tap on a lit room, the room comes into view. There's an animal in the room that's ready to go to sleep. you turn off the light via a switch and the animal sleeps. You zoom back out to the house view, rinse, repeat. The graphics are top notch. The animals offer some limited interaction. The narrator's voice is nice and polished. My daughter enjoys playing it. it's definitely one of those games that will probably not last her more than a month or two of interest, but, I personally thought it was worth the money. I'd like to see an expansion of the animals, perhaps show people in their rooms getting ready to go sleep or something. Overall, it's a decent app.
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12 years ago, CoolDad78
Great app before bedtime
Love the app! Has become a nighttime ritual before my 3yr old's bedtime. Has been for about a month now. I added the extra animal packs every couple of weeks and my daughter gets ecstatic on the night when new ones pop up. Developer take notice: Now that I have all the animals, the only thing that would improve this app is if there was a randomize setting you can select on the menu. If you could limit it to 6, or 9 animals at random, that would be cool. You know, not every light needs to be on in the house every night. It would be exciting to see what animals were "still up" each night.
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13 years ago, Paldurin
This app is the reason I purchased an iPad. My little boy is in love with this and must read several times before bed! He will be two in a few months and his attention completely lock to this program. Also the duck makes him laugh when he dives in the water. Only complaints is his little fingers have a hard time finding the small area for the switches, the fish pond needs to be moved, and the animals need to be programed to finish their action before they allow another (he's a very impatient clicker). I'm really hoping to see more books like this soon, it's just too good and beautiful to be this short!
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11 years ago, Rested mom
Good nights FINALLY!!
I bought this app for my then 9 month old daughter. Nights were getting really bad for her. I tried establishing a nighttime routine for her, but she would not let me put her in her crib without waking up and screaming. Since I tried this app, I have had little to no problems getting her to bed at night and I've never had to play it more than twice through. I think I'm going to have to buy some of the new animals, though because she is starting to become immune to its charms, but all in all, I'd say it was worth the price of the DEVICE just to have this app!
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12 years ago, tbrownphoto
Expensive for what you get
It's cute and has nice calming music, but for $1.99 it's a little disappointing. Not really a story just tap on various lights that are still on in the farm house. When you do that, it takes you into that room and it shows an animal that is still awake. As soon as you turn the light off in its room, the animal goes to sleep and the narrator says "good night cow." Before turning their lights off you can touch the animals and they make noise, but that's the extent of the interaction you get with the app. There are other apps in the store with more of a story line that are the same price and have just as much interaction. I wouldn't say it's a complete waste of $1.99, but it should be priced at 99 cents at the most.
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13 years ago, wakedoo
Prefect for bedtime
This a a great app for bedtime. there are no words but fun interaction for kids putting each farm animal to sleep. Once they turn off the lights they can't be turned back on so kid moves to next animal. Once all animals are asleep the narrator points out that one person is still awake "the child". Then tells them goodnight and tells them to turn out the lights when going to bed. we always read a bible story, sing songs, say prayers and finish off the nighttime routine with this app. Kids love it!
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12 years ago, Nina1447
Miss the old intro...
Disappointed with the update, but app is still lovely. Beautiful graphics and my 13 month old daughter loves putting the animals to sleep. The new lengthy goodbeans into is annoying and we too miss the pigs and lovely music from the last version. If I had known we wouldn't have updated since I didn't have any problem with bugs in the old version. Hopefully they will bring back the pigs and music for the intro and make the goodbeans portion shorter. Would have given five stars otherwise.
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13 years ago, Cooollll
Finally... Perfection in a kid's book
This book finally proves to me that a kids book can be as great electronically as they are on paper. The art work is stunning, the narration is pitch perfect and well-suited to it's theme. The interaction is simple enough for a two-year-old, but intriguing enough to last to their teens... And even then some for nostalgia's sake. What a reward for the developers to have created such a new and cherished bed-time routine for so many families. Buy this book, it is truly art.
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12 years ago, Js1912
Wonderful app
Our 2 year old loves this app. We read it every night before she goes to bed. She loves hearing all the animal sounds and making the animals go to sleep. It has the best animations of all the toddler apps we've seen. We're thrilled more animals are available. Please keep creating apps like this one! Love the winter scenes - it's so relaxing to watch the snow fall. It would be great to add something in the settings that allows you to choose the season so we can access the snow scenes even after winter ends.
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12 years ago, Tankgrrllll
Play this nightly with my three year old, after reading a traditional book. He adores it! After reading the reviews I was hesitant to upgrade as my son too loves the music and pig buttons and has the old intro memorized! However it looks like those issues have been remedied. Dont change a good thing! While its true this is not a book, I hesitate to call it a game either. The app is sweet, calming, beautiful and I personally like the short length helping us keep bedtime in check! Worth every penny.
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11 years ago, Zam5kin
Our favorite bedtime app
From the calming narration to the beautiful graphics and the fun animations- it's the perfect bedtime app for our almost 2year old son. It even puts me in a state of calm and I'm yawning along with my son. Each time he turns a light off and says good night to an animal, he seems to feel a sense of accomplishment as he smiles at me and decides which animal to visit next. He's not even 2 yet and he can do it all by himself. We love it so much, we purchased the add on animals. Well worth the money.
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11 years ago, GeeeeeeeAnyNickname
Love this app!!
I have eight grandsons, four ranging from ten months to 2 1/2 years. They just love this app and their Grammy loves it even more. When I am visiting their families, one of my favorite times of the day is cuddling with my little ones as they listen to the story, "interact" with the animals and turn out the lights. I often wonder how many times they would listen without getting tired of hearing it. Finally I have to say 'nighty, night' to all the animals as well as to my little boys.
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11 years ago, BostonBeth
Gorgeous, lush book
This rich interactive storybook has held by son's attention from 4.5y to 6y. He loves it, and so do I. We don't read it / play with it every day, but it is a go to storybook when we need a gentle, calming little bit before bed. Make sure you tap on the animals three times before and after you click off the lights to get the full range of what they each do. Would love more animals, or better yet, more books from these creators! So inventive and theatrical!
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13 years ago, short attention span
More please!
My 2.5 year old loves this little night-time app. It's not a game...and not really a book. it's just a simple (but very high quality) app that allows the child you turn the lights off on a series of animals. Each animal has 3 "awake" animations to interact with. My daughter does always ask about the dark window in the upper left..."is there a kitty in there?" - a kitty would be awesome! Or a horse? Or what about Nighty Night jungle or Nighty Night Zoo? We want more!!! :) Also - it would be nice to have some what mid-stream to start over. My daughter accidentally turned narration off...and I had to basically run through the whole app to get back to the start to turn the voice over back on. A way to access a menu screen would be great. Thanks for a wonderful app!
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12 years ago, PGG1943
Nighty Night
What fun my four year old grandson and I had today listening and touching the various parts of the book. He wanted to do it again and again. We had so much fun together- that was the best part. It is amazing to watch his little finger touch the screen and seem to know how to make everything work. Charming book. He actually fell asleep right after the last character said "Good Night".
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10 years ago, Tfyoder1
Great app! Please add more content!
Fox and Sheep, you've done a great job with this app, thank you! Could you please add more content? Specifically, it would be really good if the last scene that says "it's you," was a mini depiction of the child's likeness. That could be set by the parents ahead of time, or could even be an activity the child does when they first play. On a side note, my daughter inspired this review by pointing out, "It's not me, I'm not a boy." Thank you again for the great program up to now. Keep up the great work!
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11 years ago, StickyBunsPinata
No story here.
Story? Are you kidding me. Yea, it's an interactive...what? No. There is no story here. The narrators (English) voice is nice. It's also nice to see so many other languages. However, besides the 2 sentences in the beginning and end, all he says is goodnight for the 6 I think animals. I expected a lot more of a story to help my kids get to sleep. I read them long books, with actual stories. This wouldn't fit on a half a sheet of paper double spaced. I'm sorry to be so blunt, but this is garbage, based on what it lures you in with and what it delivers. The visuals are nice, not garbage at all, but how dare you claim any sort of story.
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11 years ago, amsd2dth
Fantastic for my toddler
This app is simple, but offers my 2 year old a chance to be silly within bedtime limits. Once the lights are off, he can't turn them back on, but he can poke the animals a few times for good measure. I did make an in-app purchase, probably more for myself than for him. Love the illustrations. I figure when he is tired of it, we can play again in a different language. Well done.
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13 years ago, Dr. Shuffle
Wonderful Book/App!
My 2yr old daughter LOVES this book & it's worth every penny! In truth I would give it more than 5 stars until the last update 9/2/11. We're not one's to turn off our iPad so when I did the update & it didn't load anymore & my iPad was locked up. It took a restart to make it work, if AppleCare didn't tell me try a restart I wouldve put much less stars. So fix the updates so people who don't turn their iPads off much don't flip out & think something awful has happened & 5 stars hands down.
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11 years ago, Nash's Mama
Great for toddlers!
This was one of the first apps I purchased for my now 2.5 year old son. It has remained one of his favorites. I love the different languages (my son has picked up the names of the animals in spanish). It's a quiet time story so I'm not sure why people expected a lot of " gameplay." I highly recommend this app as well as the Little Fox one. I paid for both; not downloading Nighty Night while it's free would be a shame.
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13 years ago, r_tich
Doesn't Download
After reading all of the five star reviews, I decided this would be perfect for my granddaughter so I purchased it. I downloaded it to my iPad and it opens long enough to show a star and say it's loading then closes out completely. I tried to contact tech support through the App Store but just get directed to the developer's website with no option to receive help. This looks like an adorable app but I lost my money purchasing it and can't honestly even rate it one star, although I am only due to the fact that maybe it will catch someone else's attention as they read the reviews.
Show more
13 years ago, PTC08
The best!
This has been the best interactive book I have found thus far!! Many others have been okay but many more just aren't worth the space it takes and the money. I just bought it today and my two year old has read it more times than I can count.... No other book kept her going back as much. Please make more with the same quality of story and interaction!
Show more
12 years ago, LJW07
So sweet!
I downloaded this book after reading all of the great reviews and I have to say it went beyond expectations. The graphics are just beautiful and creative. The narrator's voice is soothing. My 16-month-old hasn't quite figured out the light switches but waves night night to each animal. Definitely going to become part of our bedtime routine. Worth every penny.
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11 years ago, Dweller102
Great app!
We got this app for my little girl. At the time she was just about 2 1/2 and she loved it. She is now almost 3 1/2 and still loves it. It was great that they added new animals as well. I have already told some of my friends that have little ones they should get this app. My daughter likes playing it right after we read books and go to bed.
Show more
11 years ago, Bgehman
Thank you, Apple
The self-centeredness of the "grown ups" throughout these reviews astounds me. Thank you, Apple, for throwing in something for our little ones this week. You show that you understand what parents are looking for for small children. Not mindless games that 40 year olds who are still living in their mothers basements live for. Lets truly be grown up and not cry and complain when the free app isn't for "us." Get a job, people.
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13 years ago, f00fighter
Amazing Experience - a must have!
Our 20 month old daughter absolutely loves this, and it has become a regular party of her night time routine! The graphics, animation, music and narration are all top notch and very engaging! She even loves the extra touches, like the "sniff, sniff" of the sleeping dog! Kudos to the developer, I hope they make more apps like this - I'd buy them instantly!
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