Nintendo Switch Online

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Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Nintendo Switch Online

2.97 out of 5
11.1K Ratings
4 years ago, Flamgapper
Needs some work...
So, as we all know, Nintendo has had some questionable game experiences as with their past online gaming qualities. But, there’s a lot of things that should be fixed about this app and just the service. But, I am talking about the app, not the service. Anyway, voice chat. There is a possible way to make this better: Allow us to use a headset via the headphone jack, implement a audio jack in the Switch Pro Controller. You get the idea. Also, if you have the app and you enter a game that is supported, you can replace voice chat with an actual chat; and other people can chat with a headset. Here’s another idea...another chat function. It would be nice if through this app you could chat to your friends...especially for Animal Crossing, as you have codes. It would also be just convenient. Most of the previous features are only here for convenience. “Everybody relies on and uses their phone, so why not implement a voice chat system in the app?” Other things I think are useful, but my list of possible things they could change could work if applied.
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2 years ago, KirbyTheCute
I only ever use it for Splatoon 3, as of now, and it’s pretty useful. The shop can help me get rare gear you usually don’t get elsewhere, like the Red Battlecrab Shell. Being able to see the catalog is pretty cool, and I don’t have to check my Status section in the menus. Wandercrust is ok, the Stay Crusty cap (and maybe in the future, any other gear) is ok at the very least, but it wouldn’t remove much if it were removed. This is the only time you can see more Salmon Run stats more elaborately, and it warns you better than the ingame menus, such as Wildcard Rotations. As of now, we have only had 2 Splatfests in the full game, Gear vs. Grub vs. Fun, and Grass vs. Fire vs. Water, and it’s nice you can see who won and all the points. It’s really useful that you can see what your friends are doing, especially when I’m trying to host a friend game/private battle/league battle (in the future), and they aren’t joining. Overall, this is WAY better than Splatoon 2’s, which was a more Cluttered mess. I don’t have any other games with it, but I’ll take other reviews’ word for it. It’s ok, but not perfect. Also, before you ask, I don’t really use voice chat, I have my online friends on my contacts, so I’m not sure about the quality.
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5 years ago, The crimson blur
More use for games it’s designed for
I really do like the spirit team creation features for ultimate and the recording side for splatoon but if this review get in the app developers hands I would recommend having more immersive features added for support for the games like guides or character stats or how in game tip are read through loading screen as well as update history so it’s one place they can quickly access instead of going to a website and waiting for people to sift through it and for spirit team building it would be helpful for it to display descriptions on what the effects do and if they stack or not and I would suggest that for any games that are supported by this app if DLC is made available details can be seen through the app as well as game purchase like how on the console you a wishlist or prepurchase option it’d be convenient if the eshop and its contents are visible through the app just like how Sony and Microsoft do with their apps in relation to their platforms you can buy the games and dlc using a mobile cellular device without being restricted of not have WiFi connections to make purchases for the console whether you have it in your hand or not
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2 years ago, Tyler worham
Used to work, now it doesn’t launch
My device is an iPhone 11 IOS 15.5 and the app used to work perfectly fine prior to your update when you gave the app a UI enhancement overhaul, the app looks beautiful from the pictures provided and I’ve been very excited to start using the Nintendo app every day now. I check the Appstore every day for an update that could hopefully patch this issue, and nothing yet. Sadly I’ve quite literally checked the App Store daily for about 3 months now and nothing. The Nintendo app does launch, after prompting to sign in I do, and immediately after selecting my profile I get a brief black screen and crash. I’d desperately wanted this issue patched and would be eternally grateful if there were a bug fix patch that would allow me to use the app again. Once again very beautiful job with the UI overhaul and new integrations but it would be nice if I could experience them with the rest of everyone lol. Thank you for taking the time to read my review, I’ll remove the review and give you another 5 star review when I’m able to use the app again. You’re a bright and talented team so I’m looking forward to a patch in the very near future! Thanks again
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5 years ago, NintenbroAlex
It isn’t perfect but...
The Nintendo Switch Online app is honestly something that should be praised in its efforts instead of shamed for the final production. The app was made to give another point of view on nintendo switch games and make it easier to connect to your Nintendo Switch friends. The app has additional functionality for Splatoon 2, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and Online Voice Chat. The Splatoon 2 and SSBU portions are very well put together and makes things for the user very beneficial in terms of finding what they need quickly, and providing good additional content for your Switch games. The Online Voice Chat is not the best, but it definitely isn’t the worst. The purpose of the chat system is to talk to friends, teammates, and other in-game allies in NSO supported games. Sure it may be a bit buggy or laggy, but it could be WAY worse. A lot of people will state “we can just use X app instead of this for voice chat” and will poorly rate this app for that exact reason. I say for what they were trying to do for the users of the app, they succeeded.
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2 years ago, minecraftgirl757
certainly an app that has functions
i am not one to complain about what i am given, and for the most part, that applies to this app as well. i use this almost exclusively to check splatoon modes and salmon run shifts, and likely will continue to after splatoon 3 releases. as much convenience as this app has offered me, i do believe there to be lots more unused potential in this app that i would be so hyped to see realized! i'd love to see the clip-sharing opportunities the ssb section expanded upon--being able to share clips from any game, browsing ones your friends have shared, maybe even discovering some that are popular among fans. the app would also be a wonderful place to spread announcements and relevant news through notifications--and widgets! it would be wonderful if i could easily view information such as salmon run shifts or mode rotations from the convenience of the home page. this app harbors so much potential, and as an Avid Nintendo Switch User i really hope to see it grow.
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4 years ago, DatBoiOnAKoi
Please use this app as an opportunity to go above and beyond.
This app could have been something really great. I love the idea of ditching the headset for my phone and a pair of buds. But then I saw that only a very small handful of games are supported. Why? Why isn’t there a small little notification that pops up in the corner of the T.V. screen when someone joins the voice chat room. The uselessness of this app is mind boggling. I would love to be able to access something like an activity log on the 3ds, or buy stuff on the Eshop straight from my phone (like the Steam app). There’s nothing to say about this app, because it literally doesn’t do anything, apart from a horribly implemented voice chat system, a keyboard for Animal Crossing, and some extra gear for Splatoon 2. Smash’s section is the most useless of em’ all. Only being able to look at recently uploaded stage builder stages, without the ability to filter it and see the popular, actually good stuff. Overall, when it comes to games, Nintendo hit it out of the park this generation. But when it comes to hardware and software other than games, they’ve reached the bottom of the barrel (you could also say their starting to ‘drift’ off course).
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1 year ago, Augie10s08
Hassle when I can just make a vc on Xbox for the same thing and shorter time
This is a good app just a hassle becuse nobody uses it and you can just make a discord vc PlayStation vc or xbox party n half the time and I wish switch had a thing to message people but no and why do you have to have to have a smart device just to make a vc and not just do what xbox and PlayStation do and let you make a vc on the acthullal counsel and Nintendo switch online is not good you have to pay money just to play with real people the exspanshion pack is good tho i will say switch does have a easy way to enter a online room to play with a friend if you do buy switch online it is a bit harder then PlayStation or Xbox but still efficient and I git this isint a Nintendo switch review but really Nintendo why did you stop making 2d Mario games this is bassicly all I have I hop a dev reads this but based off how busy Nintendo is and big I bet they won’t read it
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12 months ago, Somebody who has a phone
Small but important nitpick
I know this is so small compared to NSO and the stigma around it, but why is there barely anything for Eggstra Work in SplatNet3? It’s on the same page as Big Run, but we can’t see stats or high scores at all?! Why can we only see how many times we’ve gotten in the top 5%? So many Salmon Run players work so hard to overfish to practice for these events, yet not only do they happen once a season, but Eggstra Work receives very little fanfare at all. It got more attention on Splatoon JP’s Twitter than in the game itself or in the DEDICATED APP. Please give Eggstra Work the same love that Splatfests and Big Run get. Not even 1 million players have even played the event, which is a tiny fraction out of the 15 million who own Splatoon 3. I know not all of this relates to the app, but it would help get the event more known and get more people to play the game. If you are reading this Nintendo, thank you very much for your time.
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4 years ago, Ups and Downs of ACNH
Pros and Cons. (AND SUGGESTIONS)
While the app is very easy (I use it for animal crossing) I wish there was more. So my first point is that Nintendo Online is a little overrated. I love the low price, it’s very convenient. But for a lot of people, I’ve heard and read, (and I agree) we used to be able to have all these features built in for a much lower price. I do think that this is a little money hungry, but because I use Nintendo Online purely for animal crossing, I am satisfied with the product. After saying that, I wish the Animal Crossing part of the app had more features!! Please, please add more. Some ideas that would be good would be to add your encyclopedia into the app so you can see what bugs and fish your villager have caught from the app. Another thing that is helpful would be a calendar to show you things like villagers’ birthdays and when the fishing tournaments are! This would make it 10x more amazing than it already is. Thank you!! :)
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4 years ago, dnrncnndnxvndnx
Not about Nintendo Online
I’m not going to sit here and whine about an online service that requires servers to run costing money, especially when it costs *33%* of what other, older services historically cost per year. Get over it people. 17 years ago games were made out of sprites and 7 years ago they were made out of what I’ll now call primitive 3D renders. These assets were previously made by skilled, professional adults. Well, guess what, times have changed and now *little children* make these assets for fun in their art or graphic design class. Times simply are not the same, nor are they at all comparable. Things don’t stay free forever. Anyone who actually complains about this demonstrates a lack of critical thinking and makes the rest of us look bad. Instead what I’ll complain about is downloading this app three (3) weeks ago on iOS 13.5 and not being able to even sign into the app for the first time, with the app only showing an infinite loading circle on a grey background. There have been no further patches in these 3 weeks or word from developers regarding the issue.
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6 years ago, Huey Jackson Jr
Great Start
This app is a great start and has a lot of potential. Yes, voice chat on phones are a bit silly for playing online. It should have been imbedded into the switch, like some third party headphones you can buy to voice chat with others. Sadly, this app only offers Splatoon 2 and not other games, but the switch is only a year old so you have to give it time. Plus some games do not even offer multiplayer mode like Splatoon 2. You can not voice chat or even play Mario Odyssey in multiplayer mode. Hopefully that makes sense. I believe Nintendo has a lot up there sleeves as new games are being developed. Then this app may help a lot. If you really wanted to voice chat there is always Discord or other voice chat apps, but if you are comparing it with Xbox or PS4 then you shouldn’t even own a switch because Nintendo does there own unique thing and most people are happy with what they are doing.
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5 years ago, TheGunningWolf
Not bad. Could be better.
Now, this app is really good. I don't know if it’s because of compatibility issues, but whatever it is, I haven’t had any issues like crashes with this app like what others are saying. It is a great way to talk to Switch friends while in game, like the sole purpose of the app is. The problem is, it must be in a supported game. You cant call or message them to see if they are available. That’s something that irritates me because, as a Smash Ultimate player, I really like playing online with my friends, especially one in particular. I need to go through a bunch of arenas to figure out where he is, and I normally cant find anyone and give up. If you could add a messaging feature and restrict when you can call someone, I’d be happy to use this more, and you’d probably help not just me but many other users. Thank you for reading this (if you are).
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3 years ago, cheyenne917
Your membership thing is a joke
So. Back in 2017 (back when you released this stupid thing) I thought it would be super cool bec you get bonus features and there’s and app for it. But me seeing online play it’s just a waste of everyone’s time and money, like what the heck is wrong with you guys? Why can’t you agree with your fans for once in like 100 years or something like that. Xbox does an online membership but at least it’s worth it. Sony does the same thing but it’s great like the Xbox membership. But YOU on the other hand don’t listen to your fans when they say “NINTENDO SWITCH ONLINE IS A JOKE!” Or “SEGA IS BETTER THAN NINTENDO AND THEY NEED TO GET RID IF THE MEMBERSHIP” they’ve been begging that for YEAARRRSS but you still don’t listen bec you guys are so bad. And you smart enough to make CPU’s in Super Smash Bro’s. Ultimate but your not smart enough to make CPU’s in Splatoon 2 (besides the enemy CPU’s). But this membership needs to stop or your so called “fans” will just stop playing your games. You guys never listen to your fans that’s just so stupid.
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6 years ago, Supercena1000
Not good for Nintendo's online payment. Also a horrible idea
I don't think we should be using an APP to voice chat with our friends. This feature should be built into the switch. Also if you want to protect young players, make a party system like Microsoft on Xbox One and Sony on ps4. And if that's not good enough, make the party system Friends only. What I'm trying to say, is that there are so many solutions to chatting. And Nintendo didn't follow one. Before we start paying you for online, PUT VOICE CHAT ON THE SWITCH! Also another reason this app is horrible, is because it only supports splatoon 2. Only that game out of all the games on this amazing console. Nintendo, listen to your fans. Or else, when people start paying online, you don't scratch your heads wondering why your not making as much money as you though. Not to mention your online history has already been horrible. We shouldn't be using an app to chat for a console game. All I'm saying is put voice chat on switch and listen to the community before we pay for online.
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4 years ago, ilimae:3
Bug and Complaints
My internet is fine on my end, and I even tried with cellular data and as soon as I open the app it says that I have poor internet connection. I’ve been trying to use the app for a month but it says the same message every day and prohibits me from using it. I paid for a 3 month membership to see if I would continue paying for it later on but this service doesn’t even work. I want to scan QR codes and that is one of the main reasons why I paid for Online and the app doesn’t even work. I just deleted it and am going to download it again and see if that somehow fixes it but the fact that I even have to do that makes this app get a bad rating from me. Also, nobody likes having to pay for Online. We already spent loads on the switch console (expensive as hell) and loads on the games that require Online to even be fun. Shows how greedy big companies are, and shows how they don’t care about the consumer. Horrible service.
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7 years ago, Morraskin
Good Ideas, Bad Base
I love splatnet for Splatoon it's a really good idea I Actually wouldn't mind this app if the Switch app had a different base but sadly it does not. The main point from what I understand was the chat system and It failed bad. I tried to be optimistic but it's like a worse discord + the only saving grace that is splatnet. 1.For one you can't chat while your not playing a game. 2.You can't leave the app and still hear anybody. It doesn't really affect much but it's dumb. 3. It supports nothing else. I'll be honest I don't Have MK8DX or Arms. But it doesn't support it. I understand that MK8 and Arms can't have something like splatnet but why can't you voice chat with it on those games. I hope they add it sooner but once again it's dumb. How are you gonna release an app and have it only support one game. As I stated earlier this app is pretty much only useful if you have Splatoon 2 because of Splatnet which is once Again a REALLY good idea and it works really well. But besides that your better off just using discord. Me and my friends end up using discord over the app even when where playing Splatoon 2. Note:Use headphones when using Discord it'll be hard to hear otherwise. I can see this app getting better. It's not broken and can definitely improve but as it stands it's only really good for splatnet.
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4 years ago, Second_Reference
Judged a bit harshly
It’s not the best app but is judged a bit harshly. So first the fact that you need the online membership to use the app makes sense, because what would you do on the app aside from play with your friends online? And if you didn’t have one of the games that were supported then again, you wouldn’t have any real use for the app. There’s plenty of other apps that you could use for voice calls, this app is just for people doing call while playing games simultaneously. And also the online membership is a bargain compared to the memberships offered by Microsoft and Sony. This app could’ve been designed a lot better or implemented directly onto the console, but it still is an okay app. I honestly think I’ll just keep on using FaceTime instead of this, but I still think that people are giving this app a hard time.
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4 years ago, KING_Fresh27
People are whiney manchildren, the app is good.
Firstly, I would like to say, it does what it says it does; nothing more, nothing less. As somebody who plays splatoon 2 A LOT, I love being able to see what friends are on which team for splatfests, being able to get exclusive gears, and view a lot of data of your profile. Also I would like to say voice chat will technically work even without a mic attachment. Also, people will NOT stop complaining about bad connection for online games, which is more than likely THEIR WiFi, so people SERIOUSLY need to invest in a lan adapter. Compared to other online services, I think $20/Year is a fair price; but mainly because I practically never have connection issues, even though I do not own a lan adapter. It does what it’s meant to.
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6 years ago, SnowWolfie
Love it
Ok to all the negative ratings... please stop it's rude the switch most likely can't handle VC being built into it. I love this app it's a completely new way Nintendo is making VC available like everyone wanted. Yes the app is free the online service is not they are aware all free apps have some sort of payment to it so they get paid for it being used and add new updates/ features. Rating it bad for one reason (VC) is not going to help them. Suggest ideas like what I'd like to see in an update would be more compatible games, have it be able to be widgets compatible with who is online and have a message system if you mute your mic and lastly being able to send and receive friend requests in app. These are just ideas not demands. LOVE YOU NINTENDO KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK YOU DO FOR YOUR COMPANY❤️❤️❤️
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7 years ago, Ryan The_Creeper_DJ
This should be built into the Switch..
It’s 2017 for crying out loud! This should be built into the the switch! All the other consoles you can chat and talk to your friends without this app... even the Xbox 360 and PS3 had it, so power should not be an issue. If you want to hear your game, and not just your chat, you are going to need a bunch of adapters in order to do this not to mention phone chargers and your Switch undocked with it charging in the awful place the charger is located at.. with all of this... my Switch is my console for Nintendo exclusives... and my Xbox One is for everything else... it’s almost to the point where you might was well use Skype because it doesn’t drain you phone battery as quickly! The first party games on Switch, make it 100% worth getting one... (Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Metroid Prime 4)(and many more if you never had a Wii U.. (I have one) )but all the other games.. are better played on all other platforms, unless you want to play on the go...
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4 years ago, Veenerooniolium
The only reason why I originally signed up for switch online was for Smash Bros. I like fighting with online players because it’s more challenging than just playing against the game’s AI. I don’t actually want to talk to those people though and can’t really think of a reason why anybody would... Later I found the virtual console stuff for the NES and SNES I am certainly happy that those are on there, but I feel like there aren’t really very many games on there, and of the ones they have only a few are really good and nostalgic. I’m a little upset because on past consoles (like the Wii and the 3DS) you didn’t have to pay a recurring fee to play virtual console games. You only had to pay for the initial game itself and download it and then just have it forever. I personally much prefer paying $5 to $10 one time for some classic 8 bit game that I can play forever than paying $20 a year to have access to that one game plus a bunch of others that I’m never going to play!
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6 years ago, Katnisfanboy
Nintendo you can do a lot better
Assuming that you have to be 13 to already use this app I’d inspect more for a mature audience let text chatting through maybe iMessage or the app itself, or allow us to voice chat on the switch itself if I can take my switch on the go why do I want to use another portable device separate It feels like how in Mario Party 10 for amibo Party where you took your turn by tapping your figure to the game pad but I still had to use the wii remote to play the mini games or for certain events. One thing I do like is being able to chat while in sleep mode and ussing a different app but that’s about it also why not have us use it for all online multiplayer games especially arms since that’s like the new splatoon I don’t know if I’m even going to by the online service now.
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4 years ago, That looney critic
Don’t believe the hate.
Most reviews aren’t even about the app itself, but the online service fee. People are mad that online play isn’t free anymore, but with the kind of services Nintendo are currently offering at the scope that they’re offering them, I understand why they needed to make the change. At the yearly rate, you’re paying less than $2/month to access online features across all games and apps, which is completely reasonable IMO. Regardless of the drama, the app works fine. Connected to my Nintendo acct and transferred some ACNH designs very smoothly. I haven’t tried the voice chat service, but it seems a little moot if you have a smart phone. Perhaps it’s more for kids, so parents can control who they’re taking to?
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5 years ago, ZackSchilling
More Frustrating Than No Online service
When playing Smash last night, my friends and I tried using this app for voice chat thinking “It can’t be that bad, the internet exaggerates”. I am here to report that the internet did not exaggerate. It is that bad. All you can do is “start voice chat” which opens a voice chat with everyone in your online session. But in smash online, every match is a session and where you put your token on the match setup screen counts as a different session. So who you can talk to is constantly changing, with people dropping in or out depending on what they’re doing. This is baffling. On top of this poor design, the app devours battery and does not handle gracefully your phone locking or shutting off the screen, with chat cutting out when this happens. I was constantly having to tap my phone screen to keep it awake. And lastly, it crashes. You’d wonder why nobody was talking to you, look down at your phone, and it would be sitting back on the home screen, the app having crashed out. After the 6th crash it wasn’t funny enough to keep using and I switched to Discord. This was a 0/10 experience. Not only was it inconvenient, it didn’t do what I wanted, it was confusing, and it crashed constantly. Nintendo should be embarrassed. This is worse than if they had offered nothing at all. I’m mad I paid for this terrible online service.
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1 month ago, Youker70007
I’ve gone and restarted my animal crossing island
Once you complete the story and make your island 5 stars there’s honestly nothing really to do and so I reset my island (and the backed up data) and made a new one and saved the data to whatever it is and it still shows my old island and I’ve tried multiple things but nothing has fixed it and that’s just one of the problems I’ve had with the app, I could go on for a long time about all the problems with the app, Nintendo and pricing and with how money hungry and private this company is you’d think they’d have a better online service then Xbox, they really don’t, everything works so much better and games are always overpriced with deals that only take off 5-10 dollars, overall I’ve been with Nintendo since the first console and I’m done with how expensive everything is. Paying for online is by far the stupidest thing they’ve made and I’m done
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5 years ago, Needlenose Music
This app is an utter disappointment. I used to use it to “purchase” exclusive Splatoon 2 gear and to check records and stats, but other than that it is almost entirely pointless, beyond the fact that these things should have been implemented into the game from the beginning. Most games require this app to use voice chat, but unlike other apps, this is required to stay open or it kills the connection. The addition of SSB hasn’t provided anything new or exciting - just a bunch of videos that are arbitrarily presented in a very confusing format. Spirits can be grouped but again, this is something that could have been part of the actual game. What is the point of this app? After 3 (?) years, these are still the only two games utilizing the service and only one is doing a halfway decent job, despite the fact that it’s heading out the door anyway. RIP Spla2n. Nintendo has all but abandoned this app and anyone who believes otherwise has a lot of explaining to do.
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5 years ago, billybob200000
Wish they had a built in party system like Xbox and ps4
I been playing Nintendo since I was 4 years old I love their games And System’s for the years I think the switch is amazing system for at home and on the go but I feel if they did a better job with a voice chat system I would enjoy it more also have Bluetooth support the app is ok I do like the Nintendo virtual online service I like to see snes and n64 and GameCube games come to the Nintendo online service but with that being said I been loveing all the games on it for the most part had not had any issues also like useing the pro controller looking forward to Mario maker 2 direct today anyway that’s all I going to say the app works ok but could be better
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5 years ago, Coolio2424
Add a messaging/invite system!!!!
Nintendo please answer every gamers request and add a messaging system to the switch!!! Doing so will make it so so SO simple to cooperate and join forces with other people! Not only that, but if you add an invite system (that limits player invites to 3-5 every 5 minute to prevent spamming), then the players can see what their friends are doing, and directly join them from said invite. Judging from experience, whenever I got an invite from my friends on my PS4, I was able to join them right away, but with this system as it is, there is the trouble of spending 30+ minutes trying to figure out how to start a match with my friends on one of my favorite games. All I’m saying is that if there were any improvements you can make to the system, it would be this very crucial and simple step to developing a better way to game on the switch. Thank you for anyone who read this, and anyone from Nintendo please keep this is mind.
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4 years ago, struthious cheeseburger
Broken, needs more features and game support
The reason I’m writing this review is because the app doesn’t even launch on my iPhone XR. I’ve reinstalled the app multiple times, and it was broken before I updated to iOS 14. I normally wouldn’t have an issue with bugs surrounding a major software update, but a month is way too long. Update your app. Now, on to things I wish were changed in the app if it worked. The support for voice chat is terrible! Voice chat only works for specific games and I’ve noticed that even games that have online multiplayer don’t have voice chat options in the nso app. There’s no option to just call or text your friends like I can on Xbox live (or even the Wii), or even to see if they’re online, so I usually just use discord or messenger to call my friends, thus making this app useless. I seriously feel ripped off paying $20 for an online service that isn’t much better than what was on my 3ds almost a decade ago for free. I gladly pay $60 for Xbox live gold because it’s objectively a good service. I wouldn’t be so disappointed if I didn’t know Nintendo could do better. But they have such high quality standards for their games, hardware, and (in the past) system software that I know they’re capable of better. Please, offer a better service, even if that means charging more, and fix your app. 🤙
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5 years ago, rebecca_psi
Smash voice chat
Voice chat works fine for me despite it needs to reconnect every time before and after a match in battle arenas. It is understandable if Nintendo doesn’t really want to deal with messaging, but at least give us an option to invite people to our battle arenas. I have met some friends just by playing online, but it’s so hard to play with them again because I have to search all the arenas and figure out where they are at. What’s the point of a friend list if you can’t even interact with them?!?! I’m not asking for a messaging function but a simple invitation function that every console out there has it. The app also seems like an undergrad’s programming project. It doesn’t even look like a developed app. If I show the app to my programming friends who don’t have a switch, they’d all laugh at it because it’s a total joke. Come on Nintendo, you can do better.
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3 years ago, sammy jo🐶🐶
I literally can’t login. please, please help
I’ve tried multiple times, but right when I login to the account I want to use, and i’m at the step that says “select this account” I tap that, IT WONT LOG IT. i’ve tried everything. googling. yt videos. making new account, changing pass and email, even using reddit. I. cant. login. it literally refuses to let me login, even when I make sure it is the right and proper account that I have set to my nintendo switch. i’m so confused, can someone please help? it’s not like I haven’t used the app before, because I have, mostly for splatoon 2. all I did was take a break from my switch, and my nintendo switch online subscription ran out, so I deleted the app for storage. i’ve been playing again but like I’ve stated a lot, I can’t login. please help me. i’m so confused, even tried asking my friend who uses the app and we don’t know what to do or why it isn’t working.
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4 months ago, M4arshall22
I just got my first Nintendo product since the Wii (a switch oled) so when I saw there was an app I was impressed I figured it would be similar to the Xbox or PS apps where you can see downloads, update games from your phone, have text chat, link any game under your account to the app, etc and I launch the switch app to find literally nothing like actually nothing since I’m new I don’t have console friends and I don’t really have a variety of games so to find out Mario isn’t supported in the app is flabbergasting it’s the og game it has such a wide following that it was turned into a movie yet I can’t access it from the app the only feature this has is voice chat (there are literally no other buttons other than settings) which is no use with no one to talk to thank you for calling me lonely Nintendo
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6 years ago, Shade the reveiwer
the problem with the 1 stars
I understand your guys’ need to vent about voice chat not being imbedded into the console but that’s not a description of this application itself. this app is s u p e r helpful alongside the Nintendo Switch. voice chat is integrated into games by a case by case basis on games however due to the secondary nature of the switch’s friend capabilities i don’t think we should expect a party system to come along any day soon, furthermore since calling your switch friend with your phone is what you’d do anyway to work around this issue this app is fabulous. also switch’s don’t have bluetooth headset comparability for whatever reason so this app allows us to circumvent this. nice job nintendo
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3 years ago, Charlie Edmonds
Its a good app but doesnt update
I deleted my old island a few months after downloading this app last year in july. I restarted my island and renamed it and everything. I went to check the app on my phone to see if it updated my nook phone but it still stuck on my old island which i deleted the data for. Ive tried to fix it but it doesn’t work. I logged out of it on my phone and logged back in hoping it would get new data that i reset my island but it didn't. I tried deleting the app and re-downloading it, still didn't work. I cant find anything on the support page to help me so im hoping by writing this review, someone can help me out? Or maybe just let some people know it doesnt update your island if it was deleted. If anyone knows how to help please help me lol.
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4 years ago, Gabby Lucky happy Gebbeb
This is probably the worst app that I’ve ever tried to use for something useful. A lot of people say it’s bad because it’s not free anymore or something. I say it’s bad because I have tried 8 times and it still won’t log me in! I make sure that my console is on I make sure I have the right information I have tried EVERYTHING! It lets me put in my email and password it shows me my account I pick my account and then it just says the service isn’t compatible with my console or whatever. And I have NO IDEA WHY! I’ve payed it all I’ve done. It . All. At first when I got this I was excited because I could do everything I wanted for my splatoon 2. I kept trying again. And again. AND AGAIN. NOTHING WORKED! I am really upset with this so maybe just try fixing it. Or since you probably don’t care because I haven’t seen a single developer response in these reviews just make a new frekin software!
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5 years ago, musictomyears89
Wish one thing
If this whole online chat system is ran through an app it could be more. A simple update is all that’s needed. You guys are so close to satisfying me! Most of my friends are hooked on the darn Xbox nowadays 🙄 so my friends I usually make online. I add friends but what can I really do with that? It’s not like it is actually easy to just join them in a simple party and play online matches. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been with Nintendo since I was 5. But the update would be nice. I guess the only thing I can do right now is play random people. Just think though. If friends could easily join a party and strategize a team, would be a game changer. It would be the ultimate challenge. But for now I’m going to keep playing 🤝
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4 years ago, Jen Gen
Needs landscape support
This app is essential for using my iOS keyboard for in-game chat in Animal Crossings. Using the keyboard on the switch (either touch screen, or worse D-Pad) is painful, so this fixes that. However, given that this app has an iPad version that allows for keyboard in put, this app should have landscape support for iPad users that use the Smart Keyboard with their device, so negative stars for that. Also, the AC keyboard input only seems to support the chat bubbles, but I want it for any in-game keyboard use (such as Mail or editing text fields such as for outfit names or your Passport comment.) Minus a star for that as well. Otherwise, this still works for me to use the chat in-game easily instead of having a separate text message convo going with my friends.
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5 years ago, Triketra
Asinine doesn’t even begin to describe it
Where to start... most asinine implementation of online services that I’ve ever seen. See a buddy online and want to play? Nope can’t send an invite. Left your phone at home by accident? Nope no voice chat for you.... seriously Nintendo has been a money grab, corner cutting, not listening to actual consumers since I can remember and this is their shrine of “SCREW THE CUSTOMER, we are Nintendo we do what we want, they will buy it anyway” type company. Seriously whoever came up with the online functionality of the switch needs to be taken out back of HQ building and Shot, or at the very least fired and humiliated. A five year old could have come up with a better solution. I pray the Microsoft partnership gets you guys modernized and your heads out of your rear! NO ONE wants a gimmick, we want what works, what is tried and true, with a little innovation thrown in... stop being idiots!
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6 years ago, Dan 🇻🇪
Very bad...
This app is very bare bones. I know PS4 and Xbox has apps too but they are actually USEFUL and they offer the same functionality on their own systems. Nintendo is now charging $20 a year (I know it’s not a lot but this service isn’t worth anything. It should be free.) The fact that we have to pay for a service that offers literally nothing except NES games that you can literally find on your computer or other consoles free of charge is sad. The fact that cloud saves don’t work for Splatoon 2 (the game that is making people by this service) is pretty embarrassing. I know they want to prevent cheating but there are other ways around that. They delayed this service to a year, and there is nothing. It’s embarrassing. There aren’t any dedicated servers either. The online on the WII U was better (and free). Nintendo is basically making money for doing absolutely nothing. There are no big online games that need this service except Splatoon 2 (and no, Mario kart doesn’t count because the online there is so bare bones, and you’re using your own WiFi, and Arms... people still play arms?) Games like fortnite and paladins (basically anything non-Nintendo) don’t need this service to be played online. So yes, hopefully Nintendo adds MUCH more in the future. This glitchy “service” should be free.
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2 years ago, Schultzy2b2
Merge this with My Nintendo App and bring to West
Merge this app with the My Nintendo app in Japan, enable a party chat feature for “best friends”, a text chat feature, game invites, themes, playtime metrics, embedded the eshop store here so we can favorite games and purchase for download, add funds, etc. I don’t mind the solution being an app, just wish the app was robust! Make it easy for informed consumers of Nintendo products to connect with friends online in 2022 and beyond… this is kind of sad to even have to suggest. I’d much rather use this app than discord if it worked more seamlessly with the switch hardware. Perhaps I can click voice chat on my switch and, boom, I get a notification on my phone to start the room, or vice versa. Oh and… for the love of goodness add themes already…. And about 100 new game icons would be nice.
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5 years ago, lipski111
Doesn’t work
Nintendo need to get their online gaming presence sorted out, or stay out of it all together For some reason they have two types of Nintendo logins/profiles. Why not consolidate that? Beyond that, when you’re trying to recover a password the keyboard disappears in this app. Above and beyond that, I will never stop buying Nintendo products. They are my childhood up to this point and hold some nostalgia that I will always treasure. But I am very discouraged at paying any amount of money to play any online games (like smash) just for their to be constant networking issues and repercussions on the users for poor connections. Why would I give them more money for something that they don’t seem to be investing themselves in fixing? Plus I have a grip with paying full cost on switch games that are years old or even ports from the Wii U. Like I said, I’ll always support Nintendo, but I feel like they don’t support us. At this point this review is pouring over into something else entirely. But it’s completely mind blowing that a company as reputable as Nintendo or that a game as competitive as smash has such bad connection issues or general network gaming issues where games developed for online play, over a decade ago, didn’t have or quickly fixed these issues.
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7 years ago, LKN Cyclone
Just One Suggestion
I actually love this idea. The Switch needs internet to chat, but it's portable so can't always have it. What do we all have on us that always has an internet connection? A phone. Why not just use an app that can be used at home or away, solving all connection problems? And bundle with it a companion to make Splatoon 2 a much easier experience? Genius, Nintendo. Genius. But this next part is not so genius. Why do we have to go in game to chat? Why can't we just chat with our friends anytime, or in other games at least like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or ARMS? I hope support comes shortly because if this app is only going to be used for Splatoon 2, I may not drop $20 on the subscription for next year.
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6 years ago, DwightkSchrute04
App is Next to Useless
It works for voice chat in my experience but that's about all it does. You have to be playing a supported game, be in the supported game mode and be with someone else who is paying for the service. I'm pretty sure you can voice chat for free in Xbox Live and PS+. This app should give you access to your friends list, a chat feature to text message those who have a Switch, and you should just have general party voice chat. We shouldn't be locked to voice chat if we're playing the same game and mode. If I want to play Diablo 3 on my Switch while my friend at Smash Bros, we should be able to talk to one another while we do this. When you play a game online, no matter the mode, I should be thrown into a game voice lobby unless I'm in a party chat already. Nintendo makes this stuff too complicated for their own good. It shows that they don't know what they're doing. The console itself doesn't have a friend text messaging system for Christ's sake. Learn from the other companies, there's a reason people pay for their services. I'd pay more than $20 a year if I could get the basics. For now, I'm using the Xbox app for the party chat feature when I play my Switch.
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5 years ago, Hayden Ebersole
Works well but isn’t compatible with enough games
The Nintendo Switch Online app allows people to talk to each other while playing games online. Yes it is ridiculous that we have to use an app but it is kind of nice since you don’t need a mic to talk to people. All you need is the app. The problem with the app is there are only a handful of games compatible with it, and every game except for one of them is a Nintendo exclusive. I would like to be able to talk while playing 3rd party games like Doom and Payday 2; however, these games aren’t supported by the app. It’s incredibly frustrating when Nintendo says you can voice chat with other people using the voice app but it only works with a couple games out of the 1,000+ games on the Nintendo Switch.
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5 years ago, Spaektator
Flawed, But Functional
Most of the reviews of this app are either 5 stars, saying they love this app and it’s perfect, or 1 star, saying that it’s dumb that it’s not on the console itself and that it’s $20. However, this app does what it’s supposed to do. It isn’t a hub for all online activities, it’s a companion to the Switch. And for all of the issues people have with desyncs, lag, and disconnects, a lot of these issues spout from a poor internet connection. And yes, this app should have a wider range of games it works with, but unlike Splatoon 2 there isn’t enough content besides play history (which could be accessed in the game itself) to put into the app. Voice chat for games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is flawed, and I would recommend a regular phone or Skype call.
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6 years ago, Jamesxx007
Come on Nintendo
I love ya, but come on now. This is absolutely ridiculous. In 2018, we should have had normal voice chat options with you (headphones attached to controller)by now. I should not have to use an app along with my system. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, just about everyone I know who has a switch or was planning on getting a switch is completely turned off by this idea. I will not be using this feature, and I hope that you do the right thing soon. Unless you have a deal going with phone companies, then that would make sense, but at the same time, be very disappointing news. Your long time fans have been with you all these years. Do not forget about them. We will be the ones passing this hobby down to the next gen. So make us happy, and you will be happy. So let’s get our heads out of our arses and make it happen cap’n!
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6 years ago, Cwatson17
To the guy complaining.
You’re paying roughly $1.67 a month to play online. Granted it used to be free, but for Nintendo to actually improve their online infrastructure, subscriptions will help. If you can’t afford 5 cents a day, then simply play any number of the Switches incredible single player games. Or any of the games that can be played with your friends locally rather than online. Or pay extremely minuscule amount of money in order to play online. Not an unfair or wrong decision. Paying $20 for being able to have cloud saves and for Nintendo to hopefully improve their online structure, is perfectly sound business decision.
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4 months ago, UmarjvillaR
Guys I just bought the Nintendo switch oled late 2022 and I feel would be really so wrong if you stop making games for the Nintendo switch as you did with New Nintendo 3ds xl please don’t kill it let us have the same game for both consoles as you did with Nintendo ds Nintendo ds lite Nintendo dsi Nintendo dsi xl Nintendo 3ds all of em could play Nintendo ds games only the difference some just a few exclusives for each console I want to buy Pokémon to play them with my Nintendo switch oled even knowing they can be different played with old consoles but being able then once I get involved in the game I’d easily go get the new console
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6 years ago, Haileyhaygo
It would be great but..
I can see the potential in this and it could have been a great idea but it was executed horribly. For starters how am I supposed to set up a chat room and have my friends actually come to it if I can’t msg them in game “hey join my chat room on app” also I really wish you could join random chat rooms. I can see how this is aiming towards people who play switch with irl friends but sadly none of mine have a switch. I like making friends in games that I can relate to that like the same games and I really wish the switch had that! I’m not one for voice chatting really either so I really wish it was just normal messages just so I could ask one of my friends if they wanted to play a game with me! The only thing I like from this app is SplatNet and even that isn’t that great unfortunately
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