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User Reviews for NJ.com

4.54 out of 5
24.3K Ratings
5 years ago, Frank Beach
Don’t like the site
When I get done reading a story the site often brings me back to the first story. Very frustrating to have to continually scroll down to get past the last story I have read.
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1 year ago, arora34
Used to be good
Honestly, I’ve had this app for years and loved getting my local news instantly. But the restrictions for content reserved for subscribers is out of control. There is no rhyme or reason as to why I can read an article at 10 am, but by 10:30 it’s locked. Sometimes in the app it isn’t labeled as a subscriber exclusive, but once I click the article I can’t read it. It is also incredibly frustrating when the title of the article insinuates it is an important story, like “police manhunt for suspect is ongoing”. So I would have to pay to find out about a possible safety concern in my area, or pay to find out the article was clickbait. I am all for using subscriptions for premium content, but I’m over having to go google my local news.
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5 years ago, Hunterdon Local
Good to stay in touch
I like to check in once a week in case I miss something on the radio broadcast on my two hours of commuting each day. It takes too long to load, and there’s too many ads though, and I don’t always have the time on my lunch hour. The search is helpful, as is the sort by county. I love the lunch time DJ’s and my ride home at 5:00 with D&D, but turn it off on my morning commute. It is too political, the DJ too angry and he does not give callers an opportunity to fully make their point or speak. He consistently talks over them, and I just change stations. Dennis and Judy, and D&D are a bit more courteous to listeners, and aren’t do blatantly one sided in politics.
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3 years ago, Couchmarine
Photos don’t load, but ads sure do!
Most of the time when using the iPad app, the photos either take forever to load and make the article jumpy, or don’t load at all. But you can be sure the ads, photo and video, have no trouble. Today is a perfect example. Can’t see any of the 9/11 memorial photos. App is up to date, as is the iPad. WiFi is full strength. And I have to login every few days lately, despite choosing the ‘remember me’ option. I have no problem paying for a news app, if it works well and has worthwhile content. Improve the experience before you lose a paying customer.
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3 years ago, NJnaturelover
can no longer save stories
I have been a print and digital subscriber for years and want to support local journalism. One issue, I used to be able to save a story using the star icon at the top of the article. Recent updates took this ability away. I have digital subscriptions to other newspapers and can save articles. It is annoying that I can no longer save articles. Please bring this feature back. Subscribers and nonsubscribers should be able to save articles. Your latest update seemed to have fixed the bug when I read an article and then go to a link within that story to read a second article, clicking done did not close the articles. Thanks for the fix. I find the site reasonably easy to navigate. I give a three-star rating because I can no longer save articles.
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6 years ago, NJinVA
Old Columns and Are All Parts of the State Covered Equally?
Some links display the last date a column was run and that date is several months old. Either remove the links or start up the columns again. Also it seems more “second tier” stories about North Jersey are listed on the main page than others from Central and South Jersey; this is with News and Sports. Is there something that can be done to balance this out?
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6 years ago, gladmax
Tired of listicle alerts!
App is OK, although I don’t like links to web articles rather than articles in the app. But i’m really sick of alerts to boring, not-newsworthy listicle articles. I just turned off alerts on my iPhone because I really don’t care about which is the best _______ in each NJ county. Please save the alerts for real breaking news!
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5 years ago, disgruntled NJ
3rd Class website
NJ more deserving of higher quality news with better functioning site and more regular updates
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5 years ago, BSzerszen
Please update your app. Its consistently crashes. Also it takes forever to load current news that your writing staff is not very good with details on reporting the news much less any updates to a posted story.
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5 years ago, Kathy Geh
Local news
I am always interested in local news & find it on this site often.
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6 years ago, beaner7985
Not working right
The obituary section of the app isn’t working. They aren’t loading and all you get is a blank white screen. I have an IPhone and my mom has an LG and it’s not working on her app either. I thought maybe the last update would fix the issue but it’s still not working. Please fix this. I even tried deleting the app and reinstalling it and that didn’t even work
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5 years ago, Jobehro
Our population is aging. We don’t see and hear as well as we once did. We need larger script and in bold black on white background. Thank you, your doing a great job otherwise.
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1 year ago, Peachrex
Not worth trying
A bit expensive for the quality. And if you don’t pay or think you’re unlikely to pay a hefty subscription then don’t bother trying the app. You can’t read any articles and you can read most of the articles on other news sites or online but not through this app
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6 years ago, DC yogi
Great app to keep up with NJ news
I enjoy the app. I am able to keep up with NJ news and it sends me notifications on the latest news.
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5 years ago, ckanast
Political bias
The slant of any politically related articles always swings too far to the left, which may please a portion of your constituents, however is alienating other readers such as myself. Your legitimacy as a publication would increase dramatically it were more balanced. The absence of any substantive alternative viewpoint serves to identify this publication as politically biased therefore making it difficult to take seriously.
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3 years ago, Boxmantech
Go back to old format
I’m not sure who did any of the usage testing on this new “dark” theme but it is horrific. I understand you need to make revenue to pay content writers, but as of late it seems 70-80% of articles that aren’t fluff pieces or day old weather forecasts are moved to the pay side. Either change for it all or dump that practice.
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4 years ago, Sunshine4444
App Update is Awful
The new layout for mobile is terrible! Not user friendly. Was faster to scroll before and layout was much better. Will be deleting this app also because I’m tired of not being able to read articles that are “exclusive” which means you have to pay to read it. So many free sites for news.
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4 years ago, Juan000
Useless now. Paywall for over half the articles
After the most recent update for “bug fixes and improvements” suddenly a large percentage of articles are subscriber exclusive. I get the need to make money, but don’t lie about your update and be reasonable with the amount of articles you put behind the paywall. I’m going elsewhere for my news now. Deleted.
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5 years ago, Sbyrwa
Great news app
able to find the local things I need when I need them. Keep up the good work.
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3 months ago, ScootandUkeDude
Marginal at Best
I tolerate it because it’s local news. However, anything they view as possibly interesting is placed behind a “pay-wall” and the App constantly freezes my, up-to-date and 90% empty, iPad. Extremely frustrating.
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4 years ago, deacon169
Issues with digital edition launching
I've been a subscriber for many years, and since Oct 28,2020 I haven't been able to receive or initiate the digital edition on my IPhone or iPad. Please resolve this issue, because I would like to continue my subscription.
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6 years ago, MWL77
Great source for jersey news
Most accurate local news on the web!
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5 years ago, Flash's Mom
Love it, love it
The app is so much easier to use than it used to be. I’m a transplanted Jersey girl and really enjoy reading about what is happening there now.
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5 years ago, Ocean Grove Paul
Current News
Great human interest and news stories. Read everyday to keep current on NJ events and happenings.
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4 years ago, cs967
App Login Issues
Although I paid for a one year subscription, I cannot log into the app using my Facebook account (as I do on the web with a browser). I contacted tech support, and their solution was to use my browser and not the app. That’s not much of a solution
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5 years ago, dfffffggcvb
Load Time
The site takes a long time to load. When it looks like it is ready it resets and reorders the stories. Takes about 30-45 seconds to fully load. Too long!
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5 years ago, THaydu
Too much fluff
Too much Sear Abbey and ask Annie and fluff articles like that. I just decided to delete the app from my phone because I have to scroll through 20 stories just to find one or two real news stories. I know there is a lot more happening in NJ than shown here. Happy New Year’s I’ll be reading somewhere else.
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4 years ago, Little_Kev_
No commenting from the app, really?
For some reason you can no longer comment using the app..not like i’m gonna go to the site to leave a comment or read them now and for some of the trash articles they post the comments were the best part
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5 years ago, MS mikie
This is so easy and has better news then the Courier Post.
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5 years ago, Lilah The Superdog
Feed back
Every article is from the side of a liberal progressive point of view. Your pieces are nauseating in their slant. Now you have something like 4-5 life adviser article (Dear Abby type pieces). Just glad I don’t have pay for your crap. Where can I write counter arguments to your biased articles. You don’t have the onions to entertain a different viewpoint.
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3 years ago, geocardan
Constantly asked for sigin and....
When navigating through sports for example i’m always required to sign in. Cant zoom in on photos like via web browser. Links to other stories within the app seem to be hit or miss.
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4 years ago, SalD6
Bring back feature
I used to enjoy being able to browse the sports section by team, but that option is no longer available with the newest update. Please, please, please bring the ability to do so back. Taking it away has made the app much less appealing.
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4 years ago, Rabreu108
Subscriber only
I used to enjoy reading the articles..now most of them are for subscribers only.. if that’s the case you should charge for the app and make all articles available..
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5 years ago, Bayonne Kid!
Go To News!
I enjoy the ability to just hit on the App and get local and statewide News immediately! To me it’s better that the Jersey Journal! Thanks!❤️🇺🇸👍Bayonne Kid!
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4 years ago, qwiller
Very informative
Keeping up with the virus info made easy
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4 years ago, Artinnj
Can’t read stories from alerts
Now that they are making some stories subscriber exclusive content, I get alerts for stories that I am not allowed to read. It should only be sending me alerts for stories that I can read.
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5 years ago, mpt100249
Read it everyday regardless of where i am. Excellent writing; a bit more left wing than i prefer but legit
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3 years ago, AT-NJ
Useless after update
App deserved 5 stars before update, but worth less than 0 after the new update. No search options, logins unrecognized, and articles sometimes inaccessible and all over the place. I’m canceling my subscription and uninstalling the app until it switches back.
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5 years ago, Shahied1
Keeps crashing
Essex News Says no article found
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5 years ago, M. Dryden
On point!
On time, on point news that communities can count on. Trustworthy reporters who are accurate and informative. - Shelly
Show more
3 years ago, DesiLuLove
Disturbed by their insistence on subscribing
We are currently experiencing a global pandemic. Millions of people losing their lives to COVID and important information is being withheld from those who will not/cannot subscribe. This isn’t dumb gossip news but important information that should go to all! I will be uninstalling this app from my device.
Show more
5 years ago, The Life of Reilly
John Reilly
Always good to keep on top of things. South Jersey News-should always be part of news casting.. Especially Cape May Area.
Show more
1 year ago, stevepetti
This app is impossible to use because it constantly stops scrolling and for long enough times that one is forced to swipe it away and restart the iPad. If I didn’t pay for a year in advance, I’d never use this poorly designed app!
Show more
5 years ago, Jeff east
1 Star
Don’t be the NY Post with provocative stories subtly trying to divide us. Just report the news please
Show more
7 months ago, Nell0912345
Lots of unchecked facts. So many stories of people being mugged or attacked however those stories never make it to print. With that being said if there’s a story that has the slightest tone of possible racism then it makes it to print. Left wing garbage!!!!!
Show more
4 years ago, Jerseyguy624
Freezes my phone
This latest release runs super slow and frequently freezes my phone and crashes. I love the app and hope you can fix this quickly.
Show more
5 years ago, njboy07090
Comment button unavailable in ios13
It was broken on older versions, but there was a trick. If you clocked the “curved arraow” button next to the comment “cloud shaped” should be, and then clicked exit, the comment cloud would appear. This no longer works. So no more comments from mobile iPhone users.
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5 years ago, Googlauehsbxjaksjsnnaksjsnsk
Difficult to navigate. Used to be able to search for a high school sport and team but no longer. Why take away that useful feature??
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2 years ago, Just Mr. B
Ads overwhelm stories
The ads overwhelm the stories. The new fun is video ads that play when you accidentally click them while reading.
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5 years ago, Hirchie
Concise accurate news
Congratulations on having a fair snd impartial news reporting. Keep it going
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