NJ Lottery

4.7 (4K)
48.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
The Lottery Company
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for NJ Lottery

4.69 out of 5
4K Ratings
2 years ago, sdm120
May 13 update - scanner broken again
Called the app support line. Was told I’m the only person that complained, so the problem must be my phone. Yeah right… The scanner works for scratchers but not draw games. You’re telling me my iPhone can tell the difference?! Wasn’t caused by an update, so something in the backend broke the scanner. As many - including me have asked for years, WHY ISN’T THERE A REAL SUPPORT LINK? We shouldn’t have to report issues in a review.
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1 year ago, VG325
Great app.
I enjoy knowing all the details of every draw!!!
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2 years ago, Metoday123
I would like to be able to search for lottery numbers of the past and I cannot do that now it’s very tedious to look it up by hand. Thank you
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9 years ago, sleepr0
Excellent alternative to NJ version
Until New Jersey gets their act together and fixes their app, this one is just fine. It's colorful, unobtrusive and works. It's kinda slow, but otherwise quite good.
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3 years ago, Divine power 711
Lottery New Jersey App
New Jersey lottery has the best app. Very accurate..
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3 years ago, rettabean
Liked the old one better
I liked the old way it was set up.. I don’t like this new lay out, it’s confusing !!
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7 years ago, Espo417
Love the number checker...
but it seems the app has stopped working
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2 years ago, Lotto Will
No ticket checker
Simple scan ticket like actual NJ lottery app would have made this soooo much better. Instead you have to manually put numbers in for every ticket, stupid.
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3 years ago, Wesley4
Not good
You have to go and search each individual number when you should be able to just scan the barcode
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3 years ago, MUD 652569
Has a way to go
Great app if it only had the missing games on. Pick 3 evening,pick 3 day and night ??
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6 years ago, Nudgypoo
Don’t Bother
Terrible. Crashes every time I open it. Don’t even have to do anything- it starts downloading the latest results, and boom- it’s gone!
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3 years ago, somerdaz
Great app
Easy to play.
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2 years ago, bonemone
Great app
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7 years ago, RagazzaMD
Can't scan tix
Ughhh trying to scan my Christmas scratch offs. Have like 20, and manually entering these numbers is crazy. Also I can't get to second chance! Cmon nj lotto
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2 months ago, Contessina di Mirafiori
New lottery app
I preferred the previous app. It was easier to use, more concentrated for results and didn’t need a separate VIP app.
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7 years ago, Fanadfilms
Crashes on iPhone 8 before you can use it.
Crashes on iPhone 8 before you can use it.
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6 years ago, Smooth_art
Crashes with iPhone 7
After 15 seconds it crashes.
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3 years ago, wheelsafu
More confusing
Newest app more confusing
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3 years ago, Signey Curto
Late on numbers
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1 year ago, coco Joe Coffee
Nj lottery
I don’t like to pay for scanning my loosing tickets. Scanning should be free.
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2 years ago, hsveudgamsjhd
No scanner
What happened to the scanner!!!!!
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2 years ago, L. O. L. A
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4 years ago, magulatz 6
Should also contain pick 3 & 4
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6 months ago, tomvet77
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13 years ago, Sharpxshootaxx
Must get app!!!!!!
It's free!!!!!!!
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13 years ago, sandy81676
Separate Apps
Update: I just found out that they have separate apps for PP & MM. I shouldn't have to download TWO additional app to get results for games that are in NJ. I know this is a free app, but I can't give it 5 stars until Mega Millions & Powerball are added to the app. Both games can be purchased in NJ so they are part of the NJ Lottery & should be included. I did give it 4 stars because the graphics are nice & easy to read and the app always updates. It's nice to not have to go to the lottery website to check my #'s - that is until I play PB or Mega because I don't want two more apps that only do one thing each on my phone. Please add these games which should have been here since this apps launch. Thanks!
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9 years ago, Dor on NJ
Needs much improvement
Should show the name of the game on the screen when you check archives. If you are checking different games is is impossible to tell what game you are checking #'s for in the archives. Also no area on app to send feedback which is not a good sign.
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13 years ago, HJFarley
Three stars
II would be deserving of a five-star rating if it also included PowerBall and MegaMillions results. I want one app to cover all lottery games in NJ. Oh, about that Pick Six numbers generator...Hey, fuggettaboutit!
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13 years ago, iSnobbie™
What's the point?
This app is less useful than the newspaper. Think about that. The paper gives you payoff amounts and current jackpots. This app only gives lottery results. They show those on the crawl of every local newscast in America.
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12 years ago, edjohnson7
Would be nice if the generator was able to pick numbers for all lotteries not just Pick 6.
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13 years ago, Mose1960
Not bad
Great for getting the winning numbers. Would be nice if it showed the payouts and the next drawing's value.
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13 years ago, Shell303
NJ Lottery App
This app is nothing like the website. You would think they would make it identical and add feature of scanning in your tickets to check them. Very poor app.
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13 years ago, LorinRN
This app is not worth your time. It never updates and has no usefulness.
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12 years ago, yayayay1221
I must agree this app is horrid, not only do they not include all of their drawings the app it self will self close on its own
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12 years ago, Lanalexi
Mega Million and Powerball??????
Would be great if it would have results for Mega Million and Powerball!
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13 years ago, Lottery loser
NJ Lottery app
Useless crap! When you click on the app, it keeps popping off giving NO results.
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12 years ago, Tweetynj201
Just deleted! Do not update daily! Today I'm getting results from Friday!!!
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13 years ago, GateGuardian
Good app for checking Pick 6 but useless for PowerBall players:(
Show more
13 years ago, Evillynn21
Mega & Power-ball are not included No payout info
Show more
13 years ago, Jonathon08876
Useless crap!
No mega no power ball?? Bs!!!
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4 years ago, villa victoria
How about putting the payoff for pick four numbers. Plus where are the pick 3 - 4 - 5-6 picks not on my phone anymore need them &the pay offs.river
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4 years ago, Genius 999
The New Jersey lottery
I do not like the new New Jersey lottery app.I like the old one a lot better than the new one.I don’t know why you make these changes because instead of making it better, you make things worse. Not user friendly.Not very happy at all very annoyed.
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13 years ago, JadenPex
Nice love it!
5 stars!
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13 years ago, Markfred7699
It"s a hot app-- Love it. - FIRE
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13 years ago, It's Original
Needs mega and power ball
I like it so far but it needs mega millions and power ball let's get it done do it and get 5 stars but really good
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13 years ago, DEA Fresh
Good app
They need to add Mega Millions!
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