NoCable: OTA Antenna, TV Guide

3.3 (1.3K)
74.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
New Imagitas Inc.
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for NoCable: OTA Antenna, TV Guide

3.33 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
3 years ago, PDX Paulie
Was good now hangs
This _was_ a great app for setting up an external antenna for getting over the air signals and then getting free listings for what’s on. Unfortunately, now when you open it, the app just hangs with a “Loading...” message. Since the last update was over a year ago, it probably can’t handle a newer iOS version (12.4.9 in my case). IDK. It was great, now it simply doesn’t work. Hoping for an update that will fix it, but I’ll prolly just ditch the app and get something else.
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3 years ago, jdhdkss
This app would be good if it actually worked
The app only works when it feels like it. And when it does work, it resets the settings that I put so every time I have to change it back to the right settings and then once I do it works and it does have accurate information. But I’ve had the app for about a month now and I try to go into it every single day for hours on end and alsoAll different times a day and it pretty much has only worked the first day that I got it and two other times after that, Every other time it did not work at all I just keeps trying to load and all my other apps and my Internet works perfectly fine. When I tried to contact the app developer and the other company associated with the app the app developer listed in the App Store does not have any contact information at all and the other company that I found associated with the app literally only has a mailing address there’s no other way to contact them so if I wanted to I’d have to send something in the mail and I guarantee they’re probably not gonna write back
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3 years ago, simoneka1977
Best/ MUST HAVE antenna app! Hands down!
I absolutely love this app! I live in the middle of nowhereVille so an antenna is my only option in the back of my home! (I’m 8ft too far from satellite being a possibility ) with a baby who loves seasame street, I live by this app to tell me when it’s on! MOST IMPORTANTLY DUE TO THE APP, I was able to find 3 more additional times on different PBS channels, that I had no clue even existed, he’s now able to watch! GET THIS APP! If your an antenna gal (or guy) ITS A MUST HAVE! Five PLUS STARS ⭐️ Ps TO THE NAYSAYERS.. try hitting the refresh button (top right) and it will then show more channels.. hit again to show less. If the times off by half an hr or zone isn’t exact, figure it out! Come on now, ITS FREE ! No need in giving bad reviews for simple fixes as you pay zero for the service provided.
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6 years ago, Bonito apps
When you click antenna and it shows you what you should be getting, even using all three selections of antenna/amplified/outdoor, it doesn’t show nearly all of the 68+ channels that I get it clearly. Even the apps TV Guide doesn’t match What it’s telling you in the antenna section! I don’t know who is supplying the information for the TV Guide, but that is a lot more accurate than wjhat the app itself in antenna mode shows. Whoever is giving the feed for the TV Guide, That’s the only thing that’s useful and they probably have an app themselves or you can find all that in many other apps that are pulling in the same data. All I wanted to know was why one of my strong channels wasn’t working just now and wanted to know in which direction the tower was so I would stop waving it all around the room, and I couldn’t even figure out how to do that.
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5 years ago, Dianrcupanwhomagdosnwpa
Awesome App!
I’m so grateful that this exists! I’m on the tightest of budgets and can’t afford a tv subscription, internet, or any streaming services. A cheap digital tv, a cheap antenna, and this app makes the perfect combo. It helps you by showing the best positions for the antenna and how good of a signal you have for channels. There are variables (nature/buildings in the way, and distance) but I still got really great channels (I live in the country!), and this app lets me know what’s on them! I’m really happy that I can still watch the news and have some regular tv shows to watch. Thank you No Cable for introducing me to an incredibly cheap entertainment option!
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3 years ago, DDDJJJSB
I want to see a FULL DAY & NIGHT, @ least 24hours of tv programming!!! Showing me 5-6 hours at a time is lazy!!! This app needs to have a COMPLETE PROGRAMMING GUIDE FOR AT LEAST 24 HOURS OR EVEN BETTER IS 2-3 days of programming or even a week of tv programming!!! Few hours at a time is irritating!!! PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE!!! As far as the antenna direction guide that is GREAT!!! One of the BEST IVE SEEN!!! Good job!!! Would of been 5 star rating if you had a real & complete at least tv programming listed for at least 24 hours…MINIMUM!!! Thanks for the Great Antenna Guide!!! Dee
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6 years ago, PaceArrow94
No Cable is a great app!
We travel in our RV which puts us in different locations quite often. We can usually receive many local stations but without a TV guide finding the network channels can sometimes be very time consuming. After we find them there is no way to get the local listings. No Cable has solved that problem. We haven’t been to a location so far that it hasn’t. Highly recommend this app for RV travelers.
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5 years ago, VideoWizard7
Pretty cool app
Does what is advertised, but could use a few features: would like to customize with ‘favorites’ to eliminate home shopping, foreign languages, etc. and make the list more efficient and concise to use. Also would like to have a total number of channels available that I can compare to what my TVs scan produced. This would help me evaluate my antennas performance, tv tuner sensitivity, scan efficiency, accuracy of direction, etc. Ability to print out results would be nice as well.
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4 years ago, Hardwarechick55
Love this app
This app helped me to know which antenna to buy but it keeps on giving. The channel guide makes antenna tv so much better. Before this app I'd have to go through all the channels to see what was on and we all know that commercials will be on so I'd have to keep checking the channels to see what was on. I love this app. I'd usually just watch the 1st thing that I hadn't seen a million times. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Sorcie
Good little app!
After I kicked DirecTV to the curb, I was delighted to find this app to give me a tv guide for my antenna channels. It works wonderfully. The only disappointment I have with it is that it doesn’t give me listings for 2 and 4, no matter what I do to the settings. It says I get them, but it doesn’t give me the listings. All in all, though, its great to have a resource like this to help me get the right antenna directions and to be my pal to help me cope with unplugging the satellite and cable.
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5 years ago, acrisis
Wrong channels. Needs channel hide / show options
I am in rural Maine, gave it my zipcode, based on that it said I would have 5 channels ( and it subs ) ... but then in the TV guide it is not showing that one, a 75 miles away one I can’t get ... and several from out of state which are way out of range. How about taking all the channels according to antennaweb or fcc and letting the user show/hide the ones they actually can see ... and perhaps also hide stations they’d never watch.
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2 years ago, klay59
No cable app
My NoCable app will not load the TV guide used to work every now and then but now it will not load the tv guide at all, I’ve deleted the app and download it again and still doesn’t work. Not working any now, trying TV guide everyday for about three weeks now every day trying and still no TV guide. I would give it zero stars if that was available nothing on the site loads anymore and this has been going on for a couple of months and evidently no one has addressed the issue at the company or website or app
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6 years ago, Einreb_58
Great app!
Love this app because it gives so much info! Very easy to use. It gives the distance and direction of each signal, lets you drill down into each station to see all listings for the day. It is very quick in response time. Only one detriment that prevented me from giving the fifth star... it didn’t find/list all the channels I actually do receive. I calibrated it from the same room in which my antenna is placed.
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5 years ago, 1104kentucky
Super helpful
I’ve never had cable so I can’t address a comparison between this and cable, but I have SO enjoyed all the extra channels (including a weather channel and all the PBS stations). I highly recommend this. One note: the app recommended that we get the antenna with an amplifier, but we get way better reception with just the antennae and no amplifier. Antenna well worth the money.
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6 years ago, Jacieleavell
I love this app so far. I cut the cord a couple of years ago and needed a TV guide for locals only. This is exactly what I was looking for, but this app has so much more like signal strength of each channel and which direction to turn your antenna, how far each channel is away from you, and links to buy the proper antenna. Keep up the great work developers and don’t listen to the naysayers ❤️
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4 years ago, lalakro
Texas Review
Pretty good app although last night I got stuck in the information spot and could not get out of it?! Also I do wish that it would give info for more time than just an hour and a half or so. But all in all it’s a pretty good app I just hope that doesn’t keep happening when I try to read the info and am unable to get out of that screen. Thanks y’all from Texas
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5 years ago, Johnny Garlic
Good app, but...
It’s a good app and I appreciate it and all, but why isn’t there a time offset option? It doesn’t properly display mountain time. Everything is an hour behind. Please fix this and give us an option to add a time offset. We should also be able to scroll to see the whole day and night worth of programming and even the next day.
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1 year ago, lindsey oneal
No working
Downloaded the app but it would kept freezing and could not find my location at all threw multiple methods it would freeze and no respond at all !! Waste of data downloaded and time screwing with it trying to get it to work
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3 years ago, G. L. 2. U 2. DAY !!!
Over the air antenna guide
So nice that but it shows all kind of channels and I can’t get, and I can’t figure any way out could leave the 50 channels that I don’t get it. It clutters up everyone. I hope they change their teachers how to delete the channels that we do not get with Our antenna I agree with you hundred percent I have the same problem. We should be able to purge the channels that we do not get that way the lineup is not double what it should be
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4 years ago, boo4499
This APP is awesome. Let’s know what coming on for non cable people. Very good an accurate line up. No more flipping to see what on . This App lets you make your choices. Let you know your Signal strength on all channels. Let you know what channel in your area. It also gives recommendation of what is the best antento get and what direction to point. That is so cool.
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4 years ago, Rafmaster
Recent trouble loading the app
I really like the app - it’s been really helpful since I recently cut the cable cord and went to streaming services. However, I’ve had trouble loading/starting the app the past few days. I’ve downloaded the most recent update and restarted my phone, but no luck.
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6 years ago, samnskysmom
Super helpful!
In a world where we hardly use regular tv anymore- I found this app! We moved and haven’t had our internet and cable installed yet- and w 2 little ones we needed a distraction!! So I hooked up the antenna and tried to find a guide to find some cartoons... I found this app! And it saved me so much time flipping through the channels!
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6 years ago, MrKiddCarl1994
A very helpful app!
I have been using the NoCable app for quite some time now and it’s been instrumental in helping my family and I cut the cord. The TV guide feature is very helpful in letting you know not only what’s on main channels and subchannels, but which subchannels you’ll be receiving! Highly recommended for families anxious to cut the cord!
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6 years ago, SgtNchrgVet
Awesome TV guide
This app is so much easier to use than the site itself. You can set the app to open straight to the guide, with sub-channels showing, instead of having to tap other items to open them (like w/ website). I deleted the bookmark for the site and strictly use the app now. Thanks :)
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2 years ago, Annoyedatu
Awesome guide
Fantastic app! It helps with settings and local channels as well as channels that are near by. Great recommendations for the purchasing of a antenna that is best suited for your needs! If your wanting to cut the cord then this is for you. I use it a lot for reference to tune into distant channels. Easy to use and understand.
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5 years ago, Matthew VA
Stop paying for TV companies that hate you
People like me who grew up with analog TV will be pleasantly surprised at how good the picture quality is with free digital TV. I rarely watch TV, and the free over the air TV is more than enough for me: Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS and a bunch of smaller/specialty channels. This app helps you figure it out and improve your reception.
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4 years ago, pstrhenry
Manual select desired channels needed.
The app says once the logon feature is implemented you will be able to select to display desired channels. Then I would give it a 5 star rating. The fact that the display is cluttered by stations I cannot actually receive or fo not wish to view makes it difficult to use.
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4 years ago, Nonna Z
Like this app
Very helpful app and the price is right! One suggestion is that the schedule could move forward with the actual time. One can look at the future time some, but it’s an extra step. Plus the future view time frame is limited. Thanks
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4 years ago, George the II
Waiting for your update
Things that will not match: time . I thing it is not set for time saving. I wish we could delete channels I do not have. It will be nice if you have the adds at bottom instead of top. More info on programming. If the program had all these,I will give a 5 star, for now I gave 4 stars. Thanks
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5 years ago, winner49
Just a minor glitch.
Aside from being a little slow to load occasionally, this app is well organized, smooth, and functional. Part of its charm is the lack of fussy bells and whistles, which are always an endless source of malfunction and wasted hours diagnosing blind.
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4 years ago, Mountain Lady 219
It helps but not accurate
This app is ok but I live in rural Utah and we get only a few of the channels listed in this guide. The list of channels I should get does not come up at all. I’ll just use this as a companion for the reg TV Guide app which lists even more incorrect channels and the times are always off. *sigh* nothing works right behind the Zion Curtain.
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6 years ago, adymn101
Shows all TV channels
Shows all TV channels capable of being received in your area. Fantastic app and works well. I tried another and got tired of register screen popping up when all I want is to check what’s on. I would pay a few dollars for this app. Thanks!
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3 years ago, paieagenes
Great app
I am so happy that I found this app. Because it was such a hassle searching Through all the channels to find the programs that we like to watch. Now it is so easy with your app. Thank you so much. Gene Baber family
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2 years ago, IOLrep
Free TV
Have used this site for a couple of years.. it stopped working and I cannot download it now. Wasting time setting it up. It was easy to setup when I first downloaded it.. not now..
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3 years ago, allkncknamesaretaken
Not working
Worked for a while then quit working , even the rating review didn’t work ,if I try to send review with out star rating will not work. So if one star is selected, it defaults to 5 stars so here is my review of mabe one star and is not working at all at present
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4 years ago, 240$worthofpuddingaweyeah
Almost great
It’s almost great because it glitches from time to time. I love my poor people tv and this poor people tv app is perfect, except the random glitches. Some times it just doesn’t work, has the channels wrong or doesn’t show the current time slot. MOST of the time it’s a great app.
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5 years ago, MPM1102
Perfect TV antenna app
I downloaded this app today and while on the roof I open the app and it pointed me do the exact direction for optimal TV reception. I decided to cut the cord with the expensive cable provider. I could not ask her anything better. This app is very simple and it works very well.
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4 years ago, by by cable
By By cable
Good tv without cable I don’t know what’s happening when it works is good but for sometime now most of the times it will not load it just sits there it keeps saying load our after hour day after day I even signed out close it out real disable times hope you can find out what the problem is
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5 years ago, doliveguy
tv listings for antenna people
nice app, very helpful... Would be nice for a bit longer look-ahead than just a few hours, and it would also be nice to have an option to not display some of the off-air channels and keep only favorites, but hey... nice app... works 👍
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3 years ago, Doc HughesK
usually great, but today wrong
If I had done this review yesterday, it would be a five. Today, the information is incorrect. ie., Channel 34.1 at 2 pm, in my area is TMZ Live, but it is actually Live News Desk. It would be nice if it updated with programming. It is the second time it’s happened since January, 2021. Also a search feature would be nice, and there isn’t one, although I use my phone to look it up most of the time.
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5 years ago, dissatisfieddisappointed
Like it But...
Their tv guide is off by an hour. No instructions on how to correct time.I love using antenna tv. I am not really interested in most many of the channels on cable tv which force us to watch commercials anyway. Sometimes there are more commercial than program. I only wish It had there was a way to pause antenna tv.
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2 years ago, ciraccc
This is a great service when it works. I can go months and it won’t open to the TV guide. Then I’ve had a couple weeks when it worked everyday. Presently I’ve been trying every day for the past 2 weeks and the TV guide never appears. The ads certainly show up but not TV guide which is what this app is supposed to be about. It’s a real pain..,
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3 years ago, #1Mumby
Time zone pacific
I love the No Cable but I wish they could get the time zone down right all the time. Right now they are two hrs behind .But when they have it right , it is a 5 Star rating. Some days I get some channels and other days not.
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2 years ago, Professor-007
The page entitled “Antenna” doesn’t work
I just installed this app, and after setting my initial position, it takes me to a page called “Antenna” where it says, “Here are the channels you should be able to get.” And there are no channels listed. Yet I am able to receive a little over 100 channels at my location using an outdoor antenna.
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4 years ago, Dazeerae
I’m thankful to have this free app to see what programs are available using my TV & antenna. I have one feature I’d love to request for the future: I would love to be able to hide certain channels such as ones that I can’t pick up.
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6 years ago, AFBrian2002
It sorta works....?!??!!
22 Nov, I was in Las Vegas in the north (north Las Vegas) the direction was correct, the stations was sorta correct. 2 Dec, I’m SW of Seattle (Lakewood) and the direction looks off by the picture I'm receiving on some channels and the number of channels is definitely off. Maybe this is the kinda app that’s crappy until more data is incorporated or they are just trying to sell you an antenna. Either way, it sorta works which is marginally better than nothing.
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5 years ago, JimmyGee252
Nice antenna channel guide
This is a nice antenna channel guide. I was looking for something to replace the TV Guide app as it (TV Guide) does not list all of the channels I receive with my antenna. This app does but it also lists those I do not receive. It would be perfect if it allowed you to choose what channels you want listed - hence my four-star rating.
Show more
2 years ago, Calotras
Lots of junk to sort thru
For the time being I use the other program called TV Listings. You can add and delete the channels that you want on TVListings. It is not near as ‘pretty’ as this is and the fonts are not near as readable but it shows what you need with a lot less hassle. I can’t wait till they make changes so that it won’t show me 4 or 5 PBS stations. We have had 1 since grade school and I am 58 now.
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4 years ago, Snap36
Can’t get it to work and no viable support option
I can not get this app to display available channels in my area, not the broadcasting location on the map. I have verified all the settings are correct and still nothing. The only thing I can see on app is a channel guide. I went to their website and tried clicking support or contact us link for some help and that doesn’t work either. Any help would be appreciated!
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6 years ago, Piper gal
What I was looking for was a way of just seeing what’s on our local channels (we don’t get the newspaper). This app looked like it would work-just showing me what’s on local tv-but turned out it did not. The majority of the channels it showed were in Spanish and it was not as easy to scan as it was on the info about the site. Maybe it’s good for what it’s for, but it didn’t help me. The rating is actually zero stars but it wouldn’t let me score a zero.
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