Noggin Preschool Learning App

3.6 (11.8K)
357.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Noggin Preschool Learning App

3.56 out of 5
11.8K Ratings
10 months ago, Uncle Blake B.
Pretty good, but things could go better… by Blake Burns (for his niece; Brinley)
When I first saw this app when it first released, I was overjoyed to see Moose and Zee waiting for me. It was a blast to have them on-screen all the time, letting you know the news, a scroll function, and lots of shows to watch. But now, I almost miss the time when it was like that. Sure, there are plenty of new shows from the modern Nick Jr., as well as a couple of Noggin originals, but a few shows I loved are now gone. Pocoyo, The Upside Down Show, TwirlyWoos, Yo Gabba Gabba!, Allegra’s Window, Blue’s Room, Teletubbies, Robot & Monster, Mofy, and Miffy, just to name a few. Do you think you can revert back to that style soon and bring back the old shows? My little niece Brinley would LOVE to see this. Also, there were some other shows that I would love to see be added, including Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!, the classic Franklin, and the modern Franklin and Friends. It would also help to add season 3 of the Fresh Beat Band, as it feels a little bare only having 2. The Backyardagians also have quite a few seasons lost. To summarize it all, Noggin definitely had a lot to offer upon its release, but it has gotten weaker as time progresses. If things could revert back with all shows plus a few others and the return of Moose and Zee would be JUST what the app needs to push its way to 5-star ratings.
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5 years ago, LakelaTaylor
Great app, just one little bummer
My daughter and I love this app! It keeps her occupied when I need her to be. It’s educational and all her favorite characters. The only downfall, is it doesn’t seem to work without WiFi. I live in a rural area where good cell connection is hard to come by, and sometimes I would like to be able to bring the iPad and let her play games on a long drive. She always reaches for Noggin, but it never loads unless on perfect signal or WiFi. I would love to see an update that allows it to be played and watched without cell or WiFi service, or even work better on limited service. If I don’t have LTE it won’t work at all, not even 3-4G. Otherwise we love this app!
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1 year ago, mystic 626
Awesome map but I have a suggestion
I just started using this app again today and I only have one complaint. The app is absolutely awesome and the games are as well. My favorite thing is the books they have including Bob books which a lot of apps don’t have that. My only complaint is that you have to download the games when you click on them. That’s a problem because let’s face it, kids wouldn’t even have patience to wait for it to download button long. Would a parent have enough storage space to download all that stuff. I am blind and autistic and use this app for games and books, and my suggestion would be to make it, so you do not have to download any of the games or books, and they could just be included in the app without having to install them after installing the app. That would really help greatly. Other thing that made me subscribe to this app is the price. It’s a lot cheaper than most apps and I do appreciate that especially since my financial situation has changed where I make less money at my workplace. Besides the one issue awesome app and keep adding more to it! keep up the good work, and you guys are Lifesavers!
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3 years ago, Aswt22
Great Asset
Noggin has been a great asset for my three year old and he loves to explore the app, themes, complete missions, and various features everyday. I can access content on all our iOS devices, iPhone, iPad, and AppleTV all for only $7.99/ mo. We get monthly progress reports and more to track and continue the learning outside of the platform. To put it into perspective, Noggin has been instrumental during Covid-19 and even now. I love how it has fresh educational content to help your child grow and be happy. I love how the platform offers books (read loud or read to me), sing-a-longs, favorite characters, interactive games, and a wide variety of educational activities to teach and entertain children. My son loves Noggin even more than ABCMouse and he has learned so much more than the average 3 year old. His comprehension level is that of a 5 year old. He has started reading, knows basic addition and subtraction, can tell you how to make different forms of electricity, can spell out words, and so much more. Definitely a game changer in our household.
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3 weeks ago, {The Roblox Sqaud}
This is why you shouldn’t get this if you don’t got no money:
So starting with, Noggin is a cool game and sorta a good watching app. and it’s features are smooth, but if you want blues clues and peppa pig and all those stuff, you have to pay $7.99 a month. AND do some subscription which is basically subscribing. I don’t mind that, BUT YOU ONLY GET TO WATCH ONE EPISODE THEN, it starts asking you to pay for the REST of the episodes, what HAPPENED to noggin? Back then it was free and nice now LOOK at noggin. Real disappointed. Please change the “$7.99 a month to a few MORE months then maybe I’ll change the rating to a four or five. I actually HATE paying for games or ANYTHING ,but if it’s for the greater good, then fine but STILL CHANGE THE PRICES I will ABANDON this game if nothing changes soon. And btw you can’t play without internet. Pls make it no internet accessible! Sincerely, {The Roblox Squad}. (And also if you guys don’t got no cable to the shows, connect ur iPad/ iPod / phone to the tv!) but most of the time it’s gonna say, get a cable and SCRAM! Or, get a cable now! Or, we know your probably hoping to do this, or that BUT PLEASE GET A CABLE! I DONT CARE ABOUT NO CABLE I WANT TO ENJOYYYYYYYY!
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3 years ago, Serena85
So many options!
We’ve been watching Noggin for over a year. I was paying monthly but it is more expensive, so we just paid the annual fee because we decided it’s become part of the family. My 4 year old daughter absolutely loves it. They are geared towards fun learning and in order to do that they have to keep kids engaged. They do a great job at this and producing new episodes that touch on many different things; Science, Math, Singing, Dancing, Etc... There is definitely something for each and every child. My daughter’s favorite show is Fresh Beats. It is a show that gets kids dancing and singing, plus it talks about important things in the world; like recycling, and teaches them about prioritizing. If you’re thinking about getting Noggin you can always do a free trial, then if you’re still not sure you can do month to month until you’re ready to commit. That’s exactly what we did.
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4 years ago, Cyberorchid
Cord Cutter miss out
Update: after the developer response and updating the iPad app it is possible to authenticate via an AppleTV channels subscription. However; the Noggin app for Apple TV does not recognize the subscription and asks you to purchase the separate one. The app is clearly designed to be easy to navigate for kids (which is not the case for Apple TV Channels where you basically need to know exactly what it is you’re trying to watch instead of being able to browse and choose with kid friendly graphics and menus) Its possible to access content but not convenient. They could just fold in the same authentication to both apps. +++++++++++ I had a cable subscription and my kids could use the Nick Jr app to both watch episodes and play games. My login worked across all our streaming devices to watch on the TV too. With Noggin, you can either subscribe to the channel and that will give you access to the tv shows across all your devices but no games or interactive content, OR you can subscribe to the Noggin preschool app, which will give you all the games my kids love and you can watch videos, but only on that app. Since we use a firestick and Apple decives our only option to be able to watch episodes everywhere is with the channel subscription. I don’t understand why they would split this out into 2 separate things. If you’re paying a monthly fee you should be able to authenticate your login on any Noggin app.
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2 years ago, emmaleighpaige
Disorganized app
The way the app is laid out is for the most part completely random. You can click where it says different categories (play/read/etc…) but it still just shows you random assortments of content. There is no search function which makes absolutely no sense to me. Every time you click anywhere it just shows another screen full of randomized blocks of content. This app needs to be way more organized and functional. The content itself is what you’d expect but the app layout makes it frustrating to use. Also, there is no option to cast to a tv. I’d much rather my child watch the shows from the tv and where I can choose from my phone and then they are not just sitting and clicking new content as soon as one is over. Sometimes that’s fine but sometimes I just want to be able to choose and not have her sitting on my phone/iPad.
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3 years ago, msinterrobang
Not for Blue’s Clues’ fans!
The only program my daughter (2.5yo) loves on Nick Jr is Blue’s Clues and You. She caught it one day at Grandma’s house. In a tense moment, my mom resorted back to a show that had brought her own kids joy. So I tried to keep that going at home, but we don’t have cable and had no intention of subscribing. We tried the Nick Jr app but could only access one episode a month. Annoying! Then we saw the Noggin app. It looked like we’d have to pay for access but that was fine. She’d be able to access all 30+ episodes of the show and I had no problem paying for that. Except no. We only get a handful of episodes. Why? I get that this show is great and Angela Santomero deserves her coins but come on! Is BCY such a premium show that I have to pay $20 a season instead? Please bring all of the episodes to the app!
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4 years ago, Readingforlife
I find the games very educational
I got noggin because it seemed like the only way my kid can watch episodes in Spanish... the Spanish episode library is pretty outdated for the most part so an update of those would be GREAT - that’s not including CANTICOS which we LOVE. One of the best ways for your child to learn another language is through music! I also got Noggin because I dislike my kids watching aaaaaall the ads on nick so to me this is super worth it. Finally, I think the games are very educational and make your child be very involved seeing their favorite characters asking for help. I am very against my toddler using her tablet but we only use it for about an hour total between the 2 educational apps, this one being one of them.
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3 years ago, MoofyB
UGH. So we canceled cable last week hoping that subscriptions to Prime TV, Noggin, and a handful of others would make up for it, which it mostly did. We planned it all out to be able to watch all our shows. I subscribed to Noggin because I saw that my daughter's two FAVORITE shows were included (Peppa Pig and Blues Clues & You). And at $7.99 a month, having those along with the tablet app with games and ebooks would be worth it WELL.... I went to play Blue's Clues and You on our TV and only ONE episode played. Everything else showed PURCHASE OPTIONS to buy the seasons and episodes?? HORRIBLY misleading. It was so sad that my two year old go super excited to see me selecting her show on TV and started chanting "Blues Clues!" only for me to have to say "no baby I'm so sorry, we don't have it". Life is full of disappointments, little one. Overall the app is good, she loves the games and ebooks and can at least watch Peppa Pig. I chatted customer support thinking this was an error and apparently it's not. They are misleading on purpose is my guess. I'm really considering canceling because it was 50% of our reason to subscribe but she loves the app and Peppa. Maybe it's time to get her into Disney instead :(
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2 years ago, FluffyLia02
If I’m being honest I only wanted to see what they had.
I really just wanted to see the shows they had on here that I watched like 10 years ago and I wasn’t too disappointed. I was a little disappointed when I saw that there was a baby shark show. I don’t think that people even care about those stupid little sharks as they haven’t been relevant for around 5 years now (forgive me if I’m wrong) but I’m very happy to see some nice shows on here such as (ORIGINAL)Blues Clues, the Wonder Pets, Ni-Hao Kai-lan, the Backyardigans, and Max and Ruby. I can’t give it a higher rating than this because I probably won’t ever use this app for a while, if ever. So goodbye now. I’d recommend showing your kids the ones I listed above since they’re the only ones I ever watched and liked.
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3 years ago, Kickasshero
Shifting towards SATAN agenda
This was once a family app with learning. Now most of the fun songs and music videos are gone. Instead of the loving episodes, now there is mostly Halloween and spooky programming. As a Jew, we do not participate in evil “holydays”. It would be better to see the content without agendas. The free Nick app has wayyy more episodes of blues clues in the current season. This app only has a christmas episode of season 2 blues clues and you but had at least 2 more that were removed without notice. Bring actual education programs for preschoolers instead of a ton of empty content to push agendas. Most content on this app is way too fast for preschoolers. Blues clues and sometimes bubble guppies are actually the better parts of the app because it doesn’t so much negatively effect the attention span of the viewers.
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4 years ago, kerrie808
🙏🏼Bring back Oobi and Gullah Gullah Island!!!
This app is a great addition to my child’s entertainment lineup. Personally, I’m willing to pay for an app that has no ads and safe content. We’ve used it for about a year now and the app constantly has to be restored to show the full content included in my subscription...I’m talking twice a week sometimes. The issue is with the iPad app and the Apple TV app. I wish they’d fix this issue as it’s super inconvenient because I’m the keeper of the passwords in my house and it seems to happen so often, especially when I’m away. Recently, they updated the app and removed two of my daughters favorite shows. Oobi and Gullah Gullah Island. Yes, they were older shows, but they were sooooo good. She is still bummed out about this. Please bring back these shows!!!
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7 months ago, JJ1411
Decent app
My son really likes the app but half of the games, books and videos keep giving us an error message saying uh-oh something is broken. We have tried updating his iPad, the app, tried removing the app re-installing the app, deleting the account and starting over. And no matter what we try nothing is working and we are not getting any explanation as to why. I try to even reach out to support through that app the message never loads. When you pay for something you expect to be able to use all of its features. It is the only app on his phone we have any issues like this with. If my child did not like the little bit that he can access I would have canceled my subscription months ago.
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3 years ago, michaelhsu
Locks up all the time
The iOS version of this app is absolutely inferior to the Fire TV version. First, the videos frequently lock up and my kids are frequently frustrated with staring at a black screen with a circular arrow spinning endlessly. This only happens on my Apple TV HD but not on my Fire TV 4K. Second the organization of shows is absolute garbage compared to the Fire TV version. The iOS version just displays a bunch of shows in a linear order with no particular set order interspersed with random music videos. At least the Fire TV version has it arranged by seasons so you can consistently figure out how to find the next episodes instead of constantly scrolling until you find the episodes you want. Overall I’ve found the Apple TV version of Noggin to be awful after using it on a Fire TV. Their Apple TV developers need to try a lot harder.
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4 years ago, CCmama1
Wants me to pay for multiple subscriptions
To start this really is a good app for little kids. My 3yo son loved it. I recently cut cable and went a different direction. In doing that the kids lost nick and nick jr. so I thought this would be a good alternative. And it was, until I realized in order to have it on our iPad and out fire stick I have to pay for two subscriptions. Not happening. Why on earth is there not a way to set up an account and log into multiple devices!?! I will not pay almost $16 a month for this. As soon as the month is up I have already paid for through our fire stick I’m cancelling that too. I’ll be posting the same review through them as well. I’m at 100% disappointed in this. Please stop being so greedy. I’ll gladly pay for a subscription when/if this is ever changed. But until then they have lost my business.
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12 months ago, DevaneyR
Don’t appreciate child indoctrination in your app
I loved this game for my kids at first. It helps me while I am a busy mom working. However I don’t appreciate that you have added the blues clue pride month video. The little girl goes into detail about pride and that it means loving everyone for the way that they are and the different flags. While I agree we should love and be kind everyone, love is not the same as acceptance. These ideologies do not align with my families views and faith, therefore we do not appreciate you teaching our children these things. It is sneaky how you place this teaching into your curriculum, therefore I have discontinued my subscription. Where is the inclusion for people such as myself. Where is the inclusion for Christian’s, Muslims, Mormons and so on who have a certain sense of principles they hold to be truths and teach their family?
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3 years ago, Axominster
Can’t delete data
I like the app and the streaming service, but we don’t keep service all the time. When we don’t have service, I can’t delete all the things my children have downloaded on our devices. It simply locks the app with GBs of stuff downloaded. The only option is to delete the entire app, which I assume the developers wouldn’t want because out of sight, out of mind. But I guess it’s getting deleted because I don’t want all this stuff stored on my phone without a subscription. Weird oversight, IMO.
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3 months ago, Tf04
I bought this app for my granddaughter... she loves it. However when the trial ended, i started a monthly plan. For some reason she couldn't get in after 6 months so I attempted to log in to see if i wanted to re-purchase it for her. My password would not work and it wasn't saved in my iPhone and 'forgot password' didn't work to allow me to charge my password. After several attempts my only option was ACTIVATE FREE TRIAL. I clicked that hoping I would be given the purchase amount. The game started working AND I WAS PROMPTLY CHARGED $75 for the ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION. I never ever requested an annual plan and now my Apple ID is being held hostage until I pay it and hope for a refund. I'M LIVID. I was only willing to pay because it's an educational children's app... didn't think they would rip me off!
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6 years ago, Bamm1488
Great shows, but needs an update
Let me start by saying that I’m so happy there’s a huge selection of preschool shows for my boys, but there are a few major issues. First, every time an episode finishes, the app shuts down. Second, when you click on an episode and then back out, it shuts the app down. Third, when you click to open the app sometimes you have to shut it down and open it again to have it actually work. If these issues are fixed this app will be perfect. We are moving across the country from MI to CA next year and are hoping these updates are made before then so we will not have to worry about these issues while driving.
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4 years ago, Walymarie
My son loves Noggin!
As a busy mom of two who is usually on the go, I decided to try Noggin for the free 7 day trial for my 3 year old son who is obsessed with Nick Jr shows. He has a tablet that he uses during longer than usual car rides and he loves Noggin. Not only can he watch his favorite TV shows (Paw Patrol and Blaze and the Monster Machines) but he can also play games, read stories, etc. I would definitely recommend this app for any parent that has a little one who loves Nick Jr shows. It’s also only $7.99/month. That’s much cheaper than other subscription services.
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3 years ago, MrsNeuman
Pure awesomeness
My 5 yr old son loves the noggin app! He learns so much and he loves all of the characters and has plenty of shows and games to choose from. He’s literally on it every single day and gets upset when his on screen timer goes off and he can’t play anymore. He repeats what he’s learned and is so excited to share his newfound knowledge, it’s adorable and so incredibly awesome! Between noggin and the homer apps my kiddo is doing amazing in school and his teacher is also very proud of what he has learned and how far he has come. Thanks so much for this awesome little app for kids!
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5 years ago, Clint Arthemis Golub
New app design is ADD inducing.
The new layout of Noggin is far less whimsical and imaginative than the old one. One of the biggest draws of the old app was its inviting menu music and circular menu wheel where you could only see one show at a time after being greeted by Moose and Zee. This new layout now reflects pretty much every other kids streaming app where you see a multitude of little boxes full of shows and episodes. By offering up many shows at once, it takes away from focusing more intently on one which I think is very important for children’s apps. Not opposed to seeing this app evolve; but just from the icon change you can tell it’s focusing more on the “popular shows” over its original beautiful branding.
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6 years ago, Beto3094
Won’t open on my iPad
We are planning a cross country move from NC to CA and want to make sure this app works for my daughter that is 2 years old. She absolutely love this app but right now it will only open on my iPhone but I will need to use it for GPS during the drive and will not be able to hand it back to her while driving. I downloaded the app onto this iPad as a solution but every time I tap on the app it shuts off after 2 sec of play so I can’t even into it to trouble shoot it. So far the app is a 5 star but I really do need it to work on this iPad, which It does say it is compatible with. So if there is any help on this please let me know what I can do
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5 years ago, ShanMat8
Wish there were new episodes
The FAQ says there are new episodes every week. While this is technically true (well, it used to be - there have been no new episodes since the last update ~4 weeks ago), the “new” episodes are actually the same ~20 recycled over and over. Paw Patrol only plays Season 2 episodes (there are now 6 seasons, I believe) and Blaze only plays Season 1, I believe (there are 4). I’m not expecting the newest episodes, an embargo of even a year would be completely understandable, but some variety would be great. We’ve been subscribing for over a year, and I’m VERY tired of the same shows over and over. It’s not worth paying every month just to get the same content.
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5 years ago, Y'all went so wrong
A bit confused
I think it’s a great idea to have an app for noggin. I don’t have (nor do i plan to have) cable so this is a great app. However, it is difficult to navigate. There should be categorized menus for shows, clips, games, characters, etc. i know it seems like there is if you click the show at the beginning but i always end up seeing every single item bunched together, shows, clips, games, etc. EVERYTHING should be automated for kids, especially the ones that cannot read. It’s good but i think it should be more kid friendly because sometimes parents don’t have the time to sit there and figure out the app for them.
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4 years ago, Brian Mola
I would’ve given this app 5 stars if it weren’t for this
The app is great and all but the reason I gave 4 stars instead of five is because of Oobi being removed from the app. Oobi is such a great show and I downloaded the app to see the show in a higher quality format, only to see the disappointing reality that the show got removed. I was even considering to continue my time on the app after my free trial until I found out Oobi was gone. So please Noggin for the love of god bring back Oobi to the app, I’m certain it would make a lot of us users happy
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5 months ago, loves games game pro
How awesome it is and can be for you children but also needs to be able to work where ever you are
I think it’s an awesome app for kids I really appreciate that’s people take time in making kids happy and giving them joy. It’s an awesome journey to learn more about and play more things and different thing that kids problaby wouldn’t usually play. One it’s educational and two it’s fun it’s a never ending supply of greatness and if I was a child I would play. But the thing I don’t like is I’m in Vietnam and I can’t play in my current location so it’s a bit annoying so that’s some feedback that I think needs to be change
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4 years ago, ShabreyaR
So glad we bought this subscription
My son is two years old and we wanted something that would be educational and Noggin is it! My husband wanted to get the subscription as soon as he was born but I thought that he was a little young so we waited and watched Nick Jr. instead. We are thankful for no commercials; we feel that the world has an agenda to push negative ideals onto our children through what they watch and having Noggin allows us to be able to control that. Thank you so much!
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4 years ago, snowythegamer1098
So much easier, I love it
I am 8 3/4 yrs old, me and my 4 yr old sister adore this app. Videos, games, and especially e-books are added every day! I find this app so much easier than the original nick jr app. My favorite game is block star champion, that’s the most recent game I’ve played this evening. The best thing is u never have to sign in with tv provider and password ( which thank goodness u don’t). I love this app, if ur reading this and ur a kid under 12, download this app right now!!!ps, this deserves 1,000 stars, not 5.
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5 years ago, Brady J. Frey
Conflicts with Parental Controls
The app is fun and loved by my daughter. However, the recent app update requires loading the noggin and nickjr websites in the background to authentic subscriptions and logins. If (like me) you have parental controls on only allowing certain access to websites, you can’t use the app without whitelisting them. The app will warn you that “Something’s Wrong” and suggest you need to quit and restart the app. After much back and forth with support they guessed correctly it was parental controls. It seems odd I have to weaken my daughters parental controls for a login, and even more odd that this is not disclosed.
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2 months ago, EduskaR
Best app for kids - why is it ending?
This is the best learning app for children and we’ve used it for many years! I don’t understand why after developing this amazing platform it is now shutting down. It had many subscribers, beautiful graphics, numerous games and educational videos, we depended on it. There is no other app like that on the market. Paramount might have kids videos but it is not a children’s app. Please don’t discontinue it!
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2 years ago, Axabellaxgd
Do Not Subscribe At All!
So it was just a normal day for me than I asked my grandpa if I can watch noggin on the tv but than when he subscribed the next day I asked him the same thing can I watch noggin on tv then it said you are not subscribed I was so so so mad because I really was in the to watch my shows on noggin apparently not so i suggest using Disney+ because I think it’s so much better than noggin because it saves your information and yeah.
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1 year ago, kswade20
If you want your toddler to leave you alone, this won’t last you long
The app is great in theory, and has a lot to offer toddlers/young kids. However if you’re hoping to get your kid to sit quietly it won’t last long. There’s a glitch where every third video/game you click on the volume is nonexistent. So they will come yelling at you to fix it, usually requiring an app restart. Cue melt down as you aren’t on the same video anymore. Plan to get peace in 3 minute intervals if you have the iOS app.
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4 years ago, Jasmine Palacio
Bring back old shows
My little sister loves noggin and all the shows it features. I’ve been a huge fan of the app and had it before but then deleted it since I couldn’t afford the payments. I recently downloaded it and started my subscription again and I saw that the app took out the old shows like oobi, Oswald, yo gabba gabba, etc... I’m hoping maybe in the next update you can bring those shows back? My sister loves them so much and she enjoys the old shows as well as the new. That would make me a super big fan of this app more.
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4 years ago, BlueBuffalos
Not User Friendly and Lacking Content
First of all, you do not have access to all shows. The advertisements make it seem as though all shows are available to stream, they are not. (Blue’s Clues and You hasn’t updated in months). The learning games have little to no educational substance. They appear to be nothing more than short videos combined with trivial interaction. Maybe there is a difficulty setting that I did not notice. The app is a complete and absolute headache for multiple devices. Try using it on your Apple TV and then switching to your iPhone or iPad. With children you are constantly switching back and forth but every time I do I must re-authenticate the device. It’s an absolute headache.
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4 years ago, dA bOOKe
Works half the time
Everything about the app is great! Until it stops working. The first time it happened, I looked up support on the Noggin website and it legit told me to uninstall the app, turn off my device, turn it back on, then re-download the app and sign back it. It works after doing all that but having to do it every other day now, and in the time it takes me to fix it, my toddler loses interest in his FAVORITE shows and goes back to Netflix or Disney+. It’s very irritating. Please fix it!! He loves playing on the app when it works for him!!
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5 years ago, mommy jamz
New look
The new noggin is amazing so far. It looks better and seems user friendly, but one of the highlights for me was the intro music on the app and TV version. My daughter would dance to this until her show started and now there is no music. Great new look, but bring back the background music! I honestly do t use the phone app much but imagine a lot of parents would like to have it for their kids. I use the TV app because we don’t have cable.
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6 days ago, EPrince15
So sad this app is being discontinued.
My son is autistic and has loved this app for many years. I’ve tried for a explaining that the app will be disappearing soon and there’s nothing I can do about it, he is understandably sad. However, I am hoping that Paramount/nickelodeon whomever will somehow continue this app with all the games that it has without the Noggin name possibly? We will continue to subscribe for as long as it is available.
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2 years ago, BeccaM124
Parents Beware Of Content
I tried noggin for my five year old daughter. I was appalled at her watching shows on there like Shimmer and Shine. The negative attitude and back talking shortly ensued. When I started watching the show myself I realized why. The characters are that way, not to mention the ‘sorcery’ that is heavily talked about and prevalent in every episode. Also, ‘Santiago’ is heavy in witches and magical spells too. When I started seeing half children / half animals characters, and my daughter asked me what is that, I immediately turned it off and cancelled. Why can’t children just have innocent programming? Why is there always a push on children for these dark themes? Not happy.
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4 years ago, Busy,but believing!
Download ability YAY!
I love this app for the content for my 4 year old nephew. It’s entertaining and it’s teaching him at the same time! I don’t have any complaints about any glitches. You have provide a help button for the grown ups. Mostly I love that I can download the content! Not everyone has access to high speed internet. Thank you for taking that into consideration! I only hope that you never limit the content that can be downloaded. Great Job!
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3 weeks ago, Fnjvfjnfvjnv
This app was a legend, but don’t download it right now
For anybody who wants this app Don’t get it right now because in the next 28 days, the app is gonna go away so it’s not recommend it to get a subscription and only have it for 28 days but don’t worry you can still have the shows your children love on Paramount+ just don’t download this app right now it’s not worth it. It will be deleted soon next month
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4 years ago, KitCatSully
Wonderful collection of educational shows!
This app is our go-to resource for our 4-year-old daughter’s afternoon downtime, and I am always reassured by the fact that all the resources within this app are very educational. Thanks to this app, our daughter’s vocabulary continues to improve daily!! The interactive videos are also extremely helpful for her learning progress. Wonderful resource to supplement learning at home and to give parents a little break!
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3 years ago, babydoll1581
Downloaded the app to let my 3 year old play the games thinking there would be a free version with less games and a subscription version with more games; well that’s not how they work... you get NOTHING without a subscription!!!? You can get a week free subscription and then it’s $7.99/month after that! A week really that’s crap, just enough time to see if you even like the game really then you have to pay $7.99 a month. Needless to say I didn’t subscribe and I deleted the app and WILL NOT be downloading it again EVER! This is a company out for the all mighty dollar and I want nothing to do with it!
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4 years ago, AlleyyMariee
Won’t let me log in at all to parents section
Update ** thank you for the help and quick reply ! I have no idea why that bugged the app but editing the parental control to allow those 2 websites fixed the issue ! Yay! Will update once we use the app more . App is super buggy possibly- on 2 of our 3 iPads that are all updated the same, it won’t let me go to the grownups section , keeps saying error but on the third tablet works totally fine, for that one the content and everything seems fine so hopefully that can be fixed.
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7 years ago, Libby2485
Kids love it!
Really fun app. The kids like it and it’s easy for them to navigate. The shows are appropriate and educational. A lot of the other reviews complain about having to pay for the subscription but how do you think they’re going to run the app without ads and pay their overhead!?!? And it’s only $5.99 per month!! I think that is really reasonable for content that’s age appropriate, educational, and they don’t get bombarded with commercials.
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2 years ago, Jnoooni
Inappropriate content on this app
After checking everything my kids play and try to educate them about what’s appropriate and inappropriate for their age! This app has proven its not appropriate for my kids since they promote L G B T Q Community! kids not suppose to even watch or know about your personal life or preferences!it’s a kid app so they can watch cartoon or play a kid game that’s it! That’s why I canceled it along with a lot of my friends! Brain washing my kids it’s a no! It’s definitely against My culture and religion! But this app dose not respect that. التطبيق يحتوي على محتوى غير لائق للاطفال يشجع على امور نحن في غنا عنها يعني يسوي اعلانات لمجتمع القس قز.ح في كل الفديوات و كل الكارتون بلوز كلوز و الخنزيرية بابا ف ماانصح في لان المحتوى غير لائق نهائيا للاطفال!
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3 years ago, Deia 3221
Money hungry
Noticed I’ve been getting charged twice since September! I’m not understanding why I had two active subscriptions for my daughter. I signed up for one. I had to update my card at one point but still don’t understand how I had two active subscriptions. It’s almost like when one payment failed and I updated my card it active a new subscription and renewed the old one! They had no problem charging me for both. But when I canceled one subscription both deactivated! I’m so frustrated with this app. My daughter don’t even like it using it because I have to still pay for everything on it!
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4 years ago, MrsAJosey
We love this safe, fun app!
Noggin is great for my 4 year old. He’s able to have the independence of doing the activity he chooses with his favorite characters while still acquiring valuable skills. I appreciate that Noggin is safe with no ads to have to worry about-even sitting with my son while he’s on the tablet won’t prevent harmful things from popping up on other apps. This has been great, especially during this difficult quarantine time.
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