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User Reviews for

4.63 out of 5
7.8K Ratings
3 months ago, DisneyLouisiana
Just what I needed
Growing up in southeast Louisiana we have daily routines that mold our life ,and our newspaper is definitely one of them. There was never a day that I didn’t see the Times Picayune at the end of my driveway as a kid. Now I get to take it with me wherever I go. I was hesitant because I’m kind of a purist, but I know that the world has continued to move forward and to keep our publications going I subscribe and love it. The layout is great and I love the E-Edition of the paper. Thanks for keeping our paper alive and printing quality news .
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7 months ago, hillpv
Semi okay ish as an app.
I love how they are generally first with the news. But when I click on the notifications it tries to charge me for a subscription to read the article and then I simply open the app and I can read the same article for free. Also many of the pics in the app are too small to view properly and you can’t click them to single them out and enlarge them. This is especially frustrating when dealing with weather issues, crime/shooting issues, and Saints football issues. Fix your app y’all!!! Please let us older folk click on pics and enlarge them!!! Also, y’all need a second proofreader for grammatical errors. There seems to be a lot for a professional “paper” like y’all are. That’s a very minor thing and might speak more to my personality as opposed to your reporting. Thank you for doing what y’all do here locally!!!
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1 year ago, TCI Truck
I have been a paper “purist” whole life. From being the paper boy delivering the States Item then the Times Picayune, I’ve been reading the morning paper. Even when the Advocate started 7 days, I had both papers delivered. We went on vacation and I started reading the paper on line and never thought that I would enjoy “turning” the pages on my IPad, but it’s been a great experience. Thanks to the Advocate for bringing the Times Picayune BACK!
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1 month ago, Wyatt0422
Search feature doesn't work, at all
Search feature doesn't work, at all. They post a story on instagram, yet when I open the app it's not the most recent, nowhere to be found, and the search feature "Search" button is broken with a message below saying "Currently, there are no saved searches." What does that even mean? To verify I even tried searching "Landry" and absolutely nothing happens. AND the Feedback option at the bottom of the settings list is broken! The option to "Write" does nothing. This needs to be fixed as I'm a paying subscriber and find the app impossible to use.
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4 years ago, Jodyharrison
Aggressive non-stop ads
This app has way too many and too aggressive ads to be enjoyable. I have a subscription and I still get pelted relentlessly with pop-up videos that continue to launch despite me closing them each time. I have to close, exit, and relaunch the app just to have an opportunity to read the articles before getting interrupted by another site or video. I understand the need to sell ads to pay for content but enough already. There needs to be a way to do it tastefully and in a way that doesn’t completely disrupt the reading process. The e-edition is pretty nice but you can’t highlight and look up text. Please please please improve this app so that people can enjoy reading about South Louisiana without the rigamarole.
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3 years ago, adequatelysatisfied
The NOLA app is definitely adequate! It’s nothing fancy, but it will do. I don’t like the large banner at the top of an article I select on my tablet because it looks like it takes 25% - 30% of the page. At least it works most of the time. The screen refreshes every time I go to another screen and come back. I understand it there are new articles or if I haven’t been in several minutes, but it could be 2 or 3 seconds. Definitely annoying. Sometimes the refresh gets hung up and I have to close it and reopen.
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4 months ago, Ms Lucy B
Love my NOLA app
We love reading the paper again! We moved to MS and had to go buy a copy when we wanted to read the newspaper. My husband did not want to read it on the tablet. My sister ordered the e edition and raved about it. She said, “you read it just like the paper edition ”! I decided to order it and he loves it! No longer having to drive to get a copy! My sister says she no longer has to walk out the house in her pj’s to get her paper!
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4 years ago, ❤️Always
I was born and raised in New Orleans, however, I moved away due to my spouse’s job. Therefore, it is very important to me that I keep up with my beautiful City, and all the beautiful kindhearted people who live there! The NOLA App has allowed me to do just that, as it is very informative, easy to follow, and just great overall. It brings New Orleans to me, and makes me feel so connected to my city/home! There is NO PLACE like New Orleans. Thank you!!!❤️
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2 years ago, boulahbelle1
Keeps me updated in a timely manner , lots better than the regular news . Don’t have time to wait and possibly watch . This fits my lifestyle Bill Hatter Alabama I lived in New Orleans and really miss the area . After Katrina I moved to lower Alabama , Fairhope . Nice place , but my heart and interest still lives in Louisiana . Every day with your app keeps me updated . It’s the only news I feel is honest and true . Keep up the good work ! Bill Hatter
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3 years ago, 504 Val
Reading the paper
I was getting the paper until my cancer came back. I stopped it because I go to therapy everyday. When I stopped the delivery I started reading it online when l had time. I then started getting phone calls to restart the paper. I did not know there was a charge for reading the paper online. Please stop the phone calls.
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2 years ago, LSU47
Good Morning Wake Up
I look forward each day to having my coffee and newspaper time. I find using the mobile app keeps me up to date on news and events not only on my area but local news of the cities within my region. I can check throughout the day for any updates. I also get updates on weather. Thank you for making my days brighter and informed.
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4 years ago, Gigi#1965
Extra, extra read all about it!
The reader has choice on whether to read the news in the traditional newspaper style or in the list style. This app has a good balance of international, national and local news. Reporting states facts rather than intermix opinion. There’s always something of interest for everyone.
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5 years ago, Gr8Ivan
Waste of my time
There’s always a problem when submitting a comment to express my opinion on a story I’ve just read. This time my comment was surrounded by a red line or rather circled in red with the words “retry sending.” I spent 20 minutes writing a thoughtful and legally sound solution to a situation involving a newborn who will not have the same last name as her brother despite having the same parents, one of which is an Hispanic father with a hyphenated name. I suggest getting your news from more reliable apps than this one which has wasted my time for the last time.
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1 year ago, Sean Moore
where’s Dilbert?
this is a decent paper given the environment in which it functions. The app does have a tendency to keep asking me for my password (I pay a subscription to support the paper). I enjoy having both a live and a print edition online. I enjoy reading the comics, as I have since I was a child. Pop up adds can be a bit much but the paper thrives on ads so what are you going to do.
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5 years ago, nola turnaround please
Review of Nola
The old Nola was a lot better . Stories got on faster and was updated frequently. Now I get maybe one story every 3 hours and I have stories that stay on for weeks at a time on my mobile device. Also, high school sports coverage is absolutely the worst in the south. On the mobile device, the lead stories on high school baseball were from games that happened in beginning of season and was never updated by your staff
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6 months ago, Faries
Covers a wide range of topics. It’s far better than similar apps for local news. For comparison, Mississippi Today, a local news source for central Mississippi, only covers a few stories every couple of days. NOLA covers many stories in just a day.
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5 years ago, Lcon1
No Articles!
Be prepared for that phrase. Also, be prepared for old stories, dead links, poor editing, grammar errors, and other forms of poor writing. Video clips aren't substitutes for journalism. Too many stories are repeated in multiple categories, while other news items aren't available. The national news is superficial at best. Sports coverage is thin and often limited to Louisiana teams and sports. For example, there's very little if any coverage of hockey, Major League Baseball, etc.
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11 months ago, swb-h wbsg
Archaic UI/UX
This app feels extremely outdated. It’s not intuitive to navigate, the loading is buggy, ads regularly cover up content so that it can’t be read (even with a paid subscription), and it feels as though the design was driven by an attempt to shove a whole serif-y printed paper onto a single screen. Looks and feels like it was developed to coincide with the launch of iOS in 2007. Please please rebuild this thing from scratch.
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4 years ago, Howling Badger
Good local NOLA articles a bit too Pro-Trump
Generally good reporting in a timely fashion. Some of the reporters should dig a bit deeper on local corruption issues like the Hard Rock debacle that’s still not resolved with no city or inspectors charged. It’s been a year now. That’s low hanging fruit. Also, Trump’s $35B+ bailout skipped in an article about soya farmers voting Red in rural Lousianna.
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3 years ago, Wpbgso
Very satisfied
Easy to use. I especially like the e-versions ability to provide the entire article even when it is on 2 different pages. The update feature showing the new articles is keeps me updated is convient.
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4 years ago, Drewajv
Ads blocking text. Still no night mode?
Ads are covering the text of articles, making them unreadable. Fix it. Where is the option for night mode? Most news and reader apps have this option. No option to sort stories by latest first, either. Not nearly as good as previous version. Advocate is making everything worse. They just don’t seem to care to make a good product. Also, NOLA is NOT Baton Route. Stop forcing BR stories and info into supposed NOLA version of app and paper.
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4 months ago, rfmjr11465
I enjoy an app that is updated regularly
I am grateful for this app. This seems to be the only one that updates regularly. The local tv stations update once in awhile and this was before the coronavirus emergency. Thanks
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4 years ago, Creole Rouge
The BEST News Reviews
I LOVE this app! I check it out daily. My family lives in Louisiana, and NOLA keeps me tuned to what’s going on in the State. Your articles are loaded with the best content and always easy to read. Thanks for being so thorough!!! Keep up the amazing work, because you truly do it best!
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1 year ago, Gesux Nads
Enjoying the App
Can”read” the paper whenever I am ready to do so. With a house full of people I don’t have to wait until someone is “finished” with “their”section. “Always” have the “paper” with me.
Show more
Since this virus has started and I’m from New Orleans the only why to keep up with the way things are going there is through this app mostly! I’m staying in Texas for the moment think you for keeping us in touch with everything🙏
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2 years ago, LuLuOntheBayou
Enjoyable & informative app
I really like how smoothly the app runs.. I can’t say that for many if any other ones. I would love to see a section on Lafourche but I doubt much goes on to even bother devoting a section to it.
Show more
2 years ago, Downe0449
The entire NOLA published news is
Great and informative‼️ especially for those of us who are not in town!! we are able to keep in touch with the happenings at home‼️through the “nola” media‼️ Love it everyday‼️❤️‼️
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2 months ago, sewrlaw
A suggestion
Please place the spot to choose “e-edition” at the top of the page so a reader does not have to scroll to the bottom of the page to find it - both the New Orleans an Baton Rouge version have it.
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2 years ago, Piper's best friend
Interesting articles, but too much football
There is so much happening in the New Orleans metropolitan area to dedicate so much space to football. I do enjoy your other coverage. I especially like coverage on water and flood management, changes in energy policy, and urban renovation.
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2 years ago, shuntnc
Love the upgrades
Really like being able to read the newspaper articles as they actually appear in the printed version. Although away from NOLA it makes me feel closer to the city I love and miss.
Show more
1 week ago, JoeCdonuts
All things NOLA
One stop shopping for everything you need to know about what’s happening in New Orleans. From Antoine’s to Zulu parades and everything in between. Keeps you up to date on who’s who and what’s what. Indispensable.
Show more
5 months ago, salthebody
S Brocato
Easy access to all the up to date news as well as everyday print stories!! I recently moved to Hammond and I am so glad I can still get the news I had in the city. How about a Tangi Teporter??
Show more
1 year ago, Short in RiverRidge
I enjoy getting the news updated all through the date and especially in the morning when I don’t get delivery of my newspaper.
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2 years ago, callery59
My only News Source
NOLA gets to the point and gives you the news without a lot of fluff. It is the only news source I currently use for my local news
Show more
2 years ago, Tricia504
So happy
When I decided to give the NOLA app a try, I didn’t think I would like it. I was wrong. I love it. It is well organized and easy to navigate. I’ve even given up the daily paper delivery and I’m strictly online.
Show more
2 years ago, Shortsaintsfan
Local news junkie
By far the best local news app! The notifications seem to be quicker than others and most accurate.
Show more
2 years ago, A Purple Knight Forever
A Job Well Done
I use the Advocate/Times Picayune app all of the time to stay in touch with New Orleans news, and to stay informed about my city. Please continue doing this great job and service to our community.
Show more
3 years ago, Kerry's Sister
I love the new layout
The app is very easy to navigate. I especially like that each article posts with a timeline.... posted so many minutes or hours ago.
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4 months ago, Kagoo43
Keeps us up to date
This app keeps New Orleans a área readers informed and up to date on most relevant and current issues. My first reading in the morning and late night.
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5 years ago, raykibb
Appears problems in transition have been fixed
I was a little concerned that no new news articles were appearing on the website since Georges bought out NOLA and the Times Pic. Seems to have been remedied, but the entire site has more of an antiseptic look, no imagination.
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3 years ago, mercdws
However the news they make sure it’s well written and informative. No other app like It and that’s why I keep it on my phone. Let’s me know what’s happening on a day to day
Show more
4 years ago, Uptown Flash
Cut off of Stories at end.
Why do you continue to end the story...leaving the last lines not digitally set to finish story. Happens a lot. Disservice to great sports writers(beat) and in Metro also./ Plus the 4-color separations are not "in register" giving multiple lips and eyebrows...especially in Nell Nolan's(great writer)Society column./ NOTE:I get the New Orleans Edition. Are we just an "Edition Outlier" of the three(3) editions you print on Baton Rouge Presses? Otherwise I think you are to be admired as journalists. Just clean up the production side. Ken Kolb. New Orleans. Thank you.
Show more
5 years ago, Popcorn c.c
Happy in New Orleans
We need the paper reading on phone is okey but sometimes it is good to look through the paper and to feel the paper it is good to have them past and the features at your hand so that is what I love about NOLA.
Show more
5 years ago, Krispie425
The most valid local news source.
This news source makes it much easier to miss the news on tv. It’s informative, and gives me live details about things I care about in Nola. Thank y’all!
Show more
1 year ago, Biloxijj
Timely news
Appreciate updates of local news
Show more
4 years ago, Tomato Goil
Good stuff
Great website. Good and current information. The only problem is the articles are not in order. The first article came out 16 minutes ago, and the next 12 hours.
Show more
2 years ago, BK in the HV
Good app but fix this glitch!
Love the aesthetics and content - but please fix the glitch that makes iPhone users click three times just to read an article from a push notification.
Show more
5 years ago, Playitagain Sam
Much better than old NOLA site!
Don’t know what you did, but the site is much better organized. Easy to navigate. Better news articles! Please don’t go back to the old ways!
Show more
4 years ago, RegHon
Great app
Very current with the news. The only issue is once you’ve looked at the breaking news it is sometimes difficult to find your way back to That specific article. It is otherwise a great app.
Show more
2 years ago, 0322TAT
Rarely updates with new articles
Nola. Com app isn't the best functioning. Rarely does it update with new articles and many times the same articles stay in it throughout the day, even though it says there are new articles posted.
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