NoodleTools Companion

1.4 (217)
5.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
NoodleTools Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for NoodleTools Companion

1.44 out of 5
217 Ratings
5 years ago, amillerj1920
Okay listen, we are using noodle tools right now to right a 10 page Research Paper. I love using it on the website on a computer. it is amazing, and very innovative. huge fan. but i downloaded the app on my phone so i could make citations and do anything i needed to if i didn’t have a computer near me or i could just work on it during my free time. AND I CANT. this app doesn’t let you do anything, besides look at the title of your project. you can’t make a citation. you can’t make a note card. you can’t add to your to do list. you literally cannot do anything besides look at what project(s) you have and are working on. but you can’t work on them. so why even have an app. my teacher said this app would be helpful but you can’t do anything. don’t download this app. it’s pointless. just go on your computer or laptop and work on it from there. HUGE WASTE OF TIME.
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4 years ago, Heartz💋
I am currently working on a historical project, and my partner asked me to check over the sources. My laptop was too far, so I wanted to do check it on my phone. I read a few reviews but still decided to try it my self in hope of the app actually working for me. I didn’t even get to log in. I was so confused by the log in menu page. I thought the ID meant my school email, so I entered it and my school email password which I used for NoodleTools. It would not let me log in no matter what. NoodleTools works perfectly on my laptop, or my computers. I don’t understand how to even get in. I saw many others with similar problems so I really do not recommend anyone to get the mobile app. I’d rather walk more to work on a laptop or computer.
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5 years ago, Its very helpful and easy
literal trash
i saw the bad reviews but decided to try it for myself anyways. the reviews were all accurate, all i could do after signing in was look at the titles of my two projects. it works perfectly online though, so im not sure why the mobile version is terrible. if there is any way to actually view and edit your projects, then maybe the app developers should add instructions to make it clear because i could figure out nothing. wish that i could give it zero stars. i could easily open up my laptop to work on my annotated bibliography, but im making a documentary on the history of animation USING MY PHONE, and having to email myself every image/video used is just an excessive step and a waste of time.
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7 years ago, 37374747747328
No support for Google accounts!!!!
If the developers are reading this (which I bet you they don’t since many people already complained about this) you have some bad customer relations Many schools use either Google or Microsoft accounts but you don’t offer an option to do that. You have it on your very slow website but NOT in the app. So it is IMPOSSIBLE to use your app w/ school Google/Microsoft account. Please fix this.
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6 years ago, emilymm14
Can’t sign in with my google school account. I can only use the website but it’s hard to use it on my phone. Why bother making a app if most people can’t use it for its purpose?
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6 years ago, Leachim Yffud
Virtually useless
Unless there is some hidden feature that I’m not aware of, I can’t write any citations for websites or anything else. This app is pretty much useless, as I can only put in book citations. The only time I’ve ever used a book when citing sources if it is required; otherwise, I can just find everything I need online. I don’t know if this was meant to be the whole point of the app, but if it was, then it is just dumb.
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6 years ago, C.Moens
Waste of time
The biggest problem is that you can’t edit your annotations of previous sources and when you tap when adding an annotation it saves the source and you can’t edit it until you go on the computer. Edit- Just went on the computer and the annotations weren’t even saved... please put more time and effort and the app and it would be great.
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6 years ago, Chipsonic
Makes mobile work harder.
I do have a computer but for people working on the go, or who only have a phone it’s hard to use the website. That’s what the app is for, except if you logged your google or got mail account to it, then you can’t log in. Since that is how mast school districts identify students it’s really bad for an educational app.
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6 years ago, Ruehrup rueh
More like nothing tools
There is no point of making an app that is supposed to be useful that all you can do is look at your document; you can even do that. Over all I give this app a elephants thumb down. It says that a 4 year old can use this app. Even at that age I would be board out of my mind using this app. At that age anything can make you happy. This is pathetic.
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7 years ago, Ben lbs
There needs to be a Sign in With Google button because most people who use this use accounts associated with their school which are associated with Google. Either that, or make it so that school accounts are the same as the personal logins. Otherwise this app is unusable to the majority of people who want to use it.
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4 years ago, Tanya990
Don’t Bother.
We’re doing a project in my history class and I was hoping this app would work so I could use my phone to do most of it. I got the app and I can’t even sign in because it says my ID and password are incorrect. Don’t waste your time with an app that won’t even let you sign in.
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3 years ago, shadowreaper 151
I am required to have this app for history and I haven't have any horrible experiences yet but it's still had and annoying to use
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7 years ago, IceBlueLugia
Can't login with Google education email
Can't write a comprehensive review of this garbage app because I can't log in. Add this feature. And while you're at it, fix all the other problems people are complaining about, because I can see this app has a very low average rating
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7 years ago, Meeemarduk
Can't log in with school google email
The majority of people who use this are student and have a school email. This app is rendered useless to me and majority of noodle tools users for mobile devices. Add a proper log in, not this joke excuse of a log in or you have failed your desired function m.
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7 years ago, Bjmtngoat
Literally the dumbest app in the world; no functionality or use this app is just plain dumb who thought of this. Don't download; waste of space, and you won't be able to access anything just empty space taking up your storage.
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9 years ago, Mike14653267754
My Bible
Without noodles told I wouldn't be where I am today. Don't change a thing
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5 years ago, student.sad
So I use this app all the time for school, and when doing my history day homework I thought, “ I should get the app! So I can work on the go!” I got it then realized it was for scanning books. 😭 I was so sad! I never have need to scan books and just wanted a noodle tools app.
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6 years ago, hannah1028
Non Functional
You cannot sign in with a school given Noodle Tools account or through Google, meaning you cannot access your projects if your account was created through Google or by your school. This app serves no purpose do to this rendering it useless.
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7 years ago, Dvol40
I can't log in through my student email
Being on a phone makes using noodletools beyond difficult on the site. I should be able to log in through my student email both online and in the app.
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9 years ago, Edmer odin
If I could give less than one star I would
About as useless an app as I have seen. You cannot access your existing project info, note cards or do much but search for a source. Some how..... Never actually got it to work.
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7 years ago, SosoJones
Google sign in needed
I use this all the time at school and I thought it would be good to have this in the go. But unfortunately there is no possible way for me to sign in without a google sign in button, this must be fixed.
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8 years ago, Mighty Spidey
This makes me mad
I can't even comprehend the uselessness of this app it doesn't help with anything and is just plain stupid if I wanted a list of all the projects I've done I could just screen shot it. Waste of time, data, and patience
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8 years ago, Britt60296
Worst app ever
I wanted this app for my college English class. But for some reason you can't even edit you're previous citations. And it wouldn't even scan my books. So pointless. Don't waste you're time with it.
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5 years ago, ItzGeorgiaG
I downloaded this app a few minutes ago thinking it would be great to use on the go, but it won’t let me make flash cards or put in my citation sources. This app is pretty much useless🤦‍♀️
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3 years ago, girlygamr26
It doesn't let me log in using my google account so I can't even get in. Also it hasn't been updated in 3 years. Doubt a new update is coming.
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6 years ago, Rhino 4335
Can’t sign in
I sign in with my account perfectly on a computer but when I try to on the app it always says “your account or password is incorrect” I’m done!
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9 years ago, Justnnnn__________1777
One change
If I could write note cards it would be help full but I honestly don't see any way this could help me
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9 years ago, Kris ;
Doesn't let you access your notecards, only lets you take pictures of books
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8 years ago, Mzstar1011
If you're doing a project and you want to use noodletools for sources , like you can online . Then you will waste your time getting this app , because you can't site sources on this .
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9 years ago, klondikeu
Won't let me past Tutorial
It won't let me go past the Tutorial. It freezes at this password page. Website is much better
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6 years ago, An awesome idea
Nothing in this
Knowing that there’s 10% on the phone battery in the preview pictures makes me feel as useless as this app is for noodletools.
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4 years ago, Eli_084
Completely Not Functional
I have access to Noodletools through my school. I can only log in through my school google account, which is NOT AN OPTION ON THE LOGIN SCREEN! Complete waste of time.
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5 years ago, Nyuszi61
It doesn’t even allow me to reset my password, let alone pair it with my regular online NoodleTools account. Useless and frustrating.
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10 years ago, Mmmcj
Hs student
This app makes noodle tools so much more assesible
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9 years ago, Damon master of karate
Super just s$&@
It's just as bad as the computer version and is not good at all. And should never be looked upon ever again our teachers force us to use it too.
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6 years ago, lucazoom
I wish this app was never created
You can’t sign in, and the noodle tools people probably just want your social security number.
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8 years ago, Donipou
So bad
This thing is so useless and not effective waste of time to use and put to much work into it then it's turns to a small horrible work submition
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6 years ago, DA BOSS541
U guys are so sad I can’t sight into my freakin Microsoft account with NoodleTools and I forgot my computer at my house and I am probably going to get a very bad grade on my assignment fix this. Ps.. very disappointed
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5 years ago, boytheboi
No google accounts accepted
I cannot even sign in with my google account so I can NoodleTools it is so annoying. Update it next time for google sign in.
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7 years ago, Jen Anesi
This app is really pointless
I literally just wanted to access the thesis statement for my project and couldn’t even do that. Do not download this waste of space.
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7 years ago, Bford02
I can't log in through Google education. This app is worthless.
I can't log in through Google education. This app is worthless
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8 years ago, jonbooth
Worst. App. EVER.
Now, don't get me wrong, I love NoodleTools for web. So I downloaded the app, and it doesn't even let me login. Just wow, NoodleTools. Just. WOW. And they don't even have App Support. It just says "Page Not Found".
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5 years ago, Honeybee luvr
What’s the point of making an app for students that is impossible to log into. I mean common sense?!?
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6 years ago, _*Star*_
Absolutely Useless
This is garbage! It doesn’t support gmail accounts which makes me really angry! This is useless and a waste of time.
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7 years ago, Spodasheass
It's nothing like the website and I can't even look at my projects
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9 years ago, Zecellomaster
Not good
This thing does not do anything other than scan books.
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5 years ago, Bree flapp
Google sign in
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6 years ago, Soph a loaf a bread12445646646
Can’t use
This app is not useable with google and Microsoft accounts. You will not be able to log in.
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9 years ago, Sfgbdgjsfnbcnv
You can't do anything that has to do with what you did on the computer. No notecards no thesis nothing.
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5 years ago, Bala S.
Google account not supported
There was no place for me to put my school google account and log in.
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