NORAD Tracks Santa Claus

3.8 (853)
81.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
14.2 or later
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User Reviews for NORAD Tracks Santa Claus

3.81 out of 5
853 Ratings
6 years ago, Farley213
If it doesn’t open for you read this...
I use the NORAD tracker every year and had the same problem this year other users have had. It would get stuck on the loading page and never open. I just restarted my phone (I did a hard restart but it’s up to you) and now it’s up and running. I have iOS 11.1.2 and it’s interfering with many apps. But the Santa tracker is now running and just in time for Xmas Eve! Happy Holidays Everyone!!! :)
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7 months ago, Nik. A
If you like the “unhandled error” message, this app is for you
Sunday the 12th of 2023 and a recent update to the app has rendered it useless on both iPhone 15 Pro, and iPad Pro. App attempts to open but you get presented with a blue screen and message at the bottom that says, “ An unhandled error has occurred, please reload”. I gave three stars because prior to the broken update, it worked great for my family. I’m sure the developers will correct the problem. Also, tried deleting the app and reinstalling it….no love Thank you for the quick response to the update issue. I understand these things happen. I’ve updated my rating from 3 to 5 stars because it’s rare to have a developer respond with an acknowledgment of a problem, take ownership of it rather than blame the user and supply a patch so quickly.
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4 years ago, for Kowski
Best app ever
I love the app I have had it since I first got my iPad my hole family has it and I love when it is not Christmas Eve because you get to explore the North Pole and I love the games and all of the things on it I definitely recommend it to young kids but the problem is some people here that it is bad and there are younger kids and there parents look at the reviews and say they can’t get it because bad reviews the one thing that annoys me the most is how long it takes to load but for me it only takes like 30 seconds I also love how it is 3D and not 2D thank you for reading my review I hope you bye this app.
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6 months ago, wxdude2
New version still has issues—which now appear to be resolved
The initial big revision a week ago wouldn’t load properly and run on my iPad Air 4 or iPhone 12 Pro Max. Version 3.1 came out today and did start ok on my iPad but still throws an error on my iPhone. It says “ an unhandled error has occurred, Reload “. I spent some time looking through version 2 and everything seems to be working much better. The error referenced in my previous review is no longer occurring for me. I have changed my rating accordingly.
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1 year ago, Sr.Quandale Dingle the 3rd
Love the app and I have stories
This is amazing. I used to use this app called where’s Santa Claus. And it was mid because it was inaccurate and you could only see where he was every 3 minutes. This NORAD app is way better. Every year on Xmas eve I grab my IPad. And look where Santa is all day. Then once he is a state or 2 away I go to bed. I used to get nervous because I felt that if I didn’t fall asleep in time I wouldn’t get presents. But overall this is really good app and I recommend it to parents for there younger kids.
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1 year ago, Umalazoff
Fun tradition since fourth grade, I’m a junior in college now
I don’t really believe in Santa anymore since around 8th grade (I’m 21 now), though it’s a fun yearly tradition to keep myself occupied before Christmas Day:) also why is everyone leaving negative reviews over Santa wearing a mask? It’s reality of what’s been going on, he’s visiting 8 billion people. A good fraction of them probably has COVID, regardless of vaccination status. Yes Santa is fictional but he’d be still wearing a mask if he was real. (Hopefully little kids didn’t read this)
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2 years ago, OkiandRaja
This app is so great
I got this app last year one my phone and now I am getting it one my iPad and this helps you track Santa one I was at my friend’s house and we went in the hot tub it was on Christmas Eve and we saw Santa and Rudolph the red nose reindeer come crashing down out of them sky so we told are parents then later the same day we put are camera out and the power went out and when it turned back on we saw a flash of red light
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4 years ago, ron weasley love
Advice and stories
I have stories from this app. The main one is, when I was little on Xmas eve we would always look at this app! When it said Santa was in the state next to ours I would go to sleep, and also, a funny thing is that every 30seconds I would say “where’s Santa Claus?” this game brings joy to me. My advice, someone said it is load until December 23, that is because Santa doesn’t take of on his trip before then. I hope my advice is good! I love NORAD Santa tracker!!!🎅🏻🎅🏼🎅🏽🎅🏾🎅🏿🎄
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7 months ago, Episodic Cluster Bill
Version 3.0 Broke the App & fixed
Version 3.0 broke the App. On opening the updated version, it gives an error message “An unhandled error has occurred.” The it doesn’t load. It’s dead. Hope to see a fix soon. Christmas won’t be the same without it. Otherwise, it was a fantastic App. No need to worry about not having the App work. It’s fixed and working great! Repaired very quickly too.
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4 years ago, Mawganmike
This is Best tracking Santa app
This is the best because it shows you were he is near the other Santa trackers are fake but this is the real Santa tracker the fake one are rip offs but this one is the best and the others that put 1 star or 2 star are noobs they think this is the worst app it is not that might mean its there first time playing this game that why there giving it a 1 star or a 2 star but I give this game a 5 star this is a super good app not rip off this is real not rip off
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2 years ago, cammie418
This is a very real app I saw how they track and I trust them this app has changed my life I used to be that girl who didn’t believe in Santa Claus but now I do I know this app is now lying! If you don’t believe in Santa you need to download! Even if you already do believe it’s great to use as an excuse to not go to bed because your parents say Santa is coming soon but now you know we’re he is
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7 months ago, Cowboys3409
Just updated this app and now it’s having a occasional error has occurred. I try hitting the reload button but it does nothing until you fix this. You guys don’t get any more stars other than the two stars I give you until you fix this issue I want to fix so I can see everything I’m not giving you anymore stars until you get it fixedand I just updated it today and it was working fine yesterday until your update happened so you need to fix it again and put out a new update
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3 years ago, kitty3521
Why does it do this?
So I think this app is amazing, the only thing wrong with it for me is that it keeps getting stuck on a date even when I deleted it and reinstalled it. Right now it’s stuck on 49 days 1 hour 24 minutes and 5 seconds why is it doing that?
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4 years ago, ToriJari
Wonderful tradition with the kids
I will choose to ignore the negative comments and say how happy I am that there is an app. We’ve been using the site for years tracking Santa. We start at midnight December 23/24 and continue until they finally fall asleep Christmas Eve night after mass. If nothing else it has taught them about time.
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6 years ago, Lovely like really
For the girl who thinks santa is not real, well he is so you can stop this nonsense and think what you want to think but it is scientifically proven he is real so you can’t go around saying he isn’t real because he is. If you don’t have proof then don’t go around and say lies that aren’t true!Your comment will be reported and that the end of our story!
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7 months ago, Sablesox
Fun app
I have enjoyed this app for many years But starting yesterday when I tried to see the tracker I get an error message. “An unhandled error has occurred reload” When I try to reload nothing happens All my updates are current. The app was working last week
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3 years ago, J&J23
Great App
My girls love that when tracking Santa you can find out about different cities. They love the games, different views of Santa’s sleigh and the music. They ask who plays the music and are amazed when I tell them which branch of military it is ❤️❤️❤️. It’s a great way to track Santa without adds and learn about different places in the process.
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6 years ago, Jim92677
App Doesn’t Work IPhone X
I have been using this app for several years to track Santa and used to love it. The latest version has completely failed and is useless on iPhone X. I thought I would just go to the NORAD Santa website on my new MacBook Pro but that failed too. The developers of NORAD Santa have completely failed and should be ashamed. I have found another Santa Tracket that actually works on the iPhone and used it to track Santa last night. I wish I could give this app ZERO stars as it is a complete failure, but unfortunately I can’t.
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5 years ago, Reid Sherick
Pretty good
I like how you can see sabta at different angels, but the only problem is that when I went back on the app the count down is gone, like know where, I can see the countdown on my computer but t iPhone, a little irritating. Please fix that norad. Also same with the website as well, but otherwise I love norad
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3 years ago, KarrMaa
This used to be an amazing program to track Santa! It would tell you exactly what time Santa would be showing up in your area so the kids knew what time they had to be in bed. It was a lot of fun. What happened? Nowhere do I see what time Santa is arriving in my location for my grandkids to get to bed! Why do you not have this feature and if so, I could not find it. I also remember other features it no longer has. Very simple and boring now. Bring back what you used to have.
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6 years ago, dont mess with me😈
Works pretty well but...
Well, I guess it’s good but one thing really bugs me, the camera picture that you click on, it says that it will load a video (or picture) but it doesn't load up. I let it be for 2 mins and, Nothing. I hope that can be fixed.
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1 year ago, evingowhitesox
This App Is An Tradition!
Ever since 2019 I’ve been using NORAD Santa Tracker and it’s an good app but, when Santa is first tracked on NORAD it takes about 10 minutes for him to start getting tracked but it’s ok and I have Google too just in case but both are amazing trackers and have been tradition.
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2 years ago, carm11meow
I love tracking Santa with my kids every time it’s Christmas Eve we love to use this app thank you so much for making it I love to see the joy in my kids when every Christmas Eve we look at the Santa tracker thank you so much and thank you for reading.
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6 months ago, this is done
Saved my life
This app saved my life! I was at my great aunt’s house and the Santa tracker that is usually on the TV got shut down. I was very sad but this app saved my life! When I found out what this was I’ve been using it ever since
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2 years ago, olive121908
Love doing this every year
Love doing this it’s my favorite!!! Also to say to people who don’t know The tracker starts showing Santa’s location on the 24!! It’s nice they start early for the kids who have Christmas before US does!
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1 year ago, Nora'b
I love it
I am around 10 years old (I’m not telling you my exact age cause I’m not suppose to) and I love this app so much. Especially on Christmas Eve with my family! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, happy wiggilia, and happy new year!
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3 years ago, DragonAbbie
This app is amazing
because it is really fun and passes the time until Christmas Day because there are games and be able to see Santa in his sleigh and his reindeer! It is so good! I recommend this app for the holidays and it’s fun and free!
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2 years ago, Mina roland
Best tracker ever
This tracker makes me think it is actually tracking Santa. It is realistic and fun for everyone on here. It is a great tracker and app. So I would suggest to try it and if you like it write a review of your own.
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1 year ago, Vggbug
Good app, I recommend for parents.
I’m 13 now and I know this is not real, but it totally fooled me as a little kid. I recommend this to parents because it worked getting me to bed earlier.
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3 years ago, Pops Callahan
Christmas Eve 2020 and working great
Looks like this app had trouble in the past, but appears to be fixed and working great as of Christmas Eve 2020. We checked out a couple different apps and this is the one we’ll be using. Good job NORAD.
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6 months ago, hurley 5 star
Beyond 5 Stars!
I love this app and. I haven’t had any issues at all. This tracker app is made by a REAL tracking company. Santa is real so don’t write bad reviews or you will get coal in your stocking. JUST BELIEVE!!! 🎅🏻🎅🏻
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6 years ago, Whdabaldo
App is not fully functional
You can see Santa making his way around the earth but if you click on one of the cameras from where he’s he’s been it pulls up some garbage Wikipedia description of the place but no photo or video. Very disappointing for the kids. Make sure the app is fully functional before you release it.
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2 years ago, Infinite Reptiles
This is a fun tradition me and my cousins watch it every year and guess where he is gonna go next since 2014 Until he delivers the first 1k gifts in the US
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1 year ago, Eliana2007
NORAD Santa tracker
So pretty much this is a Santa tracker every December 25th is Christmas Day it is so fun to look at the app it shows your address the sate or Country or continent you live in and how many gifts he has delivered.
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7 months ago, kajira_jacklyn
Great app but….
Love this app and so do my kids but the recent update causes a load error…may want to look into that before Santa rides :)
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5 years ago, MrAndrew1108
It’s good but can you fix this
I keep getting 404 errors and can you please fix this it has the countdown to 0 also fix that
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6 months ago, Toocutetobeevil
Missing Santa Hop
There used to be a game here called Santa Hop. I enjoyed playing it with my kids- we’d challenge each other. Would love to see it come back!
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6 months ago, Sonria11
Nothing happens
It says it is “time to track Santa” I tap that button and all I get is a picture of Santa standing in his workshop. It does not seem to be tracking him. Other trackers are showing him on the move???
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1 year ago, koen fowler
Get it
This is the best I have had it ever since December 1st is better than the old Santa tracker I recommend getting this app and it is not 2d it is 3d so awesome
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2 years ago, DavidLozzi
Love this app, year after year, my kids beg to check his location every 10 minutes! Thank you!!! Merry Christmas!!
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3 years ago, MVN1205
We stayed up watching for Santa to stop in the UP of Michigan but he totally veered away from it. The kids watched for a long time to see him come and were very disappointed. I understand that you can’t show him stopping everywhere but it was a total wash for every child in the upper peninsula of MI.
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4 years ago, this is the only that works
So it’s an awesome I DEFINITELY recommend because you play really fun games, my favorite in Santa on skates. You can also track Santa on Christmas Eve!!! It’s so fun and entertaining and I use it all year around!
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3 years ago, kermitkid7
Countdown broken
Your countdown timer keeps fluctuating between the actual number, and 3 days behind….
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6 years ago, Lljjbvfyedvdeiyesaxvbhhgyuk
Where’s Santa?
Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. ( Pretty good. I’m looking at you. ) But I️ don’t seem to be able to find him on this app. The older version was so much better.
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6 years ago, S.Coyote
Rudolph has no eyes!
I love this app but when I get closer, I see Rudolph has no eyes! One thing you can fix is the cartoon Rudolph. He needs eyes to see where he is going!
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6 years ago, Coolbro1124578
I love this app!! It’s has become a family tradition to track Santa and I love it. I’m quite mad people go around and say Santa isn’t real. Liars. They have no proof. Yes, the Santa Claus at the mall aren’t real. That’s it!! MERRY CHRISTMAS🎄
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4 years ago, Jon Bradish
Works perfect
Me and my family have been using this for years and it’s amazing
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6 years ago, Mslisanne1
To the clown trying to ruin the spirit of Santa... you must really harbor a lot of anger in your world. 👍🏾 Anyway... the app is fun and a cute idea. Thanks for creating it! Merry Christmas... I can’t wait to track Santa 😎
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2 years ago, bfnftchr
It is the best
It is the best Santa tracker I track him every Christmas Eve and I get so excited for Christmas. I wait for it to say Michigan then I go straight to sleep. I love this app. DOWNLOAD NOW. IT IS THE BEST APP.
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6 years ago, NHefner
This app is cool. I love looking to see where Santa is. Ps To the person who said Santa wasn’t real... you lied. Santa is the spirit of giving... I’m 43 years old and I still believe in Santa..
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