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User Reviews for NSCA CSCS Pocket Prep

4.82 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
6 years ago, JordanStrength
Very related to the exam
Hello everyone! I just took my NSCA-CSCS Exam yesterday and passed it. I would recommend this app for your study purposes for the following reasons: the questions are similar to the exam, each question gives you a solid breakdown of the correct answer, it shows areas of weakness so that way you are spending your time wisely, and it is convenient! This app was so easy to use from anywhere which made studying so much more convenient for myself. The questions are honestly pretty similar to the exam. Averagely scored a 90 or higher on the test questions and on the CSCS exam I scored an average of 80 on both sections. Don't bother reading any other reviews, this app gets updated constantly to meet the requirements of the CSCS material everyday. Well worth the money and keeps the material fresh and consistent in your mind. The only problem I had is that the app was pretty slow sometimes. Best of Luck on your journey to becoming a NSCA-CSCS!
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6 years ago, Ccajina
Good basis - I passed my exam
I used this for my on the go study tool and was able to get through all 600 questions in about 2.5 weeks. It definitely needs more questions dealing with athletic profiles and application of the knowledge learned, but overall a great (almost necessary tool) for CSCS studying. Definitely the best app out there right now. My takeaway advice would be to take the overall score you get after answering at least 300 questions and reduce that by 10%. For example, I ended up with an 84% on the app, but averaged 74 for both parts of the actual exam.
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4 years ago, RockGod101
Worth it, BUT..
I love this app. I definitely think it helped me learn the concepts needed for the exam. I like the timed aspect, that you can choose which sections you want to work on, the explanations, that it keeps track of your progress, etc. However, after taking the exam, I feel that this app could provide a little bit better format of questions. For instance, the first portion of the exam (exercise science and nutrition) included MANY questions that required doing a lot of math. Other than some basic multiplication or division problems, this app does not include having to do extensive math, and there are very few questions that are situational. The questions on the exam are far more in-depth and scientific than the questions on the app and took a lot of time to solve. Needless to say, (though I was not expecting the EXACT same questions or format) I was not prepared for the first portion of the exam. I ran out of time when reviewing the questions due to the amount of time spent on the situational/math problems. The second portion of the exam (the other 4 sections) was almost identical format to the questions on the app. I flew through the second portion and had plenty of time to spare. I do love this app and I am very happy I purchased it, I just feel they could do a better job at formatting the questions more like the questions within the actual exam that may require more time to be taken.
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5 years ago, Yak93
Good but not Great
Used it on iPhone 6s. The app is good but crashes a lot, I would get the “error finding questions” a lot, and it was slow at times. My biggest gripe was that I paid for the $20 version and received 400 questions and a 2 month membership. If you take a 10 question quiz it reduces your total questions left by 10. This is regardless if the questions are new or ones you have seen previously. There were probably about 250 different questions out of the 400 that I had purchased. Out of the 400 questions I averaged a 91% and I just took my exam a few hours ago and passed with an 84%. I say the questions were very appropriate to the exam but the hefty price tag and performance issues were big problems I had with the app. I have no problem paying $20 for study materials but would like the app to work flawlessly. It worked as well as a free app.
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4 years ago, j-kink
Great App to Start Studying!
Great to understand the concepts explained in the Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioing 4th Edition. The app provides a solid foundation to study for the CSCS. I really like that each question will give you the answer at the end, whether answered correctly or not, and the exact page number and paragraph on where to find the answer. It’ll also allow you to set reminders on when to study, & select what areas you want to test so you can improve on them. But understand that the CSCS exam is also based on evidence research. The app is great for “TEXTBOOK ANSWERS”!! But not for evidence base questions on the actual CSCS Exam. Concepts can still be applied, just do not depend solely on the app to successfully pass the exam. My suggestion would be to have the app and the textbook!
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5 years ago, @_tonycheeks
Great App, But...
First time I have ever made a review for an app. I just passed my exam today on the first try! This app definitely helped me. The questions are very similar as the actual exam, but obviously not exact. I enjoyed being able to single out certain areas of knowledge and how I was able to customize my exam. This app definitely helps with preparing for the actual exam. The only reason why I had riding it astar was because of how buggy this app was. Took forever to load, would close the app entirely, and drained the crap out of my battery. But besides the technical part of the app, I highly recommend using this to help prepare for the exam. Good luck to anyone studying for it!
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4 years ago, KBPT18
Highly recommend!
This app is incredible! The questions are definitely easier than those seen on the CSCS but I have no doubt that it will help you greatly. The best part about it is the explanation for every wrong and right answer with pg numbers to the text! This helped me greatly to pass the CSCS and it’s certainly worth the price. Good luck!
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5 years ago, CAddison2
Great content but the app is very slow
The Good: I just recently took and passed my CSCS Exam and this app was one of my 2 study tools. The questions on the app are more similar to the questions that were on the test than any other questions I found on the internet. Being able to keep track of the subjects you were weakest in and being able to focus study time on that subject was a crucial element for me. The Bad: The app started out ok, but become slower and slower and the app frequently crashed. The bright side is the the app on my MacBook worked very well so I studied that way, but that kind of defeats the name of app if I have to use my computer.
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5 years ago, Rebelax14
Awesome, but..
This has been a fantastic study tool for the CSCS, but it seems that with an update a week or so ago I’m noticing more and more bugs throughout the app as a whole. It wont score overall exam metrics correctly, it repeats questions, and when attempting to just reset everything and reinstall the app it forgets to reset things like exam readiness. Overall thats fine, Im just using it for the questions but its nice to take a few hundred questions see where you need work then go into the book and right now my metrics are skewed so I cant.
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5 years ago, StevieMFreohle
I like it, but...
Been using the app for a couple months. I love how the breakdown of the answer tells you where to find the information on the book. I’ve been using both to study. I love the convenience of this app and how I can change how many questions I want to run through at a time. My only issue is the app will freeze when I open it and has been crashing often. It’s been getting worse the longer I’ve had it. Today I haven’t been able to run through any questions because the app just will not stay open.
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5 years ago, Instagram is life!!! 💕
Great....but... slow/closes out
I think this app is amazing for the material and for practicing for the CSCS exam. But I give it 2 stars for how UNBELIEVABLY slow and crappy this app is. I usually don’t write reviews, but this app frustrates me. I would give it 10 stars if it didn’t close out randomly(in the middle of a quiz when I’m halfway done) and took over 3 minutes to get into the app. And what makes it even more frustrating, on some occasions, it logs me out randomly so I have to sign back in every couple times. I just am not impressed with the quality. But I LOVE the material, so that’s why I put up with it...tough love I guess...
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4 years ago, jw0222
Failed the test
I used the pocket prep app and I felt like I knew the material well. I answered all 800 questions with 91% accuracy. The prep questions are very easy... so I was extremely confidant going in to the test. But come test day I failed both sections. I’m not saying it’s good or bad but it did not work for me. If you don’t know the avg vertical leap of a college women’s lacrosse player or the avg clean for a men’s soccer player or the avg t test time for a 231lb college football player - you won’t pass. The questions were that specific. You need to memorize almost all those charts in the book and the app just doesn’t test you very much on that.
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6 years ago, Therealachilles
Not cognitive enough
If you answer wrong, majority of the time it does not tell you what makes that answer correct. It merely defines the correct answer. It's then left up to you to figure out what makes that answer correct.
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5 years ago, HnH1567
Excellent when it works
The functionality of the app is very useful as a study guide. All the the questions and answers are referenced in the text. You can specify the content of the practice exams. I would give this a higher rating but it does seem to suffer from stability issues, randomly crashes or freezes. I still enjoy this app and recommend it , but I wish it was less buggy.
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5 years ago, Aevykin
Good App - Needs performance Optimizations.
While the materials and content on the application are amazing, I have had a difficult time using this application unless I am on my computer. This app constantly crashes, freezes, and becomes unresponsive. Bear in mind I am on an IPhone 6, so perhaps newer generation phones do not have this issue. Sorry but I have to lower my review, the app is consistently giving me the exact same questions exam after exam. I am not getting any new questions.
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5 years ago, Injuredreserve7
Ultimate Version
This app does not do what you say it does. I can’t create exams from flagged questions because it doesn’t remember that questions were flagged. It doesn’t keep up with how many questions you’ve actually answered correctly and how many you have remaining out of 800. I always get some random number. Dial up internet had faster loading times. I’ve tried uninstalling and downloading again like you suggested and it didn’t help. I want my money back.
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3 years ago, ColCodSna
I’m at a loss for words
Going back 2 years now, I bought the “premium” version of pocket prep cscs and now come to find out that the old version is no longer available. Where is the sense in upgrading to premium and then having that revoked just because of an update. Really wish that the old version could still be available to at the least the ones who paid for premium.
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4 years ago, pivot2019
Life Saver
This app is truly amazing! Allows me to study on the go! It is a huge time saver because I do not have to go search through the book to find out why I was wrong, it is right there
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5 years ago, Erckred
Great. Please stop crashing
Not sure the exact issue I have had the app for a while. Was great at first. Very responsive, now all it seems to do is stop me mid- exam or not switch from interface to interface ( bottom of screen). Please fix this as quickly as you can. It’s very frustrating when studying.
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6 years ago, Big B chilly D
Great app
Can't thank pocket prep enough for this great app. Between the pocket prep app and the nsca cscs outline book I passed both sections on the first tray. Definitely worth upgrading to the premium account it's worth every penny..Great app and thanks for all your help
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5 years ago, Nick @ lofatlabs
Repeat questions
I have only had this a short time, but have already seen several repeat questions. While this is fine for the repeated exposure learning phenomenon, those repeats ARE counting toward the total number of questions. IMO, when a question is repeated, it shod not count toward that total.
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6 years ago, Tystegs
Great tool for studying
Hey everyone, I’d 100% recommend this app in conjunction with reading the textbook when you answer questions incorrectly. The format of the questions on this app are exactly how you’ll see them on the exam. Make sure to read the explanation for each question you do not know and make flash cards for them. This helped me pass my exam and is definitely worth the price to help ensure success!
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6 years ago, Nalaras
Great prep for exam
This app was a very helpful resource for preparing for the CSCS exam. Questions were similar to the ones I had on the exam. The app helped me to get an idea where I was weak and focus on those subjects. Highly recommended..
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6 years ago, Tybod
Great Tool!
Relevant questions with explanations. Lots of features. Ability to see what exam areas are slacking and get more questions on those topics. Very user friendly!
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5 years ago, Cottenwb
Great tool
Very easy to use and extremely convenient. A great app for finding little moments to do a quick 10 question exam.
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5 years ago, NotTooShab
Not Bad
Not a bad app content wise. I would agree that it’s easier than exam question so keep that in mind. Definitely a good study tool. Biggest issue is that it crashes a lot and is super slow. Crashes probably 1/2 of the time I use it.
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6 years ago, mattyd22222
App gets stuck on a black screen when it opens and can not get beyond that screen.
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6 years ago, BigMarc5151
Used it constantly for 6 months. Questions were all very relevant and accurate. I’d recommend for sure. Enough said!!
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5 years ago, Chazodpp
So Dope!
I bought it 1-week before my exam date and used it everyday and was getting 88-89% scores on the practice tests. I JUST got an 88 and 87 on the 2-parts of the exam! I LOVED the app in every way. Sooooo helpful! Thanks guys!
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5 years ago, Jae7493983
Awesome app!
This app allows me to study on the go or take quick tests just to stay on top of everything.
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5 years ago, whitecassel0
Doesn’t work
I have had this app for a month and I’ve probably been able to open 6 question of the days and it constantly freezes. I wanted to purchase the premium version but given the app doesn’t work, I’ve decided to think twice before throwing a bunch of money away.
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5 years ago, TobyScott11
Great content - VERY SLOW
Extremely slow loading and responding to pushes. Otherwise amazing app.
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5 years ago, IgniteTheFuture21
Best study tool (aside the book)
I used this app in addition to reading the book and I aced my exam! This is the best study aid out there!
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5 years ago, marcusreis
Quick test
I wish the app had the option to crer a test for the wrong answers only.
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5 years ago, abeham10
Love the app but freezes and crashes too much.
Does anybody know what I can for this to stop occurring. Other than that app is amazing.
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4 years ago, mwildson
Screen freezes on and off
Hi I use the IPhone 7 Plus to acesa the app and I have upgraded the app very often;but it keeps freezing for a couple of seconds I do t know why.
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4 years ago, FakeRD92
got a question
Are you guys still updating this app??
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4 years ago, HerdUp!
Version No Longer Supported
What’s the deal with this?? Will there be another version updated soon? I had this happen to me about six months ago while I was studying for my exam. It’s still not resolved and I see an updated version.
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7 years ago, Antwan Harris
Must Have When Prepping
Well worth the nominal fee!!!
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6 years ago, Chocoloco47
Repeated question of the day
I’ve gotten the same 2 question of the day over and over again for nearly 3 weeks now. It’s pretty old. What can be done to fix this?
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5 years ago, the tuxedo man
Crashes over and over
The only review I have ever written for an app. The buggiest and least beneficial thing I have ever purchased. Drains my phone battery and takes 10-15 attempts to open a new exam. Not worth the money if you have an iPhone 6.
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5 years ago, ucmbb
Good Questions on Computer, doesn’t work on phone
Bought the $35 version about a week ago. Worked great for a while, now won’t load a single question if I’m on my phone.
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6 years ago, crome01
Best prep app for CSCS
Pocket prep is a great app to help prepare for the CSCS exam! Would highly recommend to anyone interested in a study aid!
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5 years ago, CobraStriker
Basic review
This app is good to quiz yourself on basic physiology, programming, and exercise science but the knowledge level of these questions is a step or two below the actual NSCA questions. Do not use just this app to study!
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6 years ago, littleironlady
Love this app!!
Very easy to use on the go! It’s a must!
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5 years ago, Jayjayhenderson
One of the best cscs prep applications I have ever used
I love this app
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6 years ago, Bochie5
Never opened a textbook. Passed exam the first time. This app is awesome!
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6 years ago, Candy55555
Great tool for preparing for the CSCS exam.
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8 years ago, Graterrrrrrrrrrrr
App Questions vs Exam Questions
I used this app while studying for the CSCS exam. I thought the app was great! The descriptions after each question were awesome, and the page references were available so I could dig out the book for more information if warranted. I will say, however, that the questions DID NOT simulate those asked on the exam very closely. The questions still helped keep important concepts fresh in my mind, and I still found them to be useful. The questions are generally more knowledge based, whereas the actual exam takes it one step further to more application style questions. Just be prepared for more difficult questions on the exam! If you're doing a lot of studying on the go the app might come in handy. If not, just stick to reading the book.
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8 years ago, LegenDariusxx
Great Resource of Study
I've already completed the reading of the 5th Edition NSCA textbook (2016) and this has turned out to be a great source as a study guide and additional information to gather from. I've yet to purchase the full-version but I plan on it. I just hope the full version reflects some portion of the test at least if not all in some form or fashion as I plan on taking that in the near upcoming months as well! I WILL write another view after test taking on how this did/did not enhance my knowledge or deterred it.
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