1.6 (93)
30 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lee Enterprises
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for NWI.com

1.63 out of 5
93 Ratings
1 year ago, Deb B. H.
Can't open obits
Starting about two weeks ago, I cannot open obits from the app on my iPad. I can open other NWI Times stories ok. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Still can't open obits. I can open obits with the app on my Samsung phone, so the problem is not with my account. Before a couple weeks ago, I could open obits ok. Please advise or fix your app.
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8 months ago, NotTheBeanieGuy
Has pretty much always been horrible
Every so often I get tempted to install this app again and it turns out to be no better and even worse than the last time I tried it. It always signed me out far too frequently - annoying to have to sign in again so often (yes, I am a subscriber) - but worse yet, as soon as I signed in to the iPad version just this last time, it immediately crashed, and now it crashes immediately every time I try to open it. Sigh... So: Tried the app again; now deleting the app yet again. The Times’ online presence has never been anything to write home about, but if you want to access The Times electronically, just log in with your browser and save yourself the app agony. I think Lee Enterprises should just put the app out of its misery at this point.
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6 years ago, Copters
Greedy, sneaky ad launcher!
If I could give this sorry app zero stars, it would be too many. The articles are typical, small time drivel. I could accept the crummy writing, the crappy articles and even the lack of substantial news. But, the last straw is every few seconds, while you are reading one of the pieces of drivel, the app will automatically kick you out of the article and launch a bogus pop up, typical of a spyware effort. Is that even allowed by Apple? Well, no matter, the Times is doing it not once, not twice, but multiple times for each article. And they constantly warn you that you have on X number of articles this month to view otherwise you need to subscribe. They’d have to pay me to read their lackluster articles. Good bye Times!
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2 years ago, DaphoraSnape
Absolutely terrible app
This app functions incredibly bad, a lot of ads. I also don’t find it a coincidence that there is no way to cancel a subscription without calling them. tried to sign in multiple times just to be told my account doesn’t exist, but couldn’t make a new account with the same information because it said an account already exists?! whole thing is a waste of time and ridiculous that you should have to pay for local news when the articles aren’t even well written.
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6 years ago, Motor_Sgt
New ad placement made me delete app
This USED to be a decent app to get my local breaking news. BUT; in the past ten days they have now placed ads when you click on a story to read it, the ad now takes up the whole screen until you are able to click out of it. I thought maybe it would just happen once when I initially opened the first story upon opening the app...NOPE! I clicked on another story after having the app open and got another ad. I'll just wait for the morning paper. Bye Felicia!!
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7 years ago, Sos_da_boss
Too many ads make reading articles difficult.
There are way too many ads on the app, making it difficult to read anything. An Ad will pop up unexpectedly, you click on it accidentally and you completely lose your place in the ad, having to close out the app and research for the article again. Waste of time!
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1 year ago, x-runningpanda-x
Got the trial then went to cancel subscription. When you press the cancel subscription button, it says that you have to contact customer service to cancel. Didn’t have to call customer service to give you my credit card information did I? Don’t purposefully make it more difficult to cancel with the hopes that people will unknowingly keep paying you for junior high school caliber articles.
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6 years ago, St!tchy
More pop up ads than news
Having an occasional ad in a free app is totally understandable but this is just too much. Adds plastered all over the main page with 15 to 30 second ads popping up before almost every article, videos and pop ups auto playing and blocking the content multiple times while trying to read it. This app actually makes it less convenient to get the regional news.
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2 years ago, JLSS2006
App barely ever functions to its full capacity. NWI Times doesn’t update the app much. You get a handful of news articles daily. Many articles on the app have been on there for over a week. Constantly doesn’t let you read articles even when you’re logged in with a paid subscription. It’s a local news app. If you know The Times, then their app is as shi++y as the paper. Pointless to use this app.
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5 years ago, Importnut
2 to 3 notifications too many
For the most part, the app works well enough. My biggest frustration is getting 2 to 3 notifications for every news alert. I would greatly appreciate having that fixed.
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4 years ago, melsguy
Horrible app
Definitely zero stars. I am a subscriber to their newspaper. The app is supposed be a benefit. You have to repeatedly log in, or log in four or 5 times before you can read an article. You have to log in each time you want to read an article even though you just logged in 2 minutes ago. NWI SHOULD BE PROFOUNDLY EMBARRASED! I only gave it one star because The rating system does not allow zero stars.
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4 months ago, Paul U.
Fairly Awful
Ugly UI, clunky operation, too many ads, low resolution photos, and the list goes on. Today the issue is that I’m trying to read a story, but I’m told I have to subscribe to read it. The problem is, I AM a subscriber, and I’m logged in. I think that perhaps I’ll log out and log back in—alas, the app won’t let me log out either. The only way to get the app functioning properly was to delete, redownload, reinstall, and log in again. That worked, and I read my story—but good heavens what a chore! I believe in local news. I support it. I root for it. But sometimes Lee Enterprises makes it a bitter pill to swallow.
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2 years ago, hiandrews69
Not worth your time or energy
You can’t access this app for free. You USED TO be able to, and you had ads in the articles (which was fine). But I’m not paying for this crap. Your articles lack information and have a lot of grammatical/spelling errors a lot of times, and a lot times there is a clear bias.
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7 years ago, pfr swimmer
Ad pop-ups annoy reader
When an ad pops up, I simply exit the app. The video ads are especially obtrusive since the sound plays when you could be reading in a quiet public location.
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7 years ago, Cessna337
App contains Trojan
Pop ups in app cannot be shut down. If you shut down the app and restart you get a warning that the last site you visited contains a Trojan. The warning is supposedly from Apple but it is not. It wants you to select here and start the cleaning process which I believe is when the Trojan will be installed. DONT DO IT! Remove the app and tell Apple.
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7 years ago, AvidGossipFollower
Way too many ads
I understand ads are how you make money, but it's crazy that for every single article I want to read I have to view some sort of ad whether video or pop up. I'm a paying subscriber of your paper and I think there are just way too many ads.
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4 years ago, Creteron
Better, but....
The ads are insufferable, even with a paid subscription. Some of us use an iPad, lease offer a version that woks in landscape mode. Landscape would also be nice to use with a phone.
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1 year ago, Krauty 1234567
Doesn’t work. Will not be renewing
It forces you to repeatedly log on. Loses your place. Won’t allow your phone to remember your login. If this is the way they want to go they will be out of business in 2 years
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5 years ago, useless paper
I canceled my subscription numerous times because some articles were not continued as it said and it is very disappointing to try to read something and it obviously had not been proofread and was almost impossible to figure out what it was suppose to say. PROOFREAD!!!!
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5 years ago, mp74in
New update makes it much harder to quickly scroll through headlines. Print is extra small and hard to read. This app went from barely useable to getting removed from my phone.
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1 year ago, SangDeLaPur
Nothing but problems
I have to log in to the app numerous times to read the digital edition. Half of the time the app crashes and I never get to continue to read the paper.
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9 years ago, Abalyssa
This app seems to function properly but, GEEZ! They feature the most BORING stories! You might find a real story every now and again. They must want us to pay extra for them buy purchasing a subscription which allows access to top stories. I don't recommend unless you're boring as well.
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5 years ago, Janus2015
Notification headlines truncated
I rely on the NWI Times app for notifications and news alerts about the Region. Since iOS 12 was released, the notifications have weird formatting issues and the headline is truncated. This is very annoying.
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2 years ago, BlackPanthets
Stop giving them support.
App is no longer free and they want you to pay a fortune to read something super mediocre. Their writers spew propaganda on the daily anyways so it’s not like I’m going to miss it.
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2 years ago, Kyle big balls
Not paying $26/mo for a few articles
Like the title says, the most recent update now wants a login and to pay $26 for one month, definitely not worth it. Deleting app
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5 years ago, Appmanification
Too many ads and no landscape mode
If I’m not mistaken, newspaper subscriptions are on a sharp decline as people move to on-line solutions. If this is your answer to shore up declining sales of newspapers, you might as well lock the doors now. This app is a train wreck!!!
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2 years ago, Supremebuilderguy82
What happened?
$26/month is insane. I can’t imagine anyone paying that for the few articles available on a daily basis.
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6 years ago, Brehsug
App keeps crashing since latest update
Since the latest update it’s been crashing constantly. Can’t use it now!!
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7 years ago, Astar345
Garbage app with pop ups every time you touch something. It's so bad I'm almost back to buying newspapers. It barely works and the articles aren’t formatted for mobile.
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5 years ago, WeProtect
I Tried to Use It But....
It is worthless! Trying to read a simple article involves several taps and always involves multiple ads. So frustrating.
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5 years ago, Sam99753478
Completely useless
This app is horrible full of pop up ads new update is terrible completely useless
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6 years ago, wdnshu2
Hot Garbage 0 stars if possible
As a subscriber using my login, I incorrectly thought it keep ads from Strack & van Til taking over entire articles time after time. Give your PAYING CUSTOMERS BETTER A BETTER PRODUCT. Hello? Anyone care?
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5 years ago, jdjenka
why do i get the same notification 2 or 3 times?? very annoying!!!! this happens all day long!!
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6 years ago, Gunner_Bob
Used to be a good app
Now has duplicate stories and when trying to read the obits, the “refresh/cancel” continuously fluctuates and then unexpectedly the app closes.
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5 years ago, Stadibaba
New layout is a loser!
New design layout stinks! Gonna wait a few weeks to see if you change back. If not, buh-bye!
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6 years ago, mjt64
Zero stars
Now you have to click the “x” twice on the ad to make it go away. And now the app will be DELETED!
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2 years ago, NWI TIMES READER
Not happy,
Not very happy about the new format of the Times e- edition. Not user friendly.
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6 years ago, ec mane
Ads block the article fix it please.
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2 years ago, BP2112
No free articles
I deleted the app due to no free content and high monthly subscription charge.
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5 years ago, all ways alert
NWI times
The app is not user friendly it is frustrating!
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12 years ago, Jamelyn
Latest update has bugs
I've been using this app on iPhone and iPad for a couple of years now as a quick easy way to read the NWI Times paper on the go, but this update is buggy. I only gave it 3 stars based on past performance - it was a simple but functional app, but it's not anymore. It will no longer save articles off line; the search feature seems mot limited now- it pulls up fewer articles and isn't letting me go back to articles that are a day old or older. Please fix it, or just roll back to the last version (which I wish I has saved). Also, your new iPad version is not very good-it might have more pictures but it lacks the search and save features that the iPhone version of your app has.
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10 years ago, Bobguy751
White font on white background?
This is a pretty good app. However, the latest update appears to have a white font on a white background when I Share/eMail an article. You have white fonts on the headers of screens leading up to the eMail. Cancel (top left) and Send (top right) are functional. The user must merely presume that those invisible selections are actually there. I believe I found this problem on at least one other screen, but I don't recall where I saw it. Keep up the good work.
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9 years ago, Valpo Reader
Horrible Update
Bring back the previous version. This update is terrible. You can no longer see local news by county and there are fewer articles available. For those that are paying for a subscription you should be able to view the entire paper online instead of the limited articles you can now see. As a paying customer, I should not be limited to because you wanted to make the content available to all. Do NOT update unless they change back to the old format.
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10 years ago, FarmerCM
Great App
Overall very nice app. Works smoothly and looks good. I like the slide out navigation menu and the fact that you can swipe from one story to the next now without having to go back to the main section. I definitely recommend this app.
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12 years ago, amanda_in5
Would give half a star if possible or none at all
This app used to work real well with no problems. I haven't been able to submit a comment for months. Was hoping they would fix this with the last upgrade but nothing. I can't even find anything on the online site on how to fix this problem. Now you can't even share articles with facebook?!?!? Apparently the developers of this app could care less.
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12 years ago, Jacamnic
I don't see the big deal
I personally think this is a terrible app, I used to read the paper every day until I had my last son so I thought this app would be perfect and wow was I wrong. I can only read about six stories total for a week or so then they add a new one or two and delete on or two I've tried refreshing the page to no avail so I guess it's back to reading the actual paper...
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10 years ago, rockoverchicago
Great if you don't care about IL news
This app was decent until the update. You can read all the "latest" news you want, but forget about trying to get Illinois news, you need an account for that "premium" access. Might as well just go to the mobile site in your browser and cut the crap and headache out of using this app. NWI times isn't my newspaper anymore.
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11 years ago, dio1980
No where near as bad as these negative reviews are claiming
It works you read the news then you hit the back button and read more, not sure what people are expecting?
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10 years ago, Chris847017
Required to purchase a subscription
In order to read the news you have to purchase a subscription to the times and have a premium acct! Why bother with this app?! I have had this app for years and now they just changed it to require a subscription.... App will be deleted because there is no use for it!
Show more
14 years ago, Kyc1215
Just love it!
It's so nice to read the local news on an app. It is nice to see "the Times" keeping up with the times!!
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