NY Collect N Win

4.6 (12.5K)
53.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.3 or later
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User Reviews for NY Collect N Win

4.6 out of 5
12.5K Ratings
5 years ago, Just TeeT
Needs Improvement
Sometimes tix don’t scan!The spin wheel doesn’t show!I won free plays for Mega & Powerball,when I try to redeem them they say already redeemed🤦🏽‍♀️I called the # that comes up when you’ve scanned $20 in tix!They’re not much help,they say it’s a glitch with NYL not SpinNWin!This $20 limit needs to be raised to at least $25!I mean there’s no limit on what we spend playing #’s a day!I can go on & on but I think u got the message!
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3 years ago, Chouchouz139
A friend told me about scanning tickets and I’ve been scanning ever since. I didn’t know I won a $50 gift certificate because I was looking for something else. I used it to purchase books from Barnes and noble. I was glad for that because it’s something tangible. Of all the spins I get, I have yet to win on either offerings. Info appreciate the free tickets though. New York State is getting MORE money from the extra take five and power ball drawings so I don’t see why they’ve not upped the ticket entries from $20 to at least $50!!!!! You have to enter a zillion tickets before you spin but I find when you enter fifty cent tickets you get better chances to spin. I get at leaST Two spins which is cool. Do instead of trashing those tickets, just enter them. Waiting for my new books to arrive!
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1 year ago, Bsr2000
Needs improvement
I’ve been using this app for a really long time so for the fact that certain bugs have never been fixed blows my mind. 1. Stop making us put user name and password each time - at least have it save the user name so we only have to put the password. Try to integrate it with Face ID 2. I see the frustration with some other reviews of scanning many losing tickets and never get anything. Why don’t you at least give a free draw ticket like some of the old lottery apps used to 3. Why do you have a promotion on the drop down to enter tickets but then when you scan it tells you the promotion ended. Remove the promotion if that is the case 4. Your layout of the cards is horrible you have to keep scrolling up and down to see what is getting punched because it doesn’t all fit on the screen.
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1 year ago, Henneci
Good site just needs to
Update quicker and make the scanner function better. Mine works for like one or two draw tickets then stops reading for some reason. I always have t type them in. Interestingly it does very well scanning scratch tickets. Also, the app needs to update at the same time as the website. Right now the My Lottery Dream Home 2nd Chance is only showing on the website, so I have to enter tickets there. I’d much rather use the app but the app is not showing it yet and there are no current updates. We are already 2 weeks into this promo. I’m trying to win….. Other than that, I enjoy the app very much.
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2 years ago, Ballina5ny
Several problems with the update for the new promotions.
There are several issues with this app as it relates to the new promotions announced recently. First, there is still a splash screen saying updated app not yet available, but several seconds later, it goes into the new app. Second, the login screen is not laid out well and won’t scale properly to my iPhone 11 Pro. The app also won’t save the login info for future sessions. Third, the app forces an entry type choice each time. It should retain last choice until changed by user. Fourth, the scanning function keeps asking for permission for camera with each ticket. It needs to save the permission for all entries. Fifth, the scanner doesn’t even show the item being scanned so I have no idea where I should aim the crosshairs. Fix these issues ASAP.
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5 years ago, &$!?
Great concept, poor execution
Giving lottery players a second chance to win with losing tickets is a great idea. And I know when you’re dealing with technology, that there are “bugs” that have to be worked out. But in a day and age where we’re able to send Rovers to Mars, it absolutely blows my mind as to how the NY Lottery can roll out an app with so many problems! I’m experiencing the same problems as many of the others that wrote reviews. They are: Spin Wheel doesn’t download, FAQ won’t download and How to Play won’t download. EVER!! I don’t know how the “Cards” work when scanning tickets. How many completed “Cards” does one need to obtain or win certain prizes. I can go on and on and on. Again, great concept, but I’m sorry, very poorly executed.
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5 months ago, Shotts man
App needs updated BADLY!!!!! The app has looked the same, and no changes in a number of years. Trying to scan draw tickets the scanner never scanned usually like the scanners in the store to scan tickets. They don’t work. They also need updated badly because those machines are years and years and years old. With this app, always have to type the number of the ticket in manually. As much money as the New York lottery, makes do a little bit better and make the app a little more fun exciting instead of silent. Other states lottery apps, make exciting noises when you have won some and well scanning. Also, EVERY-TIME I close out the app, It logs me out, snd i have re-log bag in with my email and password.
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5 years ago, Hopingforawin!
Needs Work
I completely agree with the other review...great concept, poor execution! The app doesn’t provide much help in explaining how the program works...or what to do if you are an “instant winner”. The scanning of tickets rarely works!!! I find myself entering all my tickets and that is time consuming and unnecessary in this day and age of technology. The fact that there is a $20 limit each day for entering tickets is also problematic and should be increased. While initially very excited about this app, our excitement has quickly dulled as a result of the many problems that exist. Hopefully the programmers will take notice of the user experiences and comments and make necessary changes. If that happens, this app has the potential to be awesome and fun to use! 🙏🏻
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3 years ago, Scifiwifi
I would give this a five star, but I scan so much(less difficulty now) but I haven’t win that $5000 cash yet, still waiting for that call/email to get something for all my entries.... but overall this app is good. It helps you resist grabbing your money and spend it at the retail store. Also it gives you free ticket to play. Not bad at all, but the app does crashes a lot like other user have mention, the worse is getting kick out and logging in again. Other than that, this is a good app to use if you a play lotto often. Cross your finger and pray for me guys, I need money!!!!
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5 years ago, Devamaria
Buggy app
I have been using this app, for about a month. I have issues, like others, with the scanner reading tickets, and the spin wheel, acting right. I have won a few quick pick tickets, and was able to redeem them. It is best to get a screenshot, then flip the picture to the side, so it’s small enough for the machines to read. Anyhow, now I was booted out, and asked to sign in again, and the app won’t open after that. Please fix the bugs. Thank you.
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5 years ago, antny001
I like it
Good app / promotion from the lottery. It feels good to get something back (free plays mega ball, powerball, take 5) for your losing tickets. I won 40+ free play tickets and 1 of the gift cards also. Hope the lottery does this promotion again at a later date. If you have trouble scanning try bending up the corners of your tickets slightly and also tap the “lightbulb” icon in the upper right to turn on the light.
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2 years ago, tknickerbockersr
It’s nice to have a second chance!!
It’s a great second chance game and lots of fun having a chance on losing tickets to get other prizes. But when the site is down or acting up it can be frustrating. Overall though it’s nice that they give us something of a second chance
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6 months ago, Frenchie The Billionaire
Too many Bugs
This app could really be amazing but the there are two major problems. There are way too many bugged out glitches and by glitches I am referring to how long it takes to load up and the scanner is crappy. Also where is the cash or the plethora of free plays. If there were free plays that would be equivalent to cash. And I don’t mean quick pick free play either. I mean allow me to choose which free play and what game I’d like to play that free play in. Now that would drive an over abundance to this app and to play more lotto games.
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1 year ago, deeveeaitch
Scanning is a pain
I like that I have other chances to win from my loser tickets (not that I’ve never won anything from any of these drawings). It can be a pain to enter tickets though, because the bar-code scanning feature really doesn’t work very well. Sometimes it takes me several minutes to scan a single barcode. And entering the ticket numbers is even worse, because the numbers are SO LONG!
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2 years ago, pearlmand
I’m a single parent and I have been playing lottery since I was 18 years old. I’m 66 and still hoping to hit it big so I can make sure my kids and grandkids are ok in life when it’s time for me to leave this world. I would appreciate any help I could get. And keep yourselves and your families safe please.
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5 years ago, huggabilbear
Gee Last Night’s Tickets are not valid if....
I was all set to give this a 5 star rating, but when I tried to enter my tickets (on October 1st) from the night before(September 30th) just 12 hours ago, I couldn’t because they were not in the new month. Sorry, I think that is bogus. In this case, the tickets should be valid. If you are buying tickets and the new month is just 5 or 6 hours away, they should still be valid for entry, how bogus this rule is, really.
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5 years ago, Evil lsl
Cool app still needs working on
Won some free tix and a gift card. App needs work on scanning tickets, From December to maybe March I’ve been using pc to enter it manually (simply using number pad and enter, I find it faster entering than mobile). Just recently April it seems like it improved a little bit or maybe I’m just getting lucky scanning it. An advice, create an collect n win scratch off with prizes as a regular scratch off would . Some will prefer a scratch off instead the free ticket. On the spin wheel replace one of the mega millions with a $2 cash prize or a scratch off value of $2. Maybe winning some cash could make people wanna use that $2 to play more numbers/win 4. All in all I hope the promotion continues or start again sometime. Good luck to all.
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4 years ago, tsofjd
I won $5000 finally.
I Didn’t believe in the app. Yes I won free tickets. Exp cash4life Take 5 The mega power ball. I also won the $50 monthly gift card. But I thought $5,000 Sweep was BS. But this February. I was emailed that i won. I sent in the necessary documents. And a real check for $5000 arrived. So grateful. So Yes. The collect n win is a real!!! Please bring back the free tickets/free spins.
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3 years ago, bontongirl
Why bother?
I think why do I bother, you spend money and no one wins these second chance games. But here I am holding out hope with time on my hands. The other second chance game doesn’t pay out anymore, it did for a few short months, that was fun while it lasted. I think the lottery is rigged! There a no big winners in western New York, just NYC areas.
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5 years ago, DeeAhhhNaa
Great Concept
Pros; I love the fact that you can scan losing tickets without having to type in the the 18 digits. Cons: your spin and win doesn’t appear so you have no idea what you won until you go into coupons. Sometimes your scanner doesn’t work. Unable to view FAQ. Hope this gets resolved soon
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5 years ago, arwhetstone82
It’s ok I guess
I’ve been in every lotto second chance game since they came out I mean ever one , and it seems to give me nothing but quick picks I don’t win off of and some of them I can’t down load but it’s good to keep hope and something to pass the time ❤️ I would recommend it I have recommended it
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6 years ago, jmt730
Collect n win
It’s a nice thing to do for those who plays number and win4. It give us a chance to get something back without spending more money.I like it but I think the limits should be higher, I’m a heavy player and twenty dollars doesn’t cover midway playing. Thank you for the second chance for losing tickets
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3 years ago, Mitch198975
Very Pleased
I love the fact we can possibly win off of our losing tickets. It’s nice to be appreciated. Life has been very hard for me with the death of my older sister who was a mother to me. This app gave me something to look forward too when I thought everything was over in my life. Thank you!!!!
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5 years ago, Keni la china
Hardly nothing works
The spin wheel never loads, the tickets when supposedly won always says “Used” when I go to redeem them, The scanning practically never works, you’d think that with this app you’ll get much more “Not happening” Now it is another chance to win what u didn’t the first time.
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4 years ago, CapeMount
Good but need improvement
The app is okay but there is a need for improvements with scanning and other thing that many of the people are saying. Is this a scam or what. Why limit scanning to 20 rather that going unlimited or at least 50.
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3 years ago, P.KAS
Great game when I first started playing I would get many chances to spin the wheel and get free lottery tickets but since the beginning of the year everything has changed I’ve hardly had any chances to spin Peter even though I still enter the maximum $20 in tickets a day I don’t know what you guys did but you definitely changed something
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3 years ago, jloster716
Second Chance
I think this is great because it gives everybody an opportunity to at least feel like they didn’t completely take a loss on their ticket u get another chance.!!!
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5 years ago, Dama915
Needs improvement
The scanning is poor, the limit of $29 should go up and it should explain where to redeem winning prizes!! The spinning I haven’t see it less spin it, it’s good to try to win something with loosing tickets but please fix the problems in the program!
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5 years ago, papasmurf2410
Stop $20 limit should be unlimited
I think it’s a great idea just don’t understand why $20 is the limit maybe it should allow you to win other scratch off‘s quick pics think something should also be done with mega and Powerball and take five
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2 years ago, improvisor327
Love the game
I love collect and win I look forward to playing and appreciate my winnings, nothing like getting a phone call from ny lottery to make my day, I even have my husband scanning the tickets, Thanks again for making this fun .
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3 years ago, horribleapp99999
Poor ap
The app crashes after you enter tickets, doesn’t scan, you have to enter manually. And it crashes after every ticket entry. You go to see my tickets and the tickets not there!
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4 years ago, wandaer11
Make use of losing😁. Thank you for the chance to try and win for the second time
I am grateful for the chance to be able to win after losing, 2 chances for the price of one
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5 years ago, MZANGARA
Love Collect n Win
Well I have been logging in my numbers tickets and others for a chance to win and I did win! It was a $50 Home Depot Gift Card! I do appreciate This second chance app and look forward to winning the grand prize!
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4 years ago, Pro- Phenatik!
Extra play
Hey all, This is a good feature because you get an extra chance to win a monthly prize I have not yet one anything but I am optimistic. Plus after a certain amount of submissions you get to spin a wheel for a free quick pick of what ever game you land on.
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5 years ago, PR Mom BX
Love - Love - The app. I’ve gotten a few free tickets which gave me more winning tickets. As for the scanner not working sometimes- it has to do with time you scanned. If you scan in the a.m then do the same time. If you do the p.m then scan the same time and so on.
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2 years ago, Parfan filipino
This a free app !
Why are you not letting me update the app ? Yes my bank account has no funds now . But why would you not let me update apps ? Without debit card funds ? Free app should have a free update ! I would understand those paid apps . !
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4 years ago, Victoria Gener
I love this app
Having a second chance at winning prizes with a chance of winning a Mega, Powerball, or take 5 jackpot is so exciting. With take 5, I've gotten 3 numbers over 20 times since I started using this app! I hope they add Cash for Life, Lotto & Jackpot.
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2 years ago, Picky on manhattan
Website needs some big improvement.
This website does not let you move to other game ticket when you click on enter tickets. It keeps taking you back to the same screen. If you enter a scratch off ticket and you decide to enter a regular lottery ticket, it doesn’t give you the option to do it. I see myself login out and login back in to enter individual tickets. Please fix this issue.
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2 years ago, Chazmania
Using the app is kind of a pain as it will not remember my login credentials, so I have to look up my password every time I log in. The only saving grace is that I can scan tickets in quickly. Not significantly better than just logging in with a web browser and manually entering the ticket numbers.
Show more
5 years ago, Lilahluv03
Cool additional opportunity.
Using app for about a month now. Obtained a few free instant quickpicks options while scanning my nome winning tickets which I wonder if these are the results of the spin to win option we are prompted here& there which won’t load.
Show more
2 years ago, Rekroom3
Win prizes
App isn’t working for a couple days now. Tickets scan but lots of beeping and no scanned tickets registering as having been entered. Looking forward to problem being fixed. Love app. Thanks. Robin M
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3 years ago, Tropicalbeaute
Love the games
Play to win, hey!!!! you never know because you have play the game to win the game. And now with Jackpocket it is so easy to play no more running to the stores. You can play anytime anywhere on your mobile. Love Love NY lottery making the games easier to play.
Show more
3 years ago, v. vrf
Having some fun in earning some money at the same time nothing better than that love it
This app is great easy to use fun making money under the sun all the same time have a great day
Show more
3 years ago, Bolloks!
Needs improvement
There have been a few occasions where the ticket which was perfectly within the date range could not register. Also the date ranges stink. It would be better to give you at, 30 days from draw date.
Show more
5 years ago, Joeneek
Great Rewards!
I’m glad that New York Lottery is giving back to customers for spending money on lottery tickets, & A second Chance for not winning. I hope this continues💰😊, Unlimited amount of daily tickets we should be able to submit
Show more
2 years ago, give me my prizes
Complaint to nycollectwin
I have had some problems with receiving my prizes from the lottery you put my name up as a winner and I claim the prize and never get it that’s false advertising I wrote to you several times about the problem and it was never fixed or handled nobody did anything but I like the game so I continue to play but can I get the prizes that I won
Show more
2 years ago, Jackieeb57
Non Working Scanner
I have tried to scan my tickets over and over, to no avail when lining my tickets to the scanner it kicks me out and says it didn’t read the barcode. This app is not consistent at all and I will be uninstalling as of now. Before I go the example you have of how to scan your ticket does not match with what I have when I go to scan. Fix the bugs and I may come back!
Show more
5 years ago, Sweeper501
Could be better....
The app frequently glitches such as freezing and not opening like last evening. Also it takes too much time to enter each ticket. The only positive is that any Lotto ticket for designated month can be used versus only using Numbers or Win 4 tickets.
Show more
5 years ago, sparimang
Nice app
I like the app. A second chance to win something. I hope they find a way for us to play numbers within the app. That I’ll be nice. Please guys let’s take it to another level. Playing numbers on our smartphone that I’ll be so cool 👍🗽
Show more
1 year ago, monafekun
I cannot scan on collect and win I try so many times not one person can get it to work
Why I can’t get my scan to work on collect and win I got so many tickets
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