Observer-Dispatch - Utica, NY

4.6 (212)
188.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Observer-Dispatch - Utica, NY

4.56 out of 5
212 Ratings
3 years ago, Grandmama Rubman
Very convenient and informative
It’s nice to have the OD on my phone and to have the latest up to date news close at hand.
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2 years ago, Lizzy2022NK
Missing the original newspaper format
Not comfortable at all with this format on my iPad. Why are the articles more than a few days old? The layout is very confusing, there’s no living section, which I presume is now the Lifestyle section. Why can’t the comics be spread onto one page instead of a list of choices? Plus, no Lockhorns,, our favorite. My real question is, is there an option to go to settings to have the original format of a real newspaper? And, why does my iPhone still show the original format? Even the obits show 98 in the number available?. I don’t want to see a month’s worth when I’m a daily subscriber. I just want to see and read the daily paper. Very dissatisfied so far.
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3 years ago, center read
The OD is a fine source for the latest news from all venues… local, state , national and more ! The new format makes it easy to pick up on articles of interest and photos that are relevant! Good reporting as well .
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3 years ago, pas2355
The OD
Love the OD app! Easier than getting all that paper and see the same articles, obituaries, sales, etc
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3 years ago, Cricketmanbob
The new format is terrific. It’s much better than the Syracuse paper.
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2 years ago, Dakoda29
Great interface for paper!
I enjoy this app
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2 years ago, stokerdf
Great paper and app
Great paper and app
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3 years ago, satteryja
Utica OD
Absolutely terrible! Ads take up half the screen and don’t disappear when you touch the “X” in the corner. They expect you to pay for this content??? No me!
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3 years ago, indtybddbfe
OD going out of business
Paper too expensive on line site does not have same content as newspaper
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5 months ago, kvmcc
What a shame ….
What once was a great has now been trashed by owners and sold off bit by bit…..
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3 years ago, MerliesMom
New OD Format
Love the new OD format!
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8 years ago, SillyPhyllie
OD app better than web site!
This is the first app that I have seen that is better than the actual web site! It is well laid out, easy to surf, pleasant to the eye, and no dead links. Unfortunately, they have just started limiting the number of times you can use it per month.
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8 years ago, Retired David
The OD
I was born in the Mohawk Valley and worked in Utica. Currently reside in Ft. Lauderdale. Still have friends and family in NY. The OD keeps me up to date. The app is well done and always improving. Part of my daily routine that I enjoy.
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10 years ago, Teena214
Works well
No issues. Glitches fixed. Could use a few more local stories.
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9 years ago, Adkmnt
I enjoy this ap
Having moved from the area this is a great way to keep in touch with news that still matters to me
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10 years ago, Hockeymmm
Doesn't Work - Nuff Said
Constant "Network Error" no content available messages. Don't waste your time. WKTV app provides good local alternative.
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8 years ago, Cigarwin
Use it daily to keep up to date on the local news
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8 years ago, sgtrcarter
User friendly, well organized. Great up to date news.
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9 years ago, Rongr101
Useful App!
Great way to keep current with home town news.
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6 years ago, NurseJo001
Crashes daily
I have had issues with the old format and continues with the new. I like reading the obituaries and crashes. Then you have to go and start all over again. Needs a fix!
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7 years ago, gibbsj
Have your developers learn how to write complete sentences before you have them post updates to software. It’s absolutely ridiculous and embarrassing. This is obviously an outsourced piece of software, hire real people and get a real app. Figure the Republican paper would hire outside help to do something they should hire somebody internal to do.
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7 years ago, fastbrake
Format disappointing
Not everyone wants picture puzzles. I miss the old format that duplicated the hard copy edition. I could browse and discover page by page. Now I have to think about the categories of news I might want to see, and miss other stories.
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9 years ago, Mmk13323
Have enjoyed this app for 2 years. Always up to date on current events. Thank you
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13 years ago, Disney Ohana
Please fix this app!!
I live very far away, and I would love to see what's going on back home! This app does not work all the time, and when it does, I can't view every section of the 'paper'. I would love to see the announcements, etc. PLEASE FIX THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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8 years ago, Oldman hunter
Reading OD for 50yrs
Great Local Paper - This day and age is hard with all the technology! Kudo's on a fine job for the staff! Thank you
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9 years ago, Con63
Excellent App
Love getting local news on my phone
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13 years ago, Utica OD Subscriber
Would love this app...if it worked!!!
I travel a lot and would love to keep up with local news. Big disappointment!! Come on developers...fix the issues!!
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9 years ago, Deweydecimal13501
Format is finally user friendly
Great new format. Easy to use and find information. Good work!
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6 years ago, Sherma56
Switching screens
When I go to read the obituaries a screen comes in to say I won something. Poor judgement on the app
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9 years ago, Lakeeffect3
Excellent app for new and weather very well laid out and user friendly. Great app
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7 years ago, Youtica
Best local news
Good for local news
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13 years ago, allykitty5
But keeps crashing. Hoping for a fix soon.
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11 years ago, The Saucheech
Are you Kidding?
Used to be a decent app but now they have outsourced certain sections, most notably the obituaries. Initials, seriously!! It's poor decisions like this, that prevent Utica from changing for the better. Proof reading should be a papers number one priority!
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6 years ago, Country Girl NY
Works as it should. I like there calendar of events.
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9 years ago, Uticalover69
Love this app
Great way to get my news fix
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8 years ago, Grasshopper23
Great app!
Love the new app! It's definitely user friendly!!!
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13 years ago, MrMatt1984
Constantly crashes
Worthless until fixed.
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6 years ago, Jewelk0221
Constantly crashing
I refuse to buy a 5 page newspaper for a 1.00. Tried to use the app but it’s worthless crashes every 2 minutes. Don’t waste your time downloading.
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6 years ago, Another ticked off parent
Your broke it. What a shame
Since the new update came out, the news doesn’t update. I’m tired of looking at two week old news. I hope you get it fixed soon.
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8 years ago, WakeForestDave
Hometown news
Good app. Enjoy keeping up with news in my old hometown.
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6 years ago, Oh how happy
Updated but needs patches SOON
I have this app to read obituaries. Since the update I have not been able to read the 1st paragraph before the app closes out. Help!! Getting worse not better.
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7 years ago, Fierceangel26
Pop up ads...
I'm constantly hit with pop up "alerts" about how I've won something. All I want to do is read the news....
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8 years ago, Boor's Bombers
Terrible app!
Your sports coverage is deplorable! As someone who is from New Hartford and lives in Arizona, trying to find all the local high school hockey scores is impossible! Your national sports coverage is poor at best! But if erin hamlin comes in tenth at an event its everywhere!!
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9 years ago, Former MV Resident
Don't waste your time
Disappointing. Misleading headlines. Days old national news. Deleting this app after writing review. I prefer to read another site for informative well written stories about Utica and surrounding areas.
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13 years ago, *----*
Would be great if it worked
This app constantly crashes. If it doesn't work, what good is it?
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10 years ago, Zoe2cute18
This app worked great until a few days ago! What happened? Deleting from my phone if it's not fixed soon. Won't even open let alone crash.
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11 years ago, Galora_k
Crash master
Frequent crashes. At least once every time I use it. Pretty frustrating.
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7 years ago, printrr ink
Not s fan
Much prefer a digital edition that replicates hard copy. Reading page by page provides a more comprehensive, inclusive and satisfying experience.
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3 years ago, Muggs55
Freezes and crashes
I don’t mind subscribing, but fix the app. It freezes and crashes—a lot.
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6 years ago, Weezer91
Shuts down
Trying to read obituaries and site keeps crashing. Won’t be using this app.
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