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New York Lottery
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User Reviews for Official NY Lottery

1.81 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
3 years ago, grabs31
Changed for the worse
The daily draw is gone which is disappointing but not the worst thing but I have noticed since that change there have been other changes. You don’t get as many winning spins and when you go get enough diamonds to spin for a chance at a free lottery ticket you never win anymore. I used to win a ticket maybe every 3 or 4 spins sometimes $1 or $2 once a $5 dollar nothing huge but it was a free ticket. Now the only thing you win is more free spins. I have an app to play on slot machines for fake money. I liked this app because after spending a few hundred on tickets I would usually win a free ticket now it’s just nothing. None of my losing tickets are ever added into the draw either it always tells me I haven’t scanned any tickets in. Which is weird because I scanned in the max amount allowed daily! Cheap
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2 years ago, Debbieg1011
Easy to play difficult to scan tickets as expected
As expected it’s an easy informative lottery app to tell you all about how to play and what the winning numbers are come time to scan your tickets to see if you’ve won and the scanner work poorly. Many if not all apps with barcode scanners read in seconds or less. After 100 attempts a loser ticket scanned 2times but the winning ticket: didn’t scan ONCE. As expected the government run lottery falls short. Maybe they will increase the numbers again and make it more impossible to win- then maybe not update the app. Disappointed.
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7 months ago, Wayne48
Will not scan tickets
The only reason I use this app is to scan many tickets and that does not work. Out of 20 tickets I tried to scan maybe only 1 would scan. And it doesn’t matter which phone I use. This program has been this way for the last year I have tried to use it. 1 your later after the above review you still cannot scan a ticket, so why do I need this app? Plus it seems like no one is reading the reviews. That’s why I started using Jackpocket app. One more thing. You would think with the amount of money that you collect from the lottery you could afford a better app that can at least read barcodes. Very sad.
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3 years ago, MeNotYou2442
No barcode scanning capability
The only reason to have this app on your phone is to be able to scan the barcode on your ticket to check for winning numbers. Almost every other state’s lottery app does this (except for this one). Call me when you implement this feature. Meanwhile this app gets deleted off my phone. (Update 1/4/21) ....On top of the above review (which still stands because they haven’t changed anything) and in NY’s continued celebration of mediocrity, the ny lottery website has recently been updated with LESS functionality. Before, you were able to check multiple plays (i.e. mega mil, powerball, take5 etc...) for winning numbers before clicking “submit”. Now you check numbers one line at a time, then you have to reset and start over entering the play date and next line of numbers on your ticket. Rinse and repeat. Total time waster. Total garbage.
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4 years ago, Danno 34
Quick Draw Draw Time Lags
The scanner works great. Only real problem is the Quick Draw section. It seems to always lag a few minutes behind. Once in a blue moon it’ll be in real time however it’s mostly 2 minutes behind and when you only have 4 minutes between games this can get very frustrating. Not sure why it can’t be in real time. I assume it’s a server issue but why the developers can’t fix this issue is beyond me. Also another important issue is when the numbers are drawn they will only go in numerical order and not the actual way they where drawn. Why????🤷🏼 At least give us an option. If these issues are ever resolved this app would be 5 stars for sure! Please developers fix these 2 issues.
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2 years ago, gibson0670
Zero star for being an absolutely terrible app
Ever since July ‘21 I have tried to use the ticket scanner but keep getting that it is being updated. I started keeping track of that ticket scanner being updated and I have screen shots every day at different times of the since Wednesday, July 24, ‘21 of trying to use the NY Lottery ticket scanner and keep getting that it’s being updated. How is that possible since I have screen shots of dozens of days at different times of those days trying to use ticket scanner? Sometimes I don’t need to use ticket scanner and I will open it and there it is that the ticket scanner is being updated. Absolutely terrible and unacceptable for the ticket scanner to be updated every day since my above date as I have stated.
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2 years ago, NicoTima
I just reinstalled this app after having it off my phone for months
And in all that time, the reason that I uninstalled it still hasn’t been fixed. If you are downloading this app because you are hoping that you are going to be able to scan your tickets with your phone to see if your numbers won, don’t bother. The only reason to even have this app is the ability to scan your tickets. We don’t need an app to manually check lottery numbers. We can get that from the website. Meanwhile, the description of your app still says people can scan their tickets. It’s now in the realm of false advertising, and it is taking you too long to fix it. I am now going to uninstall it yet again.
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1 year ago, Jrexes
Cannot scan tickets
Look, I’m not a professional photographer, but I honestly cannot line up the camera’s scanner function with my ticket in a manner that pleases this app, no matter how much I try. The app just won’t scan my tickets. Don’t have this problem with the NJ Lotto app. It will immediately scan any ticket from NY and tell me that it isn’t valid in NJ. Honestly, I knew better than to buy my ticket in NY, but there was such an excited air in the bodega, with everyone buying those tickets for a potential billion… well, even though I live on the state border, I couldn’t help myself. Will stick to NJ from here on out, even if it means getting out of my car at the gas station. It’s a tough life, and this app ain’t cutting it.
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1 year ago, LindzUSA
Shame on you NY lotto, Shame on you
To NY Lotto: I feel like ranting but I'll make this short and to the point. YOU cut corners making this app, and it shows, you get what you pay for. You seriously can't afford to get a decent application made?!?! To Consumers: DO NOT trust the scanner in this for quick draw tickets, it is HORRIBLE and will gave you false negatives. On top of that either through incompetency and deliberate deceit, the app does not even show any confirmation details when it scans incorrectly. It simply tells you it is not a winner. Without a doubt some people will have and will continue to throw away winning tickets in the belief they are losers. Check your ticket on the official scanners or manually.
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1 year ago, Boomer 19
Poor designed app
I made a new account. Tried to make my own password. And whenever I hit the next tab for confirming the password, it immediately makes its own and delete what I just typed in so I was forced to use the password made for me not to mention, I couldn’t even see what the password was because the end of the tab saying strong password conceals the rest of it. Very poorly designed on a different note why do they put different price amounts on each ticket one ticket says I won two dollars another one says five dollars and then another one says 7000. But they’re not even winners? Whoever designed that I don’t understand why. Practically false advertising
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2 years ago, suger1973
I downloaded this app about 2 years ago. The main thing I liked was the ability to scan my tickets. For the past 6-7 months, the scan feature has not worked. The message still says it’s being updated. How long does an update take? I am about to delete this app since the reason for downloading no longer exists. And when you attempt to get assistance with the app, the link takes you to the website which gives you no option to get assistance for the app. Deleting this app. No one is monitoring it anyway.
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7 months ago, Hychkok
1) Wouldn’t let me create my own 14 character password with capital letters, small letters, numbers and a “special character.” 2) Doesn’t let me pick numbers and buy a ticket. Why not? It’s 21st century. NYS sure as makes it easy to pay my tolls online. You have an app, there’s been a pandemic and may be one in future. You want people to go out and buy lottery tickets during a shutdown? Afraid gas stations, liquor stores and vape shops (which used to be called stationery stores) will shut down if people can quickly and easily pick numbers? 3) Scanner doesn’t work 4) Somebody is getting paid off to make things harder for NY residents, as usual. Should’ve known
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3 years ago, AndrewLevine
Latest Version Crashes
Poorly written application. In the past you had a log on twice to scan tickets. The application never remembers your passwords or allows the iPhone to insert it for you. Yesterday there was an update to the application and now crashes on the iPhone Max as you launch it. It is unusable. Let’s see how long it takes them to fix it. Added July 2021: A recent upgrade has made the scanner all but unusable. Where is previously worked 30 to 40% of the time, now it rarely does. It has been almost a week since this upgrade. While the app does not crash like it used to, it does not properly scan either.
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3 years ago, ieatrawrr
Unable to Use The App 🙃
Since the extended play app has been removed and is no longer working, I decided to download the NY Lottery app so I can scan my tickets. From the moment I opened the app I could not log in because it said my information was wrong. I tried to use the “forgot password” feature but it said my email did not exist in their system. I went to the website and reset my password and tried logging in on the app and still could not. Seeing as my first experience has only been riddled with the inability to use the app as intended, I have to give it one star ‘till something as simple as logging in can be fixed.
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2 years ago, ddujon
Scanning issues
I don’t understand why it’s so hard to scan the tickets. I just got a new iPhone and it’s next to impossible to scan my tickets. You go to retailer and they really don’t want to be bothered. Sometimes they have trouble scanning tickets. The cash n win app isn’t much better. Sent email to gaming commission and they didn’t respond. A lot of inconvenience for something that’s supposed to be fun. Maybe I’ll try one of the gambling apps instead.
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1 year ago, earth john
Not Unexpected
Typical government incompetency. why the ticket scanner is even a part of this app is mine boggling, this app is so stupidly simple that it SHOULD be stupidly simple, but it’s not, I don’t even want to waste my time by figuring out how much time I have wasted trying to scan a ticket again hoping that it would finally work. It’s pathetic to think that when a ticket finally scans on this app I feel like a winner! ..And here’s a simple suggestion, why don’t you make it possible for me to enter my numbers on this app and thenGetting notification when the numbers are drawn, whether I play them or not.. oh, probably sound so stupidly simple. 🧐
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2 years ago, Hugo123BOSS
Can’t See the Results if I Can’t scan it
I have 10 tickets today, I’m trying and trying. After 35min I’m giving up this is the 5th time it has happened. Since I downloaded the app I tried right away and out of 5 tickets it scanned 1. After that I tried to use it every time I played and I have not yet had a day that it would scan all my tickets. The most it has scanned during the 5 times I used was 1 ticket. This app needs WORK !!! A Lot of Work. I don’t recommend it to anyone it’s a Joke not a working App. NJ app and PA app work 100% with out a problem. Good Luck.
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2 years ago, G Murph
Next to useless lately
I wasn’t going to write a review, but after trying to scan a ticket in for the 5th time in the past year and the scan not working and telling me to go to the store to check the ticket I was compelled to write a review. With that feature not working I see no benefit to having the app over checking numbers on the website. Seems like they don’t care about fixing it bc when it did work, it worked poorly, and now the ticket scanner feature hasn't worked at all for as long as I can remember.
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2 years ago, Angie Arcila
Used work but now…😤🤢🤮
At first it was great and it was mostly used to scan lotto tickets which I have the worse habit to let them accumulate and check them after many months so this app was taking care of that huge problem for me until.. the app was updated a few times and then it no longer works at all .. is frustrating not only for scanning tickets but for most everything It’s such a shame they are not trying to improve the app but instead are making it worse
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4 years ago, The best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Doesn’t update jackpot levels at all
Every time I open the app it shows what the jackpots were for over 1 month ago. It just refuses to update. The app isn’t completely useless as you can still find info on the different games including the winning numbers. I just don’t understand how this app is so poorly written that it doesn’t show up to date jackpot levels.
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2 years ago, zbdidodgdd
Waste of time
This app is awful, it rarely completes a scan. When it does work, I have to attempt multiple times for each ticket and if it doesn’t read it stops scanning and gives you directions. It also gives a limit to how many you can scan. The past month it has not been able to scan any tickets. Would think this would have been helpful cause most of the time you use the store scanner which I often find to be out of order.
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7 months ago, Junior BRPO
Rígete scammers lottery
How amazing they control the number,best of all none real people come out saying I win the mega or power ball ,, if someone got it that person is never to be found and if it so that person end up in with no money at all, also why win4 come out with so much doble number, IF YOU STILL BELIEVE IN THIS LOTTERY SCAM YES YOU WILL NEED LUCK Remember it is all computer controlled number such as why they don’t sale you specifically some numbers because they said it is sold out.😳 in a way to minimize the losses.. CASINO & ny lottery are the SAME a big ripoff….
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1 year ago, Pamilico
Want The Old App Back
This new app, is a piece of garbage, loved the old app, that had all the info. Pictures of the winners, had all the scratch off tickets & how many winners were left. The old app had everything. Bring it back.
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2 years ago, Juttin3
Broken for month now
App doesn’t work anyMore. It opens but just keeps spinning. Is the server it connects to down? Also when it did work the contests that required you to scan a ticket never worked. It would say scan ticket to enter but then u would and go back to contest and it still said scan a ticket. I emailed support twice and they didn’t answer question I asked about it. I don’t think support new how the app even worked.
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8 months ago, Andres FM
Scanner does not work
The scanning portion of the app does not work and upon reading reviews it seems like it has never worked. Such a simple fix but they seem to not want to fix it.
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1 year ago, Cathy5665
This app is terrible
The scanner on this app is terrible. One ticket it works next one doesn’t, you are constantly moving ticket back and forth trying to get it just right to scan, it’s ridiculous. New Jersey’s app works great EVERY time. Maybe NY lottery should give NJ lottery a call and ask them how they made their app so reliable and easy to use. Maybe just hire the person who did Jerseys app. It’s just aggravating every time I use it so one star
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2 years ago, mgmten18
How have you not fixed the ticket scanner yet!!
The only purpose of this app is to scan tickets. I’m not going to manually check my numbers. If that’s the case the app has no point whatsoever. The is incompetence at the highest level. The scanner used to work, not great, but it used to. Now it’s completely broken. You may as well just remove the feature altogether, since you’re not doing anything to fix it.
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8 months ago, E244765
Scanner never works
I have been trying to scan tickets for the last year. All of them were purchased in the last 2-3 days and are in pristine condition, and I have made sure that I always had good lighting, but the scanning function does not work. If you are looking to check tickets, you can do it the old fashion (like when I would check them against the newspaper) or go to a retailer. Waste of an app.
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12 months ago, oombawa
No Scanning
Loaded this app only because of having the ability to scan tickets… claims unlimited scans but if I’m lucky and I stress “IF” I’m lucky I can scan 2-3 tics before it quits…. And the tickets I am able to scan take about 8-12 passes before they read…. My opinion this is junk and don’t waste your time with it…. Someone either didn’t know what they were doing or didn’t care when putting this together
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12 months ago, flbrowne
Login Issues
I was logged in earlier today (08Mar23) and the scanner function gave me an error about not being able to connect to the server (worked this morning but not after 12pm). I logged out and then tried to log back in and now it’s telling me that my email/password is incorrect. I’m able to log into the collect an win website (same account information) 🤷‍♂️.
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2 years ago, hate ny lottery app
How is it that in New York we have the worst I mean absolutely the worst lottery app ?!!!! How ?!!! Anywhere else Georgia ..jersey .. Cali.. all places as soon as you pull ticket out of pocket it’s scanning the tickets in less then half a second but New York lottery has the worst scanner in the world .. I’m sitting home with about 30 tickets trying to scanning and none of them work !!!! What’s going on ??? Call a different state and get with the program Quick!!
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2 months ago, AiredMania
Never Scans
The app is worthless without being able to scan barcodes. It scans scratch offs but I don’t play those. The whole point of this is avoiding going to the store to scan. Somebody else in the comments remarked that covering the red border on the paper os the only way. I tested it, they’re correct. The red border interferes with the cameras ability to read the barcode. So NY needs to get rid of that feature on the paper.
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5 months ago, Mr. Clemmons
This app is pitiful
I have this app for one reason, and one reason only, to scan my tickets, so I don’t have to waste time going to the store to scan them. I mean, honestly, the scanner hasn’t worked properly in close to two years. it’s obvious that the developers of this app have given up and have moved on. What a waste.
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2 months ago, NYC_2020
NY lottery is just too cheap to invest in a normal functioning ticket scanner within its app. The Scanner never work. Look at Florida scanner that works every time with precision. Why can’t NY Lottery invest in a scanner that works? is there no budget?? Beside having the scanner for continuance, it also serve a extra security for winners, by proving the correct win amount instead if trusting some store merchant to tell you what is the amount you won…
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1 year ago, WaytogoGTO400
Simply not intuitive and poor performance
The app scan feature is essentially useless much like the scanners in the stores which FAIL to work far more often than they actually do. Wish the app would provide all informational options as a button/tile on each game versus the menu or file tab options. The NY Lottery web page is WAY more user friendly. I’m deleting the app.
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2 years ago, monfilss
This is by far the worse ever APP for Lottery player, for such a big city , I’ve contacted them in numerous occasions for over a year now regarding the fact that the scan part of the app used to work , and it was very convenient. I hasn’t work in over a year . No one in NY Lottery support never reply and their number does not work either. This App should be removed from the App Store. Please don’t bother with this useless App
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6 months ago, Xvinnyax74
Fix the Ticket Scanner
The ticket scanner used to work so well. The APP has not been updated to work well with the updated phones and closes the wrong camera to focus on the ticket. Even using an older phone the update that was done has made the ticket scanner unusable. Other States have smaller lotteries and have their app’s working properly. Democratic State and misuse of funds. Make the dumb app work.
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2 years ago, monstahgabe
Fix the scan feature
Wanna know if you got a winning ticket?! Then don’t use this app! The scan feature occasionally works when it wants to, most of the time you’ll be trying endlessly to scan a single ticket to no avail, only to give up 15-20 mins later. Your best bet is to just go to the retailers and scan using the machines, this app is garbage and needs to be fixed
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2 years ago, Homer Time
Scanning never works.
The only thing the app does is give you the lottery results. The scanning part of the app that should let you know if a ticket is a winner has not worked. It constantly says it is updating and to take the ticket to a retailer. Don’t waste space on your device for an app whose main function doesn’t work.
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2 years ago, Petah_
Scan your winning tickets is a pain
At first the option to scan your tickets worked great but then something happened and they haven’t fixed it since, I regularly play power and mega and my tickets pile up at home i wish it was more reliable at scanning your tickets
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1 year ago, bren7204
Worst revision EVER!
Why did the “developers” mess with a good system just to replace it with this? This version is awful! It doesn’t let us know where to winning tickets were sold, how much you get with your winning numbers, how much the next jackpot is worth…..too many discrepancies to deal with, it’s just plain awful! Get new developers. Besides that, the scanner is hit or miss, just terrible!
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1 year ago, second chance 2022
If I could give this no stars I would. I have been trying to enter scratch off tickets on my computer. For the losing lottery ticket promotion for Triple Red 777. All of a sudden everything I try to enter is invalid. I downloaded the lottery app on my phone so I could scan or enter them manually. Nope can’t get the “promotions” feature to open. Says it is not supported in my country or region! Total scam
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4 months ago, GlamourNails
Ticket Scanner Not Working
I downloaded the NYS Lottery App today and I am unable to scan my “Lotto” and “Powerball” tickets. This error is displayed: “Please visit a New York Lottery retailer if you're unable to scan a ticket” I stopped the app, restarted my iPhone (13 Pro Max on iOS version 16.5.1 (c)) and the same error remains displayed. When do you anticipate the scanning function will be fixed?? Your response is appreciated!
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1 year ago, tackett2005
I can’t play from the app, what’s the point
I thought the entire point of getting a Lotto app would be to play the lottery from my phone without having to go out and physically play, but it appears that isn’t what this app is for. Which for me renders it absolutely useless. I can play from the website in a browser on my phone so there’s that, but the app is pointless.
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1 year ago, Stacey Austin
No longer able to scan
I used to use this app to scan all my tickets but I have been unable to scan for about 6 months now. The only thing it is good for is looking at the winning numbers. It’s disappointing, definitely needs some updating
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7 months ago, EN82!
Won’t let me create account
The app REQUIRES you to create an account to check tickets. But putting in a phone number it says invalid phone number format. Been like this for weeks now. The account is separate from the website account so I can’t even log in with an already established account. Edit: Months later same thing. Fix your app
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2 years ago, mjmjm1150
Bad scanner
The only reason I have this app is to scan the bar codes. The scanning function almost never works. Maybe 1 time out of every 100 tries. Every other scanner I used for every other app works great. I don’t see why NY lottery can’t get this one simple feature to work properly. It’s not worth the space on my phone to keep this app that doesn’t work.
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3 years ago, Fidelisimo
Scanning Feature no longer works
I’ve been using the NY lottery for a few years and have been pleased with the scanning featuring. However, about a week ago, I noticed that the scanning feature no longer worked. When I attempt to scan a ticket nothing happens or the image “freezes”. Is this a known issue on iOS/Apple version of the app?
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4 years ago, Hahah123455
Scam. Preprogrammed results.
Me, my sister and my father all used the app and got the exact same scenarios from the “slot machines” we all “won” a couple $2, a $5, and a $10 ticket within the first levels. And then 50 levels later we have all won MAYBE a $2 or $3 ticket. It’s all pre programmed and rigged so no matter how many spins you have , you WILL NOT WIN. I HAD OVER 1000 spins and not one “winner”!!! Same for my sister and Dad. This app is rigged.
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8 months ago, Got Gett
Can't buy lottery tickets
Without the ability to buy lottery tickets, this app is pretty useless. The scan ticket feature doesn't work. You can just check your numbers online; you don't need this app and in fact, you can go much further back to check numbers on their website than you can on the app.
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