Official Summerfest 2023 App

2.9 (66)
97 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Official Summerfest 2023 App

2.94 out of 5
66 Ratings
8 years ago, Frostyfoust
Bug in Summerfest Radio
When using the Summerfest radio you can't go back to the app. You need to close the application completely and then relaunch the Summerfest app. Thanks
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1 year ago, Just the beast
When it works it’s great..
Setting up your schedule and laying out the map is great. However, the app is a slow opener which makes it inherently difficult to use with the lower bandwidth available at the grounds when things get busy. I also have issues with it loading in a timely matter outside of the grounds but there are plenty of other variables at play there.
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6 years ago, Amarantha10
If I am listening to music with my Bluetooth headphones and start the app, the Bluetooth disconnects and music starts blaring through my phone speakers. This even happens when I get push notifications from the app, which is completely beyond my control. So embarrassing when I am at work listening to music and trying to plan my night at Summerfest, and it’s a bad design flaw in an app specifically designed for music lovers.
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1 year ago, iracecars
Band descriptions are illegible
Practically every band description is illegible due to unparsed HTML characters, which is absurd considering this is an app for a music festival. Speaking of absurd, you can’t bring an empty water bottle to fill inside, drinking fountains are rare and the water is warm and a small bottle of water cost $5.25.. in 90 degree heat. Milwaukee..
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6 years ago, briceon
Great app
It helpful and see who is performing on each stage for 11 days and with a map of the ground.
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2 years ago, Ackmed22
No help
They left or than half the artists off the schedule. If it wasn’t a big name it wasn’t posted. There was also a glitch with the maps that made it unreadable.
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2 years ago, BobbyBoy414
Crash Crash Crash
Keep trying to view the schedule and adjust my favorite artists, but just keeps crashing.
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5 years ago, emmma___2222
LOST $59
I went to buy tickets online and purchased ( so I thought). It said declined, but my bank account shows a transfer of -$59. I called them the customer service was HORRIBLE. Still don't have my money I saved to go so 🤷‍♀️
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5 years ago, MKE--Dave
This app makes paying for tickets such a chore, I finally gave up after three tries and decided to pay for tickets the old school way, by standing in an actual line.
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2 years ago, XbsjjaJ
Glitchy App
“Download summerfest app to get a free ticket” but every time I enter my email address it says it’s invalid. Seems like this is a reoccurring issue for many that nobody wants to fix.
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2 years ago, Cuthbert63
“Claim your weekday ticket” option fails with “invalid email.” Tried three different email addresses, several times, with the same result.
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3 years ago, Maine Kimmer
Won’t install
I’m sure I’d give it a much higher rating if it would install. It says it’s compatible with my iPhone, but doesn’t download. Fail. :(
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5 years ago, Mjmanthey
Useless for buying tickets
This app is useless for buying tickets. The integrated web viewer is horrible. Just go online with safari. Also, the online tickets don't integrate with Apple wallet.
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6 years ago, TylerSkenandore
Which all festivals were this smart!
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5 years ago, •Kelz•
Frustration station
Trying to buy tickets? Don’t bother. It keeps looping you around the app and it’s impossible to purchase tickets. A complete waste of time.
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1 year ago, Tilly1234*
App won’t load
Downloaded the app and selected the bands I want to go see and now it doesn’t load …
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5 years ago, chris22399
Registration process to buy tickets is absolutely awful. I gave up and will buy at venue.
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5 years ago, BlondieApp360
Not a true mobile app! Scrolling endlessly is rediculous
That schedule is visually is very confusing!
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5 years ago, MBart
App blows to make a plan
This app blows at making a plan for the events.
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6 years ago, A happy camper:)
I had a free ticket for July 4th that got taking away:( no one will help and now I can’t go. Stupid app.
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6 years ago, A-r-p
Last years info2017??
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9 years ago, mtlyoshi9
Allow Previous Shows to be Seen!
One of the things I've used this app for is marking favorites as I go along, discovering new bands that I want to follow up on and check out later when I get home. However, I've found that it's impossible to go back to see bands that played on previous days, even those you mark as favorites! I love that by default the lineup shows the upcoming shows, but if we choose to scroll back or pick favorites from certain days, we should be able to do so! Please change this in the app so I can find all the groups I enjoyed at the fest!
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8 years ago, I_Blonde
Great for the lineup and locations
The only thing the app needs to add is whether or not the concert is free. If general admission does not include this concert, maybe it could provide a link to buy tickets? Otherwise this app is perfect for figuring which band is playing when and where.
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8 years ago, SantaMF
Radio closes from the top
^^^ The radio closes by hitting the down error just below your clock.
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9 years ago, AussieTraveler
An 8th grader could do better
This is a very basic, simplistic app that offers no benefit over the Summerfest website. I hope they didn't blow their budget on this app.
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9 years ago, Summerfestlover
Applebee's has lost all my business
This app is terrible! You can't view any event without an Applebee's ad taking over the entire screen. Searching and sorting is terrible and awkward. For such an amazing event to have an abomination of an app is a travesty
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10 years ago, YountFan
Calendar is to hard to use
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10 years ago, Max171715
I love Summerfest! Also it would be cool if I could get 2 tickets to DMB..👍
Show more
10 years ago, BobbyKilroy
Top Of The Line
exactly what I was looking for.
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9 years ago, Timhenk
Worthless app. Can't sort by date. Can't sort by stage. You're better off clipping the lineup out of the paper.
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7 years ago, WinPro
1st time opening and splashed with an ad saying my "battery is at 30% find out more!" When my battery was at 90%. Nope. Insta-delete.
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8 years ago, Robrobert46
Summerfest 2016
Can't wait
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9 years ago, 13 yr-old kid
Awful is Scott Walker in charge
Awful is Scott walker in charge
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10 years ago, Swingkytn
Ready to Rock!
Nice app!! Takin' summer by storm!
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9 years ago, Lillabel
Terrible is Tom Barrett in charge
Terrible is Tom Barrett in charge
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3 years ago, Naybors
Much Improved for 2021
First, ignore any ratings that are older than 2021! The 2021 app is MUCH better than before. This is a good thing, because they don’t print detailed schedules anymore. After clicking on an artist’s name, you can see their bio and then go to links on Spotify, YouTube, etc. to listen to them. You can search for artists using a genre (e.g., blues). You will get artists with Blues in their bio, which will include more artists than you may be interested in, but at least you will see all those that are in the blues genre. You can look at the schedule by time or place. You can mark an artist as a favorite and you will be notified before they start to play. You can also search for food at Summerfest using this app. You can search for a type of food (e.g., tacos) or see all the vendors near you or in alpha order. Definitely a great job by the Summerfest folks on updating this app. Too bad they can’t remove all the one stars they got from the app versions before this one.
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