Oklahoma Lottery

1.3 (181)
51 MB
Age rating
Current version
Oklahoma Lottery Commission
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Oklahoma Lottery

1.3 out of 5
181 Ratings
11 months ago, 918VENOM
Just Fix It!
Why is it that every time I try to use this useless Oklahoma Lottery app, it does not work? When I go to the Player’s Club tab, my Dashboard is blank and I get an error message that says “We had some trouble reaching out to the Lottery. Please check your internet connection and try again.” Not to mention when I click on the Promotions tab, the app immediately force closes. So not only can I not get points for the lottery tickets that I have purchased, I cannot scan my non-winning tickets to enter second chance drawings. Please get new app developers and fix these issues that I am sure other states are not having with their Lottery apps. Probably because they have competent developers that update and fix bugs and glitches within their apps. People send too much money on your lottery tickets to not be able to successfully check their tickets , get points for their purchases or enter non-winning tickets for a chance to possibly win other prizes! Just like this state…this app is a joke!
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4 months ago, Angry dude 24
Needs options and bug fixes
This app could be very useful, if it had a couple of more features. and obviously fix the bugs. I like to play the lottery using the tickets that I create, I recently found out however the lottery doesn’t make tickets anymore and we’re forced to use this app, not sure why they came up with that one. On this app however, there is no way save your tickets. Subsequently, I have to re-create my tickets every time!!. In addition, on some games such as the Powerball, when you enter five rows, you can’t Touch and in some cases even see the next button, i’m not sure if it’s just my phone or all phones have this problem? If the Oklahoma lottery is going to force us into these apps, they need to make sure they work, it is lost revenue for them after all.
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2 years ago, MetoU2me
Get the Bugs Out
Scan ticket or scratcher and the app shuts down. Delete app and reinstall and same thing happens. Open app again, scan and get message that an error has occurred. Scan, scan, scan and finally get a result, “Not a Winner”. Try to enter a promotion by spending points, entered the number of points I wanted to spend, tap, tap, tap to enter and app shuts down😵‍💫. I know this app wasn’t created to be frustrating but it is. I know this app should be fun and engaging but it isn’t. It’s as though interns or students designed and poorly maintain it.
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2 years ago, The Jedihunter
Forensic audit is needed
The easiest way to fraudulently make money by the people developing the app would be to make the app consistently not allow players to submit tickets for second chance drawings; while having someone purchase a bunch of these tickets and making sure those peoples players club accounts actually work. Given the comments and my own experience with the app either the above mentioned scenario or really crappy personnel is why the app hasn’t worked as intended for years.
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9 months ago, Baumad52
Caught in a Loop
App does not work. Once I have registered the account and set up the password, you would think it would be ready to go. No! It asks to verify the account by submitting the email address. Doing so just throws you into a continuous loop of creating new passwords none of which are ever successful. Can’t use any of the online features of the Players Club unless you can successfully login and that doesn’t appear to be happening.
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4 months ago, Chris/Groot
It’s okay
It’s a great app, I love using it to scan in my tickets and redeem points for said tickets, but I’m a little tired of being logged out of the app randomly all the time. And when trying to log back in it won’t let me. I’ve lost over 2000 points because the app refuses to allow me to log back in. After making a new account I still couldn’t successfully log in.
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8 months ago, DOJRP FAN
Love It
I love using the app to purchase my lottery tickets if I may suggest make it easier at the kiosk would allow the phone and kiosk to connect and then be able to purchase and print a ticket through the app would awesome 🤜🤛😎🇺🇸
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1 year ago, Greencab80
Having trouble scanning tickets to see you're not if a winner. This happens every two or three updates I'll scan a scratcher or a ticket in the app crashes O log back in and redo it. Same thing deleted the app, reinstall it re-login try again same thing is there a way that this can please be fixed?
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2 years ago, mollav
This app is always having issues. Scanner doesn’t work to check tickets 80% of the time, it either shuts down or says “an error has occurred”. When you try to spend points to enter a promotion the app shuts down or freezes up. It’s been like this since I downloaded the app. Nobody is maintaining this app and fixing any bugs and glitches that occur on a daily basis at this point.
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1 year ago, TheConfessor
Scratcher Check Won’t Focus
When attempting to utilize the ticket checker, the scan section using my camera will not focus under any circumstances. Back out to check the camera lens in photo mode & ensured there wasn’t some smudge in the lens- checked fine. Just the app has issues. EVERYTHING is out of focus. iPhone 14 ProMax / iOS 16.1.2 If you can’t scan, you can’t do bonus drawings. I’d say their app builder is par for the course for an OK government-funded project.
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3 months ago, Sour Apples 64
Players Club unusable-how to fix it
To fix this issue, remove app from phone and reinstall….Please fix the players club app for Apple. It always says “ We had some trouble reaching out to the Lottery. Please check your internet network connection.” Even when I am connected to the internet. It should work regardless if I am using the internet or my cellular service. Please fix it.
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4 weeks ago, Smokey7733
Verification of email
I don’t loaded the app and registered and I had to verify my email address. I went to my email and found email from y’all and it will not verify my email address when I click on the link. I have tried it several times I even redid the password, but nothing works. Please fix the problem. Thank you..
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2 years ago, Alvenchipmunk
Tried to login on the app to the players club, keeps wanting me to reset my password. Then I reset my password and it wants me to verify my account which gives me another link to reset my password. All I wanna do is save my numbers on my phone without havingTo have the play slips. But that seems to be too complicated for this app.
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12 months ago, cjc6006
Consistently has bugs or errors
This app consistently will kick you out of when trying to scan or check tickets. Error messages are frequent and you are consistently signed out of your account. Needs to be better.
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10 months ago, Katsmom99
This app is awful. Tried logging in and it tells me my password is wrong. I reset my password and then try to login and it tells me it needs to verify my email. It then sends another email to reset my password. What’s the point of having an app if it is completely useless??
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1 year ago, win with the word
I love having access to the app; however, it often glitches, fails to scan tickets, and shuts off without reason. It has improved over the years, but definitely needs more attention and maintenance.
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5 months ago, sfjrjth
Endless loop
I’ve set up the app but when trying to login it makes me verify my email which sends an email with a link to reset my password, which was correct to begin with!! There’s no way to login due to the endless loop of verifying email and resetting password. Uninstalling right now!
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7 months ago, Jackson 997
Like the commission, it does not work
Don’t even bother with this app, the Palyer Club will put you into an endless loop of verifying your email, never to get into the club because you have not verified your account. There is no where to submit errors or to contact support. Totally junk programming.
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1 year ago, Heyslife
This app is full of bugs!!!
Tried to sign into my player club account but it keeps redirecting me to verify my account. Regardless of how I choose to do so, it sends me back to the reset password page. Frustrating!!!! Will not use it until someone fixes the bugs.
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4 months ago, Nickname 123356
This app is unbelievably terrible. It doesn’t work at all.
I can’t even log into it. It tells me I need to validate my email, I click on the link in the email it sends, it takes me right back to where I was and won’t let me in. The ticket scanner does nothing.
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5 months ago, Stieux
Who ever made this app is dumb
I go to log in, using my email and password of course, how else, then it says I need to verify my email by typing it in, so I do then it sends me a password reset link, and so on, even tried resetting my password, just has me in a never ending loop of password reset.
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2 years ago, yoxsue
Just doesn’t seem to work
Either it’s not user friendly, or it has a glitch! When you add your numbers in then hit done it should the check the numbers! It does not where as the older version was much easier to Maneuver
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9 months ago, OKIETHEFARMER
Shuts off and disappears
It’s been updated multiple times, but every time I open the application, it freezes and shuts off. It might work once or twice, but for the most part never does. It’s worthless, Oklahoma lottery fix your stuff.
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3 months ago, hontoz405
Trouble with the app
This app gives me so much trouble now it’s saying that my phone is running an error for when I try to scan my tickets and scratchers. I’ve downloaded it twice and still is messed up.
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8 months ago, Bnutz1978
Terrible app
This app is terrible. Never works. Looks like Oklahoma lottery app needs to get their ish together Isn’t there another app I can use to build play slips that works? The only benefit to this is it’s free so at least I’m not wasting money other than playing the lottery.
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6 months ago, rdd61
App doesn’t work
Tried joining players club. Need to verify email but keeps taking me to the app with nothing or it causes me to reset my password. After 6 times of resetting and it still saying I needed to verify my email, I gave up.
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11 months ago, cmt898901
I’ve had this app for a year, it’s hardly ever working, there was just a great promotion going on and I saved the tickets that was for it, and the whole time, not a single day, the app wasn’t working. It’s crap that you lead people on
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2 years ago, sp0616
Ticket Checker
This is not working and stopped working at the beginning of this month. I contacted the lottery commission but they were no help. It just keeps saying this option is currently off line between 12:00 and 4:00 a.m. for maintenance.
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2 years ago, angela123go
No numbers!
No where in the app does it tell us what range of numbers is on a Powerball or Mega Millions ticket! Why wouldn’t you give basic info?
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3 months ago, Unluckyontheluckyday
Wont load
App won’t load scan bar to purchase ticket. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and turned my phone off. How can I buy a ticket if it says error every time. Useless app.
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7 months ago, jray027
Players club
I can not sign up for the players club and there is no info on who I could contact for help. It keeps saying to verify email, wants me to reset password then i get a blank screen.
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1 month ago, Don1976(1)
Still not working
Why can I not change my password . The app does not recognize the password I saved. A online Oklahoma lottery pick would work with this app.
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5 months ago, Carladawn
Players Club
Players club has not worked on the app for several weeks now please fix this it just tells me it cannot connect
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1 year ago, 20 times to log in no luck
I can’t get logged in for the last year
I’ve tried to reset my password with my email a dozen times. There no help with it so whatever. Guess no player club member here!
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2 years ago, Matorfan
Has potential
App would be good if it wouldn’t crash almost every time you tried to scan a ticket or look at promotions.
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8 months ago, mattc17
Ticket scanner rarely works
The app crashes nearly every time I scan a ticket. So annoying
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9 months ago, Dandissapointed
How come every other state can figure this out except Oklahoma?? Can’t even register. Can’t find help to fix the problem. Just horrible.
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2 years ago, htwozero
Play slip
Only one reason I got this app, to choose my own numbers! The Done button is below iPhones screen range. Why have the build the app if you don’t test it!
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1 year ago, k80lady3
All points, no play. Only redeems the points from non-winner tickets. Does not allow submissions for any of the contests. The app locks up and closes out when the promotions tab is selected.
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6 months ago, Joel the Gerbal
Does not work…
I downloaded to scan scratch tickets I got as a gift, but the app would not scan a single card. Totally worthless, totally garbage app.
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2 years ago, Red Zone OK
Don’t waste your time on this
This app was really great at one time. The scanner was great. It no longer works and has not in a long time. Do waste your time on this.
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2 years ago, tina4bop
Unable to check tickets often. Always says unable to open. Worse app ever!!!
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12 months ago, Ok lottery worst app
Pitiful excuse for an app!
This is probably the worst app you’ll ever see! It never works, always a problem with it. I would give it 0 stars if I could.
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1 year ago, Libbylou$7
Ticket scanner
The ticket scan always has issues. Many times it’s offline and not working, outside of the maintenance hours from 12AM-4AM.
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1 year ago, face405
App doesn’t work BUGGY!!! PROMOTIONS forget it.
Forget trying to use your points for promotions, just won’t work. Is this what we voted for & how the state ran IT department runs an unreliable simple app?
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3 weeks ago, NukNuk2014
Great App - Unless You need to use it.
Scan lottery cards/tickets - great! Players Club - unusable. Verify email - won’t work. Change password - won’t work.
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2 weeks ago, Not bad but__
Please update it the ticket checker does not work and also I cannot get into my players club account
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3 weeks ago, Rbh5081
App does not fully work
Players club and other parts so not work. App will just crash if I click "players club"
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5 months ago, Coach Russ 10
If you offer something make sure it works before you release it.
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3 months ago, Worldlly
Doesn’t work.
Endless loop of verifying email credentials when trying to create an account.
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