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User Reviews for Omaha World-Herald

4.25 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
7 years ago, Omahahn
Good content (limits are more annoying than ads)
Why put a limit on usage and serve up ads?
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3 years ago, On The JMT
Honest journalism that we need
I love the Omaha World-Herald and rely on them to keep me informed on what is happening locally. If you aren’t subscribed please consider supporting them. My one suggestion for the app would be to allow people to select which topics they would like to receive push notifications for. That would let me keep getting the important notifications I care about and skip the stuff I don’t care about. Similar to how your newsletters work.
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6 years ago, Rittersportster
Moving well into the 21st century
I like the way OWH continues to transition into a modern/current paper. Sympathize with the need for keeping up advertising. Would give five stars if subscription/circulation would improve. This time ordered online and got a thank you from Winston-Salem. Almost thought I had the wrong paper. If I call “Omaha” circulation, I get Tulsa. Found out that online subs are printed out and data uploaded by hand. Really? This is where you need to modernize. Thanks.
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5 years ago, SJ257
POOR Performance
OWH App on-line paper continually freezes up, won’t allow any of the categories to be accessed. This is a daily event! When I have been able to access a story, after reading or scrolling down a few lines, the “paper” will switch you back to the main Page at which time you have to reload the story from that specific story. Many other issues and this is the only newspaper app along with all of my other apps that I have constant trouble with!!! Yes....I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it, I’ve rebooted my phone, Ive done everything on my end to remedy these ongoing issues. I will be canceling my subscription!
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5 years ago, Boscheefan
New subscriber here. Got it just for the digital version since I’m a millennial and only want to read certain articles (top news, sports, etc.). The reason I signed up for a digital subscription was because of the subscriber plus articles, but there are no categories within the subscriber plus area!! Additionally, there is no sign-in feature built in to the app. If you want to read an article, it takes you into a built-in browser and makes you sign in for every single article you want to read. What’s the point of that?!?! Definitely not renewing once my current subscription is up.
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2 years ago, jstormy76
A Trip to the Dentist! Yay!
Do you like a trip to the dentist without Novocain? An IRS audit? Going to the DMV? If you said yes to all three then this is the app for you! This app is horrible. Bugs, shut downs, click tricks are everywhere. Even worse, this is no longer a legitimate news organization. They fired most of the experienced journalists and outsourced their news. The few local journalists (sic) they employ seemingly write their news based on Snapchat or Instagram sources. And we wonder how news organizations are dying. One exception: the local sportswriters are great. They are the reason I continue to subscribe.
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2 years ago, SeanFromNE
So so so so many ads…
There is not a single good reason to use this app. Even their horrible mobile web experience is better than this abomination. Absolutely flooded with ads from the very start (a video ad on opening? Is this candy crush or a news organization?!). No ability to see any of the discussions from the paper’s website. Crashes regularly, likely from all those third party ad scripts running everywhere. Did I mention the ads? Every time I use this it serves as a reminder to cancel my subscription renewal…
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5 years ago, MB WA
If you would like to see how it can be done . . .
. . . properly, and keep the reader engaged without having them curse every few minutes, examine the site for The Washington Post; especially delve into their classic newspaper app. I can read the paper as if it were in my lap. I can "decide" if I want to leave classic to read an article in traditional on-line formatting. The layout is in sections exactly as one finds it in print form. I struggle through your app because, it's the only game in town. But, it is not enjoyable. Thanks, Michael Bicak Redmond, WA
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5 years ago, lfangman
I love getting the digital paper.
I subscribed to the sports articles only, but as I read all the articles with my free one week subscription to the entire paper, I realized I enjoyed having the entire paper. I love keeping informed with what is going on locally. So I bought a one year subscription. I read the paper on my phone or iPad.
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5 years ago, J. Aspen
It’s honest and take journalism seriously
As a subscriber I love that the OWH digs into local issues that matter. If not OWH then who? Subscribe so Omaha has a mechanism to pay people to research news. As a past subject...they didn’t let me get away with much, asked hard questions and did, in fact, report in as unbiased a way as is humanly possible.
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2 years ago, Badbackliz
The App constantly crashes
The OWH app is absolute garbage. It constantly crashes as you reading. I was trying to read a story this morning that had actual journalism, and I was was scrolling through the story, at least 10 times the app would take me back to the top of the article, and the photos don’t load and you loose your spot. Also, there are so many more articles in the paper that never make it to the app, which is frustrating.
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2 years ago, Jcampbellk
Horrible app for a news org
Opened with an ad for a game that I had to watch for about 10 seconds. The web site, while not great, is better than this annoying experience. It’s still much easier to read the news on paper because annoying ads don’t pop up when you’re trying to read a news article. It would be nice to have a better online news experience. It can be done; look at the Washington Post.
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5 years ago, saminski
Terrible election coverage on app
Aside from a few random stories buried in the news section, the election results were nowhere to be found. At the top of the app were some super lame “subscriber plus” stories that nobody is interested in. Would it have made more sense, I don’t know, to show the progress along precinct counts paired with vote tallies in the top three contests instead? Take a few hints from how the DM Register does it. You want people’s eyes on your app, right?
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6 years ago, Canes2299
Great App
I love reading up on my hometown. OWH has some great writers, I recommend u adding this to ur list of news. I wish they would bring back the submit a story section. If u need some humor check out the momaha section. You will have a new appreciation for parents.
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2 years ago, tyronejulius
Vulgar, violent, intrusive ads- even for subscribers
30 second ads at startup and now randomly that occur while using the app that make it impossible to do anything but wait it out. This is terrible enough but some of the ads are both violent (an ad for game apps where people are mass shooting zombies) and racy. Again this occurs even if you are a paid subscriber. I absolutely thought OWH and BHM had better standards than this.
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2 years ago, inatinnfiBtOnz
Rating the app, NOT the paper!
I strongly believe in supporting local journalism. But the OWH app is chock-full of ads, and terribly buggy. It constantly starts video advertisements when just scrolling through, trying to read an article- and often just goes black as if trying to load a video but there’s a glitch of some sort. Trying to use the app is a very frustrating and disappointing experience.
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5 years ago, steve_red3
New version 5.0 horrible on iPad
I use the OWH app multiple times daily and found the previous versions to be great. New 5.0 is a huge step backwards, in fact I’m now going straight to the website and quit using the app. There is no landscape version for iPad and the photos/graphics take up so much screen space that you have to scroll and scroll to find stories. iPhone version is only a little better. Sorry, but this app is bad.
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5 years ago, Gramabarbie60
Skip this paper
Pretty worthless paper. They do a very poor job of covering the news. Buffet's influence since he bought has been a real detriment to the quality. Real the Lincoln Journal Star and see how much better coverage they give every story, even Omaha news. They World Herald rarely covers anything on the ARCHDIOCESE OF OMAHA trying to delay, manipulate and deny turning over the records to the Attorney Generals Office. The Lincoln Journal star will have a half page article about it. Warren Buffet you are a creepy, evil jerk!!!
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2 years ago, fegxghfc
Constantly having to log out and back in
If you love logging in and out of apps you’ll love this one. While you’re logged into the app, if you want to read anything beyond the headline, the app makes you sign in. But you’re already signed in, so it won’t work. So then you have to log out, then log back on. It’s ridiculous.
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7 years ago, former canary owner
Latest update worthless
This ap used to be fairly easy to use and most of the time functioned as expected. This last update made the epaper basically unreadable on my iPad. When you try to move about on a page the stupid system plugs in 1/2 page from another section. It randomly moves back and forth plugging in pages from wherever. The page number is never displayed correctly. This update is garbage.
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2 years ago, Thor one million zillion
Not the app of a legitimate news organization
Articles are great when you finally get to read them. However every time you open the app you have to watch some asinine 30 second ad for some lame iPhone game. By default the sound is turned which makes them twice as annoying.
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4 years ago, SF1040
Terrible App
This app is fine if all you want is Husker news. It has no national news and keeps “news” stories up for days. App is fine if you don’t mind ads jumping onto your screen while scrolling for articles (most of which are 2-5 days old). Navigation throughout the app is difficult. Unless you are interested in strictly local Omaha or Nebraska news, there is no reason to have this poorly functioning app.
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4 years ago, FirstbornLB
Worst News App
I truly want to support local news and that is the only reason I have a subscription. App is not easy to use. No option to login or out and can’t view or manage account. I had to click on additional links to view articles. After having a NYT subscription and using their app using this app is beyond disappointing. It seems like there is only a hand full of articles. I truly hate this app.
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3 years ago, KJShyer
Ads cover the screen
Possibly the worst, least-functional news app I’ve ever used. The entire top half of the screen in a banner ad. All the way across, the whole top half. Try reading a newspaper on the bottom half of your screen only. You can read maybe two lines before scrolling. It’s so ridiculous for a PAID app. And it’s not cheap.
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1 year ago, Starunner
Awful layout and ad ridden
Really disappointed with the OWH app. The formatting is awful and the layout is not user friendly. It’s difficult to search for specific articles and as a paying subscriber to the World Herald, I find it surprising that there are so many advertisements still littered throughout the app. Makes for a frustrating user experience.
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1 year ago, Parent CCS
Worthless app
Links don’t work. Search function doesn’t work. Crashes regularly. Worthless. Update…App developer response explicitly implies I don’t know how to navigate the app which is causing the problems. Yea, cause I don’t know how to “click” a story/advertisement poorly disguised as a story. Or how to click on 3 week old stories still populating the home page. Yep.
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6 years ago, ActionReader
Keeps me updated
As a Snowbird in Phoenix, I need to keep updated on what's going on back home in Omaha. This app is perfect in filling that void. No complaints. I really appreciate the availability of my hometown newspaper while I'm on the road.
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4 years ago, P2inCB
Unusable - and it got worse.
OMG it got worse! Now every time I launch the app I get blasted with ads lasting 10-30 seconds. I pay for the digital edition and I get this crap. The latest version lost almost all of its functionality. It no longer will work in “landscape” mode on my iPad or iPhone. I can’t easily find local news, sports or obits. It’s as if the news was vomited on to my device.
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7 years ago, Flat waters
Omaha World Herald
A needed news source in the world of Fake News. Going forward your News Paper needs to stand strong against Trumps attempt to weaken your important work. Thank you
Show more
6 years ago, briancarlin
Local news is trusted news
Thank you for being a voice of reason in a turbulent sea of disinformation.
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2 years ago, BigBNE
Adverts are out of hand - avoid the app
The quality of the news is great. However the app is now cumbersome and drowning in ads. Recently it attempts to play media that causes the app to freeze and crash, even for paid subscribers. So save time and frustration and access their website. Avoid this app.
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5 years ago, SP&T
Doesn’t work at least half of the time
Not only is the OWH still displaying three-day old news but now you have to wait even longer to view it since the app rarely works. The app apparently has to work extra hard to pull that old news in. It just loads and loads and never displays content.
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2 years ago, so badd app
Spam ads can’t finish an article at times $
I’m paying to use the app and service. Why so many ads??? Getting into the app can be a pain with long long ads you can never get past. So you have to close the app and try again. And sometimes try again and try again just to open! Then It disconnects you from the article for an ad and then requires you to scroll back to your place. The Zac Taylor article it kicked me 4x. So annoying. So annoying. Worst app of all time. And stupid me is Paying for the content.
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7 years ago, PFG44
Best news app
Best app for keeping up with news from home and around Omaha and Nebraska. I now live in the People's Democratic Republic of Washington so it is nice to read the OWH for a reality check.
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5 years ago, Schweidman
AP needs upgrades
I read the omaha World Herald on my IPad. Repeats of the same article as you scroll from page to page. Finding the epaper is a challenge every time you open it. Frequently I am unable to load the e paper and I get the message “too many requests”. Support even recommends not using the ap.
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7 years ago, 20 year resident
Good local news source
Keeps me up to speed on local news
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1 year ago, David Q. Irwin
more popup’s than website, reporting truly terrible
this app has more interstitial ads and popups than any website ever did, even in the 90s. it also forgets your sign-in information constantly when the mobile website remembers it. as far as the paper goes, the writing has really gone downhill in the past three years. unsubscribing since a combination of other local outlets do everything better. check out nebraska examiner, silicon prairie news, grow omaha, and huskermax.
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5 years ago, NurseGF
Keeps me informed
Enjoy both local articles and those from affiliated papers.
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2 years ago, searching for a name
The paper itself is very good. The add format is disgusting much like trying to read a newspaper on a park bench in a 50 mile per hour wind. Guess I’d rather pay a little more money than put up with this nonsense..
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5 years ago, j__________W
Too many logins
Why do I have to login so often. Push notifications take me to an article and then I have to open the article and login. Very cumbersome.
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6 years ago, HeavyKrown
Old School Journalism = Expensive
The switch to restricting the news to “premium subscribers” is insulting at the price quoted and I will not pay additional money to read the news from this overrated source to help pay for mistakes that this organization has made in the past.
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6 years ago, Betta blue
Not reliable
Sometimes the servers go down and you cannot connect to read the paper. App keeps closing unexpectedly. I have to start all over 3-4 times just to get through the paper. Sad.
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2 years ago, Invest is my middle name
Ads take up half the space
My 9.7” iPad Pro is about 5 7/8” by 7 5/8”. The space allocated to see the e-edition of the Omaha World Herald is 2 3/8” by 7 5/8”, and I am a subscriber and logged on. This does not happen with the Washington Post, New York Times or Wall Street Journal apps.
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3 years ago, 122333444455555666666
Something happened with a recent update that has rendered this app useless. I’m unable to read any stories- I get an error message that says “no content available” every time I click on a headline on my iPhone and iPad.
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5 years ago, Josh from NE
Bad redesign
I really dislike the latest app redesign. Obituaries fill the main stream. There is always a featured article across the top that you have to scroll back to instead of staring with the first.
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3 years ago, Bossman163266
The App doesn’t work for me
Every article I open gives me the same error: Your request couldn’t be processed at this time. I’ve sent their support multiple questions and examples but haven’t heard anything back
Show more
3 years ago, hippieswordfish
Push notifications don’t work
Every time I open a push notification the article won’t load. Can’t open half the articles on the app itself either. Terrible terrible app
Show more
5 years ago, PJH55
Latest update not well received
The app no longer works in landscape mode on my iPad. And I have to login every time that I want to read the epaper (which DOES work in landscape). Please fix!!
Show more
7 years ago, Whirl77
Love this app!
The World Herald is my go to app for restaurant reviews, new openings, etc. Thanks for the updates!
Show more
6 years ago, Mick3149
App has been crashing 5-6 times while reading the ePaper the past two weeks. Before that, it was very dependable.
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