OneCast - Xbox Remote Play

4.5 (8.8K)
8.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Owen Stanley
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for OneCast - Xbox Remote Play

4.48 out of 5
8.8K Ratings
4 years ago, Nightglow911
A decent solution
I got this so i wouldn't have to move my system from one room to another. Its pretty straight forward and simple to setup. Basically it views a live cast from your console with control overlay on the screen. It works surprisingly good! I have the system hooked up to a fios gigabit ethernet connection and a iphone xs max or ipad air and it runs very smooth. I can even hook up a wireless bluetooth controller xbox or ps4 and it does a very good job of controlling the games. My only hope is that it would come to the apple tv. I can airplay to my apple tv and its ok but there is quite a bit of lag especially in sound and made it difficult to play fps games or things that use fast movements. It still wasn’t bad i could manage but it could be better. All in all tho, for $12 im not going to complain much. If the developer could bring this to apple tv and make it run as well as it does on ios for tvos that would be amazing! Then it could run off an ethernet wired connection and watch on tv basically like a remote system, kinda like pstv... but so much better.
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2 years ago, KD'snuts
Worst app don’t even bother wasting your money
Worst app don’t even bother wasting your money! This app is a joke so they begin by telling you how you can now access your Xbox one every where you go….. ha not even close, more what they should say is access where ever you can go in your house as long as you can access your wifi and when I mean only your wifi that’s no LTE no friends wifi and then the nail in the coffin it costs 12-13 dollars to buy! This thing has yet to connect anywhere out side of my house! I’m sure is was like you guys and having problems with the Xbox app which had really bad lag pixelization” I mean awful pixelization” so I looked for an alternative and stumbled across this joke of a app and it promises the moon but delivers a huge, I mean huge dissatisfaction! If you are like me having trouble with the Xbox app fear no more cause I have the answer for you….. hard wire you Xbox it’s that simple as soon as I did that the Xbox app runs perfect because when on wifi trying to play on a system that’s on wifi we’ll it’s understandable that your gonna have lag, pixelization and glitchy results! So remove the wifi to wifi and hard wire you Xbox to you modem or router and I promise you will be good to go! I use anytime with LTE, wifi on my friends, doctors, fast food places etc. you get the point just please don’t waste your money on this ridiculous app I’m requesting a refund as I type so, BEST WISHES AND HAPPY GAMING!!!!!
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4 years ago, Max9221
I absolutely love this app! I have no issue playing my Xbox using this app. I don't have my Xbox hard wired to the internet and I still rarely experience any lag or glitches. (It still happens but it doesn't lag very long and everything snaps back to working very quickly) It works great on both my iPhone XR and my older iPad. Great for sitting on the toilet and not missing any game time. The only thing I could wish for out of this app is the ability to stream games over mobile data. So if any of the developers are reading this please please PLEASE!! Work on that for a future update. With the Xcloud service coming out I don't see any reason why this feature wouldn't be possible. I understand that it would require 5g and unlimited data but it would be so nice to be able to leave my Xbox on at home as a server and play full games while not at home. I couldn't recommend this app enough and have been telling everyone about it since I bought it. Very very worth every penny they are wanting for it. Great job Dev team!! Thank you for building such an amazing and useful app.
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3 years ago, Safej16
Best reliable streaming app ever!!
I don’t know how but this app works so much better and smoother than the actual Xbox app itself!! And this app connects to my Xbox Every. Single. Time! Not even the official Xbox app itself does that, this app does it perfectly! Games like Mortal Kombat, Contra, and Call of duty Modern warfare multiplayer were all pretty smooth on my end. Being able to use the touchscreen as a controller is a nice touch but I’ll stick with my controller. For references, my xbox is connected via Ethernet and my IPhone SE is connected to my 5G wifi. And like I said, the games I played all ran smooth! And I’ve been able to stream to my phone every time! On the official Xbox app, it would always tell me there’s an error when connecting, and once I did connect. Frames at times would be a bit messy... With this app, and the right setup. You will not have that problem!! 10 bucks is a bit steep but if you’re like me and can’t be in the same room as your Xbox often, it is worth it! Highly recommend!
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5 years ago, TechnicallyCalm
Works great.
So the app works great. I'll give some pros and cons here at the beginning with details below. -Pros •Works well on even spotty wifi •Small amounts of lag/stuttering on wifi, some of it caused by loading and resuming the game •Works better then the Xbox App on Win10 laptop (for me) -Cons •Best played on games that don't require quick reactions •Have to unplug my Xbox and manually connect to the app everytime I use it They recommend having your Xbox hooked up with an Ethernet cable but it's works fine on wireless. Because of issues such as spotty signal connections and ok speeds (10mbps up/down) the stream will sometimes stutter, pause or lose connection. Most of those though are when the game is loading, I resume the game after pausing and when certain types of cut scenes play. I'm sure if I was wired or had better wifi these issues would be barely noticeable. There is some lag, so I'm mainly playing turn based games. I did play a single player shooter for a bit and it was okay. A little difficult to aim and move but was doing alright. For some reason though this is working way better on my iPad Air 2 then my crappy laptop. Maybe it's because the iPad is newer and the laptop is breaking down but I'm not sure. I will say though that the app almost never see my Xbox, so I have to manually put in the IP address to find it. Even then though I have to unplug my Xbox every time I want to use the app. Either way I would recommend getting this app.
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6 years ago, BrianFromCali
Pleasantly Surprised
I read a few concerning comments about this not working for some, or lagging. I have a 75dl/10ul type connection and a solid AC1900 router with my xbox plugged directly into the router via ethernet. I have very little to no lag when using an Xbox controller near my console. I wanted an extra screen for when the family room was occupied and this has been perfect for use with my iPad. Been playing Witcher 3 with no problems. Main gripes are that I can’t switch apps at all without this disconnecting and having to reconnect (usually to a white screen; pressing xbox button usually clears this), there isn’t an option to display battery life (which it goes through quite steadily while playing games), and you have to re-register a console with each individual device you want to use (e.g. iPads, iPhones). It’s close to a perfect streaming solution for xbox and iOS. Seemed a bit pricey for an app, but one days worth of use was worth it alone.
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4 years ago, Anon91281
So I finally decided to try this app, because of the extremely disappointing announcement that certain cloud based streaming services which I won’t name, won’t be coming to iOS. I was a little hesitant to spend $12 on it, because I was nervous whether it would actually work lag free or not. I can not believe how well this works!! I have my Xbox One hardwired to my LAN and am using medium quality on my 5ghz network (device is an iPhone XR) and it works nearly flawlessly. If I increase the quality it starts to stutter just a little, but it still looks great on medium, I think it’s still at least 720p which is good enough for me. On medium there’s no lag whatsoever and I finally have the portable Xbox I’ve always wanted but Microsoft never made. Now, I can play Halo or Forza sitting on the couch with my wife without hogging the TV in the evenings. Worth every penny! Feel dumb that I waited so long to spend the money. Thanks so much!
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4 years ago, Apierion
Audio lags, xbone controller triggers, start/select don’t react
Using with an iPhone XS, on a home network where I can stream to wireless laptops perfectly fine. I also stream FROM my pc via Moonlight and PS4 with remote play, both generally work great, moonlight especially. With no official Xbox streaming app to iOS as of June 2020, I tried this to stream my xbone and was rather disappointed. The image is excellent, and but with zero jitter or packet loss, and a max 15 ms if lag, I found the audio about 500 ms behind. Aggravating but not a deal breaker. What IS a deal breaker is that the triggers or start/select (and the “Xbox” button), are all nonfunctional on an official Xbox controller! They all definitely work in other apps, and in particular streaming to pc the controller detects as an Xbox 360 controller and works perfectly via Moonlight, so its not the controller or the phone. The image quality is great and if you’re ok using a virtual controller or remapping buttons a little i guess it’s YMMV, but I’m requesting a refund and leaving this review to warn folks away. Not that great. Fix the controller at least! And preferably that audio lag!
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4 years ago, eirheueksnxhysushshsizjz
Over priced and doesn’t even work well
I have looked at reviews on this app a lot in the past before making a decision on a $12 app. The reviews made it seem like this app was great and that made me exited. When I got the app it seemed good since there are no adds and there are a lot of customizations to many things in the settings like video quality (which could get very high for streaming). But then I started to notice that the app would constantly not connect when I wanted to reconnect to my Xbox and would lad a lot when I was at high resolution even though I am running 250mbps-300mbps WiFi. I don’t think you would have a problem with the app if you didn’t disconnect and reconnect to your Xbox, but I know for a fact this app is overpriced and I would recommend just trying to get a screen with hdmi instead of streaming to a device.
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3 years ago, YTryantubegaming
Overall this app is great but I have one problem
So I purchased this app so I could play Xbox remotely without the need to bring my controler everywhere I go and it does solve the problem of wanting to play Xbox in my room and not having to move the console but one thing I wish that this had was support for long distance support like the Xbox app for example with the Xbox app I could play my Xbox using a wireless Bluetooth Xbox controller from my school with my Xbox all the way at home I wish that this app had that capability although I do understand how that might be difficult to implement overall this is a greet app keep up the good work
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5 years ago, DrinkNShred
I recently got this app and have been running my Borderlands 3 on both IPhone X and 2nd Gen IPad Air. Both devices work flawlessly and there is virtually no lag. I was skeptical at first but as long as I am hardwired with Ethernet on my Xbox One (first gen) and using 5ghz WiFi on my iPhone X or IPad then I have had literally no issues using the streaming service One Cast offers. I have been able to easily play from my backyard, upstairs bedroom and YES even my bathroom (don’t judge). The only issue I have had is my Wireless Controller losing connection to the Xbox One however this is no fault of the app but the wireless range of the controller itself. I have played online Gears 5 and even CO-OP SplitScreen Borderlands 3 with a 4 player party and I have yet to discern any noticeable lag time. I am a fan of this app and the developer and I can’t wait to see it develop even further and add new features. :^)
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4 years ago, Eli21TF
Very Legit
I played Xbox in bed while laying down but I gotta be honest games that don’t require multiplayer online they run almost seamlessly without lag and it’s so cool but as for online multiplayer with some games in particular they can run somewhat smoothly and others are just unplayable but the app suggests to connect the Xbox console to a Lab cable Or Via Ethernet for 100% smooth lag free gaming but for me I’m simply running wirelessly and I never get any lag issues while playing online but through the app it can become a bit choppy and sometimes unplayable but for games that are on disk or in general single player in an open world. It works Very Very well and im definitely going to continue to use it when I don’t feel like sitting in front of a tv. Love the app totally worth the Price for an upgrade in features and variety.
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4 years ago, TigerCS
Perfect Experience - Just Needs tvOS Support
I’ve had the Mac version of OneCast for awhile and it has been an excellent solution for streaming my XBox One to another room. Controls are spot on with no lag time that I’ve noticed. I have very few issues with the feed pixelating but that’s usually more a function of your router (I have my gaming setup on a dedicated network) than the software. I will say that my experience with the iOS app is actually even better, dang near perfect, compared to the Mac experience but that may be a function of running it on an iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. a 2017 entry-level MBP. Regardless, if you have an XBox and are looking to take it mobile throughout the house, buy this app. P.S. - Developers, now we just need a tvOS version so we can stream on bigger screens. Controller support is already there.
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4 years ago, namelessface545
I just want to state first that I very rarely make ratings but this app is absolutely amazing!!! I can’t believe how well this app works it is extremely worth the money ..I was a little skeptical at first even reading the comments saying how good it is. But everyone is right this app works fantastic and 100 percent worth it. I highly recommend this app. I’m using it on my iPad with the I think 10.5 or 11 inch screen and there is no lag and the picture is amazing. I’m going from my 60inch tv to my iPad and I have no complaints at all. I do recommend doing what they say about hooking your Xbox directly to the router because I have no lag doing it this way . So like I said this app is worth the money and it’s very easy to set up probably only took me 5 min or so including reading the instructions. ENJOY GAMING 😁
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4 years ago, Shadowfax1983
Glad I bought this
Mostly good streaming quality, sometimes the quality is bad. I have 5ghz connection to iPad and hard wired Xbox. Line of sight from the router with my iPad, still there are drops in frame rate or screen tearing. This is not common but happens occasionally. I had a second tv for Xbox gaming but it’s in a different room and I’m essentially cutting off from family if I’m in my gaming room all the time. Using this app I can be present in the living room where my wife watches tv and also keep an eye on my kid. I keep my iPad on the counter top where I eat dinner or drink coffee and get a quick gaming session going. Wife talks to Me, I can pause and respond and get back to game. I’ve played a good chunk of metro last light already streaming from this app.
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4 years ago, Liam patrinicola
Don’t buy this. I paired it to my Xbox one and followed all the instructions and requirements. Somehow, on low video quality, it is the best video quality, but on medium quality, you can barely make out shapes and figures in whatever game you are playing. Also on medium quality the app crashes the most, with over 2 crashes per minute!! It is extremely laggy and barely playable. I tried to play Forza Horizon 3, the app crashed constantly, I couldn’t play for more than 10 minutes. The audio quality is also very bad and constantly cuts out. This was the case for all of my games, no matter how low I set the video quality or how close I got to my Xbox one or how slow I went. It lags pretty much every time you do anything, even when exploring the game menu or the Xbox menu. Such a total waste of time and my hard earned cash, idk how everyone else had such a smooth experience, but I had the exact opposite of this. If I could get a refund I would.
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5 years ago, GlitterLicks
Love this app, use it frequently to game.
We have two Xbox One’s in my house so if my kids are using the one in the living room I’ll use the one in my office and stream it to my iPad or my iPhone XS Max so I can still game and sit with them. On a gigabit connection via a Nighthawk XR700 I experience practically no issues or lag. The interface is easy to use and it connects most of the time. One suggestion: I would really love to use the iOS 13 controller support and play my controller via my phone rather than having to be close to the Xbox One I’m streaming from. I don’t know if this feature is blocked by Apple or Microsoft and not possible, but if you could add it that it would make this app incredible. Thanks!
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6 years ago, OffBeatDrummer
Doesn’t work when Xbox is connected to WiFi
Doesn’t work when Xbox is connected to WiFi even if very fast WiFi that can handle 4K transmission. As such, the app does not make it convenient to use the Xbox remotely as it requires Ethernet connected Xbox. Very archaic. Also, it even randomly hangs midplay (video only not sound) if Xbox was connected to WiFi. See I would have expected it to be slower than Ethernet but not hang. As such, app is not reliable. That said, the OneCast Mac App does work well enough without hanging when Xbox is connected to WiFi and not directly via Ethernet. You get a bigger screen on the laptop/desktop anyways, so I recommend it. Still, I’m disappointed with iOS app as I would have wished to use my iPad reliably without moving my Xbox away from the TV all the way to the only room in the house that has an internet connection jack just to use Ethernet. That’s the whole point behind WiFi. Get on with the times OneCast!!!
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4 years ago, Minicowboy_new
Works! But.....
I am happy to report that this works as intended. I have no knowledge of technology and was able to set this up easy. It rarely lags and works well with a controller. However it does not work if you leave your home and you have to have a room relatively close to the XBox for it to work. Also a tip hook your controller up to the I pad itself (using Bluetooth) instead of the XBox. Another problem I have is that i do believe the price is a little steep but they are making bug fixes and it works exactly as advertised so can I really complain. From my experience If you want to play XBox but don’t want a get a TV this works perfectly!
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4 years ago, SIMP DESTROYER
Totally worth it!
I bought this app not even a week ago (as of writing this) and it works very good. The way the app works is it finds nearby xbox consoles that are powered on and requires you to sign into the account on the xbox. Afterwards you can simply click the big green “play” button and it streams to your phone with very little latency. The app is meant to be used with a wired connection to your router. However, if you can’t use a wired connection you can turn down the quality on your phone with a WiFi connection instead. Other than that you should probably only buy this app if you have the money to spare
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4 years ago, TheLegend5000
This is the best thing for me!
Seriously , this app is wonderful and allows me to play and share the tv with the wife and I can play longer sessions than usual because she can watch what she wants and I don’t have to get off, I played the Witcher 3 for a solid 45 mins on this thing. I did have very minor lag, but it was brief and I was able to enjoy my time playing it. I definitely think it’s a bang for your buck. Allows you to play your games when you have to share the tv. Games look very good on the screen for a solid 1080p. And I’m not sure if my one x is also enhancing it as well, but it looked so darn good playing the Witcher on this thing. Thanks for this app 😁
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4 years ago, I have two prenuses
Truly amazing.
This app does exactly what it describes, In almost perfect quality. I reluctantly bought it thinking it was going to be another disappointment/waste of money. The reviews were screaming good but I’ve seen that before on different apps and didn’t have the same experience. This app is easy to set up, simple to use. I play forza horizon 4 on it when my wife takes over our living room television and the difference in playability from the tv to my 8 plus is gone within minutes. Thank you Devs this is my favorite app from the market. I put it right next to my messaging app on bottom bar.
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6 years ago, Familymatters88
Phone crashes
I like this app, using with my Gamevice makes it even better. The one thing I have a problem with is the constant crashing. It was fine when I first got it, then a few days later it started crashing my phone sending me back to the Apple boot screen. This has never happened with any other app I downloaded on my device. It was Once or twice in the beginning now it happens every time I use the app, and multiple times too. It’s getting pretty annoying. I contacted support but they didn’t fix the problem yet, hope it’s soon though. If it wasn’t for that this app would definitely get 5 stars from me.
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4 years ago, miniredbaron
Good app but a few annoyances
The app is a good idea and runs fairly well but for twelve dollars you would expect better but i think a few people are being unfair, of course your not gonna be competitive in shooters or multiplayer games this app is really good for single player/single player focused games like nfs forza and other single player games no your not gonna get perfect framed but they do advise you use a lan cable, but pls devs try to make it to where you don’t need a lan cable because your target audience is probably people that want to play there games on the go. Which brings me to my next topics please let us stream the game in the background so we can play with friend in the same console. Thank you for reading
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4 years ago, Qinthehat
It works
I was extremely skeptical as to whether this would work especially when you’re talking $12 for an app. I went ahead and got it. Let me tell you they aren’t kidding so long as your Xbox is plugged into a LAN line and you’re running 5 gHz it works perfectly! I no longer have to watch my children’s shows all day whilst staring at the joy of my gaming console wishing I could log some time into my favorite games. I don’t have to “share” the tv as my wife pretends to watch her shows while playing on her phone. I can enjoy all my games and all I need to worry about is on rare occasion the sound skipping. Easily a 5/5 app and totally worth it.
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5 years ago, hiiiiiiiii9109
Idk why people think this is slow
I got this app because It seemed cool and I wanted it when I got it, my only problems was that the on screen controller is bad, I have to login on the Xbox, and I can only play at home, other than that it is great. I was able to use it on a different floor than my Xbox with only small lag (Short network issues) once in a while. Later after getting it I looked at the reviews to see what people think and I am surprised so much people think that it is laggy. Maybe that means I just have good internet but, If you buy it, there is a chance that it will be laggy and you won’t like it.
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4 years ago, Justice T21
Great App but...
The app is great and is really useful and unique. The only problem that I have is that the home page of the app is really bland and could use some customization. Also, the network connection from the app to my Xbox is not the best. Not sure if it’s my network connection but it glitches a lot and looses connection most of the time. Also I think that it is extremely expensive for this app and that they should at least lower the price because it really is not worth what it is. In conclusion the app is good but could use a lot of improvement
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5 years ago, it's worth every penny!!
Awesome App
This App has been very useful for my household. Because of my Xbox setup. I have a full racing rig in my bedroom and sometimes I just want sit back on the couch and play something other than racing games and now it’s possible thanks to this app. setup is quick and the app is easy to use. I recommend using medium graphics settings on the iPad. And you will have very minimal lag or glitches. If you have decent WiFi speeds. The price of this App may seem expensive but the quality shows. And less we forgot we are talking about using our Apple devices to play our Xbox. So of course there will be an Apple tax lol.
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6 years ago, Danmikhail89
App works great!
I am very surprised by this app. I didn’t know there was a way to play my xbox one games on my iPhone or iPad. You are able to use the on screen controls, or you can use your xbox controller (if you are physically close enough to your xbox one). You can also use those controllers that connect to the iPad/iPhone. 95% of the time there is very little lag, but it depends on your network connection. I have 100Mbps WiFi at home and I am using the 5Ghz WiFi connection. I think it’s very reliable. However you can only use this if you are on the same network as the xbox one you are trying to use.
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3 years ago, Nyan cat1996
Worth the price
Honestly, I was suspicious that a 3rd party app would be able to do what the official Xbox app couldn’t. It really just puts Microsoft to shame how well this works. The built-in on-screen controller isn’t great, but AT LEAST IT HAS ONE. It also feels like a problem more with the hardware I’m using. Would be cool if you could customize the sensitivity of the control sticks. Regardless, though, this app just works AND you can actually play original Xbox and 360 games on your phone, something that you cannot do with the current official app. Just craziness.
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4 years ago, :-(gamer dude)-:
Actually works!
So I downloaded this app to play my Xbox on my phone and it’s works! If your were like me and was sketchy there is nothing there not telling you it’s awesome there is one problem I would love to have a way too play 2 players like pvp mortal kombat but I think my needs are satisfied but I have a question what is the purpose of this app play your games on the go? No because if the Xbox turns off you can’t play😣 witch is a Little disappointing because what if your traveling to let’s say...Florida you can play Fortnite with a Xbox controller (and bad LTE internet) but otherwise i say it’s a must get😀😀😃
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3 years ago, BamScot
Simply Great
Paired with a controller, this app is a must have for a serious gamer who would like to roam around their home unhindered by not having a television in front of them. It can be used like a Wii U to control the game on the tv, or simply free up the television so someone else can use it while you still play. The input is pretty good for a video game streaming service, and I’ve even played FPS games with it before with pretty great success. I really can’t find much fault in this app, it rarely disconnects even as opposed to remote play from PlayStation. There are other apps but none as reliable as OneCast
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4 years ago, JJ1727281
Really good app for such a low price
This app is great it has almost no delay time and it runs just as smooth as normally playing at your Xbox gaming set up. It gets a little laggy sometimes but that’s about the only problem. It’s VERY easy to set up. It scans your WiFi for Xbox consoles connected to the same WiFi as your phone/iPad/Mac book. And then it shows up on your screen. And then all you have to do is click the little tab that says Xbox one and it will start connecting automatically. Amazing app would buy again.
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4 years ago, Oboemaster
Half second lag on mini.
Don’t get me wrong, this is a novel idea. My wife likes to watch shows I have no interest in and visa versa. We thought this would be a perfect solution, but it’s kind of a disappointment. I connected the controller to the iPad no problem, and the setup overall was simple. The screen size is small as expected on the mini, but I don’t read much on madden anyways. The issue I had was a quarter to half second lag. Then graphical hitches and lag stops during any movement. If you have a mini I wouldn’t recommend unless you were playing something like civ or a non-action oriented game. I don’t know if it’s any better on the pro, but my internet is not the issue.
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4 years ago, dtmj
New Hardware and Best Internet Speeds for Great Gaming
I find that OneCast works best with newer Apple Hardware, High ISP speeds, and close proximity to your XB1. Some games that don’t support OneCase include DragonBall Kakarot a JRPG/RPG that uses no internet connectivity. I’m assuming games that don’t use XB Live wont work? You can dull down the settings which helps for lower speed ISP. I played games like Tomb Raider on OneCast and only had issues with intense game play. Prob not suited for hardcore gaming where lag can be an issue ie competitive Call of Duty, etc. It would most likely handle a Fortnite PUBG or Rocket League well due to less intense graphics? Idk.
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5 years ago, DrewWhoo
Uhhh, WOW!
Let me just say that my Wife would always be upset if I played my Xbox in the Man cave because we weren't "spending time together". This app has literally helped tremendously with that situation! She can watch her shows on the TV and I can do my thing on the iPad and we're in the same room "spending time together". As for app performance it's pretty good! I have ideal conditions to be fair; 100Mb Wired internet and a 2018 iPad Pro. Here is the deal, if you're looking for something to make gaming "better" it's not that, but if you have a unique use case this will do the trick! Worth every nickel...
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5 years ago, DefcaTheInsane
Simply works
I had an unusual situation. Needed Xbox to be working without tv at all, was moving to another house. I have set the app via WiFi when I was in first house, brought Ethernet cable, console and game pad with me to second house. So basically I had iPad, router and Xbox. Plugged in cable in router, waited a bit for Xbox to get a DHCP from lan and the simply launched Oncast on iPad and boom - a picture of main menu popped. So it seems app binds either to MAC address or Xbox profile ID. And i want to give a huge thanks to devs for this. You really shocked me. Keep it up. Totally worth it’s money. Must buy.
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4 years ago, RainbowDroidDude
Works very well
I use this app quite a bit. Depending on how far away you are from the console, the video can be right in sync, or be about 1 second behind. After that, it disconnects. The audio is always either half a second to 2 seconds behind the video (again, by how close you are to the console) You can actually connect an xbox controller to the ipad/iPhone and let you use a controller farther away from the console, but adds about half to 1 second of input lag (making the video seem even more behind)
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6 years ago, Jrad12343
This is probably one my my best purchase iv made. Im a collage student living in an apartment but i dont have a tv for my xbox, than i found this app while looking for a way to play on my computer. All i had to do was connect my ipad and xbox press play and it works perfectly. The who setup process didn’t even take five minutes. There almost no lag and it works for multiplayer games too. I highly recommend it because seriously why pay 600 plus for a tv when you can pay 12 bucks and do the same thing.
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4 years ago, sushiDefender
Very fun app
I liked this a lot although I don’t find it very helpful if I can hardly leave the room. I can only reach the bathroom and I think the distance should be extended and it would be fun if you could play while driving somewhere far. Also if we are going to be playing on iPads and phones I think we shouldn’t have the Xbox on. Overall my gameplay experience has been fun not to many glitches and it the glitches don’t bother me much. So I think it would attract a lot more people to buy this app if they knew they could play away from home. Thank you for your time
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3 years ago, trumater
Extreme lag and disappointing
This was an absolute waste of money. I bought this and connected to my Xbox. I tried to play madden 21 which is like the only game I play on the Xbox. At first it seemed ok it was a little laggy but worked great. Then I tried to play a match against someone online and it was extremely laggy. The game would stop and then a second later my player would be 5 yards away from before and then it would repeat. I got sacked almost every play because I didn’t know what was happening because of the horrible lag. DO NOT BUY THIS APP. It is an absolute waste of money. At least if you try to play madden. You can do the same remote play type of thing with the Xbox app for FREE. Sincerely, Truman
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4 years ago, 7uriel
Just got the app and works great so far, I will update if any issues, but so far so good, on another note to the dev, as good as this app works I would pay another $12 for an app that does the same function for the Xbox 360, why I say another app? Because I wouldn’t want this app to get any bugs due to making it work on both consoles, but if it’s possible for both on one without any issues I still pay a second fee to use both consoles, it’s that good, thanx for the app and keep up the great work.
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4 years ago, permanent nick name or...
I attempt to play very frequently but my gaming experience is ruined by lag I played everywhere in the house even right next to my Xbox and I cannot go 20 seconds without a freaking lag spike disconnecting me! All in all if you have the choice do not get this app I would like a refund immediately. Also why on earth does it say lag free I bought this app with the intent off a clean lag free gameplay but boy was I wrong because the lag is horrid I attempt to play at my desk where I would usually play Xbox and it still lags I want to speak with customer service on the phone immediately to attempt to get this whole situation fixed up because as off right now I am fuming upset of the false advertisement that this company had put out
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4 years ago, Royal Music
This app is the bomb!
I was hesitant about spending the money on this app initially, but I sort of just had to take the leap and oh my gosh I am so glad I did! I. An stream my game on my phone flawlessly. I mean in my opinion it works better than the stream feature in the Xbox app. There is very little lag especially with a high quality internet source. Just have your Xbox hooked/wired up with a LAN connection and you are good to go. I mean I am blown away. Great job to whoever made this!
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6 years ago, Procedure7
The Best Xbox Streaming App for IOS
I am so happy now I can take advantage of my iPad Pro at full resolution 4k using my XBOX ONE X in any space of my house whit out bothering my family for the TV make sure your Xbox is connected to Ethernet cable and your IOS device is on 5Ghz and enjoy full resolution no downs!!!! Of course one more thing your internet is up to upload speed min 50Mbps and for download 50Mbps otherwise you will experiences lag or curing video but the app works as expected it worth the money and amable any IOS for stream your XBOX!!
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5 years ago, Braves1447
Way better than downloading app files of “mobile versions” of games
This app is REALLY COOL. After my first day as a newbie I got it to work. And let me tell you,this app is awesome! You can play all your games on your Xbox (as the ads tell you). Not only that but I was able to connect my Xbox controller to my iPad so now I can play Xbox on my iPad with my Xbox controller. If anyone is looking to play mobile versions of games that are Xbox exclusive, and just happen to have an Xbox with those games, then download this app NOW!!!!
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5 years ago, Andkosnekxns
Well I will say that this little app is neat AF! What I could do on my laptop for streaming I can now do on my phone, makes it easier for playing Xbox but without the huge laptop. I was skeptical at first but it’s worth the $12 if you’re really looking for something like this. Only thing I can think of is maybe setting up a VPN for even more remote connectivity when you’re far from home and on the go but still wanna pop into a game real fast just to check something.
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4 years ago, Byxdvhmimycdfb
Very worth it if you like playing in multiple places around the house!
It’s defamatory worth the price although you can’t play it anywhere you can as long as there’s a connection and as far as I have got from my basement to my loft it gets connection if your thinking about it don’t bother with other apps it’s so easy one button and it connects. Only downside is that it doesn’t look the best cause of the connection, but still more than playable!
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6 years ago, RedstoneWolf15
Amazing, More than I Could Ask for
I’ve spend too long trying to find an app that streams my gameplay on it flawlessly and without lag. Onecast has been so useful, and I hardly experience any lag. When I do, it’s because of my wifi (which isn’t the fastest, i’ll admit). I love the concept of a built-in controller, you can legitimately play console games on your phone that way and that has brought me happiness :) The app is a bit pricey, but it’s the best $12 I’ve ever spent
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4 years ago, mvmv2014
This is a phenomenal app! I had a couple of issues at first but that was my fault for not researching proper controllers and what I could/couldn’t do using my phone/tablet. However, I have never had to wait more than a day for a response from their support team and they have patiently guided me through everything to get this up and running! They are extremely knowledgeable and more than willing to help us out! I can’t recommend this enough!
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